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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 9, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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celebrate are all wrong. >> sean, great to see you today. i think you for coming out. the daily briefing starts now. >> dana: a report revealing a suspected chinese by targeting american politicians. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." iaccording to axioms, officials say suspected spy cozied up to a number of politicians including california democratic progres congressman. if someone's suggesting someone leaked the story because of his criticism of president trump. reactions from republican congresswoman just moments away, let's begin with mike emanuel, he is life in washington. >> congressman says the chinese are persistent at all levels of
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government. he expresses gratitude that the fbi alerted him in 2015 about this alleged five. spy. they were targeted by a chinese national by christina feng. she suspected of being an operative for china's ministry of security. he was elected to congress in 2012. the story getting out is payback for his role in impeachment. >> to do that against the critics of the presidents, they're not going to silence me. what they are going to do is there going to make others think twice when they are asked to sit down and provide information about people like this. >> the house republican leader says this issue raises a whole lot of questions. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. these are chinese spies that go
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down to the level of the mayor. there are only selected from the intel committee by the leaders of their party, meaning nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi is wanting that gang of eight along with myself. did nancy pelosi know this transpired? >> they knew about this issue and he still ended up on the intelligence committee. it drew hamel telling fox, minority leader distracting from his kowtowing to cuba and on and his refusal to heed the call of the antidefamation for q anan. the spokesman goes on to say the speaker has full confidence in his service in the congress and on the intelligence committee, certainly a big story this afternoon. >> mike emanuel, so much. tucker carlson last night,
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railing against congressman follow-up you to take a look at this beautiful >> eric sobol, who used his -- almost word for word, ones that matter by the way, a man who admits to a close personal relationship with an actual chinese spy, who helped him get elected to congress, raised money for him, and but his intern -- probably another spy in his office. at that man continues to serve on the house intelligence committee where he has unrestricted access to classified information. >> let's bring in congresswoman liz cheney, she is chair of the republican house. congresswoman, i want to get your overall take on this situation, but also swalwell is saying the only reason this is leaked now is because he criticized president trump. >> thanks dana for having me. first of all, i think the
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reports that we are seeing are alarming. you have a situation where it looks like representative swalwell was identified, cultivated and potentially funded by chinese communist spy. this happened before he came to congress, once he got to congress, there are real questions about whether or not speaker lucy knew that when she put him on the committee. this is part of a much larger pattern where we know the chinese communist party and the government is on the attack against the united states of america. so far, it seems only one party in congress is willing to take them on, willing to stand up for the united states, willing to fight back. time and time again you've got speaker pelosi and too many of the democrats refusing to acknowledge the chinese communist party is an adversary and that were under threat, and we need to protect ourselves. this is simply the latest episode demonstrating very
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concerning behavior on part of the democrats. >> dana: pelosi's office actually said kevin mccarthy is the one who needs to look at his own members that have expressed report for spie qanon. obviously they're trying to deflect attention from this. >> i think we're in a situation today where we know that the chinese government is attempting to attack us through economic means, from national security perspective, from an intelligence perspective, the leader established the task force in the house of representatives to focus on bipartisan legislation that we can bring forward to help protect the united states. speaker pelosi refused to name any democrats to that. we just past the defense authorization act. it's to protect the united states from the eight threat from china. i think it's important for the speaker to try to stop diverting
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attention and respect to ensuring the chinese espionage that we've seen does not get a larger foothold in the united states government and among her party. >> dana: this does go back a few years. obviously, were talking about the fbi gave a defensive briefing to congressman. president trump was not giving a defensive briefing whenever suggestions or concerns that the russians were trying to influence the trump campaign. what do you think about that? is that a double standard? >> i think one of the big pieces of this that people have not really focused on, he sits on the house intelligence committee. speaker pelosi not only put him on that committee, but she took that committee and insisted that that committee focus on impeachment, focus on efforts to impeach the president at a time when we know that the threat
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from china was growing. we had about a year where the house intelligence committee had its attention completely diverted, focused on their impeachment effort instead of focusing on the threat from china. the extent to which there may or may not have been a defensive briefing, we only know what we've seen in the news, only from the reporting. i think it's very concerning that it appears that this agent of the chinese government was able to place an intern in congressman swalwell's office. she must have known, i am imagine she would be briefed on the influence on a member of a delegation from her own state before she got to congress. regardless of that, she put him on the intelligence committee anyway. i think it's cause for real concern. we go how widespread do you think that is possible spy operation is when it comes to targeting members of the elected leadership of our country? because i think it's probably
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very extensive. i think you could look back at what you've seen in terms of public remarks from the fbi director chris ray, from our national security advisor robert o'brien, from the secretary of state, from the president. i think you've seen it extensively, we know what they're attempting to do, they are attempting to take advantage of our open system, they are attempting to steal our secrets, they are attempting to ensure that we are no longer military -- we know longer have military superiority. we know that this particular person, for example, began on a college campus. she got her start as a -- one of the infiltrators with the chinese government has throughout academia. as things like shutting down the confucius institute, this is going to be a challenge for the next generation. certainly we have to defend ourselves. >> congresswoman cheney, think he was always for joining us. >> thanks, always great to be with you.
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>> dana: texas attorney general filing a lawsuit against four battleground states. he's asking the supreme court to overturn election results in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. chief white house respondent john roberts with more on the story. hi john. >> good afternoon to you. not just ken paxton who is going to the supreme court, president trump tweeted earlier today that he is going to support paxton's efforts. we don't know if that would be joining the suit or simply filing of the end of the court brief. the president tweeting "we will be intervening in texas and many other kate states. cases states. this is different than others in group regard to the election because this is one state seeking relief against another. it will go straight to the supreme court and not make its way to the lower courts first. a petition filed argues that his state was harmed by pennsylvania, georgia, michigan
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and wisconsin from their massively expanding mail in battling. we want the supreme court to postpone the appointment of electors in the state while investigators look into voting irregularities and what might have happened. electors are supposed to meet on monday to vote for the president. here's what paxton said on hannity last night. it >> it's really important to my state that my voters be represented and that other stats don't follow the constitution. if there state legislature either responsible for overseeing their elections and we have other people who are not under the constitution supposed to be doing this, it affects my state. our job is to make sure the constitution is followed and that every vote counts. in this case, i'm not sure that every vote was counted, not in the right way. >> we mentioned at the top of this, the president is supporting this case, attorney general leslie rutledge
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saying she will join texas and trying to get to the supreme court. no word yet on whether the scotus will take this up, but briefs from the opposing sides have to be filed with the court by 3:00 p.m. on thursday. >> dana: we will keep paying attention to that one, thank you john. and next, top democrat just omitted turning down coronavirus relief because an election was coming. we will have the story for you. and now you can save $3000 a year. veterans can shortcut the process with newday's va streamline refi. there's no appraisal, no income verification, and not a single dollar out of pocket. rates are at the lowest they've been in our lifetimes. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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>> dana: it's millions of struggling americans wait for help from washington, another top democrat admitted that his party stalled on a deal because of the election.
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>> there was some exuberance involved because the election was coming, and they were both betting one another trying to find some common ground. they didn't reach that point. to return to those pre-election days and sentiments, political sentiments, is very difficult. >> dana: joining me now is dagen mcdowell, an anchor on fox business. they can come i want to listen to the sound from nancy pelosi. this is when democrats were trying to blame republicans and president trump for starting the bill. watch. >> every single one of these are important to us. we carry these people in our hearts. we should be curing them on our conscience. we are in a full-blown economic and health catastrophe. it's amazing to see the patient's the g.o.p. has for other people suffering. >> dana: let's get your take on how all of this is coming o out.
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>> this isn't just callous, what the democrats are doing, some of these comments from senator dick durbin, it almost feels like they are running a victory lap. they've broken a thunder by this crisis. it's not callous, it's sadistic. it does she feel tingly on the inside knowing that she basically turned her back on american people, but she won a victory over donald trump for her own political greed and gain because she withheld money from the very people who need it. at the democrats are supposed to be the party for the working man and woman, it might be the party of sociopaths. i've said this in early october, the democrats have no intention of helping people who are worried about losing their homes or the their businesses. they're going to wait until after the election purely to
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attain more power for themselves. by the hour and by the day, it's getting worse for americans because of these additional lockdown spared it nearly one fifth of restaurants in this country have already closed permanently for good, and then you have more than 20 million americans who are collecting some form of unemployment. i personally have friends that have had to shut their businesses down because they spenthey don't have enough revee to play of the rent and the commercial landlords have basically kicked them out they have nowhere to go. i just -- i'm not going to turn around on you, but why does nancy pelosi have a job? >> dana: it is interesting that -- the fact that they lost so many seats on the democratic side, and one of the things moderate the cats were her his that was going to hurt them and then the election, and it did. i do think they will get
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something done before christmas, it got to run now, but good to have you back, we love your input. coronavirus restrictions are splitting one town and have -- literally in half. that's because it's located on the border of virginia and tennessee. a business on one side of the street are open, while their neighbors face much stricter regulations. that's where we find mark meredith. he's in bristol on the virginia side. that's a beautiful part of the world. >> dana, it's gorgeous. bristol residents like to think of themselves as one community, but they do share a state line with the tennessee and virginia, which means two different rules for handling coronavirus. early in the pandemic, businesses were essentially closed down. slowly but surely they were allowed to be reopened. these days virginia has what people would call tougher restrictions. alcohol sales have to stop after
11:20 am
10:00. that leaves businesses adjusting to a new reality. >> it definitely makes it harder, because literally 100 feet across the street, you can do basically anything you want to precovid appeared over here, we are taking a little bit of a regression back. >> i think they're more frustrated that they're going to lose business in general. when one side loses business, everybody loses business. >> however, the governor for engineers that because there's so much lax restrictions and tennessee, there are some consequences. >> in our board of communities, people routinely cross state lines to work, shop, and visit their families. what happens in these other states affects us here in virginia, for example. because they are taking this day by day, dana? >> dana: i note they are a
11:21 am
strong net community down there, thank you, mark. a judge in california says los angeles county officials abused emergency powers when they banned outdoor dining. that's why small businesses are getting crushed under covid restrictions. it reporting live from los angeles, william, what's the latest on this? >> because the state band supersedes the county band, restaurants like these must remain closed to all the takeo takeout. the battle lines are definitely drawn. yesterday fresno considered finding gatherings of 15 or more, sacramento tried finding businesses, politicians in both cases backed off, fearing of blowback and demand for data like they saw from restaurants here. >> it is a failure of government that in nine months, the county, the state, nobody has done any research into whether outdoor
11:22 am
dining specifically contributes to a rise in covid cases. >> we are outdoors, and it is safe outdoors. according to all signs. until we hear different, we are staying open. >> retailers also suffering, limited to 20% capacity, 0-foot traffic from tourists or restaurants, some are closed, others are struggling. >> we depend on this time of year to keep us in business, we depend on this time of year to make us thrive. this is where we stake our ground. we spend the whole year planning for this time of year. it's devastating devastating to our business. >> health officials say they are trying to slow the spread. they have icus overflowing from silicon valley to central valley. i will say however the state just reversed itself, and now people can go to playgrounds with their children.
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>> and i have to say it's very good to see people banding together and speaking out with one voice. i think that will help everybody in this situation thanks, william. up next, we have the pushback over joe biden's cabinet picks. coming from both sides, this time it's for his choice for the defense. ♪ ou easily refinance to a lower rate? one call to newday can save you $3000 a year. with newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no home appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. it's the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. call newday now. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it.
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>> dana: president-elect joe biden is facing pushback from both sides over his cabinet picks. it latest his choice for defense secretary lloyd austin. hi peter. >> dana, i was just in there with president-elect and general lloyd austin. a president-elect looked right into the camera to talk directly to congress, because he needs them to give lloyd austin a waiver to become the defense secretary nominee because he's been a civilian for less than the required seven years. >> there is no doubt in my mind, not any doubt whatsoever that this nominee will honor, respect, and on a day-to-day basis breathe life into the preeminent principle of civilian leadership over civilian matte
11:28 am
matters. >> tammy duckworth it just the latest democrat on capitol hill saying she would support often, but not the waiver, which could complicate the confirmation process. he's trying to make the diverse cabinet in u.s. history. he is the first black man ever nominated for that job. and none of the speakers today specifically named china as a threat, but president-elect taking action, pete buttigieg the former mayor's up for the job of u.s. ambassador to china. his previously talked about that would trump, he's dangling some serious punishment if they continue unfair trade practices. >> should they boycott the 2022 beijing olympics? >> any tools to be on the table. >> unlike some announcements we
11:29 am
seen the last couple of years for big things like this, there's no fanfare in the room, austin gave his speech, which she wove a lot of historic aspects and his nomination and deke continued with program. >> dana: were you offered any cabinet positions in the last couple of days? >> not today. if you think that something i should be worried about, i should call over there. >> dana: thank you so much. let's bring in republican senator john barrasso, of my wyoming. i got all the wyoming people out today. i'm a little biased, as you kn know. lloyd austin, very accomplished person, do you think he's qualified to be the defense chief? >> the hearings will determine that. as you just had to report, joe biden once a very diversified it cabinet. i want a competent cabinet. joe biden is up for a very rocky
11:30 am
start at this point. you may have seen the front page of "the washington post" today that talks about what's happened with a couple of cabinet positions that have been nominated, health and human services, department of homeland security, issues of money, the headline is amazing. it cabinet picks play role in clemency scandal when "the washington post" nominated and endorsed joe biden because it is scandal, that's telling you something. >> dana: also you have -- there's also an issue of the democrats -- even when president trump wanted general matters to be his defense chief, there were 17 of them who voted against that waiver. now, they might've also just wanted to vote against president trump, but now you have elizabeth warren saying for example she will bow against a waiver. i question for them is, do they think he's not qualified, or do they think he would be qualified in three years when he wouldn't need a waiver.
11:31 am
>> it's hard to know what the democrats are looking for in terms of a potential cabinet. they have another obama team in there that wants to raise taxes. these are the people that brought us the terrible iran deal. they've been wrong on china and isis. i think when you look at a potential biden cabinet company have to say, who is going to be there and for what purpose question mike it's so important that we when these runoff races in georgia so the republicans are in their majority and we have much more of a say in who is in, and it's not just some rubber stamp or a free pass that the democrats will likely due to other people that are going to take this country far to the left. >> i think it's safe to say you are a skeptic. we will stay in touch with you, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: with the vaccine rollout getting underway, we are talk to one of -- the trump
11:32 am
administration's top officials, is up next. (vo) (sigh...)
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progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh. >> dana: the head of health and human services he thinks lower risk americans could start getting the coronavirus vaccine as soon as february. it comes one day after they reported advisors vaccine is safe and highly effective. here's what they said this morning. >> i think we will start seeing in february and march more general vaccination populations moving into april. we think, as we said by the end and during the second quarter of next year we will have enough all-americans, but each week we will progressively be releasing more and more vaccine, and the governors will be expanding groups. it's not like there's a one-day event where all the sudden vaccine becomes available. >> brett juror who was overseeing coronavirus testing
11:37 am
efforts at joints me now. thank you so much, i want to ask you first, do you think everything seems like it's on track for the sca to approve the pfizer vaccine tomorrow? >> i personally reviewed all the data, both the pfizer's company, the data is really outstanding across all age groups, 90% efficacy, just tremendous. side effect profile very mild, soreness in the arm, that sort of thing that you would get with any good vaccine. i can't imagine any barriers to approval, but lets the process work out, let the advisory committee advise and the f d.a. will take it from there. >> in the u.k. yesterday, there were two people that experienced some allergic reactions. first of all, is that normal when you start vaccinating a more general population, and how severe were those allergic reactions, what should people
11:38 am
know about that going forward? >> both pfizer and madrona have been immunized against a general populations well over 40,000 each. at that kind of side effect wasn't seen. of course, their ongoing monitor of all vaccine programs to make sure they're safe -- i'm sure the fda will look at that tomorrow, as i understand it and as reported by the british, these were highly allergic individuals, the kind of people who bring over ip pens because they could fall over and die at any moment because of environmental allergens. clearly, the fda will look at that, but it might be limited to just these highly allergic individuals, which is what they are reporting. >> how important is it for public health officials to explain to people that once you get the vaccine, you might have a little bit of a reaction in terms of some symptoms, was just thinking about trying to make sure people don't start to freak out and think that -- getting
11:39 am
the job would be worse than not getting it. because the vaccine is 95% effective at preventing disease, and extremely effective at preventing severe disease. we are planning to immunize 20 million people in december, a numbeanother 30 million, that'sa tremendous accomplishment. it just like any vaccine, your immune system when it works, you're going to get a little soreness. you're going to get a little redness around the area. you can get a little siding dominic tiredness, fatigue, fever, that's your immune system saying, i'm reacting to the vaccine, and building community, and i'm going to protect you for many years if not the rest of your life. we want to get that word out. it will be very clear on the package insert, on the consent forms, everything the fda rolls out. not 44,000 individuals that have
11:40 am
had the safety analysis, very few side effects just like i told you. sorry i'm come a little bit of fatigue, little bit of a low-grade fever. what you get as high protection against this deadly virus. >> dana: didn't know yet how often will get that vaccine? is it a yearly immunization, or do we not know your? >> it's really great question. the one thing we have not seen as this virus mutate like the flu virus. every year we need to get our annual flu shot because the virus mutates in such a dramatic way. we have not seen that with coronavirus, in fact, we have good reason to believe it can't do that because what we are immunizing you against is a specific protein that actually lets that virus into your cells. if that virus mutate if that protein, it could never get into your cells anyway it wouldn't be infectious. it there's every reason to believe this vaccine will cover
11:41 am
coronavirus so we don't have to change the vaccine. we don't know that yet. we need to follow the population over a long time, but this is not going to be like an annual flu shot. >> do you know if the president and vice president are set to get this vaccine as well question mike >> i don't know that. i'm neither of their personal physicians. i certainly hope they would be at another very excited about it. i work with the vice president all the time. this is truly one of the closest things to a medical miracle that we've seen in our time. within 12 months to have a highly safe and effective vaccine, probably two of them, with more coming next year, that can be distributed to 100 million people within the first 80 or 90 days and remember no safety corners were cut. we took a lot of financial risk, we did things in parallel, it
11:42 am
was tremendous administrative leadership with no red tape, that's the way you get it done. we've been extraordinarily careful about the safety, and you see that in the results and you will see it tomorrow in the very transparent fda advisory committee meeting. >> dana: it's been fascinating to cover it from afar, i can imagine what it was like to be there a close. we thank you for all your work and for coming on the show. thank you. next, as students fall behind for remote loan dominic learning another is focused on changing its name, phil bennett reacts to that. ♪ to support a strong immune system,
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call now! >> gordon chang on the implications, martha maccallum
11:47 am
has the analysis, patent on th that. we will spell it out, tell us moment, restaurants are getting hammered, we will ask top chefs about how we can save them and maybe your job along the way. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> dana: if you've been working from home during the pandemic, you might have a tax headache from filing next year. to add to everything else, gerri willis with fox business is here to explain, hi jerry. >> hi dana. there's a nasty surprise waiting for work from home. an unexpected tax bill, 71% of americans out there surveyed in a recent poll say they have no idea their tax obligation to be higher just because of working remotely. a bottom line, state income taxes are based on where we work, not where we live.
11:48 am
if the good news is this, 17 states and the district of columbia say they won't tax people working remotely because of covid-19, yet many people cash strapped states are changing their rules in the middle of the pandemic to snap up much needed revenue. what should you do? first off, check the state tax department's website where you are living and working to figure out if you are on the hook. >> they should try to track how long they've been working in different locations. they should have a record of that. then they should see their cpa and their tax practitioner to get advice on where they're going to need to file. >> chances are you may have to make a payment before the end of the year, check that. if people are asking me, why would i even bother, how are they going to know? those state tax department can audit you. it dana? >> dana: remarkable story, i'm glad you're on top of that. q so much, jerry.
11:49 am
report cards are out, school districts nationwide are feeling right with remote learning. education secretary and fox news contributor bill bennett. you can also catch him on the true st. nicholas on fox nation. it will be available for viewing darting monday. i can't wait to see that. can i ask you, for following the science, is there any reason that children should not be in school. let's include high school students in that question. >> if we are following the science, kids should be in school, including high school students, perhaps some elderly teachers should not be in school or should be in a protected environment in the school, but kids should definitely be in school. at that's following the science. if we keep going the way we've been going, we may not have scientists to do this work. this regression is serious, american education performance wasn't good before covid, and
11:50 am
now a lot of our kids have lost a year, particularly in math. if this is a very bad sign, and we've got to stop and get these kids back in school as soon as possible. the only good thing about this that i can think of is with all the nonsense, quackery in the classroom that we are seeing, political correctness, 16, 19 projects, i was worried school isn't the right place for children to learn. a lot of teachers still want to teach, and stay or go to, and they teach things worth knowing. get our kids back. science supports kids being in school, even anthony fauci has come around about that. you know, you've talked to him, rand paul wasn't beating him up on this, and now found she has come around. joe biden says he wants kids back in school, at what price, we don't know yet, but at least it's becoming close to unanimo unanimous. >> dana: the other thing that's happened, fairfax county
11:51 am
schools in virginia, last night they took a vote -- i guess this is tuesday night, they voted 7-0 to change the name of thomas jefferson elementary in george mason high on tuesday night. this vote comes despite 36% of the school district saying we don't want to do this, and it really does seem to take away from what people care about, which is figuring out how to make sure these kids don't regress so much that they are hurt for the rest of their lives because of this pandemic. because this is the kind of lunacy i was referring to that surrounds education. one more thing, not only did kids regress in math and other disciplines, also there is a social loss, mental anxiety, talk to child psychiatrists, this is been terrible for children. there's just a lot of problems associated with this some of us were talking about as early as march and april, now we have more of a consensus.
11:52 am
particularly, to come this loss is bad -- worse for the kids who need school b work most. on this last thing, what do you suppose is a child needs more customer to have his elementary renamed from thomas jefferson elementary school or to learn fractions decimals and percentages, i would argue for the latter. at that school board avoided 7-0 for this change. this is what -- this is a lesson for republicans. politically correct people join school boards, republicans have to join school boards. politics at the local level, you know about that. >> always have a pleasure havi. >> think you. i'm not like from wyoming like your other guests, but i've been
11:53 am
there. >> dana: it's the hottest toy on the market this season, a major warning if you plan on buying sony's playstation 5. >> you better watch out ♪ ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ ♪ he's making a list and checking it twice ♪ there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa. why would you rent today when you can buy your own home and participate in the american dream? i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> dana: one of the hottest holiday items, sony's play station 5, but apparently bots are buying them up and reselling them online for big bucks. brett larson has more. brett, everybody wants to know what they can do to get a play station 5. >> it is the hottest gift of the season. it's understandable. it's $400 or $500. if you go online, you can't find
11:58 am
them. it's literally because a shopping bot scripted by a programmer is going to the websites, walmart, target, best buy and through sony and buying these things in bulk before customers can get their hands on them. then they do on the secondary market where they're selling for upwards of $1,000. i heard of someone that got a play station 5 and decided they would resell it. surprisingly, this is legal. bots can't be used for concert tickets. you can't resell concert tickets. that's because the better online ticket sales acts of 2016. there's no such legislation for retailers. so retailers are playing a cat and mouse game with selling these things and trying to stay ahead of these hackers that sell these bots. bots have been used for everything, not just sony play stations. they've been used to secure delivery times for grocery deliveries in the u.k. for elderly people. so if you see one online for the
11:59 am
retail price, snap it up. it's a hot item this year. >> dana: all right, brett. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> dana: and santa claus is coming to town but he's keeping his distance. jeff block is in oak brook mall in illinois. a great play. hey, jeff. >> wish you were here today, dana. the sun is shining and santa claus, his air stream back there you just saw. it's a different experience for santa this year. i have the mall manager here. santa claus is entertaining people. no sitting on the lap this year. i got a family i think in there. they're still there. yeah, there it is. look at that. time geygus, the mall manager. >> we have santa and his slay. we have the stanchions up to make sure they're social distanced. the guests sit on the package in
12:00 pm
front to hear a story or get a photo. >> the idea is on safety. i leave you with asking santa a question. >> dana: jeff, we're out of time. thanks for joining us. bill hemmer, we have to provide magic to kids somehow. >> bill: thanks, dana. see you at 5:00. i'm bill hemmer. the season is beautiful. communist china's influence on america's stage taking center stage. axios reports a suspected chinese agent spent years working to infiltrate the u.s. government. christine fang made connections in the hopes that they would make to it the main stage. some of them did. one of the targets, eric swalwell, member of the house intel


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