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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 10, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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today he was awarded the ford trick award for broadcasting excellence, perhaps his most memorable call wasn't at a game at all, it was when an earthquake struck san francisco just before the start of game 3 of the 89 world series and he dropped this memorable lien. i don't know if we are on the air or not and i'm not sure if i care at this particular moment but we are -- that's the greatest open in the history of television. al michaels, great guy. congratulations. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it night from here. >> shannon: life tv, you and i shannon: live tv you and i both know you never know.. we are here night after night. right and left alike challenging the biden team on china specifically potential biden administration's pick for secretary of the senate lloyd dustin. and op-ed writer for the washington post causes of a
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strong biden supporters says this. he was the safe choice but there's nothing safe about choosing secretary of defense equipped to deal with the united states most pressing security challenge, china. nothing about austin's background suggests he's equipped to do this she says. there has been growing consensus china is more than an economic competitor but a serious security challenge, there are echoes of the cold war and the allegations of the chinese by making inroads but the lure of china is strong. republicans in the senate homeland security and finance committee majority report on their investigation into hunter biden's business dealings when his father was vice president, the finding states hunter biden and his family's financial transactions with ukraine, russia and chinese nationals
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raise, concerns and extortion threats. we begin with the latest investigation into hunter biden's correspondence. we get new information by the minute. >> so many questions will be asked about the story moving forward, questions like how on earth is it possible that this didn't come out during the campaign especially when so much was being said and written about the younger biden and given the glacial speed with which investigators like this proceed the question has to be asked will this have any impact on the presumptive president-elect? dating back to 2018 investigators have been examining multiple financial issues including whether hunter biden and his associates violated tax and money-laundering laws and business dealings in foreign countries principally china. i take this matter seriously the younger biden wrote in a
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statement but i'm confident the professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handled my affairs legally and appropriately including with the benefit of professional tax advisors. the us attorney in delaware a trump appointee is leading the investigation, the officers declined to comment on any progress. during the campaign donald trump and republicans on capitol hill questioned potential conflicts of interest with hunter biden's position on the ukrainian energy company burisma at the time his father was vice president. the fbi obtained a laptop belonging to the younger biden containing a trove of emails detailing various discussions between hunter and foreign contacts which included setting up meetings with his famous father, well-placed government source tells fox news the elder biden is not the subject of a grand jury investigation at this time but the sores and hunter is a target. yesterday federal investigators served a route of subpoenas including one front or biden but
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they intentionally chose not to reach out in the weeks prior to the 2000 from the election because of the doj policies surrounding elections but prohibits over investigative acts. this is all working through the us attorney's office in delaware and just so you know typically when a new president comes in they appoint their own us attorneys across the country but that could prove very difficult for president-elect biden to do as it would raise red flags if certain us attorneys were taken off the job like mister weiss in delaware but it is also very likely that even if he were replaced the investigation would continue, something we will keep an eye on. shannon: with hunter in some potential legal trouble how is the biden team responding? jackie heinrich has that side of the story, we check with her live in wilmington, delaware.
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>> reporter: source telling fox news president-elect joe biden is not a subject of the federal investigation into his son hunter's tax affairs a open questions about what caused the probe including whether they are related to hunter's deals in china when biden is facing increased pressure along with his team to take aggressive posture toward china. joe biden expressing support for his son as he faces a federal investigation into his tax affairs, transition saying prisons like biden is proud of his son who has fought are difficult challenges including the vicious personal attacks of recent months only to emerge stronger but it comes at an awkward moment, biden has not yet named an attorney general who may oversee his son's case, and also not named his ambassador to china or his son's business deals have face scrutiny. there are reports that he's
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considering pete buttigieg who indicated he would support a hard-line. >> the china challenge is a serious one. it's not something to dismiss or waive away and to look at what china is doing, they are using technology for the perfection of dictatorship. >> biden incoming advisor jake sullivan accused china of attacking freedom in hong kong, expressing two six tweets he has made since being into the post, one acknowledges australia's concerns the biden administration may try to dampen the country's response america will stand shoulder to shoulder with our ally australia. biden's team received warnings about growing chinese threat including from the director of national intelligence who says the chinese are trying to get close to biden's team. >> we are starting to see that across the country, not only the folks in the new administration
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but those who are around the folks in the new administration. >> reporter: biden says he will work with american allies to deal with china but the secretary of defense today, china did not come up. shannon: thank you. congressman eric swalwell pushing against calls for his removal from the house intelligence committee after revelations a suspected chinese spy was linked to the california congressman in his 2014 reelection campaign. richardson has the latest on this story. >> reporter: the top house republican called congressman eric swalwell a national liability. swalwell said the fbi thanked him for his help in their investigation and this story only leaked as political retribution. >> if they think they will silence me they are not going to silence me. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell claimed the story about
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a chinese spy in his orbit is public because he was working on donald trump's impeachment. >> if this is a country where people who criticize the president have law enforcement information with a nice against them that is not a country we want to live in. >> reporter: xe is reported suspected chinese intelligence agents targeted swalwell when he was a city councilman, interacting with him at multiple events over several years, fundraising for his 2014 reelection campaign and helping place at least one intern in his office. kevin mccarthy tweeted, quote, representative swalwell has long been disqualified from serving on the intel committee. for years he peddled russian disinformation for political gain. now we find out he was involved in an effort by a reported spy together info for china. swalwell is a national security liability. other republicans are using this episode to claim democrats refuse to address the danger china poses to the united
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states. >> time and again you have nancy pelosi, too many democrats refusing to acknowledge the chinese communist party is an adversary and that we are under threat and have to take steps to defend the nation and protect ourselves. >> former us official tells fox news the details are consistent with chinese ministry of state security operations. in the summer the state department close the chinese embassy in houston. us officials called it a hub of spying activity especially since the coronavirus pandemic the us has been far more aggressive against the chinese government. officials with the incoming biden administration say they will coordinate with allies to counter china but there are plenty of details of the biden china strategy outstanding. shannon: thank you very much. the pandemic taking unprecedented and often regulated amounts of cooperation between the us government and
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medical companies with ties to china. the communist regime is taking advantage by gathering huge quantities of americans healthcare data, sensitive genetic information via test kits. a new us government report warns collecting healthcare related data is now a national priority to the chinese. secretary of state mike pompeo talking about other dangers china poses to the us. it is >> georgia tech in atlanta pompeo warning many colleges i basically bought by beijing and chinese security service, and recruit academics and students as spies. stealing academic research and intellectual property. plenty of talk about china and potential changes in us foreign policy toward the communist regime under the biden administration. we bring in the new chair, good to have you back with us.
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i hardly know where to start because so many things are going on. i want to talk about this case involving a top pro-democracy advocate in hong kong, in real trouble. the wall street journal, this is from the editorial board, promoting democracy, we trust joe biden is paying attention. chinese leader xi jinping is seeking whether the climate administration will look the other way about china's behavior in hong kong and elsewhere. other folks including joshua wong arrested and sentenced too. what happens to these people? >> it is looking very grim. they could be put in jail for quite a long time, for many years. denial of their basic human rights is getting more and more outrageous.
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a lot of talk about their problems doesn't seem to help. we would have to have serious sanctions on china specifically until they improve the national security law implementation in hong kong. so far that is not happening. the number 3 guy in china is deeply involved in the problems in hong kong and he was exempted yesterday the sanctions of the chinese immediately publicized this and act as if they are going to get away scott free with this disaster in hong kong. it is really a tragedy but part of what is happening is the trump administration in the first year or two was fairly positive toward china, the meeting and mara lago the president's trip to beijing, the for bid and city, as the trump administration got wiser and wiser, taking donald trump's own advice they got tougher and tougher but it is not enough, i fear, to bring china around to
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international norms. if the biden team the way they are talking just ignoring china. how do you introduce your national security team and not mention the word china, really quite surprising, they may be off to a very bad start. china joe biden during primary season seemed to blow it up, these are not the guys are going to eat our lunch. was would his administration be like with the real threat we continue to hear exist regarding national security, economics and other factors with respect to china and its growing influence and power? >> i have examined the statements and articles by some of the people joe biden has named, jake sullivan, tony blinkin, they've written tough rhetoric that china is a problem but stopped short of what donald trump was doing and they have this theme that somehow donald
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trump didn't treat our allies nicely so this created a vacuum china is going to fill. they claim they are going to undo the damage donald trump caused. i think that the opposite of what happened, donald trump began to take china very seriously but a lot of time into it, meant a lot to allies and partners and is not enough to get the chinese to stop their misconduct. how this could happen a biden administration is a mystery to me, just seem to be ignoring the china threat accept the rhetoric, biden did call xi jinping a thug in january in an interview in one of the primary debates but calling him a thug is a long way from putting the kind of pressure on that would cause them to be treated more decently and for china to reduce the strategic arms buildup and come to the arms control talks with the russians, they spurned
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that, they were invited to send an arms control delegation to geneva to have a 3-way nuclear weapons and the chinese refused to show up. >> what do you think about the rumor that pete buttigieg could be a potential ambassador to china? >> we have a tradition, two kinds of ambassadors to china. in some cases we have had mandarin speaking true experts who are very tough, jim lemming was us ambassador for president reagan under george h w bush. other times we've had jim sasser of tennessee, senator who lost, max bacchus from montana and we seem to think china is not a serious problem so it can be a training ground for mayor pete or anybody else who wants to go. i really oppose this. i think by now we got to have an ambassador in china who knows what he or she is doing and ideally speaks mandarin.
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>> you speak all kinds of languages so we will see if your phone rings, let us know. always good to have you and thank you for your expertise. >> with the electricity to vote on the next president in a few days donald trump is pinning his hopes on the supreme court case filed by texas attorney general ken paxton was no word whether the supreme court will take up the case, but paxton is suing to file their response by 3:00 pm tomorrow. donald trump gave the petition a thumbs-up tweeting we will be intervening in texas and many other states case. this is the big one. our country needs a victory. arkansas and florida are among 17 states who joined texas relying on the supreme court's power without any of the time to go through lower courts, the original jurisdiction. also today 27 republican members
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of congress sending a letter to donald trump urging him to direct attorney general william barr to appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of how the election unfolded. december 14th is a soft deadline insisting the next big days january 6th when congress certifies the electoral college votes. democratic senate challenger john ossoff calls his opponent a coward. that man david perdue is happy to respond next.
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>> shannon: georgia democratic senate candidate jon ossoff has been critical of where relief money is winding up even as >> john ossoff is critical of where pandemic money is winding up.
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even as his father is publishing business got a loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the paycheck protection program, here's what he said earlier this year. >> so much of the support, the overwhelming majority of the support the federal government has extended on an emergency basis is for the largest terms and even the tax benefits in the cares actual flow overwhelmingly to the highest earners. >> his opponent in the runoff election, republican senator david perdue. welcome back. he not only had that to say but also says right now mcconnell is not getting the job done, gop republicans are not coming to the table, you all are withholding help at a time people need it most, how the response? >> is earlier response shows a tremendous lack of experience, he knew he was wrong and lied about it but also shows the hypocrisy.
12:23 am
not only anthony fauci but other democrats coming to light that while he was criticizing the ppp loan his father was taking a 350,$000 loan the ever georgian was 100,000, stacy abrams we learned today to cut 400,$000 loan. these guys blocked us all year, blocking us right now from extended benefits for small business owners, the ultimate hypocrisy in my opinion but shows his total lack of business experience, the fact that he's willing to lie in front of the camera. shannon: will there be a relief package before you break for the holidays? >> i really believe there will be. anytime congress gets down to the eleventh hour before christmas, here we are, we find a way to come together. this is the wrong way to do it on by and prayerful small businesses in georgia need it. $47 billion down here to georgia
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saved 1 million and a half jobs with ppp and john anthony fauci played politics, didn't want to get bogged down in the details, that is so ridiculous. we fought night after night to get this package and get this relief to the people in georgia who needed it desperately. >> why not show up in debate and monies points that you can go toe to tell and have this conversation with him? the atlanta journal-constitution says regardless of your -- it feeds into his narrative that you are not accessible, one of the least accessible senators in georgia, why not show up in debate? >> we touched over 1 million people in the state of georgia during the covid-19 crisis. we reached out to 1 million georgians through constituent conference calls, personal meetings making sure people got what they needed in the height of a crisis when he sat on his perch and criticized what we were doing.
12:25 am
he lied time and time in the general election, let the people in georgia see who this guy really is, let him have the microphone for 30 minutes. we witnessed history being made this past sunday night, first time in political history where a political career politician debated an empty podium and the podium won. >> the team does not feel that way and i didn't see it. but the visual was there and many in the mainstream media are running with it. hunter biden, there has been an investigation percolating in the senate a lot of questions and tonight we find the department of justice has been investigating him related to tax and money issues potentially money laundering, it is now restarted. what kind of answers do you think the american people should get and will they get them in
12:26 am
congress based on letters they hold onto the senate seat in the gop controlled senate. >> it has been four use of nothing but back-to-back investigations of donald trump, his family and everybody around him. it is time we get into the biden controversy and what i think is going to be a deep body of impropriety. this is one of those things that will get buried if we don't maintain the majority in the senate. the other thing is i believe the democrats a word will continue to investigate, irresponsibly the trump family and so forth. i'm hopeful we get to the bottom of this thing, hopefully ukraine in china when he went to china and came back with $1 billion that goes to ukraine, we still don't know what really went on. it is time and the best way to do that is follow the money. >> accusations and investigation. a republican across the whole
12:27 am
from you on the house side said there should be a special counsel appointed. what do you think? >> if we get the majority in the senate maybe there is but whatever way we get at this the american people deserve better than we've had the last four years, nothing but obstructionism, unfair investigations and yet he is the ultimate hypocrisy, democrats have something in their own house that needs to be investigated and stonewalling. time to get to the bottom of this for the american people. >> it will be hard for democrats to argue the investigations are harassment or unnecessary when there have been many the last four years so we will see if there's a double standard north if these things move forward because all we have now are questions. thanks for dropping in. a win for opponent in california, how small business owners plan to whether more lockdowns if they have to but
12:28 am
first christmas is not canceled ever governor tony evers said there would be no christmas tree in the capital building two gop state representatives took it upon himself to put up their own tree in the rotunda, notice on the tree requiring written approval for them before they try to remove it.
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>> shannon: two major antitrust lawsuits against facebook are feeding speculation >> reporter: two major antitrust lawsuits against facebook feeding speculation that the social media giant could be broken up. what does it mean for you if you've got an account? >> facebook is the biggest social network with 2.7 billion users valued at $8 billion. the teacher james announced an effort to end's dominance.
12:33 am
>> facebook has used its dominance to crush smaller rivals and stuff out competition all at the expense of every day users. >> 48 attorney general nationwide said the federal trade commission filed two several lawsuits today accusing facebook of becoming a monopoly by engaging in predatory anti-competitive practices. facebook is accused of violating antitrust laws by systematically buying up and eliminating its competition specifically when it purchased the social photo apps instagram in 2012 and when it acquired the global instant messaging surface what's apps in 2014. they want to force facebook to sell instagram and what's apps for future acquisitions and mergers and to end all anticompetitive behavior. facebook denies they have violated antitrust laws. in a congressional hearing in
12:34 am
july ceo mark zuckerberg said if the atc approve the acquisition years ago. >> the ftc has all the document and review this and unanimously voted not to challenge the acquisition. with hindsight it looks obvious that instagram would have reached the scale but it was far from obvious. >> likely higher prices for small businesses trying to advertise and you may see the return of pay walls like we saw with what's apps before that. >> prosecutors disagree, arguing facebook's monopoly lead to fewer options and reduced privacy. >> thanks so much.
12:35 am
when california health officials post playground as part of a stay-at-home order some lawmakers in southern california pushed back so now we are told at least in part they have reversed course and playgrounds in san diego county are open again but the struggle for many small business owners continues, two of them joined me now. executive chef of the heroic italian restaurant and the owner go-cart world in person sydney harris, great to have you both with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. shannon: i read your story about closures. as we've heard from many business owners, trying to come into compliance to make sure you could reopen. at one point, and many points you're asking, tell us what we need to do to comply, from what i hear, what you got in response was not the friendliest response. did you get any information? >> know. when this thing started in march we understood why we had to close down and people were
12:36 am
already making that decision with their feet. we had receipts dropping by a substantial percentage by the end of february. so we weren't against that but afterwords we stayed closed and then they opened golf courses and other things opened so we opened, they showed up and shut us down and said you can't be open, you're not essential. this was a time nail salons were open and hair salons were open and perform services outdoors. we said listen. it is not about nonessential. a lot of nonessential places oregon, they said you fit into this category to be shut down and we didn't and we showed them that we didn't so they changed our category. they went above and beyond, whose purview that is, the city
12:37 am
parson has been fantastic. the mayor pro tem argued on our behalf but didn't matter, closed us down, we stayed closed until the end artist when governor newsom had the same framework there is now saying go to the website, put in your county, your business sector and see if you could be open and yes, we opened, the county said no, you have to shut, doesn't matter, what matters is what we say and we say you have to stay shut. so, you know it hit really hard. shannon: many businesses, people are trying to comply and they see other businesses with similar scenarios that are open and they are not allowed to it has to be very frustrating to see some restaurants open, inside, outside, things that are
12:38 am
not considered restaurant still serving food outside. how do you deal with the uncertainty? >> the application of this has been a disaster. we agree with fighting covid-19 and doing it together in the community but the application of regulation has been so unfair and biased, very much in favor of big supermarkets, you can still go indoor shopping at indoor malls, photos of mobs of people altogether in indoor malls. i happen to be in agreement with shutting indoor dining, that is scientifically on faith but outdoor dining with highly regulated covid-19 protected boots, to shut that down has been a calamity and many of us in the restaurant industry spent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to open up these outdoor dining areas and were urged by the cities to do it, incentivized to do it, otherwise you won't be able to serve so we
12:39 am
spent months and so much money to open and then to have as you were saying many indoor facilities remain open but highly regulated, covid-19 protected boots, four or five people, closed, that is unfair. shannon: it is difficult to get the public on board and business owners who stand to lose everything if you don't feel the data matches what you are being asked to do or you are not being treated the same as similarly situated businesses or organizations. we know that both of you care about keeping people safe, you want to keep your employees employed and keep your investment going and we wish you all the best as we try to navigate this, we wish you the best. the house of representatives passed bill to criminalize marijuana and change energy
12:40 am
standard requirements for certain ceiling fans. legislative action on a new pandemic relief package remains in limbo and has many republicans pointing the finger of blame at the democratic majority. >> this was never about what was best for the american people, never about honest policy disagreement. it was about preventing donald trump from getting any credit. >> tomorrow the fda finally meets to talk about approving pfizer's vaccine. with you need to know ahead of that meeting. picking your health insurance coverage isn't
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12:45 am
secretary azar and joe biden talking about the plan to get these vaccines out. >> we expect to have enough doses to vaccinate 20 million americans by the end of this year, 50 million total by the end of january and at least 100 million total by the end of the first quarter. >> this team will help get the last 100 million covid-19 vaccine at least 100 million shots in the arms of the american people in the first 100 days. >> those sound like the same plan. what am i missing? >> it is important to put this meeting tomorrow and everything we are doing in the proper context and that context is the following, in the next couple days we are on the verge of the
12:46 am
most monumental medical discovery and manufacturing achievement in the history of our country. this is never ever been done for. you heard the secretary say we will have tens of millions of americans vaccinated before year end and 100 million americans vaccinated in the first quarter of next year and any american who desires to have a vaccine vaccinated by the end of second quarter 2021. this is absolutely a spectacular achievement and hopefully the american people are proud of what is being done here. shannon: the speed is breathtaking and we are not just talking one vaccine but multiple options, multiple companies. tomorrow, pfizer gets the update for the final approval and within hours approved and expected to be but if it is those trucks can get rolling and those doses will go out. i went online and did one of these online tools, 268 million in line so i don't think i will be getting this anytime soon but
12:47 am
how do we know it will get to the nursing homes, healthcare workers who have been heroes this year, how will this be meted out? is it up to state governors? how does it work? >> we had a vaccine summit for 3 hours that will be live stream so everyone in the country could watch it. operation warp speed is a series of partnerships and two of the most important ones relative to the question you pose about distribution is the public-private partnership, fedex, ups, cvs, walgreens, these are iconic american brands and these are the companies that will help us get the vaccine from the factories into the states and into the arms of folks and the second partnership is federal state and secretary azar interview four governors, 64 total jurisdictions, four are there with spectacular detailed micro plans they have been working on for months.
12:48 am
we have loaded into our system 650 destinations, general turn in his team will ship those vaccines to 660 destinations within 24 hours of the time we get the fda eua. shannon: how do you convince folks who have concerns about the speed at which this moves, question of the vaccine. a big chunk of them say they will not take it or have skepticism about it and how does that impact the ability to have the effect we hope for? >> we have cut bureaucracy, financial risk, idle time, cut no corners, these clinical trials, 44,000 participants in it. freedom marks, at the fda center evaluating these vaccines told us on average for vaccine, we passed that number, we have twice that number.
12:49 am
the data that came out, you heard pfizer and modern8, 95% efficacy with no serious adverse effects. 95% efficacy. not many vaccines can reach that level. the american people should feel great about these vaccines. >> the flu vaccine doesn't either, thank you for giving us that information, come back soon. an update on a town stuck between two different covid-19 measures next. ♪ and you're still the one applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live
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>> shannon: tonight we take shannon: we take you to tell the border of tennessee and virginia tried to balance two sets of state regulations dealing with the pandemic. mike meredith has the story from bristol, virginia. >> from above bristol looks like wednesday but look closely and you'll see the state line separating tennessee and virginia runs right through downtown. forcing bristol businesses to comply with different health restrictions to the other side of the street they are run. >> glenn cook and champion
12:54 am
striking and fitness in bristol, virginia, is in remains open for now. >> any classes that involve close contact with a person. >> is covid-19 cases surge he knows it is possible restrictions could be a impose. >> it can be aggravating. is being closed, that's not going to help at all. >> last month virginia place new limits on in person gatherings and alcohol sales. the decision impact event spaces including bristol's new boutique. >> it is disappointing a lot of holiday parties, we are looking at weddings for next year. we had quite a few inquiries. >> on county which encompasses bristol has not enacted the same restrictions, virginia's governor calls a health hazard. >> people routinely cross state lines to work, shop and visit their families. what happens in these other states affects us. >> bristol businesses appear to be taking the divide in stride, beth reinert is the president of the chamber of commerce. >> they step up to do things, to
12:55 am
have frank conversations to encourage people to be responsible for yourself, do your family. >> some virginia businesses fear they will eventually lose customers from tennessee if more restrictions are added in the weeks ahead. bristol's leaders insist the city's fate is not split. instead tied together as one. >> when one side loses business everybody loses business. >> they would like to see a 1-size-fits-all approach for this town because they realize the virus does not care which state you live in, the local health system reported more than 4000 new coronavirus cases last week, 25% jump from the week prior. shannon: mark meredith, thank you. some good news. you are never too young or small to make a difference. the second grader with colorful rubber bands, selling to the raise money for year for children's hospital. she spent the first days of her
12:56 am
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is free and fair elections are the cornerstone of this republic and it is important every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not counted. >> thursday, the lone star state no longer along, 17 states backing texas and its legal challenge to the 2020 election. we are live in dc with what is next. >> the day we've been waiting for, the fda talks emergency approval of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine when the first doses could be rolled out. >> the most unique in all the land.


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