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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 10, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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appreciate it. todd: great stuff. set your dvr so you never miss a minute. carley: that is so early but it is worth it, is it not, todd? will "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ election battle heating up. >> 17 states joining this effort to challenge results in the presidential election. >> this case shows the unconstitutional enactment by democrat secretaries of state. >> swalwell pushing back against his removal. >> this story only leaked as political retribution. >> they may think they are going to silence me. they are not going to silence me. >> hunter biden being questioned by prosecutors. >> questions whether there were hunter deals in china. >> fda will discuss emergency approval of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. >> if all goes well we can make our first shipment of the vaccine this month. >> youtube is targeting the
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views of more than 74 million americans who voted for slump in this is shameful and deceitful. this is why millions of people are coming to parler. >> 8 like 8 lights for 8 nights. ugly lighting will be this afternoon in washington, d.c. steve: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, december 10th. we start today's show with a fox news alert. take a look at that map. the trump campaign in 17 states are backing a lawsuit filed by the texas attorney general challenging the general election results from november. ainsley: that's exactly right. he says and 17 other states are arguing that 62 electoral college votes from georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin should be invalidated. the texas attorney general claims that those states acted unconstitutionally when they moved to expand the mail-in voting saying only state legislators could challenge election laws. brian: this came as a total
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surprise. meanwhile house republicans request a special counsel to investigate the election. they are still in the majority hour. and in georgia the g.o.p. is recruiting 4,000 watcherrers, poll watchers for the run off election. they want to make sure things come off there were things about that georgia election that people are still upset about and that's what the president still wants focused on. we already had a recount twice. what about eric swalwell and he got a defensive briefing because of an intern termed bundler maybe had a relationship with her. this christine fang or fang fang depending what country you cover the story in. it turns out eric swalwell was infiltrated when he was city council winner. he would place another intern with swalwell's staff. yet he says leadership knew all about this. the fbi when they debriefed him and told him who she was, they
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still put him on the intelligence committee the republicanned about d. not know anything about it and outraged at this hour. here is eric swalwell who thinks he knows the real problem. of course it has nothing to do with the problem but here is his attempted spin. hold on tight. >> i was shocked just over six years ago i was told about this individual, and then i offered to help, and i did help. i was thanked by the fbi for my help, and that person is no longer in the country. and i was a little surprised to read about my cooperation in that story because the story says that, you know, there was not-no -- never suspicion of wrongdoing. the people who did share classified information were the people who leaked this story. to do that against the -- president they may think they are going to silence me. they are not going to silence me. brian: nice try. let's bring in congressman on
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the republican side matt gaetz a member of the house judiciary committee. is that what they are trying to do matt? they are trying to silence him by leaking out a story that he got a defensive briefing from the fbi because china had infiltrated his campaign? >> yeah. you just don't understand, brian. that eric swalwell is here to help. in fact, he wants to help so much in confronting china that he spent years super spreading the lie us of the russia hoax. i don't blame eric swalwell for being targeted by foreign intelligence. but i'm old enough to remember when levy par necessary showed up and made a few donations at republican events. that was wall-to-wall coverage of the media. crime of the century. when eric swalwell engages in a very close relationship with clearly an agent of communist china. that's deemed as something we can just accept and move on. my suspicion is you will continue to hear republicans very critical. steve: congressman take a look
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at what he is he just said. keep in mind the original axios story in 2015, the fbi interviewed a whole bunch of people who apparently were part of this influence campaign by the chinese. and a bunch of other people who note story. for him to suggest that the story was classified. where did that come from? >> well, he also said that his sex life was classified. i know somewhere bill clinton is probably kicking himself saying why didn't i think about that when people started asking with my romantic follies. i'm glad that democrats are frustrated with newly leaks from the fbi and department of justice. i don't remember their outrage when general michael flynn was being smeared with these leaks that were false saying that he was somehow improperly engaging with russia when, in fact, general flynn was saying that we needed to if he cus on china. we needed to disentangle from russian conflict so we could see china as the rising power it was. eric swalwell was in a position to help us focus on that chinese
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threat. instead, he purposefully distracted the country thrill and he hurt our national security as a consequence. ainsley: well, you remember what happened with dianne feinstein. remember her driver and gopher in the san francisco office had ties to the chinese government and was accused of spying on our country and then giving information to china. so, what's the vetting process in these staffers when you guys have interns or staffers and how close are they? what conversations do they hear? >> oh, listen, our offices are always a caldron of ideas and information that comes through our committees serving on the judiciary committee and intelligence committee as swalwell does there is a lot of sensitive information. you bring up a good point when china seeks america's vulnerabilities they typically start with the legal ways that they can influence us. and in this particular cases, they actually used the campaign finance system to bribe politicians. and i think that shows us a lot about where we could become more
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resilient. brian: congressman, i think it's fascinating. this guy is so full of himself he thinks president trump is actually focused on him or plant a story in axios, hardly a friend of the trump administration to upend him and hurt his career after the election. let's see what the media has done with this story. msnbc forgot to cover it. cnn barely covered it for three minutes. abc, nbc, and cbs i guess it didn't make the cut. congressman, what if it was you? what if there was a former chinese student hondz up being a chinese spy, that got to the point where the fbi had to intervene and pull you aside and say i have got bad news for you the woman who you may but may not be dating listed as a bundler she is a chinese spy. what if it was matt gaetz? >> if i was dating a waitress at a chinese restaurant they would be burning a hole through my front door with the mainstream media's you know, lights and cameras. and it really shows, i think, a desire to go after republicans
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at every cost and protect democrats and sadly, often, you get the same double standard from the media reflected in the activities of the fbi and the department of justice. when democrats are targeted by foreign intelligence they get a defensive briefing. whebriefing republican.impeachmd threats of jail time. it really is a double standard. steve: democrats get a defensive briefing and republicans get offensive media coverage. congressman, sit right there for just a second because we have got another story we want you to weigh in on that we are following this morning. hunter biden the some of the former vice president, president-elect, confirms that a federal investigation into his tax affairs is going on. griff jenkins joins us live with the very latest. this was a bombshell latest. griff: yeah, it was, steve, ainsley, and brian, congressman, good morning to you. this didn't come out during the campaign, but yesterday hunter biden confirming that the justice department has been investigating his finances and
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his overseas business dealings in places like china since 2018. the u.s. attorney's office in delaware looking into his tax affairs. hunter says this in a statement, quote: i take this matter very seriously but i am confident that a professional in an objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handled my affairs legally appropriately including with the benefit of professional tax advisers. his father's transition team responded almost immediately saying president-elect biden is deeply proud of his son who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger. the u.s. attorney in delaware david weiss, a trump appointee, refused to comment because it's ongoing. sources tell fox news the investigation was predicated in part by transactions in, quote, china and other foreign nations. and it includes looking at that laptop connected to hunter. president trump and others have questioned the potential conflicts of interest between then vice president joe biden and his son who sat on the board
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of urk an energy company burisma learned that elder is not a target of the investigation at this time. but senate homeland security chairman ron johnson says he wants to know more. >> there have been reports of the bidens cashing in on the biden name for many, many years. dating back to when joe biden was a senator. but, you know, hunte hunter saie didn't get a cent. no, he got millions of dollars. griff: johnson says he is no fan of special counsels doesn't see a need for one right now. the investigation could likely go into a biden presidency. biden has pledged an independent justice department it. would be interesting to see if he replaces weiss, if and when he becomes president. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff. thank you very much. let's dial back in republican congressman from florida matt gates. so, congressman, this particular investigation apparently started in 2018. that was the year before supposedly hunter biden dropped
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off the laptop at the mac fix-it store there in delaware. of course, apparently the guy gave it to the fbi just about one year ago today, actually. and then fast forward into the campaign, and rudy gets a copy of the hard drive. where are we with this? because, according to what the "new york post" saw, on the hard drive, it had documents detailing his business dealings with china and ukraine and then, of course, also the tony bob linskey stuff and tony bob linskey said that hunter biden was involved with his dad on their business dealings. >> notice that the biden transition tried to frame this scandal as a dispute about taxes. maybe something an accountant got wrong. the reality is this isn't about taxes. it's about foreign entanglements. it's about selling american influence to the highest bidder and it appears something the bidens are quite familiar with if in the trump justifiable
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department there wasn't vigor to ensure that there was equity in am occasion of the law here, i'm not sure that anyone at the justifiable department right now thinks they are going to make their career by going after hunter biden. i also think it's important to know how the media was covering this. remember, we have got project veritas recordings of the editorial calls from cnn where jeff zucker instead of delving into this story used the biden laptop existence as a way to smear fox news, smear the "new york post," smear breitbart. smear anyone who is telling the american people the truth about the bidens. ainsley: interesting you bring that up. watch how the media has down played this hunter biden story. >> he talks about hunter biden's hard drive. he talks about conspiracy theories. >> charges so heinous i'm not even going to say them. >> talking about the biden's personal corruption. a little bit about hunter biden. most of those charges unverified. >> a whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin.
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>> peddling baseless conspiracy theories about joe biden and his son hunter. >> if you didn't follow if closely you probably don't understand what the hit is. >> rabbit hole of hunter biden which i don't think anybody outside of that world understood last night. >> obviously we are not going with the "new york post" story right now on hunter biden. ainsley: this is sars suspicion act report. told as far as sars is filed by financial institutions if something is out of the ordinary. steve: a red flag. ainsley: something suspicious. exactly. what do you make of the timing of this and why do you think that hunter biden went to the press and said i learned about this and made the big announcement? >> sars were how eliot spitzer's activities were discovered by. something they use see high dollar amounts moving around
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such that it out to prompt additional scrutiny and review. but we deserve in this country a media that is honest enough to report the facts not to try to categorize them as a crazy conspiracy theory. you know, i'm old enough to remember. steve: they couldn't do that before the election. >> well, look, i mean what we see from the fbi and the department of justice is a willingness to leak information before an election if they believe that it will achieve their political purposes. they did plenty of that with the steele dossier and donald trump. again, it's not about whether or not the department of justice and the fbi are political operatives. they seal to be. it's just that they are targeting republicans and they seem to be giving folks like hunter biden like what is he valued mart the name that cannot be smoke grenade spoken the way the mainstream media treated this story. brian: one guy impeachable integrity tony bobulinski.
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i'm wondering when thinks tax attorneys had a chance to categorize the kazakhstan, ukrainian transactions and chinese transaction if there is a line there for the big guy. because it's pretty specific what tony bobulinski said. what is amaze something have you cnn's jeff zucker i don't think we should be repeating unsubstantiated smears because the right wing media suggest we should. there is not smears. actual emails and interactions with government officials and meetings with perhaps maybe the future president of the united states that's never been asked nor substantially denied. when you have have pictures of yourself naked smoking crack and it's not the worst thing on your laptop, you are in trouble. so, that is what is on that laptop. i feel bad for that repair person. that you will carnage along the way. he took in a laptop. he couldn't get a call back from hunter biden. and now he is destroyed out of business and he is shuttered. what he did is called the fbi and said take the hard drive and then later he got in touch with
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rudy giuliani. and now after 2018, the fbi is finally emerging, perhaps, with the results of an investigation. bobulinski sat for five -- between five and eight hours with the fbi to tell what he knows about international transaction with a guy constantly recovering from crack addiction. who happens to be the son of the would be, possibly president of the united states and people are saying we're not going to cover this? this is outrageous. this is the most -- this makes the facebook twitter freezing of accounts look minor. >> it's foreign interference and evidenced on this laptop. the foreign interference isn't as bad as the domestic interference that occurs when the media tries to frame the discussion in the debate as to exclude certain subjects as just unavarvel for inquiry. we now have to track these transactions and these relationships to any policy that
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emerges from joe biden as a political leader. it's believed that joe biden wants to make the reconstruction of nato. his big priority. that's going to require some threat construction around russia and we will see who gets rich. who gets supported. but i think a lot of it could ultimately be tracked back to the relationships on these laptops and not just the participation of hunter biden in these deals. the participation of joe biden. what they are going to do in the next few weeks and months silo this and categorize it as hunter biden only and sort of administrative tax issues only when we know the corruption and the foreign interference goes far deeper. brian: the big guy. remember, that refers to joe biden. steve: according to tony bobulinski and we do know that according to the fbi and the irs are both issuing subpoenas so more people are going to find out that they are in the crosshairs. ainsley: can i ask you a question about florida because it's one of the 17 states that filed a brief with the supreme court. what's the next step? if the supreme court takes this up and says these four states
3:18 am
election 62 electoral votes that could swing the race. >> the supreme court can have original jurisdiction over conflicts among the states. our arguments from florida and texas and elsewhere is when you allow illegal votes to be counted in states like wisconsin, georgia, michigan, pennsylvania. you dilute the legal votes that have been cast by our state. so it's really no different than it's a polluted river was running from one state into another. that would obviously be a need for the supreme court to resolve that here are there are polluted ballots running from some states into our overall election system. i hope the court exerlingses its jurisdiction and hears argument. brian: before december 14th. steve: i hope one day real soon we can have you on on a day where there is something to talk about unlike today another slow news day. >> thank you. steve: 17 states now joining texas' lawsuit against battle ground states. the a.g.s from alabama and louisiana are going to show why
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brian: 17 states throwing their support behind a texas lawsuit that challenging electors in
3:24 am
four key battle ground states. and the trump campaign is officially asking to be a part of it. the president specifically. the supreme court suit aims at invalidating the results in pennsylvania, georgia, michigan, and wisconsin. three people join the fight are alabama attorney general steve marshall and louisiana attorney general jeff landry. thanks, guys. jeff, let's start with you. what about the texas suit made you think that louisiana should join? >> well, look, we have -- i, like many americans, around the country have been watching the irregularities that have occurred. when you look at the constitution, you recognize that there was states under which non-legislative actors that means like governors, secretaries of state or state courts basically modified election law in the midst of the game. it's like changing the rules of the football game in the middle of the game and according to the constitution. we don't believe it's proper. brian: steve, that's what texas is saying. and when states sue states because of an election result.
3:25 am
i guess it effects everyone, that's a theory. it has to go to one court. the supreme court. do you have this will help sway the supreme court to at least take the case. >> one of the things we hope with 17 of our colleagues coming together is the court understands the significance importance about this. not only being filed by texas but to electors across the country. all we have asked is for only legal ballots to be counted. texas has present add very compelling argument about why the constitution compels the court to be able to take this case moving forward. and we are there to be able to support the fact that this needs to be considered and one for the court to be able to rule. brian: wisconsin attorney -- suit as misleading the public. what's your reaction to that jeff? >> well, i guess he feels like he is on the hot seat. look, i think that the american people and the president deserve to know what the outcome of the election actually is on a fair playing field. you can't change the rules midstream. look, if our election system
3:26 am
doesn't have integrity to it, we lose our entire form of government. the democracy basically fails. and i think that the court should take that matter up. the question is whether or not non-legislative actors can change the rules of the game midstream. brian: you brought up to me, steve in the break. you said the reason why pennsylvania's attempt to get to the supreme court, which ted cruz would have argued for the president for the republicans not that it didn't have any substance but was the timing his time something even worse, right? >> not for the case brought by texas. the court declined to heart pennsylvania case the pennsylvania g.o.p. did not bring is it timely enough. includes multiple states where we now have the ability to see the consequences of non-state actors affecting what the legislature had established to be able to protect the validity of their election elections in n states. we believe it is timely and for the court to consider it would
3:27 am
be appropriate. brian: are you going to into each state what bothers you about pennsylvania, jeff? >> well, what bores us about pennsylvania is the fact that the pennsylvania legislature specifically put out a rule when ballots should be accepted and when they shouldn't. and the state cour court of pennsylvania changed that midstream can you accept ballots three days late. if you would have showed up in pennsylvania to vote in person at 8:30 rather than 8:00 when the polls closed would they have let new to vote no they would not. because that's the time that the pennsylvania assembly said closing of the polls. again those are things that are problematic when you change the rules of the game in the middle of the game. brian: finally, steve, i think you are going to be having -- you are invited to the white house today. >> yeah. we will have an opportunity to be h at the white house. brian: what's going to be the topic of this discussion. this suit is there a plan. >> clearly it's beyond this suit.
3:28 am
having a discussion still believe that president trump will have an opportunity to come back for the next four years and want to discuss ways that we can be supportive of this administration. brian: over all, jeff, real quick. do you believe that the campaign should challenge some of these discrepancies which seem real and substantive before election day november 3rd? >> certainly the rear view mirror is clearer than the front windshield. you could -- many people could argue that yeah, maybe the campaign could have challenged these before certainly that's what the supreme court said in the pennsylvania case with congressman mike kelly hey you could have brought this case up a lot sooner. i have heard some legal scholars yeah, sometimes you bring the case and of course as well, it's just not timely yet and then you bring a case well it's too late now. i think the case in front of the court right now is important and we believe that the court should and does not have any discretion in taking this case up. brian: got to get it before
3:29 am
december 14th and we will see if everyone realizes that steve marshall, alabama attorney general, jeff landry. good luck at lunch today thank you for joining us for breakfast. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: more chaos in portland. i'm not kidding. as protesters set up their own occupied zone. the other one went so well with armed guards and threats against police. what they are demanding coming straight ahead. plus, youtube is now censoring all videos that dispute the results of this election. for example, maybe this segment we just did. charlie kirk on why he calls that a betrayal of free speech. ♪ advanced non-small cell lung cancer can take away so much. but today there's a combination of two immunotherapies you can take first. one that could mean... a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene.
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ainsley: barricades, stockpile of weapons and booby traps. concerns growing over armed protesters illegally occupying part of a portland oregon neighborhood threatening to kill police. todd piro joins us live with a plea for them to leave. todd? todd: the city's police chief pushing for a peaceful end to all of this. the protesters putting barricades in the middle of the road standing guard around the clock and threatening to shoot police officers who approach. the chief fears they have an arsenal at their disposal. >> this occupation can be solved legally put down your weapons and allow the neighborhood to be returned to peace and order.
3:34 am
todd: throwing rocks and damaging police cruisers. this encampment around what is called the red house on mississippi. vowing to stick up for the family evicted over the summer after the house went into foreclosure. >> this is not a story about an autonomous zone. this is a story of systemic oppression. >> historic. it's build in 1896. and my father-in-law purchased it in 1955. my husband had grown up here city's mayor gave all lawful means necessary to autonomous zone from forming rapid gentryification tensions now reaching boiling point. steve? steve: thank you so much, todd. meanwhile youtube announced a ban on videos disputing the results of the 2020 presidential election. in a blog post youtube says they will start removing any piece of
3:35 am
content that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the general election. here with more on that the president of turning point u.s.a. charlie kirk. charlie, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. so apparently it does not impact the videos that are there now but anything posted after wednesday if it calls into question regarding the election they will hit a button and it will disappear. >> which is really co-worker. this is close to home for us. we do daily content on youtube. after the election we started to publish content millions and millions of views asking questions. asking questions about the irregularities. now youtube has implemented this arbitrary set of guidelines nothing new from the masters of minute low park no more discussion. enough of this. sit down, obey. meanwhile you have this lawsuit that you just had a wonderful segment on of states that are also challenging the results of
3:36 am
the election all the way to the supreme court. here is the danger. as soon as you suppress freedom of speech not allow the best ideas to come to the surface. you will allow deeper unproven internet conspiracies to all of a sudden get spread even further. when you allow speech on youtube or any major plats form you allow cross-examination, discussion, facts and eventually people will get the truth out that's exactly the danger that google is embarking on here. i'm afraid they are relenting to a lot of the activist pressure from the left. steve: charlie, there is not a lot of freedom of speech on the internet when you think about it. think about how big tech, twitter, facebook, things like that impacted the again election. stories we did a segment on the hunter biden allegations they wouldn't touch them with a 75-foot pole. >> that's right. i was part of many of the people on social media that had our
3:37 am
feeds suppressed, if not our accounts banned temporarily for just sharing the "new york post" article back in october some of the networks and big tech companies called conspiracy theories. now we know that hunter biden is under active federal investigation for tax issues and there might be even more beyond that if only that discussion could have happened a week before the election big tech went and loxd people out of their accounts and suppressed their feeds. that is direct election interfereinterference. freedom of speech the minute low park or people that care about our companies whatsoever. steve: every time masters of minlow park get called up they say we have nothing to do with these things it's the algorithm because they think the people on the other side of the wooden desk don't understand algorithms and actually most people don't but that's just an excuse.
3:38 am
there is actually some body, a person who makes a decision. we have heard from jack dorsey himself you know, let's face it, silicon valley is way to the left. >> no doubt algorithms are opinions written in code. harris who did the phenomenal documentary social dilemma. i don't think i agree with him politically he was the one who said this excuse that tech companies are plusing with no political bias are no sort of profit motive hide bind the algorithm. used to work at the senior levels of google. we have dozens of whistleblowers who have come out of these tech companies saying this is a fake argument. there are very specific political agendas now within these multitrillion-dollar companies and the question we need to ask ourselves which is why are we giving them section
3:39 am
230 immunity? i'm so pleased the president is standing firm on the national definition authorization act on this. this is the number one issue facing our free society. steve: the president is standing firm but it sounds like congress is going to pass without excite from the law. thank you for joining us so early out there in arizona today. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: you bet. ainsley? ainsley: democrat congressman eric swalwell's adding ties to a chirches spy could have serious security implications for the united states. apparently that wasn't enough for cable and network media outlets who mostly ignored this story. brian: i bet you they can't for long. here to react is media columnist he also writes for the hill joe con challenge. joe, let's talk about swalwell first. this guy says oh, i'm being targeted because the president doesn't like that i went after him for russian collusion i will stand up for the president. do you think they would put out opposition research that
3:40 am
patiently waited year beyond the election for the very well respected china correspondent to report it out in a nuanced fashion. come on, it doesn't pass the laugh test. the smell test, any test. >> my old colleague jonathan swan good people. makes a good point. contrition around saying the last four years i accused the president of the united states of being an agent of russia. he then goes back to the russia card from the bottom of the deck, mind you and accuses axios not a bastion of conservative sentiment of colluding with the president to put this story out about him because the president cease eric friggin seawall well as a threat because he ran for president for five minutes or failed in his impeachment in so, yeah, that's the thing, right? perhaps the reason media outlets is not running with this because eric swalwell has been reliable guest. he has been on third two thirds
3:41 am
of cable news not fox news hundreds of times the last four years again accusing the president of being an exagent of russia. that makes him provocative and that gets people that are on the left their comfort food on a nightly basis and perhaps, also, just like adam schiff the michael avenatti of congress he serves as a pretty decent source as well whenever you hear about unnamed sources leaking to a particular outlet he is reliable unofficial payroll. never ever challenge eric swalwell. steve: i didn't realize what his middle name was until that sound bite. thank you very much. i wonder about the timing of this story and have you got to wonder about the timing of the hunter biden break a apparently now they are looking into his tax problems and all sorts of problems with hunter biden. all this stuff comes out election. story out there under the
3:42 am
surface in official washington for a very long time. >> amazing, steve, now it's okay to talk about hunter biden after the election. couldn't discuss it online or alleys your account got locked out by twitter. social media saying thou shall not discuss the hunter biden story. we are not going to pursue it. investigate it now it will happen i have a feeling they don't, guys. i know you are short on time. ainsley: no, i have got a question for you. >> anxiously, go ahead. sorry. i thought i was being ushered out. ainsley: my question for you is apparently fox news is reporting daily mail is reporting that she was still friends this chinese spy swalwell's dad and brother on facebook. as of yesterday. taken down now. if he knew she was a russian spy in 2015 or reported russian spy,
3:43 am
chinese spy. sorry. we talk so much about russia. chinese spy why we still be friends with her that's the question. left the country says he didn't have contact with her after that. >> are your friends on facebook really your friends, ainsley. some shocking. so things they said about me on facebook. to your points though, all levity aside. the fact that they would be friends on social media. that's also another way of communicating by the way, right? something called facebook messenger where can you actually trade messages back and forth. bottom line we don't know. eric swalwell has not been beenf any wrongdoing this was obviously several years ago at the same time show con sis tenly. matt gates on before. he was involved in something like this before he got to congress or any of the president's children, you would need to add an hour to 24/7 cable news to cover the outrage
3:44 am
the pioused we would see. there is no consistency because we are talking about not only the bias of omission anymore i know i use that term a lot the sin of omission. this is a sin this isn't being covered anyway. any way now i have to go because i'm bringing my kids to the old shooting range today. got them a nerf gun because i heard these things are very much in demand now and he needs to learn between my nunchucks in this house and this nerf one no burglar is going to come within 500 feet of jay conch. steve: shoot the camera to make sure it can't hurt anything. >> it's an empty chamber. brian: very responsible parenting. you don't even trust yourself. that shows you how -- keep in mind, out of everything we discuss. we can say goodbye to joe. god bye, joe. go ahead set up to bring carley back in have you react.
3:45 am
leadership knew what eric swalwell was up to. they got the defensive briefing. swalwell said they knew everything and they still hut people on the intelligence committee knowing he could be compromised and might have had a relationship with him. i feel better you can push us away now, carley. carley: i will try to do that right now just like that, okay. we will again headlines with. this one person is dead three orioles injured in massive chemical plant explosion. died when the former dupont facility burst into flames. the 42-year-old leaves behind a wife and two kids. a preliminary investigation shows a metal drier became over pressurized during a chemical drying operation. right now a massive migrant caravan is on its way into the u.s. rioters reporting hundreds honduras after two battered the country last month. one of them said they have no
3:46 am
choice but to gle flee to the u. first caravan since the presidential election. the house approved a spending bill approving a government shut down by another week. the legislation now heads to the senate. if they don't compromise on a budget 800,000 could be furloughed. a short-term fix gives lawmakers a time to debate coronavirus relief. want to live like a kid for a night? fao swarsz will let you do just that fao swar swarsz is offering ureg rental air nb. includes $1,000 shopping spree and music lesson on the store's
3:47 am
giant piano. i had a store when i toured it with jillian mele in 2018. we still have those hats. steve: carley that though is not the original store from the movie big. because that store, the big store is now the apple store in new york city. carley: i remember when that transition took place it. still is a beautiful store and sounds like fun. absolutely. ainsley: they still have the piano there. steve: they do. brian: america likes toys but apple better. steve: we like nerf better as i have seen so far this week. as nears the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine. the u.k. reports a possible allergic jik reaction to pfizer vaccine. what you need to consider before you getting the shot if you are super leerg allergic to certain things. talk to if you two newly elected congresswomen determined to
3:48 am
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carley: good morning. back with quick headlines, a michigan state lawmaker is stripped of her committees for sending this warning appearing to threaten trump supporters on social media. >> so this is just a warning to you trumpers. be careful, walk lightly and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. make them pay. carley: the state house speaker calling it, quote, unacceptable and unamerican. and house majority leader expressing concern as the democrat majority shrinks in the chamber i indicated to the administration very early on that i wanted to be very careful in terms of the mexico that they appointed from the congress given the closeness of our majority. house republicans have flipped
3:53 am
12 blue seats to red so far. look at all those faces. anxiously. ainsley: all right. thank you, carley. today marks a big day in the vaccine distribution time line set toe emergency approval of the pfizer vaccine in the u.s. in u.k. officials looking to reports of allergic reactions two people who got the vaccine on the first day of the rollout. here to discuss this fox news medical crintder and author of covid. hi, dr. siegel, good morning how are you. ainsley: i'm well. two people. what do you need to be aware of if you do have allergies and you are thinking about getting the vaccine? >> well, of course, we have to remember that thousands have got then vaccine in clinical trials. the pfizer vaccine without any untoward effects like that arm swelling, yes, but not big allergies. and i think what's important here is that the two people who had allergies in the u.k. were already carrying an epipin meaning they had had severe
3:54 am
allergies in the past warning where people had to be rushed to the hospital or had swelling and decreased blood pressure and rashes. that's the people we would hesitate to give this to right away. it's not for the general population. we haven't seen a lot of allergies in all the people that were studied. ainsley: okay. well today is a big day for america. gallup did a survey. they asked people how their mental health was during this pandemic. and women, as far as they asked how many of you feel excellent. 27% were women. 27% of women said excellent. that is down last year it was 37%. men 41% last year 49% that doesn't surprise any of us because we are all going through this and everyone probably has at least a little bit of anxiety, right? >> i think it's worse than you
3:55 am
said. almost 1/3 of all americans now are reporting severe anxiety or being down in the dunks. what about the minor or less pronounced results you answer a survey from gallup yes or no. everybody is affected by this especially if locked down stay at home or places they are used to going do or if they are just worried about could i catch this virus? could my loved ones. fear is the seconds virus here. the anxiety from worrying about covid has made things a lot lot worse. not to mention the loss of jobs and not getting the medical care you need. all of that weighs on all of us. and it's going to be so good to see when we get the effective vaccine working. when the numbers start to go down. when we protect our most vulnerable and can get back to normal life. ainsley: definitely made us appreciate all the things that we might not have focused on in the past. family and being able to go out to a restaurant or do it safely
3:56 am
and hopefully we will be back to normal a few months. thanks so much. >> ainsley, i want to go to a movie. ainsley: right? i want to go take my daughter to go see the rockettes. can't do it this year. go to a concert. go to church. >> i love to see those photos of your daughter with the rockettes. ainsley: thanks, dr. siegel. >> have a great day. ainsley: we have a big show still ahead. joined by house minority leader. tammy bruce, larry elder, sarah sanders and charles hurt. ♪
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4:00 am
turns out eric swalwell was infiltrated what if it were matt gates. >> if i was dating a girl who worked at the chinese restaurant they would be beating my door with lights and cameras. steve: the trump campaign in 17 states backing a lawsuit challenging the general election results from november. >> states modified election law in the midst of the game like changing the rules of the football game in the middle of the game. >> the president-elect's son hunter biden confirming a federal investigation on his tax affairs. >> the timing, of course, is perfect because it comes a month after the election so there is no real consequences. >> i rise today unquisk cabbably to condemn snoption. while withheld relief for political purposes.
4:01 am
hard to imagine a more awful and heartless strategy. >> 8 lights for 8 nights. hanukkah beginning the national memorial lighting will be held this afternoon in washington, d.c. ♪ ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live with the federal investigation into hunter biden's tax affairs as far as start with this story first. goonchts brian ainsley and steve. not knowledge during the campaign but hunter biden himself confirming that the justice department has been investigating his taxes, his financial history and his overseas business dealings in else places like china since 2018 hunter putting out this statement quote i take this matter seriously but i'm confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handle these affairs legally and appropriately and with the benefit of professional tax advisers. his father's transition team issuing this statement saying president-elect biden is deeply proud of his son who has fought
4:02 am
through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months only to reemerge stronger the u.s. attorney in delaware is looking into hunter's tax affairs weiss trump appointee. sources tell fox news the investigation was predicated in part by transactions in, quote, china and other foreign nations. and it includes looking at that laptop connected to hunter biden. president trump and republicans, of course, have questioned potential conflicts of interest between the then vice president joe biden and his son who sat on the board of the ukraine energy company burets that. fox news has learned the elder is not a target the investigation this time. nonetheless, the chairman of the senate home land security committee ron johnson says he wants to know more. >> there have been reports of the biden's cashing in on the biden name for many, many years. dating bang to when joe biden was a senator. you know, hunter said he didn't get a cent.
4:03 am
no, he got millions of dollars. >> at the moment says is he no fan of special counsels and doesn't see a need to call for one or appoint one. what will be interesting to see is this investigation will very likely transcend over to the next administration if and when joe biden becomes president. will be interesting to see if he does as he pledged remain to have an independent justice department he said he would if he replaces weiss. all come in a points their own u.s. attorneys that would be something to watch. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: looks like he might need a wing man. see if he is available. worked well for president obama. it's fascinating thing this hunter biden. they did an 87-page report in the senate committee headed byron johnson where they talked about hunter biden's links to five different nations. international portfolio that showed people benefiting by the
4:04 am
name of sarah biden, james biden but of course joe biden says he never spoke it them. then we have the ace in the hole tony bobulinski who said i was brought in from the outside to run this fund. of the big guy is joe biden x, y, and z. provide all the answers to all the stories. in case you doubted the story there is this computer repair shop owner who says he has the laptop and emails confirming the entire thing and gave it all to the fbi. and then there was radio silence jeff zucker and other people want to see joe biden win an election. miranda devine headlined this story. saw it being shelved and frozen and have their account frozen by twitter and other social media outlets and said this about the timing of the announcement that actually came from hunter. >> the timing, of course, of that peculiar statement today is perfect.
4:05 am
it comes a month after the election there is no real cons sequences for joe biden. it's damage control. he toledo out the garbage before christmas when no one is really paying any attention. an official press release with joe biden adding his little plea for sympathy which he has use sod cynically and successfully in the past. >> tucker: that's right. >> to try to shield his family's dodgy business dealings overseas. brian: so think about this. the computer owner has his business destroyed disappeared don't know where he is then have you tony bobulinski i don't care about the ramifications i care about the country. he with a military background came forward and even the partner in recorded considerations said you are going to kill us all, basically. if you come out and tell the true story of. no one cared because no one learned about it because all the other media outlets froze it out. tony bobulinski's future in doubt. this computer story is done.
4:06 am
the nethe "new york post" storys iced. "new york post" gets marginalized in the end the story is suppressed until, i don't know, yesterday when it looks like hunter biden's taxes might not add up to everything it is supposed to be. i just, steve, want to seen the line that says big guy. because the big guy, according to tony bobulinski is joe biden. and that might be good news for kamala harris. steve: well, here's thing, this whole investigation started in 2018. the feds didn't get the laptop until one year ago this week. >> just a year? steve: yeah. they have have had it for a year. we have asked the department of justice are you investigating that? they have said what they always do say they will not acknowledge whether or not they have got an investigation going on. here's the thick. so the laptop guy he calls because hunter biden never comes back to pick up the laptop. he calls the feds and said i have seen some stuff on this and i think he could be alluding to the fact that there is quite
4:07 am
explicit photographs on there and 12-minute video that is very inappropriate showing apparently hunter biden doing something. so he called the feds. and the feds have been looking into it. however, we do know that apparently the guy gave a copy of the hard drive to rudy. and rudy wound up giving it to the "new york post." they have actually seen what's on it. it has documents detailing hunter biden's dealings with china and ukraine. and suddenly you stuart to connect the dots because they are looking at possible tax fraud. you brought this up earlier where they're looking at his overseas dealings and the suspicious foreign transaction. funds from china and ukraine and now it starts to make sense how it all fits together. ainsley: you know, republicans question the timing and all. this the laptop. they have been investigating this since 2018. suspicions of tax -- some transactions in his taxes we're just learning about this ohe
4:08 am
just learned about delaware yesterday. why would it take so long. brian: two of his partner are in jail. steve: here is why the department of justice didn't reveal they had the investigation going on. they did not want to repeat what james comey did to hillary clinton. ainsley: if it weren't for rudy we wouldn't know about the laptop. the computer guy said he handed it over a year ago. we learned about it a month before the election. steve: that's when rudy got it. ainsley: let's talk about eric swalwell. a member of the house intel committee, a committee that has ache sells of our country's most sensitive information. that lady right there to his left, she named christine fang. and he was briefed, according to axios he was briefed by the fbi in 2015. she worked for him for operation fang fang they called it because they are saying they think that
4:09 am
she might be a spy from china. and she worked for him. she apparently had some relationships with the mayor. steve: she's was a fundraiser. brian: bundler. ainsley: worked close to him and until yesterday was friends with his dad and his brother. so we don't know the extent of their relationship. people are wondering why wasn't she vetted. what did she know? what did she hear? if you are on staff and in the car with someone what do we do when we get in the car get on the phones. if he is talking intense tiff information what does she know and hear? >> senator feinstein had a driver what does she know chairman of the ranking member. ooption that just got past him. before i go to the sound bite where eric swalwell tries to blame president trump. what else is knew everyone does. important to bring up that he claims that leadership knew about the defensive briefing. that the fbi suspected she was a spy. and she had another intern using our college system. they come over to china. they can't learn. there is no colleges in china.
4:10 am
they have to come to america. a lot of them are spies. so, they -- i'm being sarcastic. two of them are in there. he still gets a position on the senate intelligence committee. ainsley: why didn't the intel committee? no one knew about it. brian: republicans didn't. i said leadership knew. ainsley: adam schiff and democrats won't answer the question. brian: adam schiff has so much credibility. here is eric swalwell trying to make sense of it all. >> there was never a suspicion of wrongdoing on my part. all did i was cooperate. buff the wrongdoing here, jim, is that at the same time this story was being leaked out, is the time that i was working on impeachment on the house intelligence and judiciary committees. and if this is a country where people who criticize the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that's not a country that any of us want to live in. i hone it is investigated as to who leaked this information. brian: it's fascinating to know that axios is working with the president now. for the last three and a half years i didn't really see that
4:11 am
synergy because i read it every day. i think they are fair to him. no one looks at it and says that's a sympathetic publication toward the president. how ego maniacal is it care exist or decides to grow his beard or not. steve: we talked about this yesterday, axios started their story on him investigating him about the same time he was running for president. so, don't be surprised if somebody opposition research dropped a dime on what had happened. because he goes whoever leaked that keep in mind back in 2015, there were other, you know, mayors and people at different localities briefed by the fbi. they said, you know that person who was doing some fund raising for you? they were actually trying to get into your good graces. it was all part of a chinese influence campaign. and you were part of it. so there were a bunch of people who knew it. it's crazy though that he says
4:12 am
that it was confidential or classified because it was not. but, that's just part of his media narrative. you look at the media narrative. there is a double standard what happens to a republican on tv is much different than what happens to a democrat like mr. swalwell. we were talking to florida congressman matt gaetz about an hour ago. he had this observation about hypocrisy. >> if i was dating a waitress at a chinese restaurant, they would be burning a hole through my front door with the mainstream media's you know, lights and cameras. and it really shows, i think, a desire to go after republicans at every cost and protect democrats and sadly often you get the same double standard from the media reflected in the activities of the fbi and the department of justice. when democrats are targeted by foreign intelligence, they get a defensive briefing. when republicans are targeted. they get impeachments, investigations, yeah, exactly and threats of jail time.
4:13 am
so it really is a double standard. >> it is a double standard because when you think about it, mr. swalwell was the target of a chinese influence campaign. think about that. and where does he sit? he sits on the intel committee. ainsley: kevin mccarthy said why is he still on the intel committee? why have they denied certain bills that would hold china accountable? he said why did the democrats pull out of the bipartisan china task force? brian: why do we let chinese students come to college here? ainsley: why wouldn't the intel committee know if there was a chinese spy working with someone on that committee? ainsley: w ains. steve: we don't know what they know. ainsley: republicans said they had didn't know about it. brian: he said flat out. democratic leadership knew about the defensive briefing and these alleged ties or how we might have been infiltrated and he still got the slot. it's the republican leadership that didn't. ainsley: nancy pelosi spokesperson said we can't comment or confirm or deny and such briefings we are not able to really talk about it.
4:14 am
steve: because she and the leadership on the democratic side put him in place. but, according to that story, they knew his background. ainsley: all right. we'll continue to follow that this is something that i know that you are going to care about. because we have ken paxton down in texas. is he suing these four states. he said the voting process was unconstitutional. you can't change the rules in the middle of the game. you can't change the rules a few weeks before the election. you have to go through the legislature to do it. they have to change it according to article three and article -- he cites article 2 and article iii of the constitution. article iii is the supreme court has to decide if these four states violated the constitution and article 2 says it it's violated if the legislature doesn't decide. in pennsylvania, in georgia, in michigan michigan and wink the legislators did not make decisions when rules were changed. steve: he said they screwed up their election. ainsley: 17 other states have filed a brief with the supreme court.
4:15 am
missouri, arkansas, kansas, louisiana, there are 62 electoral votes and that could swing the race if the supreme court decides to take this up. brian: the president tweeted out at least 17 states have joined texas in an extraordinary case against the greatest election fraud in the history of the united states. thank you. a lot of republicans not only did they like the president, they also know he got 74 million votes. they also know it was more than any sitting president running for election in the hits industry of the country. the president just looks at this and says there is something wrong here. and if you look at the individual states and they might have said that they are family or not it's not the way things are done especially when it comes to mail-in ballots. an hour ago, attorney general steve marshall of alabama and louisiana attorney general jeff landry joined us why they needed to join texas in an everett to get this case heard by the supreme court. >> when you look at the constitution, you recognize recognize states under which
4:16 am
non-legislative actors like governors or secretaries of state or state courts basically modified election law in the midst of the game like changing the rules of the football game in the middle of the game. >> court understands the significant importance about this not only being filed by texas but to electors across the country. all we have asked is for only legal ballots to be counted. texas is presented a very compelling argument about why the constitution compels the court to take this case moving forward. we are there to support the fact that this needs to be considered. brian: i was just say saying that big tech, youtube is the latest to decide that any conversation or postings about election fraud is not going to be posted on youtube. i guess i have no shot, guys of having that segment which i was lucky enough to interview those two attorney generals of going on youtube. i'm very disappointed. in all seriousness, it's unbelievable the way these big tech companies are flat out taking the incoming and being
4:17 am
biased because they just want the outcome. the outcome is joe biden is president. brian: more of an example. ains we need to be able to trust the election. gallup poll 89% of republicans have serious doubt about the elections process. if laws are violated in one state every voter across the country feels the consequence. steve: see what they decide to do because the meter is running. meanwhile 7:17 in new york city. carley shimkus is on the mezzanine level with the news today. hey there. carley: good morning. we are going to start your headlines with. this overnight the minneapolis city council approved an 8-million-dollar cut to the police budget. now, it does not include staffing cuts. keeping the same number of officers on the force. instead the money will be shifted to several programs, including violence prevention as crime rates sore in the city
4:18 am
mayor jacob fry threatened to if it included job cuts. a council member says the approved budget representation a compromise. today a new jersey synagogue plans to hold a memorial marking one year since a jewish market massacre. jersey city police department joseph fields the jc kosher market owner a worker and customer were killed. two gunmen were found dead after a shootout with police. sings the shooting, the rabbi of the synagogue has dedicated her life to fighting anti-semitism. rudy giuliani is back home after being released from the hospital for coronavirus. the president's personal attorney former new york city mayor spending three nights at a hospital in washington. giuliani revealing he was given the same treatment as the president and feels 10 years younger. he should be free to leave quarantine next week. and would you look at this? maria carrie's all i want for chris is back as the country's nuclear one song underneath the
4:19 am
christmas tree. carley: iconic song topping the charts with 22 million streams according to rolling stone. brenda lee's rocking around the christmas tree is the second song the second most popular song with 18 million streams. merry christmas, guys. steve: all i want for christmas is pfizer vaccine for everybody who needs one. brian: right. steve: all i want for christmas is better framing. okay, let's see if they adjust my shot a little bit. brian: there you go. i think the whole country should travel around with cotton balls just in case someone has that -- one has that. >> >> walgreen's and cvs already have cotton balls. get your own this is just for you. not the whole country. ainsley: get the jumbo ones, the worst are those tiny little ones for makeup removal.
4:20 am
brian: i heard. let me read this out loud. from pelosi's trip to a closed hair is a son so congress seawall well's adding ties to china. democrats are quick to cry set up. charles kirk is here to explain, i hope. ♪
4:21 am
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see yourself. welcome back to the mirror. and know you're not alone because this. come on jessie one more. is the reflection of an unstoppable community in the mirror. the usual gifts are just not going to cut it. we have to find something else. good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [ laughter ] that's it... i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [ laughing ] that works.
4:24 am
>> i was shocked. the people who did share classified information were the people who leaked this story and to do that against the -- president. they may think they are going to silence me. they are not going to silence me. brian: i'm sure a lot of democrats want you to be silenced. democratic congressman eric swalwell denying any wrongdoing over his ties to an alleged
4:25 am
chinese spy. even accusing republicans and the president of setting him up. steve: yep, pay back. not the first time a democrat has used this excuse when caught in a controversy. here to break it all down is charlie hurt, fox news contributor. charlie, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so, you know, that does -- before we get started, you know, is he talking about pay back. nancy pelosi got caught in september going through that salon, no mask. the whole world was wearing a masks except her. but then again she was set up by that salon owner. watch this. you. >> when they said what we are able to accommodate people one person at a time and that we can set up that time, i trusted that as it turns out, it was a set up. steve: it was a set-up. and matt gaetz is the target target of this because he was a critic of the president. >> it's important to remember
4:26 am
that eric swalwell is actually a hero. is he -- he is bearing the slings and arrows of his enemies in order to bring justice the i have real way to listen to democrats in washington and to watch them is whatever it is that they are saying, whatever it is they are accusing their enemies of doing they themselves are doing. and eric swalwell is the perfect example of that. a guy on the intel committee has specht the past four years level ridiculous outrageous zaneous conspiracy theories about the president and russia all the while canoodling chinese spy bundling campaign cash for him. it's absolutely astonishing. as kind of ridiculous and funny as it all is it's also very, very serious. all this time that swalwell was
4:27 am
canoodling with a chinese pile and getting her to raise money for him. swalwell was talking about the dangers of russia and focusing all of our attention on russia, russia, russia. weighs that an effort to keep people from talking about china which is absolutely eating our lunch today? anels ainsley everything they were accusing the put of doing or republicans of doing it seems like they were doing it and the republicans weren't even charged with it. he says he is innocent. he said he didn't know that she was reportedly a chinese spy. what's interesting about this is her dad and her brother as of yesterday were friends with her still on facebook. this all happened in 2000 156789 clearly they were very close knit. my question is what did she know? how did this affect the laws in our country? what did china know now and what does this mean for the united states of america? >> absolutely. and as of right now. honestly we don't know but those are very important questions
4:28 am
what you really realize here is when it whole thing started eric swalwell was a two bit politician in other regions of san francisco. the question is if they are targeting him. how many other people are actually important people are they targeting. ainsley: don't have background checks. >> right. swalwell gets to washington. he has been targeted and what does nancy pelosi say? she says oh, let's put him on an intel committee. we are -- whatever it is that china -- whatever designs china has on us, we are falling into every single one of their traps. and we're doing it with eyes wide open with people like nancy pelosi making decisions like this. and then, of course, eric swalwell. and then let's also not forget the fbi here. the really scary thing here is look at the difference between the way the fbi handled this with swalwell and the way the fbi handled questions they had
4:29 am
with president trump. it's truly terrifying. brian: by the way no one else is covering. this that's why everyone should watch us all the time. msnbc didn't they this was news worthy. cnn had him on the air few minutes gave ridiculous explanation. abc, nbc, and cbs forgot to cover it. director of national intelligence knowing he can't give away the story said. this eric swalwell did exactly what the chinese wanted. we need to figure that out. are there others and i can tell you without giving away too much intelligence this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the leverage that china is putting on our politicians. there is many, many more. now, think about that. his replacement. john ratcliffe had something where he wrote an editorial last week said this is a five alarm fire. so this is so much bigger than a small congressman from california who has inflated opinion of himself. this is much bigger. and we got to stop playing intramural politics and started understanding what china is
4:30 am
doing to us. final thought, charlie? >> and think about it's not just politicians, china was -- you know, their efforts to infiltrate all of american society, they are spying on a million times as many people as we now realize. brian: charlie hurt, thank you. i will miss him. coming up straight ahead, a new report finds 2020 was the most successful election year for socialists. our next guest both republican women elected this november warn the growing influence of socialism. it threatens our economy and our freedom. ♪ (vo) (sigh...)
4:31 am
4:32 am
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steve: take a look that the street barricades stockpiles of
4:35 am
weapons and booby trans. concerns are growing over armed protesters illegally occupying part of a portland, oregon neighborhood. and you know what? in addition to living there. they are threatening to kill the police. todd piro joins us live with the plea for them to get out and go home, todd. >> yeah, steve, it is quite a seen there. good morning to you. the city's police chief push for a peaceful end to all of this. the peaceful protesters putting barricades in the middle of the road standing guard around the clock and threatening to shoot police if they approach. fearing they have an arsenal as their disposal. >> this occupation can be solved peacefully. put down your weapons and allow the neighborhood to be returned to peace and ordered. >> seven people arrested for allegedly attacking officers, throwing rocks and damaging police cruisers. the encampment is around what's called the red house on mississippi. activists vowing to stick up for the family whos would elected over the summer after the house went into foreclosure. >> this is not a story about an
4:36 am
autonomous zone. this is a story of systemic oppression my father purchased it in 1955. my husband had grown up here. todd: the city's mayor gave the authority for officers to use all lawful means necessary to prevent an autonomous zone from forming. this neighborhood has seen rapid gentryification over the last 20 years. tensions now reaching a boiling point. steve: can you blame them? ainsley: thank you. far left progressives gaining ground in the 2020 election with nearly 90% of those candidates winning their races according to a new report from the heartland institute. joining me now to react is new york congresswoman elect nicole malliotakis and michigan congresswoman elect mcclain good morning to you ladies. >> good morning.
4:37 am
>> good morning. ainsley: nicole, i will start with you what's your reaction to this. >> what's happening in new york city is you have socialists that are primarying moderate democrats or in some cases pretty liberal democrats. and they are taking them out and building their coalition. and what's happening is democrats are responding by moving more and more to the left to placate that radical left fringe out of fear that they will come after them next. so it's a very dangerous, very bad new york's six additional legislators and socialist party will be heading to albany in january. coming up with a slate of candidates new york city council this is how alexandria ocasio-cortez is spreading her influence and starting right here in new york. need the democrats to join us in shutting down the socialist squad and supporting our police and making sure that they are properly funded not kowtow to them when they come with radical demands. ainsley: remember when bernie sanders came on the scene and was touting socialism and everyone was just shocked?
4:38 am
well now it's spreading like wildfire. socialist elected to the state legislators look at the map connecticut 38. new york, 23 were just elected. illinois 22. minnesota 21. california 19. all blue states. but is that shocking? >> shock talking different approach is i echo what nicole says. however, if you look at the big picture probably the biggest picture is if america was really going and really buying into the socialist program, they wouldn't have elected joe biden as their presidential candidate. they could have elected bernie sanders as their democratic presidential candidate. so i think that speaks volumes. as well as this. let's take note. another thing to add on top of what nicole said is democrats flipped three seats. three. that's it.
4:39 am
the republicans, we currently flipped 11. with two out there that were leading. so, to me, i think we have the fringe getting crazier. but i think the bulk of america, which functions with logic and reason i think more coming to the middle and are beginning to revolt against the progressive democrats. ainsley: all we heard was blue wave. you are right. that spheex volumes as well. according to the gallup poll. almost 40% have favorable opinions of socialism. that's up about 20% from just 10 years ago which is pretty scary. but, the good news is almost 60% view it negatively. ladies, thanks so much for joining us, congratulations on your races. congresswomen elect. >> thank you. ainsley: have a good day. brian: their voices will be heard. let's bring in tammy bruce fox news contributor and president of the independent women's voice. tammy, how are you? >> good morning. i'm good. thank you.
4:40 am
brian: amazing. we covered it. you covered it the hunter biden story not because it's rumors and inend dough and unnamed source us there were emails, witnesses, people next to him to ho came forward. we had soundbites. we had the paperwork. we had the laptop but no one cared. in fact, here is npr and what they said october 22nd according to the public editor. they will wanted to explain away why they didn't cover the story being investigated by the fbi for his tax doings. he said quote why haven't we seen any stories about from npr about the post biden story we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories. we don't want to waste the elevens and reared's time on stories that are just pure distraction. really? the some of the president-elect if he, in fact, he becomes president-elect, tammy, it's not important and know stheag actually implicated in it and is he lying saying he knew nothing about it.
4:41 am
set tone for the absurdity of what media was doing to was that story recall, the "new york post" lost their account i think for weeks because they did not want twitter disallowed that link. they disallowed the story about hunter biden's laptop that set an interesting tone and to note what twitter was deciding to censor gave other media forms say this is nothing. this is meaningless. yet, a media research center poll in late november found that 17% of democrats that are called for joe biden would have voted differently, maybe not necessarily for trump. but would have voted differently had they known of at least one of the 8 major stories that had been censored about hunter biden. we know that it interfered with the election its sufficiently we
4:42 am
know they are not media. we know the media as they call themselves journalists now are covering it but of course after the fact. they know or at least they believe that donald trump is not going to be able to continue this and that even, perhaps, hunter biden will get a pardon from from joe biden if he does asend to the white house. steve: i think you hit the nail on the head. because they didn't talk about the tony bobulinski thing or that laptop from the fix-it shop in delaware before the election. now that joe biden has the job, now it's okay, they can go ahead and do it. to my point by mentioning tony bobulinski, there was such an interest in his story the night he appeared for an hour with tucker carlson, i believe that was the highest rated single hour in the history of cable news. because it was a story nobody, except for fox was telling. >> that's right this, of course, is the reason why independent
4:43 am
journalism. journalism that's going to look at things across the board. you only have viewers like that when people across the board are interested democrats also, believe it or not, grassroots democrats care about corruption. they care about the country. they are being hijacked via your conversation before us by a group of individuals that do not represent the nature of what every family in this country cares about, which is the future, which is being able to live lives that best suit them without government interference. this is why all of what is going on, even including with the lockdowns and the pandemic have disturbed americans across the board, including in deep blue california. ainsley: yeah, speaking of deep blue california, we have seen the hypocrisy. you stay at home. you don't go to the restaurant. but then we see gavin newsom in the restaurant. we have seen that all over the place. all over the country where these governor or lawmakers are shutting things down, telling you need to stay at home but, yet, they are going to visit family in another state.
4:44 am
thanksgiving, that kind of thing. well, it's happened again. california lawmakers went to a restaurant together and they ate outside, despite the stay at home orders, hypocrisy. they are not all democrats. i think one or two of them were independents. what do you think? >> >> look. this is about all the spirit. they always say well, we are not violating the law. this is the spirit of the law. and lawmakers ordering effectively their citizens to stay at home. you are the problem. what you are doing is causing the death of people. but this is what becomes problematic how can you take orders seriously those telling you about life and death are not taking it seriously. apparently the sacramento bee with talking these individuals. somebody went up to one them at this dinner and this person actually said can't we even just have dinner? well, you know, welcome to the lament of every american.
4:45 am
steve: why can't we? >> we want to live our lives. and we're going to -- you know, we are looking at this and americans, look, we care about ourselves and our future. my goodness, if they are doing it on something like this. if they are lying to us, we don't know if they are making it up even one big lock down propony negligent in california. has gone on the record for the new lock down, wait a minute, i don't know if we know what we are doing. well, most of us really believe now that perhaps politicians don't know what they are doing. brian: there is no science or data to back up outdoor dining being a problem. admiral jerry war said it's not a problem. the cdc says it's thought a problem. states like michigan and california choosing to do it. and now they are trying again, you look at gavin newsom, if you thought the french laundry was a big deal, how about the fact that his company, evidently in a blind trust got $3 million in federal loans.
4:46 am
to prop up his small workforce while he destroys the state of california. there is a huge push to recall him. while his kids go to private school. so, the hypocrisy runs rampant. and now for democrats that are all over the city of los angeles, don't care that they are democrats. they just want to stay open. because tens of thousands are going to be closed for good soon, tammy. final thought? >> this is a radicalization, brian. you guys, this is radicalizing regular americans who may happen to be democrats. libertarians or even republicans just by registration. americans get radicalized very quickly when we see we are being taken advantage of and that's what americans are seeing now. steve: tammy, always a pleasure, thank you very much. >> good morning, thank you. steve: good morning to you. now let's say good morning to janice dean, the weather machine. you know what? two weeks before christmas eve and it's cold out there. janice: did you see the snow in new york yesterday?
4:47 am
ainsley: yes, yes. very pretty, very exciting. more of that to come i'm sure in the weeks ahead. but, let's take a look at those temperatures, warm up a little bit relatively speaking along the east coast. so we have seen temperatures below freezing. now we are going to get into the 40's, even the 50's. now the cold air going to move across the northwest and that's going to accompany our next system as it moves across the plains this weekend. i also want to point out we are getting much needed moisture into the southwest. heavy rain and mountain snow over a foot of snow in the southern rockies over the next day or so. so we will watch this system move in. it's going to grab some moisture from the gulf of mexico. and this is going to be our next weather maker as we get in towards the weekend. the plain states we could actually see a little bit of severe weather with this as well. just keep that in mind. look at the snow across the rockies and it's going to be unsettled again for the northwest. we have several systems moving into that region. looking at the potential for a little bit of rain for the plain states. no measurable snow for the
4:48 am
northeast just yet. there is your forecast today as we go through the next 12 hours. so we'll watch that system across the southwest. otherwise, the plain states, the midwest, 55 in chicago today. 45 in minneapolis. enjoy the warmth. it's going to change over the next 24 to 48 hours. so, enjoy the snowflakes yesterday. no measurable snow in the forecast for new york city for the next week or. so keep you up to date as we get closer to christmas. steve, ainsley and brian back to you. ainsley: thank you so much. a disturbing new report claiming a critical theory roots in marxism. larry elder up next with what the left gets wrong about american history. ♪er rals to penetrate deep into the enamel layer and it repairs it. it is pretty phenomenal.
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4:52 am
carley: good morning. michigan lawmaker stripped of her committees with posting this warning to republicans on social media. >> this is just a warning to you trumpers. be careful, walk lightly and those of you who are social, you know how to do it. make them pay. carley: the state house speaker
4:53 am
calling it quote unacceptable and unamerican. brian? brian: ened i agree with classrooms to bedrooms. classroom board rooms threat warnings become the norm. the theory has roots in marxism claiming quote this critical race theory is the child of critical theory. origins of critical theory can be traced to 1937 the manifesto of the institute for social research in frankfurt, germany, one of the first examples of what has called to be called western marxist school of thought. lit's bring in larry elder. larry, critical race theory. seems admiral. let's be equal and understanding of people's racial background. that's not this, right? >> no, it's not. i looked upped co-founder of critical race theory. here is how she defines an approach to grappling with a history of white supremacy that rejects the belief that's what is in the past is in the past. in other words, america was
4:54 am
built upon white supremacy and got wealthy because of white supremacy and remains a white supremacist nation. here is a problem black harvard sociologist every socialist i know is liberal. he is no different. he voted for obama twice. in the 90's america is now the least racist majority white society in the world provides more protections and better opportunities for blacks than any other country in the bolder including all of those of africa. if critical race theory is valid, one would say that racism should remain as poo tent a factor as it was back then. it is not. how in the world does barack eld with a higher percentage of the white vote than john kerry did four years earlier? critical race theory would have a real problem with this. in 2007, brian, gallup asked the candidates running for president, barack obama, hillary clinton, mitt romney, john mccain they asked the following questions: under what circumstances would you never vote for a black person? 5% of people in 2007 said they
4:55 am
would never vote for a black person. 12 percent said they would -- 11% rather said they would never vote for a female. meaning hillary. 24 percent said they would never vote for a mormon mitt romney. 42 percent said they would never vote for a man who would be 72 years old when he became president. at one time we thought 72 was old. my point is that obama had a disadvantage than these three white people. critical race theory would not tell that you at all. in 1997 "time" magazine and cnn did this massive survey of white and black teens and asked them both whether racism was a major problem in america. not too surprisingly, brian, both said yes. they asked black teens is racism a big problem, a small problem or a minor problem in your own daily life? 89% of black teens in 1997 said that racism was a small problem or no problem in my own daily life that's before obama let alone obama's re-election. it's absurd. brian: it's not just a theory
4:56 am
it's in the cruk limb of 4500 school. inspect the curriculum 1619 not 1776. this is not about racial justifiable. this is about ripping apart america. and when you see the statues come down whether you see a group of looters take out america and lori loughlin's daughter blaming whited privilege for her mom's actions, it is infiltrated our society and so glad you came on today to define it. it's not racial understanding. it's america being torn apart. larry elder thanks so much. >> my pleasure. brian: coming up next in the final hour leader mccarthy loaded forebear and sarah sanders on the message from the white house now. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:00 am
>> outrage over a top democrats relationship with a suspected chinese spy. >> if this were any of the president's children you would need to add and hour to 24 /7 cable news to cover the highest soapbox journalism that we would see. steve: the trump campaign and 17 states are backing a lawsuit challenging the general election results from november. >> the question is whether or not non-legislator actors can change the rules of the game. >> all we've asked is for all of the legal ballots to be counted. ainsley: with the federal investigation into hunter biden 's tax affairs. >> there are open questions about whether they were related to hunter's deals in china. brian: youtube is cents or ing all results of the videos.
5:01 am
>> free speech is no longer a principle that is the masters of menlow park or the people that control our tech companies care about. >> today the fda will discuss emergency approval of pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. >> if all goes well we can make our first shipment of the vaccine this month. brian: griff jenkins joins us live with a federal investigation into get this , hunter biden's tax affairs. so soon, griff? ainsley: investigation number one, we have several to cover today. brian: thanks, ainsley. griff: that's right, brian, ainsley, steve good morning to you. the president-elect's son's finances and overseas business dealings in places like china, have been under investigation since 2018 by the justice department. the u.s. attorney in delaware digging into his "tax affairs." hunter confirming it himself in a statement yesterday saying this , "i take this matter very seriously but i am confident that a professional and objective review of these matter s will demonstrate that i
5:02 am
handled my affairs legally and appropriately including with the benefit of professional tax advisors" his faster's transition team also responding saying,"president-elect biden is deeply proud of his son who has fought through difficult challenges including personal attacks of recent months only to emerge stronger. now the u.s. attorney in delaware is a guy named david we iss, a trump-appointee and he refused to comment because this is ongoing but sources tell fox news this investigation was predicat ed two years ago in part by transactions in china and other foreign nations and it includes looking at that laptop connected to hunter biden, of course, president trump and republicans have questioned potential conflicts of interest between then-vice president joe biden and his son who sat on the board of the ukrainian energy company bar isma, but fox news learned that is not a target at the time of this investigation however senate homeland security committee chairman ron johnson says he'd like to know more,
5:03 am
watch. >> there have been reports of the biden's cashing in on the biden name for many many years, dating back to joe biden 's senator but hunter said he didn't get a cent. no he got millions of dollars. griff: senator johnson says he's no fan of special counsel and does not see the need for one at this point, one interesting thing is as we approach inauguration day, will president-elect biden, should he assume the presidency, fire all of the u.s. attorneys and appoint new ones as traditional is the case, when a new president takes over or will he leave this trump appointee weiss to conduct this investigation he's pledged previously he will have an independent justice department, only time will tell. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: that's exactly right. griff just down the street from the white house thank you very much. so they're looking into the u.s. attorney for delaware is looking into whether or not
5:04 am
hunter committed possible tax fraud. they're looking whether he violated tax and money laundering laws. apparently, this investigation got started back in 2018. now, in 2019, the fbi was given that laptop from the guy at the fix-it shop in delaware that apparently shows his business dealings with russia, and it sounds like it was the china and ukraine. those business dealings are what set off the red flags, and then in 2020, we heard from tony bobulinski just before the election and he was talking about how hunter biden's father, joe biden, the guy pictured right there, was involved in his business dealings, which is crazy. that was in the run-up to the election. you know, when it comes to the channels, only fox told you about the hunter biden and the tony bobulinski stuff. the others played it down and as
5:05 am
it turns out what we know now , the u.s. attorney investigating, the fbi is looking, the irs, there was some there there and we don't know where it's going to go but until now, the media has played it down, especially before the election. why would that be? watch. >> he talks about hunter biden 's hard drive. he talks about conspiracy theory >> charges so heinous i'm not even going to say them. >> talking about the biden's personal corruption a little bit about hunter biden. most of those charges unverified >> whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. >> pedaling base less conspiracy theories about joe biden and his son hunter. >> if you didn't follow it closely you probably don't quite understand what the hit is. >> grab a hold of hunter biden which i don't think anybody outside of that world understood last night. >> obviously we're not going with the new york post story right now on hunter biden. steve: okay so that's what they were talking about at cnn.
5:06 am
they didn't talk about the hunter biden story on television before the election but now that joe biden is president-elect, don't be surprised if people start talking a little bit about it, but not really going all-in. ainsley: to your point if they started this investigation and sources say they did two years ago in 2018, laptop wasn't discovered until what a year ago , 2019, december, 2019 so they were investigating for something that wasn't on the laptop for that first year. steve: a red flag. ainsley: right the red flag with the star so what we're talking about there is theres a source that told fox news this investigation was predicat ed in part by the suspicious activity report, which is sars, regarding suspicious foreign transactions, so in those sound bites the media is trying to say it's the kremlin that was shift saying the kremlin, no it looks like his taxes and no telling what else was on that laptop being investigated now, brian. brian: look the stuff on the laptop his personal behavior is abhorent, in any walk of life the stuff we saw of him smoking crack without a shirt on not
5:07 am
really a plus for the biden legacy i don't think. what about the guy that knew him brought into the biden family by the brother, by the daughter-in-law, and by hunter biden, to help run the fund that would include china, kazakhstan, moscow and you ukraine, tony bobulinski. he decides to come forward after the debate and says sit down with tucker carlson and says this is my interaction with the guy that could be the next president of the united states, who denies ever meeting him, never been asked directly about him, and claims publicly, he knows nothing about hunter biden 's investment. remember this , october 27. >> where the media has tried to hide, and i personally feel it's disgusting, is between that may 13 e-mail and the final document that was executed called o'neida holdings, llc. i'd ask the american people to read and look at is how from mat
5:08 am
that got executed did jim biden go from a 10% to 20% owner the bother of the potential future president of the united states who in documents finds himself as a political advisor to his brother so i'll leave that to the american people to answer that but i don't understand how the american journalist is allowing that gap to be even talked about and defined. brian: and by the way as much as tony bobulinski told us, so much of it is in the 87-page report by senator johnson. so full of facts, is it, that that's what really prompted tony to come forward and say this guys double dealing behind my back. they revealed in the 87 pages study not refuted, he's got deals going with the ukraine, russia, kazakhstan and chinese nationals, including people linked to the chinese government you guy that vice president biden played basketball with, president xi, they did, when he went and visited so we have links from hunter to sarah biden to james biden. they allied about not knowing anything about hunter biden and why does it matter?
5:09 am
because the big guy referenced might be the big guy the country the president of the united states and isn't it interesting it comes out now. how do you ignore the fact that hunter biden came out and admitted the investigation was taking place? he no longer could say the post has a right wing story that is unsubstantiated. steve: well they can come out with a story now because the election is over and it can't really hurt joe biden because he's president-elect, according to the papers. brian: absolutely this scandal could get so big. look at richard nixon. he won a runaway election. if this turns out he's invested in other countries and lied about links with his son and it could crush him. steve: we have heard that joe biden is not the target of this particular investigation. brian: now. steve: exactly so if it comes out whenever they wrap this up , the irs and the fbi are investigating but if he is found guilty of tax evasion, i don't know how bad that hurts joe
5:10 am
biden. it's not helpful to the family but nonetheless, it be terrible. brian: but if joe biden got $10 million and didn't declare it, it's a problem. ainsley: maybe that's what this is all about. we don't know. steve: but joe biden said before the election, he never took one penny of foreign money. that's what he said. brian: is it a problem if he does? ainsley: if he takes it from his son, does he consider that foreign money? brian: see? steve: maybe it's all connected. ainsley: the big guy. steve: there's a lot we don't know. we're just trying to show people what is known now. what we do know now is that apparently, back in 2015 a suspected chinese spy, that woman right there, christine fan g, targeted up and coming political leaders at the local level including eric wall well back in the day and in
5:11 am
2014 she actually helped him bundle money and there's no evidence of any illegal contributions and it shows she did not make any illegal donations to him, herself, because it's prohibited, because she's a foreign national. but nonetheless, he was given a defensive briefing by the fbi and said you know, she's part of a chinese influence campaign. right? and that's when he cutoff the relationship. it is unclear exactly what their personal relationship, if anything, was, but nonetheless, this story also comes out after the election. it doesn't come up before his re-election and he thinks somebody was, this is payback for him and he's all over the place. listen. >> there was never a suspicion of wrongdoing on my part and all i did was cooperate but the wrongdoing here, jim, is that at the same time, this story was being leaked out is the time that i was working on impeachment on the house intelligence and judiciary committees, and if this is a country where people who
5:12 am
criticize the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that's not a country that any of us want to live in and i hope it is investigated as to who leaked this information. steve: axios has been working on this story for a year and what we know is back in 2015 when he was approached by the fbi, also, we know that according to axios she was involved in networking and romantic or sexual relationships with at least two midwestern mayors, and others, so there are other people who know the story. it's not as if what he is suggesting that the trump people are leaking this before they leave town to damage him. the story has been out there and axios has spent a year trying to confirm it. ainsley: yeah but why is he so worried about it being leaked we're the american people. shouldn't we know? we have the right to know. they should be transparent about this if they are chinese spies working for our congressman we should know about that. steve: i want to know who the
5:13 am
midwestern mayors are. ainsley: i'm sure that'll come out. well it turns out that she's really good friends with his family or maybe not really good friends but somehow they know each other because his brother, eric swalwell's brother and dad were following her on facebook and friends on facebook until yesterday, but this investigation, she was sent back to her country five years ago, so we don't know what their relationship was. steve: she's supposed to do a fundraiser and then disappears. ainsley: they barely covered the media barely covered the hunter biden story, well do you think they covered this one? look at this. so the only network that covered was cnn because they interviewed him, eric swalwell where he said this was leaked because he criticized trump during the impeached hearing. brian: so the reason why john ratcliffe came forward is china is trying to infiltrate every area of our society from trying to compromise wall street executives down the block to push the trump adminitration to stop with the tariffs or trying to believe it or not get an 18-year-old, train him to
5:14 am
be a spy and get him into an american college probably in replacing an american at an elite college and that's what this woman is doing. she's like oh, i'm a college student i'd like to learn more about america. i think i'm going to intern with this harmless lawmaker over in dublin, california, and next thing you know, they target and turns out they targeted him as an up and comer, an ambitious person and ends up being on the intelligence committee, bingo. i'm sure she's living a life of luxury back in china because it was a big hit. this is a major story. tulsi gabbard is on this story, i'm sure other democrats like steve mentioned the mayors in the midwest are on this list, what the they know china now knows. this is a five-alarm fire but for swalwell to try to blame the president, don't flatter yourself. the president doesn't know you exist. matt goetz was honduras with us earlier. >> if i was dating a waitress at a chinese restaurant, they be burning a hole through my
5:15 am
front door with the mainstream media's lights and cameras, and it really shows, i think, a desire to go after republicans at every cost and then to protect democrats and sadly, often you get the same double standard from the media reflected in the activities of the fbi and the department of justice when democrats are targeted by foreign intelligence , they get a defensive briefing. when republicans are targeted they get impeachments, investigations, yeah, exactly and threats of jail time, so it really is a double standard. ainsley: let's talk about the presidential election because ken paxon in the state of texas sued those four states because they changed the election laws before the election and he says that's unconstitutional, legislators have to do that and they did not so they have gone to the supreme court and they said we are suing these four states right there because they went, they decided to change the laws without talking to the legislature. the people are up in arms about this in fact 17 other states, 17 , have filed a brief with the supreme court. missouri, alabama, arkansas,
5:16 am
florida, indiana, kansas, louisiana just to name a few. this means, if those four states , if they drop those mail-in ballots because they say it was unconstitutional , that's 62 electoral votes. that could shift, that could change the results of this election. steve: absolutely but then again , all of the legal mail-in votes, i mean if you cast a legal mail-in vote, you be disenfranchised and it's like wait i followed all of the rules why would they do it? why would you punish me for the fact that my legislature jumped the ball and did not, you know, ken paxton is alleging each of those four states screw ed up their own elections. listen these attorney generals apparently are going to have lunch with the president today at 12:30 and he's going to give him his point of view, they've got their point of view. brian talked to a couple of them earlier on fox & friends. >> when you look at the constitution, you recognize that there were states under which none legislative actors, that
5:17 am
means like governors, secretary of states, or state courts, basically modified election law in the midst of the game. it's like changing the rules of the football game in the middle of the game. >> we hope with 17 of our colleagues coming together is that the court understands the significant importance about this not only being filed by texas but to electors across the country. all we've asked is for all the legal ballots to be counted. texas has presented a very compelling argument of the constitution compels the court to be able to take this case moving forward, and we're there to be able to support the fact that this needs to be considered. steve: okay so if that all happened in the last election what about this election first week in january down in georgia. the republican party down there has hired 4,000 poll watchers, that's more volunteers than they had in the general election. it's more than they have had in that state in the history of georgia. brian: it's not going to be easy to keep those two senate seats even though both republicans are favored. ainsley: people have to have confidence in the election
5:18 am
almost 90% of republicans have serious concerns about the process. brian: absolutely, so let me tell you, we have 43 minutes left in our show and here is what's straight ahead. coming up, the newest congresswoman-elect from texas calling out what she says is one of the biggest lies in american history and now texas is back in the supreme court to fight it. we'll explain. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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ainsley: texas back in the supreme court once again, urging justices to strike down obamacare, the state's next republican congresswoman beth van duyne calling health care law one of the biggest lies in american history. it was her daughter's pre- existing health condition that first got her into politics and she says reform is needed.
5:23 am
that the affordable healthcare act is failing america. congresswoman-elect, beth van du yne joins us now good morning. tell us your story about your daughter. >> well, you know, my daughter when she was first-born she was identified as having an eye condition. they didn't know necessarily what it was but she ended up having nine surgeries her first year and we had to fight with companies to make sure those were covered. no parent should have to do that , but what we found was, and this is a long time ago but preexisting conditions are very important that we have covered. i don't think any republican would say anything different, but the fact is that through the affordable care act, even the washington post called it, you know, the biggest lie of the year. part of the problem is everything that they promised was a complete failure. they promised they were going to have a relationship between doctors who be able to keep your doctor that didn't happen. they promised it was going to have effects on increasing
5:24 am
quality that didn't happen, the exact opposite happened. they said it was going to cause less expensive insurance and we've all seen our insurance rates skyrocket. we're getting less quality, less care, and it's costing us more money, and you think about today that was, that bill was drafted under nancy pelosi, in the middle of the night and now fast forward to today, where you've got nancy pelosi who has knowingly and proudly publicly admitted that she has not passed a covid relief funding which has caused the suffering of millions of people all for political politics. she didn't want to pass a bill under president trump and now we're in a position right now where millions of americans are needlessly suffering. people who can't put food on their table, can't pay their mortgage, have lost everything, all their small businesses because of political failure, and you know, i would say to those folks, the proud democrats who stood up and said they were going to be an independent voice that they were going to not be a
5:25 am
pelosi puppet, they need to stand up to a speaker whose caused need less suffering and because of that, because she has proudly admitted publicly that she would not provide the relief for millions of americans, nancy pelosi is unfit to be speaker of the house. ainsley: so when you go to washington what do you want to do? >> i want to work with people who actually want to get things done. i want to work with people who are caring of the american people, who don't want to see them needlessly suffer who recognize that in the days that we're in, that we have a lot of work to do, that we need to work together and that we need to stop just looking at the sound bites and getting together, working on affordable care act. and working on not affordable care but working on healthcare that will actually provide quality. ainsley: you want options right >> and lack at folks who are suffering right now and realize congress has a job to do and that we cannot stand by a speaker who would cause needless suffering of millions of americans for no reason other
5:26 am
than she doesn't want to pass a bill under president trump. ainsley: thank you so much, we wish you all the best. >> thank you so much. you have a great day. ainsley: you too. coming up where is hunter? he's under federal investigation over his business dealings and tax affairs. former white house press secretary sarah sanders is here on that story, and congressman eric swalwell denies wrongdoing over his ties to a suspected chinese spy, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is demanding answers. stick around. >> ♪ ♪ (vo) (sigh...) dear 2020, you had your time. now, it's our time. time to get away to a place where we can finally be free. free from boundaries... ...limitations. even virtual backgrounds. today, we break free.
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janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing.
5:30 am
oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable. brian: all right, hunting is taking off as the pandemic appears to be pushing more americans outdoors. steve: that's a good thing, lauren simonetti with our sister network, fox business, joins us live. she's out in the woods of new york's hudson valley. hello, there, lauren you're dressed for the occasion. lauren: i hope i don't get lost but it's beautiful in upstate new york where you're right guys hunting is so popular because it gets pep outside, gives them something to do. it's also a source of food. you wouldn't believe it but when you look at the new entrance to
5:31 am
the market one-third are women, one-third are under the age of 30. case in point, this is my friend hayley conger. she's been hutting for over a decade. she's only 23 years old and you say you've actually brought a lot of your friends into the sport recently. >> the more i talk about it the more my friends want to go out there and see what it's all about so i've been able to bring a few of my friends from college and law school out with me to just see what's out there and just have a nice day out in the woods. lauren: she's actually in law school so she will be an attorney not a hunter but you know she's pretty seasoned because i'm freezing, guys and she's wearing like a turtleneck and a vest and she's totally fine. one more thing not just here in new york where we're seeing numbers increase it's nationally if you look at the number of permits and tags and stamps that have been sold this year, already 3 million more than last year, and that demand is creating a shortage of ammunition, guys, plus supply chain issues related to covid-19
5:32 am
back to you. ainsley: gun sales are through the roof, ammunition sales are through the roof, people are hunting thanks so much lauren and many of them are hunting for food. in our house, growing up my dad and my brother hunted. we had a freezer in our garage full of venison, and mom would make spaghetti and everything they killed they brought home and we ate as a family. brian: we would often take a bike to the supermarket and get food. ainsley: [laughter] why don't we bring in sarah sanders. steve: i think she's a hunter. ainsley: are you a hunter? >> a little bit. i'm not the best shot in the world but i enjoy going. my kids have been and love it. i invite lauren to come down to arkansas. the duck hunting capitol of the world where right now is a perfect time to come and certainly, an incredible experience. there's really nothing like it. steve: it's warmer too. >> it is certainly, not by a lot because you're still going early in the morning but it's a little bit warmer than probably upstate new york this time of the morning. brian: let's talk about these
5:33 am
kind of a surprise at least to me, anyway, that we had texas, the attorney general, the day, the pennsylvania suit does not go to the supreme court, the texas attorney general paxto n brings a lawsuit that only can be heard at the supreme court, that says that four states in particular, violated election law, preventing texas from getting the outcome that they wanted and the country. they were joined by 17 other states and the president yesterday. i know you're not an attorney but tell me about the sense about this suit as we know the 14th it is going to certify the electoral college coming up. >> well i think it's important for the president and frankly, for people like attorney general paxton to make sure they exhaust every legal option and frankly at the end of the day, we need to make sure people have confidence in our election. we need to make sure all fraud is exposed and every legal vote is counted and i think it is a
5:34 am
good thing to continue to fight and majority ic sure they exhaust every legal option on the table and i think he's got good people leading this charge. steve: from hunting to hunter turns out the u.s. attorney in delaware has been looking since 2018 into hunter biden investigating him for a possible tax fraud, did he violate money laundering laws and rules as well so i'm a little puzzled, sarah, because in the run-up to the election, fox news did stories about that laptop with all of the stuff on it. nobody else really looked at it and now, it turns out, there was some there there. >> absolutely it's not surpris ing, but it's frankly very disturbing. president trump spent days and weeks and months talking about trying to get the liberal media to cover this and it's not shocking that they absolutely, not just refused to cover it but
5:35 am
frankly i think covered it up in many cases and refused to hold the fire on biden and certainly on these business dealings. look, at the end of the day, china is one of our biggest national security threats and also our greatest economic competitor. either the united states will lead in the 21st century or china will, and this is absolutely, i think, very disturbing and very alarming to see this type of relationship between hunter biden and our greatest competitor, our greatest national security threat. that is something that everyone should be paying attention to and another reason that it is so important to make sure that what took place in this election between big tech and the liberal media refusing to cover key and important issues and favor one candidate over another, absolutely can never happen again. ainsley: i know the whole story is not being told. they're not talking about it on the other networks like we are
5:36 am
here, and it's such a huge story what do you make of that? >> again, i wish i could say that it's surprising, this was something that we experienced every single day. the liberal media relentlessly attacking president trump and everyone around him, constantly creating controversies and stories when there weren't one, but they refused to hold their feet to hold the fire. ainsley: sarah sorry to interrupt you but if your dad at the time when he was governor and you did something like this , and the national news caught wind of it would it be a big story? steve: if it was suspected chinese spy was a bundler for your father. >> [laughter] i skipped school when i was a senior in high school with 700 other classmates and i was the only one that made the front page. steve: of course. >> i can assure you that if, and that's a true story i can assure you if i'd probably even eaten at a chinese restaurant there would have been a story about collusion, much less the
5:37 am
type of absolute coordination and relationship between hunter biden and the chinese. ainsley: you tried eating at a restaurant with your family we remember how that worked out. brian: sarah you would know how this works. were you working behind the scenes with axios to try to get back at eric swalwell and elite chinese spy story where he had an intern from a college infiltrate his campaign in all seriousness kind of labeled him as an up and comer and helped him perhaps with some of hiation work on the intel committee as she bundled money. i love what jonathan swan says, it's just preposterous, that the trump world be working for a year to get back at eric swalwell and interesting how the trump world works do we really think they put opposition research and then will patiently wait a year for an election to be over, about a well-respected chinese correspondent to report it and the nuanced fashion, so there's no way that the president is behind the eric
5:38 am
swalwell story, is he? >> not at all. he was too busy, actually, getting things done than to focus on eric swalwell but i do commend kevin mccarthy for calling this out, questioning whether or not he should be on that committee. it certainly doesn't seem like it, seems like there are a lot of questions that he needs to answer and i hope that he certainly will but that's definitely not an action of the trump adminitration. steve: what a great segway right there. you mentioned kevin mccarthy, we've got him standing by. sarah thank you very much. ainsley: thanks sarah. you bet, thank you. brian: let's bring in minority leader kevin mccarthy, we're going to talk about this exactly so i guess to minority leader maybe for now, we'll see what happens, you're within a whisker of becoming speaker, kevin mccarthy, but having said that, look at the situation we find ourselves in, and that is eric swalwell is on the intel committee and he says leadership , democratic leadership knew that he was briefed in a background brief by the fbi about china infiltrating
5:39 am
his staff and yet, he still is on the intel committee. is that responsible? did you know about that? >> i did not know about that, but this goes much deeper than this and your viewers need to understand this. the intel committee is different than any other committee. it is the most difficult committee to get on. it's only selected by the leader s of both parties. he got on as a sophomore. how could he do that? they were in the minority at the time, not very many seats. he got on as a sophomore and new , he says, that nancy pelosi and adam schiff knew of it. this is a national security threat. the intel committee does not meet in normal chambers. they meet in what is to protect people from listening in on what they're talking about. they are getting secrets that other members of congress never are able to see and now we have eric swalwell whose been swindl ed by the chinese but what's even more interesting
5:40 am
here is why did he attack the american director of intelligence john ratcliffe's report, talking about the expansion of china spying throughout? he attacked just last week, he attacked the director, john ratcliffe, defending china. this man should not be in the intel committee. he's jeopardizing national security. what is being said in those meetings that we don't want other people to hear or listen? you can't not, you can not take in your watch. you can not take in your phone, but here, we have an individual, who nancy pelosi, this is the real question. when did nancy pelosi know of this and why did she maintain him on the committee? adam schiff, whose spent four years as chair, worried about the foreign intervention into our country, knowingly keep an individual on the committee, if he knew as swalwell says that
5:41 am
he was with a chinese individual who was a spy, who helped him run for congress. then the other question is, did anybody influence getting a sophomore member on to the intel committee? this just raises more questions. it puts the national security of this country, and then i have another question for them. why did the democrats pull out of the bipartisan china task force that would look at this problem and others and the other committee that he sits on was space and technology critical sciences that deals with our satellites and deals with going into space and others why is he so interested on that committee. these questions continue to raise about this individual. steve: yeah, they are great questions and it be great if speaker pelosi and adam schiff would answer that, but you know, by virtue of the fact that he's sitting on that influential intel committee, you know for the last couple of years when he's been saying oh, donald trump colluded with the russians
5:42 am
given the fact that he's privy to secret stuff, it gives him a little gravity when he says that i'm telling you, he's involved with the russians. fast forward to now and of course donald trump was cleared of any collusion with the russians obviously, fast forward to now, clearly, leader mccarthy, mr. swalwell was the target of a chinese influence campaign, and there he sits, and that's why all those questions you asked are so germaine. >> what's interesting he wasn't just a target, it seems very successful. from what i read in the paper it was the fbi who went to swalwell to warn him about what he was doing, because they uncovered following this individual. i'm going to ask the fbi director to brief me, as the leader and a member of the kong of eight, i did not know of this. swalwell sitting on the intel committee is jeopardizing what the things that he is hearing from other members within that committee.
5:43 am
brian: so let's just put a finer point on what you're saying. you leave me might be compromis ed by china working on their behalf not our behalf. you think that's a legitimate possibility? >> the question i have, if it's what i read is correct, that the fbi went to him and then the democrat leadership maintained him on this committee , that is wrong to start out with. when did they know it and why, what action did they take, from adam schiff to nancy pelosi, because only one person decides whether you're on that committee as a democrat and as a republican. now, the jeopardizing of everybody else in that committee , what did he know? now the new question is why is he criticizing the american director of intelligence when he gives a report about china? that raises a whole other question. why did the democrats pull out of the bipartisan china task force that we were looking at the concerns about what china's been doing from stealing our technology, from those coming over into our schools and others why did they pull out of that in the last minute? the washington post had a story, well it was an equal number of
5:44 am
republican and democrats on this task force. it took me eight months to get the democrat leadership to approve it and they named the individuals, we were walking into name this new task force and they pulled out of it. why? these are questions that now, are more important than they were before that i wondered about. ainsley: well my question too is if you stood on this committee, the intel committee, and you have access to our deepest secrets or information that we is so sensitive we can't afford for it to get into the hands of other countries, why isn't everyone vetted? why aren't background checks, i read one article and you can correct me if i'm wrong, that said that we didn't have a background check on this girl or anyone that goes and works as an intern or fundraiser or someone for one of our congressman or women. >> good question. i mean the thing that you have to be concerned about, this committee hears all these different things, but they also discuss them, and discuss strategy. ainsley: do they discuss it in front of the people that work
5:45 am
around them or is it just them in the room? >> well it's limited who can be in certain meetings. i've been in meetings where other staff has to leave because they will be walled off by certain departments. we try to protect as much as we can. brian: gotcha. >> but here we have eric swalwell sitting in this meeting , where you have nancy pelosi and adam schiff knowingly, by what eric swalwell says, that he was associated with the chinese spy, when he was warned about it, the chinese spy left the country. brian: wow tulsi gabbard. >> and are still facebook friends. brian: let's talk about this. there was a picture that popped up on the internet so i don't know if it's true, it's kevin mccarthy walking through the house chamber and you are alone. can we take a look at this picture and tell us what the message is and the caption below it, above it, excuse me. >> well to be fair, i saw this picture of steny hoyer sitting with all these democrats in the statuary hall that have lost and they are holding an award i don't know if it's a
5:46 am
participation award or what it is and the caption was steny hoyer with the democrats who lost, so i thought i would take a picture in the same room, with all the republicans who lost, which was zero. brian: and there you go. i've got to ask you about this two additional seats one in new york one in iowa. the word is in iowa and in new york, nancy pelosi is going to step in and actually pick the democrat not let the people decide as they have a recanvass ing in new york's district and in iowa it looks like the republican won. is she allowed to do that? >> well article i, the house gets to determine who got elected and the democrats stole the race like this in 1984 we will not allow this to happen , because when you look in iowa the congresswoman-elect, marion meeks, she won this race and has a picture up if you look at my twitter feed has it as well. getting the certificate from the secretary of state. she is the individual who needs to be seated, and she won by six votes and there has already been a recount. the democrat does not go to the
5:47 am
court, the appropriate place to go. now wants to go to the democrats and the house to say overturn something because and go against what the people said. new york, they are still counting doing a recount. what's interesting here is claudia tenney was ahead and ended up being ahead by 12 votes and new york says oh, we just found 12 more ballots in a drawer. they just said that the other day. new york is the most inept when it comes to elections i have ever seen. brian: because we have our governor right? mr. emmy award winner, did a great job reforming our election system. steve: kevin mccarthy thank you very much good luck getting some answers to your questions about mr. swalwell today. >> thank you. steve: all right meanwhile moving on, lines at food banks are longer than ever. look at that right there, as millions struggle with hunger for the very first time in their lives in many cases, how feeding america is helping families get back on their feet. but first, let's check in with sandra. preview of coming attractions here in 12 minutes. >> sandra: steve, brian, ainsley good morning to all of you keeping our eye on a covid
5:48 am
vaccine hearing happening today the fda's head dr. hahn calling this a very important part of the approval process if all goes well hhs secretary alex a czar says the vaccine could be approved within days of the hear ing and plus hunter biden is revealing he's under investigation for possible tax fraud what we are now learning this morning and republicans demanding answers on a suspected chinese spy's connections to american politicians, and what it means for our national security, busy morning here in america's news room we'll see you, live, from studio j top of the hour. ♪ here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks
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steve: it is a sad state of affairs but lines at food banks are longer than ever as millions of americans struggle with hunger for the very first time in many cases in their lives. according to feeding america, the number of people who are worried about where their next meal is going to come from could reach more than 50 million within the next couple of weeks. that's about 15 million more people than last year. the organization has seen a 60% increase in food bank participation since the pandemic started, and joining us right now is the vice president and co
5:53 am
o of feeding america, katie fitzgerald. thanks for joining us from down there in norman, oklahoma. hi, steve thank you for having me. steve: it's a terrible reminder that the pandemic has impacted millions of people who never in a million years thought, you know, i'm going to be out of work some day. they are, and they've got nothing to eat. >> yeah, you know, it's sad, steve. i wish i could say that we think the situation is getting better but it's really getting worse. as you said the feeding america network of food banks are consist consistently reporting on average people seeking assistance and four in 10 of those people that show up at lines that you just talked about have never had to seek this kind of assistance before and it's a really scary experience for people who want to be working and providing for their families and really struggling right now. steve: and you describe it as
5:54 am
scary, but there also is a pride thing, and that is, you know, you want to be self- reliant. you don't want to go stand in the line because you feel that there is embarrassment with that , but these are extraordinary times. don't be embarrassed and maybe that's why these food lines with a car lines miles long because in your car, you're less visible >> yeah, you know, what is something we say to folks all over this country who are dealing with the circumstance, many for the first time, is don't be embarrassed and don't be ashamed. food insecurity happens to folks most of the time, obviously, for circumstances beyond their control, they lose their job, there's a health crisis, and as americans, we are witnessing this in mass and that's what we're here for the feeding america network food banks are here for our neighbors at their time of need. when people need to pay their
5:55 am
rent, pay their mortgage, and you know, be able to get help with food, when everything else is so very tight. steve: sure, and so you are normalizing it, you know, this is just one less thing that families have got to worry about we've got over 1 million people watching right now. how can we help you? >> well, helping is something every american can do. they can go to feedingamerica.or g and donate to help their local food bank which they can find there and volunteer, 60% of our food banks are in need of volunteers and they've done an incredible job to put together very safe protocols for those who are comfortable doing so, although we understand quite well that many people are not and that's okay, and really, to make sure that we do all we can to bring the public sector and private sector together to solve for this. it does require a combined approach between what we do in the private sector as well as what we can do with critically-important federal
5:56 am
nutrition programs. steve: all right so are you looking for cash or are you looking for canned goods real quick? >> really cash helps most. you and i can go to the store and for our dollar, we can buy a few cans of green beans while a food bank can get a lot more for that dollar so it does help if folks are able to give a donation. steve: fantastic more information go to feedingamerica .org, katie fitzgerald you're doing good work, thank you, katie. thank you, steve. steve: we'll step to the side back in about two minutes. it's been a tough year. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it. workflow it...? with the now platform, we can catch problems
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>> well, sad news. we're about out of show. according to reports everyone has to go run to the radio to watch it on fox nation. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. all eyes on an fda hearing underway moments from now. it is the public portion of the vaccine approval process. if given the green light, the first doses of the vaccine could ship as soon as tomorrow. we'll have much more on that throughout the hour. another fox news alert. democrats doing damage control as hunter biden reveals he is under investigation for possible tax fraud. meanwhile congressmaner i can swalwell distancing himself from a chinese spy who targeted california politicians. both stories making the cover of today's "new york


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