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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 10, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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for vaccine approval. we'll be watching all of that. big three hours, trace, great to be with you. >> you as well. >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump this hour is set to meet with a dozen state attorney general's. the white house says they will be discussing issues important to the nation and that the lunch meeting was set weeks ago. however, several ag's attending have joined a texas lawsuit which challenges the election results in four key battleground states. those states are now facing a 3:00 p.m. eastern deadline today to respond. we will have much more on all of that in just a few minutes, all of this developing this hour. and this is developing as well, growing questions now about joe biden's son hunter who is
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now facing a federal tax investigation. sources are telling fox news the doj investigation focuses on hunter biden's foreign business dealings with countries such as china and links to "potential financial criminal activity." john roberts live outside of the white house with more. >> good afternoon to you, the way you are talking in terms of the attorneys general, ten of the 12 will be here at the white house are involved in that suit at the supreme court. it's possible we may hear from them, we will see. now the hunter biden information, hunter biden was told about this investigation with the doj that has been going on since 2018 on tuesday and a statement to the campaign, hunter biden saying "i learned yesterday for the first time that the u.s. attorney's office in delaware advise my legal counsel yesterday that they are investigating my tax affairs." sources told fox news that the investigation involves tax
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issues surrounding biden's overseas business dealings, extensively through documents and emails provided by the former biden associate, he insisted back and this was on the day the debate was happening at baylor in nashville that despite denials joe biden was aware of what his son was doing. listen here. >> biden said he's never discussed business with hunter, that is false. i have firsthand knowledge about this because i directly dealt with the biden family including joe biden. >> sources tell fox news that will hunter biden is the target of a grand jury investigation, joe biden is not. sources also tell fox news that the investigation was triggered by suspicious activity reports regarding some of hunter biden's overseas financial transactions. the deferment of justice cap this investigation covert during the election.
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sources tell fox news that the doj is very cautious about making public investigations that could affect the outcome of an election. a notable exception is when james comey came out and talked about hillary clinton's email investigation. biden predicts the investigation will exonerate him. "i am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handled my affairs legally and appropriately with the benefit of professional tax advisors. the cases being investigated by the u.s. attorney in wilmington, delaware. a question at this hour and likely in the days and maybe weeks going forward, will joe biden after he is sworn in as president keep the u.s. attorney on or will he has has been the tradition when an administration changes remove that u.s. attorney from his job? >> harris: we will cover it all as it happens and there is a lot to cover. john roberts, thank you very
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much bill you are watching "outnumbered," and harris faulkner. here today, dagen mcdowell, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich, executive director of serve america pack on fox news contributor marie harf. joining us today in the center virtual seat, country music star john rich. host of "the pursuit with john rich" on fox nation. great to have you, so good to see you. >> so good to be here. >> harris: let's begin with this, president-elect joe biden addressing his family's business dealings just last week, saying this in an interview. >> my son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with our appears to be in conflict with an appropriate distance from the present presidency and government. >> harris: all right, let's come out and talk about this. john, i'm eager to get your thoughts on what is unfolding with the president-elect and his
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son hunter biden. >> seems to be a trend developing here, harris. with foreign influence on some of our most powerful people in this country. i know we are going to talk about some of that later as well but i think the biggest thing to this, to me is just a regular american citizen is at the level of hypocrisy on this if you take hunter biden out and let's plug in don jr. into the exact same story line, what in the world with the press look like and have looked like for the past six months or a year. it's concerning that this investigation has been going on for that long and none of us were aware of that and of course they wait until the election is over to let us know. all that does is breed more distrust with the american people, me included. very suspect. >> harris: marie, your response?
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>> marie: we do know that this investigation has been going on for some time and that it hasn't progressed beyond the point where it is today and i think all of us are just going to follow where the facts lead. hunter biden came out yesterday before it had been reported in the press, made a statement on it and i think that the president-elect biden is not rumored to be or accused of being every part of this investigation, he is totally separate from it. i will be interested to see what the fbi finds, on his son. he is a private citizen, doesn't have a government role and i look forward to all of the conservatives who have pushed back on investigations of ivanka trump's taxes. we support the hunter biden investigation, as i think conservatives are, they should also support these other investigations. if anything the trump children actually have government jobs,
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hunter biden does not. so follow the facts but i think it is incumbent upon us not to get out in front of those facts before we see where the investigation leads. >> harris: well, always important to not jump the sharp on the fact that one of the facts that we know is access to a very powerful person for eight years was hunter biden's father. what he did not hold office he had access to one of the highest in the land. katie? >> katie: and he used air force two and traveled to china with his father when he was vice president, came back with millions and millions of dollars in business be dealings with ties to the chinese communist party so this isn't just a question of hunter biden, this is a question of corruption and using positions and family names to gain very lucrative, powerful dealings without registering yourself as a foreign agent. there have been consequences or people associated with the trump
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campaign not registering as foreign agents, i'm curious as to why there haven't been some consequences for hunter biden. on the other side of this, if anybody was following the last story we saw in october, what they banned "the new york post" over, to share that story even though later on, it was the true, it's become clearer than ever than the media was burying hunter biden's stories, which we knew about for years, the obama white house knew about his conflict of interest with these foreign dealings back when president obama was still in office, and yet right before an election the media decides to bury it in social media and i think the american people deserve a lot more than that. >> harris: you are talking about the media, our own tucker carlson last night went after the media for its failure or refusal to cover that underwriting controversy ahead of the election, here's what happened last night.
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>> how do we know for sure that hunter biden is under federal investigation? where did the news come from? it came directly from the biden transition team. keep in mind in the weeks before the election you are not allowed to go on twitter or facebook and discuss those suspicious foreign transactions. most media outlets deemed it unworthy of mentioning it all. now it turns out all of them were lying. again, if you are looking for election rigging, look no further. that's what this is. they kept information from the public in order to influence the outcome of the election. >> harris: dagen? >> dagen: it's astonishing, what katie said. there was active censorship by big tech, by twitter to basically wipe this story away about hunter biden's laptop, china, you name it. active censorship, it's astonishing and breathtaking.
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i want to mention quickly, we don't know the details of this case to what marie was talking about. the federal government and i heard this from someone who worked in the justice department, the federal government would never tell hunter biden the full scope of the investigation, ever. and in fact in a subpoena they won't even fill in all the statutes that are involved in the investigation. number one this does go to a biotin administration and a biden justice department so by this investigation now being over with subpoenas involved in the lake and interviews with witnesses potentially, number one, it will force the appointment of a special counsel to potentially, either hunter biden gets charged, special counsel gets appointed to ensure that this investigation is not interfered with, not corrupted
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by a biden white house and not stopped to avoid a miscarriage of justice. it also now allows, now it's out in the open, in a bigger way if you will, it allows the republicans on the senate to question the nominee for the attorney general under a biden administration about this investigation, about hunter biden and they are going to be looking for fairness, certainly, but that would be a big point of discussion in any confirmation hearing. i think we are expecting to get the nominee for attorney general next week from joe biden. >> harris: you know it so important about what you are saying, this has to do with the beginning of a joe biden presidency would look like and you saw him come out yesterday and say that from his perspective he would not push for anybody's prosecution or exoneration, he would step back and let the people in charge do the job but that's going to be sticky if he is putting forth
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the nominee for the ag for the united states. a lot more to get to and let's go. new fallout from the bombshell report about democratic congressman eric swalwell's ties to a chinese five. >> the incredibly sensitive nature we get on the intelligence you would know this is a big deal. >> harris: the growing calls for congressman swalwell to vacate a sensitive committee post. that's ahead. plus, president trump calls it "the big one." the texas lawsuit asking the u.s. supreme court to invalidate joe biden's victory. the details as a president is set to host a dozen state attorney general's inside the white house. stay close. >> we will not bend, we will not break, we will not yield. we will never get event, we will never give up and we will never back down. we will never, ever surrender. ♪
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>> harris: of fox news alert, president trump is set to meet at the white house today with a dozen state attorney general's. actually, it is this hour and he joined 18 states who are backing that texas-led a lawsuit which seeks to toss out the results in the four battleground states charging that they acted unlawfully by changing their election laws. the lawsuit is asking the u.s. supreme court to scrap joe biden's win in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin and to delay the appointment of presidential electors in the states so allegations of fraud can be fully investigated.
9:18 am
those states have until 3:00 p.m. today to respond to the lawsuit. all of this as a president as talked about the growing support for the lawsuit, telling a party at the white house that he won the election. >> we have tremendous cases right now, a big, big case. 18 states. they joined out of respect and out of love and respect. i want to thank texas for starting it. the papers were so compelling that everybody is just joining. >> harris: john, when we look at this there are americans across the country and who may be asking, why is this happening if they voted for joe biden. is it important for all american people to see this go forward, how do you feel about it? >> i believe it's absolutely critical. there's so many questions,
9:19 am
mounds and mounds of questions on a daily basis now, more questions being dumped in. you've got millions of americans that voted for donald trump that are wondering, where there are votes nullified and effect by other voters in other states or other people in power in other states that were manipulating the system? and then you've got the biden voters who go, you know, hey, he won. let's just move forward with this is, is there anything bigger in our country than the election of an american president? of course not, that's the biggest thing that happens in our country and we have to get it right and there are so many unanswered questions. i don't believe we will ever have any kind of peace in this country until those questions get thoroughly answered. >> harris: katie? >> katie: well, i think the attorney general made an interesting argument and saying that's the way georgia,
9:20 am
pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin changed their election laws in the middle of the game and all had all these different kinds of irregularities affecting their voters, too. in the united states elections are run locally. it's interesting to see this federal system try to come in and determine how states two things. and ultimately it's going to be up to local legislators, local activists as in georgia to change the election laws or root out fraud and make sure their own elections are on solid footing but it's an interesting argument to take this to court, it's also very interesting to see a number of other attorney general's jumping on the lawsuit and we will know in short time whether they will be successful in taking the case on and hearing them out. >> harris: you know, as i've been reading about this, the u.s. supreme court stepped in because when you have a dispute between states which is what texas has done, not only on its own behalf but it mixed it up with other states.
9:21 am
challenging those states on how they did things so it's not necessarily that the u.s. supreme court as i understand it would come down on how they held their elections, it is, the u.s. supreme court now has to get involved because the states are in disagreement about something. >> dagen: that's the original jurisdiction of the united states supreme court, that the attorney general in texas is evoking. andy mccarthy wrote a piece about this, fox news contributor, former prosecutor in the justice department and he called it a frivolous lawsuit and he knows that the name of the state's solicitor general does not appear on the front page of the lawsuit and typically it would, it's not signed by the lawyers that would typically represent texas and in his brief, he cites no holding that a state has standing to challenge another state's administration of an election and they further claim that its
9:22 am
citizens equal protection rights have been trampled by the defendant states counting of ballots, that's the allegation but as andy mccarthy writes, "our constitution does not provide for a national election. much to the chagrin of blue states that would like to get rid of the electoral college, we have state elections for president. so there's a lot of troubling elements with the way this appears to andy mccarthy. >> harris: yeah. maria, really quick, your response? >> yeah, multiple legal experts have said this is a legal up to lawsuit, he also himself under federal investigation so that's the final transparency or legality of the moment. you have republicans in texas like john cornyn and kate granger, certainly not liberals or supporters of joe biden that said they do not support this lawsuit, this is not a legal argument they are trying to make, it's a political one and
9:23 am
you heard donald trump make that argument at the hanukkah event last night, he's trying to continue to convince supporters that this wasn't a legitimate election when it wasn't. as of this morning the trump campaign has lost 59 court cases when they had to provide evidence of fraud. they could not do it. joe biden was legally elected, he will become the president and every day that donald trump casts doubt on that for his supporters is another day he is doing harm to our democracy and to the way we elect presidents which is so important. >> harris: you know, john, i feel like we started this entire hour with this notion of hypocrisy. we are going to get into it and i can't wait to get your thoughts on this next line, growing calls for a democratic congressman eric swalwell to be removed from the house intelligence committee over links to a suspected chinese spy and why the congressman is now calling for an investigation himself. plus, los angeles health
9:24 am
officials claim to have evidence supporting their outdoor dining band. however, the science, the science evidence may hurt their argument. we will see with their evidence looks like in new backlash after democratic lawmakers sent out supporting trump supporter's. >> this is just a warning to you. be careful. walk lately. we ain't playing with you. just having an idea of what's happening inside of her body,
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another bundle in the books. got to hand it to you, jamie. your knowledge of victorian architecture really paid off this time. nah, just got lucky. so did the thompsons. that faulty wiring could've cost them a lot more than the mudroom. thankfully they bundled their motorcycle with their home and auto. they're protected 24/7. mm. what do you say? one more game of backgammon? [ chuckles ] not on your life. [ laughs ] ♪ when the lights go down >> nancy pelosi cannot allow him to stay on the intelligence committee and he's got to come clean with this and tell us what his relationship was, if he still has a relationship so let's get the facts but in the meantime he needs to get off intelligence, he's got access to
9:29 am
information that could hurt us and he's got a relationship with the communist party of china. >> katie: that was senator rick scott, one of the growing number of republicans now calling for california congressman eric swalwell to be removed from the house intelligence committee over his contracts with a suspected chinese spy. others like house minority leader kevin mccarthy wonder why he was ever put on the committee in the first place. >> the intel community does not meet a normal chambers to protect from people listening in on what they are talking about. they are getting secrets that other members of congress never are able to see and now we have eric swalwell who has been swindled by the chinese, this man should not be in the intel committee, he's jeopardizing national security. >> katie: fox news has learned there was no heads up of outside officials to intel committee leadership about any concerns
9:30 am
specifically regarding eric swalwell and nancy pelosi said she had no concerns about the congressman. he is now calling for an investigation into what was who leaked the information to reporters suggesting it was retaliation for his criticism of president trump. john, your thoughts? >> john: you know, these kinds of revelations coming out begs the question, how pervasive is the chinese communist party's influence in american politics? how pervasive is it? we talk about the hunter biden story and his entanglements with china and now we are talking about an actual guy sitting on a big powerful committee entangled again with china. john ratcliffe came out october 21st of this year and made an address to the nation and said they had credible evidence that foreign powers were trying to influence our elections, trying to manipulate our systems and we haven't heard from him since then about it. i'm hoping we get a report from him in the near future as to
9:31 am
what all they have actually learned about chinese communist party's influence in our election and our politicians abroad. this is covert, it's nasty and again, it just breeds more distrust with the american people that we actually don't know what's going on behind the scenes. >> katie: it seems like a proper response to being proper compromised by the chinese communist party would've turned around to be tougher on them but congressman swalwell was seen defending china, saying it's racist to call the coronavirus the chinese virus, that's what he's focused on at this point. >> dagen: i think everybody in congress needs to understand that china at any cost using any means necessary wants to destroy the united states, they, china, the communist party wants to become the number one superpower of the world. militarily and economically and they will steal and they will spy when they will destroy
9:32 am
anything that doesn't benefit the communist party. that being said i just wanted to raise this issue, eric swalwell's dad and his brother until wednesday were still friends on facebook with this spy. and after earlier wednesday, according to reports, earlier wednesday they will still friends with the spy, christine fang, five years after the fbi flagged this woman for suspicious activity. following reports of their connection, they weren't facebook friends anymore. you don't call your dad -- just being a country girl, you don't call your dad and your brother on the phone and say, hey, this woman is a spy. if you are friends with her on facebook maybe that's not a good idea. i'm in congress, i'm on the house intelligence committee.
9:33 am
>> katie: harris, that's a big question here, how is it that congressman swalwell was on the intelligence committee, nancy pelosi saying they were all briefed about the situation, they didn't have any concerns, republicans pushing back saying they weren't briefed about it, he has to step down. >> harris: i like something that john said, john was talking about ratcliff and going to the proper channels to get the information. there is a lot of pressure on eric swalwell to speak up and say what he knew and when he knew it. i don't know how much of that material might even be classified from that investigation, i think going through a very high level, proper channel now is really important and critical because it looks like, katie, as you are pointing out, something important was left out of the mix, i don't think we want to get it from a congressman who didn't even call his relatives to get them off of twitter with ms. fang. centuries ago when he said, when
9:34 am
you shake china you show shake the world, i know we are compelled and it's like a shiny object, whoa, whoa, whoa, we have to be woke about china and enemies that want to hit us so if there are powerful people on the hill let's find out what makes them so, what made eric swalwell a target? why did the fbi have to tell him, where there are some obvious things he was doing and didn't take heed? i have a lot of questions and i don't know that i want to get them off from him. >> katie: maria, don't you think the congressman could clear a lot of this up by calling for a declassification of some of the details of this investigation? >> marie: shirt. i'm happy to see all of the details. i'm sure most of them may involve sources and methods so we know we can't put all those out publicly but eric swalwell was crystal clear in his statement yesterday that as soon as the fbi alerted him to this person's affiliations with chinese intelligence he cut off communications. your family members being
9:35 am
facebook friends with someone is not evidence that you are compromised and there's no no evidence that eric swalwell did anything regarding his role in congress or on the intelligence committee that was in any way impacted by this donor. as i said yesterday, members of congress have tens of thousands of donors. without that evidence we just should not be calling for him to leave the intelligence committee, certainly he, according to the fbi, cooperated fully with them as soon as he was told of her affiliation. donald trump asked t to out of e chinese communist party to help him win reelection this year. if we are going to focus on china let's focus on all of it. they are certainly a threat and challenge in many ways but we need to take a clear eyed look at that challenge going into the next administration. >> katie: i don't think it's fair to say that there is no evidence of any compromising when none of us have actually seen the details of the investigation but we will move on. >> marie: if there is no evidence that we have seen. >> katie: calls for soldiers
9:36 am
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9:41 am
the incredible reporter found out that her office provided him with six studies that were supposed to show evidence of the risk of outdoor dining in the pandemic but none of them were in the county evidence section to support the ban and voxel he reports that one of those studies actually shows that covid-19 was less likely to spread outdoors. john rich, i come to you, downtown nashville, restaurant and bar, fine establishment i'm sure about these restaurant owners are so desperate that they have basically, they are being put out of business by reckless politicians. >> john: by politicians that one once they put those crushing measures down on small business go out and have cigars and beer on a yacht or go to these big dinners or get their hair cut or whatever. it's, we don't believe them anymore. that's the actual fact because if they were personally afraid
9:42 am
of coronavirus and catching coronavirus and may be dying from it or giving it to a family member, if they were personally afraid of it they wouldn't be doing those things. i know you love country music so i wrote a little piece of music out this and i'm going to do it a cappella. it goes like this. ♪ nancy and chuck, worth about 100 million bucks ♪ ♪ because they make a good living looking down on me and you ♪ ♪ they are sitting on th the hi♪ ♪ screwing up another bill ♪ saying do what i say ♪ not what i do >> dagen: can't top that, katie. >> harris: i was dancing to i it. >> dagen: you talked about this, these business owners and restaurant owners only want evidence, they just want proof and it doesn't exist. >> marie>> katie: thank you, jor that midday concert, we
9:43 am
appreciate it. they asked for some real science and justification behind destroying their livelihoods and businesses. they've done everything they can to keep people safe, they don't want to get their own customers sick, there is liability in doing that, they don't want to hurt anybody but the idea that now you have these politicians all over the country doing something for the sake of looking like they are doing something, there are real consequences for that and we've seen it so good to know though the data being produced and not produced, we have hard evidence about what should and should not happen with dining. >> dagen: marie? >> marie: yeah, i mean, we are 43 minutes into the show and we haven't mentioned the 3,000 americans that died yesterday, more than on 9/11 and every day for a while we are going to have that many american deaths. i agree that the regulations should be driven by science, i've always said that and i've also always said that outdoor is much safer than indoor. so i don't want people putting
9:44 am
in place regulations that aren't driven by the science but i think that there are public health officials and leaders in this country who are drowning in their people are dying and they are trying everything and they are not always perfect and it doesn't always, you know, people don't like them and they do her businesses. they are trying to help businesses, congress should be doing more to help businesses but as we can see, these regulations cannot lose sight of the tragedy that is unfolding everything the day in this country in large part because people want to go about life as normal and a lot of people don't want to wear masks even though the evidence is overwhelming that they save lives. >> harris: can i just quickly say because i feel like, marie, you took a shot there and maybe you felt like it was necessary but if you don't think that our hearts are big enough to mourn the people we have lost during this pandemic, what exactly are you trying to say? that is offensive and it is not true. it is not true. but the best way to protect those people that we love so
9:45 am
much is to make sure that the decisions that we make give them longevity after the pandemic as well and to get what we do right based on the science, not just on my gosh, the numbers are ballooning, let's just destroy everything in the process of trying to save it. you are right, it didn't just happen nine days ago, it's been months now, the science you are teaching us, let's live by that but please, keep your judgment someplace where you know you can fact check it because you can't see my heart and trust me when i tell you it hurts all of us to mourn those americans and people around the world. >> marie: then let's talk about it, let's talk about that more than talking about democratic hypocrisy. we aren't enough. in my opinion and i get to give my opinion -- >> harris: how about telling us the truth in the beginning about those masks that absolutely, scientifically they were, that's way doctors and surgeons have borne them for
9:46 am
decades. what we too needed to do, i would've loved to have her duct hdr. fauci say this, what we needed to do, marie, was make sure we had enough for everybo everybody. i am telling this -- >> marie: we still don't. >> harris: this didn't get passed along correctly but now that we know, yeah. my gosh, you can't judge everybody by the same brush. and we are talking about it, it's a talk show. >> dagen: i will just wrap up by saying, to harris faulkner, amen. a michigan state lawmaker discipline for a video warning trump supporter is to be careful. what else she said and how the state's top republicans are responding. >> enough is enough. and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. do it right.
9:47 am
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>> harris: a democratic state lawmaker in michigan is under fire after posting a video on social media tuesday sending a
9:51 am
warning to supporters of president trump. representative cynthia johnson said it was in response to threatening messages she had received after questioning the president's legal team last week. here it is. >> this is just a warning to you trumpers. be careful, walk lightly. we ain't playing with you, enough of the shenanigans. enough. it's enough. and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. do it right. be in order. make them pay. >> harris: michigan's republican state house leaders have now removed johnson from her committee seat and say they are looking into further disciplinary action. they added that threats of any kind are unacceptable but that
9:52 am
johnson's behavior was "unbecoming of an elected official." katie? >> katie: yeah, violence and threats like that are inexcusable no matter who makes them but for this woman, a democrat to say something like "soldiers know how to do this and you should be scared, you know what to do." that sounds like more than just a threat to me, that sounds like she wants american soldiers to go against their fellow americans with severe violence so that i don't she should be threatened and i also don't think she should be making threats against those she politically disagrees with. >> harris: john? >> john: i think it's an extremely dangerous thing to see say things like that especially in a position of leadership because there is an undertow in this country on both sides of the argument, there are people that fantasize about violent reactions, physically violent reactions to political things
9:53 am
that are happening. i've seen it discussed on both sides of the aisle. that is an absolute disaster waiting to happen and everybody needs to fight as hard as you want to fight with your words and ideas but things like what she said, they cannot stand and i'm glad to see that they took some action with her. >> harris: you know, john, i want to go a little bit deeper with you because i know you travel all over with your beautiful music and you meet all sorts of people. elected officials, should they be held to a completely different standard when it comes to this? you hear the committee seats were taken away and in your view what should happen? >> john: you know, when she says soldiers and do it right, what is it? what is it? what you want them to do? i don't think she was talking about our military soldiers, i think she's talking about whoever she thinks supports her stance. you cannot talk like that because there are too many people in this country that are so upset on both sides of these
9:54 am
arguments, they may actually take you seriously and consider that a go-ahead, a green light to do something terrible. i think that stripping her of her committee chair is the lightest thing that should happen to her. be very careful what you say. it's incumbent upon all of us to be careful what we say. we can argue but you can't go to that level because some people will take you seriously. >> harris: all right, we have a second, marie first? >> marie: yeah, she shouldn't have said that, i think it was bizarre and could have been definitely interpreted as threatening and i think it was wrong. i think back to earlier in this pandemic when donald trump was tweeting for residents of michigan to "take back their state" and used really aggressive and threatening language. we are in a place in this country were elected officials of both parties are getting death threats every single day and are begging president trump to stop encouraging it. hopefully, hopefully after january 20 at the will be taken
9:55 am
down. >> harris: dagen? take it home. >> dagen: it's not about donald trump, it's about state representative cynthia johnson and she went overboard and i talk to people, i can actually have a conversation with mary people every day. i don't know who they voted for, i don't know their political party affiliation and i don't go out and threaten people and i never would. i mean, jokingly, maybe. but i think that, again, the what about azam, i have a problem with that. this is about this woman. she made a mistake and i think she will probably apologize. >> harris: all right, everybody. good to see you, john rich especially. it's been a while. thanks for the music today and thank you for watching kate i will be back with "outnumbered overtime" as we await the fda decision anytime now on the emergency use of approval of pfizer's covid
9:56 am
vaccine. as we await the decision. i will see you on the flip side of this break. stay close. ♪ best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa. why would you rent today when you can buy your own home and participate in the american dream?
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it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, democrats figure facing a pair of big controversies now ahead of inauguration day, you're watching "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. joe biden's son hunter biden has revealed he is under a federal tax investigation. the doj is looking into his overseas business dealings in china and possibly other countries. this comes as democratic congressman eric swalwell continues his refusal to fully explain his relationship with a suspected chinese spy who also targeted other democratic politicians. our own tucker carlson ripped at the media and big attack for largely ignoring and


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