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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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there are plenty of people aged over the age of 75 and 85 that are completely with it. when you start to see signs lik this can we have to pay attention whether it's a pilot or a senator, or you know what mean, tucker. >> i think for biden, it's always 1979. doctor steele, thank you. sean hannity is next right have a great night. >> good show joe and welcome to hannity. that new texas suit challenging election results in 14 battleground states is now gaining real serious significan momentum and breaking tonight, missouri, arkansas, utah, louisiana, mississippi, south carolina, they have now all filed to officially join the state of texas, not just suppor the state of texas as we mentioned last night, but joine the lawsuit with texas and president trump as parties now before the court. that is 17 states including the five i just mentioned, also
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filing legal briefs publicly supporting the lawsuit, which now rests in the hands of the u.s. supreme court, which has original jurisdiction in cases between multiple states, clearl that is the case, as i have sai before, 17 attorneys generals are not going to put their reputations on the line on any case without real significant legal merit and not on solid constitutional grounds for the attorney general's won't wait waste the resources due to othe states without a legitimate cause and case, that is not all breaking to newt, over 100 hous republicans have now signed a degree in support of the state of texas and this lawsuit, 106 to be exact we will have the latest on where things stand, w will also check in with kevin m ccarthy and have the latest on far left congressmen and collusion truther eric swalwell
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as he continues to dodge questions surrounding whether o not he may have had a sexual relationship with a chinese spy. later we will bring you an important update on the federal investigation into zero experience hunter biden. that is more than real and more significant and we even knew last night. according to a survey out last month, around 10 percent of biden voters in swing states would have changed their votes had they known the full story o joe and zero experience hunter before the election. you know the one spied by the mob and the media as some kind of russian propaganda and big tech company that wouldn't even allow you to read and decide fo yourself. let's break down why this texas election challenge is so important and gaining momentum perry this is the way to pull out a quinnipiac rate 77 percen of republicans believe they are in fact was widespread voter fraud. 77 percent. gallup has attire, they put the
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number over 83 percent committe to be very clear, i agree with all of you, all 77 and all 83 percent i stand with you commit we are not dumb, we're not blind, we can see the entir thing stinks to high heaven. we been listening to the whistleblowers and the eyewitnesses. we've seen the sworn affidavits we watch the videos of ballots being mishandled. no chain of custody has been broken all over the place, we know that very specific electio laws and language in the laws and statutory language were totally and completely and utterly ignored. georgia, pennsylvania, and many other battleground states decided to change things on their own and other laws, just ignore it, otherwise changed in the middle of the game. all of which are unconstitutional without any state legislative approval, which is required by yes, that document known as the constitution. we know the partisan observers and election workers all had unequal rules and procedures in
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different counties if they were even allowed in at all. some people 6 feet away commit 20 feet away, 100 feet away. that would be another violation of the constitution. while many states follow the la and conducted what is a free, fair, accurate election that we have confidence in and efficien commit many other states, guess what, they stain to the process and in doing so, they were disenfranchising every legal voter in every state where all of the constitutional rules wer upheld. now the state legislatures commit you all need to get your houses in order, especially tru in georgia. you got these two key senate runoffs, you could not georgia, please do not take your eye off this fall. i stand with you commit you hav adobe governor and adobe secretary of state, but that's not important. support president trump, the balance of power in the senate, and all that he and you have worked to accomplish the last four years may be hanging in th
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balance. you're vote matters. without a gop -controlled senat commit you could take the presidents for years of incredible, historic accomplishments, and hard work, and pretty much kiss it goodbye. democrats will wipe it out that they have the house in the senate, that's how real it is for georgia. forget kim, forget the rest of the local politicians, i don't care about them. tonight no word on when the u.s supreme court will render a decision, whether or not they will take up the texas suit, bu in response in a response filed today, this is interesting, the four states that are being sued launched into a variety of very violent very personal attacks. pennsylvania called the legal challenge seditious commit georgia called it an attack on the sovereignty, i don't think so. filing also accused, texas of abusing the judicial system. controlling you out for
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following the constitution that the abuse of the judicial system . the states are reduced to name carling like kids in kindergarten because they don't have any legal or constitutiona rebuttal. i'm not pollyanna, i'm not goin to give you false hope. this is a herculean effort, an uphill battle. it always has been, but this lawsuit is real, it's the real deal, it's right on the law, it's right on the constitution. it deserves to be heard, and they offered plenty of remedy and opportunities for the state to do their constitutional duty file follow the law, and get this right. kayleigh mcenany is back with us with an update. yesterday was pretty historic. we had 17 state attorney general 's, that's big, they're not going to sign onto somethin frivolous. now we've got, six or seven states wanting to be on the case . they want in because they want to protect their own citizens from being disenfranchised.
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could get that's exactly right. not only do several of these states want to file in a freeze in support, they want to join the case they want to stand for the rights of their citizens as you said, pointing out what, georgia said in these defendant had about a being seditious and attack on sovereignty, with these four states did collectively, was an attack on the united states constitution. you laid out the argument very clearly night after night and you have a ledo, forces and tom is joining in opinion warning u in advance of the election if you don't sort this out, there will be chaos in the election. that's one of the themes as we all saw the writing on the wall as you recall that canvassers for the canvassers went to refused to certify the election. i went back and was reading through some of the affidavits and the court case one of those individuals who wouldn't certif the election was the name monocle palmer, she writes all the way back in the primary in august she saw these irregularities all fours,
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democrats and republicans joint and said we have to investigate what's going on we see flaws in the system here the poll books aren't balanced, we all watch this happen in slow motion. we will stand for the constitution, it's matters whic is what the states are doing by joining texas. >> now, i understand there were a couple of attorney general's at the white house today, true? >> is, there were attorneys generals at the white house talking with the president abou many matters commit many of the official matters. >> now, let's go to the issue. the supreme court's commit this is really it here. the clock is what the clock is at this point, but with that said, now that you've got 106 congressmen signing on commit now you've got the 17 states, now you got the six or seven that want to join in this suit which is pretty unprecedented, don't really see a path where they can just kick the can and not deal with an issue of
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subject legal importance and dealing with really simple basic , but profound and fundamental issues of law and constitutionality. they should be a no-brainer in my opinion in terms of them picking up this case. >> it should be a no-brainer, there is original jurisdiction here with some states it is clear they have standing and they deserve to be heard. to add to that the input of the top your show, you have an 47 percent of the country saying something wasn't right about this election. half of the country, 30 percent of democrats one in three democrats say something was not right and they all see the statistical anomalies they've laid out. the fact that joe biden trailed hillary except the american people deserve to be heard, the affidavits are real, the folks you put on your program are real . as this clearly says, either th constitution matters or it's a
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mere piece of parchment and the national archives freight let stand for the constitution and allow these people to be heard. that's our asking for is a day in court. >> we hope that they have the courage to do the right thing. thank you are tonight were officially under a three of congressman eric swalwell dodging questions about whether or not he had some type of romantic sexual relationship with a chinese spy. a new bombshell report is so-called, they call it honey trap working as an asset for th communist chinese named christina fang had a years long relationship with swalwell freight she bundled relate and even placed an intern in his congressional office. in 2015 he apparently cut ties with her after the fbi provided him with a defensive briefing about this quote honey trap was accused of pursuing sexual relations with multiple
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politicians. for four long years, he has bee one of the biggest russia collusion hoaxers in the entire country and truther's, and over and over again has accused the president of being compromised by russia, russia, russia and h lied, lied, lied just like the corrupt liar adam shift and wants accusation at members of the presidents family. e-mail remember, eric, take a look. >> stated plainly the president 's son met with a russian spy. we now have the best evidence o that in our minority report the democrats have that was going all over the world commit now that we know that she was working at the behest of the russian government. the president's son met with a russian spy. >> oh, you might have been dating a chinese barry, how about answering some questions. turns out he may have even had sexual relationships with the chinese by, so, what does that make you, eric?
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and unwitting or witting asset of the communist chinese? oh commit now you're all of a sudden for the first time in your adult life coming or going to be quiet? a very serious matter as he serves on the powerful house intel committee where members have access yep, two america's most classified secrets. if there was pillow talk, that was a problem. as kevin mccarthy points out, this is a big problem. democrats are trying to sweep i under the rug with a massive double standard. take a look. >> this is a national security threat that the intel committee does not meet in normal chambers , they to protect from people listening in on what they're talking about. they are getting secrets that other members of congress never are able to see. when did nancy pelosi know of this, and why did she maintain him on the committee? adam schiff who has spent four years as chair worried about th
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foreign intervention into our country, knowingly keeping an individual on that committee if he knew if swalwell was with a chinese individual who was a spy . >> now we did reach out to the corrupt liar, compromise one adam schiff for comment. as you can imagine, we didn't get a response he doesn't like us, and of course schiff we know , remember all the talk about russia? he's the one guy that got caugh on tape thinking he's talking t a russian and conspiring to get information to use in a campaign . remember that whole phone call about we got compromising material on donald trump or at. >> rumor that whole thing? there is no evidence that a foreign spy willing to get in bed with mister schiff, he was caught yes, on tape getting well
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, kind of played by a hoekstra posing is a russian asset saying they had pictures of naked trump compromising materials. in other words, caught on tape colluding is another way to put a. tonight, the swalwell scandal continues to unfold. several questions are main do you trust the judgment of a guy who had the years long relationship with the chinese spy, and why is he anywhere nea the house intelligence committee ? according to the daily caller, he actually spoke at a 2013 event that also featured the chinese spy who once worked in the office of senator feinstein. the event was put together by you guessed it, christina fang. the girl he might have been dating. this by he might have dated. the spy who may have loved him. here with reaction kevin mc carthy. you know, i can joke a little bit about it but nothing funny, this guy is on the house intel committee. they have access to top secrets
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i'm not even sure if you get briefed on a lot of this stuff. >> i am one of the gang of eight , i do. the intel committee commit not only keeps america secrets, thi is swalwell, he's been calmed b the communist. he was compromised, but what's worse is speaker pelosi had to cover for him. this goes deeper than just swalwell great when you think about it, if the speaker, nancy pelosi and adam schiff knew thi and kept him on the committee that raises a very big question it also raises the question whe the democrats backed out of the bipartisan china task force, no it raises questions why would they do that? what's most interesting is the chinese have really focused on northern, california,, silicon valley. dianne feinstein, her body person the person driving carrying all the phone calls wa a communist by. this doesn't wasn't that swalwell went to the fbi, the fbi went to him because they picked up on this chinese spy
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following her parade the speake knew about it and adam schiff, it raises more questions. now, we come into the new congress on january 3rd, the democrats don't just vote for who's going to become speaker. if you vote for nancy pelosi, you're now voting to put adam schiff back on the intel and swalwell, and now you know this information to so you better watch how you vote. >> let me ask about comments going back to the election in 106 members now supporting this lawsuit by the texas attorney general. more importantly, of all the 27 tossup races, your side 127 of them. there been big problems in the state of new york for this week alone another last week, 55 ballots commit now it's another 40 ballots, it's a 12 vote advantage for the republican party between district 19 and district 22, a lot of is going on in new york and they are still finding ballots five week later?
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could get you note we found out commit where it had by 12 votes then they just came forward and said we just found 12 ballots i this drawer? what is going on with new york? ticket where his lead been for five weeks. you just go to make coffee and you say oh, i found some ballots , now i got to hand them in. >> the biggest mismanagement of any state is new york. they put ballots out to everybody commit meaning when they have a role, people are dead, people haven't lived ther before, but this is what he wanted to do send them to everybody. now we have claudia kenney had by tens of thousands of votes commit now you're down to 12 an how many more drawers are going to be opened every time they se there is public and the lead? >> do you think is going to hol that seat and is there anything republicans can do to stop thes things? can we get one standard of signature verification in georgia? in the state of pennsylvania,
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can we stop the democrats from making new laws while the election is going on? or the legislature passing things that are unconstitutiona based on the state constitution or if they don't allow absentee oratory, early voting is wisconsin, can we insist they not hand out 200,000 ballots like they did? >> watch what they did in california. election really goes by state fair this is where we have to mobilize and get involved withi the state never allowing this t move forward again. what we found is you are correct , we did not lose one incumbent? how was it congress when they predicted we were going to lose 15-20 seats and now were sittin at 212 may be to hundred 13. five seats away from the majority. the senate was supposed to lose we didn't lose the senate and we're going to win georgia by the state legislatures were supposed to lose, we actually picked up three. now there saying we lost the
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presidency. these are the questions of why every legal. >> do you believe it? i don't believe it. i think the 83 percent of gallu and the 77 percent of quinnipiac , i think it stinks to high heaven aunt everybody can see it now. >> every single pole was wrong. what we found is you trust the american public. look at what this republican party did inside the house. nancy pelosi was saying she was going to win 15 seats, she's holding on by a thread. remember when you come to vote on opening day, you have to be there and nancy pelosi had 15 democrats vote against her last time. if all ten votes against her, she will not be speaker. >> that will be interesting. by the way, the supreme court needs to stand on the law and the constitution, and these states commit they made their mess, make them go back and fix it. that is what should happen. thank you, sir.
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>> new developments tonight concerning the investigation into zero experience hunter biden and the biden family corruption scheme as well as th mob in the media and big tech that blame the cover up according to politico, federal authorities are asking question about his brother james biden and his role in the now bankrup and merry core health which is the subject of a federal investigation into gross financial mismanagement and meanwhile, the mop in the media continues to meet them minimize this scandal just like they wel put joe biden and a candidate protection program during the election and again, choosing to selectively only report on a fe details, but after the revelation that hunter is now the subject of a grand jury investigation concerning his taxes and we can report other issues and may be even as large as money laundering, there now finally being forced to at leas report something.
6:27 pm
they spent the entire campaign, months burying it telling us that it wasn't true, nobody believes this, this is part of russian dish information campaign to help trump and they worked overtime to protect bide all throughout the election. remember twitter, they went as far as to block any tweet with the link from the story from th new york post baselessly claiming that the fifth largest newspaper in the country, somehow violated their material policy and they are now calling out the mob and big tech for their blatant double standards or outright hypocrisy. >> want to know why people are moving to parlor, why people ar moving to rumble. want to know what i want to mov into the spaces to? this is why. we need someplace, i don't care if people use these platforms t attack me, they do all the time freedom freedom of speech. some of their pathetic attempts to discredit the scandal. >> hunter biden, there is no evidence they done anything
6:28 pm
wrong. we know there is no evidence of any wrongdoing with hunter biden . get there is no evidence of wrongdoing by hunter biden. >> hunter biden is completely peripheral here first because there is no evidence that hunte biden or joe biden committed an crime. there is no evidence that hunte biden did anything illegal. >> hunter biden fixation despit no evidence he's done anything wrong part get there is no evidence to support the claims about joe biden's son. >> they all lied again on the senate floor this morning, senator grassley echoed the attacks on the left handling of the story challenging the coverage of his and senator ron johnson of wisconsin's report will uncovering what was widespread biden family financial corruption. take a look. >> but the liberal media and members of the other political party chose to dismiss our work. even falsely claimed that our work was russian disinformation.
6:29 pm
i think they did this in order per to protect leaders of the other party. those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation no report that hunter biden's financial deals in china raise counterintelligence concerns. >> incalculable amount of money in terms of in-kind donations t all things biden and democratic socialist by suppressing the story, well it proved to be crucial. news busters reported to late november a political coal in swing states commit nearly one in ten biden voters said they wouldn't have voted for him had they been made aware of the details in the story. big tech in the media mob didn' cover for biden. that alone would've been enough to swing the election in donald trump's flavor. it looks like they cheated on
6:30 pm
that too. here with reaction from 2016 campaign manager co-author of trump america first and fox new contributor, tammy bruce is wit us. to me, i will start with you. okay, it was joe biden, six hours, you're not getting an billion dollars in less you fir a prosecutor that is paying my zero experience in needs, then it's chinese nationals, bank of china and the media led the whole time and said no evidence whatsoever. there was evidence from day one. >> there was evidence from day one including the biden busines partner interviewed extensively by tucker carlson on this network, that was ignored, huge ratings because the american people want to know the truth. this is the equivalent of peopl watch the news to get information that will affect their lives, they were lied to
6:31 pm
by omission, they were told to not believe their lying eyes an their lying ears, it would be like if the weather person that there was a hurricane coming, and they told you to ignore it, that that wasn't true, that the radar you are seeing is russian difference information go about your business because maybe there is something, some event that the democrats want to have go on and not be canceled. in the meantime you believe them . you think everything is fine. you take no prakashan because the hurricane is coming and we keep seeing there is a hurrican headed for the white house, and yet you are told that is just fake news, that's not true, and the next thing you find out, oh it was true and then they want to go along just like regular business like who cares, but these things affect people's lives. it matters because it would hav affected how people voted. we know that from the poll you mentioned, it affects the legitimacy of an election, and whether or not we can trust the legacy media to tell us the
6:32 pm
truth. you would be outraged if the weather people were lying to yo about what was around the corne based on their personal interes yet this is exactly the same thing. facts are involved, evidence wa involved and they decided to lighten people because they had firm things they wanted to have happen parrot. >> corey. the media wouldn't even let the public read the story. the media just outright and spite of joe on tape. okay, they did it, the guy got fired, the guy was interviewed by the what washington post com he said i got fired because of joe biden. he leveraged our money, that would be a quote in a pro, then don't beat hunter, this is the dumbest 49 -year-old i've ever watched on tv any experience in oil? no? gas? no energy? no? why do you think they hired you?
6:33 pm
i don't know. may be because your father? >> probably. imagine if his last name was trump, cory. >> it's amazing. what we know is hunter biden is so bad with money that the district of columbia had a $453,000 lien against him that he finally had to pay off. the biden family inc. operation is up and running right now. james biden and you mentioned i just earlier, is under investigation from the western district of pennsylvania for th scam they perpetrated in the healthcare community. hunter biden is under investigation not just in delaware, but in some districts in new york and probably in other places including where hi was living more when he had the child out of wedlock and he wanted to see the tax returns and they said no, he is accused he used covid to say he couldn' come down to make that court case or we wouldn't have to pay child support. this is crazy that they brightened and family may be
6:34 pm
bite in business after 48 years in washington, dc we finally ge rid of them and they may actually be back. >> based on their standards, if biden ever becomes president, w would impeach him on day one. unbelievable. good to see you both. here with reaction to all of this, all the breaking news, author and number one new york times bestseller host number on show, host of the huge radio show, ace actually fairly popular break i call him the great one. mark levine is back with us. i don't even need to go here because you and i have been chatting tonight via text. i already know how ticked off you are sir. >> let me just say this, first of all, happy hanukkah. i want to think the president for getting this vaccine as fas as he did. there is inertia in the bureaucracy inertia incorporations and he knew they needed money and he knew they needed direction is a
6:35 pm
private-sector former developer code and he is going to wind up saving millions and millions of people, not krebs, not bergstrom , but not the bureaucracy, it is trump. that's number one, number two we've had our fourth peace agreement in the middle east today with rocco. that's more peace agreements under this president and all prior presidents put together h deserves enormous credit for that. god for bid if biden is president, he will reverse all of that. biden was really the manchurian candidate, wasn't he? he is bought and paid for by th communist chinese, his son is bought and paid for by the communist chinese. his son is a crook, his brother is a crook, his entire family, you've got your son under criminal investigation for potential tax fraud, and securities fraud, your brother is under criminal investigation in the western district of pennsylvania for possible violations of law with respect
6:36 pm
to his involvement in the healthcare hospital. and that sort of thing, i don't know how many family members wh have had this kind of situation going on. it's even worse than that, let us not forget the story that di come out before the election that the media covered up, that big tech covered up. i have firsthand knowledge joe biden was involved in china deals. we have a number of people to think, people peter schweitzer, the new york post, rudy giulian who they have spent ears not trying to smear, he had the get to take this information that was given to him off the hard drive of that computer, they made it public, we wouldn't eve know about tony if it wasn't fo rudy and what he did. what did he say on the record? he said on the record that joe biden was aware of this deal, and deals, that joe biden was going to get a big chunk of the millions of dollars in it, they joe biden was unaware of his sons dealing in china.
6:37 pm
that his blockbuster. the new york times which covere up the holocaust, covered this operate the washington post covered this upcoming cnn we know thanks to james o'keefe that jeff sucker from the top said don't pursue this story. every newsroom in america bar a few cover it up this story, and it is a huge story. now we have early voting we hav mail in voting, and god forbid if this man becomes president o the united states. this family is crooked. no wonder china wanted this family and office. let me tell you something else that's taking place. the fact of the matter is the beef people that biden would bring into office from the secretary of state to his director of national intelligence to his education secretary, they are all abusers of china. all abusers of china and that would include who he would want to name as secretary of state. his director of national intel, john kerry, the bigger, and not
6:38 pm
only appease china, but the regime in the rank and with the regime in cuba, they talk about the president liking dictators, these guys love dictators, they do business with dictators. the woman he wants to bring in as education secretary, she wrote a book called empowered educators how high-performance systems shape teaching quality around the world. she is praising the chinese educational system. and what did they expect from our media? you have a guy like time is fre who on more than one occasion has praised the autocracy of china, praises communist china. there is no way that biden didn't know about his son's dealings, his brother's dealings , no way, and he still hasn't been questioned by the phony media in this country. i want to remind the american people that in january when donald trump cut off travel fro china, do you think joe biden with all the connections to china, all the crookedness with china would have cut off anything with china? he and the others were saying don't call it the china virus,
6:39 pm
don't call it the china virus? why? it is the china virus. joe biden lied to us every second of this campaign. he was shot down by the moderator. he wouldn't pursue it with joe biden. joe biden lied about his son. he lied about what he knew abou trying up right it's a disgrace. i'm going to tell you something else about china. hollywood co., but the nba, corporations, all of which thre in with biden, all of which opposed trump, all to one exten or another are on china's payroll. want to talk about something else quickly. does anybody remember what happen in the 1990s with the clinton campaign, dnc and the communist chinese military? we have dark money in the biden campaign around $320 million in dark money. people saying where are they getting all this money from? it's massive, its enormous.
6:40 pm
now if they had real media in this country real journalist in this country, they would want t know to. one third of a billion dollars comes into thick biden campaign through the backdoor? massive amounts of money and we don't know where it's coming from? somebody needs to look. i'm not saying it's communist china, but i wouldn't put it past them because clinton and the democrats have taken money from communist china before braid the communist love the democrats especially the biden's . this i want to remind you is from freedom of the press, you don't have to buy mitt, i'm telling you what is in it for the los angeles times which too an investigative interest in this story, the chief of china' military intelligence secretly directed funds from beijing to help elect president clinton in 1996. anyone remember this former democratic fundraiser told federal investigators that he provided damage to antimony before a grand jury that they chinese government wanted clinton reelected.
6:41 pm
remember charlie tree, some of us do a longtime friend of clinton raised $1.2 million in foreign dollars for the legal defense fund and the dnc any dropped off a little donation o $460,000 in sequentially numbered money? remember that? i remember that. the los angeles times, another longtime friend of clinton, he had extensive ties to the communist government, his banking group acknowledge the court papers they made millions of dollars in illegal campaign donations to a democratic presidential and congressional campaign. do people remember that? dongguan he raised more than $1.5 million from a illegal foreign sources and visited the white house repeatedly so my question is this, where the did one third of billion dollars in dark money come from? into the biden campaign? now, of course the media which is in the back pocket of the democratic party, they're even letting swalwell off the hook.
6:42 pm
he is apparently arguing that his genitalia is a secret matter , he can't talk about his genitalia pair t can't talk about the alleged affair he had when with her. i know i didn't have an affair with her. sean, did you have an affair? it's easy to say no, i didn't have an affair. why is this important? because it used for blackmail, that's why. >> as her. we only have a minute left. i want you to comment briefly o the 17 attorney generals the seven states now that want to join this texas lawsuit. could get the united states supreme court has done a great disservice to this country. about five weeks ago a case was brought by pennsylvania that th governor there, the secretary o state there and the state supreme court which is the florida court was in 2020 violated article two of the constitution which says the legislature makes election law. four - four john roberts has
6:43 pm
dawn hollywood has jumped the shark and decided that they weren't going to take up the case. pennsylvania, they come back an they say okay, look this date with vaguely legislature violated their own constitution than the state supreme court on top of it violated it as well. you're poisoning all these electrodes had he gone to the electoral college 18 word order that tells the american people that they shut it down per the states go what is going on here? the states that follow the law, this states that leak didn't weaken the signature requirement , the states they didn't extend the voting period. they are assuming these four states and they are sane okay compass supreme court, now, we want you to address the institutionalized fraud and crookedness that the democrats put in place in these very states. now what are you going to do, supreme court? you already undermined your reputation. are you going to undermine your integrity as well? we are about to find out.
6:44 pm
>> don't forget, sunday night a 8:00 p.m. when we come back not one but two under covers tapes exposing the left freight will let you hear what joe biden says about quote defunding the police when he doesn't think the cameras ar rolling. that is straight ahead. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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>> joe biden is weak, blacks leaned, progresses, no they going to run all over him, we sat down with al sharpton and others discussing the radical defund the police movement according to audio obtain bear the gop beat the of it out of u on the defund the police, but pushback on progressive, but really only in communication efforts. radical democrats in georgia ar planning to pack the supreme court and they're trying to kee him from the voters of georgia. our friends at project veritas that pleased with the following video as always were report you decide. take a look. >> hopefully the fbi will support any right injustices. >> will packet. let's packet. i'm about it. you can say that. >> why not?
6:51 pm
get welcome right now it's not aggressively pack the. the way the politics work are you just feeding right into the narrative the other side is painting about law and order an violence. i have never really thought about it. of not thinking about it now. take the time, now that's what they're really planning. that's what don't is really planning, but of course they denying it. joining us now with reaction, civil rights attorney and podcast host leo drell, he is larry 1.0 consistent and stable one of this duo. gate that is a personal attack. that's a personal attack. >> get over it, you snowflake grade you're on the wrong show. larry, this is what they're going to do. i watch the debate and i was like i am not thinking about it right now. you're full of, their lying to the people of georgia.
6:52 pm
>> sean, can we start with the attendees at this two hour meeting that joe biden had come at one of the attendees was reverend al sharpton. let me ask you something what gives al sharpton the right to be at a table like that? this is a man who advised obama he visited the obama white hous over 70 times and from the time obama walked into the white house until the percentage of americans who thought race relations were good declined dramatically so the young ones out there, al sharpton made his bones by falsely accusing a he
6:53 pm
has never apologized. al sharpton was in the thick of the 1991 crown heights riots that one jewish leader in new york called the most seriously in the history of america. all sharpton is on tape saying that the want to get it on, tel them to come to my house and let's get it on part sharpton i in the streets of ferguson before one word or testimony ha been taken yelling no justice n peace and of course the officer was completely exonerated. this man has been a race hustle incendiary, irresponsible for a decade and here he is sitting a the table of the alleged president-elect scotty, beam me up, only in america. only in america, and he still credible, it's stunning sean, i is absolutely stunning. and the senator is the man who said bill barr, he was a racist because bill barr did not bring any black aides to hearing for it he accused the bar of having systematic racism for not bringing black aides. unbelievable. >> larry, one point of now we have leo to point out. >> right now, i want to give yo four quick bullet points. joe biden is a conman, he was about the master man about defunding the police rate they supported $150 million deductio
6:54 pm
in the lapd. minneapolis, democrats, cut the budget by $8 million today you didn't see joe biden at all during the summer of protest an writing, to see any police officer who was injured. you saw donald trump, all polic union supported donald trump, and now he's talking about defunding the police? what about the tim caught scott police reform bill. no support for biden and harris they want to destroy the police not defund it, they want to eliminate it. >> that is their plan, just lik we would know they want to stac the court further lying to you commit, georgia. pay attention. more hannity is next.
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♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left tonight, and set your dvr, never missed an episode of "hannity." we will always be independent, we forge our own path, 327, laura ingraham, good show last night. it is the one you don't follow the mob, you are the mob. it to >> there's two people who agree with me, you and took her. there's not many own of us out here. >> laura: don't you love the fact that when you have 18 states suing like four states, is it for states question mike that's not a big deal for the mainstream media. because they don't think it matters, it's no big deal. it's a frivolous thing -- it's called original jurisdiction. it's a big, big deal. anyone who says it's not -- >> sean: i