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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 10, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left tonight, and set your dvr, never missed an episode of "hannity." we will always be independent, we forge our own path, 327, laura ingraham, good show last night. it is the one you don't follow the mob, you are the mob. it to >> there's two people who agree with me, you and took her. there's not many own of us out here. >> laura: don't you love the fact that when you have 18 states suing like four states, is it for states question mike that's not a big deal for the mainstream media. because they don't think it matters, it's no big deal. it's a frivolous thing -- it's called original jurisdiction. it's a big, big deal. anyone who says it's not -- >> sean: i watch the response
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to pennsylvania tonight, these ad hominem kindergarten attacks, they can't argue on the law or the constitution. >> laura: they're not going to because it's about the constitution first, and donald trump is second. it's both. both things -- both really important things are implicated here. we're going to talk to one of the lawyers about it tonight. >> sean: supreme court lawyers, do your job you are to follow the law, follow the constitution. >> laura: fantastic show, thank you so much, we will see you tomorrow. this is and one from washington tonight. president trump has officially intervened in the lawsuits that hannity and i were just talking about seeking to overturn the 20/20 election via certain battleground states of states suing states. the john easement, the lawyer who filed the motion on the president's behalf is here to tell us the latest. earlier this week we lifted the curtain on how the site b16 was looking the other way at children who are exploited -- or
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are exploited on their platform. it tonight, we have an important update to our reporting. first, how the media elected biden. if that's the focus of tonight's angle. of donald trump never got the chance to breathe as president. democrats deep stators and trump grifters all played a role in this nefarious effort. they did everything they could to drive him out of office long before he was sworn in. it they illegally surveyed his campaign, forced them to spend millions of dollars in legal fees, third and his family, dragged out the ridiculous mueller investigation, impeached him for talking to the president of the ukraine, and when all that field, they moved on to blaming him for covid. then for the rights after george floyd's death. every step of the way, the small minded men and women who make up the american left and to be
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american press corps were complicit. >> donald trump is a criminal enterprise. >> a presidency in peril, as we learn more about the mueller investigation, the walls are closing in on president trump and taste in her circle. >> donald trump i miss handling covid so badly has branded himself as incompetent. >> this is not the first time donald trump has fallen short of being a leader. he is routinely called for violence in this country. it >> laura: that one that was painful to watch. he picked them as fake news, didn't he? he refused to suck up to them like so many other politicians. at some point along the way, reporters and producers who wants kind of where semireasonable just became complete and utter partisan hacks. their playbook consisted of downplaying or ignoring trumps many achievements and typing baseless allegations without any
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objective corroboration against him. then by the fall, democrats on the hill and in newsrooms across the country had an urgent cleanup operation on their hands. at that point, they began to engage in a massive cover-up for joe biden's family, which had profited a course instantly from the sun hunters unusual business dealings abroad. a computer store owner who had possession of his laptop came forward and emails begin to leak out. after "the new york post" broke the story and began publishing hunters emails, only a few major outlets like fox took it all seriously. turns out actual dollar figures for the chinese consultancy had been discussed, apparently with his father's lesson. if one email mentioned a specific dollar amount set aside for the big guy who is widely thought to be joe biden himself. well, this is when the biden campaign surrogates began circling the wagon.
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goat appeared in the tabloid that president trump and his allies are trying to seize on this. >> it's a series of buzz words that have meaning perhaps if you've been studying daily color or whatever it is. it's because this is an example of steve bannon giving a tip to a "new york post" reporter, rudy giuliani handing over a bunch of documents and fox running with it for days on end creating an appearance of a scandal involving hunter biden. >> laura: are they that on self-aware. it creating the appearance of a scandal question mike that's all they tried to do for four years against president trump. we now know this was all a lie. they knew that hunter was a sleazebag trying to profit off of his father's high-powered position. if they these emails put joe biden's candidacy at risk in a close election. if the roles were reversed, all of these media marbles would've left no stone unturned to hold
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trump accountable. of course the media and their democratic colleagues had to throw sand in your eyes so you wouldn't even see the story. they didn't cover it at all or they went to their trump era default mode, they blamed russ russia. >> this whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. >> every intelligence professional i've talked to says this is a russian intelligence disinformation campaign. >> it could've come from russian military hacking of ukrainian gas company where hunter biden served. >> rudy giuliani was dealing with alleged russian intelligence agent. >> rudy giuliani is a russian asset at this point. because this is what they are doing, grasping at straws. in case that didn't work to keep the scandal at bay, they had to inject covid into the biden story and attempt to kill it. >> trump is spending the week trying to make hunter biden a thing downplaying covid.
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>> the president is going to take advice on covid-19, which is why they are bringing in some of these other topics like hunter biden. to speak of the truth is, where in the middle of a pandemic. instead of debating crowds odds or conspiracy theories, we should be talking about policy, values, and ideas. >> laura: okay. again, it was publicly reported that biden's laptop had been seized by the fbi back in 2019. it didn't take a legal savant to know that this is a big deal. it's when they should've started to ask a lot of questions. just look at how the media six weeks after the election has changed its tune on this conspiracy theory involving biden's son. remember this october 19th headline from politico saying that the hunter biden story is merely russian disinformation according to dozens of former intel officials? politico now says the justice
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department's interest covered more than taxes. then it was nbc's pathetic misdirection. how fake persona lisa groundwork for hunter biden conspiracy daily spirit of this is their headline today, hunter biden's tax increase focused on chinese students. we shouldn't forget that major assist twitter and facebook gave the campaign by blocking any sharing of that post exclusive on hunter. you have to hand it to these people, they play for keeps. ethics and truth be. they couldn't risk any negative story on biden getting any traction on and october. they lied, and they covered it up. they malign the real reporters are doing their job, and they left american voters in the dark to protect their feeble candidate. now, they expect us to see them as a check on the biden administration? i think we need to fact-check.
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that's the angle. joining me now is dinesh desousa, conservative filmmaker, his films are available on demand. also dave rubin, host of the rubin report. dinesh, a question know it seems to be asking is this, why are the media suddenly comfortable at least to doing cursory reporting on the biden family? >> the reason is that from the media's point of view, there are two agendas at work, and they actually move in opposite directions. at the first agenda, you can call it the biden move-in program, and the second agenda is the biden move out program. it the first move-in program is getting biden into the white house. before the election, no coverage of the biden schedule, even though this was clearly not just about hunter biden, it involved other members of the biden family, the commodity being sold was political axis that came from joe biden himself.
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if the media wanted to make sure that biden got across the finish line, let's cover that one up. now that they think that biden has already gotten over the finish line, it's now time to wound the biden, because the real goal wasn't biden himself. biden was a useful idiot, they're setting up for kamala harris. even before biden gets into the oval office, it's time to start setting his move out date. this me when are they showing biden the door before he's inaugurated? cannot actually be true? i personally think they're never going to get that in check. it's an interesting theory and proposition. >> interesting for sure, look, nancy pelosi was talking about the 25th amendment weeks before the election. at the idea that they are trying to usher income all is possible. you did your intro there, i think from now on when you play clips of cnn and msnbc people, can you put a laugh track and after they say things, because
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these people -- these people are absolutely ridiculous. the part of this i want to focus on is not the sudden announcements that maybe there's something there, it's the part you hit on slightly which is that they ignore the things that go against the narrative. at the idea that people didn't know about hunter's laptop before the election is crazy. you know who knew would bout it question mike we all knew about it. everyone that is right-leaning, those of us that are creatures of the internet, we all knew about this. of the more they ignore, it's fake news. a fake news is simply the headlines don't match the story or it's a complete fabrication -- i would argue that the most nefarious, the most dangerous type of fake news is when something doesn't fit the narrative, so they don't cover it. i'm finding that the more the media won't cover something, the more i'm going, oh, yeah, there's probably something there. >> laura: until dinesh, we
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have major media platforms, social media companies that refuse to post original reporting. who knows given what's going on at facebook and youtube, who knows what' weather will be ablo get information on those big platforms that dave was referencing. >> we now find that the mainstream media and social media kind of works in tandem. very often it's mainstream media that tips off social media to go ahead and to restrict this guy and man that guy. the media has become an instrument not of free's breach but the suppression of free speech. this is happening in a free market. in socialist market, the state controls the media. now we have thousands of journalists, hundreds of media organizations. i'm trying to think, why wasn't there one enterprising reporter at "the sacramento bee" or channel 4 in chicago who said, listen, all of my buddies don't want to cover the biden scandal,
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i will. i will be famous by doing it. even that i knew that if he did it, his career would be rude to bear to think of the regime of conformity that has been implemented across a wide swath of media organizations. it's a really chilling thought when you think about it. >> laura: the thing i think everyone has to keep front and center, how did the bidens get so rich? he spent in public service most of his life, his wife is employed, how are they multimillionaires? what expertise does his son have? how about his brother? >> it's very strange, i remember a couple of years ago people were going crazy because donald trump jr. had a 15 minute lunch or coffee with somebody on the upper east side, people said that was proof that donald trump was working with the russians or something like that. we ran with that, or they ran with that i should say, four days and weeks. how did biden -- biden who has been in public office for 47 years. you make one a couple hundred
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grand a year, i don't begrudge people writing books or whatever they're doing. we know -- it's so profoundly obvious that it's almost idiotic that hunter biden only had the job at burisma because of access to his dad. he had no expertise and he was making major money doing it. it's where they kicking some of it up, i guess we'll find out as more emails drop. at the simple truth is we are in a reality war right now because half of the country, if they won't listen to you right-leaning things will barely see this or will be confused byt or get misinformation on it. at the country will find out the truth, how do you arbitrage those two positions? it's getting harder and harder because what you just talked about with big tech. we are just sort of to the algorithm at this point. >> laura: and gentlemen, thank you so much. at the double standard doesn't just apply to media coverage, but how the leaders of government are used in republicans versus democrats. when democrats like eric
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swalwell are targeted by a foreign intelligence, they get a defensive briefing. but when republicans are targeted, they get prosecutions, allegations, defamation, investigation -- sometimes jail sentences. now, that's a question that's been nagging at my next gas, matt gaetz. they get so my stomach they get double standard or what? >> absolutely, laura. you pointed it out correctly. they always get the benefit of doubt when there is a target of foreign intelligence. when those same assets target republicans, it somehow launches a very biased department of justice and fbi into a tizzy of accusations and an attempt to deplatform conservatives from their government service, even in the case of the impeachment to try to deep platform donald trump from the presidency. here with eric swalwell, we didn't just see the chinese intelligence incursion, they
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were able to place interns in his office. china wins when america is distracted, whether that's distraction into endless wars in the middle east or distracted with this crazy russia hoax that along with adam schiff i would say eric swalwell was the principal advancer of. >> thi>> laura: this is new ton, swallow spoke at the same eventa another spy. that this was posted by a group by christine fang, hosted by eric swalwell and russell lowell who worked for diane feinstein. the fbi had briefed her about the staffer. he left her employment after the fbi briefing. congressman, we have chinese spies infiltrating congressional offices for decades a top senator's office, and paying
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hunter biden a huge amount of money for what? for influence. every level of government here. >> it may have started with eric swalwell and dianne feinstein, but china actually has a plan to screw all americans, hollowing out her middle-class with bad trade deals, stealing intellectual property, i'm troubled that speaker pelosi would leave swalwell on the intelligence committee. what else, are we bringing back anthony weiner to come back for the ethics committee? eric swalwell shouldn't be blamed because he was targeted by chinese intelligence, he should be blames because he should've known better. he should've come to the congress and assisted us in focusing on china and their malign influence rather than just trying to smear the president, undermined the presidency, not for any type of virtuous policy advancement, but for power. you see, that's why the democrats are willing to look
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the other way as to china, because if china is able to help democrat politicians gain power, then they are less -- apt to go after china. it's the one i think it's worse than that. i think a lot of them have artie decided there's no way to beat china. if you can't beat them, join them? i think a lot of them are just assuming that china is going to eclipse are economy, they have a larger army, they are ahead of us in space weaponry, they have developed road initiatives, they have their tentacles in africa, south america, they are on the move everywhere. a lot of these democrats alike, i'll get my piece. i think it's that bad. >> to the end of days, we are fighting for america. i would suggest that chi-merica
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dream has been pushed by both of the parties. it's been a nightmare for innovators and workers alike. we have the ability to be china, we can make things happen all over the world in a way that they cannot at this point in time, but we should not just assume that it's going to stay that way. we have to have the type of focus and discipline that china seems to have. when we see these vulnerabilities, like attacks on our politicians, we've got to shore them up and remember, laura, the first and chided it wasn't fully illegal. they use our existing campaign finance system to bribe american politicians. that ought to tell us a lot about how we need to become more resilient. >> laura: they think we are weak. if they think our political officials will sell us out for very little money. they think we are weak. if they thought trump was strong. they wanted jump out, they were
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giddy when they thought biden was going to win this. trump stood between the united states and chinese advancement. if they know it. i think you are right, congressman. do you have been phenomenal on this issue and standing up for the american worker and businesses that are trying to survive and manufacture. thank you so much for being here tonight. in the middle of a pandemic, a radical court ruling has unleashed a flood of illegal crossings and now border patrol agents are being overwhelmed. why isn't anyone talking about this? chief mark morgan thinks he knows why, and you will not believe the story, next.
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♪ >> laura: speaking of stories, they are now ignoring the crisis unfolding on the southern border. notice we haven't talked about that lately? over the last six months, the number of illegal border crossings by unaccompanied minors has exploded. between april and october, apprehensions of illegal minors skyrocketed 540%. in just six days in november, border agents caught nearly 1,000 unaccompanied minors, that's more than more, and all
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of april. under normal circumstances, this would be a terrible burden on the cbt and our country, but with a pandemic raging this is becoming a nightmare. border agents are getting sick, which puts a strain on manpower. on top of that, their capacity to hold unaccompanied minors has been severely limited due to the social distancing roles with coronavirus. why is this happening? what are they getting ready for? and smarts, border agents have been allowed to quickly expel illegals back to their countries of origin to help limit the spread of covid. do you think that makes sense, right? that ended in november with open borders activists getting judge emmet sullivan, a clinton employee from the michael flynn case to block that very reasonable policy. yes, the same sullivan who has been nagging us on so many cases. in fact, the only reason illegal immigration is up you to some of these folks started coming
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before the ruling, what else could have contributed? >> within 100 days, which is sent to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people. they will be no deportations in the first hundred days of my campaign. >> let me get that right, you're going to freeze deportations? >> freeze deportations. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [applause] >> laura: joining me now is cbt commissioner mark morgan, commissioner morgan, this is not surprising to those of us who have focused on and covered and been down to the border. there's a lot of carrots being dangled. because that's absolutely right. we anticipated what's happening. both from covid-19, worsening economic conditions, not just in central americans, but northern hemisphere. what's a driving factor?
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economics. we saw the numbers steadily going up, but here's what we're seeing now. you need to understand, this is unequivocally what's happening is that there is now a belief, a presumption, whatever adjective you want to use that with the new administration coming and if that happens is all borders are going to be wide open. you just showed clips -- that's only a smidgen of what new administration's policy are going to be pure to stop deportation. they're going to stop migrant protection protocols that remain in mexico that ended. another quick stat is in 2019, the cdp alone, we released 230,000 illegal aliens into this country because of this administration, networks of policies, that was under 1,000. what is now being said about the critics and potential new administration, they are going to undo all that. that's what's driving the new wave of illegal immigration.
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>> laura: mexico governor michelle lujan gershon, she is actually siding the problem at the border and the pg this all together as one issue. she thinks it requires that we do lockdowns. watch. >> this fires out of control in the country, what happens in texas and arizona, what happens at the border, happens in new mexico. at this is the problem without having a federal framework to actively combat this pandemic, states are in this roller coaster mode, and it is untenable. >> laura: so you're going to have a lock down in the united states, but an open border to ourselves? how does that make any sense? >> you set it in her opening, come on, it just defies common sense. it just like judge sullivan's order, it's a dangerous order,
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it defies common sense. think about this, and these individuals including the unaccompanied miles, minors, there and stash houses, overcrowded, unsanitary, all of those active covid petri dishes. their own stats that we have to refer them to, they said of the unaccompanied minors they've encountered, 11.6 of those have tested positive for covid. this is a real threat. cdp agents, i've had over 4,000 agents and officers test positive for covid. i've had 17 -- >> laura: open borders activists, most of them radical democrats, not even radical democrats, they don't care what happens to these agents, they don't care what happens the american worker. this is about america last, open borders, if you have lower wages, if you can't get a job in the construction agency, if you can't get a job in the landscaping business, too bad. the principle of open borders
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trumps a pandemic, a virus that everyone is supposed to be locked down to avoid getting or get a vaccine, how seriously do we take their fear about the virus if we have open borders? >> you are spot on. because of this, we've been able to prevent 230,000 illegal immigrants from being introduced into the united states. 230,000. you can't tell me that that did not save countless american lives. now you have judges like judge sullivan trying to throw it away. > laura: sullivan has been a train like both on the flynn case and on this. we are just getting started. mr. morgan, i'm glad we tackled this issue tonight. we will be on this for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. president trump is joining texas' bid to get scotus to
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weigh in on the validity of the election. johnny eastman the legal scholar who authored the legal brief joins me next. where does it go? stay with us.
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>> laura: we told you the 20/20 election case to watch is one texas filed against for other states. president trump joined the sioux asking the high court in a legal brief to issue a declared that they have violated the constitution by conducting the elections according to unauthorized rules created by officials in court, rather than pre-existing requirements of state law. trump also asked the supreme court to further direct the defendants states to review their election and to count only cast ballots, and thereby determine who truly won the contest for the president of the united states. the words i just read were
7:38 pm
submitted, written by my next jest, john eastman. senior fellow in constitutional scholar, john, what did you see in this lawsuit that perhaps put it in a better stead than some of the others that have been filed and not been successful? >> a lot of the other cases are dealing with claims of fraud and huge burdens of proof on evidence because a lot of the data that you need to prove the fraud has been destroyed or the ballots have been separated from the envelopes. the question here is, the violations of state law -- when the only body of government authorized to change state law is the legislature, that's directly from the article two of the constitution, if they violated these laws, and each of these four state they clearly did. i mean, there's directives
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written from the secretary's of state of pennsylvania to ignore certain state laws. of those state laws are designed to protect against fraud. when they violate the state laws, that actually is an evidentiary basis changes the burden of proof it is not any longer the burden to prove fraud, it's the burden to prove on their side that there wasn't fraud because at the very statutes that were put in place they deliberately violated. >> laura: this case is about protecting and upholding the constitution. people say it's all about trump, it's all about trump now because that's this case. it also has implications far beyond the outcome of this current election. >> it does. article two says the legislature gets to pick out the electors are going to be chosen. they select the manner for choosing electors. a good part of our history, state legislatures chose the electors themselves. the supreme court said once the
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state legislature makes the decision to have the electors chosen by popular vote, than the right to vote is fundamental as long as it's done in accord with the statutes that are in place. here, they were not done in an cord with statutes in place. in wisconsin for example, they got a very specific requirement of voter i.d. if they have an exemption for that requirement for people who are indefinitely confined to nursing homes are cut hospitals. with the secretary of state did there he said, we are going to let anybody claim they are indefinitely confined so they can get absentee ballots and vote without to prove i.d. that's a massive protection of fraud that the secretary of state unilaterally got rid of. those are the kind of things that we are seeing come here. >> laura: in response to that of the texas lawsuit, pennsylvania's attorney general is asking the court to send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated and referred to these lawsuit as seditious.
7:41 pm
your response to that? >> it's over-the-top. if you want to talk about seditious, our state department state department and the united nations have rules about foreign elections that are deemed invalid if observers are not allowed to watch every bit of the process. that happens regularly and some of the key democrats strongholds in pennsylvania. we are violating our own state department guidelines on what's a valid election. at this attorney general saying what texas is doing his seditious question mike it's nonsense. hopefully the supreme court is going to take this seriously. at the texas suit has merit. i think it bolsters significantly by president trump weighing in. now, 18 other states have weighed in and support of texas as well. this is a very significant litigation matter. i'm very confident that supreme court is taking it. seriously tonight. >> today, 106 members of the house g.o.p. filed a in support
7:42 pm
of the lawsuit. it john, you will be devastated to know that didn't sit well with cnn's jake tapper. >> i'm stunned. more than half the republicans in the house have signed on to this lawsuit that legal experts, conservative experts have said is a garbage lawsuit, is insane, would set horrific precedents, absolutely on democratic. the one that was the same guy who is downplaying the hunter biden stuff, to question mike maybe i'm wrong here. undemocratic >> what's undemocratic was casting votes that were illegally cast. counting legal votes is a felo felony. that's what's undemocratic. we've got evidence, both the statistical and hard evidence. in numbers large enough to affect the outcome. we need to get to the bottom of
7:43 pm
that. just be one of when are we going to know? >> supreme court will probably let us know i guess tomorrow whether they're going to take the case or not, and then we'll see if they do take it what their briefing schedule is and how they think they can manage this. >> laura: wow. it may be one of you will be arguing in court on monday. that would be quick. john, thank you so much. earlier this week we got a huge reaction from her expose on the effort to shut down pornhub. it's a site that gives a platform to child exploitation and violence against women. it tonight, we have an important update to bring you, do not go away.
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>> laura: earlier this week we introduced you to the movement to shutdown the the website called pornhub. the big news today is that visa and mastercard announced that they would no longer process payments for the site. that's a good first step, but that's nearl not nearly enough t caters to and other sickos and depictions of violence against women's, sexualization of our young people. the fact is, if you didn't know
7:49 pm
this, pornhub is a massive enterprise. it draws in millions of viewers every single day, and nearly 7 million videos are posted on site every year. going to take a massive effort left and right coming together to make a dent against this depraved spirited knockout abused west demanded that pornhub remove videos depicting strangulation, choking, plastic bag suffocation, women being hit, brutalized, and tortured, women looking younger than 18 and videos in the teenage category, verbal abuse, humiliation, degradation, torture and rate. end. in the recent report on this, joining me now is gail dime, president of culture reframed, author, she's done incredible work over the years on this
7:50 pm
issue. in response to all this scrutiny, be 16 says it's taken steps to address the child issue on its site, but you are saying we should not believe them, why? >> just before the show started, i looked at categories to see if they've taken any down. for example, there is thousands of videos with the word stepdaughter in them or stepson or stepbrother, and this is where they hide those videos that support videos. also they have teen and young looking. it's all just a basic p.r. job to say that we got to jay's dominic change the spirit what you just described about violence, they take all of those things down, there'd be nothing left on the website. it would be completely empty. it pornography is based on violence against women and the
7:51 pm
dehumanization and degradation of women and children. that's what pornography is. >> their winks and nods throughout not only the pornhub website, but in their marketing of pornhub to, those who would commit acts of violence, sexual violence against children. they blow it up as you being prudish, this is all in good fun, but i think most americans hear this and they -- they want to go throw up. if they can't believe that this is allowed, and they can't bleed that major corporations have allowed payments to be made on the systems for videos on this website. >> so many american men are using pornography and are using pornhub, they know what's out there. i think it would be less of a shock when you are actually saying it would be. also, just one important thing,
7:52 pm
it's not so much just attracti attracting, new research it is coming out that shows that men who are using pornography actually get desensitized and develop a interest in children due to boredom and dissent is isolation when they you wouldn't have had they not gotten into it. is worse because what they're doing is expanding the amount of men who are potential predators of children. i myself interviewed eight mind that in prison, all of who were in for downloading this, one of stomach that one of them was up and i appeared they are all addicts, if you're not a, why did you rate a child? they got bored. they wanted something else. they got bored, this is what male privilege about. they get bored, so they destroy lives. >> laura: it takes your breath away. thank you for pointing out that distinction, gail. late-night comics have kind of
7:53 pm
laughed a lot of this off and the weight that they've discussed this issue, i think it's important that we play how this is become a big joke to some of them. watch. >> pornhub offers free snow move oh two people in boston and new jersey, they cleared your sidewalk, your driveway, and your browser history. to speak of the coronavirus may cause millions of people around the world to have to self-quarantine at home. pornhub said we are ready. >> pornhub has been raising money for good causes. they use your searches to get you involved in a cause, which is genius. >> laura: ingenious? gail question mike >> is often the punch line in a joke, let me tell you that feminists have never seen pornography as a joke. we're the first group to see that this is causing harm against women, that basically
7:54 pm
reinforces women's subjugation as a class, and the immense patriarchal audiology men's minds. we never thought it was a joke. we've laid the groundwork for all of this. and now, when i look back at what got me into this and how i started being an activist against born, i'm actually in a bizarre -- it's unbelievable what you can now access. within five seconds on pornhub. >> laura: we have to go, we are not letting go of this issue. thank you so much for being here tonight. we should say that they have a protest every friday at 11:00 a.m. at the pornhub offices in los angeles. to check it out. >> their reputation, their insight, your advantage.
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fighting cancer doesn't start here. fighting cancer starts with you. covid has devastated our funding for lifesaving research. help us help patients. donate today. >> laura: if you thought taking that covid vaccine might get you back to normal, doctor how she has some disturbing news. it's because just because you're
8:00 pm
protected, so-called protected e vaccine, you need to remember that you could be prevented from getting clinical disease and still have the virus that is in your nasopharynx because you can get infected. we are not sure at this point that the vaccine protects you against getting infected. >> laura: that's reassuring. nasopharynx five times fast -- we are going to get a lot more into this, the vaccine issue tomorrow night. shannon bream, the fox news at 19, take it up from here. shannon, you say nasopharynx fast five times? we want to know, but i can say, do not take away our hope. we've all been led to believe that vaccine will give us our lives back. we will listen to what you have to say about that tomorrow. people need the hope. develop mince on three big stories, we are tra


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