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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 11, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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she is full of it. she has locked down all common sense. imagine if a republican had said anything like that. that's all the time we have, shannon bream and the fabulous fox news at 19, take it all from here. have a great weekend. ♪ hi>> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream and washington. a breaking tonight, the food and drug administration granted emergency approval of the covid-19 vaccine at literally any moment by the server will begin distribution of the first vaccine in the united states. marc siegel standing by live to tell is how it works, plus he's going to answer questions about what the vaccine affects the dna infertility. clears the way for millions date doses to get out through to a spirit of the governments were
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woke with the federal government and pfizer to determine how much goes out and to whom. we will hear from texas lieutenant government dan patrick on his estate play print and call for a monumental achievement for american manufacturing and optimism and a moment of great peril >> today's achievement is a reminder of america's unlimited potential when we have the will and the courage to pursue ambitious goals. i was upset from the beginning, a vaccine will vanquish the virus and returned life back to normal. at the pandemic may have begun in china, but we are ending it right here in america. >> shannon: we also have breaking news on the hunter biden front with fox news getting the first public comments from joe biden on his sons tax affairs investigation. plus, new developments in the investigation. first, white house correspondent kevin corke starts itself with the crowning achievement of operation works, quartz b.
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>> no doubt about that, fantastic news. an initial shipment of 3 million doses of that vaccine will be sent over the u.s. over the next week. as he can well imagine, president trump absolutely couldn't wait to share the good news. >> i have really good news. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle. we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months. this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. it will save millions of lives and ends the pandemic once and for all. to speak at once and for all. the authorization means of millions of highly vulnerable people will begin receiving the vaccine within days. it's a historic turning point in a pandemic that's taken more than 290,000 lives right here in the u.s. that decision also means the u.s. become the sixth country in the world to clear the vaccine for use. if the action also follows an extraordinary sequence of events
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today white house chief of staff mark meadows told fda commissioner stephen hahn to get the emergency approval finished or start looking for a new job. he denied that report, but the president certainly seem to put his thumb on the scales earlier this evening writing this on twitter "get the vaccines out now, dr. spear to stop playing games and start saving lives." administration officials believe is 100 million doses will be administered by spring. that's a belief that could be challenged however by sweeping new policies by an increasingly likely incoming biotin administration. at the supreme court rejected the texas challenge targeting georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin claiming unconstitutional changes to voting laws and disenfranchisement of texas voters. if the high court ruled that texas has not demonstrated judicious delete cognizable interest in which the matter of
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the other states conduct its elections. it texas didn't have the standing to bring the case against other states regardless of any potential evidence. this is the latest fox news survey finds nearly seven into ten, 68% of republicans believe the election was stolen from president trump. that is undoubtedly a feeling that is likely not changing anytime soon, especially as we uncover more instances of voting irregularities in the many court cases that are out there and pending. shannon. >> shannon: we are tracking them because they are in a number of states. some of them are playing out this weekend as well. we will stay on it, we know you will too. thank you kevin. as a country anxiously awaits the first batch of the now approved for emergency use covid-19 vaccine, the states are to varying degrees ready to begin distribution of the pfizer vaccine. let's discuss that. texas lieutenant governor dan
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patrick, good to have you back. >> hi shannon, we are ready to go. we've been ready to go. >> shannon: how does this work in texas? you have to have a plan, what's yours? >> we have been really putting our plan in place for about five months. we have over 7,000 facilitators, those who are going to give the vaccination, working with partners across the state. as we get these doses we expect about 1.4 million before this month ends, several million more in the month of january, and to remember because it's too doses, if you have a total of 4 million, that means you can take care of 2 million patience. where going to start with tier one, that's our hospitals, our nursing homes, the nursing home residents, are essential workers on the front lines, our first responders, police, firefighters, emts, i want to get it out to teachers is well. if we are ready to go in texas. shannon, it's just a miracle.
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it is a true miracle. it would've never happened without great scientists without the world, but without the leadership of the president. the president pushed through his business sense of bringing people together, ordering doses in advance and saying, get the job done. the president gets the bottom line credit for this, and had this been announced six weeks ago, he would be president for another four years i believe. >> shannon: i would hope that tonight people regardless of whether your political or not, whatever party you belong to, wherever you like or hate, this is just a moment to celebrate america and the scientists and researchers who undoubtedly have spent a lot of time away from their family and friends and any kind of life probably working around the clock to get these things done. at the fact that this could be done within a matter of months, it feels like a moment that everybody should be celebrating. >> we should celebrate without question. put this in comparison -- we still don't have a vaccine for hiv, that's been decades. the closest that i'm aware of
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that we've ever come up with a vaccine for a disease or a virus was the mumps, that took us four years when that came about. this is warp speed, as the president said. we give all credit to the doctors and scientists, but it took a leader. he let on this, and i hope that america remembers i don't think we'd have it today, not at this juncture, without him. >> shannon: yeah, as you said it's a miracle. there's a lot of hard work, too. it not good news for the folks there in texas who are supporting this supreme court lawsuit involving a number of other states. it was tossed today. if this is what the attorney general in pennsylvania to say, just appear, because they were one of the states that texas was going after. he says, scotus, saw through this seditious abuse of judicial rockets, and its swift denial
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should make anyone contemplating further attack on our election think twice. if there are several state issues pending out there come a couple of emergency appeals coming in the next hours or so, what do you make of that? he says it's a warning that you should stop these attacks on the election. >> i'm not paying attention to the people in pennsylvania who usurped the role of the legislature and created their own rules at the state level and other levels, at the court level, to go against what the legislature had said should be done. i think that was the real issue, our attorney general was pushing. of these states went beyond what the law, it went beyond the constitution. if they overrode with the legislation was, what the law was. the democrats have no one to blame but themselves for all of this suspicion, because they brought it upon themselves. they counted votes in the dark, they wouldn't let monitors then to look over their shoulders to see if the ballots were correct, the math doesn't work when you
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increase mail in ballots four and five folds, but the percentage of votes that were thrown out because they weren't registered in the state, whatever the mistakes have been made actually decreased, that just doesn't make any sense. the four states, the keys for states that looks like he will lose, they waited until they found out in the eyes of many people how many votes they needed. look at texas florida and ohio, we didn't have any problem counting our mail-in ballots, and we've had more than anyone because we have the most voters. we have 11 and a half million voters. we were able to count all of them. >> shannon: we know every state does this differently of when they can start counting those ballots and everything else. it may be the states that were able to rack up quickly can give some pointers to other states and maybe there some good points there. also today 36% of voters have some doubt and think the election was stolen from the president. it for now, the legal action at scotus is done.
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we wish you the best with it. >> i have great doubt, and i wish they would've held it on its merits, and they didn't -- we haven't gotten any court judge this on its merits, and i think that's disturbing for many people in america. >> shannon: we will continue to track those live controversies that are still out there. if they are still trickling along. great to have you, have a wonderful weekend. first direct response from any kind about the federal investigation into his sons tax and financial affairs. >> did hunter bite and a crime? have you spoken to your son mr. president-elect? >> i'm proud of my son. >> shannon: despite the taxpayer-funded transition team sending out hunters statement, no one was called on the transition team asked about the news. mike emanuel has the specifics
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for us tonight. >> i'm sure we'll hear more about it. hunter biting will have to stand on the merits of his case. >> at the time when any lawmakers are scared about the influence of china's influence on the next administration. >> we may only be -- we're looking at the tip of the iceberg. >> former hunter biting business partner says he had to face two face-to-face meetings with the joe biden in 2017 after his time as vice president. bob linsky says joe biden was trying to fit convince them to go into business as ceo of adventure with with a chinese energy company. to speak on the night of may 2n, why would joe biden take time of his schedule to sit down with me to have a discussion about his family and my family and do business at a very high level? >> attorney general bill barr reports he knew about these investigations looking into the business and financial dealings since the spring for it he worked to keep the probes out of public view during the election.
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a spokeswomen declined to comment, bar signaled in may he wanted the criminal justice system to just stay out of partisan politics. >> it's critical that we have an election where the american people are allowed to make the decision. we cannot allow this process to be hijacked by efforts to drum up criminal investigations of either candidate. >> a key ally president trump said that was unfair. >> ag barr, the excuse will be we didn't want to influence the election. do you know what you did? you influence the election by suppressing very important investigations. >> a biting campaign surrogate said the attorney general acted properly. >> he was following the rules of the department of justice. >> some republicans are calling for a special counsel to investigate these biden family business dealings. expressing concern, the next president's attorney general would not be able to do it
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fairly and worried that u.s. attorneys taking into these matters could be replaced. shannon. we want to mike emanuel thank you. mainstream media and social media both playing catching up tonight on the federal investigation into hunter biden. those institutions are being accused of waging a censorship campaign in the final days of the presidential campaign. details now from fox news media analyst and host of foxy media buzz, howard kern. to speak of "the new york post" broke the story about hunter biden's laptop, many ignored or played on the allegations. mpr even said, we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories. others dismissed it as meddling by moscow. >> basically functioning as a russian asset by pushing russian disinformation. >> he had said this entire thing is so obviously a russian pot, it is to me, and i wasn't even an ambassador to the russian
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federation. >> fox news 2:00 for following up with 8x biden business partner for an attempt to deal in china. >> he talked with talk with carlson about his face-to-face interactions with joe biden. >> when i asked candidate biden against the story. >> it's another smear path and, camping. now the press is taking the foreign deal more seriously after he confirmed in a biden transition statement that the justice department is investigating his taxes. president-elect son acted legally even after some history of unpaid taxes. even now, the story getting more airtime on msnbc and cnn. to some news organizations are being more aggressive. at "the new york times" said today this is a no win situation for joe biden that could range from a distraction to legally peerless. if one important distinction, the question during the campaign
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was whether joe biden was involved in business activities and to "the wall street journal" found no evidence of that. as the probe intensifies, the media's challenge is to hold the biden family to the same journalistic standard as with president trump and his childr children. >> shannon: and thank you so much. has republican lawmakers call for an examination of chinese influence on members of congress, were taking a closer look at how insidious that influence is inside and outside of government circles. we are investigating that. good evening we went. >> good evening to you. breaking tonight, eric swalwell, a member of the house intelligence committee now faces calls for a house ethics investigation into his behavior. whether a chinese buying operation turned into a honey trap. he says he didn't do anything wrong. >> are you concerned that you shared any information with this person before you were notified by the fbi? >> i know that i didn't. >> it appears speeds
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relationship with accused chinese spy is deeper than first thought. the daily call reported that swalwell spoke alongside another accused chinese spy at a 2013 lunar new year celebration. that event was organized by fang. jason miller tweeted the story, swalwell tweeted back from his official account just a reminder, pay your child support, kids shouldn't go hungry because dad is a deadbeat. to feed them for the holidays. republican congressman michael waltz says the chinese threat is growing. >> look, this is the tip of the iceberg at this point. the united states over the last decade is a wash with the chinese communist party money. it is in sports programs with nba, it's in hollywood, look at the disney mulan scandal. >> axes broke the news in 2011 to 2015 of fang spying including
8:17 pm
political fund-raising and placing an intern in the office. it's because they're operating in washington, d.c., and at the consulates in san francisco and new york and not dominic los angeles. it they are ruthlessly focused n conducting espionage in this country. just because democrats are standing behind swalwell. so far there is nothing more than insinuations against him. he ethics complaint no stomach, allowing an international spy to form a close relationship with a member of congress and allowing decisions to be influenced by a chinese national does not reflect critically on the house. >> shannon: thanks for digging in, great to see you. the office of st. louis circuit attorney has been disqualified from the prosecution of charges against mark mccloskey. remember, he and his wife
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patricia famously confronted protesters outside of their home back in june. a judge in st. louis reroute that emails' gardener sent soliciting campaign contributions before and after issuing charges against the couple demonstrated she had a personal interest in the case, and that's what they mccloskey right to a fair trial at risk. risk. patricia mccloskey's case is pending with a different judge. they will petition that judge to also adopt that order from prosecuting her. in california, the orange county sheriff's office reporting tonight that due to a court order in a case about covid-19 and county jails, it's likely that more than 1800 inmates will be released back into the community. sheriff don burns as many of these inmates are in pretrial status for or have already been convicted of violent crimes. calls on the hill for an ethics investigation into eric swalwell with former, and i once again, incoming republican congressmen has to say on that. if he's alive, next
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>> shannon: twin bombshells knocking the clinical world. hunter biden under investigation and california congressman eric swalwell linked to its chinese swine dominic spy. good to have you back. >> good to be back. you know, when i served with eric swalwell before, you know, he was a younger member, more junior member. during that period back of time that's being reported, he was rising through the ranks, and of course like i had done before, joined the select intelligence committee which puts him in a position of having the most sensitive information that anyone in congress ties. >> shannon: i want to play something from another
8:24 pm
relatively new member of congress, congress must tell mike to my congressman michael waltz good he is what he said about the issue of chinese infiltration in the u.s. >> this is the tip of the iceberg at this point. it's been a year on the china task force, and it's in our university's students, research institutions, we really need to get a handle on this. >> shannon: how would you assess the threat from china? >> as congressman walsh said, it's accurate, it's one of the things you get briefed on almost immediately when you enter the intel committee is that china has a three-tiered program. they have professional spies, they have their various companies that they send over that act like spies, and then they have a network of tens of thousands of students who are in fact interrogated when they go home from the summer and whose families are still in china.
8:25 pm
you put that altogether, it's not just a few spies, it's hundreds of thousands of people that act like spies that are coordinated by china. it's aggressive, it isn't just looking at government, it's also looking at every part of our enterprise, every part of our business operations. >> let's turn to that other story making a lot of headlines this week. hunter biden, they made plans at fox news and a couple of other media outlets weeks ago when we are told it's not a real story, it's fresh and disinformation, it's embarrassing if your media organization and you're following it. here's what senator chuck grassley had to say about the fact that there are many other outlets now awaking to the fact that there are legitimate investigations ongoing. >> we showed our work, and we made our findings very public, but the liberal media and members of the other political parties chose to dismiss our
8:26 pm
work. it even claim that our work was filled with disinformation. you can understand why i think very outrageous that the state would choose to ignore facts when they are uncovered by republicans. >> shannon: it's senator grassley will get any apologies? >> he won't get an apology. the double standard, and you pointed this out earlier in the show, if this had been donald trump or eric trump or ivanka making millions in an area that they weren't qualified in, working specifically, if you will, for countries that are being overseen by their father everyone would have been all over it in the media saying there's no way you can babies millions to someone who lacks qualifications except through wrongdoing. it they didn't want to cover, they said there's no story, when clearly there is.
8:27 pm
three when i want to play flash back to what folks are saying a few weeks ago of what we now know as factual. >> russian disinformation. a foreign disinformation, even campaign disinformation. >> when there's a "new york post" article that's false, it's much better for twitter to let people read read "the new york post" article and sit there and to laugh at the hokey story of a computer repairman looking at a computer going, this sure does look suspicious to me. i'm going to call rudy giuliani. let that out. >> for all we know, these emails are made up or he may be some are real and others are fake, we don't know. we do know that this is a classic example of the right wing media. >> shannon: there's a lot we still don't know, there are ongoing investigations. do you think that the media in those cases and some others actually benefited joe biden in
8:28 pm
the selection because of how they mocked the possibility that this was a real story? >> absolutely. it's exactly that sort of tainting of the reporting where they don't just say, here's something. they say, here's something, and this is why it's discredited. they had reported that was reported and done straight, we could all be perfectly fine. they clearly editorialized in a way that caused people to think that there was no thing there, when there is a big one day. both in humans that are reporting about hunter biden's misconduct, and what was found in emails on his computer. the one we still await a lot of answers in these multiple investigations going on now involving him. we are all innocent until proven guilty. we will check it. great to have you with us. we will see you here. with the pfizer vaccine now
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let's end the year deliciously. ♪ >> shannon: encouraging news this friday night, the fda authorization beating millions of doses of pfizer vaccine can start being distributed nationwide. the created of the pfizer biotech vaccine just spoke with fox news. >> we know we have a solution. if we know that the can produce many vaccines, we know there many other vaccines which have shown efficacy. we should be confident that we should be able to control this disease and pandemic. it's because that's encouraging. bit of the good news comes as ty continue to face lockdowns. many scraping by trying to survive. let's talk about both of these issues tonight.
8:34 pm
author of covid, the politics of fear and the power of science, dr. marc siegel. welcome to you both. good to have you. okay so we have good news tonight. you heard there, the world could be back to normal by next summer. that's a long time for you as you await further help. if they've not put together another covid release package here in d.c. you'd have to tells how you're doing, and can you survive the weight? >> we've closed our brick-and-mortar permanently, and have pivoted to being able to offer classes and connection online in the virtual world. i know we will survive, but this is been catastrophic for us. not just us small businesses in general. >> shannon: you have employees, and the rent you are playing at that brick and mortar store, that's a -- that's a landlord who got a mortgage to pay. is there such a ripple effect for all of this.
8:35 pm
do you worry about the broader impact in your community and the people you've employed? >> absolutely we went from having ten employees to four of us. that's a big shift. everything does ripple out and have an impact for every single person. micro-businesses are struggling, and what will be left for them, i'm really worried. >> shannon: while they continue to dillydally on getting a covid package done, dr. siegel, amazing news tonight that it within a matter of months, vaccine is about to roll out. i want to ask you about the common questions out there. i'm sure you're hearing this, and they want you to be able to address these four viewers. a fact versus fiction, can the vaccine alter your dna, affect fertility, or does it contain live covid-19 backs virus that presents a risk? >> all of those are know. it doesn't get inside your cell,
8:36 pm
it doesn't affect your dna, it has no issue with genetics, it's been given successfully to thousands of pregnant women. it doesn't affect pregnant women as far as we know, or fetuses. it doesn't affect fertility at all. what was the third question? remind me. >> shannon: is there live it virus in here that could end up infecting someone with covid? >> absolutely not. it's not even the virus itself, it's just that the body is told to make the viruses spike protein, which causes an immune response. there's no virus in there whatsoever. the side effects you are feeling if you get fatigue or headache from the vaccine is simply your immune system revving up over the first 24 hours. >> shannon: the doctor, what do you make of the different projections we hear. we have this talk that it's possible. they say, you could go within a few months. they say end of february into march to see it reach walmart
8:37 pm
and get your vaccination like you would a flu shot. it is that optimistic or is that a realistic timeline? >> when we added them a dharna vaccine to the picture, that doesn't have to be kept this cold, we are going to see that. the question that remains is if it decreases transmissibility. it in other words, you less likely to get it if you're next to someone who has been vaccinated. if the answer to that is almost definitely going to be yes. of you know what chanting, the united states military has played an unprecedented role here in terms of deploying this vaccine. i spoke about it today, all eight divisions of the military involved. they're all involved in distribution and logistics, in charge of this it at military is really efficient. at this going to happen as predicted. you're going to see 20 million people vaccinated by the end of the year as they are saying and on into the spring probably over 100 million. that will slow the pandemic
8:38 pm
medically, hopefully those businesses will all reopen. >> shannon: it yet. to that point, i know you talked about at one point, i was reading in the notes that you tried to reopen and people were fearful of coming back. whether it's a fitness studio or a movie theater, whatever the businesses, it doesn't matter if you reopen if people are still fearful. are you hopeful that once this vaccine gets out and starts making its way around that it may improve the ability that people have to have a security and feeling of coming back? >> isn't that what we all hope for? is that we have some sense of normality that comes back to us. right now, there's so much that's unknown, and they're so much beer going around everything that i think it will still take time even once the vaccine is available for the public. it >> shannon: i know doing work remotely and being able to get people fitness that they ne, that's good for her mental health as well. we wish you all the best as you
8:39 pm
continue in a new format with your business. dr. siegel, thank you for your expertise appeared hopefully that answers some question people have about the vaccine. thank you both. new developments tonight regarding the family at the center of the ride health autonomous zone protest in portland, oregon, now dragging into a fourth day. we are told expanding to multiple blocks. according to reporting by oregon public podcasting, they say tonight the kenny family owns a second home in portland and the family members evicted from the red house are living at that second tome which is less than e activists are encamped protesting the families of action. we will stay on that story. can you employ or restrict your travel plans? night court convenes next, you are the journey. a stick around some hot cocoa?
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8:44 pm
whether or not to travel this christmas season, the decision often comes down to getting or spreading the coronavirus. as you consider booking that fight to see family, can your employer tell you can't go? robert patel, alex curry, welcome back you two let's start here with exhibit eight, the wall street journey are. your boss can restrict your holiday plans and the pandemic. it varies by state, but if it's a matter of protecting the safety of the workplace, employees can also discipline workers for what they do during off hours. that could include if workers don't disclose potential exposure to the virus and return to the workplace without quarantining after personal travel or attending large celebrations. robert? the guy think that's ridiculous. most states have laws that protect individual autonomy and freedom. we do want everyone to follow
8:45 pm
the public health protocols, do what is best, were in this together to stop the spread and everything else. at the idea of employers being able to restrict who you are during off work hours, that's more akin to serfdom than to an employee or employer relationship. i don't think that will survive any challenge in federal court. >> shannon: serfdom, you don't hear that often in 2020. a very good use of it. fisher phillips is a big labor and employment law for good they say some states prohibit employers from interfering with employees lawful off-duty conduct. it's possible a court could apply these protections to other lawful off-duty conduct including engaging in personal travel. >> that's true, it could depend on jurisdiction as well as your employment contract. it generally speaking, an employer does have the right to put some restrictions on their employees as long as they're not
8:46 pm
discriminatory. they can't treat different protected groups differently. for example, based on race,, religion. a problematic restriction over the holidays would be if you're christian, you can go to church on christmas, but other groups of faith wouldn't be allowed to house u their house of worship. i think that's a liability problems for their employers, other questions of if they could be sued if there's a covid outbreak at their place and employment. there are also under scrutiny from state and local government. they are wanting to make sure they prevent any sort of fines or having to be shut down. >> shannon: we want to go to case number two. this is about -- i think she's a principal. she was fired from her job. she says she was a principle -- she says this was about means she was posting on her personal social media. here is amy sachs talking about what happened. >> there were literally -- right
8:47 pm
of center political posts that really showcased the absurdity that was going on at the time. one meme specifically had biden's name and it, and that was definitely offensive to somebody. >> shannonthe one i was exhibitw on the screen, this is a potato come at this potato was running against joe biden i would vote for the potato. robert? >> let's understand they're using that particular meme as an example, but there were multiple complaints from parents and from other school officials saying that she was posting things that were both offensive and racist, vulgar, she was apparently spoken to by people on the school board several times and continue to do these things. it when you are principal, you have a higher scrutiny, you have a higher standard of care. all of us know that our social media is part our public persona. when you're posting things that are offensive, racist, vulgar, any other sort of way, you know
8:48 pm
there can be disciplinary action behind it. they are within their to terminate somebody for exhibiting poor judgment by an educator to think that you are some kind of cable news commentator instead of a principal. >> shannon: let's go to the daily mail, my favorite legal resource. if this is what they had to say about the case. she said she was mysteriously removed with little explanation suggesting the district superintendents and sector because he found her posting unprofessional and believed her to be racist. alex, you heard what robert had to say. it this is the way they viewed her post. if they felt justified in letting her go over that. >> that's their defense. she's a public school teacher, it's her personal facebook page, she has that right. in fact, there's a famous supreme court case we learned about in the law school in 1968 where a public school teacher wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper critical of
8:49 pm
her school board and that your use of funding. as a result, she was terminated. as she took her case to the supreme court and they whirled for her and said public school teachers do not forfeit their first amendment right to free speech. i think it's a here would have a great 50-year-old preston 2.2 in her case. >> shannon: alex and robert, you have made your wonderful arguments tonight. let us know, use the #nightcourt. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: new york governor cuomo banning and/or dining again. how much do restaurants contribute to the spread of the coronavirus? we've got data for you, next. ♪
8:50 pm
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>> shannon: like many small businesses across the nation, new york city restaurants have been locked in a months long struggle to survive. correspondent lauren green shows us how tired that situation is and how it's about to get even worse. good evening, lauren. >> good evening, shannon. at some new york restaurant owners are warning that these restrictions could cripple an industry that's already struggling and cause holiday season layoffs. it was more, they say they're not the culprits between del mcbee had these new covid cases. they've been struggling during
8:54 pm
covid's shutdowns, and eye of a ride in covid cases and hospitalizations, andrew cuomo announced bands on indoor dining starting monday. >> we've made strides on indoor dining by the restrictions we put in place in the safety protocols we put in place. it is still an issue, but it's much better than it was created >> for the last few months, many restaurants adapted to restricted indoor seating by creating unique outdoor areas and spilled onto the sidewalks and streets. the combination kept many a float during warmer days. it was a long time, outdoor seating won't be enough. a strong stewart says for many of his fellow owners it may mean the end of their businesses. >> it's abysmal. i have a lot of friends were in the higher end restaurant game, and today are really staring down the pipe. >> new york city, was the epicenter of covid's shadow now has a covid rate of 5% and
8:55 pm
rising. restaurant owners are saying they are not the culprits. of all of the state new cases, 1.34% are caused by bars and restaurants. the overwhelming majority, 73% are from private indoor gatherings. take out has been a godsend, but not a permanent solution if people can't dine in. >> we use heaters, we built a shed in the street, it was successful, but a lot of the seating we relied on in the summer months is going to be out of commission. >> things will get worse before they get better. unemployment claims have spiked their highest since september. experts predict they will continue to increase. >> shannon: a lauren green in new york, thank you so much. is some good news before we say good night. at a pittsburgh couple celebrating two big milestones. recovering from covid-19, and their 70th wedding anniversary. stephen murray or linda have been married since september 2nd 1950. her symptoms were mild, his, he
8:56 pm
was in the hospital for dehydration. with support, they have fully recorderecovered and they are bk together. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ to your friends... your family... to your teachers. in that spirit of giving, chevy's proud to give our employee discount to everyone. the chevy price you pay, what we pay. not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. been there, done that. twice your cousin. from boston. karen, i'm just gonna say what everyone here is thinking. you look smokin. total smokeshow. and they never did find his finger. they had to close the pool for like an hour. ♪ i brought a date. name's sam. dig in.
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