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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 12, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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jon: grover you go that's how fox reports this saturday, december 12th, 2020, i'm jon scott thanks for watching, i'll see you again right back here. ♪
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>> we all know philadelphia is the birthplace of the country that's where the declaration of independence was written, that's where the constitution was written. it is a very were important battle ground state. and the democrats wanted to make sure that in 2020, he came out for biden. because in 2016 it came out for trump. what am i talking about? you hear this phrase systemic fraud no evidence of systemic fraud you see interviewing officials of various state government saying there's no fraud whatsoever. let me ask you a question, 14 months nothing the state of pennsylvania, if you had voted by mail-in ballot, it would have been discarded. it is that mail-in ballot had been counted that would have been fraud. 14 months ago, in the state of pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot without a signature that is ballot would be discarded. it was counted that would be criminal fraud.
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14 months ago in the state, of pennsylvania if he sent in ballot with a signature that didn't match a signature they have on file that would be discarded. if it was counted that would be criminal fraud. 14 months ago in the state of pennsylvania, if you sent in a ballot beyond election day, it wouldn't be counted an if it was that would be fraud if you sent in a ballot without a postal stamp date on it, it couldn't be counted if it was that would be fraud or ballot where they couldn't tell what date was maybe there was a smudge on the ink it wouldn't be counted if it was counted that was fraud. all of those ballots today count. they were all counted in pennsylvania. because much unconstitutional and legal changes that were made by officials and made quote unquote officially by individuals in pennsylvania. none of this is discussed in a
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single newsroom in america on a single tv show radio show, or any other show. so i want to slowly walk you through what took place in pennsylvania. and this sort of thing has taken place to some degree or another in numerous states. october 2019, 14 months ago, the republican state legislature in pennsylvania had some bill called acts 77 in act 77 they included language changes election laws to allow mail-in voting the problem is, pennsylvania being old state having an old constitution, one of the original state legislatures didn't allow that. there wasn't even early voting in pennsylvania. and only way you could have a mail-in vote was through the absentee ballot. you have to go through a process there multistep process in order to get an absentee ballot. well you might say well what about covid-19? and in october 2019 there was no
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covid-19. was there? there was no virus. this push for mail-in vote has been going on for democrats for at least a decade one of the first places they impose there was in california among other thing and they've tried to do this in every state, so the republican state and it buckled. they passed it as part of this bill and governor who they left and almost immediately and, in fact, all of the statewide offices in pennsylvania and you have left wing democrats in offices and you have a republican legislature and mail-in voting, what else happened? or what else happened was the govan didn't think it went far enough he said the signature requirements we really shouldn't have that postmark requirements we really don't need that. these other requirements that has to be in by election day, a
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few more days afterwards where we can count the ballots legislature says no. no we're not going to do that. he said oh yes you are. he winds up going supreme court of pennsylvania. the supreme court of pennsylvania has 7 justices. couple of year ago they have an election for three justices. the republicans really weren't paying attention to it. the democrats were. and they backed three hard core leftist for the supreme court of pennsylvania. among other things they were thinking in 2020. the labor unions poured in fortune and they won all three seats. and now the makeup of the pennsylvania supreme court as they say members are elected is 5-2 democrat. and in democrats when it comes o election law those five stick together like three democrats and john roberts on u.s. supreme
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court. so what did those democrats do? they said you said what we have a good idea. few months before the election they said yes no signatures required. you don't need signature comparison. you don't need a postal date and if the postal date is smudged you count it anyway. but yes even though election day ends on tuesday 8 p.m. eastern time we extend to 5 p.m. eastern time on friday. they have no legal or constitutional basis for doing any of that. so they violated article 2, section 1, clause 2 the united states constitution. which leaves the power to the state legislature to make the election. now let's circumstance pl back stay with me here. the reason why reporters don't cover this is either left wing or too stupid to follow this. the moment the state legislature and october 2019 passed the change to its election laws to allow mail-in voting as the base
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they violated the state constitution of pennsylvania. why is that? under the constitution of pennsylvania, to be any election law changes you have to amend the constitution. did they amend the constitution? no. what's required to amend the constitution of pennsylvania the very complicated. there needs to be a majority vote, of both houses of the state legislature not once -- but twice. then there needs to be a respite there there needs to be ads in at least two papers in every county in pennsylvania all 67 counties. then there needs to be a respite. and then finally, the citizenry of pennsylvania get to vote on whether or not they want the amend it has to be on the ballot. did that happen? no it didn't happen. but citizenry of pennsylvania we talk about this in franchisement they weren't asked to vote on this change in their election laws for mail-in ballots let
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alone changes that state supreme court made. they weren't asked at all and utterly disenfranchised so the state legislature in october, 2019 acted unconstitutionally the governor by signing acted unconstitutionally. this state supreme court by changing even the unconstitutional law acted unconstitutionally plus violatessed that article 2 section of the constitution of pennsylvania. this matter has now been appealed to the united states supreme court. why? you have some courageous individuals in pennsylvania including congressman mike kelly shawn march kneel who ran for the house in western pennsylvania and six other petitioners they said wait a minute. this whole thing is a disaster. we're going to sue this whole thing is unconstitutional they sue and goes to commonwealth judge he's appellate judge and she's very courageous. and she rules yes i'm going put
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in place a temporary injunction, pennsylvania governor, secretary of state both democrat stop certifying electors, we're going to have a hearing in my court on friday. two days later, and i'm putting in a temporary injunction which means she said -- because the petitioners are likely to succeed and win on the merit. wow. the attorney general of pennsylvania who is also left wing democrat who was also on the ballot at the time he said no. no -- we want to subvert appellate court get around appellate court as we got around constitution in first place and go to five friends on the supreme court of pennsylvania. they'll take up our case. so rather than prepare for the hearing on friday, attorney general runs to the supreme court of pennsylvania and what does high court do? within 48 hours over the weekend -- weekend before this one, they
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rule you know what? latches. you're here too late. so we're going to throw your case out and throw out prejudices meaning can't bring it up again and don't you dare knock on our door again. done. latches what is latches mean? basically in plain dplish it means you're too late at a time before but you came too late why did you come after the election because you lost you should have come before the election. the problem is the word standing. and pennsylvania has a very stringt standing requirement which is sometimes honored and sometimes not so if -- if the congressman and the candidates had brought this case before the election, what do you think the five democrats on that court would have said mr. producer you have no standing. you haven't been heard yet there hasn't even before an election so in other words you have no due process whatsoever. when it cames to state of pennsylvania and supreme court of pennsylvania so appeal to
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u.s. supreme court you need a federal question. an there's not only a federal question here there's a super-duper federal question if there ever was a federal question why does this all matter, of course, you're electing delegate and state senator and electing congressman and so forth. the electoral college is a federal creation. entire process relies on integrity of the states. and so the state that sends electors to the electoral college that is -- the governor signs what's called a certificate that goes to archivist of the united states electings all of the electoral college votes sends to joint session that meets on january 6th by statute wait there's pennsylvania. well pennsylvania is electors are tainted. because they're presented to the united states congress which will then select the president and vice president of the united states after they count them.
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presented to the united states congress -- but it could be argued they're illegitimate because the state legislature didn't follow the state's own constitution. and you might say but under article 2 the state legislature can do whatever want no it can't what it state legislature said democrat electors can ever go to electoral college that would be ridiculous. the frame is sefort ratifiers in state convention assume that states would follow their constitutions. when you have plenty repower general repower that's not lawless power to do whatever you want it is to do whatever is legal within the confines of the law and the state constitution. so there's a huge federal question here and then finally, some people are saying well what do you expect the united states supreme court to do? to rule that these 2.6 million or so people who put in mail-in ball louteds that their votes
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downgt count first of all -- we're a nation of laws. what was fraud 14 months ago shouldn't be legitimate today especially when a state violates its own constitution and those public officials and pennsylvania violate their oath to that constitution. putting that aside no that's not the job of the united states supreme court the job of the united states supreme court is to address the federal issue. and what the courts should do -- is mark for justice -- is the following, it should take the case up, because there's clearly a federal issue. it is going to wind up in congress. it should rule that what the state of pennsylvania did violates the federal constitution on a number of grounds and is, in fact, unconstitutional so what's the remedy? the supreme court doesn't have the fashion or remedy. it can leave it to the political bodies as article 2 leave it is to the state legislature or in the end, can leave it to
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congress. but congress needs to know -- that those electors it received it received in violation of not only the pennsylvania state constitution. but that those electors are tainted under the federal constitution because of what the state did. under the state constitution -- you know, in criminal law we have the fruit of the poisonous tree i'm not making a direct parallel. every step that's taken -- passed the initial step to the law has been violated in criminal law. it doesn't matter. all of the rest of it even to the end is poisoned. well that's really the same thing here. it's really the same thing here and so i ask you -- the department of justice says we seen no evidence is systemic fraud, isn't that kind of irrelevant? what we see here -- is fraud perpetrated against the people of pennsylvania, against the american people, and the electoral college process.
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by politicians who violated the constitution repeatedly who have violated the rule of law by a rogue state supreme court. unless u.s. supreme court as it did in bush v. gore and we have a crisis in this matter, and one way or another congress congresl have to resolve it on january 6th but the u.s. supreme court shopght just sit there and that i take pass when, in fact, it is time for the u.s. supreme court to intercede which is exactly what the petitioners are asking it to do. i'll be right back. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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mark: welcome back, our first guest wrote an incredibly powerful piece why it is puzzling name is patrick the director of the democracy institute which is a wonderful group and professional pollster and patrick it is a pleasure to have you. i would like you to walk through these issues that you found to be deeply puzzling. go right ahead. >> absolutely. i approached the article none of
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object but try we hope are independent minded how would independent minded person assess quote unquote outcome as the media has designated it of the 2020 presidential election? and i looked at three aspects first of all i looked at the quasi results and if you look at the results, you see how donald trump improved his performance national performance over 2016 by almost 20%. no incumbent president has ever lost reelection bid if he's increased his votes obama went down by three and a half million votes between 22 and 2012 and won comfortably if you see donald trump did very well even better than four years earlier with white working class, he held his own with women and suburban voters against all of most of the polling expectations it is very well with catholic
4:21 pm
improve his vote amongst jewish voters best minority performance for republican since richard nixon in 1960 doing so well with african-americans and importantly with hispanics soy suggest this thought experiment i think if you took one hundred well informed about the important political scene, 100 observers who were sequestered for actual election night and sense and you've gave them the vote break down by demographic group and you saw where biden and trump did well or poorly and laid out numbers but you admitted one fact so i say the one assertion that biden had won the national popular vote and there and in respect of swing states was going to be next president. and gave them all of the demographic exit poll data asked who do you think wong the election my suggestion to your viewers is that, the 99 at leat out of the 100 well inform
4:22 pm
observers will say, obviously, trump so qen from the vote itself the allege vote the allege result that it is something very strange is happened because the numbers just don't add up. they don't measure up to our polling that was conducted right up to the election, and the likes of the richard and group, the poll its that were most accurate by some distant everything suddenly went very strange in the middle of the night. now, that could happen -- it's just very, very unusual. and if this was an exceptional election as people people were certain that's why number seem strange. then you would expect it to be have a uniformity to that exceptionalism. so joe biden -- would have increase his support not just in key precincts in key swing states nowhere else but have a uniform victory. he was the challenger he has allegedly received more votes than any candidate from president in american history and yet he's done very, very
4:23 pm
poorly in most of the country except where absolutely matters. another way of looking at this is to look at what i call the nonpolling metrics. the things like party registration trends how the candidates did in their respective presidential primaries. in the number of individual donations, how much enthusiasm each candidate generatorred in a opinion poll and a dozen more of these metrics these have a 100% accuracy rate in terms of predicting winner of the presidential election. some of them more recent like google searches others, obviously, like registration trengdz are -- have far more history behind them in 2016 they all indicated strongly that donald trump would win against most of the public polling. that was again the case in 2020. so if we are to accept that biden won against polling of
4:24 pm
nonmetric it is means that one of the metric was inaccurate this time for the first time ever it means that each one of these metrics was wrong for the first time -- and at the same time as all of the others. it is not statistically impossible but it is statistically implausible. another way of looking at what happened is to look at how the vote was -- the vote ballots accumulated tabulated counted on election night and, obviously, sense then, in fact, in places like california they are still counting. and what you see there -- is a ridiculous bizarre number of anomaly some of them statistical some of theme procedural you have for example a historically low rejection ballot for absentee and mail hill ballot rejection rates which in primaries earlier this year well into the double digit, and which historically often been very, very high in key
4:25 pm
swing states or at least in the key swing counties, we're seeing rejection rates of less than 1% often already close to zero. now, given the increase in absentee balloting, and the lack of experience that most of the new ballot new voters and those doing the counting qowld have with those ballots, it is imapplause to believe put it politely that that figure would be as low as it was, and for example, if in a state one of these contested states like arizona or georgia, if the ballot rejection rate was only 2% say rather than under one, donald trump would win comfortably. mark: when we come back there's a few other aspects that we should look at that you looked at carefully in your institute. and i want to get to those as well. we'll be right back.
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4:30 pm
descended on nation's capitol today urging president not to back down from his election fight. the commander in chief took notice of the march, flying past the board marine one helicopter tweeting his appreciation. i'm jon scott i'll see you back tomorrow at 6 p.m. eastern for the "fox report" now back to "life, liberty & levin." ♪ mark: welcome back, patrick now patrick, couple of things toipght follow-up with you quickly. number one the minority vote. headed by due nationwide on the minority vote. opposed to these few counties did he do better, worse compared to say obama or clinton? >> biden did much worse than obama, and he even did worse than hillary clinton. and he received less than 90% of the african-american vote well under it is impossible for a democratic presidential
4:31 pm
candidate to win an election with less than 90% of the african-american vote especially with a proportionately lower turnout than normal. >> i remember people saying the president of the united states can pick up two or three percent more of the african-american vote he has this in the bag don't you remember people saying that? >> they do and donald trump almost doubled his african-american vote which made it extremely impressive for him and that much harder for joe biden to be competitive in the election. mark: and donald trump while he's said to have lost that's why challenges are going on and questions are being raised by me and you and legitimate questions republicans had a hell of an election day didn't they? they flip state houses didn't lose a single one or republican incumbent. they have taken by count today about -- 12 seats back in the house of representatives. they held on to the senate so far, there's two seats up we know in georgia that are crucial. but 23 out of 33 senate seats up for republicans, they held on to
4:32 pm
the vast majority of them even help, though, they were predigitted to lose them so you have a massive swellful republican support at the state level at the house level, they hold on to the senate for now. and the president of the united states loses in a big electoral college defeat? does that make sense to anybody? >> shouldn't make sense to anybody because it simply doesn't make sense media poll said biden win in a landslide and electoral college, obviously, and a blue wave that would include nancy pelosi's majority in the house, and give the democrats the senate. as you say, none of that none of that happened. none of that happened but strangely, biden as the successor allegedly successful challenger, sweeps into the white house with absolutely no coat tails, in fact, his party does worse with him as the victorious presidential candidate than one could have imagined. it is absolutely mind boggling
4:33 pm
this just doesn't this this way and further testment to fact that biden only did well in the precise areas of the country that he needed to do well to squeak by and certain key states. mark: people will literally trying to figure out you have the civil suits by the campaign. you have civil suits by others who are not in the campaign. you have hearings taking place in the states whether it is michigan -- or pennsylvania, and other states trying toirg if out what took place. criminal bar is systemic fraud i just explained what happened in pennsylvania. systemic fraud or no systemic fraud they cheated they fixed system i don't mean reform but help the democrats otherwise they wouldn't have made all of these changes so my question to you is this, why did the democrats want to take the security and safety measures out? signatures -- postal dates, witnesses,
4:34 pm
observers is it because they believe in good government or because they feel that they're going win if they can institutionalize fraud? >> well it appears that -- the way in which an election is run in this country is the only aspect of public life and public policy where the democrats favor looser regulations rather than really strong tight regulatory state. for some reason philosophically ideologically they flipped schizophrenic on this they think that looser rules or fact maybe no rules at all is better. for some reason, that is an enfranchising element tool they believe, but that's as you have said actually many others have said it actually disenfranchisings arguably most people in the country. so the democrats are in a strange position of advocates for a very light touch by government in an area which seems quite clearly to benefit them but are very blunt crew
4:35 pm
touch elsewhere. >> i think they use california petry dish i think they want to take all of the worse practices of volting in california to all of the state. california is now one party state. the republicans have no hope of taking back the state legislature whether they have supermajorities or governorships or statewide offices. they've changed rule there is and made it impossible the democrats have talked about that too. eliminating the electoral college and this is just more of the same. there's a war against the franchise. a war against the electorate and this is why you can't just roll over and say all right we'll fight them next time. there's no next time. this is the time. and patrick i want to thank you for your patriotism your outstanding organization that democracy institute -- and i wish you well, sir. >> thank you, mark for appreciate it very much. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, i have on the program now the very, very sharp young man he's been the program before daniel hair wits with the blaze and conservative review, and he took very laserred look at the numbers in the battle ground of the battleground states commonwealth of pennsylvania. and daniel welcome what did you find in the commonwealth of pennsylvania when you looked? >> well mark it is great to be back with you and look what we town was magic, i mean, returns and political scientific data that we haven't seen before. where when it comes to mail-in ballots of which there were many 2.6 million it turns out that the always seemed to skew against trump even relative to other republicans and they always seem toll favor biden even relative to other democrat candidates. so comparing apples to apples. so when you take look at republicans who won the races for state auditor for state
4:41 pm
treasurer it turns out that those republicans did better than trump on mail-ins but not on election day on election day they have fewer votes than trump. where is when you go to the democrats such as dan shapiro notorious attorney general, he seemed to do better than biden on election day ballots. but worse this is on secretary of state website worse than biden on mail-ins in other words biden always won out on mail-ins and trump always got fewer votes. so -- mark: what you're saying is biden outperformed everyone including fellow democrats on the mail-ins and significant way and president trump underperform statewide republicans on the mail-in ballots so gap between bide and trump was hue huge to mail-in ballots and gaps were was closer biden was sky high,
4:42 pm
and trump was ground low. >> exactly when look at ballot cast that only had biden, of course, they're all mail-in which are, you know, with a bunch of fraud, a lot of potential fraud. but a lot of the nay sayers will say people are only interested in presidential race and filled that out maybe more democrats are low information voters, so they'll only care about the presidential election. but the problem with that is, why would you see this asymmetry in pennsylvania, where even within republican voters, it seems that more of them filled out ballots on for mail-ins down ballot which makes sense it is the comfort of your home. you have more time, you're not rushed online for an hour. but then when you go over to democrats more democrats filled out down ballot election day but not on the mail-in and you
4:43 pm
couple that with the lower rate and fact that biden would have had to have won 80% of independent voters who are mail-in and 20% of republican mail-in voters that gap is something we have never seen before. where there's smoke there's fire. >> you say here when we know president want 95% -- of the republican vote nationwide, he won the overwhelming majority of the really vote in the in person voting. and then when it comes to mail-in voting, 21% or one fifth of the republicans voted for biden? 80% of the independent voters when the prior exit polls as you write show that 52% supported biden 80% of the independent voters went for biden? and as you also point out in your piece let's assume every vote is legal. that is not a single fraudulent
4:44 pm
vote among them. that these numbers hold up. biden still shouldn't have won. correct? >> exactly. that was before the break even point he had to do a couple of points beaters than that. i tested that outs for the break even point here's the thing you look at ohio, iowa, and florida which were all republican states, where they didn't have these mail-in shenanigan ohio through years to clean up voter roles. trump performed better than he did last time and succeed in rust belt in states that mattered when in ohio it is not like he is won it by two, three, but eight point and doesn't make sense you can sail mail-in ballots skewed more left but there's no evidence anywhere in the country, where there was this mass exodus of register republicans of anything you wasn't up doing better slight among independents and not
4:45 pm
republicans. >> i want to pursue this with you because it is important he has a blowout in ohio wins big in ohio he wins big in florida it is really a blowout in florida half a million votes. they have mail-in voting system there is. but they have safeguards that are now built into mail hinl voting systems there in pennsylvania they lifted safeguards and i want to talk about that when we return. we'll be right back. lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week. oh! ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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mark: welcome back daniel of the blaze and conservative review so you looked at these numbers in pennsylvania then you look at ohio. and you look at florida and they have big mail-in votes and safeguards taking place and experienced with it then you look at pennsylvania which mail hinl votings comes in 14 months ago. they really no experience with it. and the supreme court of the state takes off almost all of the safeguards. and you have analyzed number there is and you look at it just from analytical point of view say that doesn't make sense further elaborate. >> sure, well, obviously, in pennsylvania, last time there were only about 250,000 mail-in now suddenly 2.6 million. so, i mean, you're talking about 12 times as many. and studies have shown that those that don't have experience
4:50 pm
filling them out first tilers they tengsd to make more mistakes error rate three times as great yet data on rejection rates in pennsylvania, rejection rate with 127th what it was for years ago and that lends credence to irregularity in pennsylvania versus ohio because when you look at ohio where we didn't have problems with safeguards on mail-in trump did better than he did he blew out eastern ohio he won young town, this was the base of the fdr coalition republicans haven't been tiebl crack it trump did well last time and lost by five points he flipped it and a little bit overt border line, now he lost erie, county last time he won it they only consider themselves the same from eastern ohio in terms of college football. it is same demographic. so again, that doesn't make sense. cleveland versus philly cleveland the black turnout down
4:51 pm
this election relative to hillary. we know generally speaking from the exit polling trump has done much better than he did even last time certainly relative to republicans against obama. but somehow just in those states just in those areas, just at those times of night, of course, after that brief stoppage of counting, that's when everything defied political science of this election. mark: and look at florida look at the hispanic vote in florida it is not just cuban vote it is across the board the historic vote in florida the minority vote in florida and jewish vote in florida. the huge turnout in florida. again, this is a state that has experienced with mail-in voting yet they have a governor and they have a legislature and they have a system that really tamp down potential for fraud in order they weren't putting in place rules that would make it harder and harder and determine
4:52 pm
what's in place and rules easier and easier to make sure that person voting the person who says they're voting. >> one of the first things governor desantis did there was to clean out cesspool in broward county in election board and he actually played the offseason game that republicans never want to play to fight this when it is not during an election so we don't have a problem thereafter. and it is funny you look at the data in florida a lot of people think anomaly trump did well because of the flip of the cuban community in miami-dade but if you do analysis of that, even if you give biden hillary's margin in miami-dade, trump still perform slightly better than he did in 2016 when he won nationwide he won pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, so again you can't chalk this up to oh that's just the cubans but in terms of the white suburban votes trump got crushed and that's what hurt him in other states. through the baseline of that, but not more than what took
4:53 pm
place in florida when he was still able to make up the margins areas he did better even with the slight bleeding and some of the suburbs. >> quick question if the republican like some of the republicans went and media and democrats and republicans say all right let's fight next time. let's fight next time give this at national review you hear this and can't win these cases just forget it we'll fight next time. and 30 seconds or so what happens if they just give up and fight next time? >> this is what we've been doing last ten years you know there's a funny there's never been a bad supreme court ruling on election law, and many years but afl this is coming from state courts and lower courts. the reason why we never get our day before the supreme court and we're ruled by these bad lower court opinions is because they never follow through at election day and in the month thereafter when the case is right. if you geoff it up we're going start the cycle all over again and lose the next election as well. >> all right.
4:54 pm
and the baseline will be -- what happened now and the democrats will build on this baseline until they control the whole enchilada i want to thank you daniel for your excellent work take care and god bless. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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welcome back. america, the reason why you have all this litigation and hearings and all these questions taking place isn't because of donald trump, is it because the president is a poor loser, it is because the democrats have destroyed our electoral system and they went through state-by-state estate to do it. they practiced in california, the practice in other states and find tuned the system of undermining your vote and franchise. they have destroyed the integrity in the process. they lost despite all these
4:59 pm
efforts what they were going to blame for the russians, the postal service, the paramilitary wing was prepared to ride the street and so forth. now we are told, move along. the democrat party is not the democrat party 34 years ago, it is a radical and the constitution, anti- american parties in many respects. the leadership and those who served mostly in congress. why do i tell you this? they have no respect for the constitution, they tell you it was written by a bunch of slaveholders so they have no intention of operating within the four corners of the law, the state constitution, federal constitutions, they want to operate outside the process to destroy the process. they are about power. in order to gain power and keep power and exercise power and impose their power on us, they must destroy the firewalls that
5:00 pm
are in place like in pennsylvania and other states. that is exactly what this is about exactly why the president is fighting it and exactly why i support him and you should, too. see you next time on life, liberty. ♪ jesse: welcome to "watters' world". i am jesse watters. where is hunter? that's the subject of tonight "watters' world". found him. watters office, sweating bullets because the feds are investigating him for money laundering. federal prosecutors in delaware have been looking at hunter for years while hunter had no idea. now the investigation has broken wide open and joe biden's son is the official target/subject. laptops involved in christmas


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