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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 13, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ mark: hello america i'm mark levin and this? -- life liberty and leavened bread happy hanukkah to my jewish friends into my non-jewish friends all of you out there, this is a very important show tonight. i hope you stick with us throughout. peter schweizer is our guest, number one expert on the biden crime family and so much corruption the goes on in washington. he's a real journalist, author and investigator. we had him on the program before and now it is time to bring him
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back. before we get into that, some context. the democratic party and the media are destroying this country. i really believe it started with the obama presidency. the divisiveness we have in this country is really, those of us who believe in the flag and believe in the national anthem and defend the declaration and the constitution or who are proud of our history with certain exceptions like in any other country but we are proud of our forefathers. they are not. they are in a constant state of transition. they don't support the constitution and they will tell you that. they reject the declaration of independence and they are aggressive forbearers did and they reject capitalism. they want power in washington dc, they want power in the hands of a relative few, centralization of government. this is all alien to the american system. we embrace americanism and all kinds of other issues, democratic socialism but it's a
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very serious situation that we are in today. look at this election. yet people saying saying they don't have any legal cases and courts ducking left and right and the democrats run to the states with a plan. the plan was to destroy the safety and security measures in virtually every state, particularly the battleground states but they did in pennsylvania is a disgrace to a rogue supreme court. they eliminated signature requirements, postal date requirements, extended voting and no safeguards that were in place in pennsylvania for decades were removed. why would the democrats want to remove them? to institutionalize corruption and fraud. that is why. they did the same thing in georgia and the secretary of state entered into a consent decree with stacy abrams, who is a leftist and wants to destroy all republicans. it weakens the signature requirements would had an enormous effect in georgia. you can go through the various states and you can see that the democratic party, the biden campaign and their lawyers,
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state-by-state went into these areas for the purpose, not of strengthening the vote but strengthening safety to ensure that people who are voting should be voting but the opposite. why would a political party do that? why would a political party want to eliminate the safeguards to the franchise? the reason is the institutionalized fraud. a few ago votes counted in pennsylvania and georgia based on these changes would have been thrown out, they would have been fraud. there are other things that have taken place so that is why there is litigation taking place. that is why people are trying to figure out what happened here and that is why people like me are not going to just give up and roll over for the rest of time when they turned the whole country into california but republicans can't win anything statewide. that is what is at stake and they told us this. chuck schumer says if we win the senate and we take two seats in
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georgia it will be 50/50 and have kamala harris argue as the president pro tem of the senate to a break all the tight votes. fifty -- 51. they want to change america if they take the presidency and if they hold a slim lead in the house and have a one-vote with the vice president in the senate they intend to fundamentally alter the constitutional system by destroying our judiciary, destroying the senate, destroyed the legislate a process with the filibuster rule and once and for all, destroying our voting system. this is who they are. this is alien to our constitutional system. so now we have joe biden, for 50 years joe biden was in dc, for 50 years he was a liar. he started as a plagiarist in college and lied his way to the senate every step of the way. he was buddies with segregationists when he thought that would help and then embraced democratic socialism when he thought that would help and all along the way the has
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become enormously wealthy and on a senator's salary. no one knows how but he just has. now, the answer is this. they are corrupt and the entire family is corrupt and the media new with in the media covered up for joe biden just as immediate when after donald trump in the media and the democrat party went after donald trump with a phony impeachment and tried a coup and try to criminal investigation and try to smear him every step of the way and yet look at all his massive accomplishments. the obama administration use the fbi in a way it's never been used before to spy on the trump campaign and lied to a fisa court to get a warrant to spy subsequent on the trump administration. you can see the hillary clinton campaign working with the obama administration for money into a system that hired a spy, a spy, russian spy to write this dossier that was phony. there was never russian
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collusion when depositions were taken of top officials in the obama administration when they became public, not a single one of them believe there was russian collusion so far three, 3.5 years is went on and on and one of the leading packs of the whole movement we now know eric swalell was, in fact, a sucker, a guy who is targeted by the chinese communist and here is a guy who won't even say he had an affair with her which he obviously did and you have diane feinstein for 20 years same communist chinese spy on her staff but did not think there was any problem with that we can go on and on and on biden's in my view are up to their eyeballs with the communist chinese and so hunter biden is under investigation criminal investigation now of tax fraud a potential sec fraud and investigations involving his doings with communist china and the ukraine and romania and now
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the only reason we know this is because it is after the election and after the election they don't much care apparently but it is not just hunter biden, it is joe biden's brother, joe biden sister and it is joe biden. joe biden. now, if we were democrats, if we were in the media today we be calling for an impeachment committee to be impaneled. there is so much corruption here with the biden family, with the media, with the democrat party so much power-hungry ends justifies the mean activity going on in this country that it is frightening and so i wanted to bring peter schweizer on so we could dig more deeply into this what i call the biden mob family, really. joe biden is at the top of it. the idea that joe biden didn't know what his son or brother was doing, did not know what other family members were doing we have testimony and an individual
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who has come forward and said wait a minute, i met with joe biden for an hour and he knows what's going on and he was to get a percentage of the action that was going to take place with respect to china so to put some meat on these bones i want to bring in our friend peter schweizer, latest book a few months ago profiles in corruption. this book is not the only book that takes a look at the biden's and others in washington dc and the corrupt connections to foreign entities and so forth. peter, how are you my friend? >> doing great, mark. great to be with you. thank you for having me. mark: thank you. this is a longform interview show so you will have to have plenty of time to explain things step-by-step but let's start with the latest information. it now it turns out hunter biden has been under criminal investigation for two years. somehow that information was never revealed to the public, certainly not prior to the election. in fact, everybody was waved
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off, you don't have evidence, this is a last-minute hit job by the trump campaign and its russian information and leaking it in and 50 former national security advisors who would like to back biden and i like to know how that letter came to be. the campaign covered this up, joe biden was the scapegoat and the media which is in the back cop pocket of the democrat party attacked anybody who came forward or was absolutely silent. first of all, have you ever seen a scandal like this that was so carefully protected by the media and by the campaign obviously working together? >> no, i haven't marked. in fact, i was looking back through history and how sort of previous scandals emerged where you had situations where political candidates lied to the media about things and how they reacted. i went back to 1984 you remember there was a guy named gary hart
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running for president and there were allegations about, you know, his relationships with other women. he flat out told the media it's not true. it's not true. well, reporters knew that they were he was lying so they followed him and caught him which you have a situation today where the biden's have repeatedly lied to the media and the media doesn't care. they don't want to catch them in a light, they don't want to pursue the lies. look at hunter biden paid hunter biden goes on national television, on abc news, and said i have not received a single penny from the chinese. well, we now no, of course, he got close to $5 million from cfc, a chinese government connected energy company. we know he had a big equity stake in that private equity firm that billion a half dollar private equity firm and we know there were other transactions involving rosemont realty and
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rosemont opportunities fund so he was flat out lying to the national media and what has been the media's response? nothing. they've taken it and accepted it and in fact, they not only covered it up but ben smith of "the new york times" ran a piece right before the election bragging about the fact that the gatekeepers, which of course includes the times and other publications, had effectively killed the story and how proud they were of it. we are in a situation today mark where a grand jury was impaneled in 2018 to look into hunter biden and his foreign dealings and has a counterintelligence component and has a tax fraud component and has a public corruption component. this has been going on for two years and nobody in the national media took it upon themselves to actually pursue that story. it's a massive disservice to the american public and we need a vibrant media that is following all of our national leaders and
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holding onto account. we don't have that. we have a national media that wants to protect certain powerful figures and wants to go after other public figures and it's a national tragedy. mark: do know what is amazing, peter, it even goes a step further and they were obviously working with the campaign in ways in the campaign gets 50 former national security quote unquote experts to put a letter together and point at russia. you have commentators and newspeople all over tv pointing at russia and rudy giuliani, who was the conduit between the computer fix-it gentleman, where that laptop was brought and they had the hard drive and they got all these e-mails and information that point to joe biden and we will get there later but what do they do? they try to destroy rudy giuliani's reputation and mock him in the campaign works with the media and these bony letter that comes out that it must be
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the russians involved in here are the russians again and then it's the 11th hour trump campaign trick and so forth and so on so really the media is not only protecting the campaign but the campaign is effectively working with the media to put out lies, flat out lies about the circumstances that were taking place. >> you are right, mark. look, if this was russian disinformation are they suggesting that the irs and the department of justice are part of a russian disinformation campaign? it's absurd. there is two things going on here, mark that i think are profound the importance. the first one pertains directly to the biden case, which is the fact that you had intelligence professionals who clearly had not looked into the biden commercial ties with beijing and had clearly not looked into the fact that the biden's had no commercial ties to the chinese and they had no expertise until joe biden became vice president.
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they did not look at the details and they just decided to slap on the title of russian disinformation. the level of embarrassment, if they have a sense of self awareness, ought to be enormously high but there is something even more profound going on here, mark, that i think is so important. since 2016, 2017 it has been at russia, russia, russia. clearly russia represents some kind of a threat to the united states. no one is suggesting that but the bigger threat that we face by any calculation, if you talk to the pentagon or the fbi or to the cia, the biggest challenge we face is china. what you have is a circumstance where people who frankly, no better, in the intelligence community on capitol hill are engaged in what you have to call eight misdirection. they want us to focus over here at russia when the real threat is china over here and by any measure russia is a declining
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power, china is an ascending power. yet, they've had no interest in talking about china at all. i will note that when joe biden left the vice presidency in january 2017 he set up the biden center in the university of pennsylvania and there's all kinds of questions about was there chinese money that flowed there and that's an open discussion and something that needs to be investigated but look at what they did? they set up the biden center and they said america faces three threats on the global stage today, those are: global warming, international terrorism and russia. no mention of china as a threat to the united states by the biden's center university of pennsylvania. that is a mindset we're dealing with and i think it has to do with the fact that these commercial ties have been forged and they don't want to discuss china. mark: alright, we do we want to discuss joe biden specifically and we will when we come back.
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♪ mark: welcome back. peter schweizer, so, hunter biden has been under investigation by a federal grand jury or tax fraud and securities
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fraud involving three countries, china, ukraine and romania. joe biden's brother is under criminal investigation by the u.s. attorney's office in the western district of pennsylvania having something to do with a hospital that is there. there are other activities of other biden family members in which you write about, in which they again use joe biden's name in order to enrich themselves. how is it conceivable that joe biden is the only person in the family that doesn't know what is going on? this man runs for president of the united states and on the one hand he's very specific about his policies but on the other hand when it comes to his own family the crookedness and even allegations that he made an enormous amount of money from bob berlinski he played the role of helen keller, doesn't hear anything and absolutely mute. why are we to believe this?
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>> yeah, it's completely inconceivable that joe biden is not aware of this. part of it is the biden family talks about it all the time and there's evidence and it's a close knit family prayed they communicate all the time and travel together everywhere and aware of each other's affairs though that, by itself, but beyond that we have the direct testimony of tony himself was brought in by the biden family to do these deals with the chinese company and he met with joe biden and joe biden was going to be cut in on some of these deals so there is no way and they cannot have it both ways. either were this tightknit family and very close and we talk about everything together we experience all these things together but on the other hand we know nothing about each other's business affairs and we don't know the family members are under fbi investigation. it's patently absurd, mark. mark: bob bobulinski is a serious person, served in the
5:22 pm
military, received many honors for serving in the united states military, came forward and is gone public and put his name on everything and media have had no interest in talking to him other than on fox, no interest in talking to him whatsoever. the media has had no interest in talking to you whatsoever. we talked about how none of them approached you about this biden information. in the case of bobulinski and the hard drive and rudy giuliani those e-mails have specific names and have specific details and you got texts with specific information's, specific names in any media organization could've easily followed up on any of those e-mails on any of those names and they wanted to gather the information prior to the election to find out exactly what is going on but none of them did. none of the media with these big tech prevented anything from anything being placed on their
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platforms and even censored the new york post which got the information i believe from rudy giuliani and the conspiracy of silence before the selection because they wanted to defeat trump has not resulted in the fact that we have a so-called president-elect that is corrupt up to his eyeballs that, in my view, is in fact, the manchurian candidate and even the individuals he's talking about should he become president that he wants to appoint from secretary of state from national director of intelligence to the secretary of education are all china appeasers, every single one of them. what to make of that? >> yeah, look, the chinese themselves have said the same thing and there was the doctor in china that's been circulating on twitter and elsewhere who gave a speech on november 28 before a large assembly in china and he was laughing about the fact that now joe biden was back in the saddle in washington dc
5:24 pm
this was very good for china because they had a long-term relationship even talked about the commercial deals that hunter biden had with china. that is the chinese view and tony bobulinski is a very serious guy. i met with him and he did not want to come public and has a wonderful family and he's very wealthy and successful and did not want the attention but came forward because that was the only way this information would come out and zero interest in talking about a guy who is a political and to his only giving on campaigns in the past was to democrats and the media was not interested in talking to him and it's a tragedy. mark: when we come back, i want to ask you this, is this not the worst possible time to have somebody in the oval office, in my view, who is corrupt, somebody in the oval office who is not going to take a tough stand on communist china or communist china is on the move everywhere in the world,
5:25 pm
economically, defense department or defense experts are warning us about china and here we have an appeaser who wants to be president of the united states, who will point appeasers around him to try to undo everything that donald trump did to confront the chinese communists, isn't this as we call, truly an inflection point, which superpower will become the real superpower and which superpower will be a secondary superpower on the second tier? the biden policies and the biden people in the biden himself are going to ensure that communist china will outrun thought united states and i want to ask you that about that in your response to that when we return. we'll be right back. it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip.
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters i'm john scott's. some of the largest government agencies are scrambling tonight as they try to figure out who was behind a massive federal hack. the hackers broke into dozens of networks, including the department of treasury and commerce. no word yet on what sensitive information might of been stolen, if anything. the fbi is looking into it. tings are beginning to look at graham 3000 miles away in the european union and the united kingdom are teetering on the brink of a no deal brexit departure. yesterday's self-imposed deadline came and went without any progress. prime minister boris johnson has until the end of the year to
5:30 pm
make a deal or his country will leave the european union with no plan in place. i'm jon scott, we take you back now to "life, liberty and levin". ♪ mark: welcome back, peter schweizer. china wanted biden to win. china is elated. this is exactly the wrong time in our history to have an appeaser like biden and an appeaser administration up against the very aggressive regime. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it is enormously challenging and troubling for the united states because china, before november clearly said joe biden was the preferred candidate, and why wouldn't he be? china, under president xi, has created a very ambitious plan to
5:31 pm
challenge american military supremacy going forward and to challenge our technological superiority and to pass us in terms of manufacturing the economic might bite 2049. this has been the president chi's ambition and he has been open about it in the chinese government has engaged with it. the question is what is the united states went to do in the face of that? under the trump administration you had a strategy that said we are going to negotiate trade deals that do not mean we give away all of our technological secrets to beijing and we are going to challenge the military ambitions that they have expressed in the south china sea and we will challenge the legitimacy of the regime itself as mike pompeo has done a secretary of state, very much like ronald reagan did in the cold war where he called the soviet union and evil empire. these are important steps. joe biden's position is completely different. what you will get, i think, from
5:32 pm
a biden administration is some tough tough rhetoric but that is not of interest to china prayed they don't care what the rhetoric is coming out of washington but care about action. i think the biden's are feeling very sensitive to the fact that people are now aware of these commercial relationships so they will, in a sense, try to talk tough or at least a little bit but the response has been whatever china does is we just need more engagements. that is a ridiculous position because what more engagements means is we will keep doing business with them and continue to trans transfer technology to them and continue to talk about things but not actually take action. so, we need to watch biden very, very closely. we need to continually expose this relationship and it's hard -- mark, i think we need to have an independent investigation. look, the biden family is now economically tied, and a multiple number of ways, to the
5:33 pm
chinese regime itself. they have literally put money in the pockets of the biden family. they are our chief rivals. we need to note the full extent of those relationships and the biden's have lied about it repeatedly and dismissed it and we need to know what our chief rival is doing in terms of their commercial relationships with the man that is supposed to be our commander-in-chief. mark: and this is the problem, the breakdown of the media in this country, which is complicit. it is complicit in this. this is why the apparent president of the united states, donald trump, is right. continue to fight what took place in this election and why the people that support him our right to continue to back him, regardless of the static in the background and so forth. let's go back to joe biden specifically. biden specifically is accused of taking a cut or is to receive a cut, a big cut of the money that
5:34 pm
hunter biden is negotiating yet out of the communist chinese front companies. can you explain that further? >> yet, it is interesting that this confirms the e-mails on the laptop because tony bobulinski who is on that e-mail chain has the same e-mails which proves that they are genuine and true. the deal is very simple. he was brought into set up a company that was going to be funded by a chinese energy company with the links to the chinese military and they were going to put in an initial investment of $10 million and it was just seed capital and it was going to be a so-called infrastructure fund and when they broke out who was going to get what ownership stake of the company it made reference to setting aside 10% for quote unquote, the big guy. bobulinski has lots of good indications that he shared with me, e-mails, texts where joe biden is referred to as the big
5:35 pm
guy or the quote, unquote chairman. it is clear what they are talking about. what they decided to end up doing, mark, to protect joe biden is they said maybe we should just give that 10% stake to hunter so hunter now has 20% and that is really what happened and a lot of these commercial relationships. hunter biden is the horse and the avenue by which foreign entities funnel money to joe biden. joe biden gets plausible deniability which is a phrase that james fighting, joseph biden breaux has used medication but the end result is the same, flowing money to joe biden with a sophisticated way to launder those relationships, cover them up but the question remains how much money has joe biden himself received and i think the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he has got his cut from the
5:36 pm
chinese every bit as much as hunter and james biden has as well. mark: when we come back, peter schweizer, as i listen to you, they have to defend and protect hunter biden at all costs because it sounds like if hunter biden goes down then daddy might go down to. we'll be right back. ♪ t a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back, america. i'm here with peter schweizer author of the book "profiles in corruption" we're talking about profiles in corruption right now. before the break i posited to you, peter, that hunter biden and joe biden have inextricably been linked in the problem for joe biden is if hunter biden goes down it should, most assuredly, expose joe biden paid what are your thoughts on that? >> i think you're right. if you look at hunter biden's professional career he's always been the planet orbiting around
5:41 pm
the sun which is his father's political power and as it relates to these overseas deals one of the most interesting e-mails that came out of the laptop was an e-mail exchange that hunter biden had with, i believe it was his daughter, where he says look, i'm pain half of the family's expenses, including pops which means his dad. if hunter biden himself saying that the money is somehow ending up also with his father, whether he's paying expenses or whatever he is doing, and that is why this needs to be investigated. it does not provide legal protection, mark, if they somehow route the money through hunter and it still ends up with joe biden. at the end of the date when you look at public corruption it doesn't matter if you paid the sun or paid the nephew. if you are paying someone for access in favor an amounts to the same as to whether you are paying them directly or not so i
5:42 pm
absolutely agree with you that they will have a full force defense of hunter biden and that is why you need to have an independent investigation of this. joe biden comes into office and appoints the department of justice as attorney general and they can fire the u.s. attorney that is investigating this right now and there is not a thing anyone can do about this so this investigation needs to be protected. mark: here is part of the problem if the democrats take georgia and, god forbid, if joe biden ends up in the oval office and appoints the attorney general of the united states there is going to be no continuing investigation. this is why, again, as i listen to you it's important now that a special counsel be appointed to investigate hunter biden and biden's brother and all the other biden's because there will be no special counsel appointed, i don't believe.
5:43 pm
the democrats are good like the praetorian guards circling the wagons and the republicans are bad at it and they buckle into minutes and then we get people like robert mueller. i think there is responsibility on the part of the department of justice, i don't care they think it's the last few weeks or months of the ministration, i don't care if they are attacked and it's a political move. the fact is we have a federal grand jury and u.s. attorneys involved in this and these are real potential crimes being investigated that could well go right to the top and you can be sure that adam schiff will not conduct any hearings and you can be sure that the democrats controlled the senate and they will not conduct any hearings so someone needs to get to the bottom of this and you know damn well it will not be cnn, washington post, "the new york times". do you agree there ought to be -- look, i'm not a fan of special counsel but i don't see any other way around this, do you? >> absolutely i think there should be a special counsel. look, you're talking about criminal behavior potentially
5:44 pm
involving numbers of joe biden's family and joe biden may be, at some point, president of the united states. we have to consider the fact that it is not going to be an investigative under an administration that joe biden is heading. by the way, also if the senate falls into democratic hands, let's be clear, all the great work done by senator ron johnson, by senator grassley exposing the money flow from china to the biden family those investigations will be halted and stopped. those are the stakes we are facing right now. mark: this is why at the beginning of the show i talked about just how thoroughly corrupt and power-hungry the democratic party is in the media are as an appendage of the democratic party. they are really one and the same. they really put power in the democrat party ahead of the country. we see this time and time again, the candidacy and the election of our president, donald trump
5:45 pm
to what is taking place now. joe biden gets away with i don't know, my son did not do anything wrong and even during the debates i noticed the moderate moderators do not push to biden when he came hunter biden and all the corruption. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you can count on me ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ if only in my dreams ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back. peter schweizer, when it comes to the biden family we barely touch the tip of the iceberg, haven't we? >> it's a veritable united nations of corruption, mark. hunter biden, you got deals done in china, deals done in russia, kazakhstan, romania, look at james biden his brother he had deals involving iraq he war contracts while his father was or brother was vice president of the united states. you got frank biden, his brother who is doing deals involving the coaster rica and government, deals in jamaica while his father was or while his brother was vice president of the united states. it is important to keep in mind a lot of people are going to pivot on the story in the mainstream media and make it a hunter biden story and they will talk about his problems with drug addiction and that sort of thing. this is not a hunter biden
5:50 pm
story. this is a biden family story. the leader of this family is a joe biden and they have conducted themselves this way for decades when he was in the senate yet family members like hunter that were lobbyists and lobbying on things related to his position in the senate and the fact of the matter is that is where people need to look, at the top of the family, which is joe biden himself. it is not just hunter biden story but it's something much broader than that and that is why this needs to be investigated thoroughly with people that have subpoena power. mark: and when you have corrupt media organizations like cnn things to james o'keefe of project veritas we already knew it but to actually hear it where jeff zucker is the, you know, the boss of that outfit is telling everybody that we are not going to down that rabbit hole and this is breitbart, fox news and this one and that one
5:51 pm
and we really have news organizations that have destroyed the freedom of the press and have become propaganda arms for the democratic party. the democratic party has become so corrupt. i want to ask you this in the few minutes we have left, in the 1990s the communist chinese through the military poured millions of dollars into the clinton campaign, clinton library, dnc and regret candidates. millions of dollars. this has been in testimony and under oath and this is the record. we have all kinds of dark money that went into the biden campaign and over three and a million dollars and there seems to be no interest whatsoever to find out where the money came from and i am interested in knowing. who gave the biden campaign the third of a quarter of a billion dollars through the back door and was, i don't know, was any of that money from the communist chinese? >> yeah, great question beard wanda needs to be explored and yet there is no curiosity by most of the media. i also think, mark, what is
5:52 pm
happened in the mid- 90s the chinese were unsophisticated about this. they said we want to get access to bill clinton so we will just make campaign donations that will funnel funnel money to his campaign and they ended up getting caught. what has happened since then is a realized the way we get the political class and the elite in the united states on her side is we cut commercial deals with their families. dianne feinstein, nancy pelosi, both of their spouses serious commercial deals in china that are linked to the chinese government and the biden family itself, that money is a lot harder to trace then campaign money so, i agree, we need to look at the dark money that came into the campaign and we also need to realize that we they become smart about this, rather than putting money into campaign coffers to help people get elected there getting more bang for their buck, as it were, by simply making these political families rich that are in power and thereby become favorably
5:53 pm
towards china. mark: peter schweizer, it was an appointment of the special counsel in violation of the department of justice regulations without any basis, criminal basis whatsoever, who hounded president trump and his family and spent $40 million and issued god knows how many subpoenas and witnesses that came up dry because well was dry to begin with. give a thousand times more pieces of information here, thousand times more and if there was ever a time to appoint a special counsel, like it or not, it is now. peter schweizer, i want to thank you for being an investigative journalist and thank you for being very brave gentleman and bringing this information to us. god bless you. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. ♪
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5:58 pm
triangle but we have more now of an iron fox. we have big tech, big media, democrat party and the entrenched bureaucracy. they all work together and they all feed off each other and they all empower each other. then you have we the people. in this case we have representative for we the people called donald trump, president of the united states and that iron box has done everything it can to destroy him and his administration and to handicap them and think about all the successes he has had, even with all of that. and now we have the democratic party in big media and big tech that did many things during the course of this election which they hope would ensure biden's victory. they changed rules in violation of state constitutions, changing rules in violation of the federal constitution and all the rules are changed to do what? to allow fraud and institutionalize fraud.
5:59 pm
there's no signatures, matching signatures, postal dates and so forth, what is that all about? that is about corruption. that is about empowering the democratic party the way they took over california, ronald reagan own estates. in our own country the chinese has penetrated virtually all aspects of our culture and government, hollywood, nba, wall street, colleges and universities, capitol hill and so many corporations and now a man who demand to be president of the united states for all this corruption, all this thievery, joe biden, the wrong man at the wrong time in this country is in trouble. the media is a major reason we are in trouble. if we had a true free press, a true free press that wasn't trying to destroy it one but trying to create another president we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we? we need the appointment of a special counsel, like it or not we need the appointment now.
6:00 pm
we need a media that will hold these people responsible and we need it now. we will have to work on that. we will have to work hard on that. ladies and gentlemen, i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ steve: welcome to the next revolution i'm steve hilton and this is the home of the resistance paid pro- worker, profamily, pro- community and pro- america, positive populism and antiestablishment. tonight we take on the establishment over the election arrogance and their systemic corruption and their lockdown cruelty. also the vaccine that everything anthony fauci and they're telling us about vaccine distribution is wrong and dangerous. tonight one of the cofounders of the great barrington declaration joins us live to challenge the emerging vaccine groupthink. with us for the hour at lisa boothe, but the first time on


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