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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 14, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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story continues. we thank you for being with us and we look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. have a great night everybody. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." see you've been watching the news, you have to give some credit to whichever msnbc contributor wrote the word to the joe biden speech earlier. if you didn't know better, if you had no context, you might think everything is better now. the great orange emergency is finally over. it does 1996 again and we can't exhale our democratic norms are on our way back. last month's election was a win for all of us. "in this battle for the soul of america" joe biden just told us
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"democracy prevailed." it certainly wasn't stopped, theft, it was a victory for you personally. and america, politicians don't take power. the people granted it to them. so thanks for the civics lesson, joe biden. he wanted you to know that he doesn't crave power or because he seeks to hold and which has relatives or because he has a vast empty space inside that only the adulation of strangers can fill. no, not at all. he ran for president because he deeply cares about you. joe biden is a paternal figure, really. you might even call him the father of this nation. of course, that would make kamala harris the permanent stepmother which doesn't quite have the reassuring ring to it. but whatever, details are not important right now appeared what matters, joe biden wants you to know, is that this is a democracy. always has been, always will be. by electing biden and the small secretive group of billionaires that choreograph his every move, this country has become even
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more democratic. small seat democratic of course. and that is reassuring to hear. nondemocratic impressions. just the other day, for example, bill gates announced that the lockdowns are going to have to continue for a long, long time. keep in mind, though gates is not an epidemiologist. bill gates is a retired 65-year-old from seattle who used to make mediocre software for office computers. but now he is a billionaire. therefore, bill gates gets to decide our national health policy. pretty much the same way tom steyer gets to tell you what to think about the weather. or how 78-year-old mike bloomberg decides which guns you can buy. or how george soros can choose your prosecutors. or how tim cook of apple runs our trade policy. or how mike zuckerberg wants to keep the borders open, but nobody said dell not can say
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anything because jeff bezos owns the newspaper. that is the democracy that joe biden is talking about. that is the chinese model of democracy that joe biden and his friends so admired. get used to it, america. it's a new kind of democracy. in china, people of power don't have to answer questions, so neither does joe biden. just last year, voter brought in the biden family corruption and he responded by calling the man "fat." and challenging him to a push-up contest. just this friday, an op-ed in "the wall street journal" pointed out that joe biden's wife, dr. joe bide joe biden, 1e from dr pepper. but joe biden and his friends didn't want to hear that. we will tell you how they responded in just a moment. but before we do, we have some actual journalism to report
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tonight. on friday, a reporter with this debt work and tried to get joe biden to address a factual issue. his son, hunter biden, is now under federal criminal investigation relating to tax fraud stemming from his business deals in china. here's the conversation went. [indistinct] >> tucker: we had some problems with the sound bite. we will quote directly from it. "i am proud of my son" said joe biden. that sounds familiar. and you are not getting any more information than that. just a minute ago, we heard about in america politicians don't take power, the people grant it to them. it turns out the people granting that power don't get answers. what we do know is that
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joe biden is very proud of his son and his sons federal criminal investigation and that's all you need to know. so why isn't joe biden willing to answer even basic questions about his son's foreign business dealings? the ones where he had lucrative arrangements with companies directly tied to the communist party of china. well, possibly it's because joe biden himself was directly involved in those deals. and has been lying about them. we have been telling you that for more than a month, and now it is obvious. one of hunter biden's former business partners already presented documentation proving that. the reason the press corps and their allies in silicon valley did everything to bury that story is that they knew perfectly well that more evidence was coming. and it has arrived. that is evidence that they can't suppress. this weekend, "the daily caller" obtained new evidence, emails from hunter biden.
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here is one. september 2017, hunter biden wrote to his building manager in georgetown washington, d.c., and he wrote this "please have keys made available for new office mates: joe biden, jill biden, jim biden, the brother, chairman of cfs fc emissary." oh, so the new office mates included the former vice president, his doctor wife, and dong was reserving a 10% equity stake for joe biden. the man that dong represented, cfc -- has ties. he has since disappeared to somewhere in mainland china. according to a august 2017 email written by hunter biden, he also offered a $30 million contract
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for introductions alone. to whom? we know who. his dad. joe biden. as we said, he has since disappeared. apparently he has been arrested by chinese authorities. a full if this seems a little dodge ato, not quite a straightforward business deal, you should know back in 2019 joe biden was repeating the same line. now, he went on the record and denied he knew anything about his sons business relations abroad. the very same relationships that were slated to make him rich. >> i have never -- [indistinct] >> tucker: i have never discussed it said joe biden. it never came out. even in the office with dr. joe biden. we talked about sports and how proud joe biden was of his son, the one under federal criminal
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investigation. the truth is, he must think people are as low as he has become. this is not even a solid cover. the point of the biden political operation, one of the money come from the very beginning, has been to make as much money and influence peddling as possible. so if you are wondering how joe biden, who has been in public office since 1972, that it's just the federal level. almost 50 years. how is joe biden been able to live in 10,000 square-foot homes almost the entire time? a number of them. how do you do that on a government salary? how did hunter biden go from unemployable to rich virtually overnight? well, you know the answer. they have ahaven't even try to . back in 2017, he wrote to hunter biden to warn him that things were getting a little too obvious. here's a quote from the email. in 2014, we need to manage the
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tax returns to reflect the income. that is approximately $400,000 extra as your income in 2014 closer to $1,247,328." now, we don't know, because we are not the irs, whether hunter biden ever amended his tax returns to account for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was naked from ukrainian oligarchs. in a business that his father made possible by firing the prosecutor who was going to hurt the company that was pain hunter biden. we are not making any of this up. we are not into conspiracy theories. that is all true and it unfolded in public. the doj investigation is looking into all of that presumably. but the email from eric sherman do offer another window into the kind of life the bidens were living. here is his email to hunter biden." since you couldn't live on that -- you "borrowed some money
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from rosemount seneca in advance of those payments." here you have hunter biden, the son of joe biden, who is himself a son of scranton, pennsylvania. the son of a coal miner took amtrak to work every day. this is a person who became so dependent on pender lien influence that he couldn't live on a $550,000 a year salary. the rest of us, and this is not a personal attack, it is just true. if you are going to restore democracy, the rest of us know have the right to know where the money came from. what effect does is it going to have on the country moving forward. and a democracy, that is a very basic request. there is nothing democratic about ignoring the question. in fact, it confirms what is obvious. which is they don't plan to govern us as a democracy. but instead, as an oligarchy. shawn davis is cofounder of the
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federalists. he's been on top of the story since the first day. we are happy to have them on tonight. sean, thank you for joining us. so this email much hunter biden, totally nonpolitical email to the office manager of the building apparently owned by the swedish government in georgetown saying my new office mates will include my father, stepmother, my uncle. and the chinese businessman with direct ties to the chinese communist party. a smoking gun, no? >> it is a bit of a smoking gun. especially since we had the incoming president saying he didn't know anything about anything. that was hunter's thing. i wasn't involved in any way. tony bobulinski told us that wasn't true, and the media suppressed it. and now we have hunter biden saying it's not true. because why would he be handing out keys to his office mates including his father if it weren't true? there's been a lot of talk about election rigging and vote accounts and all that. we haven't given enough attention to the rigging done by
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corrupt media and big tech to suppress the story and keep people from hearing about it. which undoubtedly changed the election. it changed people's votes when they went to vote. that's a huge scandal. >> tucker: why don't we now even the most basic outlines? we have tantalizing hints from these emails, the authenticity of which no one has contested. how do we know the outline of joe biden's involvement in these business deals? how much money did he make from them, for example. how did he afford to rent one of the biggest houses in the washington area immediately after leaving the vice president job. why don't we know that? it's because there's two reasons. first, we have a pretty incurious media especially when it comes to the white house press corps where they are just simply not interested in the answers. they don't even bother asking the question spirit we are left with other outlets who don't have the access and bandwidth the big ones have to get those questions that the
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biden family ignores. the other issue is unlike during the russian investigation in the leak fueled lie extravaganza following that, there is nothing coming out from the government. so when you have republicans that are being investigated, it is leaks galore. when it's hunter biden in the biden family being investigated, we don't know anything. so we are completely in the dark a month and a week ahead of biden taking office and we know nothing because we have a law enforcement establishment that is apparently fine but there being two systems of justice. we have a completely corrupt media establishment that doesn't want answers if they are going to be inconvenient to their democrat leaders. >> tucker: i don't think you are overstating any of that. and a democracy, and an actual democracy, we have a right to know the answers. shawn davis, great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: as you just heard correctly, big tech got joe biden across the finish line
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last month through it, joe biden looking to reward the big tech companies, the ones that censored any mention of that story. the hunter biden story. three more employees of facebook have just joined joe biden's transition team. eric schmidt reportedly under consideration tonight to join a key task force in the white house. brandon devine has been the very center of the story. she works at "the washington post." big tech silenced her newspaper for reporting actual facts about hunter biden. she joins us tonight. this does seem -- it's not really about "the washington post" or even about hunter biden. it seems like a bigger concern, a more ominous sign. joe biden is rewarding the people who censored the news media in order to get him elected. what do you make of that? >> it's quite nauseating. especially since i'm from "the new york post," which was censored by big tech, our story about hunter biden on octobe
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october 14th came out two or three weeks before the election, ample time for people to digest it and factored into their choice of presidential candida candidate. and yet, it was obliterated, canceled. facebook decided to throttle the story and twitter, as i've told you before, locked our account for two weeks. they said we had violated their policy on hacked materials even though none of the stories that we reported from hunter biden laptop that he abandoned at a mack repair shop in delaware, none of it had to do with hacking. this was just an excuse. they didn't need much of an excuse. it was a very flimsy excuse from big tech and now, of course, they suppress the information that was negative to joe biden and now he is rewarding them. that is their quid pro quo is that they get jobs inside the administration so that they can increase and enhance their power
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and entrench it permanently. because that is what will happen after four years. already, we just have six facebook employees getting snapped up by the biden administration. a couple from amazon, a couple from twitter. you just mentioned one from google. no doubt there will be lots more. it's a big tech takeover of the white house. >> tucker: the most authoritarian countries in the world rewarded with even more power. the last thing we need. appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: you may have thought that the miracle of a early coronavirus vaccine might need things could return to normal soon and we make it our country back. but no, the people in charge have other ideas. this weekend they told us when america can finally return to normal. when they decided -- we have details after the break. ♪
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again, again! xfinity mobile. your wireless. your rules. your way to stay closer together. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. ♪ >> tucker: back in october, microsoft announced that its revenue was up 12% compared to last fiscal year. up to $37.2 billion. that income had hit
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$13.9 billion. that's a 30% increase. these coronavirus lockdowns have crushed millions, but they've been great for microsoft. that company is cutting costs and selling more software than ever. and now, in a totally unrelated note, my schoo microsoft founder bill gates wants you to know that the lockdowns want to be ending anytime soon. >> bars and restaurants and most of the country will be closed as we go into this wave. i think sadly that is appropriate. but even through early 2022, unless we help other countries get rid of this disease and we got high vaccination rates in our country, the risk of reintroduction will be there. and of course the global economy will be slow down which hurts america economically in a pretty dramatic way. >> tucker: so the virus came from china whose economy is
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outstripping ours, but it's our obligation to pay for the rest of the world to get rid of the virus that came from china? that makes sense. that's from bill gates. not an epidemiologist, but a billionaire. so shut up, listen, and obey. why are we listening exactly, to bill gates? dr. marc siegel, not a billionaire but an actual physician. he joins us tonight to assess. hi, doctor. >> tucker, imagine if you lived in a 66,000-foot house overlooking lake washington where you can have a private chef on a private jet anytime you want getting your food, watch any movie you want on your high tech movie theater. now covid in that world at all. imagine that. and imagine how you would think about the little people without pain the way he just did on that sound bite. without any concern or pain at all. by the way, tucker, if you had me on, that network has on a computer expert to talk about covid and said a physician?
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imagine if you had to be on to talk about computers? you wouldn't do that, right? you had me on to talk about covid. >> tucker: good point. >> let's contrast that estate in medina washington with a town of 803 people, a deeply depressed town. a town in lower washington looking up state towards bill gates. and they had to get together this past week, mourning the loss of their blueberry festival, tucker. they have nothing. they get a few tourists with that blueberry festival every year. it's close down. the restaurants close down. their businesses, close down. all across the country, hundreds of thousands of businesses are closed down going into a state of deeper and deeper depression. tucker, i just want to tell you what i think public health means. it doesn't mean covid only. it means covid and all the disasters that have occurred because of covid. on one final thing, as he pointed out, today is a
5:25 pm
historical day when we get a vaccine made that may help us out of the wilderness of covid. you don't hear bill gates talking about that, tucker. >> tucker: no, you don't. but why is he talking at all about any of this? dr. siegel, good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: new york city's tiny brain governor is doubling down on the worst policies and nation paired he banned indoor dining today, so if you want to eat out in new york city you can do it in the freezing cold. he is back in the city. the bidens will try to affect a federal bailout of new york city. you will be paying for it on both ends. tyra hollinger lives in the middle of it. he joins us with the reaction to the news no more eating inside. thanks a lot for coming on. does this make sense to you? >> i mean, tucker, what can i say question mike we are living in a crazy world right now where none of it makes any sense. cuomo literally came out, the man who keeps saying follow the
5:26 pm
science, 70% of infections in new york city have been inside private gatherings in the apartment. so what is he? closed indoor dining. let me ask you this question, where do you think these people are going to go? they are going to go to house parties and it's going to get even worse. >> tucker: so you are starting to think, considering restaurants have been the target, small independent businesses have been the target and so many states from day one. really singled out for punishment by these governors and mayors. are you starting to take it personally? why do they want your business to die? >> tucker, you know me, right? i'm a really positive person and i always try to look at the lighter side of things. not only are small businesses and new york city being persecuted by the mayor, by the sheriff's office, a completely made off police forest that is basically at the mayor is doing because the nypd refuses to act
5:27 pm
on the mayor's issues. we are being persecuted and it is all i can do to keep my people happy. we have an incredible team of mixologists, shots, and dishwashers who need these jobs dearly. and what is the governor and mayor trying to do? take them from them. it is disgusting. >> tucker: has it occurred to you to commit a violent gun crime? i noticed the city of new york lets people committed with violent gun crimes out. could you be in the wrong business? >> not only that, tucker. apparently new yorkers can't even go on the subway right now because the subway is a hazard area. if you go down there, somebody might push you onto the tracks. this is not a lie. this is fact. and this is the mismanagement of of de blasio and cuomo. >> tucker: so you are trying
5:28 pm
to do the right thing, you are being punished for it, people are committing gun crimes and getting away with it. how long are you going to try to make a go of it in a city like that? because of what we have done is pivot. we opened during a pandemic and we are going to survive during a pandemic. we, as new yorkers, and we as individuals, are going to thrive. what we have created outside of festival are private, heated, cabana. dining cabana that are just for you and your party. you don't have to share them with anybody. they are individualized and they are private. and this is the perfect answer to a pandemic world where everything is crazy. i just hope this can get us through the winter. and i pray everything is going to be all right. >> tucker: we are rooting for you. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, one of the
5:29 pm
hallmarks of a figured world hypocrisy is you cannot make fun of deepfake titles that the people in charge give themselves. ththe wall street journal raise that question. dr. joe biden, what is she a doctor off? we will tell you, next. ♪
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♪ >> i'm hoping dr. jill becomes surgeon general. >> yes. >> you know, she is a x hell of a doctor. >> tucker: just don't ask her to commit surgery. she's not actually a physician, she's a doctor of education which means basically nothing.
5:35 pm
on friday, "the wall street journal" pointed this out. they ran a bad, true and obvious point. jill biden is not a doctor. noin 2007 at the age of 55 she t a doctorate in education. she has the same degree as dr. bill cosby. in 2009, back when when america was more honest, "i was so sick of the mail coming to center, i wanted to get it addressed to dr. and senator biden." that's the real reason. jill bided was diagnosed with a very bad case of status and security. that is all true, it's all obvious, therefore you are not allowed to say it. "the washington post" column called joe epstein a weird, grumpy, elitist man. because he told the truth, which is the one sin and america in 2020. of course, michelle obama from
5:36 pm
either hawaii or martha's vineyard wrote about her disappointment with "the wall street journal." it is racist, it is sexist, or something. none of this is new weird for years, we have known about the bidens. they have deep class and security. this was joe biden back in 1988 for example. >> i think i probably have a much higher iq than you do. i suspect. i went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship. the first year i did decided i didn't want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds of my class and decided i want to stay, went back to law school, and in fact ended up in the top half of my class. i won the international competition, i was the outstanding student in the political science department paired i graduated with 3 degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits. only needed 123 credits. i would be delighted to compare my iq to you don't like yours.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: [laughs] a very high iq. and by wife is a doctor. [laughs] he has more hair now too. lisa boothe is not a doctor. she's a fox news contributor. she joins us tonight. dr. booth, it's good to see you. >> hi, tucker. it is dr. jill biden and don't you forget it, or else. as you noted, jo joe epstein hao learn the hard way. i want to read the quote that really triggered the left. but this up right now. i'm going to read this quote to you from joseph epstein. this is what he said. madam first lady, mrs. biden jill kiddo, any advice on what might seem like a small but not unimportant matter. any chance you would drop the doctor before your name question mike it feels fraudulent to not say." as you can imagine, this
5:38 pm
article, this op-ed was not well received. as you pointed out, it provoked a response from michelle obama, hillary clinton also tweeted she is dr. jill biden, get used to it. joe biden's communication -- yeah, joe biden's communication team called it shameful, sexist. they called "the wall street journal" to remove it and issue an apology. northwestern called his comments misogynistic and they removed his profile from the website. and all of this, also joe biden responded as well. she responded in a tweet saying this about two young daughters everywhere. she said "together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated rather than diminished." this is the kicker for me. is if you go through and read all of the articles outlining those controversy that happened, they all use the dash they all know they use ap style which
5:39 pm
does not use doctor to refer to academic credentials, which is precisely the point that joseph epstein was making in his column. so this is what i think is absolutely hilarious is that there is all of this when this is precisely the point he was making. also, in 2015 "the new york times" was three times as likely to use dr. in referring to jill biden then ben carson, who is a noted and prestigious neurosurgeon. >> tucker: who separated -- -- >> you can't make it up. >> tucker: how unbelievable touching they are. they have no sense of humor about this. it's like going up to a panamanian general asking where all those metals came from. they are self awarded. this is a threat to their entire system of credential is on. >> and now i have to refer to jill biden. i will never be able to refer to
5:40 pm
her as dr. jill biden. >> tucker: because it's not just dr. jill bided, it is all of them with their dumb degrees from cornell, pen, do. are we supposed to be impressed? they are totally unimpressive. if they can make fun of jill biden, mock a ludicrous potential like a doctor of education, boy, maybe they won't be impressed by the fact that i don't work at mckinsey anymore. it's a revealing moment. dr. booth, it's great to see. >> it sums it all up. thank you. >> tucker: a former aide -- everything is a parody now. andrew cuomo is leveling some not so amusing accusations against him tonight. they are serious accusations. and rick leventhal has the story for us. hi, rick, rick. >> the accusations come from lindsey boylan who worked for governor cuomo for three and half years as a special advisor and deputy secretary for economic development.
5:41 pm
2015-2018. she says her time and his camp was beyond toxic and "endlessly dispiriting." writing o on twitter that he exists without ethics and should not be a candidate for u.s. attorney general. someday, boylan tweeted this. "yes, governor cuomo sexually harassed me for years. many saw it and watched. i have been grilled on my work, which was very good, or harassed about my looks. or would it be both in the same conversation? this was the way for years." boylan who is now a candidate, hasn't given any specifics on her allegations and is declining requests for interviews posting another trait, i have no interest in talking to journalists. i am about validating the experience of countless women and making sure be stopped. my worst fear is that this continues. today, the governor denied wrongdoing. >> it is not true. look, i fought for and i believe
5:42 pm
a woman has the right to come forward and express your opinion. and express issues and concerns that she has. but it is just not true. >> tucker: back in 2018, cuomo criticized president trump for turning a deaf ear to sexual harassment. at the governor claimed he was a champion for women. tucker. >> tucker: i want to correct that, i'm the champion for women. rick leventhal, thanks for joining us. effective immediately, there is a new national anthem. they made that announcement today. in the name of unity, you are going to have to get used to it and not complain at all. we will tell you what your new national anthem is after the break. ♪ (announcer) need to lose weight?
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♪ >> tucker: well, just another normal day in america. and michigan, police prevented several republicans from entering the state capital. members of the electoral college were voting there today. once inside, the michigan governor claimed its time to move forward as one united states of america.
5:48 pm
then, because everything is irony, electors were treated to two separate national anthems based on the color of their sk skin. >> please remain standing for the national anthem and the black national anthem by the turner sisters. >> tucker: so instead of out of money, it's out of 1 many. bob woodson is the founde authoe woodson principles. always honored to have them on the show. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: this seems like segregation to me. two separate national anthems. am i reading too much into it? >> i grew up singing the black national anthem at events and it was celebrated black america's request for freedom. but what is being used now is a political weapon. it's being used to divide us. it's being used as a means of
5:49 pm
protest. and it is patronizing to black americans and really demeaning. i think we have had enough of these kind of empty gestures. we are deflecting attention away from the critical problems that black americans and the whole country is facing today. and that is the explosion of violence that is consuming large areas of black communities. since the death of george floyd, tucker, we've had 40 young children under the age of 15 murdered in our streets. the latest one, 15-month-old in washington, d.c. but yet, we are going to be talking about singing a black national anthem. we should be coming together as a unified force to confront th this. two other outrageous that i thought i would never see in this country, and that is at a trump rally, a white woman with a black lives matter t-shirt viciously attacked a black
5:50 pm
mother pushing her toddler in a stroller. and yet, it was not reported. there is no outrage. for antifa thugs, white thugs trying to wrestle an american flag away from a luck woman and rustled her down to the ground by her hair. i am outraged, but yet we are going to be talking about singing the black national anthem when instead of reinforcing the values of this country. i don't know what is going on, how this outrages can be sanctioned. we are going to be talking about some empty gesture, tucker. >> tucker: symbolic politics taking the place of reality itself. i think that's a very wise point. robert woodson, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: "time" magazine announced its man of the year.
5:51 pm
now person of the year. previous winners include joseph stalin and everyone in america. so who took on the coveted prize by the magazine that still exists? we will tell you straight ahead. ♪
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have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> tucker: something called "time" magazine announced this weekend that it still exists and has identified something called the person of the year. the person in fact is two people, joe biden and kamala harris. tammy bruce is the president of independent women's voice and she has seen the so-called "time" magazine and joins us tonight with reaction. what do you think of this tonight? >> i found it very strange, i think many americans dead. we had a year where we had unity on frontline medical workers. people going out there at the most dangerous time, working
5:57 pm
24/7 to save the lives of strangers and who does "time" magazine choose? a a man who hid in his basement the entire time, through this whole pandemic. while we had a vaccine hitting the ground from donald trump, a man who actually works through this process. but he is also next to senator harris who said she believed the women that accused joe biden of inappropriate touching. so in one fell swoop you have a condemnation and an ignoring and a smear of the frontline medical workers and also of the "me, too" movement. there's nothing that they believe in, he really has -- the left has no value foundation whatsoever. the medical workers are now inconvenient, they've been used up and they did their part, and then the "me, too" movement was like one giant virtua signal.
5:58 pm
they don't need that anymore so that's out the window as well. everybody deserves better but i thought it was very telling, really a concise aspect of what the left has turned into. >> tucker: you have a good memory. so much has happened that you forget joe biden was accused of a credible employee of grabbing her, and yet it's very likely she will depose him at some point. why does no one mention this? >> it's because they think and maybe, too, they just forget things the next day. if something is not useful anymore they will throw it in the trash can. if isn't something that you will help them get what they want the very next day than they will ignore you. tara reade i'm sure it is not happy with the settlement one of the accusers of joe biden, and
5:59 pm
she was a very vocal about believing all women and said she believes all of joe biden's accusers. these are not the people, if they can do that to each other and their own constituencies, what do you think they are capable of doing to the united states and to the emergent people and strangers? imagine that. >> tucker: she's going to eat joe biden. i don't think it's going to go well for him surrounded by people like that, do you? and 15 seconds? >> i don't and i think that's maybe one of the reasons why a time put her on the cover as well because they really see this as her door that is being opened. this is not the way that america should see the first woman president of sound. we need someone who knows what they are doing and she certainly is not that person. >> sean: it like someone is
6:00 pm
elected. we are just reminded today. tammy bruce, great to see you. thank you. >> you stickler. >> tucker: that's it for us, we will be back tonight and every night at 8:00 p.m., those show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. sean hannity takes over at nine tonight. >> sean: tonight so much to cover including breaking new developments in the hunter biden foreign corruption syndicate criminal probe. we will also bring you brandy reports surrounding a chinese a spy, eric swalwell. we start with an important message about the powerful institutions that are and have been actively hurting the country we love, the united states. we've long reported over the past two decades the democratic party, week establishment republicans, deep state bureaucrats. we never knew they had this much power and with this corrupt but they are. big tech, the media


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