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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we are just reminded today. tammy bruce, great to see you. thank you. >> you stickler. >> tucker: that's it for us, we will be back tonight and every night at 8:00 p.m., those show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. sean hannity takes over at nine tonight. >> sean: tonight so much to cover including breaking new developments in the hunter biden foreign corruption syndicate criminal probe. we will also bring you brandy reports surrounding a chinese a spy, eric swalwell. we start with an important message about the powerful institutions that are and have been actively hurting the country we love, the united states. we've long reported over the past two decades the democratic party, week establishment republicans, deep state bureaucrats. we never knew they had this much power and with this corrupt but they are. big tech, the media mob always
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knew about bias but never at this level and they have all been waging now what is a malignant campaign against truth and fairness. it's been five years, frankly of pretty much pure that they've been able to put the country through because they never except of results of the 2016 election. this group's political powers, and maybe they believe their own lies at this point. somehow they have convinced themselves that they are holier-than-thou, that they are fair, objective, nonpartisan and they are arbiters of all things that represent truth. make no mistake. this is one big seemingly never ending charade and name have may even convince themselves if you watch them on twitter, all the blue checkmarks, they tweet each other and retweet each other. now they want to lecture all of
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us, 75 million about the 2020 election. they want you and they want everybody to ignore any and all claims of fraud and abuse and that would mean i want you to forget about, what we've proven the case, state laws were absently not followed and they were broken in many cases. unequal treatment, partisan observers, they weren't allowed to observe. the thousands of ballots that turned up all around the country. they found some as late as last week. by the way, weeks after the election. anyone who doesn't immediately bow before their election decrees. while you will face the wrath of the media mob. >> what is it that we saw this weekend in washington? they weren't wearing brown and black uniforms like they would have in italy or in germany in the 1920s or 1930s. but they are the same people. i'm going to trash you on twitter unless you go smack your mom in the face.
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they would go smack their moms in the face and try to explain it to them afterwards. >> there are 50 million jerks in this country and maybe that's the sad truth. and when you see that sign and maybe there is a chunk of us that really suck as human beings. >> tucker:>> sean: the jerks th. you have a little bit more. anyway following their lead, for refusing to bow down. it's simply unconscionable. i have a question for joe biden, not something the media did during the campaign and he was allowed to hide in his basement, they went up and beat up donald trump every day for them. so joe, or maybe we should just refer to you as mr. logan act, what was at january 5th meeting in the oval office 2017 all
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about? why did you and obama and others scheme to withhold, do we withhold certain information from the incoming administration? why did you leverage a billion text mike taxpayer dollars to get a ukrainian prosecutor fired? why would any vice president ever say, that six hours, you're not getting the billion. why would you do that, joe? by the way, joe, are you the big guy that tony belinsky was talking about? and are you convinced that there is no credible evidence that the family made a fortune off of your position as vice president? and the media would probably be all over that sorry. ignore the fact that laws are broken and ignore the fact that people signed affidavits under the threat of jail. and in fact they want to tell the story, but they won't even cover it. just shut up and move on because
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they say so. they got the results they want wanted. widespread claims of fraud are very serious, most of which i would say have been brought by real whistle-blowers under the penalty of perjury. following a defeat in wisconsin, the supreme court, the chief justice and wisconsin issued a powerful dissent. the chief justice of wisconsin said it, a significant portion of the public does not believe that the presidential election was fairly conducted. once again, for just to sit us on this court could not be bothered with addressing with the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast. the chief justice continuous. for members of this court throws a cloak over numerous problems that will be repeated again and again until this court has the courage to correct them. in other dissenting justice remarking "every single voter in this state is harmed when a vote is cast in contribution of the
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statutes and goes on to write that the ruling is "doomed to create chaos, uncertainty, undermine confidence and spawn need listen and this is the rule of judicial activism through an action. okay, this means nothing to the media and nothing to the democrats are activist judges, they don't care about truth, facts or the law. they only care about one thing, power and politics, raw power and winning at all costs. keeping in mind now three plus years. and this is the interesting part. these are the same people, hyperventilating over russia, prussia, russia. collision, collisio, collusion,. breathlessly reporting rumors and speculation and even russian disinformation with no basis in
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reality. maybe it's worth taking a slight little trip down memory lane to remind them. take a look. >> this sort of dossier of alleged dirt that the russians allegedly say they allegedly have on donald trump. alleged dirt that they allegedly used to allegedly cultivate him is basically a russian asset. you get the person's phone records, here they see these calls to the blocked number and now there seems to be good evidence that that was probably president trump. >> michael cohen claims that then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june 26 meeting at trump tower. >> we begin with a new report, paul manafort, the president's campaign chairman paid secret visits, multiple ones to giuliana sans at the ecuador and london. this is according to the guardian. [buzzer] >> sean: we have all of them exonerated and there was
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no trump russian collusion. that's a fact. did anyone in the media mob ever correct a record or apologize? did any of these people -- did they ever retract their years of fake and inaccurate reporting? no they did not. to twitter and facebook at any point, did they ever censor their unproven, unverified russian disinformation in the dirty dossier? no. i don't remember any editing going out on. the witch hunt was never about getting to the truth. it was to bludgeon donald trump. a political ploy. i designed to render and illegitimate in the lives of the public. it comes as no big shock that when an prussia hoax was officially disproved, america's institutions, well, they reunited and reorganized and came up with the new witch hunt. that of course was a ukrainian impeachment hoax. that was born, 2019. you have one fake hearsay whistle-blower, one and only
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one, only one witness come forward anonymously accusing president trump of the quid pro quo. the media democrats demanded that the courage and great bravery of all whistle-blower patriots, we need to respect them. except of course the people that signed the affidavits won hundreds and hundreds of them. they are not respected or called patriots by this mob. take a look. >> this whistle-blower who i want to say is a patriot. >> first let's applaud them for their patriotism because in spite of the fact that the president of the united states was also the commander in chief has attempted to smear them and threatened them, they still have at the courage, i believe, of love of country to come forward and let the iraqi people know what really happened. >> i would like to say to these whistle-blowers and potential whistle-blowers, you are the patriots. you are the ones who care about this country. >> you will not disparage this whistle-blower, this person has been deemed -- >> i want to
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thank the whistle-blower for their courage. >> sean: okay, let's think although i witnessed whistle-blowers on the election, thank them all. and multiple officials raised concern over the biden foreign family can syndicate corruption business. all the heart heartfelt concerns, and by the way, and you get the ukrainian prosecutor fired, and he did it. and that's a billion dollars to fire a ukrainian prosecutor. and that's a shady foreign business corruption processes with the syndicate.
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they applied the exact same standards to biden, to be sworn in, no credible evidence ever. that's not true. nor any wrongdoing whatsoever. it goes into the national archives and shows all these documents down his pants. then his backside into socks, is just sloppy. he took them, he sloppy. you do have to give the left credit. when they lie which is pretty often, a lot, they have incredulous, tenacious audacity. i will give them that. they live with passion.
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remember tony bobble and, our own tucker carlson had a great interview with him. damning evidence about the biden family international pay for play schemes and his claims were then validated by his own documents, his own emails and by an extensive report from senator chuck grassley iowa and senator ron johnson ron johnson from wisconsin. and that includes the money being transferred and everythi everything. big tech, they censored that story. the fifth-largest paper in the country. they been vindicated in the media feels more comfortable. all right, you you got him elected and no he will hide in the basement and we let him talk about it again.
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>> there is no evidence to support the claims about joe biden's son. >> hunter biden is undergoing an investigation related to his business dealings in china. >> cnn and others are reporting that hunter biden, now the president-elect son is under investigation. >> hunter biden, no evidence he's done anything wrong. >> he says it's for taxes. >> while we all know there is no evidence of any wrongdoing with him -- >> new details of president-elect biden's son hunter. >> this is the tip of the iceberg of really what's an information crisis in the country. real journalists would have investigated the story before they reported the facts and let the chips fall where they will. most of the media mob didn't lift a finger. fake news cnn punted as per instructions from their fearless leader.
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the full-time fox news cycle stocker, all monitor, humpty dumpty, hauled th calledr biden's story a manufactured scandal. humpty is either dumber than i thought her more dishonest than i thought, i think i'll pick number two. either way after pushing the russia hoax for years, they now want to dictate to everybody else how you must conform or our democracy will perish and go along with the russian collusion lies. the biden media campaign protection program that they let joe biden go, and entire campaign hiding in his basement and not answering questions. it's kind of funny, take a look. >> the lead story was hunter biden, joe biden son. so yes, the investigation was important and we've been chasing it and we thought, so his
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proportionality. or what journalists call old-fashioned news judgment. it's totally different, and evidently it's been going on for years. dishonest folks are conflating the two things and pretending like to meet is covering for biden. to be really honest, this is how it's going to be for the next four years. >> sean: i'm not even going to touch that, i'm going to be a good host tonight but i'm thinking, not good. unfortunately now for humpty we will not be taking advice or lectures from the network that lied for over three years on russia and ignored the quit quote pro, and that was wrong in the vaccine. it's a miracle, never going to happen. sadly there is nothing this mob will politicize. these are dangerous times for this country and that's not a joke. take a look. >> we will have a vaccine by the
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end of the year. is that possible in your view? >> brian, it's another day of potus in wonderland here, it is preposterous to make that statement. >> that's an ambitious timeline in many health experts aren't sure it's achievable. and experts say he would need a miracle to be right. >> here's the thing. you cannot talk yourself into a vaccine. the fastest a vaccine has ever been produced from start to finish is five years. >> sean: they didn't listen to dr. fauci on that that it was safe to vote in person, refusing to even error his covid-19 briefings until the question and answer section came. some media organizations want journalists to be in the front of the line for the vaccine. look at this journalism now, 13 journalism associations, declaring journalists are essential workers that deserve to be among the first to get the trump cove it bac covid-19 vacc.
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are they providing a service or just political hacks preserving the narrative? hospital employees, those are pre-existing conditions, the most vulnerable. those who stalk ourselves and deliver a food should get it before me. in fact my number is 268 million thin line when you look at the online calculator. and it wouldn't dare cut in line. kayleigh mcenany is with us. look at this wisconsin case on a look at the sheer dishonesty of where we've been the last four or five years. he stand back and it's really breathtaking. >> and that wisconsin case, to have a judge say, i'm going to surrender, put my hands up and surrender to unelected bureaucrats. it's basically like congress saying, passing a bill and saying i want clean air and then allowing unelected bureaucrats at the epa to fill in all the
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details. that's what they did, they had unmanned multipurpose drop boxes where you could come by and drop in your parking ticket or drop in your ballot. and you have a judge who just surrenders to unelected bureaucrats, it's breathtaking. but i must say just before coming to air we had joe biden say that there was an assault on democracy by president trump asking for a free and fair election. that's preposterous. how fitting is your monologue tonight? the assault on democracy was a four-year attack going after president trump. the facebook-mueller allegations, the rigging of an election by doing mass mailing voting and eliminating all state cards, that has been an assault on democracy. the four-year attack on president trump and all of his millions and millions of forgotten men and women that showed up to support him. they just need, they want to get
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away with everything and just change the last name. then you could be on the front cover of "the new york post" with a crack pipe and no one would say anything, right? >> that's exactly right. you have senator ron johnson sing the bidens have stonewalled congress. if you have a hunter and biden investigation, you have "the new york times" out there saying it was a russian disinformation, the same publication that one pulitzer is based on russian disinformation against president trump but instead they are covering for joe biden only to find out that it was right all along and fox was right to air the story and "the new york post" was right to air the story at 14% of people who voted for biden said, i wouldn't have done it had i known about joe biden. >> sean: the biden family foreign crime syndicate, that's how i will refer to it. joining us now is fox news
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contributor sarah sanders. you live this, i don't know how either one of you did the job. i couldn't do that job without, well, being a little more entertaining than usual. because i don't think i would keep it together. >> i don't know sean, i think you could certainly handle it. there's nobody in that press room that i don't think you could handle quite easily. >> sean: not worried about that part, i'm worried about how it will end with the verbal fisticuffs. verbal. >> fair enough, i would certainly put you up against anybody there. look, it's absolutely no secret that the media hates this president and they have spent the last four years all day every day doing everything they can to destroy him and everyone around them. one thing that we need to look at and make sure it never happens again is that we allow the liberal media and big tech to censor and control the
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messaging that goes out that truly impacts and influences elections. not only did they not cover the hunter-biden scandal, they covered it up. it's absolutely outrageous and irresponsible the way that the media has behaved over the last four years and the way they have attacked the president and the way that they have attacked and try to destroy everybody around them. >> sean: i got one minute left. i look at how they have treated the anonymous hearsay whistle-blower and all these people. i watch the people that were witnesses, they seem pretty credible to me and i believe them. i do think they were lying. >> not only that but let's not forget, for every single second of every single news broadcast they spent more than two and a half years perpetuating the russia hoax. i can't think of anything more disgraceful and outrageous than the fact that they literally called the president a traitor to his own country and tried to destroy him and discredit his
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rightful election in 2016. absolutely outrageous, unfortunately not surprising. i'm glad people like you continue to hold him accountab accountable. >> sean: more on the biden family foreign crime syndicate when we get back. wait until you hear what we discovered today. sickle musica♪ cond scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪
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>> sean: more current developments tonight surrounding the corruption from biden's business of the kit as we call it because a brand-new email obtained by fox news shows the theory expert, zero experience. he had amended his tax forms because he had failed to disclose 100 grand in incomes and as a new subpoena connected between the ongoing related documents, and according to this another email obtained by fox, zero experience hunter, he requested key is being made for his "office mates" and he's referring to his dad and uncle jim, and he planned to share with the chinese business partner. now a full fledged corruption scandal. the bidens compromise, and i
6:29 pm
wonder if these have copies of hunter's left top. what hunter's says, what we don't know yet is devastating. not hyperbole and not hysteria, it's all been hidden from the public since 2018. ask yourself, why was a senate not made aware of all of this during that "impeachment trial to hearsay nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower? why was all the relevant information like the fbi been in possession with the laptop, not part of the trial and directly dealt with corruption. don't forget joe biden is actually on tape bragging about the prosecutors they had fired. and combine all of that with what we already know from senator ron johnson and his senate committee, 2013, peter schweizer, hunter biden flew aboard air force two in a trip to china.
6:30 pm
ultimately $1.5 billion deal with the chinese investment fund. hunter also opened up a joint bank account with the chinese national connected to the chinese communist party. hunt 2014, and remember the first lady in moscow, former ex mayor of moscow wife. that places the name hunter biden with ivanka trump. how do you think democrats and the media mob would cover it? tiffany trump. wired over 140 grand, 200 biden's firm. earmarked for a brand-new car. reality is undeniable. hunter biden used his last name selling access i know we have to wonder, what do they have on him? wonder if they have pictures of the crack pipe. here with the react to it as
6:31 pm
wisconsin senator ron johnson. do we have information on what's on the laptop when senator grasslesenator grassleys report and peter schweizer released his reporting, and now it's postelection and amazingly, the mainstream media recognizing this hunter biden, and the chinese companies with individuals with connections with the chinese communist party and the people's liberation army, we talk about the guy they got the key, but what about one of their associates who was convicted of corrupt practices act and money laundering. this is the guy that when he was
6:32 pm
arrested, the first call he placed was to james biden which was a mistake. he was trying to get a hold of hunter and i think hunter was paid something like a million dollars on successfully defending and because patrick spent some time in jail. now we know another example of how joe biden had to know how these business connections. >> sean: no argument from me. we know that we have other enemies. china is the biggest threat of all. what is the likelihood that based on what we know in the deals that they have done that they have compromise and materials on any one of the biden family, that would concern me. >> one of the companies was hudson west three. there are a bunch of hudson west
6:33 pm
companies, one, two, three, four, five. we had about a million dollars of wire transfers and cash transactions going back and forth. in 2017 and 2018, president biden is out of office. i don't know whether he had ownership interest in that order hudson west three. same company name and of course that's a company name with the parentheses ce sc u.s. which is supposed to have signage of that office space they least ensure the key with. >> sean: today voting started in in person voting, early voting in georgia. how important are those two senate races on january 52 you being able to continue your investigation with senator grassley? >> it's crucial because if we retain them during the senate, chairman grassley eppley will become chairman of the senate judiciary committee again and -- neither one of us have got to the bottom of this.
6:34 pm
both of us are frustrated with the unfair and biased treatment on the part of the media, the unfair and biased suppression of information from these agencies. and of course the unequal system of justice that we are witnessing in this country, is shocking. >> sean: senator, i would like to see that were continue and another outcome would be all the hard work that the president had accomplished in four years and if they had their way they probably would investigate the entire trump family in perpetuity. i don't think they would ever stop. senator, you've done great work. growing calls tonight for special counsel to probe the biden family foreign corruption syndicate. also past time to hold silicon valley accountable for their lies about russian disinformation, censoring the story to help joe biden. here to break it down is senator lindsey graham. senator, rule section 2:30. they printed everything with russia, russia and of trump.
6:35 pm
they censored everything with the biden family syndicate which would seem like a double standard to me, but what do i know? i'm a dumb talk show host. >> well section 2:30 allows me the big tech companies to take down content and make decisions without being sued and that they are not regulated. there is no business i know of an america that can't be sued for their actions and not subject to regulation by the government at any level, except big tech. so tomorrow i will introduce legislation that would repeal section 2:30 and they would replace it by something better and if they can't find something better that goes away. and that would be the biggest change in my lifetime regarding big tech to get rid of section
6:36 pm
2:30. >> sean: may be tying it to the defense bill is not the best way, is there any other way that this can get done? >> mr. president, if you are listening i've had democrats come up to me and say we hate these big tech companies as much as you do. they have abused power and they are american companies and have printed technology that enriches our lives. they got more power than anybody in the history of the world in terms of information flow. they have a political bias, they are protected from lawsuits and they are not regulated by the government. so mr. president if you are watching tonight, tell congress he would like to vote on my bill to sunset section 2:30 by 2023 so we can replace it or it will eventually die. >> sean: all right. so what's at stake? i'd live there are number of years as you know. >> while the future of the court. if we lose georgia
6:37 pm
bernie sanders will become the budget chairman, not lindsey graham so your money is at stake. they will be able to expand the supreme court from 9-13 or a larger number to make it liberal. it will make the d.c. estate adding two more democratic senators in perpetuity, and they will do await the legislative filibuster so the green new deal and medicare for all can't be stopped in the senate, it goes right to biden's desk. the most important thing for the moment here is if we retain control of the senate, the hunter biden fiasco doesn't go away. i do believe the department of justice needs to appoint a special counsel to look into the hunter-biden issues regarding the u.k. and china. there is already a criminal investigation not paying taxes and he is presumed innocent like every other american. iif you thought mueller should e looking at the trumps and russia, how do you justify not looking at the china doll mike
6:38 pm
biden's china, ukraine and everything else in the world? >> sean: it's amazing all we've been through and then to get lectured by everybody, did you believe the whistle-blowers, the people that came forward and the signing affidavits and the penalty of perjury and possible a sentence, did you believe a lot of them? i did. >> i think georgia -- now the sectors states allowing signature audits of the envelopes in cobb county, that's better than nothing. i wish we had done that a couple-3 weeks ago where it would have mattered more. but i think would happen in wisconsin and georgia, i'm glad the president is challenging these systems. he may fall short but he's shutting the light on the problem with mailing voting. there's two threats to conservatism. mass mail and mailing voting unverified and social media companies unregulated and unable to be sued when they take down the content of conservatives. social media companies and the mailing voting will destroy conservatism if we don't push
6:39 pm
back. >> sean: parlor rumble. there you go. thank you senator. also tonight, more and more questions for speaker pelosi as she still refuses to remove congressman eric swalwell from the house intel committee after we learn more about his contacts with a chinese spy who didn't not only fund raise for the congressman about placed an intern in his office. the congressman is still refusing to answer direct questions about the nature of the relationship in refusing to fully explain the extent of their interactions. one thing is clear, eric swalwell must be thrown off the intel community i think immediately as a national security threat posed by china is growing by the day. newly leaked records show chinese communist party members use a recruitment agency to infiltrate british australian u.s. consulates in shanghai. and that's not all.
6:40 pm
because leaked records also expose a significant ccp presents inside companies like airline giant boeing and covid-19 vaccine maker pfizer. that's why republican lawmakers are continuing to press the fbi for a briefing on other efforts of the chinese government and operatives to influence our politicians as ric grenell told us last week and gather intelligence. here with reaction, author of this pamphlet, "countdown to socialism," congressman devin nunes. we are counting away. >> yes we are. >> sean: why do i in the back of my head -- and you don't have to convince me that russia is a hostile actor or putin is a hostile regime. same with iran, they want to wipe us off the face of the earth. china to me as a biggest out of all, am i wrong? >> by far, and the republicans have been saying that for many years. don't forget, during this russia
6:41 pm
hoax when republicans were in charge of the house we were trying to hold hearings on china and i think you even reported at the time, it got hijacked by the democrats trying to push the russia hoax. this has been -- the democrats have ignored this for a long time and that would be a target of an adversary or another spy agency. that happens in every country around the world especially in the united states and especially washington, d.c. i think what we have here to look at mostly is there appears to be a well-connected chinese spy ring operating in san francisco. you had dianne feinstein, senator feinstein. long term senator who a spy in her office. there's photos with her and this other spy that was connected to congressman swalwell. so i think the real issue here is not so much about, so much as
6:42 pm
what did pelosi know and when did she know it. the democrats have covered it up, the social media companies have covered it up, and if she does get the vote in january is she really going to put these members back on the intelligence committee? at that point i think the republicans will be asking for an investigation. >> sean: you haven't called for him to be removed from the u.s. intel committee. you are the one guy that was vindicated, you are the one guy that told the american people the truth. how ironic that you got this guy who won't answer any questions and apparently the spy was sleeping with a lot of politicians and number one, and number to the other guy is adam schiff on your committee and he is the other guy that got caught thinking he was colluding with russians about compromising
6:43 pm
materials, and this dope is believing it. >> it's funny that not just -- you bring up whether or not -- i'm going to ask for someone to be kicked off of the committee but unlike the way they treated the republicans, if they put someone on the intelligence committee that doesn't belong there, i'm not going to be like them and rushed to conclusions and jump to decisions. but there is a time and place, i think the people that have been involved in these chinese spies in the spy ring, they need to come clean with the american people in the and fellow members of congress. >> sean: this woman had a relationship with other politicians. shouldn't she ask the public's
6:44 pm
question of those relationships? >> it definitely. we also need to know more about what happened during those time frames of 2012, 14, and 15 of, what did pelosi know about this ring? it seems like there was a very sophisticated spy ring that dates back nearly a decade now, sean. >> sean: devin nunes, you will tell us the truth. when you come back, you have to meet these great parents. they have a 2-year-old and they threw the 2-year-old off of a weekend flight because the toddler wouldn't keep her mask on. really? straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: it welcome back to "hannity." last week we saw a disturbing story wherein family was removed from an united airlines flight because their 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a face mask. a look. take a look.
6:51 pm
>> sean: united it did provide a statement to us saying the health and safety of their customer is our highest priority and also confirmed the family is not banned from flying in the future. the parents of the toddler removed from the fighter with us. first of all, my kids are little older, i'm a little older than you guys and i've been there, done that. am i wrong in thinking that most people just want to help you guys out in a moment like that because we can all relate to that? >> absolutely. we gotten so much support, and people couldn't believe what happened to us. >> sean: you are there, and did they say just get off the
6:52 pm
plane? >> it was confusing for me as well, we were allowed to board the plane and then a supervisor came up to us and asked us to deplane. the whole time we were trying to get the mask on her, we switched back and forth between the elise and i and the flight was not full. it was interesting that no one else on the plane actually said anything. i know if i was on a plane in this situation was happening i would have stayed up and said something as well. >> sean: this is a 2-year-old little girl and you are doing everything humanly possible and i'm sure you had an important trip. then i heard that you couldn't even get your luggage back. tell us about that. >> so after we got kicked off the plane they proceeded to tell us that we weren't going to get our two bags or our car seat and then they pulled back the plane because, i almost had a heart attack, we live two hours from
6:53 pm
the airport and we didn't have a car seat. they did pull the car seat off and on our bag so we had to wait more than 24 hours for our bags to arrive so we totally missed our trip. >> sean: so you missed your trip and you had to fight to get the car seat so you can drive your daughter home and then your luggage goes -- i think the destination was new york, if i remember? >> yes, new york. >> sean: listen, don't come to new york, it's not the safest place, they got a million dollars off of the police. i'm just wondering in moments like that, because anyone that's had kids, you are looking at this cute kid, it's impossible to keep a mask on a 2-year-old. it's impossible. you are trying the best you can. and i'm watching you as the dad, you are there, holding her in place, i've got her, i'll keep her. if the plane's not full then why don't they say we will cordon off the section of the plane for you guys come in to the best you can and we will get you and your
6:54 pm
daughter there safely. hopefully an hour into the flight she falls asleep, right? >> that would have been best-case scenario and i think that would have been something that could've been done since the flight was not full. but it was not done. the flight attendant that we talk to initially, basically none of a flight attendant spoke to us after we boarded the plane. after that it was just the actual supervisor that kicked us off the plane. there could've been a different solution but there was in and we felt like we were singled out in the situation. >> sean: i hope they give you guys like a free year of travel. did they offer you anything at least? >> no. >> sean: i'm dreaming, right? your daughter is adorable and i'm sorry that happened to you guys. thanks for being with us, more "hannity" next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time left we had this evening. set your dvr, 6:00 in the west coast. don't miss on th an addition of "hannity." let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham. hi. >> laura: we were together on a zoom call today, that was weird. the one we were doing some news podcasts. >> laura: it was weird. >> sean: it was weird because you were ahead of me and then i had to follow you. >> laura: and the other thing was, you were in a little box, hannity was a little box but he didn't grace us with his presence when i was speaking. it was a little box and it said it "hannity" and was muted. the one i watch the whole thing though. >> laura: i thought to myself, is he doing his mma workout while i'm on zoom instead of participating? at least you could have showed us what your moves were.