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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 15, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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and friends first" continuing right now. >> there have to be more golf balls in the world than that one. you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. todd: william barr leaving the department of justice before christmas. carley: the president vows to continue his legal challenge. >> reporter: william barr is out next week. the source acknowledged donald trump is irritated with his attorney general. the legal challenges overturn the election results, william barr said the justice department found no widespread fraud. the department also failed to
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reveal its investigation into joe biden's son hunter in terms of the election, the attorney general praised the president in his resignation letter, the president tweeted, quote, just had a nice meeting with attorney general william barr at the white house. our relationship has been a very good one. he's done an outstanding job. he will be leaving just before christmas to spend the holidays with his family. the president says william barr's deputy jeffrey rosen will become acting attorney general. members of the electoral college met and formally cast their ballots confirming joe biden's victory. the republican electors met in a handful of states to cast unofficial ballots for donald trump, holding out for legal challenges that have so far failed across the federal court system. in delaware the president elect says these challenges are a result -- and assault on democracy. >> even more stunning, 17 republican attorneys general, 126 republican members of the congress actually signed on to the lawsuit filed by the state
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of texas. we've never seen it before. a position that refused to respect the will of the people, refused to respect the rule of law and refuse to honor the constitution. the court sent a clear signal to donald trump that they would be no part of an unprecedented assault on democracy. >> biden also pointed out that he received the same number of electoral votes donald trump did in 2016. biden says if trump could call that a landslide he can call his win this year a clear victory. biden heads to georgia to campaign for two democrats running for u.s. senate in the january 5th runoff election. biden's first democrat presidential candidate to win georgia since 1992. >> rich, thanks. >> matt whitaker applauds william barr of service and says his resignation letter
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highlights the good work of the trump administration. >> the president was frustrated at times that he didn't publicly announce an aspect of investigations but that is consistent with doj policy at the same time. i thought the letter of resignation william barr presented lays out a roadmap for the successes of the trump administration and.out under immense media not only scrutiny but opposition the president has accomplished a lot including vaccines being delivered today to frontline health workers, in less then a year. an extraordinary record. carley: the vaccine news one of the president's most important abolishment. todd: jackie ibanez live with healthcare workers rolling up here sleeve to get the first doses. >> reporter: the hospital behind
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me they have the vaccine, started getting into frontline workers, doctors and folks who work in the emergency room and icu, people coming in contact today daily with patients who have covid-19. officials at the hospital hope by early next year to give the vaccine to the general public but things are constantly changing. one of five hospitals in new york city to have received the vaccine. by the end of today the mayor hopes to have 37 hospitals have that vaccine. yesterday was the first time the vaccine was given at the us. sandra lindsay was the first person to get vaccinated and she encourages everyone to take it. listen to this. >> this is significant, should be significant for all of us as it signifies hope, healing, restoration of public health and public safety.
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>> reporter: it comes as the us passes a grim milestone, 300,000 deaths, nearly 1400 people died yesterday alone. a fox news poll revealing 56% of voters believe the country did not take the threat of covid-19 seriously. 50% of the virus, 50% say the virus is not at all under control in the us despite the good news, the country still has a long road ahead. >> you have to remember this is a long rollout period and before the general public gets access and because the immunity threshold we will be willing to 2021 a lot of people will get infected, get hospitalized and i between now and then so we have to really be vigilant. >> reporter: modern's vaccine is expected to get the green light by the end of this weekend if that happens there are 6 million
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doses ready to be shipped. later in the hour we have dr. nicole saphier to explain what all this means. >> thank you so much. >> hunter biden failing to report 400,$000 in income while working for ukrainian gas company. the emails obtained by fox news show attorney allegedly notified him tax returns needed to be mended, last week hunter confirmed he was under federal investigation for his tax affairs, joe biden reportedly not being investigated at this time as sources told the wall street journal attorney general william barr told prosecutors to keep the probe privateering it could affect the outcome of the election. ari fleischer says if the story was about one of donald trump's children, media would have been all over it. >> that is perfectly fine, express spokesman should say it.
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but normally the press's blood would flow, they would sniff news, they don't do that, they get dissuaded, and too many of the press actively only but when the news came about about burisma and hunter biden after joe biden became in charge, investigative reporters should have smelled story and all should have done last year but was just the opposite. >> facebook and twitter pretty mom about this since hunter biden confirmed the investigation, censoring the new york post story. jillian: illegal immigrant convicted of killing a child walks freda to california's into a state policy. carlos moreira lewis ramirez was released after request from ice to hand them over was ignored. the agency was looking to start
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deportation proceedings but california's into a state policies allow local law enforcement officials to ignore detainer requests. todd: a new border wall system completed, mark morgan praising it in a tweet saying, quote, we will meet 450 miles by the end of the year, currently under contract. the impact of stopping construction will be disastrous. morgan morning a possible surge could come, become a crisis if trump administration policies end, 70,000 migrants represented at the border last month. is 64% increase from last year. >> firefighters spreading holiday cheer at the children's hospital, they were seen rappelling down in orlando. santos seen waving to children inside their rooms. mrs. clause also making an
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appearance. that is what the season is about. 8 minutes after the hour, healthcare workers across the us receiving the first doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. congressman carter is confident in it after participating in the trial, he shares his experience. >> aren't we loving these holiday things? happy family from virginia matching pjs and spending time with a son before he goes to iraq. we are praying for you. >> terrence sporting a santa suit with nine grandchildren. idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> the 27 patient today.
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the vaccine i took today was for her, her family and the others. >> african-americans have suffered quite the repercussion of covid-19 and i wanted to share with my community does okay with this vaccine, is the thing to do. i'm honored to do this. >> american healthcare heroes, the first receive pfizer's covid-19 vaccine at hospitals across the country. >> georgia, somebody carter helped participate in the trial that made it possible. he joins us now. great to have you on the show. what about your experience in the pfizer trial leaves you to be confident in this vaccine? >> absolutely. i'm convinced it is a safe and effective vaccine, no question. vaccines are the single most life-saving innovation ever in the history of medicine. they save more lives than anything else we ever had in medicine. that is why this is such good news. my personal experience has been good. this is a double-blind study, you don't know if you're getting
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the placebo or the actual vaccine. i believe i got the actual vaccine because after the booster shot i had mild symptoms you would normally experience with a vaccine. i don't know it for certain but i think i got the vaccine. jillian: you are the only pharmacist in congress. curious about how this is going to work because this is a two dose vaccine. do you expect when it becomes available to the general population to be able to walk into the local pharmacy like they would've flew shot, get the vaccine and three weeks later it is on us to go back again or will there be more regulation and scheduling involved in the 2-part vaccine process? >> if you get it in the pharmacy, pharmacies are going to be part of the process, where you will be able to get the covid-19 vaccine but they will remind you you are do your booster shot when it is time but
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it is on people to remember it as well but it is important to get both doses with the pfizer vaccine in the moderna vaccine. astrazeneca as i understand is a double dose as well. there is one, johnson & johnson is going to be a single vaccine. >> the side effects you experienced, let's put them on screen and go to them, pain and swelling in the army receive the shot, fever, chills, tightness, headache. this is what good experience with this shot but it beats the alternative in many people's mind. we are in the senate showdown. joe biden will visit georgia today after early voting gets underway and requests for mail in ballots, top 1 million. look at these numbers. early voting, 1.2 million ballots requested, 200,000 ballots filled out and returned.
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you hear about the joe biden trip and the information on your screen. how worried are you about the combination of democrat mobilization plus the mail in voting push when it comes to republicans potentially losing these seats? >> we are fighting fire with fire. don't think republicans are not doing our job either. we are doing our job. the president has been down here, the vice president has been down here, they are very involved, very engaged, we have strong ground game, the rnc has people down here. a number of volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, doing all the things we are supposed to be doing so dems are working hard but republicans working even harder. we recognize the importance of this. >> do you think joe biden going to georgia today will have a big impact on the race? >> i don't think it will have a big impact. he's not the most exciting today. last time he was here didn't
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raise a lot of interest but i am sure it will for his base and the democratic base inspires them some. it is nothing like having donald trump here i can assure you. todd: things to watch, that signature verification, see how that shapes up. congressman buddy carter, appreciate your time, thanks for your work, america thinks you. still ahead, the cyber guy, us government going deeper than first thought, the additional critical agencies justin. jillian: pay a premium later, the holiday deadline you do not want to miss. ♪
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there were tsunamis letfourtin the world.iling it. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is, that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation.
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rob: we are back with extreme weather. oklahoma bracing for snow after its worst storming years, stranded some drivers more than 13 hours. carley: a blockbuster storm in the northeast with some areas expected to get two feet of snow. janice steen tracking the system. it will be a pretty snowy week. >> janice: yes, exciting for those who likely snow. i will tell you in new york city we are going to be right on that fine line whether we get quite a bit of snow or not a whole lot of snow. we don't quite know what is going to happen in new york city. the temperature certainly cooling-off and it will set the
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table for a big snowstorm. someone will get two feet of snow but the exact track, how much and who gets what yet to be determined. the system we are talking about is across the plane states was a classic nor'easter off the new york coasts and rise to the northeast but the exact positioning of the low will determine who gets the jackpot amount. that is wednesday into thursday. this will be an overnight event, new york and philadelphia towards new england, the worst of it coming wednesday afternoon and overnight wednesday into thursday morning tapering off midday thursday afternoon. if you're a snow leopard this could be good news for you. we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings, new york in that watch. right on that fine line once we
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get the jackpot totals or not so much so stay tuned come we will fine-tune the forecast and tell you snow totals are one of the hardest things meteorologists can forecast, be patient with us. carley: fabulous job, appreciate it. the state department homeland security and national institutes of health reportedly joining the list of victims in fiberattacks. todd: cheryl casone joins us with lawmakers demanding action. we all want to know what is going on. >> reporter: this story will continue beyond today. this suspected russian hack grew overnight, the breach went on for months undetected since march, the treasury, commerce department, homeland security, national institutes of health among those agencies that have
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been identified it. in austin-based texas company security company helped the government and many fortune 500 companies manage their it networks, lawmakers want answers, several gop senators wrote in a statement that cyberattacks by russian and china from their economy and national security, response should be swift and clear, adam schiff added the next administration must make hardening our networks a major priority. there will be consequences for those responsible. according to our website they work with the pentagon, the va, all ten of the top companies in the office of the president of the united states. this is going to keep going. >> wall street working overtime amid tax hike fears and a spike in crime. jillian: they are wrapping up plans, this is not a soccer to any of you citing rising taxes and higher crime rates. foxbusiness learned even with
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the vaccine, to bring workers back to the manhattan offices, every major wall street firm is drawing up plans to cut their presence in the city in the near future, bankers blaming bill diblasio for allowing crime to reach new highs during the pandemic and governor cuomo for the brutal lockdowns the decimated small businesses across the city. rob: the infrastructure supports those vaccines making food for those individuals, it is bad news in wall street. >> reporter: the taxes they pay. todd: it would be like carly this time of year, got her shopping done, packages in the mail, got to get it done. >> reporter: did she get her christmas cards written? carley: i don't do christmas cards. i keep it simple. >> reporter: here are the
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deadlines everybody needs to look like. the u.s. postal service will be busy. here are the deadlines. ground service, first-class mail service, greeting cards, you still have time, priority mail express, you got to start planning. appreciate it. still ahead, the vaccine rollout begin this, how many people need to get it to control the pandemic. dr. nicole saphier says there will be breathing room once nursing home residents get their doses. todd: take a listen. the milestone for the most loved and played song of all time coming up next. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪
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jillian: the beginning of the end. the covid-19 vaccine mixer to hospitals across the country, the surgeon general says there's work to be done. todd: dr. nicole saphier joins us, we love that optimism but what do you need to see to officially say the pandemic is under control? >> we are certainly not under control but this has been an incredible critical moment, the vaccination is not the latest repeated but actually given to healthcare workers across the country. my best friend, a physician working in icu in a west texas hospital just got word last night that she will be receiving the dose this week. i couldn't tell you what a relief this is to healthcare workers everywhere. our icu doctors, emergency room doctors and respiratory
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therapists need first in line for this but in terms of getting the pandemic under control it will take more than the vaccine at least for the next few months. it will be about listening that viral transmission. great news in the sense that 1100 facilities across the nation next week will be receiving the vaccine, long-term care facilities and nursing homes because operation warp speed contracted with walgreens and cvs to make sure the most vulnerable residents get the vaccine. jillian: 75% of vaccine -- americans need to get the vaccine to get herd immunity. fox news poll shows 61% of americans plan to get the vaccine once the shot becomes available up or% in september. how do we feel about that number? 75% to get the pandemic under control, 61% say they would get
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it but higher than most people would think. >> vaccine hesitancy is not something new. we have been dealing with this for decades. when it comes to covid-19 we want 75% of the population to be vaccinated because that is the most black-and-white way to reach that herd immunity and get this pandemic under control but we have 60 million americans with confirmed infection in the cdc says every one confirmed infection era tweet missed infection so it is possible 120 million americans have been exposed to this virus and have some level of immunity right now so we may not need to get as many people vaccinated as we think. however, that immunity from natural infection we have no idea how long that lasts. even with past inspection, to be vaccinated. we think we might reach that
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herd immunity number earlier than anticipated because there's so much natural immunity. it will take a very strong pr campaign over the next few months to ensure americans everywhere the vaccine proved not only efficacious but incredibly safe so americans everywhere as soon as it is your turn i urge you to take it. carley: a good piece of advice and we are glad we are seeing the rollout start in 2020. who would have thought? thank you for joining us. i never know how to say it. todd: holiday hit topping the billboard charts as it nears 1
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billion streams. ♪ or than you could ever know mac all i want for christmas is you ♪ todd: did mariah carey think this would be as big as it is? we have an answer. a fox start tweeting i wasn't expecting this, eternally grateful for the enduring success of this song. jillian: not just the best christmas song of all time but the best song of all time. todd: she broke that news yesterday. still ahead one of the richest men in the world sharing his thoughts on the lockdown. >> bars and restaurants will be closed as we go into this wave and sadly that is appropriate. carley: those words from bill gates not sitting well with struggling business owners and brokers, peter morici said the billionaire's message is the
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scene. he joined us next. ♪ finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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todd: bill gates bars and restaurants will have to close until deep into next year, he claimed the worst of the pandemic is yet to come. >> the next four to six months could be the worst of the epidemic. they going to this wave, that is appropriate. todd: peter morici joins us, that word up seen that you called bill gates's comments. why do you call them up seen? >> he said it was good for capitalism. these people are not folks that build homes on the shore knowing
2:39 am
hurricane will come that are screaming they are being told to evacuate. these folks are like folks who built a restaurant in iowa, it is just silly. they are certainly in places for usage but they ship everybody down. a little too insulated by silicon valley from the pain of the americans. todd: is the scene being repeated over and over for people who are not billionaires or have a steady paycheck. people like governors closing down people who don't. >> we focus on restaurant workers. 100,000 small businesses,
2:40 am
accountants and lawyers, they won't have clients. and locked down and working in satellite format. the number of jobs created is declining, by 2022. it means 3 million jobs, that is obscene. >> he's attacking the america first policy saying we the united states should prioritize vaccine in third world countries. by putting on somebody else, don't we need to help ourselves before we help others. >> the hard reality, to be
2:41 am
distributed support areas very effectively because the refrigeration required and protocol of double doses, he likes to fly off, with billions of dollars it is great they create this wealth but they go off and live on a mountaintop and say look at those people, they shouldn't run around so much. come up here and clip your coupons and live on your savings and live the spiritual life. it is absurd to think americans should die developing on the vaccine, just absurd. he should pick up the $100 million, - todd: the mountain you describe is particularly tall in silicon valley. peter morici, appreciate your
2:42 am
time. carley: golfers are told to play it where it lies. >> reporter: the man! carley: have florida man grabbing the ball as the florida gators jumped into the water. no one was hurt. you need the friends to say don't do that. todd: buying drinks on every other hole. jillian: carol markowitz and former doj joining us. todd: what is coming up on the big show. >> house minority whip steve scalise will be here live,
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joining the january 6th uprising when they tried to being in the electoral college. the president should keep on fighting the electoral fight as we move ahead, that kind of support for the president, talk about big-time supporters, jeff van drew switched parties for the president and will be joining us live from new jersey. senator rick scott on the latest, the son of the runoff in georgia, what is at stake, early voting started yesterday. congressman elect will be here live, charles payne on the aid package that could be coming out of congress, $900 billion, don't miss a minute of "fox and friends". i urge you to get dressed. every year, we set out to do one thing:
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help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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>> the current rate we are going you have to be ready for a full shutdown, a pause at the end of the spring. that is increasingly necessary not just to break the back of the second wave. jillian: bill diblasio warning new yorkers to brace themselves for another lockdown back at last week's. todd: liberal leaders across the country, carol markowitz joins us now. i'm not going to lie. >> here we go again, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, something that has not worked, i expect nothing else
2:48 am
from the leadership because they don't learn the lesson. it is over. the lockdown will never work again. it is downright scary. carley: new york tracking data showing a wide majority, 74% of cases come from households gathering, less than 2% come from restaurants. imagine being a restaurant owner and seeing that data when you are forced to shut your doors and not make any money during the foreseeable future, if the science isn't there, governor cuomo and mayor bill diblasio killing their economy, why are they doing this? >> they have to imagine even though it hasn't. i know a lot of restaurant owners suffering with a storm coming in next few days, outdoor dining will be shut down,
2:49 am
politicians continuing to collect checks, while these businesses are not making money, they are doing damage to the city and they can feel it. todd: what is left of the city if we have a full shutdown as threatened by bill diblasio? >> won't be a full shutdown. costco will be open and all the big-box stores will be open. just small businesses crushed under the heel of this government that doesn't care about them. it is not a shutdown. and paid for their job, and other small businesses, won't survived this. jillian: the big vaccine rollout began, the first is given to critical care knows and doesn't
2:50 am
feel so confident about the vaccine. >> i'm not that confident. you say to the american people here is the vaccine, trust the federal administration. >> this vaccine is exciting. that we just have to do it. jillian: there's a bit of a flip-flop. >> the federal government, he felt he had to have the vaccine approved, why don't people trust the federal government? could it be the government said not to trust the federal government? he needs to campaign to reverse that but there is no apology or pressure from the media to say sorry i said that.
2:51 am
an ongoing thing, what it says and does. >> not that they are pushing back. >> absolutely. they celebrated. jillian: the rhetoric changed before and after the election. todd: fox obtained email, 100,$000 in income, former doj official next.
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. .
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todd: fox news obtaining email hunter biden may have not have reported hundreds of thousands of dollars from burisma the ukrainian firm where he once sat on the board. carley: joins us with his take. quote to get you2014 you joineda board and we need to amend your 2014 returns to reflect the unreported burisma income that is approximately $400,000 extra. that's a lot of money. what does that tell but the nature of this case? is this the worst thing that's going to come out of it? >> well, look, who among us hasn't forgotten to report $400,000 from a ukrainian gas company. it happens every year. look, i think this raises a lot of questions.
2:56 am
first, it's clear that hunter biden is as crooked as the night is long but, you know, the fact that he made $400,000 from burisma, what did he do to make that money? i mean, they portrayed this as something where, you know, he was just on there. he was just serving on the board. he wasn't doing anything all that everywhere. $400,000 is a lot of money. you didn't report it as income. that's a crime. two, what did he do to earn that money? how much influence did he peddle go all the way to the top? these are questions that we need to know. >> senator rand paul among those saying look, i worry that in a president-elect biden administration this is going to go away. people aren't going to investigate this when he puts his own attorney general in there and own u.s. attorneys throughout the country. do we need a sony appointed new zealand? >> well, that's a great question. the special counsel would obviously protect the investigator and give, you know, you cannot fire but for cause. that's the same thing that bob mueller had to deal with but,
2:57 am
here, i mean, look, we have a u.s. attorney in delaware that was lauded by senator coons and carper. whether you appoint a special counsel you leave it with the delaware attorney's office. pressure on senate and congressional republicans to let this investigation play out. it's not so fun when the rabbit has the gun. four years president trump had to deal with this. now president biden is going to have to deal with this. carley: yeah, you said it. meantime attorney general bill barr will be resigning. the president announced that yesterday saying a relationship has been a very good one. he has done an outstanding job. there are reports that there are friction between bill barr and the president because, you know, barr did not announce this hunter biden investigation until after the election. so, what do you take from this, his resignation and their relationship. >> well, i think they probably do have a good relationship.
2:58 am
my sources say that the meeting was amicable. ultimately despite what you heard from the press, bill barr was never someone that was going to be his first priority was donald trump. his first priority is the executive branch. and i think ultimately, that is what led to the conflict which ended his tenure. todd: i want to switch gears to this finally. special counsel john durham expanding his teams probing the russia information. we have heard information forthcoming and expanding his team. i'm going to move past that when the results of this investigation come out whether that's tomorrow or five years from now, will there be any consequences if the democrats control much or all of government? >> you know, probably not. i mean, i think we have seen this play out before. i think, you know, more importantly, will the mainstream media cover it enough for there to be consequences. and i think the answer to that is going to be no.
2:59 am
todd: interesting. ian prior we love your bluntness, get right to it and give us the answers we need. appreciate it as always. carley: thanks, ian, appreciate it. >> thank you. carley: we leave you with this, an 8-year-old boy is jumping for joy after getting new prosthetic legs. jackson putting them to good use running through disney world for the very first time. >> take a look, stop for a moment and realize this is what this holiday season, christmas season is all about. carley: yeah. todd: jackson was born without fully developed legs, two buffalo bills players general rulingsly flew him to orlando for a prosthetic fitting and a day at disney holiday studios. we were talking about how the bills could be super bowl contenders those two bills are heros in the eyes of that little boy and that again is what christmas is all about. carley: look at that boy with his mom enjoying disney world. that is every little kid's dream and to do it on a set of new
3:00 am
prosthetic legs given to him by nfl players. i mean, it is just the perfect story and it truly just puts a smile on, i'm sure, everybody's face who hears it. that is so cool. set your dvrs for 4:00 a.m. every weekday morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ [cheers] >> first american getting vaccinated in a does country operation. >> today is truly an historic play. attorney general bill barr says he is out; offering his resignation to president trump. >> this was a surprise but certainly not a shock. >> what do you think about your son being investigated. >> it all should have been done last year. >> massive massive infiltration of western c


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