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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 15, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you know what? we're not going to have enough time. i'm going to bring you back. i want to get your view medically on what some leaders are doing with the rolling lockdowns across the country. please come back. good to see you. thank you. >> good to see you, harris. >> harris: thank you for watching, "the daily briefing" now. ♪ >> dana: and a live look in atlanta where president-elect joe biden is about to campaign ahead of the crucial senate runoff. democrats making a push to take control of the chamber while republicans are fighting to keep their majority. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ ♪ >> dana: there are exactly three weeks until another election day in georgia. but voters are already heading to the polls as we gear up for two tight runoffs that will determine control of the united states senate. we have team fox coverage. bret baier standing by with analysis. let's begin with peter doocy live in atlanta. hey, peter.
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>> dana, good afternoon. and just a few mention ago, reuters pushed a news alert that joe biden the president-elect has selected pete buttigieg as his transportation secretary. we reached out to our contact with the transition team and the biden campaign and the pete buttigieg campaign and tried to confirm that reuters report. that is popping right now in the time since biden left delaware. and while he is just before he got into the air, he very briefly spoke to reporters and revealed that today, for the first time in his transition, he spoke to a long time colleague that that person called joe biden the president-elect that is mitch mcconnell. >> i had a great conversation with mitch mcconnell today. we talked -- i called him to thank him for the congratulations. told him while we disagree on a lot of things there are things we can work together on. we have always been straight with one another.
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and we agreed we would get together sooner than later. and i'm looking forward to working with him. i just want you to know i spoke with him. >> well, biden is not going to need to work as mitch mcconnell as much if democrats flip the seats the majority leader would be chuck schumer. dr. fauci now says that for security reasons he does want biden vaccinated sooner rather than later. expect to see that on camera in coming days. we are not sure if or when we are going to hear the president-elect next go into depth about the federal investigation into his son's tax affairs. in response to a fox question last week biden said he is proud of his son and in response to a fox question last night, he offered this: >> when did you find out that your son was being investigated? >> thanks for the congratulations, i appreciate it. >> and this trip is going to be the first time in more than a
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month that biden has flown anywhere and first time sings the election he has been anywhere other than delaware and philadelphia. dana? >> dana: it's good to see you out and about there, peter. we will stay in touch. thank you. let's bring "special report" anchor bret baier. bret, great to see you. i always like talking to you about georgia politics. you live there. you understand it. you know how much that has changed. i was thinking about biden going down there. this is kind of high stakes for him. one, he was kind of darned if he does and darned if he doesn't. he needs to go down there and try to help them win. but if he can't help them win, he will look weak. and you think about somebody like jon ossoff, that democrat running for senate there in georgia ran way behind joe biden in the election just a month ago. >> bret: yeah, it's a double edged sword, definitely. good afternoon. you are right, if he goes down, really the democrats need to fire up the left base to get them out to vote. and i'm not sure joe biden does
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that. on the flip side, he reminds people by going down there that if he is successful and both of those democrats win, it is a senate majority leader chuck schumer, a head of the banking committee, banking committee chairman bernie sanders, and i think it brings all of that up. remember, that this runoff it could be a different thing. but those republicans were leading. even though they didn't get to 50% in both of them. kelly loeffler, if you add up all the republicans in that race. the republicans were leading. david perdue was leading. and the question is whether all of the republicans come out on january 5th to support this runoff race. >> dana: could we get your reaction to that breaking news that peter doocy just reported that it appears that pete buttigieg, the president-elect's former opponent in the democratic primary, the former mayor there in south bend, indiana, will become the department of transportation secretary if he is confirmed.
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>> bret: i think that's an interesting choice. i mean, i'm not sure his background as a small town -- i say small town but south bend, indiana. i'm not sure. how what the experience level is on the treasury or transportation secretary. he was being considered for, we're told, ambassador to china. it's an interesting pick. he is obviously a rising star in the democratic party. they have put him out on fox and other places throughout the campaign. transportation secretary is not a huge high profile spot, where you are in the limelight but perhaps if you are pushing an infrastructure project you would be. >> dana: of course infrastructure week. you know i love infrastructure week. i also want to get your take on this. as peter doocy mentioned the president-elect has, so far, declined to answer any questions about his son hunter biden and now the confirmed investigation by the fbi. here's something that kayleigh mcenany, the white house press secretary, said just about an hour ago. >> when the swol story broke,
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guess how many minutes of coverage it got on abc, nbc, msnbc, and cbs? zero. z n, devoted three minutes and 16 seconds to it. however, it was covered on fox. interesting preelection and post election coverage too on the hunter biden scandal which was not covered at all by many outlets. and the lead up to the election will biden team has been reluctant to do a lot of interviews we got used to that with candidate trump. can he not continue to answer questions about this hunter biden issue at all? i find that unsustainable. >> bret: he can if he can avoid peter doocy. he is the only one asking them. and, you know, the question he asked really at the end there when did you find out he was being investigated. that's an important question.
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remember what joe biden said on the debate stage. nothing wrong. nobody looking back into it. officials saying it looked like russian disinformation. all of that in retrospecketd is, you know, takes on a totally different view as we learn more and more about these investigations, federal investigations is that are ongoing the president was very upset or was with the attorney general who has now resigned. that attorney general now has preserved these investigations as well as preserving the durham investigation that is ongoing, we will see where it heads. >> dana: maybe just a last comment from you, bret her reports that the swalwell story and hunter biden, remember what it was like in october. ridiculed from covering the story. and this happens periodically that then it turns out that we were right to cover it from the first part. >> bret: right. i think you sigh the disparity, really in coverage and what that
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means. i mean, by choosing not to cover a story, that is a choice. and we do -- we look through the prism of what people are seeing. and if they never see it, you know, unless they tune here, it's really an interesting thing. i think once he gets to january, there is going to have to be a moment where reporters on that campaign and that president-elect position are going to have to ask pointed questions about this. >> dana: indeed. well then of course the investigation continues. bret baier, thank you. we will see you tonight on "special report." >> bret: you bet. >> dana: next is a historic vaccine rollout rolls on. speak with dr. overstein the efforts at several hospitals about what to expect next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> dana: hundreds of though sands of doses of covid-19 vaccines are making their way to hospitals from coast to coast right now. but there are plenty of hospitals still preparing for their first shipment. edward lawrence has more. he is live in clearwater, florida with this. hello, edward. >> hey, dana, you know, before we get there, i want to tell you the fda has been very busy today approving the first at home covid test. you can buy that over the counter. also saying the moderna vaccine is highly effective. the expansion of the vaccination seen has happened. we are now seeing the first front line worker in new hampshire who got the coronavirus vaccine from pfizer. we're also seeing the first one in new jersey get that coronavirus vaccine, now, yesterday, 145 sites received the vaccine from pfizer today. that number jumped to 455. a title of 2.9 million doses
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will be on the ground for front line workers in nursing homes also by this week. now, on friday the fda is expected to approve the moderna vaccine that means an additional 6 million doses arriving next week. the number of people vaccinated is growing across the united states. tens of thousands. but, first responders like those here at the clearwater fire and rescue, they will have to wait. >> we have waited this long. it's been a long year, 2020 has been a rough year. so, we are definitely eager we are frustrated. we are all in this together. >> the division chief there says that he is concerned about the emergencies that they go on where folks may have the coronavirus. still, they do do their jobs here. he does say that first responders in clearwater expect to get the vaccine in the first or second week of january. as first responders are in that 1 b group across the nation. the next hurdle though is to get
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all of them to take it. he says about half of the folks at the clearwater fire and cress could you say that they will take the vaccine. he believes that once the other half sees other workers front line workers taking it with no problems whatsoever, he believes the rest will follow. dana? >> dana: edward lawrence there in florida. thank you. and my next guest is overseeing the vaccination efforts at three hospitals in illinois. let's bring in dr. richard freeman, regional clinical officer at loyola medicine. thanks for being here. what's the expectation expecting those vaccines to get there soon. >> good afternoon. there is a loft anticipation. we have been ego der gearly eagerly awaiting. we have been informed we will receive the vaccine tomorrow. that will allow us to start vaccinating patients on thursday. we are looking forward in that. getting as many people immunized as possible. >> dana: what do you do you think people should know about the safety of these vaccines? how do you reassure people?
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>> well, as far as we can tell, in an abrief @ed clinical trial, the both the vaccines the pfizer and moderna appear to be very safe. and we are encouraging everyone to take it. >> dana: do you think we have the right plan? we have a collective we, in terms of going to healthcare workers first, first responders, and then the vulnerable such as nursing homes? >> i think that is the right plan. you can make the curve quicker if we vaccinated some of the high risk non-healthcare worker populations. then you also have a sizeable number of healthcare workers at risk. we have over 300 employees who are quarantining right now that affects our patients that have more patients than beds. i think the strategy is correct. >> dana: for somebody who might have had covid in the last six months, is it safe for them to
11:17 am
take the vaccine now and is it advisable that they take it now? iit is something they should speak with their physician about. if they have recovered yes, it is safe, and take it to ensure that they have immunity going forward. >> dana: maybe a last question for you. for someone that is a skeptic of the vaccine, maybe a concern. what do you think is the best way to persuade them that it is safe and that they should take it? >> i think they should have faith in the process of the clinical trial and the review of all the information if you are skeptical you may want to wait a while which is not unreasonable. it appears to be very safe. these vaccines are not the old style vaccine which had lima virus and things like that. these are very safe and i would encourage everyone to take the vaccine as soon as they can get
11:18 am
it. >> dana: dr. freidman a pleasure to have you. we would love to stay in touch. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> dana: next, after the swalwell scandal, republicans want to know just how much spying is china doing? sunday si. and he helped us get a home and auto bundle. he's been our insurance guy for five years now. he makes us feel like we're worth protecting. [ gasps ] why didn't you tell us about these savings, flo? i've literally told you a thousand times. ♪ oh, danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling ♪ i'm just gonna... ♪ from glen to glen
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>> dana: top house republicans demanding answers from the fbi about chinese spying inside the united states. they are calling for a briefing on just how extensive the threat really is after ties between democratic congressman eric swalwell and the suspected chinese spy came to light. >> we know that the chinese communist party is targeting businesses, academics, they are targeting members of congress and members of the senate. members of the administration. that shouldn't surprise anyone, i don't think. this is where mr. swalwell
11:23 am
failed so so poorly in this. and that is i mean, the context of this relationship with this person. she wasn't just a girl that he grew up with or a girl down the street. >> dana: let's bring in dan hoffman former cia station chief and fox news contributor. dan, this is very eye-opening and wake-up call. how pervasive do you think this operation is? i think china is flooding the zone and running lots of these operations. i'm sure chris stein phang was not the only chinese intelligence officer trying to infiltrate the social networks and different political campaigns. and infiltrating our candidates and their staff. it's obviously of great concern. for me the greatest concern is that this happened in 2015. that's when she went back to china. and it's taken five years for us to know something about it when
11:24 am
we could have been warning state and local elected officials that this is what china is doing. remember that representative swalwell was first in contact with her when he was a city council member. he was spotted early in his career. >> dana: yeah. i wondered about this and thought you would be a good person to ask. is it possible that our intelligence community is doing more to combat this than we are allowed to know, perhaps is it you know, secret operation in order to try to deal with it or are we flying blind? >> no, i think our intelligence community, the fbi in particular, uncovered this spying operation and they advised representative swalwell in 2015. he broke off contact. but then the second step there is publicly to announce what happened. because if we don't do that then we are flying blind. and that's part of you who we counter and defend and ultimately deter chinese ruthless espionage in our country. >> dana: so, the republican members are asking for the fbi
11:25 am
to come and give them a briefing. i think that sounds completely reasonable. if you are one of those members of congress, what would you ask? >> well, i think it's important for our representatives in congress to be dispassionate and without any predisposed bias. i know it's hard to do in an hyper partisan political atmosphere in which we find our selves. i have been involved in a lot of counterintelligence investigations. it's really important to collect the facts. i think that's what they need to do. when was contact first established with representative swalwell. what sort of information did christine phang have access to. what were the questions? who was this intern? >> dana: dan, could i break in here and play for you -- i want to break in and play for you some sound from one of those republican members, steve scalise from louisiana. listen here. >> the silence deafening on swalwell schedule a chinese spy have some kind of a relationship with him. a lot of people are asking what
11:26 am
was that relationship and how long back did it go. the real question is did speaker pelosi know that he had a relationship with a chinese spy prior to putting him on the house intelligence committee? all these questions need to be asked. and the bottom line is he should be removed. >> dana: dan, should speaker pelosi have known about that? >> i think he should have. but, let's also be clear, representative swalwell was the target of a chinese spying operation. there is no evidence whatsoever according to the fbi that christine phang was able to fano acquire or steal information. we have to be careful about rushing to conclusions about his guilt until we consider him innocent until proven otherwise. again, i think just because he was a targets, listen our defense officials, national security officials they are targets every day. i don't think we should necessarily be rushing to penalize people because
11:27 am
targeting. how did he handle it? bring the fbi in as well they knew all about this in 2015 when she went back to china. and, again, there was no public discussion whatsoever and not enough in the house. >> dana: great points indeed as always, dan hoffman, thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: next, restaurant owners in new york struggling to get by calling on governor cuomo to back off. >> our businesses have been destroyed because of him. because of his dangerous closings and he has destroyed our city. ♪ >> dana: we have reaction from our panel next, excuse me. coming up on "the five" a california sheriff fighting back against an order releasing hundreds of inmates. still not answering questions about hunter and the fastest seven all ahead.
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>> dana: it's the bottom of the hour, time for top headlines, lawyers for jeffrey epstein's ex-girlfriend are asking a judge to free her on $28.5 million bail package ahead of her trial in july on charges she recruited young girls for epstein. and the secret russian spy unit was in the same location as opposition leader when he was poisoned in august. that's according to a research group on russia investigations. which released a report saying it -- used phone and -- there is winter storm warning on the way as well. so we know that's happening. >> we're not leaving here without a covid package. not going to happen. we are going to stay here until we get a covid package, no
11:33 am
matter how long it takes. we'll be here. >> dana: all right that was senate majority mitch mcconnell as we are now down the wire reach agreement on covid relief before congress goes on break for the holidays. we are now learning that top congressional leaders are meeting later this afternoon to hammer out the final details. chad pergram is live on capitol hill. i suppose, chad, now that it's down to the wire and christmas is coming fast, they are going to try to get together and get this done? >> absolutely, dana. things are getting real on capitol hill. there is not much time to fund the government and forge an agreement on a covid relief bill. so house speaker nancy pelosi is inviting other top leaders to her office at 4:00 eastern time to discuss the prospects for a final package. they need to wrap this up by friday. but obstacles remain. g.o.p. florida senator rick scott opposes assistance to state and local governments. >> andrew cuomo his budget today before covid was double per person ours in florida.
11:34 am
he has never watched his money. i don't believe florida taxpayers ought to pay for the excess of new york or california or illinois or new jersey. >> we expect senate majority leader mitch mcconnell senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader kevin mccarthy to huddle with pelosi at 4:00. the treasury of the secretary steve mnuchin will join by phone. now at the holidays the most powerful leaders have the equivalent of the stockholm syndrome. they keep members in town close to christmas and toward the end they may just vote for anything to escape for the holidays. dana? >> dana: all right, chad, we will stay in touch. thank you. meanwhile, small businesses are reeling under the weight of pandemic shutdowns including countless restaurants in new york. owner saying governor andrew cuomo's restrictions are crushing them. >> two weeks before christmas. is he serious? how could someone do that two weeks before christmas? he hasn't lost a paycheck. not one paycheck have they lost.
11:35 am
>> brian: nope, unbelievable. >> since this pandemic. and my pockets are dry. okay. i cannot pay anything. he is killing me. >> brian: right. >> do people realize that this man is killing us? >> dana: let's bring in our panel now marianne march a former advisor for john kerry governor chris christie. i know you both have experience in washington working with members in congress years gone by. i'm pretty frustrated on behalf of these people. marianne, do you think that capitol hill will be listening to their cry? >> where were they the last nine months especially the senate. that's the confounding thing here to hear michigan mcconnell say we are not going to leave town until there is a bill that should have happened months ago. that's why the poor woman in her restaurant is in such distress. you are forcing people to choose between their personal health and their financial health. and that's a false choice. at least back in the spring
11:36 am
state and local governments were available and. so federal government gave them some relief and gave them some money to get by when they were closed down they could kind of make ends meet that money is long gone. state and local governments don't have it anymore. and washington has been waiting for the election for the holiday for christmas, for anything but to do their job. they need to do their job now. because more people will die. more people will be sick. and it will be much more expensive for this economy to get back on track. >> dana: collin reed, congress doesn't have a high approval rating anyway. i expect it will go down even after this episode. do you think it's fair to blame republicans for the holdup? >> well, i think nancy pelosi said is it best she said we will do a knew deal when we have a president. she did what they accused president trump of doing the last four years. saying the quiet part out loud. i do agree with mary ann it's unconscionable to say you can't earn a living without giving a corresponding boost on the other end. senator mcconnell has been clear. is he willing to negotiate. he has held off some of his long
11:37 am
held priorities such as the liability protection. it's speaker pelosi who has been so dug in since the summer and now frankly, now the time is ticking the clock is not in her favor she is finally able to paraphrase from ronald reagan, 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing. that's how divided government works. that's where we are heading in all likelihood the next two years divided government. you have to be willing to compromise and move off your positions. >> dana: i believe we have some sound from the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany because the president also weighing in on this. if we could play that for these folks. >> he would really like to see those stimulus checks in there. but his priority at the end of the day is getting relief to the american people. we're hopeful there will be some sort of agreement, but i would note that we have been the party that's been flexible. >> dana: mary anne, do you think democrats will go for direct payments and also wanted to get your take on what senator rick scott is saying that the taxpayers of florida shouldn't have to pay for new york
11:38 am
governor's inability to balance the books. >> yes. so two things, dana. first of all, the fact is mitch mcconnell is cutting this deal this time. it's not donald trump. and, remember, mcconnell was absent from all the other negotiations. pelosi, to her credit, the house passed the bill six months ago. they have been ready to go. they are making again another false choice, something is better than nothing when it's not near enough for everybody. i think that's what you have to look at. rick scott refresh your recollection telling me that you have got enough money in florida right now to keep eminents on and firefighters on and police on and to keep all your teachers on? is that what you are saying? this is the united states of america. it is a team sport. and frankly most folks up north pay more in taxes that end up going to states like florida and elsewhere and supporting them. that's what this is about. >> dana: collin, let me give you the last word on this. the red state, blue state divide. >> with all due respect to my friend mary anne it's not $2 trillion or nothing which is
11:39 am
how nancy pelosi framed this argument. remember, the entire stimulus package of 2009 that barack obama passed as quote, unquote, save the economy was less than what the bill we are negotiation now and far less than $2 trillion. so the other thing on those direct stimulus is keep an eye on josh hawley and bernie sanders who would ever thought those two would be working together they along with the white house in favor of $1,200 directed stimulus checks and usually when washington when you have two people working on something either one of then didn't read it or it's a good idea. we will see what happens with it. >> they need the checks. >> dana: i hadn't heard that i love that one of them didn't read it or they agree. i will remember it. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> dana: up next, parents pushing back as education takes an extreme turn. we will have that next. ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals,
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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer the head of the fda. a lot of good stuff coming up in exclusive interview. stay tuned tore that. republicans want more info from the fbi on chinese spies. senator chairs the senate foreign relations committee. he is my guest on that. ari flisher on the vaccine doubters. how did that work out? couple minutes on bill hemmer reports. ♪ >> dana: california judge backlash get out of free card to hundreds in orange county. william la jeunesse is live with us. >> the judge wants orange county to release half its inmates to contain the virus and protect prisoners. the sheriff, however, says doing that will endanger the public saying he has already let go 1800 low level inmates because of covid. releasing another 1400 would be, quote, outrageous. 90 of those are awaiting trial for murder or attempted murder. another 94 for child
11:45 am
meteorologist, in its lawsuit, however, the aclu says 700 of these inmates are medically vulnerable meaning they have underlying conditions. it is safer, they say, to release them to lower the infection rate. the sheriff, don barnes says the aclu is exaggerating the risk and 40% of new inmates released commit new crimes. >> the difference that i have in my jail that's not happening in the community is we are testing everybody. the vast majority of these inmates are a asymptomatic positive. meaning they have no symptoms at all. we found out because we just tested them. >> jails are hot spots last case zero cases a week later 416. new jersey released 2,000 inmates in a single day last month, 1300 maryland. 18,000 in california. because of that, dana, six states are gained inmates a priority and they will be the among the first after healthcare workers to receive the vaccine. back to you. >> dana: important story, thank
11:46 am
you, william. and parents slamming school districts that are focusing on changing school names instead of getting children back in the classroom. republican strategist telling my next guest there are a lot of issues pure noise. elicit passion from voters. that doesn't affect them directly. education is not one of them. let's bring in josh crawsh chief political columnist at the national journal. education politics is something that i always feel like should get some more attention like in a presidential election year something is happening right now. what's different? >> well, yes, schools in many big jurisdictions are closed and, yet, a lot of these same jurisdictions are getting involved in these very silly advice over changing a schools name. one of the wealthiest areas right outside of washington, d.c. where the schools have been shut down mostly since march.
11:47 am
yet, the school board voted unanimously to take off the names of thomas jefferson and george mason from the elementary and high schools. and it was -- you know, there was a poll that was conducted that showed only about 20% of voters in the area the democratic area supported that so you are seeing a lot of these moves from school leaders, educational officials that are totally out of sync with what parents and voters want. and this is all happening during a time when schools haven't even been open. >> dana: kids aren't even in class. former education secretary margaret spellings has talked about how this has provided an opportunity. there are challenges that are facing us now. we are dealing with the immediate issue in terms of the pandemic. she also writes for the current crisis, the light at the end of the tunnel illuminate the rocky path in the short-term we must retrain whole communities for a post covid comply and simultaneously make up for lost time and learning suffered by millions of students. how might this experience affect
11:48 am
politics going forward and who stands to benefit? republicans or democrats? >> one one of the election post trump elections in virginia governor's race in 2021. education is already shaping up to be one of the big issues for both republicans and for democrats. you know, terry mcauliff who we all know he is running again. he was a former governor of virginia. he announced his campaign in front of an elementary school in richmond and talked about some of the traditional issues democrats talk about. including teacher pay raises. you know, more money to help online education. but, he didn't talk about the elephant in the room which is the fact that the school he was standing in fronts of, is closed and has been closed and there was no plan to figure out a way to open up and educate the kids that he is talking about. so, you know, this is an issue that is sort of one of these silent majority issues. a lot of dissatisfied parents. a lot of people that are just
11:49 am
expressing their frustrations with their friends and their neighbors. and it's becoming an emerging political issue for this big governor's race coming up next year in virginia. >> dana: maybe one last quick question. you know, the president-elect has not named an education secretary, lots of names have been floated, including many that have ties or are part of a teacher's union. do you expect that to be quite controversial? >> yeah. i think that will be a political political food fight if biden nominates one of the two names we mentioned are randy wine garten and one of her rival union leaders in the education union sector if biden went and picked a teacher's union leader instead of someone with a little more, you know, expertise in management of a school, i think that would be a challenge that biden would face in getting that nominee confirmed in the senate. this is an issue, i think, that's going to get more and more -- >> dana: i imagine so. i think so, too. all right, josh crawsh, thank
11:50 am
you. next, joey logano on what is he doing to help as millions across the country struggle during the pandemic. plus, my visit to a food pantry for a look at how one community is really coming to. ♪ ♪ we are the thrivers.
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>> dana: the arrival of vaccines across the country is a stark reminder how life has changed for everyone this year. more americans are out of work and in need of help. so many have stepped up to do their part. i paid a visit to a food pantry in new jersey. a great example of people coming together. >> i have four kids. you know, it's hard. >> a record number of families in america have been left hungry and desperate because of coronavirus. in fact, it's estimated over 50
11:55 am
million americans will go hungry this year. that meant an increase in demand at food pantries across america. including this one here at the church of epiphany in brick, new jersey. >> it's day 275 in new jersey since the state was locked down. we've seen 40% increase in need. >> the outpouring of the people of the parrish to need that need is humbling. we're a bit of a poor parrish have. >> most of our people are seniors, some with health issues. we lost a lot of volunteers. the provide, we gained a lot of younger volunteers. >> they asked to come help them a week before easter. we've been here the majority of the lock down. >> my grandmother helped start the food pantry. she passed about a 1 1/2 years ago. meant a lot to help.
11:56 am
>> the pandemic has really given a lot of people the opportunity to recognize what it is they have, the blessings they have and more of a willingness to share more with those in need. >> they help out a lot here. they're great women. they understand everything you're going through. they help out a lot. a lot of different needs. it does. it helps you survive right now. >> they're helping out with the christmas, with the children. it's very, very helpful to see that i know kids will have a christmas. >> jersey strong, right? >> definitely. we'll do this. it will take awhile. >> dana: great people over there at the church of epiphany. celebrities and athletes are doing their part to help including my next guest who is taking time from the race track to deliver food and masks to those in need. here's joey logano. what do you plan to do tomorrow, joey? >> we got a big day planned.
11:57 am
doing so much during this pandemic since it started. so much opportunity to help. feel like we've taken advantage of that. we're going to continue that momentum, teamed up with ford. loading up a ford f-150 with holiday hams. they did this for thanks giving with turkeys. we're going to load it up with holiday hams and going to a couple charities, the hunting on the green neighborhood and the children's health alliance in charlotte. going to deliver some ham. >> dana: i love a christmas ham. believe me. you're also going to have some ppe, so masks that will help kids out as they try to get through things. what do you hear from people there in north carolina about the need and how it's increased this year during the pandemic? >> i've really been surprised more than anything. how important it is for all of us to unite. this year is so crazy from so many different areas as i watch your channel. always something going on. so crazy. the most important thing for us
11:58 am
is to unite and be together in ways that we can and safely. you know, for us, we started this fund earlier this year with elevation outreach. the amount i've learned throughout is there's a real hunger crisis in our country. kids not going to school, relying on that meal that was there. kids needing internet service to go to school through their computer. so many different things. one after another after another as you dig through this that we all need to help and be -- my favorite quote of this thing is we're all in the same sea but in different boats. everyone can weather the storm in their own way. if we can help each other where we can is really impactful. >> dana: i find that nascar has an affinity with the bands and the bond with the fans there and with the people of north carolina, it's very
11:59 am
strong. the outpouring has been very important to see. i think for people that need help. a lot of people, joey, are asking for help for the first time. they've never had to ask for help. i think that making sure that they know there's no shame in getting this little bit of a bridge from here to there, we can see light at the end of the tunnel is important and key to this. >> 100%. nobody is ashamed to ask for help. plenty of people that want the help. that's one of the things i've been so surprised in this whole pandemic with the joey logan flow foundation. we raised money and put it to work more than any other year. it's just people with a big heart and faith and humanity that they know that there's a need. people giving in the most challenging times that we've gone through in a lot of time is very hard. we have some great supporters of the joey logano foundation.
12:00 pm
we've helped a lot of causes. >> dana: thanks, joey logano. merry christmas. thanks for all you do. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you on "the five." hi, bill. >> bill: hi, dana. a cool guy. >> dana: pretty cool. >> bill: nice to see you, dana. see you at 5:00. big news, big hour. i'm bill hemmer. could be a second vaccine available. food and drug administration documents show that moderna's vaccine is safe and 94% effective. this has covid deaths top 300,000 yesterday. we begin the hour with dr. stephe


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