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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 15, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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corrupt, we don't like him and we don't censor. we will invite you both break let not your heart be troubled, why? because she is there, she is waiting, she is ready she has a great show. laura ingraham parrott. >> i can't wait to see how warnock and on together. they're actually going to be in the same panel. if they want to come on, i want to give them equal time parrott. >> you know they're not going t come on. they would never come on with you. why would they? they're not going to come on in debate you because they're not strategic thinkers. they want mail in voting and th stupid is not going to rescue their companion parrott. >> they always say i'm a harmless little fuzzball spirit gave they're not going to come on with you, they're not going to come on with me, none of tha bird. >> i'm reaching out across the aisle.
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>> well, i'm glad you are, but they're going to rely on mallet meal and ballots. >> it worked last time. >> that's right parrott. >> did you see that crowd that joe had in georgia. >> there was a lot there. hannity, great show tonight as always. this is "the ingraham angle" from tonight. senator lindsey graham is here to tell us, plus, while california is punishing businesses, they are giving criminals including cop killers preferential treatment. the sheriff of orange county is here to sound off on the plan t empty the prisons in his jurisdiction. and if you notice how joe biden 's cabinet picks have no expertise in areas in which their taxes are overseeing. molly hemingway explains why. first, betting against america, that is the focus of tonight angle.
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>> most of its history, the united states has been the grea champion of freedom. not only for americans, but for the oppressed people around the world. and even when we were too small to make much of a difference outside our own borders, we never accepted the idea of tierney. now, where the richest and most powerful country in the world, at least for a few more years, and our elites like to talk about the importance of america's leadership on issues such as climate, fighting hunger , poverty, and of course human rights. come january 20th of 2021, america's voice will stop calling for freedom at least where china is concerned. secretary mike pompeo block criticism of the cp cp will likely be the last of its kind that we are going to hear from the u.s. government for at leas four years. >> the chinese communist party wants what we have. and they will do whatever they must do to take it and get it.
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they will steal our stuff, they will pressure critics of the chinese party to keep quiet, they will do whatever it takes. if we don't educate ourselves, it were not honest about what's taking place, we will get schooled by beijing. >> for many of us, this represents a sad change that we are not going to hear speeches like that. it was a phenomenal speech it hardly got any coverage. as recently as this summer, the protesters in hong kong, they were waving american flags. why? because they knew that people were struggling for their own freedom, what people like that have always found, that we were on their side. that many of the donors who supported joe biden's campaign, they were not on the side of th hong kong protesters, men such as mike bloomberg, he sees chin as a new market not as a grave threat to american economics or
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military preeminence. so when he posted a new economy forum a few weeks back, which chinese voices did he decide to feature? the chinese cdc top epidemiologist, a man who doesn't understand or care abou freedom. >> in the eastern culture, we have a community that is higher than the individual value in that united states, the persona right is the top priority, the most important. everybody takes in order and they follow instruction. >> while come out while the men who run this ecp are thrilled that the biden administration has adopted that notion of community value. and are insisting that american follow instructions, follow orders.
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they wield enormous power in th united states as a beijing professor brazenly admitted in late november. [foreign language] >> they aren't even trying to hide that anymore. chinese sensors, welcome it the did try to scrub it commit that video from social media. they didn't want to show their hand this early in the biden era , but we know what's going on here, especially if they didn't want to show their hand when they had this video up their sleeve. [foreign language]
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>> every chinese official knows that biden's victory was a huge victory for the ccp and that ar new leaders will worry more about offending the chinese president then standing up for american workers. unfortunately, most of the elites in this country are on china's side. the bush administration was always proud of its record on human rights and stand for freedom, but was usually strangely muted when it came to what china was doing. then the obama administration, of course they did nothing to stop the rise of this ecp, and now biden, he intends to follow that same path. and his advisers have a proven of advancing this ecp interest. biden adviser was a key player in establishing permanent norma trade relations with china back in 2000. jake sullivan has called for
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more cooperation with beijing and even impaired on chinese state tv in 2017 to bash trump. biden's nominee for secretary o state, his old consulting firm helped american universities ct big donations from beijing. did you really expect him to counsel biden against letting this ecp continue its conquest of higher education? you wouldn't want to deprive hi own clients lucrative new funding, would he? the fact is commit the tally of gifts and contracts for china t u.s. universities since the start of 2013 is now approachin $1 billion with a larger share going to harvard university, which pulled in $93.7 million, the majority of gift. now the chinese aren't just pumping money into these elite institutions, but colleges across the board.
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researchers that used to be accountable are hooked on chinese cash, and allowed to bring in roughly 370,000 chines students every year. staggering. it's a handy way of getting as the congressman learned. painful traded his campaign was enrolled at california state university. he and dianne feinstein show ho easy it is for china to get our elected officials to embrace their spies, literally, yes, an figuratively. just as shocking as the recent news that china's 140-acre landgrab in tempe, weird, is conveniently located near the air force base. chinese company that secretly gobbled up the land says it's
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going to build a wind farm. why should we trust them? especially since the parent company is owned by a former army officer and the richest process in the embattled province where they are shoving into concentration camps. of course the chinese would die of laughter if a former u.s. general tried to buy land near one of its own army bases or ai force bases, but most of our lawmakers don't care, there's zero at property. we can't do what they do in our country. why? maybe their smarter on those issues than we are. in the late 1970s the united states had another president wh wasn't interested in defending our national interest and it took every weak position possible on the stage. under his leadership, america was not taken seriously. our enemies were gaining strength all over the world. his name is jimmy carter brady
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became a symbol of american weakness and ineptitude. biden is likely headed for the same place in history, but america has does not have to follow, even now, all americans who care about liberty, including the in congress shoul be warning about the dangers from this ecp. there will be a lot of muscle flexing by china in the coming months, and the ground will shift away from as country afte country put out tin cup post- pandemic, they're going to be looking for rescue. i'm telling you, china will be happy to oblige. and the aid package will come a a steep price. like requiring silence on human rights abuse and on china's growth in places like the south china sea. keep your eye on taiwan. many china experts think they are the next to go. the united states is a commitment to them, but as any belief they are going to preven
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biden from chiming in and takin time off. the only way i can see team biden stepping in as if may be to urge chinese to wear masks and protective gloves to stop spread the covid as they round up the dissidents, and that's the angle. few understand the china threat better than my next guest. going to me now is gordon chang. author of the great u.s. china war. you say were in the midst of an espionage emergency. when it comes to china. explain to her to. >> first of all, china's ministry of state security has hundreds probably thousands of agents in the united states. they are aided by the four consulates and the largest embassy staff in washington. china also has hundreds of thousands of collectors intelligence in our countries. they have thousand grains of sand, and they interviewed businesspeople, tourists, all
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sorts of folks who are chinese nationals who returned to china. what they do is they take all this information that looks inconsequential and they collat it because they have artificial intelligence and big data. you have to remember that every chinese national including thos 370,000 student you mentioned are under a legal confession to stipe to spy. their national intelligence lot right requires every chinese national to comply with the ministry of state security, so this is an emergency for us. >> here is what the president o the council on foreign relation said on msnbc earlier this week. >> with china i think a couple things, one is we need to approach them as allies, we nee to avoid overreach. secretary pompeo i think is dea wrong when he trains his guns o getting rid of china's communis party. how do we have the possibility of cooperation?
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>> gordon, what is that cooperation appeasement? what is that going to look like? because apparently obama, he cooperated for eight years and what happened to china over those eight years? >> we know what it looks like because not only obama's eight years, but the eight years before that with bush and indeed , five decades of gauge print. we are replaying the late 1930s . china is like the third reich, biden advocates these appeasement policies commit thi cannot end well. >> how can you mps of country, and nation run by a communist regime with the president who i there for life that keeps peopl that disagree with their political thoughts philosophy, religious beliefs, any of it, and in concentration camps. and we're going to work with them? how are you going to work with people that have collars on
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people? can get you can't do that because china is committing crimes against humanity. it's not only detaining at leas a million perhaps 3 million, it's committing genocidal acts, it's running institutionalized slave programs, it's institutionalized, it is organ harvesting for profit from minorities, this is just terrific. and when you think about this, they chinese ruler who you talked about, he has been dropping hints that china is th world's only sovereign state, you can't cooperate with that. through investment, we are strengthening every gene that i building up its military whose officers openly talk in public about americans in great numbers . there going to look back at us and say what were we doing? >> a lot of people are getting paid off. i mean, they're just making an enormous amount of money, i'm just going to say it. they have rich consultancies,
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they get big ipos in china, a lot of money coming into these universities. 370,000 students. i mean, that should take everyone's breath away. every student that comes here has to be vetted in some way, o is this not right? by this ecp before they can get a visa to come to the united states? >> s, and we've got to remember that we estimate that about 13 percent of those students are committing espionage against th u.s. my dad came here as a student s i've got a soft spot for this, but we cannot allow this to occur because the losses are grievance. the director of national intelligence estimated that china steals $500 billion of intellectual property each year there are estimates that are even higher. this is just something that is hurting and sprayed you talk about biden talking, but we nee to strengthen ourselves, but yo
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can't strengthen yourself when china is stealing and. >> we had a president that stoo up to china, and what happened, wall street turned its sights o him. i think china is laughing at us they think everyone has a soft touch, everyone can be bought off, and a lot of the elites ar already bent on china bird they bet on china and they're going to make the money they can make and forget everything else. >> beijing is licking its chops that there is going to be a biden presidency. >> they are giddy. in a related note, giving all the hunter biden and uncle james , it's time to perhaps register as foreign agents, is that too harsh? senator, has there escapades with china profiting from china triggered the foreign agents registration act? >> i don't know. we need a special counsel to
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look at hunter biden economic ties to china. we need a special counsel to look and see whether or not his list of dealings in the ukraine may have compromised him in a way that would affect president president biden. i get no joy joy at all, i note joe biden, i like him as a person, but he is presumed innocent, but i can tell you this, that his business guys in china and the ukraine need to b looked at. we can't live in a country wher you take a wrecking ball to the trump family for three and a half years based on nothing and then ignore this business relationships on the biden side that really could compromise ou ability to push back against china and may be russia itself, so now is the time for us to have a special counsel to look at the biden's the way that mohler looked at trump. >> of the atlantic had a piece few weeks back about how china
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given gross abuses of human rights is approaching a comparison to germany with thes camps and these hideous torture of dissidents, that we know it existed. and this is after tiananmen square they were awarded with permanent trade status after that just 11 years after that. what about this? and can you engage and cooperat with this type of regime? ticket number one, i think when you look at the trump presidency , one of the highlights is secretary pompeo got it right and mister hoss go it wrong. we have been long overdue standing up to china they enslave minority muslims in concentration camps, they destroyed the agreement they made with hong kong to keep it democracy for a 40 year period. the international commit community is. very seldom do you go from winston churchill to neville chamberlain, and to test for th
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biden administration will be ho do you stand up to china and what you do for the two biggest threats to world order in my view are the irani and ayatolla hughes of religious and they communist party of china at tha is despicable in every fashion when it comes to human rights and economic activity. they cheat, they enslave, they are a threat to world order, an i hope we get 50 too republican senators so we can kill or at least push back against efforts to appease china by a biden. >> in the wake of big tech egregious censorship of the hunter biden scandal, you have come out with new legislation that is going to repeal section 230 on january 1st of 2023, unless congress acts sooner. tell us about that because i think a lot of folks want this to happen like yesterday. >> number one, president trump
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was right, there are two threat to conservatism here at home, meal in boating, and the abilit of big tech to control the full of information. to stop stories like the new york post at regarding hunter biden before the election. section 230 prevents. they have the ability commit they are unregulated, they can' be sued, they have the biggest effect on the flow of information than any private enterprise in the history of th world if you repeal section 230 and allow people to sue, they make content decisions, it woul change their behavior overnight so my goal is to put a clock on section 230, give congress two years to try to find a way to reform it and if we can't it goes away and makes big tech like every other company in
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america, either be sued or regulated. >> i think they've been laughin all the way to the bank and meanwhile, they help manipulate the public information flow and perhaps even affect the outcome of elections. and commit we can be stupid or we can be a smart. i think you're on the path that i think we needed to go on year ago. but senator, great to the you, if i don't see you come have a great christmas. have you noticed every time a piece of good news comes out in the fight against covid, the medical cartel immediately work to downplay it. we expose the select science next.
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at walmart. >> we told you this last night, you thought getting the covid vaccine was going to mean that your life would go back to normal, no more lockdown? not so fast. they told you that, but it woul be essential to getting a life, but they never thought that was going to happen quickly, certainly, didn't think that trump would be able to deliver vaccine, just today, one of the first vaccinated folks in new haven, connecticut beamed at th prospect of traveling after getting second dose, they
7:27 pm
injected this pessimism. >> just hit because you get vaccinated with that second dos commit does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic or that you're liberated from masks. we don't know if just getting them at vaccination prevents serious illness or does it prevent you from getting infection entirely? meaning you could still get infected with the virus potentially impassive on to others. >> again, takes your breath away , tyrannical impulses in some of the medical establishment, those are phrase that come to mind. he was not alone. >> just because you have gotten the vaccine doesn't mean that you have to stop wearing a mask stopped social distancing, and stop washing your hands. you've got to just act as thoug you are still able to infect someone else until immunity is covered, which will happen
7:28 pm
sometime in the fall. >> oh my god. these people all need to go away . they want the u.s. trapped in this forever pandemic, look no further than the community and lockdown part three. phil, how can americans see thi as anything but a naked power grab by the medical cartel? >> we have seen this pattern al year long. no good news allowed, when infections are rising and death are they ignored us and only talk about infections. when infections are falling int us are high, they don't care about infections, and they get the vaccine, and then no, it's going to be another year, another nine months, and you know, we shouldn't be surprised because it's been consistently maddening and ridiculous from them all along, they don't thin
7:29 pm
people have already been infected, and they say act as though you can still infect someone even though you've already had that. where the mask anyway, they wen crazy when the first lady didn' wear a mask when she was readin a book take children. this is the same illogical. >> but it's not about the virus i'm going to say it, this is no about the virus. if it were about the virus, every single one of these medical people on tv would be saying we have to shut our southern border down because we help you mean people streaming across the border, many of them infected right now, and you never hear anything about that. what is it, is it a serious dea for them or not? if it is, that means we should lockdown the border as well. these lockdowns are killing people, literally killing them, loneliness, desperation and a lot of other things and as president in the mayor made the
7:30 pm
call for yes, another lockdown. >> unfortunately, i don't say i with anything but sorrow, but i think it's needed, we're going to need to do some kind of a shutdown in the weeks ahead, something that resembles the pause we were in in the spring. >> alex, your reaction? >> i mean, this is incredible. i think we need to remember tha the reason for the lockdown in the spring essentially was that the hospitals we're going to be overrun. and all over the country there' essentially no evidence of hospital overrun and that certainly true in new york city. what's funny, it's not funny, but these field hospitals that have been set up in various parts of the country are empty. they've been set up with great expense, they're not hospitals at all, they're sort of people who are lightly symptomatic, bu you can't get anybody to go to them. their empty. there is no evidence at our
7:31 pm
hospital system can't handle th current surge. by the way, when it comes to vaccine, i think that the publi health establishment is completely mishandling the rollout of a vaccine for it first of all is clear that a lo of people when they get the second dose of these two vaccines are going to have pretty severe side effects whether it's a high fever, weather that is chills, muscle pain, there are going to be a lot of people who have that in fair number who have what's called grade three pain or a fever which is pretty significant. they need to be told that that' a real possibility. instead, the vaccine is being pushed as a, it's a miracle eve though it won't change your life , and people don't know if they should take it or not. >> the participation that give to things your participation in travel should not be permitted. phil, this is america, this is
7:32 pm
free country. in less they want to run for office and change the u.s. constitution, they all can go back to just treating patients and do the best that they can for their patients, but even liberals i know our now over them. this is just preposterous for it . >> it's one thing to give peopl advice on how they can exposure to others, it's another thing t issue these ridiculous dictates that people need to cease living , shut things down, stay-at-home. >> y 2022? >> , to our point, if you look at the surveillance in new york city, which is what symptoms ar seen watching walking into the emergency room, it is the lowes for respiratory disease since they started tracking it. it's much lower than normal for
7:33 pm
this time of year and we have a mayor saying we need to shut down part. >> they said there was going to be a super spreading event and pretty much everything's giving table if you had more than your family. what happened with that? >> welcome again, no evidence o that. i think there is some data up this morning on twitter showing that nationally, the syndromic surveillance has gone down sinc thanksgiving. >> so that was false. >> with covid like symptoms. that was just yet another prediction of doom that did not come true. i hate to be cynical about this but it really does feel like th doom is going to continue until january 20th. >> it's never ending. >> i hope you're wrong. >> no, alex. >> we have been talking about this, phil, you, and i have bee talking about this since last spring. we said the pandemic was going to be used to push political an
7:34 pm
social change and if they can, remake the world. bill gates is talking about 2022 . i mean come on. >> he said he was surprised tha it hurt the economy so much. >> he spends a lot of his time, it doesn't affect the people embalmed is it all that much. i'm sorry, the lockdown thing, actually thought about that. the california leaders are punishing businesses, of course their giving criminals preferential treatment. yesterday they ordered orange county to cut its prison population and half, the sherif is here with a can't miss response.
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>> while, california brings the hammer down on struggling businesses that defy these covi mandates, they're letting convicted felons get away with murder, and i mean literally.
7:40 pm
last week in orange county superior court order the county reduce its jail population by 5 distancing among inmates. according to orange county sheriff sunburns burns, this would force the dozens of prisoners serving time for murder, child molestation and domestic violence. ogun d. for sheriff sheriff joined me now. sheriff, do you intend to compl with this order? >> i do not intend to comply with the order, we are going to appeal the order to the california appellate court we think it's very overreaching an it's how broad it is, in essenc we don't really have the level offenders commit we've already released all of them so these are very serious offenders we are looking at being ordered to release. to give the lissette of his rat in orange county inmates released early due to the pandemic is up 44 percent. for those inmates, so it's clea
7:41 pm
that this is a serious public threat as if californians don't have enough to deal with. so, how could a judge, knowing just the recidivism part of the equation, in good conscience have improved releasing even more criminals? >> those are the low-level offenders that we've been releasing that our reoffending, so you can imagine what it woul be like with much more serious offenders. in essence this judge is a court-ordered crime spree he ha issued through this order knowing these are very serious offenders. 97 of the medically vulnerable are in for murder or attempted murder, 94 for child molestatio and that's not including the rest of the population we have to consider for release. >> sheriff, i can't remember no what your rules are there, so forgive me, but how many of the people in jail, if you know our in the country undocumented? in your jail right now? >> generally, it's about 10
7:42 pm
percent because of the law in california i can't turn them over to ice and less they are a high-level offender or a very serious crime. that was a bill passed in law. can get this actuary deal. >> has come of the sanctuary state law. >> so 10 percent of your jail i people that shouldn't be there, and then they want to release almost 50 percent of those who are there because you're worrie about the murderers and the getting covid. >> it's just a very, it doesn't take into consideration the threat to the public. obviously covid is a threat to everybody. weaved mitigated it down to zer before and we will do that agai but commit the thing that you have to totally neglect their risk to the community, i think is quite an absurd order. >> i'm surprised the aclu isn't saying that all the inmates should get the covid virus before law-abiding americans.
7:43 pm
meanwhile the activists serving the inmates across california have found a sympathetic soul i la counties nor george gascon. immediately after taking. now the aclu and other activist are urging him to depopulate th la county jail to make communities safer. here is an attorney to represen families of crime victims in la. i think people across the watching this is saying what other nonsense could california be engaged in. every day, it seems like it is something else. >> thank you for having me, laura, i appreciate the opportunity to let people know just how scary it is to live in los angeles now with the new special directors of this district attorney. it is dangerous, and he's putting our lives at risk with
7:44 pm
his what he calls a progressive ideas or what i call is just literally putting all the peopl in la at risk from releasing al of these criminals and somehow by releasing them, we're going to reduce the crime rate. i don't know how you connect those dots, but that is the argument. >> by the way, this is breaking just now, sources within the la da's office told me prosecutors have just received this new directive from the new da that orders them to read a statement to judges in court arguing against strikes, enhancements, et cetera and say they provide no safety benefit. this is just arranged. >> it's deranged, and it's illegal. we are penal code in california's penal code specifically states that the district training must file mus
7:45 pm
prove and cannot strike in the strike priors, it's up to the judge to make that determinatio in the interest of justice. and yet, our district attorney is now ordering his prosecutors to commit an illegal act that the courts of already told us you cannot and the district attorney just strikes these things. >> samuel, we have to go. they a or on the beach, but they are releasing criminals from jail. think about that. >> it's bad news right now. >> it's terrifying for those people living in california pra to have you noticed joe biden's cabinet fix of literally in man cases have zero expertise in th areas they artest with overseeing. molly hemingway is here to tell us who is the worst offender in that category next. with no obli. and if you don't have insurance, it's free.
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>> the trump administration has an officer after another that clearly did not qualify for their position birth. >> i don't think is qualified. i don't think he'll do a particularly good job hurt. >> not everyone is qualified in the cabinet and in this white house. >> o, where are those folks are just today he tapped the former mayor of the fourth-largest cit in indiana to oversee the
7:51 pm
country's entire transportation system. california ag has little experience in healthcare policy but as biden's pick to run hhs, that's not an important agency or anything. in susan rice who spent her entire career in foreign policies, screwing that up, would be in charge of his domestic policy. obama's former chief of staff denis mcdonough has not a veteran has no strains and veterans issues which was tappe for the secretary of veterans affairs. here is mauling hemingway. fox news contributor come up molly, there is a lot of diversity talk in this cabinet, but where is the beef? >> former vice president joe biden has said that when he's making these selections he is making these pics based in larg part identity politics and that shows. he seems to care less about qualifications or whatnot, i sought reporters having a much different approach to these selections than they did four
7:52 pm
years ago. one reporter was saying that th aforementioned mayor of the fourth-largest city in indiana that he enjoys playing a game called ticket to rise which has interpret transportation subplots and they thought that that spoke well for him being transportation secretary. people who live in the town tha he was in the wondered why he wasn't fixing potholes within his own city. but he wasn't picked because he supposed to be particularly goo as transportation secretary, bu to check off a checkbox on identity politics. >> i worked at the department o transportation many moons ago, director of speechwriting, it's a really big and complex organization. you have to know what the heck you're doing and how to manage huge organization to do it while . wasn't biden attacking mayor pete for his lack of experience in some of those campaign ads? >> barack obama called joe bide peart get that is my president.
7:53 pm
>> but pete doesn't think much of the vice president's record. let's compare. under threat of a nuclear iran joe biden helped to negotiate the iran deal and under threat of disappearing test, he later licensees >> the pet chip stuff is important. molly what happened? >> that wasn't one of joe biden 's better primary campaign ads, but it just shows that thi is not being picked because joe biden particularly respects him. neither are any of these other candidates being picked because joe biden thinks they will be particularly good. one of the things that's dangerous is it matters less wh you pick as cabinet secretary and who fills all of those positions underneath the cabine secretary. a lot of these people being named are from the obama administration, but even as radical as some of them are tha had to be knocked down by the
7:54 pm
supreme supreme court pursuing pro-life pregnancy centers are trying to force pro-life to the more radical people will be coming in underneath those cabinet secretaries where they will advance their radical progressive agenda. this is what happens when you elect a democrat to be president . >> people are going to find out what it's like to have a lot less freedom. it will be locked out until the next presidential election at this rate. molly, thank you so much. great to see you tonight as always. what is the most terrifying political scenario imaginable? jill biden explains it in tonight's last bite. as you get older,
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stacy, we could rule the whole world, god love you, you're doing an incredible job. >> god love you, that would maintain editorial candidates who now refused to concede. that's all the time we have tonight. the fox news at night team take it all from here. shannon. >> we shall. great to see you tonight. >> hunter biden finances are th subject of a federal investigation to congressman eric has been linked to chinese by, so why are so many in the mainstream media think these ar not real stories at least once that you shouldn't care to hear about. swalwell. brickey big-name backers are hitting the campaign trail in georgia on a nearly daily basis. weighing in on the races and, what do you think about the whole thereto. plus, pandemic lockdowns, growing tonight in new york


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