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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 16, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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promising news about modern's vaccine with promise of more lockdowns. >> you make those decisions? >> i never did that. jillian: like many he is fighting for his right to make a living. california business owner going viral for taking a stand. "fox and friends first" continues. ♪ have a nice day ♪ have a nice day ♪ todd: we certainly hope this beautiful view of the tree in fox square allows you to have a nice day. jillian: it will look much different later today. todd: you have just seen white. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: thank you for waking up
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with us. more than a dozen house republicans sending a letter to nancy pelosi demanding the removal of congressman eric swalwell from the intel committee. todd: ties to a suspected chinese spy. >> reporter: 17 house republicans urging nancy pelosi to immediately remove congressman eric swalwell from that committee, quote, because representative swalwell's position on the house permanent select committee on intelligence, close interactions with chinese intelligence services however unintentional they may be are unacceptable national security risk. we urge you to immediately remove representative swalwell from his position on the house intelligence can be. aqueous reported chinese intelligence agent christine bomb targeted swalwell when he was a city councilman, with multiple events over several years, fundraising for his 2014
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reelection campaign and helping place at least one intern in his office. republicans charge swalwell withheld that information from the intelligence can be for five years and have an undisclosed relationship with a foreign asset they describe as dangerous and unacceptable. minorities whip steve scalise and liz cheney signed the letter, the report claims the alleged spy targeted other politicians attempting to cultivate relationships early in political careers. >> it shows this is an effort by the chinese undertaken for more than a decade. eric swalwell wasn't targeted when he was a member of congress but when he was a city councilmember. that tells us more about china than congressman swalwell and how determined they are to compromise the leaders that should be acting in the best interest of our country. todd: the fbi thanked him for his help in their investigation and this story only leaked as political retribution for his work on impeachment.
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jillian: thank you for that update. todd: molly hemingway says the threat from china is real and time for democrats and the media to address it. >> the media have not been covering this as they should. the new york times hasn't told its readers about eric swalwell being compromised in this way. china does target a lot of people. they have an advanced spying operation not just a problem democrats are dealing with but what is disconcerting about this situation is the house permanent select committee on intelligence spending a lot of time on this threat, what they exist for and every time in the previous year devon nunez or republicans tried to focus on china the hearings were hijacked by democrats like swalwell or adam schiff to talk about russia and russia collusion hoax. todd: swallow and adam schiff for the last voices pushing the russian collusion narrative that
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led to donald trump's impeachment. jillian: congressional leaders on a coronavirus stimulus bill, both sides meeting twice on tuesday just before midnight, house speaker nancy pelosi telling reporters they would, quote, get the job done as unemployment runs out for 10 million americans in ten days. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he is willing to drop a shield for businesses for covid-19 lawsuits if democrats agreed to cut $160 billion in aid to state and local governments. republican senator josh ali has been working with bernie sanders on a deal in the senate. they don't agree on much but they do agree on this. >> the most important thing congress can do is give working people, working families relief before christmas and that is why we got to vote in the senate on a bill that would give $1,200 to every individual, $2,400 to
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couples, working families, $500 to kids who needed. this is what we did in march. every senator, this ought to be the centerpiece of any relief effort. working people are desperate for help. we are not talking wealthy people but working people which they got to be the center of this bill. todd: they introduced their amendment. todd: five minutes after the hour accepting coronavirus vaccine could be on the way. the fda announcing modern's vaccine is safe and effective. jillian: marion rafferty in los angeles with when the vaccine could get the official go ahead. >> reporter: the fda will meet tomorrow to decide on emergency approval for modern's vaccine. which vaccine is better? there are a few notable differences. pfizer's vaccine is slightly less effective at compared to pfizer's 95%. another difference is temperature, the modern's vaccine has to be stored at minus 4 degrees fahrenheit and can be stored for 6 months. the pfizer must be kept at minus 94 degrees and both vaccines
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require two doses. the first doses of the pfizer vaccine given different care workers including icu nurse sandra lindsay who was the first recipient in the us. she has advice for those americans were leery of getting the shot. >> my message to them is not to be afraid. the alternative is far worse. i have seen too much pain, too much suffering, too many people that passed away as a result of covid-19. jillian: the us is making sure plenty of doses will be available for front care light healthcare workers at long-term care facilities and eventually for everyone. >> we signed a 1 million does contracts with modernand we are in discussions with pfizer. enough supplies to vaccinate every american who wants it by the second 1:45 thousand 21. >> reporter: even promising
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vaccines rolled out hospitalizations in the us are hitting record highs. the latest count just shy of 113,000 people. icu capacity in orange county california alone at 94% prompting the states order 5000 body bags and refrigeration trucks on standby. >> we are going through the most intense and urgent moment since the beginning of this pandemic. it is not the flu. nothing to trifle with. this is a deadly disease. jillian: today the fda announced the first at home rapid test for covid-19. we will hear from doctor mark siegel coming up later this morning. jillian: thank you. todd: pushing for a special counsel to advance federal tax investigation into hunter biden. sources told the associated press the president is angry attorney general william barr
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did not publicly announce the probe into president-elect joe biden's son and may pressure incoming attorney general jeffrey rosen to appoint a special prosecutor, rosen will take over the role after william barr officially resigned next week. this comes as fox news obtained a letter showing house republicans are demanding hearing on big tech censorship of stories relating to hunter biden before the election. jillian: mitch mcconnell acknowledging president-elect joe biden's win on the senate floor. >> millions of us hoped the presidential election would yield a different result. the electoral college has spoken. so today i want to congratulate president-elect joe biden. jillian: according to the wall street journal senate gop leaders are warning colleagues against challenging the results of the election. congress is set to certify them on january 7th. todd: border patrol in texas, illegal immigrants trapped
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inside for a train cars found in a crane hopper, two separate inspections, 55 miles from laredo. they could not get out on their own, very deadly. jillian: snow in oklahoma, millions in the northeast bracing for impact. a powerful winter storm is expected to hit the region today potentially piling up to two feet of snow in pennsylvania and upstate new york. todd: meteorologist janice dean joins us with the latest. all we are doing is talking about the storm, that is what you have to do. >> janice: i have wine being delivered. it is an excellent idea, so smart. i will take some, bartender. we are getting the most, some of the most snow we've seen in parts of the northeast for a
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couple years now if this forecast pans out to be true, one of the main ingredients we need his cold air and it is in place. we have that. now we have to figure out where that low sets up offshore but this is a classic nor'easter, starts the southeast coast and comes toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast and we have cold temperatures in place. we have the potential for freezing rain and ice that will cause major problems on the roads and power lines in parts of virginia, west virginia towards maryland and the mid-atlantic. current temperatures, cold air in place. dc, i don't think you will get the blockbuster snow but philadelphia, new york city, boston in line for measurable snow. let's look at the winter weather advisory, winter storm warnings for all the big cities come baltimore right on the edge where we could see the mixture of snow and freezing rain and sleet. that could cut down on snow totals. here is what we are expecting,
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we will get to a forecast where we are now, as the storm is in progress, not only that, 8 to 12 right now for new york city, boston 6 to 12, hartford could get good snowfall totals, philadelphia 3 to 5, right on the cusp of the freezing rain, sleet rain line. also wants to mention we could have blizzard conditions, 50 mile-per-hour sustained windstorms, winds off the coast, that could cause blowing snow and poor visibility. the worst of it comes overnight into tomorrow. we will keep you up-to-date throughout the day but preparations should be done for now and the kids will be excited for a snow day tomorrow. todd: the weather not stopping police officers from spreading christmas cheer. that story coming up.
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jillian: sending your holiday photos, the magic and wonder of santa, not so much, still adorable. todd: a mom loving that kids road to old seen it, what they wrote this, just a rotavirus please go away, hope those kids get their wish for 2021. we will be right back. ♪
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jillian: big tech executives donating big money to president-elect joe biden but empty-handed when it comes to donald trump. todd: we break it all down. >> reporter: top executives at facebook and twitter donated tens of thousands of dollars to president-elect joe biden's campaign according to federal election commission records i reviewed this week. nearly a dozen social media
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executives gave the legal maximum of $2,800 to biden's campaign, fox news did not find any twitter or facebook executives who donated donald trump's campaign. sec records reveal dozens of managers or directors and twitter and facebook donated at least $1,000 to biden. finally found two facebook employees who donated to donald trump. republican senator josh holly warning what may be to come under a biden administration. >> of joe biden is sworn in as president in january big tech will run this administration. just like they did in the obama biden administration. big tech companies are calling the tune and joe biden will do whatever they tell him to. >> reporter: the social media companies have come under fire for censoring reports about hunter biden's for in business dealings before the election, the platforms prevented users from sharing links to their
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reports, twitter suspended accounts of several top republicans to try to share them. facebook is not responded to fox news's request for comments on employee donations but twitter told me the company enforces its rules judiciously and impartially for all users and the political ideology especially that of our employees plays no part in this process. hunter biden has been under federal investigation for his tax affairs since 2018. todd: your report raises a lot of questions. we appreciate it. jillian: the georgia senate runoff fast approaching. they run political add-on major platforms until now. the big tech man. todd: rush limbaugh talking about his cancer battle, the conservative icon's candidate update. >> every day remains a gift. i wake up every morning and i thank god that i did. ♪
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>> are you paying for a raise? i never said one thing outside. jillian: a business owner confronts health officials over covid-19 restrictions. the owner of nick the greek restaurant was ordered to close on friday for putting tables outside despite the outdoor dining band. the health officials said it was okay. >> i got my hands tied. if i put tables outside, why can't you leave me alone and let
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me go about my business. let me be now. they didn't keep their word. jillian: they should another citation for customers despite being given a closure notice. todd: the orange county sheriff deifying a judge's orders release inmates from prison. nearly 2000 inmates should be let out with ankle monitors. attorney and former chair of the republican party weighing in. >> mask and social distancing work. why can't they do it in just? this is part and parcel of the same liberality that is making california unlivable. todd: the sheriff says out of 40 and mates the tested positive most are a symptom wuhan had to go to the hospital. jillian: a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers hammer out a stimulus deal. todd: congress is close, markets are happy about it. cheryl casone is here with the
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impact on wall street. >> reporter: we like to see futures in the green, nasdaq is up by 42, another record close for the nasdaq. all of this hires congress is getting closer to that deal on a coronavirus relief package after nancy pelosi said that a deal will get done though timelines have been made clear. mitch mcconnell told reporters he's, quote, optimistic a deal can get done. at the meeting between nancy pelosi, after they got underway, the dow closed higher, the s&p gained one and a quarter%, nasdaq hitting a new record, 12,569. today we will get the federal
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reserve at 2:00 pm eastern. money never sleeps. jillian: facebook following google's lead. >> reporter: and partially listing the political ad ban. the democrat and republican party making it digitally and the balance of power, the target locations that are not about the georgia runoff election. >> i love this guy. a pennsylvania man has broken in an official record by eating chick-fil-a for 132 consecutive days. >> she laughed at me and thought it was ridiculous. >> reporter: one thing, it didn't count.
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>> so many questions. >> reporter: he did skip every sunday. >> the supreme court delivering a big win for people of faith in two state. jillian: a rabbi attorney fighting against closing houses abortion of next. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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if ththen i'm not a real potato reciidaho potato farmer.shes, genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold! todd: 20 after the hour. a victory in the fight for faith. the supreme court ruling in favor of new jersey's religious institutions overstate restrictions on gatherings. the rabbi sued governor phil murphy and joins me now. what is your reaction to the court's decision?
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>> we are tremendously thankful, tremendously happy the courts recognized our rights and the fact the governor was unconstitutionally depriving us. todd: what is your big take away? >> in this case the issue of capacity limitations meaning people who attend a house of worship is squarely before the courts because the synagogue and father robinson's church are small, the church holds hundred people, the synagogue 30 people so the capacity limit of 25% is the real issue and what the supreme court did in this case was vacated district court refusal to grant us an injunction and send it back to the district court in light of its earlier decision in the brooklyn diocese versus cuomo case, a hard tap of 10 people, 25 people.
2:30 am
todd: what does the district court have to do? are they under strict orders? >> they have to start from scratch and the suggestion when the supreme court vacates and remains, got it wrong the first time, get it right this time. i would be hard-pressed to imagine the district court would make the same decision at last time. todd: a lot of states have put some level of restriction on houses of worship as of this morning. why do you feel regardless what the religion is being singled out by governors in these states? >> for as long as there are other places, costco, walmart that are not restricted, we feel why should places of war should be any more dangerous as far as
2:31 am
spreading this virus is concerned and why are you deeming us unessential? not allowing us to operate? todd: how important do you think the president is? you know how the facts, how the court decided. how important is it before courts in the other 22 states? >> the supreme court recognizes the capacity limit of 25% on churches when costco, walmart, transportation hubs, 50%, 100% cannot stand on the first amendment. also a challenge to the mask mandate, riddled with exceptions in restaurants, with virus
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particles, and only remove your mask briefly or momentarily. todd: 9 months of making rules, could not be as right as you thought it was. we appreciate your insight and time, congratulations on the big win. jillian: slamming kelly (to david perdue during a campaign rally for democratic challengers in georgia. >> fully embraced in the supreme court. maybe your senators were just confused, maybe we think they were present texas, john ossoff, rafael bornnot, representing georgia, georgia. jillian: the trip not get free,
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as he went on. >> your next united states senator, john ossoff. >> rafael bornknock is up against kelly leffler. conservative radio host rush limbaugh giving an emotional update on his battle with lung cancer. >> everyday remains a gift. i thank god that i did. you strive to make every day the best it can be and that is what i am doing. >> reporter: lumber revealed he faces medical challenges but says it is a blessing to speak to his listeners. he announced the diagnosis in february. todd: time is 33 after the hour. doctor mark siegel, just approved by the fda. todd: former rival this is
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transportation secretary, the most qualified.
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todd: the first fully at home over-the-counter covid-19 test is fda approved, the test gets results in 20 minutes. jillian: what this means in the fight against the pandemic, doctor mark siegel, good to see you, certainly good news. >> great news. we have used the word game changer a lot. this was overseen by the national institute of health, $30 million grant involved in this and the company itself is very sophisticated in terms of digital product.
2:38 am
the second is it is approved for over-the-counter use by a patient and we haven't had that before. another protein antigen test, you need a doctor involved, this allows you to use an iphone apps to get your results within 15 minutes and that is a screening test, people who have mild symptoms, don't know what they have, could be they have a cough or a headache or fever, you have an idea of the bad weather this is covid-19 not. jillian: when we get our hands on this? >> it is an emergency of use authorization, i expect it to be right away. it will become widely available over the next few weeks. it will be really important but i want to make the decade is not what i would call a diagnostic test. it is a screening test. what is the difference? if you have a positive result you call your doctor and confirmation test and it will be isolated. it is very exciting.
2:39 am
todd: you went through a lot of these, smart phone apps, proof for ages 2 and up. if people do this test, how often do they need to do it to make sure they need to do every day because that can get a little expensive. what do you say? >> that is way too much. it is a nasal swab, not the one you are used to when you go to put the swab way up, the mid range swab is not as uncomfortable which is why you can do it to yourself and the other point you are making is you might want to do it when you have symptoms or an exposure. it is not going to be more than
2:40 am
once a week. when you had an exposure, when you traveled, going back to work or when you are feeling the symptoms that is when you do it. it works the best if you have symptoms. jillian: this fox news polls show 61% of americans are likely to get vaccinated, that is substance september. the more people get vaccinated the better this is going to help us. >> i'm so excited to see those numbers going up. we have a problem in the united states and around the world, vaccine hesitancy and i like to think our own coverage on fox news of a rollout over the last few days we did a great job showing healthcare workers taking this vaccine without hesitation, without concern and the nurse i interviewed is back at work, she feels fine but more the american public sees our own healthcare workers taking shots themselves go right back to work, very happy and honored to have a shot more people will take.
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todd: the relief in their faces as they got that vaccine. todd: bill mcgurn, on whether a special counsel should investigate hunter biden, don't go anywhere. tanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to research shows people remember so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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we have to find somethingust else. good luck!ut it. what does that mean? we are doomed. [ laughter ] that's it... i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [ laughing ] that works.
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>> coming up on "fox and friends" 15 minutes from now, health and human services secretary alex azar giving us an update on the coronavirus rollout, calls to remove swalwell from the select committee on intel but nancy pelosi who put him in there, we talked to congresswoman liz cheney and another big-name
2:45 am
republican. commissioner mark morgan here with the progress they have made and why it would be dangerous to put a stop to it. kayleigh mcenany and senator tom cotton and manhattan's oldest restaurant survived it all from the revolutionary war to flooding caused by super storm sandy, but will a tavern in lower manhattan survived the latest lockdown? the owner will join us live. we are coming up in 14 minutes. now back to jillian for some more. jillian: republicans mounting for special counsel to investigate hunter biden but the next guest so that is the wrong way to go. editorial board member of the wall street journal fill mcgurn,
2:46 am
thanks for being here. why do you say this is the wrong way to go? >> many conservatives like me have never liked the special counsel, it is a watered down version of the old independent counsel. if you read justice scalia's to send in holding this it was blistering, basically -- in practice when we appoint special counsel's they tend to be runaway trains. instead of investigating crimes they investigate people, they go on too long, straight beyond their purpose. there are serious questions hunter biden's business dealings raise but they are -- there are better ways to get answers. jillian: how does this investigation go forward if it is continuing once biden is in office and remain objective?
2:47 am
>> there is a possibility joe biden doesn't want to special counsel hanging over his administration from day one. he has an interest in having an investigation. what he could do is say we will keep the us attorney appointed by trump who is now investigating his son, keep him until the investigation is concluded and that is the best way forward because it would be an independent investigation but wouldn't have any of the problems of the special counsel. jillian: a lot of people want joe biden to answer questions about this but he repeatedly ignores them like this. >> actually congratulations, appreciate it. >> peter doocy asked the question multiple times we should he be answering these questions at this point?
2:48 am
>> yes, more fundamentally the real problem is the press isn't holding him to questions was when peter asked the question like that joe biden knows he can deflect it. joe biden did something the other day. they won't follow up and not only did the press not report this story they told us it was russian disinformation. it is really a black line on the press corps to put their thumbs on the scale and to ignore story in front of their eyes. a whole report for example, it is disgraceful to me have gotten joe biden through the campaign, coming back with the genius. jillian: they will have to start reporting on it and see if they ask any questions on it. tapping pete buttigieg as his
2:49 am
transportation secretary. what do you make of that? >> he owed mister buttigieg strong support during the campaign. i'm not a huge fan, not sure he did a terrific job in south bend, in his own campaign, transportation department being secretary, the executive function. it is a reasonable choice for him. he doesn't have experience in that. how many have experience or direct experience, of all the pics he has made it is one of the more reasonable ones. mostly transportation secretaries give out federal money for highways or whatever. jillian: you mention south bend. the south bend tribune, area roads have literally been
2:50 am
impassable, the worse the area repair shops can remember over 10 years, lines of vehicles preparing for pothole related damage leaving a lot of people to scratch their head and say what are the qualifications for this saying he should have other positions but time will tell. thank you for joining us, hope you have a good day. >> thanks. todd: still had a new push to remove congressman eric swalwell after reports of his ties to chinese spy. our buddy pete hegseth reacts next. ♪ may your holidays glow bright
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♪ >> there have been quite a few stories that have not gotten a ton of coverage in the mainstream media. last week we found out that democrat congressman eric swalwell was infiltrated by alleged chinese spy. guess how many minutes of coverage it got on abc, msnbc, nbc and cbs? zero. >> white house press secretary tearing into the mainstream media for ignoring congressman eric swalwell's entanglement with an alleged chinese spy. jillian: this as they ask nancy pelosi to pull him from the intel committee. joining us now is weekend co-host pete hegseth. pete: good morning. great to be here.
2:55 am
jillian: todd and i were talking about this in the commercial break. what message does it send and what good does it do at this point in time to remove him from his post on the intel committee when this allegedly happened years ago. what does it say about that? >> take threats seriously. it doesn't mean the threat is over. doesn't mean if there was compromise there isn't. junior member no experience put on the intel committee by neps even though she presumably known he had already been compromised at that point. he is quite empathetic to the communist chinese. also the political and partisan hatchet man. leaking information all over the place. this is a move they should have made. they like him as their partisan hatchet man there. and the press, of course, we know whose team they are on. they are not going to report on this. they will easily dismiss it. believe the story will go away. go into the next congress and eric swalwell will be right there. it doesn't change the fact that all of these questions do exist and we need to understand how
2:56 am
deep the chinese tentacles are not just to our media and universities but inside the halls of our congress and government and it's a scary thing. todd: if the dems and pelosi keep him on, isn't that just inviting china to continue more dirty tricks? >> of course, if you feel like you get away with something, you are going to keep too long it. although they will keep targeting other members. in the, it's often on the left democrats who they think are going to be more sympathetic to the collect vista and comuns chinese peaceful. still not willing to name them as the great threat they are to our freedoms here. yes, beijing reads this as well let's keep trying. see who we can keep form relationships with and continue to try to advance our power. no doubt. jillian: it's a great point because when you get away with something once or how many times you will keep doing it repeatedly. pete: yeah. and the biden administration has shown a willingness to use the
2:57 am
establishment point of view when it comes to foreign policy, which is that china is just not that much of a threat. listen to what he said in may of 2019. come on, man, the chinese are not a threat to us, folks. it's scary and sad if you look at any piece of intelligence about who they're and what they want to do. they're the single biggest threat to freedom on the globe. if a perspective biden administration takes that approach it only hurts all of us. todd: top of mind for all 330 million of us. if you are not fired up on this already, you will on this next topic. it san francisco school district renaming abraham lincoln high school. lincoln like the presidents before him and most after did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties of wealth building. pete, how have we gotten to a point where the woke activist can literally change history right before our eyes?
2:58 am
pete: because they have lost their mind. they hate this country. they believe we are defined by our sins. they see the founding of america as only stolen from indians and built on the backs of slaves. and as a result anything that happened, until all of that was reconciled, is evil. it's not just abraham lincoln's whose school renamed. george washington school. they have now renamed dianne feinstein. can you be canceled in any generation. apparently she made a mistake in 1984 and her school is gone, too. to say that abraham lincoln the man who emancipated the slaves. who fought a civil war. who sacrificed his own country men to fix the sin of slavery is not good enough to have his name on the school, it means it will not be good enough to have his name in the textbook next which is what worries me more. we will not teach about what these amazing men and women did because, guess what? they were fallen human beings like the rest of us. they all have a sinful nature
2:59 am
and fail ultimately. but they were righteous in what they fought for. if we can't have abraham lincoln on our school as a name. then everyone is -- will soon be canceled. it's insane. it's insane. jillian: it's been questioned a lot. that's for sure. now questioning how well your book is doing. it's on the top ten list of the second straight week of the will modern warriors. congratulations, pete, i know this one is really special to you. pete: very special. honorable to do. this sat down with 15 of these modern warriors. they told their story. what i think you are going to like about the book is it's raw, it's real. it's not politically correct. you get to note human beings behind the battlefield what their anxieties are, their fierce, how they transition home. as a fellow vet, i like to think i got them a little bit more comfortable than you might not not get with the ministry. so you are hearing that real story. it will make you proud of america as you meet the real 1%.
3:00 am
there is me in my old studio right there talking to them in the shows in modern warriors. still on sale if you want to get for christmas. jillian: absolutely. porch warriors, pete, thank you. have a good day. pete: thank you very much. my name will never be on a school. there you go. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> more than a dozen house republicans demanding the acre swalwell from the intelligence committee. >> eric swalwell was infiltrated by an alleged chinese spy. guess how many minutes it got? zero. while twitter and facebook were slapping barn, the executives there were donating to the biden campaign. >> if joe biden is sworn in as president in january, big tech is going to run this administration. >> are you going to pay my rent? >> tables outside, citation need close. for my tables inside. same thing. leave me alone and et let me go about my business. >> they have done everything that government officials doing.


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