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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  December 16, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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but i think he needed it more. >> you're quite an inspiration. i look forward to seeing you as soon as the restaurant is open. we'll bring you a big group. thanks, alissa. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you on "the five." bill hemmer, quite amazing. >> bill: a great holiday story. thanks for sharing that. see you at 5:00. >> dana: okay. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: bye-bye. >> bill: okay. good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer. homeland security wrapping up a heated hearing on the so-called election irregularities two days after the electoral college certified the victory for joe biden. the chair says there's legitimate questions about the way the election was carried out. the committee's top democrat argued the goal of today's hearing is to help president trump cling to power. they went back and forth a few times. they touched on several issues. here's part of how that went.
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>> the fact the last two presidential elections have not been accepted as legitimate by large percentages of the american public is a serious problem that threatens our republic. >> i'm concerned that today's hearing will do more harm than good by confusing a few anecdotes about human error with the insidious claims the president has aired. >> i have to point out, the purveyors of russian disinformation, hillary clinton's campaign, the dnc, the steele dossier, the ranking member peters accusing senator grassley and i of disseminating russian disinformation, that's where the disinformation is coming. >> mr. chairman, i have to respond to that. you're saying i'm putting out information -- >> right. >> one, i had nothing to do with this report -- >> you lied repeatedly in the press that i was spreading russian disinformation. that was a lie. i told you to stop lying and you continued to do it. >> mr. chairman, this is not about airing your grievances.
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i don't know what rabbit hole you're running down -- >> you talked about russian disinformation. senator paul -- >> bill: got our attention. senator ron johnson shared that hearing. he joins me now. good afternoon to you. >> bill, merry christmas. >> bill: merry christmas as well. three issues. what did this hearing accomplish today on that? >> well, the goal of the hearing contrary to what senator peters said is to try to resolve the suspicions around the election. we are in an unsustainable state of affairs where you have large percentages of the population started in 2016, how many millions would never accept a legitimacy of president trump. now fast forward. their guy wins. there's all kinds of concerns. irregularities that we need answers to. the democrats just want to sweep it under the rug. they called the hearing dangerous. i'm trying to gather information, acknowledge that problem. it's a serious problem when you
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don't have confidence, when such a high number of americans don't have confidence in the legitimacy of the election. it's a problem we have to solve. the only way you solve it is with transparency and honest information. >> bill: from your view, did you get that done today, senator? >> i think we made some real progress. most of the hearing was actually very civil. i think we had chris krebbs, the democratic witness. i wanted him as a witness myself. he came. he talked. he done good work. we also had attorneys for president trump, from wisconsin, from nevada. we had ken starr. these people have some good information provided to the committee for our legitimate oversight to solve these problems and restore confidence in our electoral system. >> you mentioned chris krebbs. here's one clip from his answer about how november went down. >> while elections are sometimes messy, this was a secure
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election. that i have no doubt. the trick about elections is, you know, you're not so much trying to convince the winner they won. it's the loser that they lost. you need willing participants. >> bill: he said it was fair and secure. what do you say to that, senator? >> he acknowledged that he's not talking ant potential fraud. we witnessed nevada 42,000 people voted twice, dead people voted from out of state. the wisconsin supreme court didn't really rule on the law. they want to dismiss the case we presented there. so chris krebbs, what he knows, what he looked at, so he hasn't seen any evidence that people hacked into the computer system. so it's secure from that standpoint. he couldn't speak to these irregularities that might point to fraud. >> bill: on that point, will we ever get an answer on it, senator? >> well, if people make the information available. it's one of the parts of our
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hearing. people that are pleading these cases, courts are ignoring the evidence or dismissing it for lack of standing. that is what is so frustrating for people trying to provide evidence of fraud. they can't get it. they can't get their hands on voter logs. can't have computer experts do forensics on the machines. the information is being denied. there's not a transparent process. we have to solve that. it has to be transparent so everybody is satisfied with the results. >> bill: come back to senator peters from michigan. you accused him of lying multiple times. talking about russian disinformation. we played the clip. what was that all about between the two of you? >> again, he's talking like the hearing was about russian disinformation. it's not. the fact of the matter is that senior democrats including senator peters constructed this false intelligence product, classified it, leaked to the press, accusing senator grassley and i in the hunter biden investigation of accepting and
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disseminating russian disinformation. nothing could have been further from the truth. senator peters that introduced russian disinformation to our record. so here he is at a hearing that has nothing to do with russian disinformation talking about that like this is a hearing on russian disinformation. i just had to call him out on the fact that it's the democrats, hillary clinton, the dnc paying for the steele dossier, which was russian disinformation. senator peters introducing it to our record. democrats have paid for and pedalled it and accusing -- they accused president trump for four years -- >> bill: i get it. less than ten minutes and two more topics. you mentioned hunter biden. what should happen there given the revelation talked about getting $10 million from a chinese firm. >> we need a thorough investigation. i guess i'll give the u.s. attorney from delaware a shot, but i'm concerned based on the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal which
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we investigated, that was not an investigation to uncover the truth leaning to prosecution and conviction. it was designed to cover up the truth and exonerate hillary clinton. i need to be assured that is not the case with this u.s. attorney in delaware. i don't know the man. i'm not accusing him of anything. we need a thorough investigation. we need equal justice in this country and that is something that certainly the comey fbi and parts of the department of justice under obama we didn't have. >> bill: i heard an interview in print talking about a long-term grooming of chinese nationals working on people that work in washington d.c. how many in washington you think are compromised based on that? >> i have no idea. you can see what they did with congressman swalwell. chinese are smart. they're long-term thinkers. very strategic. you think they did it to this one up and comer, groomed him for that position, raised him up and got him elected as a member of congress. you think that is the only one that they did it with? i doubt it. we have to be very careful and
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we have to have our eyes wide open. >> bill: i'm sorry. you're not putting a number on that however, correct, senator? >> i have no idea. i suspect where there's one there's probably more. >> bill: hope you come back. thanks for your time. ron johnson. a lot to talk about. thanks for being here today. >> merry christmas. >> bill: same to you. hear president-elect joe biden defending his son, hunter as the feds investigate his business dealings. came during a response and question portion with peter doocy who is live on a snowy wilmington delaware. what happened, peter? >> well, bill, joe biden has long claimed that he has no knowledge of his son's overseas business dealings. despite not knowing anything about what is going on, he is ready to express confidence in the weakness of the federal -- the evidence the federal investigators are gathering about him. this is from earlier this afternoon. >> are you confident your son,
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hunter, did nothing wrong? >> i'm confident. >> now, again, biden has long insisted he never talked to his son about this. his son talked to overseas business partners about his dad. fox news unearthed this e-mail from hunter to a chinese company. please accept the best wishes from the entire biden family as well as my partners. hunter biden asked for that message to be translated and passed along to the higher up at the chinese company and he asked them to wire $10 million so he could fund a joint venture whether the chinese. the $10 million wire never came through and this is separate from the $400,000 in unreported income that hunter received from a ukrainian energy company, burisma. ukraine and china deals are at the heart of this investigation into hunter which we first learned about in a release from the taxpayer funded transition team that included a statement
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from hunter even though he doesn't work for the team. that was a week ago to the minute. >> bill: thanks, peter. get inside, okay? nice to see you. wilmington, delaware. more news from there as it breaks. you look terrific. this just in, however, with the weather moving here in the northeast. new york city kids won't have a snow day. a major storm threatens to drop about a foot of snow. the mayor says the buildings are closed and students will switch to remote learning. that means that new york city restaurants face another setback after indoor dining was banned. tom joins us, a local restaurant owner. we'll see whether that could help. and alexandria ocasio-cortez taking a lot at her own party leadership. why speaker pelosi might have to go and joe biden's incoming chief of staff with harsh words
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12:15 pm
how do we fill that vacuum? do we need new leadership at the democratic party? absolutely. but how do we ensure that when we shift we don't even move further to the right? >> that happened during an interview with the intercept. the congress woman saying the party doesn't have candidates to step up because leaders have neglected to build up the next generation. interesting talk there. now we move to georgia. president-elect joe biden campaigning there yesterday ahead of next month's critical run-off races in georgia. president trump is there earlier in the month campaigning for republicans. i want to bring there karl rove to determine who controls the battle for the senate. karl rove you're leading a fund-raising efforts for both campaigns do you score it now? how does georgia look today? >> well, close. but republicans have a lot of -- a lot to be happy about. they have a lot of work to do. the mail-in voting that's going
12:16 pm
on, 378,000 ballots returned as of yesterday. that compares to 550,00021 days before the november election. same number of days between now and january 5. that is 32% fewer mail-in ball lieutenant -- ballot's. democrats took those overwhelmingly. republicans are starting to eat in to the edge. monday began early voting where people can go and vote early. typically the first couple days because it happens on a monday are good for the democrats. they have a lot of the black churches talk about it sunday. they send people to the polls. the first two or three or four days tend to be much better democrat. they began monday. 335,000 people cast in-person early vote. about the same as in november because in november, the first day was on columbus day and a lot of the rural counties, 159 counties in georgia, most
12:17 pm
considered a holiday and didn't open the polls, so it was mostly in atlanta. it's a d plus 6. if you look at the people that turned out in the last two days, 335,000, they're democrat more by 6 points than republican. but it was d plus 15 on the first two days in -- >> bill: so based on that, you give republicans a slight edge. am i reading your evaluation collectly? >> yeah. >> bill: seems like the electorate is engaged again, are they not? >> yeah. but the mail-in ballots are a third less. the anybody of in-person is roughly the same. in both instances the populations are significantly less democrat. republicans lost mail-in bottle lotting. republicans won it big time. republicans won the in-person early voting narrowly. near on a path to do much better and the republicans won on election day. looks like the republicans are succeeding in getting some of the people that would normally come out and vote on election day to vote early.
12:18 pm
a good sign. >> bill: we're watching it every day. everything is on the line. did you catch this interview in "glamour" magazine? general o'malley said people would mock joe biden like you think you can work with republicans? i'm not saying they're a bunch of blanks. mitch mcconnell's terrible. this sense that you couldn't wish for that, you could not wish for this bipartisan ideal? he meaning biden rejected that. what do you make of that, karl? how do you spell unity? >> yeah. thank you for telling us what you really think. the republicans are bunch of blanks. mitch mcconnell is terrible. i don't think they're going to have jen o'malley in charge of outreach to the hill and particularly i don't think they're going to have her be the liaison to the republicans. she's very pointed in what she thinks of the republicans. i hope that spirit doesn't
12:19 pm
infect the rest of the west wing. if you're the president of the united states, you have to take a little bit of these sharp deeply-felt harsh feelings and put them aside. not only the president but the people around him. so i suspect she would be better off -- >> bill: i can understand that. that was very diplomatically stated, by the way. however, we're a divided country. why don't we just accept it? >> because the president has to unite the country. george w. bush came into office with a very contentious election behind him. there were protesters lining the street during his inaugural. there were democrats going to the floor saying he's an illegitimate president. what did bush do? the first person he called in the house of representatives, george miller, ranking democrat on education and labor. first member of the u.s. senate he called. ted kennedy. he said i want to work with you on education reform. will you get together with john boehner and judd and see if he
12:20 pm
can do something. he doesn't need staffers going to "glamour" magazine and use accrued reference to talk about the opposition. they're not a bunch of blankers. people you have to work with. get used to it. >> bill: i was at that inauguration. rained like heck. >> it did. >> bill: thanks, karl. >> thank you. >> bill: in a moment, we're watching a major snowstorm in the northeast. the impact it could have on outdoor dining. how about zippo in new york city. restaurants across the nation asking for help from d.c. again. tom colliccio is here and is my guest after this. check it out. >> the restaurant act is the only bill that will keep restaurants open. that is it. that is our only hope. it has bipartisan support. we need to pass it and pass it now. joint pain, swelling, tenderness.
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>> bill: top story here. restaurants getting ready for the impact of a major snowstorm that outdoor dining setups they have. this week indoor dining was shut down. david lee miller has the take in manhattan. a lot of people are hurting. david lee? >> good afternoon, bill. just the very first flake of snow. the weather indeed turning frightful as is the impact of this storm on restaurants in new york city. the big loss for the industry is the mandatory shut down that took place an hour ago of all the temporary ventilated structures that have been set up in city streets. many provide heat and approach a level of comfort that rivals
12:26 pm
indoor life line. they cannot remain operational because they could interfere with plowing the streets. the head of the sanitation department says crews have been prepping for this day. >> we've been working since the summer to account for and try to plan our approach to the outdoor dining structures. we have augmented our training protocols, exposed our operators that are dedicated to working with small business and being there to provide the critical roadway passage and be cognizant of these roadway structures. >> despite the weather, restaurants can continue take-out and delivery and customers can still be suffered on city sidewalks but with subfreezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, many folks are just going to be staying home. the impact of this storm-related shut down is devastating. as you pointed out, the state halted all indoor dining in new york city even though it had already been capped at 25%
12:27 pm
capacity. many restaurant owners are now calling on nor governor andrew cuomo to reverse that decision. they site the state's own statistics that show the small impact on the spread ofco when it comes the bars and restaurants. >> bill: thanks, david lee miller. we'll see how it goes. >> we need to scream loud and clear that our federal government must pass the restaurant act. it provides $120 billion. it will save every single restaurant in this country. mitch mcconnell is sitting on his hands and not supporting this bill. we need to pass the restaurant act now. >> dana: >> bill: that celebrity chest tom colicchio in a rally in times square in new york city. the co-founder of the independent restaurant coalition. tom, welcome back. we spoke two days ago. maybe it's not just mcconnell. it's schumer, pelosi, all of them not getting this done. there appears to be a loot of
12:28 pm
progress. i think you're on the verge of success. do you see it that way based on what you've read in there, tom? >> no. because success in terms of what is coming down the road is ppp. that doesn't help restaurants, especially restaurants that are closed. i have no qualms with cuomo or de blasio shutting down restaurants if that's what they need to do for the hospitals. but we need better relief. ppp is -- it works if you're down 20, 30%, maybe hire your staff back. that's fine. if you're down 80% or closed, it's not going to help because it's just going to turn into another loan that we tonight need. >> bill: i understand the point you're making. the bill itself could be a trillion dollars. trillion dollars. how many jobs can we save or help bridge the gap perhaps to march when we get more vaccinations out there?
12:29 pm
>> right. only $300 billion is in the ppp program. we're saying take $80 billion of that and put it aside for the restaurant act versus ppp. again, we have unique challenges that other small businesses don't have. that's why we're asking for -- to be singled out as an industry that needs particular help. because we're being forced to shut down. not only new york, los angeles, san francisco, chicago, minneapolis. it's happening all over the country. we're desperate. i'm talking to chefs in restaura restaurants and they're desperation. they're hanging on by a thread. 80% of restaurants will close. we need a bridge to get through june. we believe that when the vaccines take hold and we come the summer, people -- a lot of pent up energy and demand and the economy will roar back. if the restaurants are closed,
12:30 pm
there's no jobs to go back to. we're not asking for a handout. we're asking for a bridge to get to the other side so when the pandemic is through, we can hire people back again. >> bill: you mentioned the other cities. in minneapolis, 150 restaurants defying the order in that state. we'll track it. good luck, tomorrow. tom colicchio. a lot of people are hanging on to that news. more on joe biden and big tech. what we're learning about campaign donations and some members of his transition team. martha maccallum has analysis. she's on deck coming up. and plus, did you hear tom cruise? he's film ago new movie, but this apparently was not part of the script. >> we're creating thousands of jobs, you [bleep] [bleep]. i don't ever want to see it again. ever! if you don't do it, you're fired. veterans, if you could lower your mortgage payments by $250 a month
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>> bill: growing concern about threats from china, the fbi said they opened a new counter intelligence case against beijing about every ten hours. out of nearly 5,000 active cases, half are related to china. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports on that and more from the pentagon. jennifer? >> secretary of state mike pompeo has long warned about the danger coming from surveillance and spying efforts from beijing. he recently gave a speech to wisconsin legislators telling them that they need to keep their guard up. >> know that when you're approached by a chinese diplomat, it's likely not in the spirit of cooperation or friendship. know that if your off to a trip to china that you should ask who is paying for the trip. if that person is linked directly or indirectly to the chinese communist party. >> the fbi director says out of
12:36 pm
5,000 open counter intelligence investigations, half involve china. liz cheney sounded the alarm about the threat. >> look at things like what has gone on with the nba where players are absolutely condemned. they're not allowed to speak out in support of human rights in hong kong. the chinese communist party, the chinese government, has infiltrated at the highest level of our entertainment industry, of our media. >> 1,000 chinese students fled the united states over the summer after six were arrested. >> those five or six arrests were the tip of the iceberg. the size of the iceberg is one that i don't know that we or other folks realized how large it was when we began down that road. >> the pentagon is watching
12:37 pm
russia very closely. there was an anti satellite test carried out in space by moscow. robert o'brien, the national security adviser had to cut his trip short to europe to come home and deal with the u.s. response to a suspected russian hack that has infill lated multiple government agencies. the pentagon is trying to see if their classified systems were breached by that hack. >> bill: the big story. thanks, jennifer griffin. a lot to cover there. we were on this topic a short time ago. republican senator ron johnson from 30 minutes ago on china. >> chinese are smart. they're long-term thinkers, very strategic. you think they only did it to this one up and comer? groomed him for that position. helped him raise money for him. raised him up and got him elected as a member of congress. you think that was it? i doubt it. we have to be very careful. >> bill: martha maccallum, anchor of "the story" at 7:00
12:38 pm
with analysis. what do you any of the amount of tension? remember the pivot to asia from four years ago? it happened under president trump and it seems like all of these storying funnel in that direction. >> and it just remind me of the fbi, one of the top people at the fbi who we just heard from when he talks about the tip of the iceberg. i think there's a rising awareness in the country as there should be about how large as he said that iceberg is underneath the tip in our universities, in businesses and in politics. you know, you like at the eric swalwell situation. as he said, perhaps we know now about eric swalwell and the fact that he had an alleged chinese spy who was working with him as a fund-raising funneler and placed an intern in his office. that is enormous red flags. can you imagine, if for example, and that didn't happen that we
12:39 pm
know, devin nunez office was infiltrated by a russian spy? it would have been such an enormous story. you'd be hearing on it every cable news channel and the every outlet. that didn't happen. in did happen. this is a huge alarm bell. the reason that we have this enormous russia probe that lasted three years, even if you look it in the most positive way, if russia or china infiltrates our government, we need to investigate it fully. thankfully at the end of that investigation there was no tie found, no collusion found with the trump campaign. if that is the case, then this is something that we need to be digging in on every journalistic level and every level. it's clear they're on it. >> bill: lindsey graham is wondering how joe biden will deal with it. let's see what he said.
12:40 pm
>> i'm worried about biden will be chamberlain to hitler when it comes to china. the biden administration's ties to china through hunter biden needs to be looked at to see if there's any conflicts. i worry that we're going to go from having a strong position to a china that cheats, that violates human rights. >> bill: he went on to say we going from a reagan position to a jimmy carter position by biden and we need him to call him out if he does that. we don't know if that's the relationship he will have. but what can we anticipate given the concerns that senator graham expressed there? >> i think the chamberlain comment is also of interest. you know, you don't want appeasement. we cannot appease china given that we know and don't know given the iceberg. so it raises legitimate questions about whether or not there's any compromise regarding hunter biden. there's a valid avenues to go down.
12:41 pm
that's why the doj is going down necessary avenues. we have to know if there's anything there to compromise the national security of the country. there's valid questions. lindsey graham makes a great point. joe biden said come on, mine, china will eat our lunch? that was the attitude then. whether or not he's changed his take on this, we'll see in the coming months. it's something that we need to have big red flags up given everything we're seeing with these cases at the fbi. >> bill: the transition team has been announced. many of those members. what we find is interesting. three employees from facebook, one employee from google. you take a look at that, martha. think about the early days of barack obama and how much silicon valley was a part of he it's administration. feels like early 2009 again. how do you read it? >> yeah, it does. you know what, bill? my mind goes back -- remember that photograph of the obama staffers that were sadly on the colonnade looking out as the trump transition team was coming
12:42 pm
in? now so many of those people are elated because they're on their way back to to white house. i also think about the fact that facebook and twitter quash the story about hunter biden. many of their executives maxed out at $2,800 apiece, donating to the biden campaign. now you have several executives getting jobs in the white house. those links are -- they are what they are. a plus b equals c and that's the way it worked so far. something we have to work very closely. >> bill: see you at 7:00. have you back on the programmed to, martha. martha maccallum there, "the story" later. we could have a second vaccine by the end of the week. america gets ready for the biggest vaccination effort we have ever seen. dr. marty mccary weighs on the different vaccine. we have pfizer and moderna coming up. times square will look different this year at midnight.
12:43 pm
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>> bill: more of today's headlines. the supreme court will hear a case challenging the ncaa athlete compensation rules. earlier this year, the governing body of college sports blurs the lines between student athletes and professionals. 60 teenagers celebrating a 14th birthday party flooded out of a party bus into a mall parking lot. officers had to break up several fights. the police department posting parents it's your responsibility to manage your children.
12:48 pm
>> also a man hunt for a murder suspect that took over a transport van at a mcdonald's drive through. check out more headlines and 24/7 for you. it's the most important news of the day all day. we could have a second covid-19 by the end of this week. how would pfizer and moderna versions compare? dr. marty is here with us. a fox news medical contributor and from johns hopkins university. hello, doc. good afternoon to you. interesting reading on this. go ahead and tell us the difference between pfizer at a deep, deep freeze and moderna at a slight freeze we'll call it >> good to see you, bill. the overwhelming results are
12:49 pm
100% in preventing serious illness. if you look at death serious illnesses, they work well. they have side effects but side effect is not the right word. this is really the immune system working. it's responding and doing what an immune system does when it gets revved up. that is it has natural ways to try to rid any bacteria or virus from the body with a fever or fatigue or soreness. so most of the complications are very mild and they're transient. they're a little higher in the moderna vaccine study. but probably not high enough to really make any conclusions. >> bill: do you think moderna goes into the arm by the weekend? >> i hope so. look, that fda panel is meeting thursday and they will vote. after the vote, they should make a decision to authorize it. they don't need the fda to find paper clips and a stapler and type up a record.
12:50 pm
they need to issue it right away. i hope we get the authorization thursday night. we should have had it a few weeks ago or the decision. >> bill: you've been critical of the fda. dr. hahn was on there with us defending the organization saying we want to be the gold standard. you believe you're seeing a slow down of the spread the midwest. looking at your notes, you believe the month of march will be a more of rapid deceleration. explain that. >> we may need to convince people that coronavirus is a thread. right now it's obvious. anyone that can get their hands on it is likely begging for it. we're probably going to see a massive deceleration in march. right now 30 to 50% of the midwest has had the infection. now confirms natural immunity. we're'talking about natural immunity. it probably one of the reasons why the rate of spread in the midwest is slowing and the same
12:51 pm
time we're seeing an increase in the coasts. the east coast and west coast. >> bill: can you determine how long natural immunity could last? >> well, the old -- >> bill: versus the vaccine itself. >> probably the vaccinated immunity is probably better. the old belts and suspenders professors will tell you we don't know how long natural immunity works. we can extrapolate from other known coronaviruses, the four coronaviruses that circulate each year that surprise 1/4 of the cases of the common cold, that immunity last as year. sars and mrsa, it's about two years. so if you have had the infection, step aside in the vaccine line and get through the constrained supply with other high risk individuals for now. >> bill: you and others have been reminding us of 1956 and elvis presley. he got the polio vaccine. what did they do to the public's view of it, do you think? >> it makes taking the vaccine
12:52 pm
relatable. when people see something that they relate to or who they like and they see them describe sort of a liberation feeling, that has an impact on public sentiment. i have never thought it was fair, bill, to ask somebody if you would take a vaccine that is not yet been developed or approved. you're starting to see the numbers go up now on the hesitancy. at the same time, if somebody doesn't want to take that now, i respect that. you should respect that person. >> bill: phase three of the tile, moderna was 100% effective in people age 65 and older. >> in preventing death or serious illness. >> bill: that is something else. >> if you're trying to decide whether or not to get the infection or the vaccine, the vaccine is about 10,000 times safer than getting the infection. >> bill: we'll watch it tomorrow as the fda gets together. it will be happening now 24 hours from now. thanks, doc.
12:53 pm
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>> bill: new year's tradition will be a lot different this year in these covid teams. the times square ball drop will happen without a crowd for the
12:58 pm
first time ever. instead, you can watch it online for free. the show includes a leave stream of the ball drop. performances with gloria gainor singing "i will survive." if anyone does it, that's it. and you too and you too. and you, don't you ever [bleep] do it again. >> bill: actor tom cruise giving someone a whole heap of trouble. yelling at crew members for a apparently not following covid guidelines in the set of the newest "mission impossible" movie. he said it but we don't know what it is, christina coleman. live in l.a. what's the story? >> "mission impossible 7" star tom cruise went on a tirade after he saw two people breaking social distancing roles. the sun released the audio. cruise does not want anymore delays in filming. here he is telling the crew that
12:59 pm
people are depending on them. >> that's it. no apologies. people are losing their [bleep] because our industry is shut down. that puts food on their table or pay for their college education. that's what on me every night, the future of this [bleep] industry. >> filming stopped in february because of coronavirus. restarted in september. then production faced delays in october after 12 people tested positive during a shoot in italy. also shooting some film in norway under restrictions. here's the audio. >> i'm on the phone with every studio every night, insurance companies, producers. they're looking at us and using us to make their movie. we're creating thousands of
1:00 pm
jobs, you [bleep] [bleep]. >> as of now, the film is scheduled to be released next year, bill. >> bill: sounds like he was in character. thank you, christina. nice to see you in l.a. we have to run, everybody. catch you tomorrow at 3:00. here's neil on "your world." bye-bye. >> neil: all right. from -- well, that kind of storm to a real one a big one and a massive one encompassing a third of the united states territory right now. it's barrelling in affecting one out of three americans. what we know know is it's a monster. what we don't know is how much snow it will leave in its wake. report of a foot or more in new york and i can go on and on because right now it is going on and on and will for at least the next 12 to 18 hours. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." first and foremost, on a day where we're rushing out


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