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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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down. seattle, right now, is on life support, and with a bill like this, you are going to flatline the city. and that is a serious concern that even some liberals in the city are starting to speak up about u. >> tucker: yup. letting junkies get by is not compassion. sean hannity right now. >> sean: tucker, thank you and welcome to "hannity" tonight. we are tracking multiple stories, 9:00 on the east, 6:00 on the west coast, including what is a major new rift inside the democratic party. yep, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is now publicly calling on pelosi and schumer to step aside. i'm actually in full agreement withle the congresswoman from new york. she wants them gone from leadership. so do i. it's long overdue. we will play the tape state ahead. a lot of chaos there. later, we will introduce the radical democrats that biden t would love to surround himself with, which includes a top aide that just called republicans a
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bunch of f words. so nice. liberal love, tolerance, open, all on display this christmas season. we begin tonight w on capitol hill but this morning sd an imperative, important hearing on election integrity. senator johnson was on fire today. take a look. >> a large percentage of the american public does not believe the november election results are legitimate. this i is not a sustainable stae of affairs in our democratic republic. there are many reasons for this high level of skepticism. it starts with today's climate of hyper partisanship, which is only exacerbated by the persistent efforts to delegitimize thets results of te 2016 election. the corrupt investigation and media coverage of the russian collusion hoax reduced faith in our institutions, and the ongoing suppression and censorship of conservative perspective by biased media and social media adds fuel to the flames. >> sean: senator johnson was
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pointing out come america's powerful institutions, they have been lying to you, the american people, for years. russia, russia, russia ukraine, ukraine, ukraine, even playing politics with covid-19 and everything in-between. it is not a surprise that we, the american people, are skeptical of the 2020 election results for all of the reasons we have chronicled night after night. including a lot of courageous, patriotic whistle-blowers. but tonight, no democrat anywhere in america seems one bit concerned at all about what is widespread mistrust in america's key institutions.y they don'te care about the weeks of vote counting, the reliance on mail-in ballots. they once told us were not accurate and ripe for fraud. the mistreatment of election observers in every state. the election laws changed in the of the game, and onenged in the eyewitness, one whistle-blower, one after another after another. in fact, senator johnson's democratic colleagues, remember, they accused him of hurting the
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committee because he dared to hold a hearing on the integrity of america's election system. that's when things, well, they got rightly heated. take a look. >> the purveyors of russian disinformation, campaign, then's dnc, the steele dossier, the ranking member appears accusing senator grassley and eye of disseminating russian disinformation. that is where the disinformation is coming. that is where the false information, the lies, the false allegations. i can't sit by here and listen to this and say that this is not disinformation in this hearing today. this is information we have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election integrity. >> i've got to respond to that. you are saying -- >> one, i had nothing to do with this report -- >> you lied repeatedly -- you lied repeatedly in the press that i was spreading russian disinformation. that was an outright lie. >> sean: finally, people
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called out for that lies, like the media mob lied to you for year, big tech lied to you, control the information you can and cannot read. careannot read. about the tree, he didn't tell the truth. democrat from michigan is one of the biggest collusion truth there is an conspiracy theorists in the entire country. just like a the mob and the med. prior to the election he accused senator johnson of spreading russiandi disinformation because senator johnson along with senator grassley dared to issue aus factual report about what is the biden foreign family, well, let's say, uh, corruption, international pay for play schemes. just another russia, russia, russia lied to dismiss truth about how the bidens conducted themselves. it is a syndicate, really. of course, the johnson-grassley report, it turns outs to be 100% accurate. it is true, zero experience hunter biden now under a criminal investigation for international money laundering and tax evasion. that's the information big tech
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companies didn't want you to read about. and that's the johnson-grassley report laid out, hunter biden, he raked in millions and millions from sketchy foreign oligarchs, russia, ukraine, kazakhstan, during and after the time his father was serving as the vice president. he raked in millions more in cash and equity from well-connected members of china's ruling communist party. in fact, one chinese national paper, paid for hunter's family to go on a lavish $100,000 shopg spree come all normal, right? spree come all normal, right? country, right now, our number one geopolitical foe. china probably the most dangerous.a, the country's communist party is beyond malignant, they are hell-bent on increasing their power, their wealth at ourur expense. they don't care one bit about foreign election interference and add in the covid-19 cover-up, can't travel to wuhan,
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can't travel out of wuhan if you are going anywhere in china, but if you travel from wuhan to the rest of the world, that pretty much tells the whole story. to their military aggression we have been watching in the pacific, currency manipulation, the outright theft of electoral property, espionage, the likes of eric swalwell. china has proven time and time again it cannot be trusted, which now brings us to a very important "hannity" investigation, you know, the information big tech tried to keep from you, and the mob will never talk about: are the bidens, joanne hunter, compromised by these particularly by the communist chinese.y well, do theyf have a copy of hunter's laptop? let's start with the obvious. we know chinese nationals, why werehe they spending millions of dollars in giving private equity deals to hunter biden, no expertiseti that we can find, nothing on his resume that stood out to us.
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hunter had a long, long been battling addictions with drugs, no credible experience at all in private equity. or in energy. or in oil, gas, ukraine, or russia, or china. these chinese nationals, what were they looking for? they were by access, meaning buying influence. the question tonight is just how much access did they get? now, do they have, for example, hunter's laptop? the picture of hunter with the crack pipes falling asleep. and i'm told far worse than that, which will be coming out at some point. what other intel do they have on joe, on hunter? what did joe know? why did he know it? breaking today, fox news did obtain a 2017 email from hunter biden, addressed toun the chairman of a major chinese energy company. again, no experience in energy whatsoever. in the email, hunter, well, pretty audacious, asking for $10 million in order to "quickly and properly fund" his investment strategy.
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here's the kicker: the note also included a very kind message. "best wishes from the entire biden family." i would assume that means joe. today, despite a mountain of what is concerning evidence, the ongoing criminal probe, joe biden wants you to know, his son did absolutely nothing wrong. why? because he says so. anybody ever ask him about the pictures on the cover of "the new york post," the crack thing? take a look. >> sean: keep in mind, joe has repeatedly stated he has no knowledge or involvement in his son's international business deals, and stop for a second. why did he leverage a billion u.s. tax dollars dollars demanda ukrainian prosecutor be fired in six hours? because the guy was investigating zero experience hunter. how would he know that? he did it b because he felt like firing the guy? it had nothing to do with knowle
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of hunter's being investigated? may be, just maybe, joe is lying. may be joe not only knew the details about hunter's deals, but actively encouraged and asked the big guy, perhaps even benefited from them. senator lindsey graham rightly now calling for a special counsel to be appointed, and meanwhile, senior intel officials are now adamant that china did in fact, get this, that they interfered in the 2020 election. d russia did it in 2016, hillary bought the 30 russian misinformationdo dossier. could it p possibly be that chia actually wanted biden to win? that kind of would make sense, wouldn't it?t? considering they were paying his son millions of dollars. remember, by the way, we have to take foreign election interference seriously, according to the media mob and democrats, because for four years, they all were the ones obsessingob over trump-russia election interference that never occurred. but unlikeoc the russia hoax and conspiracy theories, there is
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real evidence that the bidens to payments from china. so, what kind of return did china get forhe their investmen? here nowit with more, senate homeland security committee chairman ron johnson of wisconsin. senator johnson, let me go back to the exchange you had with your colleague, mr. peters. y the reality is, did we not have four investigations for four years, white people like that senator in the media and big tech disseminating information about something that never happened, more investigations proved there never was trump-russia collusi collusion? >> yes, sean, but we are just supposed to get that and just move on. just forget all of that. forget the fact that for four t years, they never, ever recognize that president trump was the president of the united states. that he was the legitimate president. then, when we see all kinds of very troubling irregularities in the selection, we are just supposed to ignore it, and we are supposed to move on. well, held that hearing today because i think the american
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people deserve the truth. they need to understand and have these irregularities explained, and that is what we tried to do in the hearing. >> sean: you discussed wire tracks transfers from russian oligarchs, kazakh oligarchs, and then we have burisma. hunter had no experience in oil, gas, energy, or ukraine. why was he being paid millions? and why would a vice president leverage a billion taxpayer dollars and a manly firing of ukrainian prosecutor? can you think of any reason? >> they are obviously selling influence. if it is true there is nothing wrong here, then things are improving, and why isn't hunter turnit over his tax returns and see if he ever did file a return for the $400,000? or how about this? s john solomon did in absolute report that is not being covered by the mainstream media showing joe biden reported $3.2 million of net assets, bute $6 million since he left the vice presidency. where did all the money go?
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financial advisor stated based on his tax rates, it should be reporting $9 million in assets. where did all the money go? i think inquiring minds want to know. >> am i wrong in my belief that putin is a rational actor hostile actor, mullahs are hostile actor's. kim jong un, a hostile regime, but the most dangerous is china, and why would the communist chinese do a billion, later billion, five deal with hunter biden? why would they do that? what were they expecting from their money? >> they were investing in influences. let's face it, we see how long term gain, how strategic they are. look what they did with congressman swalwell. they groomed this guy. they saw, here is an op-ed, or, lets fund his campaign and see how far the sky can g go.
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and nancy pelosi knows about it. is it that far-fetched to think they were doing that with hunter biden and his connections to his father? our reports show troubling connections. their business, hudson west, that was hudson west, all kind of different hudson west companies, and we have tracked over $150 million of transfer back and forth. was that money laundering? hunter biden gets a diamond. they use diamonds and money laundering. that is what the associate of cfc, that is what he was convicted of -- by the way, paid hunter biden's a million dollars to unsuccessfully defend him, but spent time in jail for money laundering. it's a piece of the pieces of the puzzle coming together and i hope the u.s. attorney in delaware has indictments doing. they've been working on this case rhetorical years. >> sean:n: it sound like their own. >> tell us what he's got.
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>> sean: yeah. have you been briefed on the contents of hunter biden's laptop, sir? >> we do not have -- we don't have that hard drive. i've heard all kinds of rumors, seen all kinds of things, but we need to have that all validated. >> sean: am i wrong? i've never heard anyone deny -- as a matter of fact, his lawyer was asking for his laptop back, and on the front cover of "the new york post," they had a picture of hunter biden with a crack pipe in his mouth. now my question is, is it likely that if they were doing these deals with the chinese, that the chinese could possibly have all of whatever compromising materials might be on there? is it possible that they have compromising materials on hunter biden, his relationship to his father? is it possible that both of them could be compromised by what is a hostile regime to the u.s.? >> i would say it is likely. that is what tony bobulinski said. compromised to be right there is no way somebody who wants to
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no way somebody who wants to could ever get a security clearance if they had even a fraction of the background of hunter biden. and let's face it, he's a drug addict. that's very unfortunate, okay, but he's traveling the world, doing drugs, has got these computers, and when we travel overseas, we have to put our real phones in a very secure bank that can't be hacked, and we have burner phones. i doubt he did that. so, i think it is likely his computers were hacked. we don't know what the chinese government has on hunter biden, what could be used as blackmail, which is why chuck grassley i die, we started a report trying to warn the american publicc wel before the election, but the news media suppressed it, did not let people know, and the news media, social media had far greater influence on this election.nfluence on this this was their candidate. they got him elected because of their censorship and suppression of the news. they had far greater election interference than anything russia could have hoped for in 2016. >> sean: this is a scary scenario. i have the same experience in
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vietnam and helsinki. in singapore. i was handed a new phone every day, in my room apparently was swept when i wasn't there every day. senator, thank you for your good work. we will continue to stay on our investigation. we appreciate it. joining usus now, kayleigh mcenany. you watch these hearings today, just divert your attention for a second. we are really talking about massive amount -- massive amounts of monies, from countries not friendly with the u.s., outright media censorship, big tech censorship, now it is all turning out to be true. the same people lectured us for a long time, telling us about russian interference with the trump campaign that was proven false. >> sean, it's incredible. i asked reporter after reporter after reporter along the campaign trail, why aren't you covering this?co i said, you have a laptop. you now have a witness in tony bobulinski, literally the business partner of hunter biden, and you have a campaign, and joe biden, who
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will d not denied the facts of this case. they are not true come all joe biden has to do is come out and say this is notde true, it's defamatory, as president trump did with russia gate, which was a hoax. none of that happened. theyey did not deny it. the press didn't cover it. it was the biggest act of journalistic malpractice in four years, since the russia hoax that they propelled in 2016. journalism has to get to a higher standing place in this country. the american people deserve better. they don't deserve censorship. the reporters of today need to take a look in the room because they don't deserve to call themselves reporters. pthey are, in fact, activists. >> sean: one justice saying this is not the rule of law, wisconsin, it is the rule of judicial activism through inaction. the chief justice leading the dissenter with a very powerful remark saying four members of this court will throw the cloak over numerous problems that wild
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be repeated again and again until this court has the courage to direct them. apparently the courage doesn't exist, kayleigh mcenany. >> i want to praise that judge. that judge had courage. as was noted today by the nevada attorney and h hearings, he saih none of our evidence has been refuted. in fact, it has been ignored. in depositions in nevada, for instance, the opposing counsel from the leftist activist firm could not dispute that illegal votes had happened, and we even have the numbers of them. they couldn'tt dispute it, but instead, a judge chose to ignore it. here is what they did, shaun. here was the clever little tricks, and it happened in nevada. when the claims are brought before hand, when we warrant that mass fail in voting is a problem, brought the claims to a court ofhe law, they said the claim is not right, come after after the election. after the election to the same court, they say a legal doctrine saying your claim is too late. it can't not be right, and then beig too late.
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those of a kind of give him a treat tricks that happen. after try to fix this, 2022, 2024 is on the line and beyond. >> sean: same ruling, president trump appointed on the supreme court in wisconsin, you should have brought this earlier. what, before the law was broken? before it was discovered? the idea that texas wouldn't have standing when the votes of texans, literally, would be rendered meaningless if other't people don't follow the law and the constitution. they would be disenfranchised. all right, kayleigh, thank you. all right, a lot at stake. a lot. in georgia, this big runoff, the two best pollsters in america, they will be here toll tell us where the race stands. also, senator kelly loeffler will be here live as we continue. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> sean: two weeks away now from the georgia senate runoff that will determine control of the u.s. senate and the new extreme democrats are making it clear that they win those races, they are ready, willing, they are able, they will on the ratio will be the most destructive, radical, left-wing political forces on you, the american people. all i am great state of georgia tonight. these races are critical, critical to protect the country from radicalism that would be unmatched in history. critical to preserve the president's workk on legacy over the last four years. critical to continuing real investigations into real abuse of power, corruption. that means zero experience hunter and joe and everything else. georgia, if you care about radicals packing the supreme court, if you don't want open borders and amnesty, if you want energy independence, if you
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want lower taxes and less regulation, we are going to need you to engage in a major way and put aside whatever differences you may have with local, weak, rino republicans in your state. they are irrelevant at this point. radicalism awaits this country in ways you cannot imagine, and only you, the great state of georgia, can stop it. now yesterday, joe biden went to atlanta to try to trump supporters. we showed you last night, for socialist jon ossoff and raphael warnock, but barely anyone showed up besides if you parked cars and media mob, but we are supposed to believe by the end of the single of all time. more popular then, well, more votes than obama. 15 million more. 15 million more than hillary. i had no idea joe was so popular. frankly, i don't really believe he is. so,eo the people of georgia, i o understand and can totally relatere to your disgust with yr governor and secretary of state.
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their refusal to take the needed action to restore election integrity and fix what are obvious flaws with the voting process, but that doesn't mean republicans, conservatives, freedom lovers, patriots can stay home. because this is a tight race, andti conservatives and republicans in georgia need to show up, preserve the progress, stop thehe far left power grab right now. you are the single moste important state, by far, in the union. look from a new poll from the trafalgar group shows a slight lead, pretty much a dead even race with jon ossoff and david perdue, a narrow lead for kelly loeffler, inside advantage has perdue it is close. here to break it all down is the chief pollster at the trifalgar group. and both of them interestingly are from the great state of georgia.
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so they know a lot about the state. matt, your poll has 49-48, to close to really call. well within the margin of error. >> yeah, and sean, i have run enough braces in georgia to know that this is way too close. i'm looking at the turn out right now. that we are seeing in early vote ballots coming in. c this is going to be razor-thin. very tough. and in the end, someone who works on my bolster with me, the most popular politician he has seens in his lifetime is donald trump. donald trump is going to have to be what pushes these two over the edge. they are great candidates, but they cannot match trump for turnout, and turn out is what republicans need more than anything else in georgia. >> sean: you know, robert, i don't think i know any pollster that ever factored in a potential 3.7% margin for fraud. you did. you too have this race very close. where do you see it now? >> it still is exactly as he
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said. it's extremely close. i would say it's aos jump ball. loeffler has the slight edge, but it certainly is outside of the realm of anything that they put to bed, and the early voting, as mattea said, leaned a little bit democratic at this point. is down from 2020, november, thus far out, but it definitely is going to play a factor. this thing is extremely close, and you know, no laws have been changed, so we are expecting a lot of ballots with missing signatures and all kinds of hijinks again. >> sean: quickly, both of you know the state well. matt, your advice for both candidates, what do they need to do to pull away and pull this off, considering everything that is at stake here? >> quickly, they need to, first of all make their ads localized. for example, the atlanta city jail is virtually being shut our poll shows people can't
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stand that, use an issue like that, and cling to donald trump. donald trump's will get them over o the edge because they hae to get that turn out in central, middle, and north georgia. >> sean: and your advice, robert cahaly? >> you know, i saw more reaction to the statement that loeffler and perdue put out about the atlanta braves regarding changing mascot names after what happened in cleveland, and i think these politicians need to keep in mind that elections aren't won on the issues politicians care about, they are won on theth issues voters care about, and the voters of georgia care very much about this issue, the braves, and they stand with them and stand with politicians that stand with them. >> sean: going back to georgia and the varsity, what do you have? i'll take a couple of chili dogs, french fries, and onion rings. thank you both, matt and robert. also tonight, we are continuing to learn m more and more about e radicalism of both candidates, especially raphael warnock, and his embrace of new extremism inside the democratic party. for example, congresswoman omar,
10:30 pm
tlaib, far left activist linda sarsour, who is a radical anti-semite we have chronicled on the show, recently teamed up for a fund-raiser in support of the candidacy of warnock. warnock has also praised louis farrakhan and the nation of islam. he has compared the israeli might know my prime minister to george wallace repeatedly, dispe officers, in 2002, warnock was even charged with obstructing a police investigation into abuse claims that occurred, allegedly, at the summer camp that he ran in maryland. while the charges were later dropped, police reports shed a lot of light on what was an extremely uncooperative and frankly disruptive warnock. and by the way, so the more we learn, the more obvious it is. raphael warnock is not fit to serve, nor is jon ossoff, in the u.s. senate. here's a clip of senator loeffler's new ad laying out, well, just what is at stake. take a look. >> nobody can serve god and the
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miller military. >> raphael warnock attacks on military. >> police power, a thug mentality. >> warnock attacks our police. >> somebody has got to open up the jail! >> raphael warnock day drinks. >> joining us with reaction's center kelly loeffler of georgia. senator, welcome to the program. lot at stake here. the program. what you have to say to the people of georgia? >> sean, great to be with you. look, the future ofo the countries on the ballott here in georgia, january 5th. we have to hold the line in georgia. we know the country is counting on us peer chuck schumer said it, and i would georgia, then we changee america. look, the media is refusing to ask questions of him. there is no one willing to do it and he is not willing to ask answer those questions. ei asked him in the debate if he would renounce marxism and socialism. he refused to do that.
10:32 pm
but he refused to answer those questions you asked. what was the nature of the child abuse investigation he disrupted? georgians need to know these answers, because these answers could be disqualifying for serving in the u.s. senate. >> sean:n: i also see a lot of money coming from outside the great state of georgia, from a great state of georgia, from a less than two years ago, were talking about boycotting the great state of georgia. i live there myself for a number i live there myself for a number know. my big question is, january 5th is not the exact ideal date to have an election. next week as christmas, then new year's week, then the election. not exactly an ideal time to get voters out. >> well, look, it is always a good time to defend our freedoms in this country and stand up for the constitution and everything we have achieved in this country, and everything we need to protect for future generations. but i am on my third statewide tour right now, it's a firewall we are the firewall, the socialism in this country, and i getting out across the state, as is david perdue.
10:33 pm
georgians are fired up and are going to turn out. asking georgians to vote early because off georgians don't vote and president trump was here last week, he said to georgians, vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler. you have to do it. you have to exercise your right to vote, and he is absolutely right. if we don't vote, we could see the election of america's first marxist senator hit in this country, right here in georgia, and that is why we are the firewall. >> sean: i love that you are calling it the firewall. look, i would not ask the good, conservative, republican patriots, freedom lovers, and trump supporters, as matt was pointing out, in georgia, that are may be annoyed with their local politicians, state elected politicians. this is too important to. this transcends every issue to me. and they would literally be the rubber-stamp for the most radical agenda. do the people of georgia know exactly how high the stakes are, as you go county to county,
10:34 pm
senator perdue goes county to county, do they understand, this is ado real? >> i believe they do, sean. they know what is at stake here. they're frustrated.. the president is frustrated. we are frustrated, and we are taking care of that. we are being very methodical in how we approach this election to make sure it is free, fair, trusted, and accurate. they also know they have to get to vote. because if we vote, we will win. if we don't vote, we could lose the country. that is how serious this is. georgians know that. i know theyat are up to the tas, and the turnout at events has been great. >> sean: senator, if we w learned anything from november 3rd, the drop box is being watched every day, number one, t number two, other accommodations being made at every ballot, according to georgia law, partisan observers have the right to watch the vote count, that didn't happen on november 3rd, will it happen on january 5th? do we know for sure that these things now are going to be resolved?
10:35 pm
>> well, we are with in the courts right now. we have 4,000 additional poll watchers undertaking every possible action toe make sure it is free, fair, and trusted. >> sean: all right, kelly loeffler. senator, thank you. we appreciate it. when we come back, you're not going to believe what one of joe biden's aides just called republicans and conservatives. pretty disgusting insult. thought they were the party of inclusion. also, congresswoman, ocasio-cortez turning her back on schumer and pelosi, saying bye-bye, time for them to go. ari fleischer, pete hegseth react to all of that straight ahead. ♪ - hello, michael youssef here,
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♪ >> sean: now despite joe biden's phony, faint calls for unity, staffers continue to reveal the true hate, rage,
10:40 pm
psychosis for all trunk, g.o.p., we the people. biden's pick for deputy chief of staff recently told "glamour" magazine "in the primary, people would mock biden like they think he work with republicans. i'm not saying they are not a bunch of beep, beep, beep, beep, and mitch mcconnell is terrible." so much for unity, togetherness, and openness. but of course, that sort of never ending stream of vicious rhetoric is not new. listen to the media mob talking about president trump's reporters. we the people, just the last week. take a look. >> what is it that we saw this weekend in washington? what was it? they weren't wearing brown and black uniforms like they would have in italy or in germany in the 1920s or 1930s, but they are the same people. >> these are people who come of donald trump said "i'm going to track you on twitter unless you go smack your mom in the face," they would go smack their moms in the face and tried to explain
10:41 pm
it to them afterward. >> maybe there are 50 million jerks in this country. may be that of the sad truth, and how do we manage that it? because joe biden is doing everything right. when you see that sign, maybe there is a chunk of us that really sucks as human beings. >> sean: joe biden is doing every single thing right, and everybody else is a bunch of nazis and fascists and jerks that suck. we shop at walmart. meanwhile, deep division inside the democratic party, they are worsening as the real speaker of the house, ocasio-cortez, no longer mincing words and saying in a recent podcast, it is time for schumer and pelosi to go. hell has kind of frozen over, i agree. take a look. >> they pass record shattering military expenditures, but can get $1200 to suffering americans. >> yeah. >> i know you've been on the right side of this, but i'm asking, are you ready to say pelosi and schumer need to go? >> i mean, i think so.
10:42 pm
the answer is yes. the answer is we -- we need to shift power. we need to make sure that we have a transition of power in the leadership of the democratic party. >> sean: joining us now, author of a brand-new best seller, "modern warriors," "fox & friends" cohost pete hegseth. along with fox news contributor ari fleischer. ari, i agree with ocasio-cortez, but it is very revealing when democrats talk about conservatives, trump supporters, republicans, isn't it? it's how they really feel, right? >> [laughs] sean, i really look at this the same way i do when reporters go on twitter, and we can see what their actual leanings are. the bias just comes pouring right out. i'm so glad that she said that, beep of those republicans need to go into the new biden administration with eyes wide open. joe biden is not a bipartisan leader. he really has never been one. he is a very partisan man, and he can talk that line and the
10:43 pm
press will let him get away with talking that line, but we need to remember the people surrounding him and he himself, there leanings are going to cut republicans down at every stretch of the plate, and embarrassed republicans, and i'm glad she said it. now we know who we are dealing with. >> sean: you know, i don't think this is a bold prediction, pete, but i'm just guessing, all right, they are going to have whatever, i don't know, phony inauguration, in other words, they won't invite people there, so it will be virtual, that's the word i'm looking for, virtual. let's say that happens. virtual a long-duratio inaugura. then they start in fomenting the radical views that all of these democratic socialists are talking about. then biden is going to be hiding, and then you've got president trump in exile loud, which could turn out to be their worst nightmare, and the media, i'm going to suspect come after the first hundred days, is going to be like, do you miss me yet? i think they are going to miss
10:44 pm
the guy they woke up hating every day a lot. >> [laughs] they like their ratings, and they like the headlines. there is no doubt about that. the virtual biden presidency, as ari alluded to come is a virtual moderate presidency, of course captured by the far left. they absolutely hate trump supporters. the calls for unity are fake and false. they will go after, just as they did the president the last four years, anyone who supports him. you talk about the truth and reconciliation commission, that is exactly where the heart is when it comes to us. when i look at a biden administration and the infighting of ocasio-cortez and all of that, you know, our dear friend rush limbaugh, who was in our thoughts and prayers right now, wrote an op-ed about the obama administration in 2009 for "usa today." he he was supposed right 2,000 words, he wrote four words: i hope he fails. because joe biden is the trojan horse for the left, i hope he is
10:45 pm
mired in that infighting that ocasio-cortez is going to bring. incapable of delivering to the left, incapable of finding the false unity he claims he's going to bring after what they've done to trump supporters. that is a forecast. then you will have donald trump, 75 million supporters behind him, prepared to say this is the america we love. you remember those taxes that were low? you remember the borders that were secure? china willing to stare down? may be that a something, well, you didn't really give up because the ballot box wasn't secure, but you might want to take a second look at that, so be careful what you wish for when you get your way, potentially coming to the white house. that is what he faces. >> sean: it's really, i'm looking at it as an intramural battle, ari, and that is the radical socialist, they are going to demand they are listened to come at biden is going to be beholden to them. on the other hand, that you are going to have republicans, maybe they did not learn the lessons of trump, and that is, you know, a republican party that keeps its word, fights for what they
10:46 pm
believe in, and ultimately is a party that is of working people, men and women, and minorities, and that believes in freedom and an open economy and america first. republicans want to go back to the establishment days are dead in the water, from my perspective. >> sean, i'm convinced that the politics of the future breaks down the following way. the democrats are a left, far left struggled. that is the ideological split in their party. the republican split is much more insider establishment versus outsider populist. and donald trump has won that fight for the heart and soul, at least, of the republican party. that is the dividing line, the split in the two parties vehicle for democrats, it is a true, old-fashioned, ideological dogfight. it's actually the socialists against the liberals when it comes to alexandria ocasio-cortez and her growing group now in congress, including cori bush of misery, just added to the list of
10:47 pm
socialist in congress and mondaire jones in new york. going socialism for the democrats, versus long-standing liberalism in the democrat party. >> also the party of the coastal elites, that has now emerged as their reality. all right, thank you both. congrats on the book, pete. coming up, barack obama asked again about his stance on defunding the police. we will give you the answer, leo 2.0, larry elder 1.0, as we continue. ♪
10:48 pm
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10:51 pm
♪ >> sean: all right, as usual, more hypocrisy from the left. president obama walked back his comments criticizing the defund the police messaging because he faced a backlash from the radical, progressive wing of the party. take a look. >> people assumed that somehow i
10:52 pm
was making an argument that that's why we didn't get, you know, a bigger democratic majority. that actually was not the point i was making. i was making a very particulart point around, if we, in fact, want to translate the very legitimate belief that how we do policing needs to change, if we say "defund the police," not just white folks, but michelle's mom might say, if i'm getting robbed, who am i going to call, and is somebody going to show up? the concern... >> sean: here to react, talk show host larry elder 1.0 and civil rights attorney leo terrell 2.0. i'm looking at all of these interviews of barack obama,k le and mentioning race a lot lately. what is your reaction to it? >> thank you for that question, and i really want to answer thas
10:53 pm
question. first of all, barack obama, sean, is a dinosaur within the democratic party. he is -- he is wrestling with the word "defund the police." all you have to do is look at cori bush. according to the democrats, eliminate the police. for the call of your question, the race issue. itis is not a question about michelle's mom and white people. police protection is an american issue. it's not based on race. what he is trying to do is walk it back because he is out of step with the democratic party. they want to eliminate the police. minnesota, l.a., the vice president-elect once took away $150 million. so the issue of defunding the police, that is what the democrats want to do, and barack obama is having a hard time with this new socialist democratic party. one other point, sean. i've been watching d.c. on the trump hotel, and i got the gift that you, larry, and i decided to give president trump tomorrow.
10:54 pm
i will deliver it to him tomorrow. >> sean: larry, when he felt people were losing status when he was president, but both because of the fact i didn't look like -- a sense that my very presence of the white house triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense of the natural order has been disrupted. i mean come he really goes into depth and detail on this. he won two national elections, but i guess joe is more popular because he got 15 million more votes according, if you believe, the numbers. >> well, sean, barack obama knows it's crap. barack obama knows there is not systemic racism on the part of the police. he knows the data are not there. you cannot find anyone more left wayne, and even he conceded -- barack obama the politician knows he has to give black
10:55 pm
people angry and start up, filthy white liberals angry and stirred up. barack obama, who went to the finest prep school in hawaii, ivy league education, challenged hillary and got reelected, he knows america is the land of the free and home of the brave, but also knows the politicians, he has to convince you that systemic racism remains a major problem in america. it is a con, and barack obama knows dman well it is a con. >> sean: where is larry's hat, leo? >> this is going to the president -- >> sean: no,: i want larry 1.0. where is the larry had? >> that hat does not exist. i'm in washington right now... guys, are you tired
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"hannity". we'll give you the truth and dig and dig and dig and tell you the news they don't want to give you. they're biassed. let not your hearts be troubled. why not? laura is standing by. >> laura: if you said dig one more time, i was going to get a shovel and dig. you sent me the fryer. i'm sending you a really big honking shovel. >> sean: send me something. i got your christmas card. there's no picture of you on it. your kids are adorable. >> laura: thank god. i know. thank you very much. i didn't want to ruin the picture. thanks, hait