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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 17, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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finish speaking here just a short time ago. >> joe-bama. that's actually pretty catchy. when you think about it, can you really blame him? >> during the obama-biden -- >> president obama and i. >> obama and i. >> laura: that was kind of a constant during the campaign. that's all the time we have tonight. take it from here. shannon? take it away. >> tonight shannon: we may hand out some new nicknames. thank you for that. breaking this error the intelligence apparatus of the united states officially acknowledging, quote, a significant and ongoing cyber attack. the coordinated malware campaign suspected to have originated in russia is believed to have started hacking sensitive us government networks as early as march. we are talking months of this was a live report digging into this.
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lindsey graham says the justice department should appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden over concerns involving his business dealings with china. a growing number of house republicans calling for california congressman eric swalwell to be removed from the intelligence committee over his relationship with a suspected chinese spy. marsha blackburn will discuss that and new york faces the prospect of a full shutdown, a huge winchester members the northeast. how much is too much for the big apple. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with breaking news on the massive cybersecurity attack on us government agencies potentially beyond. what are you learning, kevin? >> on sunday it was revealed the treasury and commerce department had been victims of a sophisticated hack. the breach which experts have
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linked to the russian government is said to have compromised numerous systems including the email communications of several federal agencies. it was made possible after a breach in solar wind, the texas-based it company that provides services to numerous federal agencies and tonight in a joint statement by the fbi, csa and od and i the fed is announcing a, quote, whole government response to this significant cyberincident and they see a statement this is a developing situation and while we continue to work to understand the full extent of this campaign we know this compromise has affected that works within the federal government. all of this is happening as at least one republican lawmaker on capitol hill thinks it is high time the hunter biden situation also gets a bit of special attention. >> i'm absolutely calling a special counsel to look at all things hunter biden to see if he presents a conflict of the biden administration regarding his
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business dealings with ukraine which is overrun with russian agents and any activity with the chinese government. >> senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham, convinced hunter biden's business dealings warrant a closer look today called for a special counsel to look into his affairs. >> if you believe a special counsel is need to look at the trump world regarding russia how can you say there is no need for special counsel regarding hunter biden. >> a is reviewed biden's financial affairs the graham is needed because of his possible connection for the chinese communist party, fox news obtained a 2017 a male in which hunter biden extended best wishes from the biden family to the principle of the chinese energy concern called cef theater urged the chairman to quickly send a $10 million wire
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to, quote, properly fund and operate the biden joint venture with the company. cef see which claim $263 billion in revenue in 2015 has since gone bankrupt. speaking at an event in the lower the older biden was asked by fox news about his son. >> mister chairman, this is not about hearing your grievances. i don't know what radical you're running down. this is simply not -- >> on capitol hill a fiery exchange between senators ron johnson of wisconsin and gary peters of michigan a hearing on election irregularities, the chair of the senate homeland security committee accusing the panel's top democrat of spreading russian disinformation. >> i got to respond to that. i have nothing to do with this report. >> you lied repeatedly in the press that i'm spreading russian disinformation and i told you to stop lying and you continued to do it. >> that hearing quite heated and
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donald trump made no secret of his belief the election process in 2020 was deeply compromised and his legal team continues to pursue all avenues in six wing states to their respective legislatures. this is happening even as the investigation into those voting irregularities continues. >> i got to save for the senate that is as testy as it gets. growing number of republicans calling for the removal of democrat eric swalwell from the house until committee. the congressman is under fire for recent revelations about past ties to a suspected chinese i. good evening. >> reporter: democrat eric
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swallow facing mounting calls for republican colleagues on capitol hill to step down from his post on the intelligence committee. this is following the reports about his ties to an alleged chinese spy. >> what hypocrisy. this is the guy hurling stones and accusations, false accusations that donald trump, controlled by spies and this and that. he was the most over-the-top critic of donald trump on russia collusion. >> republican senators are not stopping it, commit hypocritical, they say there's a double standard work. >> if a republican had done this, swalwell would be the first to cover and to be booted from the intel committee. >> they also criticizing democrats as naïve when it comes to the real threat china poses. >> the california democratic party has a major spy problem. look at the reports, how she worked her way into the apparatus, different figures that are compromised, senator feinstein has on her staff. what is going on in the california democratic party. >> swalwell insists he did nothing wrong and claims the fbi
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actually thanked him for helping with their investigation. democrat colleagues including the speaker of the house are standing firmly behind him. >> speaker pelosi has addressed this issue, she has full confidence and representative swalwell. i have full confidence and representative swalwell. >> this follow 17 house republicans writing pelosi asking her to remove swalwell from the intelligence committee. close interactions with chinese intelligence services however unintentional they may be are unacceptable national security risk. we urge you to immediately remove representative swalwell. intelligence can result warning about the threat of chinese espionage in the united states. the fbi says they opened a new counterintelligence probe every 10 hours involving china and they say the role is always the same, china is seeking to see the all-american trade secrets. swalwell action on that front in the house and senate, plenty of
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fireworks inside and outside the hearing. a lot happening on capitol hill so let's bring a member of the senate judiciary committee, welcome back. i want to go back to the hunter biden discussion. accusations that people had prior to the election characterized this is russian misinformation. we now know there's at least one federal investigation ongoing. here is what senator lindsey graham said today about a potential special counsel. >> it is a good idea. if you believe a special counsel was needed to look at the trump role regarding russia how can you say there is no need for special counsel regarding hunter biden? shannon: any chance you think that happens? >> i do think there's a chance that will happen simply because there is so much that has happened around biden inc. hunter biden, james biden.
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we are finding out everything they had in that piece was accurate. the comments, he was accurate and you have big media, big tech in pursuit of the biden campaign in the democrat national committee and when there has been an fbi investigation going on the two years it is imperative that we have a special counsel to carry this forward so we know exactly what the bidens have done not only with the chinese but also the ukrainians. let's figure out what their participation with foreign governments is going to be especially with the chinese. when you look at the fact that everything that is coming out whether it is swalwell or diane feinstein or john ossoff who is
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running in georgia against david perdue they are all involved with the communist chinese. shannon: there are a lot of questions. we make it to a end & things aren't what they seem or at least with the allegations are but we don't know so we will see if there is a special counsel. the senate has been doing it as well trying to get some answers. let me ask about this ongoing conversation putting aside everything else it is rare to hear woman speaking unapologetically and unselfconsciously about life, having kids and an intense job, the kind of thing men are often asked to think twice about that women are always expected to. she was referring to jen o'malley dillon, a piece about her, part of the incoming biden administration. a lot of folks pushing back saying did you not remember
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kayleigh mcenany, kellyanne conway, nikki haley, there are a lot of women out there. you talked about this in the past but do you think the media realizes they are glossing over people, they can't recognize anything positive like a working mother on the front lines of high positions in the trump administration? is this just an omission by them? >> they do it purposely and intentionally because they do it repeatedly and the left will say if you are not going to submit to the agenda we have for women you are not somebody we want to hear from. you can't be a part of the team and what the left will do is elevate and glorify women on the left and the media does this such as what you are talking about and what they will do is diminish and demean women that are conservative their pro-life and pro-family and pro-religion
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and pro-business and say we don't want to hear from you, your opinion does not count so i have to tell you it is so intentional. i for a lot about this in my book that i wrote about this topic, the conservative woman and how the press treats conservative women, mistreats conservative women because we are free thinkers, independent-minded and are not going to submit to the agenda of the left, walk in lockstep with them. >> i'm a big fan of women supporting each other through motherhood, working, whatever it is, regardless of political ideology and hopefully we can do more of that. great to have you with us, thanks for your time. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> andrew cuomo's latest emergency powers reportedly include suspending the consent requirement for people to have
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their immunization information reported to state authorities giving the state the right to track everyone who gets covid-19 vaccine with or without their approval. snow and high winds adding to new york's problems as inches closer to warning about a full shutdown. andrew cuomo ordering hospitals statewide to shift into crisis mode. we are looking at the facts on the ground live from new york city. >> tonight the snow is falling in new york city is another type of storm from the coronavirus could engulf metropolitan hospitals. andrew cuomo says the next 3 weeks are critical watching for spiking cases from gatherings over thanksgiving and what could come from hanukkah and christmas family celebrations. hospitals in new york are
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filling up, some at 90% capacity in new york's positivity rate is above the critical mark of 5%. if that percentage is not reduced, a new shutdown like the one in the spring could kick in again. >> anything is possible. second of all if you look at these increases nationally, of course it is possible. you already see states closing down. >> reporter: the virus is spiking an economic shutdown for those the call new york city home. just like in california corporations are way the high cost of taxes here and business restrictions at the empire state to locate departments down south and out west. the biggest wall street financial firms and banks had moving operations, texas, utah and florida. this is concerns new york city has bounced back before, job
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losses and corporate flight will reversed by two previous mayors, and koch in the 1990s and another one named rudy giuliani. >> a lot of new yorkers are issuing for a new mayor will change, you will be tracking it. most of the mid-atlantic and northeast feeling the effects of a major winter storm predicted to dump up to a foot of snow in some places. tracking around-the-clock, the latest on this nor'easter tonight. >> we will see two feet of snow from the storm likely interior sections around eastern pennsylvania northwestern parts of jersey, maybe around the hudson valley. the city is a trickier forecast, philadelphia some rain and sleet, same thing around new york city. winter storm warnings everywhere
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you see that pink across parts of the central appalachians across parts of the northeast and new england. 28 degrees in new york city right now but we are starting to see freezing rain moving and mix into that keeping snowfall totals decreasing a little bit. these are the new york city area, what they are reporting, freezing rain, we are about to see that makes, that will keep the totals lower. we will disrupt overnight tonight. by tomorrow afternoon this is out of here for everyone at the end of the first big nor'easter across the northeast this winter season. jillian: hope folks day save and follow your instructions and guidance. the media claims the biden administration could soon have the first openly gay cabinet member but what about donald trump's appointee ambassador and former acting director of national intelligence rick grinnell.
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>> breaking tonight, vice president mike pence jillian: vice president like henson second lady karen pennsville publicly get the covid-19 vaccine along with surgeon general jerome adams. the multiple platform coverage will build confidence among americans in the safety of a vaccine. biden making official, the transportation secretary, pete buttigieg. the left says he will be the first openly gay cabinet now many to go before the senate for confirmation. jackie heinrich reporting on the precedent busting appointments. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden touted the diverse city of
12:22 am
his cabinet, naming people to judge as his transportation secretary but critics say he has gone heavy on identity politics and media overlooked history. sky news at the gate on scott p buttigieg the first openly gay cabinet member, writing to become the first openly lb gt q plus cabinet nominee in us history but technically former acting director of national intelligence richard grinnell with the first openly gay cabinet official under donald trump. he was not confirmed by the senate for the short-lived were also headlines claiming buttigieg would be the first openly gay cabinet secretary of confirmed reads correct but not everyone was so careful. biden did first characterize it accurately. >> our cabinet doesn't just have one first or two of these firsts but eight precedent busting appointments and today a ninth, the first openly gay nominee to lead a cabinet department and
12:23 am
one of the youngest cabinet members ever. >> reporter: the emphasis on first caused a stir among identity-based groups logging the transition. according to the new york times last week lawmakers directly pressed miss harris to ensure there would be two latinas in prominent administration roles, a commitment she declined to make and while mayor pete doesn't have brought transportation policy, he worked hard to get biden elected appearing as a surrogate including on fox news. a key infrastructure messenger where the two parties are likely to find common ground but less the near go biden was chiding his nominee over his shorter resume. >> when president obama called, joe biden helped media for the correct which gave healthcare to 20 million people and park goers:p buttigieg, wife of the bridges giving citizens of south bend native rivers. >> buttigieg told the civil rights group today he will prioritize transportation equity and follows a letter to biden
12:24 am
from 76 of the rights groups asking for an attorney general with a civil rights background. shannon: a chilly night in delaware. future biden administration taking shape. here's a look at the ones we have heard about so far. let's talk about the nominees with left-wing marshall and lisa booth and author of how trump is making black america great again, horace cooper, welcome back to all of you. let's talk about pete buttigieg. jackie was reporting on him. joe pollock at breitbart, congratulations to p buttigieg, the first day cabinet member except for that other guy richard grinnell appointed by donald trump and had other positions and was good at everything he did to be singled out for sexuality alone. >> you to see the trump
12:25 am
administration tout these things as diverse city politics because donald trump focused on picking people that would be good for the job and more than qualified but what we see from joe biden is highlighting this and entirely picked kamala harris because he wanted a vice president, one of color and african-american women of color and that is why he ended up choosing her. joe biden should focus more on picking people who are good for the job less than the diversity of politics but it is not surprising for the media to gloss over rick grinnell for constantly treating conservatives as second-class citizens, you noted maggie haberman recently got roasted by kayleigh mcenany for praising joe biden's deputy campaign manager, talking how hard it is, and praising her while glossing over kayleigh mcenany at mercedes schlapp and other conservative women working for donald trump who did the exact
12:26 am
same thing. shannon: when it comes to p buttigieg some on the left are not fans of have either. a statement from black lives matter south bend leaders where he was mayor saying this is what the accuse people to judge of, history of using the machinery of government to advance systemic racism and call him not qualified to lead a major government agency. there are people on both ends of the spectrum not thrilled about pete buttigieg joining the cabinet. >> i haven't seen anybody thrilled of one side or the other with any cabinet member put forth whether you are democrat or republican. i want to say rick grinnell is a personal friend of mine and the difference as you pointed out, pete buttigieg would be sitting as the first openly gay man for senate confirmation for this position but the african-american communities and just against pete buttigieg for this position. we saw him in this position as
12:27 am
mayor of south bend, problems he had with the african american community, he had difficulty getting support from the african-american community when he was running for president so i'm not surprised this is coming from that demographic in the democrat party. shannon: ambassadors have to go through senate confirmation, for that and by the acting cabinet level position. i want to ask about another potential biden pick, gina mccarthy who was head of the epa, let's remember this is what president obama said when he was campaigning in january of 2008 about his energy policy. >> under my plan, cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. >> the us chamber in august of 2015 said he accomplished that and said he had the help of gina mccarthy to do that, talking
12:28 am
about her work in the epa and it was a success talking about higher regulations, higher cost and now she is being brought into biden administration to oversee climate policy. >> the very kinds of things that caused so many working-class americans to rebel against barack obama are being brought back. two quick observations. on the one hand it appears even in the 21st century we are supposed to somehow conclude that if all you did was pick talent, pick experience, pick capable people you somehow wouldn't get women, wouldn't get minorities. i think progressives see the world that way. i think if you're giving the most talented and capable you are going to get a variety of americans because america is
12:29 am
made up of a variety. with regard to the cap and trade idea the green agenda you are likely to see the same can joining forces that led to the supreme court striking down so much of barack obama's green energy policy as well as seeing a united states senate reject these ideas and if in 2020 to the house flips and the parties change you are likely to see the same forces converge, once again showing these policies aren't popular, they are harmful and they hurt people, black, white, and brown. why are we bringing these back? why would we like to? >> there is a growing body of reporting that there is a lot of -- a lot of requests now that the biden harris administrative would have to deal with, they have a lot of factions they appeal to to bring together the
12:30 am
coalition they needed and now people are coming to the table. we will see how they handle that if they put together their future leadership. thank you for being with us tonight. as the vaccine rolls out some experts warn you have to keep wearing your masks and social distancing so will americans do it? that is next. laundry smells more amazing than ever. isn't that the dog's towel? hey, me towel su towel. more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze in every gain fling.
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>> tom cruise on the set of the new mission impossible movie laying down the law as, support of the cost not following pandemic protocols. tonight some experts warning even if you do get the vaccine you may still have to play by those very strict rules. will americans go for that. mass in tracking the latest developments. >> christmas is next weekend doctor anthony fauci is urging americans not to travel to see their family. an interview with washington post he says he and his wife are not going to see their three adult children next week. noting many americans ignored travel warnings over thanksgiving and christmas could not be travel as usual. the health director for los angeles county is urging everyone to cancel holiday travel. >> simply too risky to mingle with others from outside your household. we have learned a hard and painful lesson from our actions over thanksgiving. please, let's not repeat the same mistakes as we move into the next holiday season. >> when it comes to travel in general at least one doctor is urging even if you get the
12:36 am
covid-19 vaccine you should still not consider traveling or stop wearing a mask until at least june or july. >> you can still get infected with the virus and pass on to others so really critical, don't let your guard down just because you got vaccinated. you still might be able to pass on to others. >> in california a group of state senators are publicly urging governor newsom to classify restaurants as essential allowing them to reopen. outdoor dining is banned in the majority of california including los angeles with the sun in the 60s in 70s. the eleventh person group consisting of democrats and republicans say they signed a letter asking california's government to resume outdoor dining while following covid-19 protocols. the state senators note restaurants provide more than a place we but actively participate in local neighborhoods providing meals to senior citizens and food banks. when governor newsom announced
12:37 am
california's latest stay-at-home order he said he sympathized with restaurants. he has a history in the restaurant business. it is unclear what actions the governor's office will take. the state reported 32,000 new covid-19 cases yesterday, recent spikes your prompt the governor to order 5000 additional body bags on standby. >> fox news exclusive tonight, 14 house republicans urging donald trump to veto a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill currently being negotiated on capitol hill calling it the perfect example of swamp politics. the bill is in good shape a policy issues to handle for a living government shutdown arrives. leaders of the house and senate approaching the finish line to get new coronavirus only packages done having agreed not to leave washington for the holiday break without getting something past. chad program, the final sticking
12:38 am
point, good evening. >> tough house and senate leaders met deep into the night on tuesday to forge a coronavirus plan. a meeting of that magnitude was essential to forge an agreement, it marked the most in a breakthrough since the talk started in july. >> we need major headway toward hammering out a targeted pandemic relief package to pass both chambers with bipartisan majority. >> the bill extend extra unemployment benefits for four months, those off the job get an extra $300 a week in the bill includes direct stimulus checks to many americans likely around $700. independent vermont senator bernie sanders pushed for $1,200, he notes they were not even discussing direct payments last week, he says this is a step forward. >> my hope is when the biden administration comes to office,
12:39 am
that their very first priority will be to address the deficiencies in the inadequacies in this bill. >> the measure also reloads the paycheck protection program to the tune of $257 billion. that helps many businesses stay afloat. california governor gavin newsom got in trouble for dining at the napa valley restaurant the french laundry. braces starter $150 and receive nearly $2.5 million in ppp funds. 17 times whatever today every a restaurant scored. it is unclear the new bill includes safeguards to ensure money goes where it is needed most. the race is on to finish the bill before the holidays. >> could be a much happier christmas for sure when we all go home and look at our constituents and say we've done everything we can to get you through the most challenging time. >> congressional leaders must see if they have the votes to pass the bill. no one is better in congress that whipping a vote that nancy pelosi. some liberals question whether policy is the right leader.
12:40 am
>> i do think we need new leadership in the democratic party. >> reporter: no one challenged policy and democratic leadership elections last month including ocasio cortez. the new york democrat says she's not ready for the job but pelosi can only stand to lose a handful of votes in the vote for speaker on the house for january 3rd. jillian: christmas carol is not canceled at least not according to our next two guests. kirk cameron, pastor rob mccoy on fire for holding an elder carol event in california for the weekend, they are live next but first congress taking a moment to get in the christmas spirit. kennedy -- tennessee senator lamar alexander playing on the piano with the heart senate building to an audience of members and staffers. at one point democratic senator tim kane joins in on his harmonica. ♪
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jingle bells jingle bells ♪ jingle all the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride ♪ in a one horse open sleigh ♪ >> kirk cameron taking heat for hosting an outdoor christmas carol in concert that reportedly attracted hundreds of folks in thousand oaks, california. breaking tonight out of california a judge has ruled two strip clubs along with restaurant businesses in san diego cannot be forced to close down as part of ongoing covid-19 restrictions. kirk cameron had something to say about those strip clubs joining us live to discuss the latest in california. welcome to you both. >> great to talk to you. shannon: i understand this is not the first time you have held one of these outdoor caroling. this is how the mayor of several folks responded, liberty and freedom are very fragile, they come with great responsibility. continuing to hold large gatherings and ignoring all guidelines i feel is
12:46 am
unchristian. how do you respond? >> he's no one to judge someone else's faith was all i can tell you is i'm looking around at my community and seeing the devastation and suffering of people whose businesses have been bankrupted, people dealing with anxiety, depression, suicide, spiking, being quarantined with abusers and i can't just ignore that. i love my neighbors and wants to give them hope and we are offering a chance for people to sing songs of hope and that is what people want to do at christmas time. shannon: you are a christmas caroling and the judge decides -- it is a first amendment expression, this is what they say, two local strip clubs order to close down amid a surge of covid-19 cases and death across california being allowed to remain open. the judge said accordingly the court finds the plaintiffs have been devoid of covid-19, nothing to do with the spread, now,
12:47 am
pastor, they do know there are cases that are rising, you have continued to meet in defiance of state guidelines. how do you respond to folks like governor newsom who say people are dying, people are getting sick and you have no right to continue having those gatherings? >> not just governor newsom, the mayor is a friend of mine, resigned when the governor said church was nonessential during holy week. he wants to take away easter and our thanksgiving and christmas. he gets to dine with 22 of his cronies and help officers shoulder to shoulder no masks, 25,$000 bar bill and the appetizers are $350 a plate which is the average welfare check for hundreds of thousands if not millions of californians who lost their employment and to tell us we are unchristian, and
12:48 am
overlook the rioting when in los angeles, our neighboring counties 75% of the buildings burned and looted were jewish owned and targeted, they said nothing about social distancing then. there is a spike in positive tests but not cases and our death rate is one one hundredth of one% in our county. that doesn't give them the right to shatter our churches. people need to worship. they don't address the psychological and emotional trauma that they perpetrated all the citizens. one one hundredth of one% tragically is our death rate but 100% of our citizens have been affected by this tierney, 65% of our restaurants will never reopen in our county because of this nightmare they have done to us but our health officer gets 12.5% raise. we are in this together? i don't think so.
12:49 am
laura: jillian: we don't want to see a single life lost. we continue to have these gatherings? >> absolutely. people are clamoring to come and be part of them. this is the land of the free and the home of the brave and there are thousands and thousands of people in our community who would rather not suffer in isolation and come out to sing and express their gratitude. we believe there is immunity in community but defamation in isolation and i want to give people hope. shannon: people are feeling very isolated and despond and as we try to get through this latest fight. we will keep track of you guys, thanks for being with us. >> merry christmas. shannon: the case of college athletics headed to the us supreme court next.
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shannon: an announcement today, the topic of paying college athletes will go before the supreme court in 2021, the justices have agreed to review court decision that could change college athletics in this country forever.
12:54 am
mike tobin has specifics from chicago. >> from the university to television network and even issue companies everyone seems to get a piece of the revenue from college sports except for the guys who take the hit and shoot the basket. >> we always felt there would be a tipping point for the student-athletes to come together and say enough is enough. >> reporter: the supreme court appeared -- agreed to hear an appeal for sean houston. this case could end roughly a decade of legal battles and open the floodgates to compensation for student athletes. the chief legal officer for the association wrote the ncaa and its members continue to believe college campuses should be able to improve the student-athlete experience without facing never-ending litigation regarding these changes. lower court rulings have allowed college athletes to receive compensation in the form of computers and supplies for school. even advanced degrees with one ruling passed in california, all our athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness.
12:55 am
the ninth us circuit court of appeals of the ncaa cannot limit education related compensation or benefits. now that the high court has taken the appeal the concept of amateur college athlete would forever change. >> they make bad decision after bad decision and somebody will have to change it. >> reporter: he disagrees with the argument that education will suffer when revenue is diapered to athletes. >> the only people who will suffer in this are the executive at the ncaa, the applicant directors who have enormous salaries from the revenue from these. >> reporter: the spirit of amateur athletics is difficult for lawyers to articulate and argue. what is easy to argue is fancy the athletes and the at least don't get paid. shannon: a loving husband going to new heights to see his wife,
12:56 am
nick -- after they stopped visitation at her nursing home because of covid-19, he is the bucket truck for her third story window. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, that is it from washington.
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to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> two fox news alert, north carolina police officer is dead and another is hurt after suspect opened fire near a mall. police state averaging awkward. the names of both officers and the suspect of not been released. the suspect was also killed during the incident, an investigation is ongoing. >> charlotte area mourns another line of duty death this week. tyler herndon shot to the friday while responding to a break-in. he was laid to rest on tuesday. to extreme weather. that the system pounding the northeast with heavy snow


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