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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 18, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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stringent department, having officers not having $400 million in overtime because they are using technology so we can save the money and use it to be proactive, prevent crimes, that's mine, never do anything that will take away public safety from our city. >> got to run, "the daily briefing" starts now. >> president-elect joe biden brushing aside accusations by hunter, get joe involved with business dealings in china. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." and joe biden backing his son after facing questions from late night comedian stephen colbert. he says he has full confidence in hunter and it claims republicans are using his son to get to him. or my new jersey governor chris christie joins me in just a moment's to react,
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bullets go to peter doocy with an update. >> good afternoon. the president-elect is now expanding on what he told me earlier this week that he is confident his son did nothing wrong. >> you know that the people who want to make hay in washington are going to try to use your adult son as a cudgel against you. how do you feel about that and what do you have to say to those people? >> we have great confidence in our son. and i am not concerned about any accusations made against him. its use to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play. >> you have text messages show that hunter biden's business partners talked about how important it was to make chinese businessmen think joe is on board, one of hunter's x
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associates texted another associate about a joint venture they were trying to start with the chinese energy company to say this would man, you are right, let's get the company is set up, then tell them to get joe involved, the transition team told us this afternoon biden look at the covid vaccine in delaware on monday, but that kamala harris will wait and get the following week because that is what their medical advisors are recommending as a safety precaution. when asked what exactly the concern is, the incoming white house press secretary just offered this. >> that they should not do doses at the same time. i won't go into more detail but it is a recommendation that they do it separately and stagger the first doses. >> at today's weekly zoom briefing with transition officials, they took questions from five different reporters, nobody asked about hunter biden, fox was not called on, and that has been the case at every single zoom transition briefing
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so far. >> dana: and yet you carry on. i think you, peter. keep at it. more on hunter biden in just a moment, but first, let's bring in former new jersey governor, it's wonderful to have you on the show, before i ask you about the news of the day, i want to ask about something you are making news about today, you have a new psa, a public service announcement about wearing masks, let's show it and get you to explain what you're trying to accomplish here. >> it's for all those people who refuse to wear a mask. lying in isolation in icu for seven days, i thought about how wrong i was to remove my mask and now wrong it is to let mask wearing divide us. we can all end up on the wrong side of history. >> dana: why did you want to make this ad? >> because i believe that for seven months, and wore a mask
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pretty religiously and kept myself safe and then for four days, i let my guard down at the white house, and i got sick. the illness i got with covid who is pretty significant, pretty severe. i am fortunate that i recovered, so i wanted to make sure everybody understands that can be vigilant for a long time, but you let your guard down even for a little while, there are lots of people who get mild symptoms and that's fabulous, but it's very random and you don't know which way it's going to go and now with the vaccines here, let's spend the next few months putting masks on, trying to stay as safe as possible until all of us can get the vaccine and get back to life is normal. >> dana: we all see that light at the end of the tunnel but i don't think anyone will be celebrating more than america -- maybe the rest of the world for 2021 to turn that calendar page, but in the meantime, many
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governors continuing to try to figure out how to deal with rising hospitalizations and positive cases, but they are being pretty strict. for example, closing down indoor dining happened in new york and i wonder what you think about that and the sensibility of these governors, do you think they are being fair enough to small business owners and restaurant owners? >> i think the treatment of the small business owners and restaurant owners in particular is very, very harsh without a backup from science. what we've heard all along as we have to follow the science. that's what we've heard from a lot of people. i saw the statistics out recently that based on contact tracing, only 1.4% of infections have come from indoor dining. over 70% have come from people having parties or gatherings at their home. so the fact is, we are not following the science when we close restaurants in that way and i understand some people
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think every little bit helps but what we are doing is we are destroying her small business community across this country and when life does go back to normal through a vaccine, the normal is going to be very different because many of the restaurants and small businesses that we all came to really love and rely upon are going to be gone, and that's just wrong for those people. >> dana: do you think that governor phil murphy who will be up for reelection will have a hard time being reelected after the lockdowns he's done. >> as i know probably as well as anyone, the politics are unpredictable, but we haven't had a two-term democratic governor in new jersey since 1977 and in that period of time, we've had three two-term republican governors so i think he'll have a tough race here no matter what. >> dana: let me ask you about hunter biden, the investigation into his finances, we know the
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fbi has been looking into this, vice president biden was asked a softball question basically saying watching to and is going to try to get you, republicans will try to get you because of your son, you're a former prosecutor, how do you see this case and how sustainable is it for the president-elect to continue to bat this away? >> it's not going to be sustainable if, in fact, the evidence is uncovered that shows that hunter did something wrong. we don't know that yet. what we now know is that there's been an investigation going on for the better part of two years inside the department of justice going back to 2018 and i think the attorney general was given an unfair criticism. these investigations are supposed to stay quiet until you are ready to either charge someone or move on, so i have great faith in chris wray at the fbi, and i know that we should have confidence in our justice
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department based on th they couldn't keep this quiet and they should be until they ready to charge someone but i also don't think the president-elect can sit out there and say this is just people who are having foul play i think was the phrase used. there is no evidence to show there was any foul play here and he should be careful about those phrases he uses a rails he is going to be discrediting law enforcement and as that would be should be doing in this country. >> dana: governor chris christie, glad you made it through your covid illness and thank you for trying to spread the word, merry christmas to you. >> please, everybody, wear a mask. >> dana: thank you. new information coming in about the cyber attack on multiple government agencies brady won't believe the network hackers were able to get inside. we will get reaction from the white house coming up next. we are the thrivers.
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>> dana: learning new information about what is shaping up to be one of the biggest cyber attacks on our government in history. among the departments, the one that operates the stockpile. john roberts has more on this. >> shocking when we learned that hackers and many officials believe them to be russian have often into the computer systems of the department of energy including the national nuclear security administration which oversees security for the u.s. nuclear weapons stockpile. does appear initially that the damage may have been limited and may have been interrupted as well, the spokeswoman had a statement saying at this point, it is found the malware has been
11:14 am
isolated to business networks only, not impacted security functions of the department including the national nuclear security administration when they identified a vulnerable software, immediate action was taken to mitigate the risk on all identified as being vulnerable was disconnected from the network. so far, no comment from the president on the hack which drew a response from the utah senator met romney. listen here. >> national security is extraordinarily vulnerable and in this setting not to have the white house aggressively speaking out and protesting and taking the action is quite extraordinary. her >> for his part, president-elect joe biden was speaking out about this last night saying under his administration, maligned actors will be dealt with harshly. listen here. >> they will be held accountab accountable.
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there is financial repercussions for what they did. >> cyber security experts say this whole thing could take years to uncover and also an alert yesterday that the solar winds assistant monitoring software might not have been the only tool that was being used, we thought we might hear from the president earlier today, he invited the pool to come up to the room for an event he was holding but then didn't let them in. so we have yet to hear from the president about all of this, maybe one of these days we will. >> dana: all right, thanks, john. let's bring in white house deputy press secretary, always great to have you. take a listen to senator dick durbin, his thoughts about what's happened with this hack. >> virtually a declaration of war by russia on the united states and we should take it that seriously. >> dana: does the white house believe that this was a declaration of war? >> thank you for having me back, great to be back. what i would say is we are
11:16 am
taking this extremely seriously, and interagency working group meeting every day, sometimes multiple times a day and as i speak to you now, the national security advisor is in the situation room working on this, incident response teams that numerous government agencies with expertise in this area that includes the fbi, nsa and the office of the director of national intelligence, we are working hard on this to mitigate any potential effect to make sure our country is secure going forward. one thing we will not do is tell her adversaries exactly how we are combating their maligned activities but we have the best and brightest in our government working very hard on this issue as we speak. >> dana: i think that is something that members of congress can say newton was a declaration of war but when you are responsible for the actual execution, you have to keep things under wraps so we appreciate that indeed. i want to ask about the covid
11:17 am
relief bill because i can't imagine how frustrated the president might be with capitol hill that it is still not done. can you give us a sense of this? >> absolutely. as to deliver relief to the american people before christmas, before we head into the holidays. it's the priorities he's been talking about for months, small businesses, stimulus checks to families, unemployment insurance, want to make sure the vaccines are deliver timely, things that are critical to the american people in response to the coronavirus. they really haven't changed. what has changed is the democrats seem to keep moving the goalposts but over the past number of days, we have seen renewed optimism from senator mcconnell, we think he is closing the gap and we are supportive of his efforts and hopeful we will get a deal to keep the government open and to deliver relief to the american people before the holidays, we
11:18 am
remain engaged and really projecting optimism and enthusiasm that we will get this done. >> dana: every holiday season, we go through this. i remember the first time i didn't know if i was going to get to go home but they finally got it done at the last minute and hopefully that will do that again. wanted to show just a little bit of vice president pence getting the vaccine this morning and that was quite a moment. let's get your take on this because i know you worked very closely on operation warp speed. >> yes, thank you. and the vice president has worked a lot on this and of course, the president really brought together the scientific community, the military, the private sector, very strong leadership to accomplish something that all the so-called experts said was impossible, the trump administration has made it so, we have safe and effective vaccines this year, the vice president of course very proud of those efforts and was happy to project confidence in
11:19 am
the american people that indeed these vaccines are safe and effective, no corners were cut with respect to safety, it was investments and improved coordination that really sped up this timeline to get it done five times faster than ever before so i know the vice president is very proud to have taken the shot and show the american people they should take the shots too so we can see the end of this pandemic as soon as possible. >> dana: amen to that indeed. thank you, have a good weekend. next, joe biden finally facing questions about his son hunter from someone other than fox news except it came from a comedian. ari fleischer is here to react to that end ahead, meet the woman who found a raccoon in her christmas tree. >> it's a raccoon. this holiday at t-mobile, get an iphone 12 with 5g,
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irresistibly smooth chocolate. to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. >> dana: more heavy hitters going down to georgia head of the two all the important runoffs. vice president pence was there yesterday and today a big name and country music is coming out for senator kelly loeffler. a hi, jonathan. >> travis tritt will be performing at this rally, some other republican heavy hitters,
11:24 am
tim scott and ted cruz could not make it as you can imagine tied up in some senate business you are talking about a little earlier in the show but other notables have been here, vice president mike pence was campaigning with both of george's republican senators yesterday trying to make the case for building a republican a firewall against democrats taking control of the u.s. senate. new voters have registered between the deadlines for the november general election and the january runoff. according to them, they are overwhelmingly young with a 68% of them under 35 years old, some are new georgia residents, others just turned 18 and none has a voting record in this state. reports the increase in voter registrations is similar to other two month periods over the last couple of years but because younger voters tend to favor democrats, the influx of new registrants under 35 could potentially help challengers rafael warnock and john all soft and a state that showed bite and won by just over 12,000 votes
11:25 am
and both parties reminding voters of the outcomes of these two runoffs will determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate, back to you. >> dana: everything is on the line, thank you, jonathan. while president-elect joe biden finally getting questions about his son hunter from someone other than our very own peter doocy but didn't come from anybody else in the news media, they came from comedian stephen colbert, let's bring in ari fleischer. sometimes, you can break news on a late show, a comedy show, but the way the question was asked was really teed up to help them figure out a way to answer. >> exactly, no scrutiny here. this is a repeat of the easy eight years of the obama administration had with the press. think about a job where you didn't have to work very hard to do very much, i'd become joe biden's press secretary. standing in front of those reporters as a cakewalk if you are working for joe biden.
11:26 am
they don't follow-up, does scrutinize you, they don't demand access, they just roll along with it even if they can send a note or two saying we wish we had more. >> dana: when you think about the president-elect's answer saying that they are going after hunter, that it's foul play and they are doing it just to get to him. >> first of all, foul play. he is implying in any way that a u.s. attorney's investigation into his son is foul play, we will quickly enter the area where if he says something like that, he is not interfering with the department of justice investigation. presidents have to be careful about that. president trump when he spoke about investigations in the same manner, same thing about president obama but it's not foul play, it's legitimate. foul play hearkens back to what the social media companies did when they suppress "the new york post" story about hunter biden. is the truth, he is under
11:27 am
investigation for tax fraud and possibly money laundering and these are very serious charges and of course ken involve the role china played. >> dana: speaking of china, i didn't want to ask you about this, eric swalwell, the congressman from california caught up in this chinese buying expedition that the chinese put under way, here's how he has continued to not answer questions. take a listen. >> do you plan on stepping down from the committee or anything like that? or resigning from congress? can you tell us anything about your relationship, anything in general? >> dana: you had an intriguing take on this which made me think about it and i said i think he could be right about this, tell everybody what it was. >> there's a reason when someone doesn't do the obvious. when a congressman has an allegation like this against income of the normal thing to do is you hold a news conference, you answer all the questions and make it clear china is the bad guy and you did nothing wrong so
11:28 am
eye is isn't he doing that? its p.r. 101. there has to be a reasonable explanation for it. i can only guess that the fbi took advantage of the situation as it would with anybody who was caught in a trap like he was and said we are going to turn you on them. we will give you false information to feed to the chinese. he said the fbi thanked him for the role he played, so i never assume the worst of somebody even if it's a democrat. i do like to think is there a reasonable explanation for why they're doing something that makes no sense that if he fed the chinese false information at the request of the fbi, that is the reason why he could not talk about it. >> dana: when i read that, you could be right. next, brand-new developments on tom cruise after the star erupted at his crew. plus, the fed busted a massive
11:29 am
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let's end the year enjoying more. ♪ you are all i need baby baby to get by ♪ >> dana: tom cruise reportedly taking an early christmas break from shooting his next mission impossible movie after audio of him lashing out on crew members linked on mine and went viral. >> i don't ever want to see it again. ever. and if you don't do it, you're fired. i see you do it again, you're gone. >> dana: that tirade in response to crew members not following protocols. several have reported leak with the production. and we are learning more about a major drug bust of several big-name universities. charles watson has the details on this. >> federal investigators say 21 individuals arrested and charged in connection with this case
11:34 am
brazenly operated out of fraternities on those campuses over the next three years and investigation individuals thousands of pounds of illegal drugs to students and around fraternities that you wouldn't see, do, and appalachian state university, since at least 2017 from a law enforcement says members of the fraternity is allegedly traffic more than $1.5 million worth of marijuana, cocaine, xanax, lsd, and even steroids. authorities say it is connected to a mexican cartel which shipped the drugs using the u.s. postal servialce service. the suspect was allegedly laundering the money they back to the suppliers through the mail and encrypted apps like benbow. >> at some point, they're
11:35 am
disturbing so much drugs that they made connections and were dealing with a mexican cartel directly and it was getting shipped to them from l.a. into the north carolina area. some of these kids are making a $65,000 a year off this. >> all the universities involved in this case say they are fully cooperating with this investigation, law enforcement says they expect more rest to be made in connection with this case. back to you. when that great job, thank you. let's bring in matthew martin, u.s. attorney for the district of north carolina. how did this case come together? seems pretty complicated to have this many people arrested all of the same day, must've been a big operation. >> good afternoon, dana. actually, the operation took place over several months, we announced yesterday, but it started with a local investigation just looking into some allegations of possibly drug use in these fraternity
11:36 am
houses which of course is unfortunately nothing new, certainly not a federal case at that point but once the local authorities started looking and seeing that they are were major quantities that were moving and supplying feeding into a culture at that time they reached out to us, reached out to the dea and we partnered with them through a task force to really dig into this over the last couple of years. >> dana: so the special agent in charge said that there were connections, even direct connections to the mexican drug cartel, was that part of your thinking was to get involved and see what you could do to break it up? >> so i can't comment on connections to cartels, i can tell you that when we saw thousands of pounds of marijuana, hundreds of kilos of cocaine and all the other drugs that were just mentioned flowing
11:37 am
from california into north carolina, we knew it was a significant operation and so we needed to step in and do something and make a statement and cut off that supply. >> dana: last question, there were some people on capitol hill, even republicans now thinking there should be a change in the federal law at least when it comes to marijuana. that law had been in place, with this calculation have been any different for you? >> it would be very misguided to change some of the federal marijuana trafficking laws. we see marijuana is sometimes a gateway certainly this quantity is nothing but dangerous, so i think here, i am not sure it would've change the calculation because you were talking about something that fueled a culture. when you look at the fact that there were several fraternity
11:38 am
houses where transactions supply distribution transactions were going on inside the house in the confines of this house and some of the cooperators said they felt safe because they could do marijuana and cocaine with impunity inside their houses and on these campuses, i don't know if it would change the calculation, dana. >> dana: thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for your interest in this story. >> dana: now i want to bring in david freeman, a lawyer for one of the former students facing the chargers is saying his clients got the drug from another defendant and then sold them to fraternity members at a party, thank you for being with us, your client has pled not guilty, is he cooperating with authorities? >> i can't go too much into those facts but i can say he has been very cooperative with law enforcement throughout this
11:39 am
process. he was questioned early on. he has great respect for those. >> dana: it seems to me that he is being pretrade as a ringleader. is that the case? >> no, not at all. i'm not quite sure why his information got singled out over other individuals, but that is certainly not the case by any stretch. he was a good a student. >> respects the process, does he understand the seriousness and the possible legal consequences here? >> he and his family both understand the serious consequences for this action. unfortunately when kids go off to university, they live in a bubble and don't understand there's real-life consequences to their actions, but he has come to understand that and unfortunately, a lot of people when they go to college do
11:40 am
things they didn't do before and they feel freer in college, not that they shouldn't. >> dana: and yet your client has pled not guilty, can you explain that? >> at all formal arraignments in the middle district, that's the initial plea that one enters into it into latin arraignment is not guilty. >> dana: so might he plead guilty in the future? >> we anticipate resolving this case without the need for trial. >> dana: okay. let me ask you one other thing, do you think some of the media attention on this case which is noteworthy given the amounts that the u.s. attorney is talking about, when you look at kids that get to go to university and be in a fraternity, they maybe get some additional media scrutiny here? >> i think so.
11:41 am
i think that's why this case has drawn such attention, talking about prominent universities and fraternity life and everything else, so i believe that's a good reason why people are interested in this case. >> dana: okay. david friedman, we appreciate you being on the show, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: up next, i called this the best one more thing ever on the five. >> my beautiful tree. there is the raccoon. there is dog. >> dana: i will talk to the woman in that video about her big surprise up next. and to all my last minute shoppers out there between now and christmas, you can preorder an autographed hard copy of my new book, then you will be print that out, but that is a stocking
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>> how do democrats manage to swallow accusations? we will talk to one about that. talks hunter as the reporters covering him have a new request this afternoon and also covid relief, what's in it for you and what's not with our money team and cardinal with a message unlike any other. it's even a couple of minutes top of the hour here on bill hemmer reports. >> dana: some good news, the coronavirus pandemic is not stopping santa or no grad from tracking the christmas eve flight around the world. alisha cuneo has more. >> this is a 65 year tradition and i'm here to report it will
11:47 am
continue in 2020. the north american aerospace defense command will be on duty christmas eve making sure kids around the country know santa's location and this is a live look at the web site which has a countdown clock to the big day. here's a look at his travels from years past, helps keep our nation safe uses its global satellites and radars to ensure satan next journey is free from drama. will shrink, traditionally around asking questions from kids around the world who just want to know what's going on and where he is a new app of where we can go, the same thing, and more good news. santa made a surprise visit to a las vegas hospital to get his covid vaccine. he reports no side effects and is ready to bring joy and
11:48 am
happiness and he will also be wearing a mask. >> dana: that's so good to know that he is well taken care of. >> a very unwelcome houseguest for the holidays and it wasn't greg gutfeld. a woman in florida woke up in the middle of the night after she saw a cat was hiding in her christmas tree. turns out, it wasn't a cat. >> at the raccoon. [screaming] there is my beautiful tree. there is the raccoon. there is the dog. >> dana: joining me now is the woman who found the raccoon in her tree. what was it like getting that wake-up call? >> not something that you experience every day, that's for sure. the emotions went from amused to
11:49 am
frightened to confused pretty quickly. >> dana: so your dog sensed that the raccoon was there and woke you up? >> i have a dog door, and i think the raccoon has gotten in through the dog door and i don't really remember what woke me up, either was growling but when i looked out there, she was staring at the tree and i could hear something moving in the tree and that's when the camera started. >> dana: okay, so you get down there, we see that moment that you realize it's a raccoon and i thought you held it together pretty well because i would not have been his calm but what ends up on the chandelier, how did that happen? >> i had the back door wide open and i was trying not to step on glass, so i couldn't stop it from running the wrong way to the dining room, and i think it
11:50 am
just wanted to get hired to get away from the dog in the highest place was the chandelier. >> dana: how did your dog handle it when you finally got the raccoon out? how did you get it out? >> i got it out by nudging it with a broom, and then chasing it around the house, and the dog reacted, still waiting by the christmas tree when i come home, she wants more raccoons to come out of that tree. >> dana: one of the best things about you as you kept your sense of humor about it a all. >> at one point when i was sending the videos to my friends and i saw the raccoon, that's when the amusement kicked in for me like this ended up being a lot worse than i thought it was going to be but it's also kind of funny as well because no one got hurt and everyone was all right. >> dana: and just think, you will have the best story for the rest of your life that any holiday party going forward. >> yes.
11:51 am
>> dana: you will. all right, thank you so much for being with us today. i know you are a teacher, we thank you for being a teacher, take good care and merry christmas. >> to you as well. >> dana: thanks to jesse watters for finding that video. next, a new warning from the feds about vaccine scans. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> dana: people across the country are getting their vaccine shots. now there's scams. we have a report. >> scammers are taking advantage of a big news story. that's what's happening right now. the fbi says they have received numerous complaints of scammers using vaccine news to get personal information and even cash through various schemes.
11:56 am
it's not just the fbi. ice says they're working to stop the sale of fake or illegal covid drug. remember, medicare will never call its members to offer covid services. so if you receive a call, here's what you should do according to the better business bureau. the first thing they say is hang up or end the phone call as fast as you can. next thing they say, check the phone number against the number on the back of your medicare card. then they say call your doctors directly. your personal physician is the best source for legitimate covid tests. finally, report the incident to the better business bureau. you can also report it to health and human services directly by calling their hot line number at the number below. also, remember it is not just scamming phone calls, but also e-mails asking for social
11:57 am
security numbers or personal information. they do not want you opening those types of e-mails, dana. that is it from here. back to you. >> dana: really important reminder. everybody should tell their parents, too. thank you, douglas. the pandemic is affecting everyone including our nation's heros. more military members are struggle from hunger. this is somebody helping them, ben french from the ymca for the armed services can you tell us about the increase in need this year, sir? >> thanks for having me on. it's an honor to be on fox. i can give you an idea. we ran a relatively modest food distribution capability across the u.s. at various bases prior to covid. once covid hit, we saw a 400% or
11:58 am
500% increase in demand on our food distribution. today, we've seen -- we've distributed over a million pounds of food to 34,000 different families. >> dana: logistically how does that work? obviously you have a military background. does that come in handy when trying to figure out how to get this where it needs to go? >> we have a lot of support. we have branches, a lot of volunteers and we've got some big corporations that are helping us. usaa has quadrupled their support this year. they give us money if we need it. general motors has done a lot to help us as well as sodexo. if we look at the rationale why we're here, i'd tell you as covid hit, many of the spouses of our most junior enlisted
11:59 am
service members that are the folks that we serve at the armed services of the ymca, those spouses lost their job. we all know in today's world particularly for young couples with kids, you need two incomes in order to make ends meet. i really think that was the primary reason that so many of our spouses lost their jobs coupled with schools shutting down and many junior enlisted are depending on the school lunch program to cover a lot of food requirements. >> dana: can you tell us if people out there are watching want to help their fellow americans and your organization what is the best way to do that? >> thank you very much for asking that question. we have a website. if you go there, there's an opportunity to donate and make any contribution you want. we do many things beyond food distribution. we do enrichment programs for
12:00 pm
kids, child care, after-school care, camp programs in alignment with the broader ynca. >> dana: thanks, bill. the ymca is a national treasure. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> dana: thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm dana perino. one more show to go. i'll see you on "the five." hey, bill. >> bill: more raccoon, i expect. thanks. see you soon. good afternoon. i'm bill hemmer tracking three big stories on a friday. first to capitol hill where the fbi is set to brief the top republican on eric swalwell. kevin mccarthy say the democrat is a national security threat. we're watching the senate floor. could we have a covid relief bill by the end of the day? the press corps covering team biden demanding access. it happened on


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