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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 18, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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this tomorrow on our live show. we might know what progress they are making on the stimulus front. we have a who's who of players involved in this including where the goes, if we get stimulus and if we keep the government lights on. >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and dagen mcdowell. it's 5:00 p.m. in new york city and this is "the five." joe biden has spent the last week dodging tough questions about the federal investigation in to his son, hunter's taxes and foreign business dealings. last night he sat down for a hard-hitting interview and finally addressed the scandal in great detail. just kidding. he went on the late show with stephen colbert. >> people that want to make hay in washington are going to try
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to use your adult son against you. how do you feel about that and what do you have to say to those people? >> i have -- we have great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him. it's used to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play, but look, it is what it is. he's a grown man. he is the smartest man i know in pure intellectual capacity. and as long as he's good, we're good. >> jesse: and even though joe won't talk about it, we're learning that hunter's partners texted "get joe involved." fox news obtaining texts from hunter's former business associates in 2017, which show joe biden be, they needed him to influence a joint venture with the chinese energy company and were even hoping to make it appear "a truly family
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business." greg gutfeld, when you hear joe biden say that hunter is the smartest person he knows, what is your reaction to that? >> greg: he doesn't know any smart people. i mean, i'm worried about his inner circle and outer circle. i mean, hunter has done some crazy things for a smart guy. but i have to say, i have to hand it to colbert. it was a brutal interview. i'm amazing that joe could walk after that. thank god they had a doctor on hand. you remember in the old days, colbert played the role of the overthe top right winger, a parody of bill riley. now he's switched sides and doing a parody of the left, like an over-the-top oprah. i can not wait for the car. you saw a glimpse of the future. you're going to see a return to
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the obama era happy hibernation. when this media goes on sleep mode. they're going to be awake but they're not going to be conscious. it's because they see -- they see biden and trump the way kids see their parents in a divorce. they just want to hang around the parent, let them do what they want. that's joe. >> jesse: juan, how brave do you think it was for joe biden and jill to enter that terror dome on cbs with colbert? >> juan: well, it's a comedy show. hard to criticize politicians for getting a sympathetic interview. joe biden did do "60 minutes." it's not like he's escaping rigorous questions. i will say, i don't think there's any parent out there, any parent that would not understand giving unconditional love to a child.
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i don't know about brilliance, but brilliant people make mistakes, too. i think clearly as a parent, what he has said in the debates, if you'll recall, jesse and now here is that you know what? this is his son and he's his father. that is primary. that is even more important than being our president. so i think we got to take all of that in to consideration. and unlike the current president, by the way, i don't think any of biden's kids will be working in the white house and setting up deals or son-in-law like jared kushner setting up deals. i don't think that is going on. >> jesse: you mean like the mideast peace deal? pretty good deal, juan. joe wish he had a deal like that. >> juan: yeah, really. >> jesse: juan brought up cbs as is okay. he did cbs, "60 minutes." "60 minutes" is the network that
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said before the election there was no hunter biden scandal. the woman won't let donald trump talk about it, lesley stahl. doesn't matter. it's all the same. >> to that point, joe biden is now -- he needs to be interviewed, which he didn't get from colbert as the president-elect. not a parent. joe biden -- jonathan turley was tweeting -- tweeted something about this. he said this is not just about hunter biden. its about the president-elect and whether he lied about his knowledge of the dealings. either tony bobulinski or joe biden is lying. it's about if joe biden is compromised. if there was no there there, joe biden would go and sit down with a hard-hitting journalist. start with peter doocy and answer these questions directly about hunter biden being under a federal investigation. ukraine and china. but instead, he goes and, you know, he knows he's got colbert
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and these humor-free hosts and hacks totally in the bag. colbert was interviewing him like oh, there's other -- they're so mean to you. you know, joe biden knows that he could tell colbert hey, buddy, wax my legs and pumice my feet. colbert would do it and he would weep. >> jesse: dana, with your expertise in this field, i have two questions for you. one, what did you make of joe's, he's my son and i love him like he's a 16-year-old boy. and what did you think about just the choice itself to do these softball late night comedy shows instead of real interviews? >> dana: i don't blame them for going on shows where they will get favorable coverage. i think you want that when you can get it. just so happens the conservat e
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conservatives can't find that in places. so the other thing is, i feel two things. one, he said that he's concerned that there's foul play or he called it foul play. so if he really thinks the justice department or the fbi and law enforcement is up to foul play here, that deserves more explanation. why you think it's foul play and was it foul play when bill bar, the attorney general, made sure that this news didn't get out before the election. i don't think that was foul play. the other thing i would say is, i thought we would have a return to normalcy? a return to normalcy would include a briefing every day on the record from the biden transition team instead of once a week by zoom. i thought it would include the press corps have access or do that think a return of normalcy being blown off by the
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principal. they had access to the president every day under the administration. like it or not, like what he said or not, they always had access. they're about to be frozen out. if they don't band together and demand more access, they won't get it. >> jesse: all right. coming up, joe biden and kamala harris getting ready to take the vaccine. even after months of down playing it because, of course, donald trump. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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♪ >> dana: vice president mike pence and karen pence getting their covid-19 shots live on television. the move comes as we await the move moderna's vaccine. that could happen today. the advisory panel endorsed it yesterday. up next to get the shot, president-elect joe biden and his wife, dr. jill biden who will publicly receive their first doses monday.
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kamala harris will wait for hers until the following week. the announcement is a big reversal after they spent doubts on the vaccine. >> i trust the sign tests, but i don't trust donald trump. >> the doctors tell us that we should take it, i'll be the first in line to take it. if donald trump tells us to take it, i'm not taking it. >> dana: all right, jesse. i guess they didn't expect the vaccine to happen this quickly and now they're caught in a little hypocrisy pickle, so to speak. >> jesse: they were willing to sacrifice lives for political power. they were saying, don't trust this vaccine. spiking millions of americans that now won't take the vaccine. risking death. just so they can hurt donald trump. now they're going to roll up their sleeves and get stuck with the needle? no. where do these people come off? greg touched on it yesterday.
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they will say or do anything for power. they will plant an insurance policy on you, call you a russian agent, call you a rapeest and then disappear. where is dr. blase ford? where are the 50 intel guys that said that hunter's laptop was russia disinformation? where is the whistle-blower in ukraine? that was a hoax, a cover up. they are like actors, dana. they read from a script and fake outrage and then they move on to the next con once everything is just destroyed. the media doesn't hold them accountable because they write their scripts. so juan, i would love for one day just to be a democrat. i could do whatever i wanted, say whatever i wanted, destroy whoever i wanted and i'd pay no price. honestly, i'm thinking switching parties just for that. >> dana: we'll get you a form. juan, we'll let you respond to
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that. >> juan: you're welcome, jesse. welcome to the party. i think you have a good deal on the republican side right now. you know, i'm listening to you and thinking, wow, this is an incredible spin. i'm getting dizzy. i think it was donald trump that politicized the virus and promised the vaccine in a whip. i think it's the politifact that calls at this time political lie of the year -- >> jesse: he delivered on the vaccine. >> juan: he delivered now, but i'm saying he said that this was going to be over by easter, if you'll recall as we approach christmas. that's what he said -- >> jesse: he said the shut down would be over by easter. >> dana: what about what kamala harris said, juan? >> juan: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> dana: talking about biden and harris. they are going to get the vaccine.
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they're the beneficiaries as millions of americans will be. do you think that they have some egg on their face having said that they wouldn't take the vaccine if it happened under a trump administration? >> juan: no, i think what they said was they did not trust donald trump's salesmanship and distortions that they could trust him. they trust the scientists. they said that they have absolute faith in the scientists, both of them said that. i think they're going to take it. that's why i was so pleased to see haven't pence and his wife, karen pence, the second lady take it today. i think that's the real -- here's a little craziness. the language -- it's a shot in the arm for confidence in people to take that vaccine. i think right now you have the whole anti-vax crowd out there that is not very sympathetic. >> dana: greg, what do you make of -- we predicted this. we said if they get the vaccine
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approved while trump is president, they're going to be the beneficiaries of that work. >> greg: of course. i love it. they didn't trust trump but trust the scientists. because donald trump makes the vaccine, not the scientists. like it's he's in in the lab. it's the most idiotic way of framing this. they're hypocrites. a month ago they said not to take the vaccine because it's under trump's administration. then it changes after an election. so you -- once again, we see these -- we're in a hypocrisy pickle as dana says, this is like me saying that love actually is the worst movie made. then you find out i own the dvd and i cried last night watching it. it's that sad. the other thing to talk about, getting -- this is why i will never be vice president. because if i were taking the vaccine publicly, i would
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definitely have faked an attack after taking it. i couldn't resist it. you know what? it's like you have all of these people saying he's freaking out. that's why i'll never been in public office. you can't trust me. >> dana: last word to you, dagen. >> dagen: i vote for you, greg. over and over again. i'd make sure my dead relatives voted for you, too. >> greg: excellent. >> dagen: there's a lot to undo by kamala harris and joe biden with all the fear mongering. we can't quantify all the people that discouraged. president trump knew the only way out of this is to get a vaccine and quickly. he leaned on private industry and the science. the very private industry, is very companies and scientists that are constantly vilified but the left, by the democrats. so we all need to root for a vaccine if we ever want to go
2:20 pm
back to ball games and concerts and weddings. if you want to save our friends and family's businesses from going under. my friend's businesses are going under by the day who will all root for this vaccine to be safe, effective and hell-a-popular. >> dana: a good point. what about to vaccine, big pharma? that takes a break this week. okay. coming up a massive drug ring busted on three american college campuses and the mexican cartel's shopping involvement next on "the five." ♪ one of the worst things about a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores.
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. ask your doctor about eliquis. and if your ability to afford your medication has changed, we want to help. ♪ >> juan: a huge drug trafficking bust at three big colleges in
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north carolina. with an alarming connection to dangerous mexican drug cartels. 21 hardened criminals arrested for their role in a drug ring that sold more than $1.5 million worth of pot, cocaine and xanax. the suspects were set to largely operate out of fraternities. here's the u.s. attorney involved taking to dana perino earlier today. >> it started with a local investigation just looking in to some allegations of possibly a little drug use in these fraternity houses, which is unfortunately nothing new. but once the local authorities started looking and seeing there were major quantities moving and supplying and really feeding into a culture, then at that time they reached out to us, we saw thousands of pounds of marijuana, hundreds of kilos of cocaine and the other drugs just
2:26 pm
mentioned. >> juan: and the dea agent reading the investigation says there was a direct link to mexican drug cartels. simple some point these guys were distributing so much drugs that they made connections and dealing with the mexican cartel directly and getting it shipped to them from l.a. in to the north carolina area. some of these kids were making $65,000 a year off of this. >> juan: dana, you interviewed the prosecutor and the defense on the 2:00 show. i think what struck everybody is the connection to mexican drug cartels. what did you learn? >> dana: well, one thing i learned in watching that clip is that i blink a lot. like a lot. i wonder if i have some sort of problem that needs to be addressed or if jesse can tell me if there's a body language thing. i have to work on that. when they mentioned the mexican drug cartel, i'm like okay, this
2:27 pm
is the show ozarks comes to north carolina and you have a fraternity, like this great story. it's also quite troubling. we know how dangerous and deadly the mexican drug cartels can be. the other thing is i asked the u.s. attorney if the law had been changed at least on marijuana from a federal standpoint, meaning marijuana being more legal, whatever the laws change, would that have changed the situation. his description of the amounts and the situation that was basically escalating across all of these universities is one of the reasons he did that. i did talk to a defense attorney. he said -- he didn't say his clients would plead guilty but he said we are cooperating and expect to solve this without going to trial. take that for what you can imagine it means. >> juan: all right. so jesse, college kids drinking and smoking. as you heard, no big surprise.
2:28 pm
what the surprise is thousands of pounds of marijuana. kilos of cocaine. it's the magnitude. frat houses. i think that's beyond any one's imagination, right? >> jesse: yeah. hunter biden is on a none stop flight to north carolina right now, juan. looks like the left was wrong about white privilege and wow did these boys get popped. hardened drug dealers. zach abercrombie. these fellows will strike fear in the hearts of their cell mates when they're brought in. i hope they had a good run. they'll never ever got a job again with a felony job in the securities try, the insurance, anywhere. securities. their life is pretty much over. so you think people that went to a good college like this are smart? they're not.
2:29 pm
the degree from here doesn't make you smart at all. of all of these dozens of fraternity brothers, not one said hey, guys, maybe this isn't such a good idea. maybe we should cut this out? i know kids do drugs in college. you're not supposed to be the one selling the drugs. >> juan: greg. that's the point. the scale was massive. it went from california to north carolina. why are you snickering? >> greg: because what jesse just said is the ultimate hypocrisy. it's okay to demand the drug. you just better not supply it. no, no, no, no. >> dana: sell it. >> greg: if you're demanding -- >> jesse: draw the line. >> greg: if you demand the drug, you have -- >> jesse: draw the line. >> greg: you're making the life of the supplier worthy. the fact is, there's a connection -- >> jesse: greg, i can still like to go out to dinner but i don't have to own the restaurant. >> greg: but you don't make the
2:30 pm
restaurant illegal. >> jesse: de blasio does. >> greg: there's a connection to a cartel. that's why a supply works in an illegal operation. as long as a demand is there, there's always supply and as long as humans seek oblivion or pleasure, there's always a demand. the problem here, aren't these drug dealers -- it's not the mexican cartel. it's the real enemy here, china who comes through mexico, sold in counterfeit xanax. that kills thousands of our people, including people you know, celebrities have died because of counterfeit xanax and other drugs. one simple thing to do, legalize drugs. everybody goes oh, my god. things will get worse. no it's already worse. it's already worse. it gets better. drugs are about delivery seasons
2:31 pm
in which you can contain a substance, easily tolerated bundles. if a cup of coffee didn't exist, if it were illegal, people would snort caffeine. but we have delivery systems. it's that simple. the fact is you eliminate the illegality, you eliminate the dangerous drugs gangs and then you put it up on individuals to make up their own mind. and then you can have your drugs and not punish the supplier while you take the drugs. >> juan: i'm wondering dagen what you're thinking. i heard here university of north carolina, duke, appalachian state. no mention of wake forest. that is in north carolina. >> dagen: right. yeah. duke sucks. just get in general. the general rule. duke sucks. so the dea agent said one of the
2:32 pm
dealers was making $65,000 a year. that's not even enough for a year of tuition and room and board at duke university. it cost almost $79,000 a year. that is $316,000 over four years. so i wonder, what parent is -- if there's any parents out there paying for their kids to go to these schools and these nitwits are shipping cash across the country and putting weed or cocaine in cars. because they're not just -- they're bad drug dealers. they're idiots. they should be expelled for that. >> greg: you have to major in it. >> juan: all right. calm down, guys. it's friday. coming up, more drama surrounding tom cruise's outburst on the set of "mission impossible." plus, is a reboot of the
2:33 pm
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which is serious and may lead to death. answer the alert. ask your doctor if farxiga could do more for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ >> dagen: welcome back. time for the fastest self. first up, we could be hearing this catch phrase again. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> dagen: president trump reportedly mulling an apprentice reboot asking aides questions like how would you like to see "the apprentice" come back and remember "the apprentice." greg? >> this came from the deally beast, which is two levels below the world news. i never met a person that worked
2:38 pm
at the daily beast because they never get another job. so this is b.s. he's not going to do a tv show. he's going to do a network. you don't go from the most interesting president ever to hosting a game show. >> dagen: in theory, jesse, that could be part of a network. people loved him on that show. >> jesse: i'm going to pretend that i'm going to believe in this show. [laughter] i think it could be great just for the sake of argument. you could have a fox edition. you co have hegseth competing with dobbs and janine. i would watch -- his last season, he had about 11 million an episode. he started off with almost $30 million an episode. how many people voted for him. 74 million people? you get a fraction of that, you're the number 1 show on television. there's an appetite for it. i'd watch for sure. >> greg: now do network.
2:39 pm
>> jesse: yes. i don't want to compete against him. let's get real here. talking about one show. >> dagen: dana? >> dana: i think that he will be a very interesting former president to watch. he has a ton of energy. a lot of drive. he's got a big following. he can -- the hardest thing for him is to figure out what things does he most want to do. anything he wants to do he can do it. >> dagen: juan, you'd watch it. i know you would. >> juan: i don't know who would air it. it's not my cup of tea. i didn't watch the original. if he's asking this question, i think there's good news there implic implicit. he's acknowledging that he lost the election. there's something in there. also, you know, when i think about him going back like that, i just think we -- most other former presidents, they want to do charity work. maybe he should talk about
2:40 pm
taking the vaccine himself. >> greg: yeah. obama went on to charity work at netflix. all of that money is going to charity. yeah. 100 million. >> dagen: yeah, the book deal. all of that. next up, more drama on the sets of the movie "mission impossible 7." few crew members are calling it quits after this viral rant from tom cruise about following covid safety rules. >> you're not getting a [bleep] movie. is it understood? if i see it again you're [bleep] going. >> dagen: now the actor is reportedly taking an early christmas break from the filming of the movie. i think that is real, dana. because tom cruise is not that good of an actor. he's never tone a good movie. maybe "all the right moves." no way. >> dana: it sounds like he needs a break. so maybe that's good. take a break. we'll all get a break, a little break. calm down. be all right.
2:41 pm
>> dagen: jesse? >> jesse: i'd shoot this into my veins. i love it. i want to be it. i'm thinking about having more emotional outbursts like this. i don't even care if the producers record it. leak it all you want. it's good buzz for "the five." >> dagen: should i do it? well, do it live. do it live! juan? >> jesse: not that one. >> juan: gosh, for me, it's cold, it's dark and we're going through a tough time with the virus. there's light at the end of the tunnel and we can get away from having to listen to tom cruise's going off and making people uncomfortable. he may be right. we have to keep our distance. a lot of people just think boy, that's an ego out of control. >> dagen: greg? >> greg: you know, i think he's going through a very stressful period. i think there's a book out there that could help him.
2:42 pm
i think it's called "dianetics." he should read it. might help. >> dana: i thought you were going to say "the plus." >> greg: i was. but i thought no, i'll go with dianetics. >> jesse: follow the science. >> greg: yeah. >> dagen: maybe watch leah reminy show it. and a man in new york was trapped in his car for ten hours without heat after a plow covered his car in four feet of snow. police came to his rescue and a hospital is treating him for hypothermia and frostbite. juan, you look like a man that is always ready for emergency. i expect you have a hatchet in your pickup truck ready for
2:43 pm
these instances. >> juan: gee, i have to get a pickup truck. i do keep snacks in the back. my wife is like this stuff is old. a bottle of war and snacks, these a good thing in the car. >> dagen: greg? >> greg: yes. i also keep food. i also have firewood and some lighter fluid. so in case i'm ever stuck, i can have a camp fire. >> dagen: jesse? >> jesse: i don't want to slander the guy. was he drunk? how does that happen? drive in to something like that? fall asleep in your car and pile on top. that's what happened. i want to apologize if he was totally sober. >> greg: that's that fastest apology i've ever seen. literally within 40 seconds. >> jesse: it was honest. it was honest. >> dagen: dana, black ice.
2:44 pm
it can happen. what do you say? >> dana: my mom and dad -- my sister and i have special ready kits or, you know, emergency supplies in our trunks of our cars when we started driving. i don't drive anymore. but i feel for this guy. how lonely and scary that must have been. glad hess on the mend. wish him the best. right? yes. >> jesse: yes. wish you the best, buddy. >> dagen: on that note fan mail friday next. ♪ research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool.
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every one of our healthcare professionals is asking you to do one very simple thing. let's keep it up. let's mask up. (solemn orchestral music ends)
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♪ >> greg: i know. fan mail friday. we're answering your questions. first one from william w. could you survive in the woods alone for two days? woods or desert or dessert. who knows. dagen in. >> dagen: yes, i'm a woman and we carry a lot of water. in our bodies. meaning we're constantly bloated. we can lost more than two days. >> greg: interesting. i didn't know that. what about you, dana? you're a woman. >> dana: i didn't know that.
2:49 pm
now that i know that, i will answer yes, i could survive alone for two days in the woods. probably not the desert. >> greg: the person with you wouldn't though. [laughter] oh! juan, why are you looking at me funny? >> juan: i couldn't grasp that. i guess you think she's a tough customer. >> greg: yeah. >> juan: anyway. well, i tell you this, as a cub scout, i would hope that i remember some things, greg. i hope i regular some things. like for example, how to find true north and get out of there. two days is a long time unless you're near water. dagen is on to something. >> greg: what about you, jesse? you don't seem out doorsy. >> jesse: in the desert, you slice a cactus in half and drink the water. seen that on a dozen cartoons.
2:50 pm
in the woods, you build a lean-to and trap a bear with a sharp stick. >> greg: my solution is better. so alone for two days? go to sleep. just sleep for two days. then wake up. everything is cool. that's how i would do it. you can generally sleep through anything. i'm trying to sleep through 2020. this is from maria m. what is one thing about the younger generation and i'm assuming when you say younger generation, do you mean millennials, gen zs? what don't you understand? these are the people you mentor, dana. the mentors. minute mentors. >> dana: i'm going younger than that. i only recently learned about the guy that is the most popular amazing -- bad bunny? i never heard of him before in my life. and so i think that i -- i'm
2:51 pm
just so completely disconnected and don't understand the music -- that's not about them per se. that's the thing that i point to. i never knew who he was. i listened to one song. it was not for me. >> greg: a terrible answer. jesse, what does one thing about the younger generation, people younger than you, like in their 40s? >> jesse: what confusing me, people more successful than i am that are on youtube. they're on instagram. they don't do anything. they just -- they have like six trillion followers around just getting paid in bundles of cash. i don't get it. how do you do that? i want to know. >> greg: i'll teach you later. juan, what is it about the younger generation that confuses you? >> juan: why people resist calling and love texting and
2:52 pm
then expect an instant answer on texting? like why can't you just call me. >> greg: i hate texting. say again, what say you? >> dagen: i'm distressed against the lack of knowledge of the blues rock and roll that came out in the 60s and 70s in britain. they don't remember nsync. >> greg: that is sad. what i don't like about the younger generation, how they cry when they're hungry. grow up, you stupid, babies. >> dana: and i had a terrible answer? >> greg: that was a great answer. don't question my answers. don't answer my question. one more thing is next. ♪
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>> jesse: time now for "one more thing," greg. >> greg: what a show we had a pure december 19th, we have the beautiful, stunning, interesting show devito. and as always, rounding out the set. we are in the studio. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow and it will be a barn burner. hunter biden. >> jesse: that is it? that's all you've got? you don't have animal videos? >> greg: i wanted to give everyone else sometime. how nice of me. >> jesse: i will take up the time. happy national twin day come america. johnny with his twin daniel. daniel is a real estate agent in manhattan, good luck with that. finally, we have the producer
2:58 pm
and his twin brother christian. christian is an e.r. doctor saving lives while bret is saving america on fox. then we have greg gutfeld and crag got felled right there. i will let you guys decide who the evil twin is. [laughter] the opposite of evil is good and that is what that will be this apm, please do not miss waters world, and dagen you are next. >> dagen: thank you, jessie. take a look at this a we don't l got so close, but he put a brave face on. if there was audio you would hear a woman in the background going listen, you dummy come i will buy you some new walls, get
2:59 pm
away from the alligator. >> jesse: sometimes it's just around with the guys. dana perino. >> dana: check out the snowboard in new york with a ton of snow in new york city. these guys come i thought they had the you feel like a christmas give, go to the website and preorder everything. you get a certificate, put it in a stocking and you are the hero of christmas. >> jesse: the hero, everybody wants to be a hero, right, juan? >> juan: if you want to believe in a little christmas magic, 9-year-old tommy hunt as he speaks his first word.
3:00 pm
>> yeah. >> juan: that 9-year-old british boy, he doesn't speak but only communicates with an ipad appear that, my friends was christmas magic. >> jesse: have a nice weekend, everybody. >> bret: good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier. breaking tonight a studying contrast and further evidence why so continuity of government getting that vaccine with four average americans and many front-line workers at new covid relief bill for their constituents. those average americans wai


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