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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 21, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> i think as long as it is for government and that line, that is understandable. but i think that politicians need to be protected from this. >> harris: good to see you both, thank you for joining me. "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: we are finally seeing some of the details of the stimulus deal that congressional leaders took nine months to negotiate. what does it mean for you? senate majority leader mitch mcconnell joins me in just a moment to talk about the pivotal deal. hello, everyone. i am dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ but first a new vaccine is arriving at health care facilities across the united states after the fed approved limiter and a shot for rollout. let's begin with more on the vaccine. hi, eric. chad pergram instead i believe.
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>> hello, dana, waiting to be vaccinated right now throughout the country on the first be 13 shot given out in boston in the last hour. in an east boston health clinic. going to hospitals today a skilled nursing long term care facilities after the cdc recommended that people older than 75 were given priority for the vaccines. an advisory panel also slated the shot for essential workers such as police officers, firefighters, emts and supermarket workers. they say the moderna vaccine is easier to transport and handle than the one from fisa, because it does not have to be stored at such cold temperatures. the places without major medical centers can administer the vaccine more easily. >> this first wave of moderna shipments will be sent to 3500 sites. a greater number than the pfizer
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vaccine, in part because the moderna vaccine can be accommodated in more sites harder to reach and more rural places. speak of the vaccine distribution as part of the trump ministrations operation warp speed intended to vaccinate the whole nation against coronavirus part of the cdc says more than half a million people have already received the pfizer shot. and moderna plans to provide hundreds of millions of doses in the upcoming months. despite the progress, most of the rest of us won't have access to a vaccine until later next year. >> over 4,000 locations will be receiving vaccines between today and tomorrow, and then we continue to order on a repetitive basis so i see vaccines being delivered again on thursday, wednesday and thursday. >> other pharmaceutical companies big and small are working on their own vaccines,
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johnson & johnson is testing one right now and that is expected to potentially be approved next month. so that would be three vaccines on the market. by the way, secretary alex azar told us earlier today that he plans to get his moderna shot in the coming weeks. dana, back to you. >> dana: i'm glad that we had you. thank you so much. and congress is set to vote today on the covid release deal, so what is in the $900 billion bill. chad -- chad pergram live on capitol hill with this. >> they posted the bill text a couple of days ago and we should have a rules committee around 2:45 eastern time, that is the gateway to put bills on the floor. so of vote is in fact coming at some point today. and this would be the fifth covid package, but some lawmakers are asking why it took so long. republicans believe nancy pelosi could have taken a deal months ago. >> she did not want to give
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president trump a win and meanwhile the american people were losing. the main thing we rejected was a bailout to a lot of blue states who have mismanage their funds, but meanwhile we were asking her to at least let businesses have another bite of the apple and money that was already appropriated. >> the bill provide $600 stimulus checks for many americans, a sizable chunk of the legislation goes towards the paycheck protection program designed to keep businesses afloat. it also extends an eviction moratorium and money to distribute the vaccine. >> who do you think as the vaccine goes to the state. it's to the land, to your arm magically? no, it has to be received, distributed, administered. >> the white house indicates president trump supports the bill. we are still expecting a vote, they just posted with the hold up a computer glitch.
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dana. >> dana: chad, thank you so much. let's bring in senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who of course was part of these negotiations, and senator, i want you to have a listen to nancy pelosi, whenever a deal like this comes together each side tries to say that the other side caved. here is how she spends it. >> what took so long? what took so long is because we could not get our republican colleagues to crush the virus. i could not understand it. why would they not want to invest in the science that has told us so importantly that it requires testing, tracing, treatment, separation, sanitation and the rest? >> dana: senator, how do you think you would describe the delay in getting the deal to fruition today? >> well, dana, the facts are not irrelevant. i said back in july what the
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country needed was a package roughly of a trillion dollars focused on kids in school, small businesses, health care providers, and direct cash payments. we tried to pass -- we started advocating that in july and august and the talks were unproductive. so i essentially put that bill on the floor of the senate in both september and october. and third view was give us everything we want or we would not give you anything, so it is noteworthy at the end that they finally gave us what we could have agreed to back in july, what they did not want was to do anything before the presidential election, they felt that that would disadvantage the president, but look, we finally got it done, in exactly the same
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amount with the same configuration that we would have been able to do back in the summer, but for all of the other shenanigans on the side of the speaker and democratic leader chuck schumer. >> dana: what about for people out there, so many of them are hurting and facing eviction, the restaurants are closed, they really want to work but they can't come of feel that this bill is even too little, too late and that congress is out of touch with what people are going through? >> it is directly targeted at what the country needs right now after the administration comes in. and based on conditions in the country at that time, but the only thing that would stop this dilemma is the vaccine, and it is going out and being distributed all over the country, we will get the country vaccinated as rapidly as we possibly can, that is the only way we ultimately get a handle on this problem >> dana: let
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me ask you about the vaccines, there was a little bit of grumbling from people saying that congress should not be getting this before other americans are, but you have a unique experience with the vaccine i will let you talk about it, but you know the fear of the disease and the promis promise -- >> dana: what do you want people to know about the vaccine and why should they take it? >> people trying to take it because of continuity of government concerns. important for the leaders in the country to step up, take the vaccine, and reassure the american public, because polls indicate about half the public is skeptical about taking the vaccine or does not want to take it at all.
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that has to change, because we can't solve this problem until large numbers of americans are vaccinated. as a polio victim myself, i fully understand the significance of vaccines. it took decades to develop the polio vaccine. this vaccine was developed in under a year. a modern medical miracle. and we need to take the vaccine. >> dana: you have the deal that came together and the republicans in the majority, but taking off on january 25th. and those races will determine which party will maintain control. if you have a call, i'm sure you do, when president obama has the majority, they all must pass capital trade and had that stimulus deal, the projects that weren't ready. does anything happen in those
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last few weeks coming to this deal on covid relief point you in the direction of what you want people to know about how important those georgia senate races are deal? >> well, the georgia senate races land in the middle of this coronavirus agreement, leaving them aside for a minute, what the country needs is exactly what we are going to pass later tonight. the georgia senate races do determine whether or not the democrats will control the entire government. what we fear is if they control the entire government, these movements to defund the police and move us in the direction of socialism will have new legs. i don't think that that's what the voters voted for on novembe. i think the fact that house republicans did better than anyone anticipated, the fact that senate republicans did better than all the pendants had indicated, the american people were voting for moderation, not
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the far left. winning in georgia guarantees that the new president will be a moderate, because he will not have any choice. >> dana: his new incoming deputy chief of staff jen o'malley dillon, she has some choice words for republicans last week using an expletive to describe republican lawmakers, but singling you out saying mitch mcconnell is terrible. what do you think when you hear something like that when you think that they say they want to work together and get things done? >> well, that kind of rhetoric is not helpful. i know the new president and know him well. and that's the kind of thing i don't think he would've said. my guess is she was probably taken to the woodshed after saying that. >> dana: do you anticipate to that in the new year you would have another chance to do a covid relief bill? will there be another one? at that point do you think you will be able to get liability relief for small businesses into
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the package? >> i think that liability relief it's really important, not just even small businesses, but universities, nonprofits, hospitals, doctors, nurses, this epidemic of lawsuits is already developing. these people need to be protected, because they were doing the best they could with a an unknown disease. if there is another coronavirus relief bill after the first of the year, i'm going to insist a liability protection for these universities and health care providers as a part of it. >> dana: all right. we wish you a merry christmas. thank you for coming on the show today, senator. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: brand-new reaction from the biden team on an investigation into his son hunter. that's coming up next. ♪ needles.
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>> dana: incoming white house press secretary telling fox news that president-elect joe biden will not discuss the probe into his son hunter biden with any attorney general candidates. watch this. >> he will not be discussing an investigation of his son with any attorney general candidates. we will not be discussing it with anyone he is considering for the role or a future attorney general. we are going to allow the process to work out showed, which is for a justice department to be run independently by the attorney general at the top. >> dana: let's bring in our panel, charlie hurt, fox news contributor and "washington times" editor. and former democratic congressman from tennessee. you have been around the block a few times, charlie, i guess this is possible, right? that you would not ask, hopefully no meetings on the tarmac anywhere, like with other
11:18 am
people. giving a chance to talk. >> precisely. it's one of those things where you don't really have to ask. everybody -- anybody that comes into talk to him about any position knows full well that hunter biden is a very, very important person to joe biden. and i think that an unscorched there a lot of arguments against the whole special console statutes. and i am very sympathetic to them and very suspicious of anything that falls outside of the four corners of our constitutional prerogatives with the three branches of government. but that said, if we are going to have a special counsel of system, then this is what a special counsel is absolutely designed for, because it is impossible for joe biden to have a conversation with anybody about a position like the attorney general where this is not going to be front and center even if it is not spoken of as
11:19 am
you point out, they could talk about kids and golf on the tarmac, but it is still clear what the conversation is actually about. >> dana: and that was just the appearance of any sort of impropriety can drive scandal or a new story. harold, let me show you from kt mcfarland, who of course worked in the trump administration, she believes that a special counsel is needed. she wrote this piece on and said i have come to this conclusion not out of a desire for payback or because of potential crimes that hunter biden might had committed. i believe that only with a special counsel, i don't know if there is only a little bit more to that, but she thinks that there should be a special counsel, the attorney general bill ball does not think so. take a listen. >> that there is not an investigation. i think that it is being handled
11:20 am
responsibly and professionally. currently within the department and to this point i have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and i have no plan to do so before i leave. >> dana: how do you see it, harold. >> merry christmas, happy holidays, and thanks for having me on. we have to take a step back here. i respectfully disagree with miss mcfarlane. bill barr has more information about this at least of the people who have publicly spoken then any -- and he is indicating he does not see a need for special counsel. i take vice president-elect biden at their world that they were -- will handle this appropriately, that he will not have conversations about this matter with any of his attorney general candidates. i know that we can all speculate about things. i listen to majority leader mitch mcconnell say that he was upset that channel mallei --
11:21 am
made found it disappointing, but he also said that he wanted to murder make barack obama a one-term president. i take the president-elect at his word. and more importantly, i take bill barr at his word that he is the only public official who has seen what is the evidence or at least a material that they had on hunter biden and says that he does not believe that a special counsel is needed. so i take him at his word. >> dana: charlie today, the attorney general bill barr's last day in office. he is leaving at the end of the day. >> yes, and of course, bill barr is a great patriot and has served his country admirably and very well. and you know, there is nobody on earth who understands his role in all of this better than he does and he is not a politician. he is the attorney general. and so i think that at the end of the day that is a decision that will be made and maybe
11:22 am
there will be political considerations not retribution, but to the fact that there is a large -- there are a larger political questions about all of this in the role that any of the business dealings that hunter biden has had with these foreign countries whether they actually have some influence on the biden family which touches on joe biden. >> dana: let me jump in the attorney general is actually a wednesday 23rd, not the end of today. harold ford, do you think if a special counsel is named that the biden team is going to have to just deal with it? >> i don't know what choice they would have but to deal with it. but i take that at what it is worth, and i know that his last day is that 23rd, so happy birthday to my little girl georgia who will be seven years old today tomorrow.
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>> dana: harold, you still have the best backdrop, but i think that charlie is trying to get some attention with his jacket that he decided to wear today. it is a very festive jacket. >> apparently i'm not in style. that's not news. >> dana: yes, we need to work on that. thank you charlie, thank you harold, merry christmas. a new strain of the coronavirus is going through britain, shutting down travel to the u.k., should we be worried here in the united states? we will be back. ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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>> dana: just as we have good news on the vaccine, a mutation of the coronavirus is spreading through the you take causing thousands of countries to stop flights from there appeared to the latest on this. >> 50 years ago britain was
11:28 am
known as the sick man of europe because of its economic struggles. now it is the literal sick man of europe because of covid and increasingly isolated as a growing list of countries bands flights and any other transport from the u.k. in a bid to stop the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus that is apparently far easier to transmit. the u.s. has not yet followed suit and flights from london are landing today here in l.a., and dallas, and chicago, and atlanta, and in new york much to the frustration of leaders the there. >> it is serious, my friends, and we are on notice about it. why don't we act intelligently for a change? why don't we mandate testing before people get on the flight or pull the flights from the
11:29 am
u.k. now? many other countries have done this. >> u.s. officials say nothing of the ad has been decided on travel ban's even though canada, france, germany, russia, and israel are among the many countries that have already acted to block anyone coming in from the u.k. and dr. jerome adams, the surgeon general was on fox just about an hour ago, dana, he said the task force is going into a meeting that should be taken place right now, they will be discussing the possibility of a flight banned from the u.k. so we may get an answer on that very shortly. >> dana: thanks, jonathan. for more on this let's bring in dr. jeanette with shots, family emergency medicine doctor. suggest bringing up the surgeon general jerome adams and also said this about the mutations, take a listen. >> viruses mutate.
11:30 am
that's what they do. we have had dozens of mutations of this sars-cov-2 2 that causes covid-19 this year alone, and it does not mean that the virus is more dangerous. it does not even mean it is more contagious, it could be that the new variation in the u.k. happened to be the variant that was at a super-spreader event. >> dana: dr. jeanette, i appreciated the fact that he was tapping the break on any panic that this happens. it does not mean that it is more dangerous or contagious it is something to be aware of and discuss, how do you see it? >> exactly. i completely agree. it is not going to change what we should be doing right now, wearing her mask, physical distancing, safety precautions when traveling, avoiding unnecessary travel. the viral mutations occur commonly and often, due to environmental changes, it is part of nature. we see it all the time. this is one of the reasons that
11:31 am
you get your flu shot every single year because of the mutation. it is common we need to be aware and vigilant when practicing. but i would not panic and worry right now, but i can understand why some of the country is banning and holding off on flights from one country to another, because it is supposedly up to 70 times more transmissible, and that is the concern of its writing easier from person to person. but that's why we need to wear our maths, especially during the holidays. that's when we are seeing these outbreaks and surges within surges. and i see a lot of noncompliance with masks and social gatherings and parties and that's why we are having more than 3,000 deaths a day, something that is completely preventable. >> dana: one quick question, this mutation doesn't necessarily mean that the current vaccines that have just been approved would not be effective, correct? >> absolutely correct, when we get the vaccine, it trains our body, and trains our immune
11:32 am
system to fight various parts of the virus. so when the virus mutates slightly, that's fine. the vaccine has been shown to still be effective and will still work 95 percent for pfizer, 94.5 percent for moderna. if we see multiple mutations and it is happening more often and often, we have to tweak our vaccine like we do for the flu shot. but there is no evidence that we need to do that right now which is very reassuring. >> dana: dr. jeanette, thank you. merry christmas. >> thank you, happy holidays, dana. >> dana: steve scalise demanding answers from speaker pelosi over eric swalwell's deployment to the house intelligence committee. he is up next. and to all of my last minute shoppers out there between now and christmas, you can go to and get a new edition of my new book. and will be emailed a digital
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>> dana: bottom of the hour, time for some top headlines, manhunt is underway in pennsylvania after a handcuffs but suspect shot a police officer. they say that he shot the officer three times and escaped on foot. the officer is reported to be in stable condition. and new criminal charges announced today against the suspected bomb maker. 32 years since a bombing that killed 270 people, most of them americans. and dr. anthony fauci calming fears of children across the globe. >> will santos still be able to visit me and coronavirus season? >> i took a trip to the north pole, i went there and i vaccinated santa claus myself.
11:38 am
i measured his level of immunity, and he is good to go. >> dana: the good news just coming days before santa claus is expected to come to town and deliver presents. good news indeed. for more of these and other stories download the fox news app. scan the qr code or go to now republicans are ramping up pressure on house speaker nancy pelosi to kick congressman eric swalwell off the house intelligence committee due to his ties to a chinese s spy. house majority leader says there is no question that he needs to go. >> we finally got the fbi briefing, it was the speaker nancy pelosi and myself. it was a thorough briefing and no one that was in that room could walk out and say eric swalwell should be on the intel committee. >> dana: let's bring them republican congressman steve scalise of louisiana and
11:39 am
also the house minority whip. kevin mccarthy is suggesting that every member of the house intelligence committee have a chance to have the same briefing. do you have any more on that? it seems reasonable to me. >> first of all if you loo lookt the democratic party appear in washington they have a serious china problem. nancy pelosi yourself has been very soft on china we were putting together a bipartisan commission to look into china's activities on many fronts from covid-19, theft of property all the way down to successful spying for over 20 years driving her around, and nancy pelosi pulled the plug on that, mccarthy went forward and chairman mccall put out a report that really is scathing and alarming if any american reads it, they would be very concerned about china too, but for whatever reason speaker pelosi won't continue to be aggressive on china and won't pull eric swalwell off the committee. there are serious questions that she needs to answer.
11:40 am
eric swalwell himself should be answering some of these basic questions but it raises alarms about a deeper rift in problem within the democratic party and congress that they have a blind eye towards china. >> dana: do you think this request from a car if he be granted by the fbi? >> i hope they will, because it took weeks for a leader mccarthy to get that briefing and raised even more concern to him then before you debriefing. and again, did speaker pelosi know about the relationship that eric swalwell had with this chinese spy before she put them on the intelligence committee potentially compromising that committee, the spy actually and infiltrated his office where there were classified documents from the intel committee that were exposed and available for that chinese spy in his office to get access to. these are questions that deserve
11:41 am
answers and so far nancy pelosi has been silent on these fronts. >> dana: you talk about a broader problem, what do you think the consequences are of this broader problem? can you think ahead to where there might be some concern in the future? >> america is more at risk if we don't have a united front taking on china when they do things like put spies in offices of members of congress. eric swalwell was not the first person that they were able to infiltrate. a senator feinstein for 20 years had a chinese spy embedded in her office who is driving her around probably listening to some very sensitive information and then feeding that right back to the chinese communist party. this has been going on for a long time. president trump has been willing to take on china, but why aren't democrats in congress willing to do the same thing? it puts america at risk when they are not pursuing this like we are. >> dana: do you think at least from the republican side of
11:42 am
things that there should be just a quick check across the country from city council offices, state legislatures? we know that's where they were starting. >> yes, it should be alarming and raised red flags to everybody that this is not just at the congressional level, they were emperor trading his office when he was a councilman in california. mayors supposedly had relationships inappropriately with the chinese spy. what is going on especially in the bay area where you have this outbreak of china's intrusion and why aren't they alarmed and raising the same red flags that we are? it's beyond the question, we will see if we can get some answers here as well. thank you, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas, thanks. >> dana: up next politicians jumping the line to get covid vaccines despite many of them saying they would not trust a vaccine developed during a trump administration.
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>> dana: president-elect joe biden and future first lady dr. jill biden are set to get the covid-19 vaccination today after the president elected voiced out about a vaccine developed during a trump administration. rich edson live in wilmington, delaware, with more porous. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, dana, joe biden and his wife will join the thousands to take the first of two shots of the pfizer vaccine. biden and vice president-elect kamala harris refused the vaccine if solely administered by a president trump. they would take the vaccine if doctors and scientists approved, they do, so here we are. the transition team says it is also watching the new covid
11:48 am
variant in the u.k. and have yet to commit to joining other european countries and banning travel from the united kingdom. >> you know, we are monitoring the situation and the regular test with dr. fauci and the public health officials and we will make a decision. as appropriate. >> a reporter also asked harris whether the white house needs to be fumigated since there have been so many positive tests, harris answered, she is hoping for a smooth transition and that that is something that they are working on. while congress has agreed to another coronavirus economic package, the president-elect calls it a start. he says "this action is a lame duck session is just the beginning heard our work is far from over a period of starting the new year congress will need to get to work on support for our covid-19 plan for support to struggling families and investments and jobs and economic recovery." transition has also announced that biden will speak to reporters scheduled for tomorrow here in wilmington. back to you, dana.
11:49 am
>> dana: thank you. let's bring in howie kurtz now. i just want to play a little bit of sound just to remind everybody what was said before the election. >> i trust vaccines. i trust the scientists. but i don't trust donald trump. >> the doctors tell us that we should take it, i will be the first in line to take it. absolutely. but if donald trump says we should take it, i'm not taking it. >> dana: part of this is politics, but now they are going to be getting the vaccine today. appropriate and i understand that they need it. but it does not sit well with some people. >> yes, they both went a little far in the heat of the campaign saying well, there were these reports at the time that the white house was pressuring the cdc and other agencies so they wanted to make a distinction between if dr. fauci says it is okay they would be willing to do it, but six months ago virtually all the media and all of the experts unanimous in openly a
11:50 am
scoffing at president trump's pledge to roll out a vaccine by the end of the year. nbc headlines, experts say he needs a miracle to be right. it is kind of miraculous, but somehow i missed all the stories about how we were all wrong and ththe dash president in this instance was right. >> dana: there were many, many fact checks over that time and as we have established, the president-elect and vice president-elect should be vaccinated. the continuity of government makes sense. but i do wonder how the media will treat the fact that alexandria ocasio-cortez come a very young and healthy woman she got the vaccine this weekend and kristi nunez, the governor of new hampshire, i thought he had a great point. he said congress has literally done nothing to be his last eight months and now they are cutting the line and getting the vaccine ahead of residents in long-term care, nurses and essential workers who stock our shelves. outrageous and insulting. your thoughts, howie.
11:51 am
>> that is why biden a few days ago would say that he would wait to get the vaccine. the same reason that president trump killed a plan to have senior white house officials get it early, because of the optics cutting in front of hospital workers. i think that when mike pence got it on television, it was a realization, joe biden a 78, mitch mcconnell 78, nancy pelosi is 80. other members of congress are much younger, but i think that the media is not going to demagogue this. there is a necessary to protect the health of the nation's leaders and our vulnerable population. with tens of millions of doses being rolled out, the fact that congress gets to get it, i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. >> dana: the media coverage that i have really loved watching as things are approved and rolling out, i saw some great interviews with ups truck drivers who are just taking us on board, they are so excited. they feel a sense of patriotism and honor that they are getting
11:52 am
it out there. i think that some good media stories out there too, howie. >> the people who can't phone it in, working in retail stores, that's important, but 42% of republicans say that they won't get the vaccine. 12% of democrats, i think that the media and politicians have a responsibility not to persuade them that this is necessary for the health of everybody. >> dana: we will take it on board. howie kurtz, thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> dana: next we had important news, they are online shopping scams that you need to know about this holiday season especially if you are buying things last minute. ♪ and a popular orange juice brand under fire after suggesting a controversial solution to parenting during the pandemic. tell you what they are suggesting next. ♪ two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors
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>> dana: notices imitating amazon and ups during the busiest business surge ever. susan li has more. what should we know? >> giving we're shipping more this year, scammers smell an opportunity targeting shoppers with fake e-mails that you might think are from amazon, dhl, fed ex or ups. these are fake e-mails injecting malware into your computer. one cyber security company says this fraud is up 500% this year. globally over half the e-mails are pretending to be dhl, amazon and fed ex. it looks convincing and hand a link for your to click. it says in order for you to get your package, you have to track the package or put in your credit card data. don't click it. how can you tell if it's fake? experts say watch for misspellings or incorrect logos.
11:58 am
fishy looking websites the link taking you to and the e-mail address. amazon and dhl don't send e-mails from gmail or hot mail accounts. this will be a record year for retail. sales expected to be up by a third this year. americans are expected to spend $200 billion in 2020. be careful. >> dana: indeed. important. make sure your important know, too. thanks, susan. well, orange juice company tropicana apologizing for a new twitter ad after some viewers objected to the idea that mimosas are the answer to pandemic parenting challenges. brett larson joins me now. parents are juggling it all, find the ultimate brightness of moment for yourself with a tropicana mimosa, of course. take a mimoment, which i thought was super cute.
11:59 am
brett, should they have apologized? >> they have since apologized, dana. i will admit. i've taken many a mimoment, but usually on the weekends around other adults. they have apologized. this was apparently a larger ad campaign with celebrities involved. several sobriety groups got involved when they saw the ad on twitter and said this is not the message that we think is appropriate at this time considering many people are really struggling to get through the pandemic with their kids at home. it's interesting to note that ryan reynolds, who is one of the people behind aviation gen, earlier this year he sent out a tweet about the home school edition of aviation gin. he said he was a favorite of parent gin conferences. this is a backfire for tropicana. >> dana: it was. look, parents are just trying to do their best. and mimosa on occasion, might
12:00 pm
need one. thanks, brett. thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five." john roberts, injury in for bill hemmer. i was just remembering this i'm too when my sister came to visit me and we took her to this bar. she loves a mimosa. it was like the afternoon or even the evening. she spent $24 on these mimosas. i had to stop her after the second one. >> you know, dana, you're always full of wonderful holiday stories. i love a good mimosa, too. but $24 for two mimosas is a lot of money. not to mention you should stop at two. >> it's a lot. >> thanks, dana. see you at 5:00. >> dana: 24 each! >> that's insane. see you at 5:00 for more store is with dan in and alcohol. >> hi we're trying major developments on the covid crisis. congress expected to


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