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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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his unbelievable. >> tucker, good to see you. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. now, after months and months of grueling negotiations and stonewalling by democrats, congressional leaders have finally agreed to a massive 550 page $2.4 trillion spending package that includes around $900 billion in coronavirus relief. after these month-long talks, the bill includes as 600 direct payment for individuals, much less than president trumps previously push for $1,200 in direct aid. which democrats refused to agre to before the election.
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meanwhile, speaker pelosi is still refusing to answer questions about why she held up the deal for months. even refusing to speak with a cnn reporter about her latest political stunt. instead, she continues to dodge distract, and deflect from thes important issues, to launch mor baseless fears against presiden trump like claiming he is personally to blame for most of the coronavirus debt. take a look. to get that denial, the delay, the distortion, the calling of hoax, has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. not all of them attributed to president trump, but most of them. >> so why did democrats take so long? when this same deal could have gotten done over the summer? it's because pelosi, schumer, and the rest of the congressional democrats put petty politics above the health welfare, and safety of the american public.
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it's because there was an election, and they used coronavirus is a political weapon to bludgeon president trump. here is the nadeem majority leader mitch mcconnell weighing it out earlier today. take a listen. >> we tried to pass, we started advocating back in july and august, the talks were unproductive, so i essentially put that bill on the floor of the senate in september and october. not as single democrats supported it. their view was give us everything we want, or we won't give you anything. so it's noteworthy that at the end, they finally gave us what we could've agreed to back in july i think what held it up wa they did not want to do anythin before the presidential election . i think they felt that that would disadvantage the president . >> but you don't have to take the republicans word for it, because earlier, nancy pelosi
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herself said it was quote a new president that changed her position position on covert relief. remember this? >> joe biden committed to endin and crushing the virus and having a bill that bigger back better. of vaccine. the answer to our prayers. an answer to our prayers of 95 percent effectiveness. in terms of pfizer and motor ar not. and there may be others coming forward. that makes, that is a total gam changer. in new president, and a vaccine. >> it was called operation warp speed be right and unfortunately , this nearly 6,000 page package contains much of what we've come to expect from washington massive spending, massive port, and massive questions about what it actuall
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does to help middle-class and working-class americans. and as texas senator john gordo explained, pelosi and schumer have agreed to and $900 billion bill three months after turning down an offer of $1.8 trillion. joining us with the latest from capitol hill is our own chad herter. chad. >> it the clock in at nearly 5600 pages. lawmakers got the text this afternoon. this followed days of negotiations and weekend sessions where there was a computer glitch and all of this did not sit well with gop, arizona representative debbie leslie. >> i am glad that we finally have a bipartisan deal for covert relief, but the process
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has been absolutely terrible. we have what, 6,000 pages, and what did we get? we got it two hours ago, the text of it. we were waiting all night. >> it is not good enough to jus hear about the bilberry cheeses lawmakers need to read the bill before they vote. the bill does two things, it funds the government through next september, and it doles ou covid aid, it extends unemployment benefits it places a moratorium on evictions for a month and many americans score $600 stemless checks. the funding portion of the bill cost $1.4 trillion. on capitol hill, there is a ter for loading all of these issues together in a final year-end bill it's called logrolling. they rolled the log down the hill and you could either get behind the bill or you scramble out of the way. jason? >> chad, i live that might
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celebrate a question about the united states senate, they're still going to vote later tonight and this bill will be o the president's desk first thin in the morning, will it not? >> absolutely. the bill is going to pass the house of representatives. right now more than three and a 50 members bipartisan who have supported this bill, the vote i still open part it's going to close imminently here, but this bill will be done in the house of representatives then they will move it to the senate. we don't know the timing there yet but sometime probably befor midnight. >> chad, thank you. joining me now for more reactio to congresses massive coronavirus spending bill is house minority steve scully's. , thank you so much for being here. i've got to tell you, the process here that nancy pelosi has employed, i watched it play out was in congress eight and half years, i watched her do this time and time again. wait until the week of christmas , spend trillions of dollars in force members to vot on a bill they haven't even had a chance to read. in fact, the democrats voted
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unanimously to bypass all the rules and put this bill up. >> wright, unfortunately we've seen this movie before when she was speaker last time, and she' been speaker this time, she loves setting arbitrary deadlines, running up past the deadline, and then just trying to threaten for things that nobody else wants to give. and in fact we didn't give her lot of the things she wanted. you covered it a little earlier president trump offered her a lot more relief and money just months ago in she walked away from that because not because she didn't like the deal, because she didn't want president trump to get credit. she was waiting for a new president, that's why small businesses across this country did not get the relief they should have had back in september. >> congressman, you voted for the bill, why is it a good deal for the american people? >> in the end, the covid relief is critically important. you know and i know that
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businesses all across are country and in south, louisiana, , i talked to restaurants and other businesse every day who are about to teeter on the edge of bankruptcy . this gives a second round paycheck protection loans freight it helps the workers in new orleans, they are all, none of them go out and perform. we need to keep that culture an keep those industries alive. but they are literally dying on the vine right now. not to mention in the states like new york and california where they are arbitrarily shutting down their entire economies even though the science says they shouldn't be doing it. so so many businesses, over a third of all small businesses i the state of new york are gone for good. we need to save those jobs in the millions of people tied to them right before christmas bir this will be a lifeline to save our economy as we round the corner and get the vaccine widely distributed because of president trump's operation war speed. it was critical. there should have been done months ago, but it's a vital
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lifeline to those people who need it most. >> that's what happens when the gavel is in the hands of nancy pelosi. they could have done this over the summer and people would've had the relief instead of suffering right now. outside of the covid relief, explained to us what are some o the other provisions in terms o taxes and other things that thi bill provides the american people. >> there are some tax cuts they get extended through this which is going to be good for overall economic growth. a number of other provisions fo this includes a pay raise for our troops, much-needed paid rays for men and women in uniform which has been a big priority of president trump as you saw under the barack obama and joe biden administration, our troops were depleted, our military was depleted and our troops hadn't gotten that kind of support. president trump rebuilt our military and this is one more piece of continuing president trump's ability to rebuild our military parade this will also includes billions more to build more border wall which is even
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heard joe biden say he doesn't want to build new wall, this allows president trump to continue building the wall on his terms. some other provisions like that are important to our national security that was in this package as well. >> thank you. it is amazing that you have to fight democrats to give money t the men and women who serve in the united states military. to get you think they'd all be for that. >> president trump pot for thos men and women in uniform and go it. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, thank you, congressman. the intakes we see from democrats on the hill is just another stark reminder of just how critical the georgette senate runoffs are to preservin american prosperity and preserving president trump's agenda. because reelecting senators david perdue and kelly loeffler is almost standing in the way o this progressive power grab, an preventing these far left fantasies from becoming reality.
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lake abolishing the filibuster. packing and expanding the supreme court. deep funding police, abolishing ice, adding two new states alon with four new democratic senators, and much much more. rafael warnick and have made it clear, they are ready, willing, and able to be a rubberstamp fo chuck schumer and carry out thi socialist wish list. we are also learning tonight that one fifth of georgia voter have already cast their ballot ahead of the january 5th races amid continuing concerns about election integrity safeguards i the peach state. now earlier today the georgia secretary of state's office announced that they sent letter to individuals who had moved ou of georgia, but had requested absentee ballots for the runoff elections. here to break down the state of the race former white house chief of staff along with fox news contributor charlie hurt and fox news contributor ari
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fleischer. thank you so much for joining has. i want to go to the former chairman of the rnc, explain to us from your perspective, what needs to happen in georgia, what's going on in georgia, and really, we've only got days until this election is concluded . >> merry christmas to you and everyone out there. thank you, jason. first of all, there is two things that have to happen in georgia and i think they are happening. number one, voters in georgia, especially the republicans obviously have to be convinced that the republicans are taking ballot security seriously. because there is a lot of peopl there that are still extraordinarily frustrated and they should be over how that election was run. so, they have a signature match in place right now. they have about 7800 poll watchers ready to go, so that i the first piece, we can spend a segment on that.
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this second piece for the party infrastructure, there is no reason for the republicans to lose early vote or absentee ballot voting in georgia. you can download every day from the secretary of state who voted , who did integrate you know who your targets are, you can hire almost unlimited amoun of help on the ground to identify those voters that have been voted, bring them to the polls, and cannibalize every single election voter you can between now and election day. what is going on in georgia, this pivotal election. look, it's bad enough that we have nancy pelosi with the gavel , i can't imagine nancy pelosi and chuck schumer with a gavel in their hand, but what i going on with georgia, but how does this whole covid relief plan which is passing in the house and will pass in the
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senate later tonight, how does that play in georgia? how do you read those two together? to get first off, if the democrats take races. we go back to where we were in 288 and when the democrats held control of the house, senate, and white house. we haven't been in that position . that's when tax hikes got past. and america's saw an apology tour in the people in charge of congress are fine with it. there is a lot at stake in term of who controls the senate and that's on the line. in terms of the election itself i'm nervous i have to tell you that great i think the stimulus is not going to change anything significantly in georgia. i'm nervous because georgia is changing state. georgia is not as red as it use to be. the fact that stacy abrams came is close as you did in 2018 should scare republicans in the fact that joe biden should scar
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republicans for it republicans have got to assume that the historical pattern in georgia were republicans when specials after presidential elections ma not hold up. now the good news is that both republican candidates were actually ahead on election day of 2020. they defeated their opponents they just didn't get to 50 percent which is georgia's peculiar rule. pedal to the metal, every republican has to show up and vote. there's an awful lot at stake. >> charlie, how do you read thi situation, georgia and also what's being passed tonight, an correlation between the two? how will that impact the election moving forward? >> i agree, i don't know that this stimulus package will do much to change the race in georgia. i think that it does underscore just the profound importance because the big difference between today and say 2009 when barack obama was in the white house is i think this current
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crop of democrats are far more dangerous than anything we saw even with barack obama bringing an obama care. there is no telling what these people are going to try to do i they get control of all lovers of the government. joe biden didn't even run a campaign, he didn't even ask people for their vote, he didn' even lay out an agenda for what he wanted to do. what does that tell you? it tells you that he has some secret moderate agenda that mainstream agenda that he wants to purport? i think not i think that the degree of radical crazy that we are apt to see if they get full control of the entire shop will be something we have never seen before. and i think another reason, and i agree also about obviously changing the dynamics of the state of georgia. but a big thing there has to be the profound frustrations that good citizens feel about their
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government. their government doesn't work for them and they get frustrated . if you want to be even more frustrated, give up on this stuff now. the entire trump agenda goes up out the window ever republicans lose the senate. >> commit there are over 100,00 libertarians that voted, and their candidate is illuminated from this runoff, so how would that flow with that flow to the republicans or do democrats pic up some of those. >> that is one of the first things that the campaign does o the ground. you can pretty much identify about 70 percent of who those 100,000 people are, and you target those people with door knocks, with people that are e-mailing you commit you by those e-mail lists, everything about almost every potential voter in georgia is known. it's not even a joke, they know what beer they drink, what car they drive, how many kids they have, and all that data is used
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to target every single voter in georgia. when you have hundreds of millions of dollars that are being spent now in georgia for these two races because as they just said commit the entire agenda of this country is at stake, so the interest in this race obviously is off the charts . >> gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us i wish i had mor time with all three of you, but have a merry christmas and than you for joining us on the entit tonight. new reaction from the biden tea about the ongoing investigation into hunter biden. plus, liberals have reached new lows, wait until you hear what some on the left hope happens t president trump and republicans. stay with us as the special edition of hannity continues.
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they live happily ever after. again! again! your wireless. your rules. your way to stay closer together this holiday season. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. and get $150 off when you buy a samsung a series phone. learn more at >> welcome back to the special edition of hannity. more developments tonight in th burgeoning biden family foreign corruption scandal as joe biden now wants us to believe that under absolutely no circumstances will he discuss the ongoing federal investigation into his son's dealings with any of his
6:25 pm
potential attorney general pics. now, remember, this isn't just scandal about hunter biden, it' as scandal about the biden family. joe biden son hunter biden, joe biden's brother jim, in joe biden himself. in jo's apparent knowledge of his sons dealings with ukraine and china. but despite all of this, attorney general bill barr is pushing back and calls for a special counsel saying he has n plans to make such an appointment before he leaves th department later this week. joining me now for reaction, fo news legal analyst greg jarrett along with attorney and fox new contributor emily compound you'll. thank you for being here. emily, i'm going to start with you are we really going to believe this? do we really believe that joe biden and nobody in his camp isn't going to ask the question or maybe make a little comment to a potential attorney general pick? >> at the moment that's the narrative were being fed. keep in mind, in the matter of
6:26 pm
asking questions thus far from the mainstream media the only person that had is a late-night talkshow host you as the president elect how he felt about the allegation. clearly, in terms of actual presentation being given to the american people that they deserve commit there is certainly at, but i have to say his commitment to not saying anything about it only hurts us all where there is a difference between him saying i will lead to neutral investigation, i hav faith in the attorney general that i will appoint, i will kee u.s. attorney weiss in his position in delaware to intact the tax situation as well as th multiple jurisdiction issues going on. that would be the same of a leader come up at him saying he won't even address it at all to me points to a toxic environment . >> i except the campaign did issue a statement on it, and greg, joe biden, i mean this is what happens when you have a national media that doesn't eve ask a guy a question.
6:27 pm
he's girded through this whole election and literally never go asked about this other than peter ducey question and he deflected that. come on, he hasn't had to answe this question. >> know he hasn't. part of the reason is that reporters are preselected by biden staff, so in other words, the questions are prescreened, the answers are preordained, an the whole thing is a charade, it's choreographed. you know, he won't answer direc questions, nobody has yet asked him are you the big guy identified in the e-mail who stands in line to receive $10 million? did you meet in 2017 with in th bar at the beverly hills hilton to talk about chinese business deals. you know, a lot of this makes joe biden a witness in a case that will be presided over by his own attorney general. you have to look at the federal regulations on special counsel
6:28 pm
they demand commit not suggest, but demand and require as special counsel if there is a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest rate i can't think of any greater conflict then the son of the incoming president o the united states being investigated by dad's departmen of justice. biden's insurance i won't talk to my aeg about it is a subterfuge. the issue is not whether he wil talk about it, but weather ther is a conflict of interest. what ag is going to indict his bosses son? so, this does require as specia counsel, and by the way, if hunter biden is not indicted fo things like money laundering, rico violations, tax evasion fraud, and conspiracy, who is going to believe that it was fair and legitimate and objective without a special
6:29 pm
counsel. >> emily, two greg's point, i mean this is the same joe biden who said he's never even had a discussion with his son about his foreign business dealings but on tucker carlson show they put up a picture of joe biden with one of the people that was involved, so the list goes on and on. there is no scenario i can see within incoming attorney genera who won't have a conflict of interest because it's about the biden family, correct? >> correct. into greg's point, at a minimum there's a perception of a conflict of interest rate that sits the nail on they had. it's as if candidate joe biden sees no distinction between his messaging as president-elect an incoming president joe biden does. so him standing behind that continuing outward facing i lov my son, i have full confidence in him. i think were passed that.
6:30 pm
of course, the office keys et cetera in the bottom line again going back to that perception i the largest business deals that hunter engaged in while his father was vice president is hi father was acting is the forefront in the phase for the obama administration part all these things lead too so many questions that for peace of min into greg's point, we certainly can do well by a special counse to ensure that that transparency . keep in mind, as a note, that the attorney general that this incoming president appoints wil also be receiving the durum report and clearly there will b public disseminations of certai reports, but on the whole, its end result, a confidential report that goes to the attorne general, so it matters who his appointed regardless of the special counsel. >> at the clock is ticking. great, only a few seconds left here, but this is bigger and broader than just the attorney
6:31 pm
general because it also include the irs and other departments and agencies and it includes a host of u.s. attorneys. >> there is more than one investigation, the one we know about the most is the u.s. attorney in delaware, but attorneys were all replaced whe a new ministration comes in. bill barr has stated reason for elevating john durham for u.s. attorney to special counsel is to make sure that a biden administration didn't extinguis the case. this same principle now applies to a potential of is doing wishing the hunter biden case. so he is not anything if not inconsistent part. >> it's not only the biden case but that case as well. thank you so much for joining and merry christmas this week. unfortunately tonight, the heat rage and anti- trump a psychosi being directed towards republicans is hitting new lows.
6:32 pm
for example, just look at this reprehensible cartoon published in the washington post of all places. depicting republican lawmakers as actual rats and accusing the of subverting the constitution. and it gets worse because far left actor tweeted this attack on senator rubio. there are very very few instances of known allergic reactions to the covid 19 vaccine, but marco rubio has always thought of himself as on in the million so there is stil hope. and that's not all because unhinged actor alec baldwin is feeling even more violent rhetoric towards the president and his supporters tweeting who arrests trump if he refuses to concede? who drags him out, before addin any on his neck, cutting off hi oxygen, does he wheeze i can't breathe? and of course congressional democrats still can't help, but push more russia hysteria and collusion delusion like
6:33 pm
california's maxine waters who is now saying congress missed i opportunity to impeach presiden trumpet for treason over ties t russia. so much for well, when they go locum at wego hybrid that never came to for ration, but of course this is what we've come to expect from the new extreme rage filled left spewing endles hate and personal attacks against those who dare to call out their rampage hypocrisy and outright lies and misinformation . joining me now for reaction media reporter for the hill and fox news contributor joe concha along with fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. rachel, i want to start with yo because i'm always fascinated b these liberals who they claimed the most tolerance, they're always preaching tolerance, but the moment you deviate from following exactly what they believe in, they want you and they want your neck. >> the midst of liberal
6:34 pm
tolerance is something i learne early on when i was on a realit tv show 20 some years ago on mt and it was the most important lesson i've learned in politics. their instincts are always to crush the dissenters, it's not to engage, this idea of unity and tolerance, that's not what they want at all. you look right after the election, the first instinct wa to great the enemy list. these are communist, marxist instincts, and these are variou dangerous things. it is go after livelihood and w saw that it wasn't just aoc and the campaign manager who set up the website very isn't just tha they were saying you can't work in politics anymore which is ba enough, they were saying you're going to be banned from corporate from academia for making a living and this is wha the left is about and we should not tolerate this.
6:35 pm
we need to call it out instead of just acting like it's the crazies on the left. it's not, we are seeing in advancement, a real change in acceptance of things that we once thought were impossible to happen in america. but they are. until you another thing, the cartoon disturbed me because that is how things start. dehumanizing whether it's germany, slavery, abortion, whe you dehumanize someone like that , you can justify doing virtually anything to them. could get you have watched and studied what the media does com at you have to watch programs and think that quite frankly yo couldn't pay me enough money to actually do, but when you go through that analysis, the rhetoric isn't just increasing, it's getting more violent, more aggressive, isn't it? >> i don't understand the washington post has this editor marty baron, how do you allow that, and it is to get publishe in your paper democracy dies in
6:36 pm
darkness. let me unpack a couple of things . as far as him of the people tha made some of those comments tha had led to the second conversation. wishing bad health on marco rubio because he got the vaccine . you know, the same vaccine that aoc, also young and relatively healthy also got, so i didn't see a tweet about that. as for maxine waters, when you see people getting attacked in restaurants we sought in dc at couple weeks ago where firework are going to be launched at people while they're sitting outside while you see people if you're wearing a truck t-shirt or hat people getting hit from behind, beaten, assaulted, harassed. thanks maxine for that because she said one if you'd see trump supporters you have to get up i their face. she said this and of course all those people in this industry that normally get up on soapboxes condemn those sorts o statements we're silent because
6:37 pm
the 11th commandment is thou shall not criticize maxine. alec baldwin, this is the same guy who told his 11 -year-old daughter he was read thoughtles little pig. so you see the character of these people. overall, and i will leave it here, jason. as far as just last week you ha a biden staffer say that republicans are a bunch of efforts. that shows that this whole unit message that joe biden is sending out there saying come on , we have to turn the page after the 2016 democratic nominee and a hillary clinton said that president trump was a legitimate work greg cavanaugh many democrats embracing the fact that he was a calling the president of the united states and agent of russia, i don't think the turning of the page thing is going to work out too quickly or too easily at all. >> this whole idea of let's jus call for unity, come on, that seems to be all of works at thi
6:38 pm
time. >> in the worst part, the worst part is that jen saki came out and said no, you need to look a when she said that republicans are all efforts, we need to loo at the context of this, what sh really means is unity and working together and listening to each other bright i heard that and i was like okay, i guess for christmas we should all get our 1984 newspeak dictionary because this is the kind of doublespeak and gas lighting there trying to use on republicans. i think it works quite well in this pandemic dystopia that liberals are creating for us where they say were all in this together it means that the middle-class and business owner need to abide by the rules whil the oligarchs that are connecte to the leaders and the leaders themselves don't have to follow the stupid rules, so this is th kind of weird world they want u to live in. i have to tell you, jason we need to start calling this outbreak there are a lot of ver strange things happening right
6:39 pm
now, taking away our liberties, this kind of violent rhetoric towards fellow americans, if we don't put a stop to this, but were not going to recognize thi country in the next four years. >> it's more than just state yo don't do that on facebook or something bright i don't think it was just he said that, i believe it was the incoming deputy chief of staff. >> correct. he came out and defended it and said it needs to be viewed in its proper context. you're rights. >> thank you both for joining u on hannity tonight. have a wonderful christmas week. coming up, there are reports of a new covid strain spreading in the united kingdom forcing many countries to close their border with britain. rick leventhal joins us live with the congresswoman aoc got the covid 19 vaccine. but one of her fellow squad members is lawmaking the lamb makers for taking it. you're going to want to see thi parade we have the details, tha
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>> welcome back to the special edition of hannity. there are reports of a new strain of the coronavirus spreading in the united kingdom. yesterday, new york governor
6:46 pm
andrew cuomo warned the new mutation could be on a plane to the united states and demanded the federal government at a minimum imposed testing on travelers from the uk. doctor tony fauci is calling fo people not to overreact. here with the latest from our west coast newsroom isn't rick leventhal. >> this new strain of coronavirus discovered in londo and surrounding areas is said t be 70 percent more transmissibl flirt so far more contagious, but no evidence that the infections are more severe. dozens of nations are suspendin air travel from england. so far the u.s. has not spread the growing list of countries now banning flights in and out of the uk include france, germany, italy, artery, chile, hong kong, poland, bulgaria, an many more per the british government is holding emergency meetings and trying to reassure citizens as possible shortages,
6:47 pm
truckers camp cross the english channel for at least 48 hours and europe is also suspended services for goods can still arrive. authorities are asking people not to panic at america's top infectious and disease experts is not recommending suspending flights to and from great britain, but new york governor andrew cuomo is. >> why don't we act intelligently for a change? why don't we mandate testing before people get on the flight or cut the flights from the uk now. many other countries have done this? >> fauci says we should keep an eye on the situation, but not overreact, by the way, the stat of washington just instituted a 14 day quarantine for anybody flying in from the uk, south africa or any other countries with this new variant shows up. >> rick, thank you very much.
6:48 pm
the covid 19 vaccine became available to congress this weekend, and many lawmakers received their first vaccinatio shot including congresswoman cortez. take a look. >> relax your arm. >> that's it. >> but not everyone on capitol hill thinks it's a good idea fo lawmakers to get the vaccine before the most vulnerable populations. congresswoman tosi gabbard is calling out her fellow lawmaker as well as aoc fellow squad member congresswoman omar. the congresswoman called it shameful inside, we aren't not more important than front-line workers, teachers, et cetera wh are making sacrifices every day commit which is why i won't tak it. people who need to get it most should get it, full. meanwhile, governor cuomo facin
6:49 pm
criticism after saying that santa would be good to him this year because he worked very hard . despite botching nearly every aspect of the pandemic response joining is now with the reaction , fox news contributors lisa booth and civil rights attorney leo terrel. thank you for being here. lisa, i can't believe this. young aoc, 30 years old, if got doctors, you've got nurses, eve you've got policeman, ambulance people coming you've got icu nurses that haven't gotten it yet, and she gets it? come on. >> and this is the first time legitimately the first time i'v ever agreed with omar about anything, but i agree with her here, there is no reason aoc should be cutting the line, but this is completely characteristic from what we've come to expect from our leaders whether it's aoc cutting the line when she is essentially no
6:50 pm
risk for the coronavirus with elderly people are or anyone with underlying conditions are, whether it's that, or whether it's governor cuomo leveraging pandemic for book sales to win nme for his tv covid briefing response, whether it's anthony fauci using his new fame to throw the opening pitch, or nancy pelosi who's worked over $100 million holding up covert relief for people who are suffering right now in the country to try to win an election so this is sadly what we've come to expect from politicians they are not public servants they are completely self-serving. >> i have never been able to figure out how doctor fauci had so much time to do every interview that could possibly come before him. i thought he was was to be a doctor looking at the science. it's amazing. leo, you have aoc, she's a a ho shot from the.
6:51 pm
they talk about following the science, let's follow the math. 51,000 people died in new york, the largest number of any other state, aoc, governor cuomo, 70 percent of all the deaths are from seniors from 70 up, but we've got a 31 -year-old he's going to get their shot. here is the part that governor cuomo. those who died died in the retirement home. that is where governor did not. he has basically embarrass the state of new york by allowing seniors to die, withdraw total support. and more importantly, begging the federal government to bail out his economy because he has basically bankrupt the state of new york. aoc, governor cuomo, democratic governors and mayors have embarrass themselves during the pandemic rate it's a bogeyman
6:52 pm
approach and it does not sell t the american people. >> i want to stick with you for a moment because you're on a roll here, but two of the biggest states we have in this country, we've got cuomo and newsom. we have our study and de blasio, but it seems that every night on this show we are talking about which one is fighting to be the worst governor or mayor in the country . >> let me be very clear. the worst mayor is de blasio. we've got the number two worst in varsity. the worst governor is now newsom . he is subject to a recall. he has single-handedly embarrassed himself by going in that granary, shut down all the businesses where there was no science to prove that and there was a recall. you have tweeted that we were supported. if we could find a trump republican to run against them in the recall. >> there are some interesting
6:53 pm
thoughts out there. lisa, how is it that these people get it. i'm tired of just talking about it. i want to see people held accountable. but what are some people supposed to do. they feel like the election was stolen from them that their vot won't count and then they see they governors and the mayors out there. >> many of them are hypocrites. we've seen countless examples o these so-called leaders that aren't even following their own guidelines that their setting for everyone else. in there needs to be some level of accountability with these people commit this recall effor needs to be people need to get behind because gavin newsom has to feel the pain that he had inflicted on so many californians whether it's a small business and restaurants he has shut down for no reason when the science doesn't back down shutting down things like indoor dining or outdoor dining for these people who are suffering or forcing people to be an isolation and to stay by
6:54 pm
themselves when worsening depression rates and suicide rates spike in this country. these people need to be held accountable. even people like dr. burks. doctor mike burks in my opinion should step down from the coronavirus response team because she supposed to be at the top she supposed to set the example for the nation and she broke her own rules. >> i've got to go. to get that was the best christmas possible. more of this special edition of hannity after the break. 3 (announcer) need to lose weight?
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deep state." and enjoy my books and photography portfolio jason in the thank you for joining us tonight. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." the only one jesse watters filling in for laura ingraham on "the ingraham angle." jesse. >> i will check out your photography right after i get finished with "the ingraham angle." thank you very much. i'm jesse watters and for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. the u.k. now plaguing the part of the grinch and canceling christmas amid new lockdown restrictions. could this be in our future? dr. harvey risch and alice parent center here. a new report reveals seattle public schools are telling teachers the education system is guilty of the spirit murder of black children. we are going to investigate and