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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 23, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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december 23rd 2020. tomorrow night, don't miss our unknown baller special airing on christmas eve, have a wonderful christmas, wonderful holiday, all of us to all of you, be well -- good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, we make a lot of fun of the state of california on this show but we aren't really joking. california matters and not just because it's our biggest state -- what happens there is at some point almost certain where you live, find a national trend that didn't begin in california. there may be some, there aren't many. if you want to know the future or if you want to prevent it look west, california is a road map for the rest of us and very often a warning. with that in mind, here's the bottom line on california, it's
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falling apart. over the course of just the last several decades, california has gone from one of the richest places in the world to the poorest state in our country, more than a third of california's population now hovers around the poverty line. even before covid, over 4 million californians were collecting food stamps, more than 150,000 people in california are homeless, they are everywhere. living on the streets, in parks, under overpasses, intents on the sidewalk. >> the home of crisis los angeles is getting worse with some campus getting so big, they are driving away businesses many of which are already struggling financially because of the pandemic. 32% increase in shooting since last year, while police say financial stress from the pandemic is largely to blame, some criticize city leaders were once again being unable to
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control the issue. >> tucker: california didn't always look this way even recently. this is a human tragedy. it wasn't caused by god or nature, it was caused by the selfishness and the stupidity of bad leaders and their bad policies. if these leaders were judged by their performance, no big city politician in the state of california would have a job tonight. they know that so they are working hard to make certain they are not judged by those standards, rational standards. instead, they inflame racial wounds to try to keep the population distracted and divided, keep the attention away from them and their failures. here for example is the shamefully incompetent mayor of los angeles eric garcetti just this summer. >> when i talked about killers, i said our collective burden here in this society is we let black men and women die, i point
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at myself, we collectively have a choice about whether we will be those who heal and whether we will be killers. >> tucker: whenever they talk about collective responsibility, you know what they are really saying is take the gaze away from me, it's not my fault. he wasn't more specific when he talked about we the killers, it turns out there are killers in his city, they aren't collective, they are criminals. under eric garcetti, crime in los angeles has skyrocketed and many innocent people have died as a result of that but he's not a morning them, he's not giving speeches in their memory or apologizing for the policies he supported that led to their deaths. neither is the city's new head prosecutor, he was elected with backing from george soros, he was the single largest donor to his campaign, he wouldn't be the district attorney without george soros. so he has from his very first
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day in office than the bidding of his backer. he has now announced he will be using the pretext of covid to release still more criminals into the city of los angeles, watch. >> do you have a plan of giving priority in terms of vaccinations in the l.a. county correctional facility? >> i don't control the vaccination with the plan we do have is we are working expeditiously to release as many people as we can, especially those who have proven to be at high risk, vulnerable people and people who are not a threat to society. we are going to try to remove as many people from that confinement and keep our communities safe. >> tucker: so there is the soros giving us a lecture on what justice means. justice is not punishing the guilty, keeping the dangerous away from your children, it's not about enforcing laws. justice is making certain that
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criminals get critical government services before you do, before your parents do. that right there, that piece of tape and the attitude behind it distills the emerging politics of california, politics you should be deeply afraid of because when they come to your town they will wreck your life. if we were to put it in one sentence it's this -- those who contribute the least get the most, got it? but don't you dare complain about it, shut up and hate yourself in silence, that's an order. meanwhile california's elected leaders divide the spoils. that's their job, taking what other people built, giving it to themselves and their supporters. they divide the spoils as is now official policy in a state of california in the most divisive, immoral possible way, along the lines of color. if here's congresswoman maxine waters explaining what kind of person governor gavin newsom
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should pick to replace kamala harris in the united states senate. >> he has a decision he has to make and i think it will be a black woman. i think he understands when kamala harris leaves the senate, that's only one black woman who was serving and is certainly it would be unfair not to have at least another black woman replace her. >> tucker: this is the high point of stupidity in his country's history. who cares what color your senators are, who cares what gender they are, you want good government, you want wise, confident people in charge of the country. that's not what you're getting because those aren't the criteria. in the end, you should know gavin newsom appointed a man called alex padilla and when he did, no one debated whether he might be a good senator, whether he might improve the schools or
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lower the cost of housing or bring jobs back, instead they argued about his race. that was the only thing they cared about. here's the mayor of san francisco who is an utter buffoon most famous not for improving san francisco but for defying her own lockdown orders to dine at the french laundry in napa, here is that a person explaining he is a bad choice because he's the wrong color. >> when you think about the history of this country and the challenges that exist for african-americans especially african-american women in the senate, definitely this is a real blow to the african-american community, to african-american women, to women in general. it was definitely a surprise and it's an unfortunate situation as we are trying to move this country forward and making sure black lives truly matter. >> tucker: you have been a terrible mayor, you have hurt
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the city which you did not build, you didn't make san francisco an impressive place that people wanted to move to, you made it worse. you have disqualified yourself from any comment on government ever for the rest of your life, that's the first thing. the second thing is the rest of us who sit by and let people say things like this on television without saying wait a second -- color and gender are irrelevant to good government, thinking that way is poison, we are putting up with this garbage anymore, we are implicated in of the destruction of the country when we sit back and let decisions get made along those lines. meanwhile, the physical reality, the state of california which is an actual place, our most economically important state falls apart, no one is paying any attention because they are debating the color of the new senator but the election grid is failing. the power flickers on and off,
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the state's forests are so mismanaged they keep catching fire and burning uncontrollably. climate change isn't doing that, bad management is doing that. women, we didn't care about women, they can't jog and public parks without fear of being attacked for the mentally ill homeless. for the privilege of all of this for living in a state that is collapsing around them, the residents of california pay the highest and most burdensome taxes in the country. the people who can are leaving, california's largest export used to be advanced aerospace products, that is the economy of the southern california, that and the movies. now the states export as population, more than 40% of bay area residents tell posters they want to leave and that is one of the happiest places in the states, no wonder the average rent price fell 20% in the last year, why is that? because no one wants to live there.
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the most recent estimates show california lost more than 135,000 people in the last year. among those people is kamala harris. she's in washington now, your capital and she's bringing california style governance to the rest of us, you should pay attention to that. heather macdonald is a former resident of california and she joins us tonight. what i'm struck by is how the traditional measures of job performance, how are you doing, is it safe to walk to the grocery store without worrying about being attacked, can my wife one of the park without being raped -- how are the leaders of california pulling this off? they destroyed the state and no one is saying anything. >> california is the future of this country if the harris-biden agenda is not blocked. as you said, california used to be the most prosperous, opportunity filled state in the
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country, now it's among the poorest things to illegal immigration, its educational excellence was the envy of the country, now it's rock-bottom reading and math scores right rl those of impoverished southern backwaters, now they are sites of squalor, anarchy, and crime. the reason is the triumph of the identity politics and the idea that one's alleged victimhood at the hands of a racist white male patriarchy entitles one to exemption from the rule of law and norms of bourgeois behavior. enough people in this state are seduced and mesmerized and frankly lobotomized by the lies of identity politics and the idea that this is a racist country which it is not that they are willing to put up with the destruction of prosperity, of excellence, of future entrepreneurship.
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it's the biggest export of epidemics into the world at large. >> tucker: not only our race politics immoral and destructive and divisive, what you get in the end is bad management. it would be one thing if they gave you these lectures about blm and ran the place like singapore. but they run it in the most dysfunctional possible way. why does no one point out that if your power grid is failing, you are a bad leader -- end of story. >> the only purpose of government is to apply the rule of law equally without regard to race and gender. identity as you say does not matter, the government should treat all people the same. it should not make exceptions,
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george cast stone in l.a. is carving out exemptions of criminal law based on victim status. we need to say the disparities in this country are not driven by racism, they are driven by sexism, they are driven by bad behavioral choices, the breakdown of the family, bad cultural influences and those need to be taken on head on. talking about racism and sexism, we are going to get ad nauseam from the harris, biden agenda is going to bring this country to its knees >> tucker: this is a brain disease and i will never accept it and i hope no other american will ever accept it, this is wrong. i appreciate your clarity on this in so many other topics. thank you. i want to bring you a fox news alert, the president has just announced 26 new pardons, those include a pardon for
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paul manafort and for roger stone, both of them were indicted by the special counsel during the rush of probe. neither stone nor manafort was convicted of colluding with russia because they didn't, manafort was sentenced to seven and half years in prison for tax evasion, stone was convicted of lying to congress. the fbi colluding with cnn raided his home in a predawn raid, both were subjected to nakedly partisan prosecutions, abetted by an activist judge. it stone told fox news he was watching fox when he found out about the part of it has not received formal notification about this. we wanted to get it directly from roger stone so we are pleased to have them join. congratulations if this is true, have you been pardoned? >> i believe it is true, my attorney has checked with the white house counsel and we have assurances that the media
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reports are accurate, it was on cnn, a high probability that anything is not true. we are very happy, i have on enormous debt of gratitude to god almighty for giving the president of the strength and the courage to recognize that my prosecution was completely politically motivated witch hunt and my trial was soviet style show trial in which the judge denied us any powerful line of defense, the judge we now know he had evidence from us. the justice department released the last remaining redacted sections of the mueller report in which they admitted they had no evidence whatsoever of my colluding with russia, wikileaks, julian assange, they had no factual evidence that i
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had advanced notice of the source or content of the wikileaks disclosures. those things i was accused of lying to congress about, how does one lie about something they now have established one didn't know? the whole thing has been an outrage and my hat is off to the president, the greatest president since abraham lincoln who had the courage to correct this injustice. >> tucker: we followed this pretty closely simply because it was so obviously grotesque, even if you had done everything they accused you of doing, the response was so wildly disproportionate to the alleged crime. you had to ask yourself and i did every day we covered this, why? they tried to put you in prison effectively for the rest of your life for lying to congress, why did they do that do you think? >> i think it's abundantly clear in july of 2019 the
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robert mueller prosecutors approached my attorneys just before the release of the mueller report seeking my cooperation especiall essentialn return for leniency in sentencing, in other words they wanted me to live, they wanted me to bear false witness against the president and i refused to do so. i think that is what this charge was about from the beginning. they must have mistaken me for michael: but they -- i refused to do this. now the left invents a totally new canard which is stone traded his silence regarding misconduct for the president and return for commutation of his sentence and now a pardon. that is a lie, there is no corroboration or evidence to prove that, it is the typical rewriting of history by the le left. >> tucker: i always felt watching what they did to you, if they could do it to you they
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could do it to anybody and so i'm grateful that you have been pardoned fully, you are now a citizen and good standing, roger stone congratulations truly, thank you. >> thanks for your outstanding analysis and reporting on this issue, you have been a paragon of the truth. god bless you and god bless america and god bless our president. >> tucker: roger stone, thanks so much. new york restaurant owners are planning to retaliate against their governor andrew cuomo, a live report next. washington, d.c., has decided to replace a traditional christian holiday with a secular version. our lives special continues after the break. experience the wonders of the mexican caribbean
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experience the wonders of at nizuc resort & spa, where paradise is personal. nizuc is a world to discover unto itself, day or night, indoors or out. something wonderful awaits. >> tucker: thousands of restaurant owners in new york are threatening to retaliate against the states governor andrew cuomo for his latest shutdown orders. fox's senior correspondent rick leventhal has that story for us tonight. >> the restaurant industry nationwide is reeling over the coronavirus shutdowns and they are really upset in new york.
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2% of covid cases can be traced indoor dining while 70% of infections come from households and small gatherings but the restaurants aren't restricted. a group representing thousands of eateries said it contemplated banning governor andrew cuomo and new york city mayor bill de blasio from getting food from their establishments calling it a taste of their own medicine. one industry veteran who started the facebook group said he is warning elected officials if we can't feed our families we certainly won't feed yours. indoor dining is suspended in manhattan and limited elsewhere in the state and outdoor dining is only allowed from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and while some establishments have gone to great lengths to heat outdoor areas it's still tough to eat on the sidewalk and the dead of winter. it's 43 degrees and we'll get down to the 20s this weekend. one restaurant owner told, give us something a fighting chance to stay alive, when i talk to other restaurant owners, there's a lot of us that look each other in the eye and say we aren't going to be here
5:25 pm
next year. estimates range from one-third to 70% of bars and restaurants will not survive this pandemic and in new york, they say if we go hungry, the mayor and governor should too. >> tucker: thank you so much for that. you sometimes hear people describe our political divide in america as between the religious and the secular, but that's not really true -- everyone in this country has a religion. the question is whether you worship god or whether you worship yourself. those are america's two competing face and washington, d.c., is a capital of the latter set, d.c. is the rome of spiritual narcissism. in washington, human power is worshiped as the living god. you will see temples to human power throughout the city as well as smaller shrines to its saints. the latest holy man to be
5:26 pm
beatified if there is a diminutive federal bureaucrat called tony fauci, a paper mask is his sacred garments, cable television is his pulpit. the people of washington bow before father fauci, they throw their patagonia fleeces before him to ease his way as he passes like palm fronds before the streets of jerusalem, they consider him wholly. now the city's mayor has made it official -- she has declared december 24th, formally the date of a notable christian holiday, as dr. anthony s grouchy day. in the streets, his many accolades greeted the news with joy and exultation. ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪
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♪ >> tucker: a holy day indeed, and they tell you the secular world isn't reverent, it certainly is. we should tell you per his commandment, each one of the people you just saw at the end went back to their apartments alone and spent the night watching netflix with their cats and eating ben & jerry's and solitude. there is is a monkish religion. lunatic ideologues have done profound damage to major american cities, they destroyed their education system, they've torn the american nuclear family apart. other people in in charge of a
5:28 pm
major public university are trying to wreck our language, that's next.
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hi sam, this is rachel from your dad's oncology office. unfortunately, we are still limiting in-person appointments due to the pandemic and we'll need to move your father's visit to a later date. we're sorry. hola, papa. american cancer society helpline. how can i help you?
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>> tucker: you need words to think, that's the entire point of restricting our entire vocabulary. that's we are headed, almost nothing you are allowed to say ten years ago were you allowed to say now. the cleveland indians are being eliminated. under the new system, it's hard to keep track -- even hillary clinton painfully sensitive, an earnest methodist violated speech codes, one she probably supports as recently as a few years ago. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and the way they speak. >> tucker: she's mad at men
5:34 pm
obviously and has every reason to be. those men got off the reservation. she checked with the university of michigan and she would know the phrase up off the reservation is now a form of hate speech, that university has helpfully created a words matter task force to keep track of which words you're allowed to use, which ones are allowed to keep in your head to, what thoughts are allowed to have. take a look at the list, you will learn that brownbag is no longer acceptable, neither is the phrase low man on the totem pole. curiously the word picnic is also verboten and that's no picnic. mark steyn is keeping track of all the things are not allowed to say, he joins us tonight. picnic, you would think a word that festive and inoffensive would never find its way onto a black list, how? >> this is one of those internet rumors unconnected to anything
5:35 pm
in reality which purports to argue that picnic is actually some racist term to do with lynching -- it's not, it's been around for the best part of half a millennium, it's french. it it's one of the great universal words because if you go up to a dane or norwegian or a swede or a german or a dutchman or say what's the word in your language, they all shout back picnic, it's one of those we are the world, we are the children universal language -- we can all sit around the great global picnic cloth and have a picnic except for the parochial american universities that are now banning this word because of some fake internet rumor that it's got something to do with a dark part of american history -- it's not. you're making yourself more and more parochial and that is
5:36 pm
actually moving yourself onto the linguistic reservation -- off the reservation is a useful term because what it really means is when you are being penned in to a particular space and you've got to stay within that space. that's what these guys at the university of michigan are doing keeping you on the linguistic reservation. as you said at the beginning, if you lack the word to express a thought, in the end you can't think a thought and that's something that's in every single bit of this literature whether it's george orwell or h.g. wel h.g. wells, you don't go to a university to shrink your vocabulary. pull your kids out of the school, this isn't a school anymore. >> tucker: i notice these prohibitions only extend to certain people. others can say precisely whatever they want, nobody polices the speech of some people but other people lose
5:37 pm
their jobs over using the wrong word. how can a word be banned if the ban isn't universally applied? i'm confused. >> when it empowers the state. if you're a gangster rapper, you can say certain words on your gangster rap single, there was a guy at the isle of wight in england, it was oldies night in an oldies bar and he was singing they were funky china men from funky chinatown from kung fu fighting and they arrested him because that word would be fine if a chinese person said it but it's racist if you're singing it on oldies night in an english bar. empowering authority to determine who can use which words and my view is when you are in the word banning business, it doesn't matter whether you're in funky china men come off the reservation, having a picnic, we should keep all of these words and it's a
5:38 pm
basic component. >> tucker: it's so interesting as we become ever more sensitive about the harm that words supposedly do, we become less concerned about physical violence. i had a friend who was assaulted by a homeless man in washington last week called the police, they didn't care because it happened too much. it's not a big deal, is there a connection between these two trends? >> absolutely because if you shrink words and see this with the modern left which is increasingly incapable of debate and at a certain point if you lack the vocabulary to hold a debate, it's easier just to lob a piece of concrete through a store window. >> tucker: that so perfectly put as always. the great mark steyn, thank you so much. >> merry christmas tucker. >> tucker: merry christmas, still allowed.
5:39 pm
usually wasteful government spending is derided as pork butt in the state of new york, government officials wasted their coronavirus bailout fund on actual pork and the silverware to eat the pig, that's next. more states are deciding how to dole out the vaccine, dr. siegel joins us to explain on what basis they are making these decisions, we'll be right back.
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♪ >> tucker: thanks in part to reckless and unwise decisions by its leaders, the state of new york has recorded more deaths from covid than any other place in america, now there is evidence that officials in new york where buffalo is apparently wasted coronavirus funds on frivolous expenses. stefan is the county controller there in erie county and we are happy to have them on tonight to explain exactly what happened, thanks so much for coming on. where did this money go? merry christmas, i appreciate
5:45 pm
it. >> it went to pizza shops, restaurants instead of having cares act funding, we received $160 million of it in erie county, politicians printed on pizza, wings, literally raw pork chops, pots and pans so that employees, county workers can eat. instead of a lot of that money going to the front lines to fight coronavirus, federal tax dollars went literally towards pork, literally pork chops and food for county workers and i think that's a colossal waste. i don't think that's what they intended cares act funding to go for, it's a slap in the face to a lot of people in the front lines fighting coronavirus and a lot of business owners who are being crushed by rules politicians don't follow. >> tucker: this is no attacking county workers, i'm sure you have a lot of good people working in your county but county jobs are among the
5:46 pm
most secure in the world, hard to get fired, they have the best benefits probably in new york state. these are secure jobs, these people are not in peril but the money went to them and not people who need it? >> business owners are barely hanging on but cares act funding is being used for contract tracers, i pay for my own food and i think that's where the frustration is across the country, here government is blowing and the spending money on pizza wings, raw pork and pasta and pans and they are thinking how is this fighting coronavirus and yet why am i only getting 600 bucks from the federal government when money is being wasted in erie county or at the federal level, we are sending millions of dollars overseas and some of these businesses who are struggling can barely keep the lights on.
5:47 pm
i'm exposing a lot of this fraud at the local level but at the national level you've got a liberal democrats like gavin newsom, nancy pelosi, andrew cuomo, chris cuomo, rules for the and not for me and they are shopping all of these covid rules they themselves don't follow and yet they are crippling businesses and wasting money. >> tucker: it's almost beyond belief. yesterday we watched senator lindsey graham explain federal money needs to go to pakistan so they can embrace gender roles and now we find out new york employees are buying pork chop with covid relief, i i -- really quick, is anyone going to get punished for this? >> we've notified the federal government at the end of the year because it's not just food. our county is paying political appointees, salary people over time. our health commissioner makes $202,000 a year and she has earned $160,000 in overtime and
5:48 pm
holiday pay. here, even our local county executive is ordering people to wear masks, he was caught without one and drinking beer and eating communal food and yet all of these political appointees, they have made about a million dollars in overtime and holiday pay and yet businesses are getting screwed over, taxpayers are getting screwed over and enough is enough. i'm notified the feds and if they indeed see this is not the proper way to use the money, they will get the money back. >> tucker: they must hate you for blowing the whistle, good for you. >> badge of honor. >> tucker: good to see you tonight, thank you. different states have announced a wildly different plans to roll out the vaccine. in massachusetts, the state is giving priority to criminals behind bars, texas is taking a different approach. fox news medical contributor marc siegel is following the story and is here to explain it to us all. >> a public health shout out tonight to the state of texas and the state of florida, you know why?
5:49 pm
because we start off by giving the vaccine to health care workers and people in nursing homes, 40% of the deaths from covid occur in nursing homes, that makes sense. then people are scratching their heads and my patience are asking me i don't live in a nursing home but i'm over the age of 65, what about me? 80% of the deaths from covid whether you are in a nursing home or not our over the age of 65, that makes total sense. hats off to the governor of texas tonight who says if you're over 65, we are giving you the vaccine first and ron desantis down in florida, if you're over the age of 70 you're getting the vaccine next. let's look at what the cdc is calling essential workers here, these two states are defining -- defying. you know what's on that list? the media, lawyers of course, politicians of course at the front of the line and you see that in congress were congressmen and women have told me that the vaccine is floating
5:50 pm
down the hallways, it's almost like it's in lemonade stands outside the halls of congress, 31-year-old aoc has got the vaccine, said she's going to teach other people to take it. too many people are saying that, i want to get it so that you will take it, seems disingenuous to me. one congresswoman is not disingenuous and unfortunately she is retiring and that's tulsi gabbard over in hawaii who said with her military background, she came out with a very strong statement. she said i have a grandmother and you know what? i am not taking this vaccine until everyone in this country over the age of 65 gets it. if that's courage and that's what we need to come that not this duplicity and this politics overriding public health. >> tucker: i agree with that completely, nice to see you tonight -- thanks so much. a lot of the state of california is under a state-mandated stay-at-home order.
5:51 pm
some people think this is too far and some are protesting in their own way, that would include the actor kirk cameron. his protest is more creative than any we have heard of, he joins us after the break to explain what it is. oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me. but we're doing much better now, right? yeah. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo. fanapt may change your heart rhythm which could elevate risk of sudden death. your doctor will consider this when deciding among treatments
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's be one of the state of california, you're not allowed to go outside unless you're an elected official on the way to the french laundry in napa in which case totally cool, no problem. not everyone is for this, some people are protesting it. at least one person has thought of a creative, affirming way to express his displeasure, he is the actor kirk cameron. this month he organized an event that brought together hundreds of christmas carolers to celebrate christmas, watch. ♪
5:57 pm
♪ that is my single favorite protest i've ever seen, i love that. how did you think of that? >> first of all, it is a pleasure to be talking with you. we've all heard of the masked singer and it's all the rage, ever since i started caroling in my community, i've been affectionately dubbed by many in the press as the unmasked singer and i've triggered a whole different kind of rage. maybe if we weren't so joyful and happy and if we were angry and smashed some windows and looted some stores, maybe we wouldn't have been called so dangerous by the press. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right and how great to hear christmas carols, the saddest part of this season is the ban on singing that you see everywhere. there is no singing in churches and christmas carols defined this holiday for so many of us, good for you.
5:58 pm
>> it's devastating what we see and i'm no scrooge come i'm going to sing christmas carols but i also understand i'm not a health professional and to the doctors at harvard university, oxford university, the doctors of the great barrington declaration, you should read it. it's very educational and they basically tell us that the lockdowns are causing far more harm than the virus itself, there is immunity in the community, there is devastation in isolation. everyone came to this caroling event by choice, they did a risk/reward analysis and they said we are coming to an event, we aren't afraid of a virus that has over 99% survival rate. >> tucker: i'm doing this in my house tomorrow night because there is no church and the singing where i am but we are singing at my house, i believe in this, what kind of response did you get? >> we've had an amazing response, it's been underreported to. we haven't just had 75 or 100,
5:59 pm
we fed upwards of a thousand people come to sing carols because they are launching hope and community but i want to give you one big warning disclaimer. if you come caroling under a starry night sky and a candlelit lyric sheets and you have the u.s. constitution limited by those candles like we do, you might catch the hope virus and is very contagious, your heart will swell, your fears will diminish and you might feel compelled to love your neighbor as yourself. >> tucker: your heart will swell, your fears will diminish and you might feel the impulse to love your neighbor as yourself, that encapsulate christmas more crisply and beautifully than i've heard in a long time. thank you for joining us tonight and god bless you for what you're doing. >> thank you, god bless you for your courage. >> tucker: pretty great, that's it for us tonight, we'll be back every weeknight into the
6:00 pm
foreseeable future, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night and merry christmas to you, jason chaffetz in for sean next. >> jason: i'm a big kirk cameron fan, merry christmas to you and your family. welcome to this special edition of hannity, i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. breaking tonight, president trump followed through on his threat to veto the $740 billion national defense authorization act citing glaring omissions by congress to address abuse and big tech and a scolding the legislature for crafting a bill that contradicts the trump administration's america first foreign policy. we'll have exclusive reaction with national security advisor ambassador robert o'brien just ahead. but first, president trump tonight is showing great


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