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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 24, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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later. >> julie: thank you. happy holidays to you. speak up thank you so much. happy holidays. >> julie: leland, you staying indoors this holiday? >> leland: indoors, outdoors. i don't know. that's all i got. but i've got christmas shopping to do. "outnumbered" starts now. >> kennedy: this is a fox news alert. the house failing to make any changes to the joint coronavirus aid and funding bill. days after president trump called it "a disgrace." rejecting -- while democrats oppose republican's request to revisit foreign aid spending. we will have much more on what this means for the bill and for you and all americans who need help. that's coming up later in the hour. and we have another fox news alert. new developments in the hunter biden investigation. sources telling fox news that high-level justice department
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officials are in ongoing discussions on whether to appoint a special counsel and the probe with some believing that it is warranted. just days ago, the now former attorney general, bill barr, said he had not seen a reason to appoint one. joe biden suggesting he will seek the hands of ou approach. >> no. no. i guarantee you, i am going to do what i said. the attorney general of the united states of america is now the president's lawyer. i will appoint someone who i expect to enforce the law as the law is written. not guided by me. >> kennedy: no wing man? meanwhile, business records show hunter biden still owns a 10% stake i in the chinese private equity firm, raising even more questions now appear joe biden pledge during the campaign that his family members would not be involved in foreign business dealings if he became president.
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and you are watching "outnumbered." happy christmas eve to you. i'm kennedy, and here today, we've got fox news correspondent molly line, town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter, carley shimkus. joining us today, theologian and fox news contributor, jonathan morris. well gone. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> kennedy: so, let's get into this. i'm so sorry, jonathan morris. >> jonathan: you can say it. it's okay. >> kennedy: i am very happy to see you. we have so much to get into in your area of expertise, but now let's talk about the department of justice. what are we hearing about discussions within the doj about possibly launching a special counsel? >> jonathan: well, it's interesting, kennedy. if you loo look at the joe biden campaign, it was actually all about ethics.
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he talked about, without giving a lot of specifics, the soul of the nation needed to be revived. it needed to be restored. the soul of the nation. and so, when you talk about these issues, in the end, it comes down to what is the right thing to do? what we can be sure will not happen, unless the special counsel is appointed now, is once president-elect joe biden takes office, he will not be much of a motivator to allow a special prosecutor to be appointed by his doj. i has attorney general. so, if it happens now, we are not sure. will it happen after? absolutely not. is that the right thing for the soul of the nation? i think the american people can decide. >> kennedy: and katie, what they are deciding is that natural conflict of interest. how is an incoming president supposed to oversee an investigation into his own son,
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for whom he won't answer questions about? does this mean we are getting closer? and how close is it? who are the deciding factions, and what is the ratio of those at the doj, and those against it? >> katie: yeah, the big debate is what you just said. this presents a conflict of interest. special counsel all ar are appointed for exactly that. the u.s. attorney positions across the country. the question is now whether joe biden will take away the u.s. attorney in delaware, replace them with someone that he approves of. that means that the hunter biden investigation will then be handled by someone who was appointed by president biden, rather than someone who was part of the investigation once he ran for political office. the debate also hinges on the fact that attorney general bill barr has tried throughout
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his tenure to restore the same level of justice in the justice department for everybody, to try to take politics out of it. so that certainly plays into the decision of not appointing one before he left, but certainly moving forward, there is a big question about hunter biden's conflict of interest, given joe biden's response to these questions. every single time, he has not really talked about the investigation, saying the facts should lead us to a conclusion here. i'm not going to fire the u.s. attorney. i think the attorney general should allow the investigation to move forward. none of that has been said. the only thing joe biden has been saying is that he is proud of hunter biden, and now that we know more about his alleged 10% stake in the chinese company after joe biden claimed that wasn't going to be the case, they are big questions about conflict of interest and whether justice would be served here. >> kennedy: of course, and this is kind of shocking news, but there was an investigation. fox news has looked into that chinese records that show a
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company that is the sole owner is hunter biden. i-10% stake still in the chinese equity firm, somali, why hasn't he sold that? >> molly: you know, and no less than a month -- less than a month now. time is flying. so, in theory, hunter biden has a little bit more time to divest anything that the president-elect has claimed that his family would be divested of in this time. that sort of thing. the big question, that we have seen throughout the course of this, president-elect biden has been asked questions about this. not only he, but also his representative, the incoming white house press secretary have also the client to clarify what is actually going to have been with that investigation in delaware, whether or not david weiss would be able to keep his position are not. there have been something that has been left undeclared.
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trying to say that this will be something he will be discussing with an incoming attorney general. it is not enough to say that there is no conflict of interest here? i don't think republicans are going to drop this, and now there are ongoing discussions as to whether this could still be the special counsel, which could change everything as well. there is still a lot up in the air and not a whole lot of time to make progress on all of those issues related to potential conflict of interest, kennedy. >> kennedy: yet, there is so much outstanding. ponder, it is great news because he still has three weeks to make as much money as he possibly can. very exciting for him. probably going to be a great christmas. so, carley, when do you think we will now when this administration will appoint a special counsel? >> carley: you know, this debate is actually very interesting because we have all previously said the reason that the special counsel that exists is because you want to avoid a
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conflict of interest between attorney general and president here from the outside looking in, there is no greater conflict of interest then an incoming president son being under criminal investigation. however, bill barr knows a lot more about this case then we do. and i don't think that he would be shy and appointing a special counsel that he thought that one was warranted. so, out of all the voices that have spoken on this, i would probably trust bill barr's voice the most. republicans are of course concerned because there is always at risk that joe biden can fire the u.s. attorney looking into this case, but call me naive. if he does not, that would be such a scandal, and it would put even more emphasis and highlight the hunter biden investigation even more than it is now. i don't think he is going to do that. >> kennedy: no, it would be wildly hypocritical for him to do that, but he certainly is in
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a pickle. it is now or never. we will see have now come see an feud we've got breaking news developments on the battle over the covid relief bill. democrats and republicans block each other's efforts after president trump called it "a disgrace." what this means for the fate of the belt and struggling americans waiting for help. plus, unveiled sweeping recommendations for biden, including "in we trust." what this could mean for religious liberty. ♪ research shows that people remember
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don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. 's feline breaking news on developments in the state of the joint coronavirus aid and funding bill that will impact millions of americans.
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republicans blocking democrats request for $2,000 stimulus checks will democrats propose republican request to revisit spending. president trump has called the bill "a disgrace." it could mean no coronavirus relief and a government shutdo shutdown. democratic congresswoman debbie dingell tore into the president earlier today. >> and then the president, when we finally thought that we would be able to give people hope, that's what people need. hope. to begin to begin to work on this in january, he doesn't give damn about people. he threw kerosene on fire and is now threatening to veto this bill. >> katie: and kevin mccarthy took aim at democrats, saying speaker pelosi, "try to use the american people as leverage to make relief contingent on government funding, which includes billions of foreign aid dollars at a time when there are
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urgent needs at home." oh, jonathan, americans do you need help, especially this time of year, but looking to washington for that is a failed project. >> jonathan: [laughs] it is. foreign aid is a complicated issue, of course. the purpose of it is to give money to other countries with the hope of having some torts of leverage towards our national interest, but when you have something which just occurred in pakistan, for example, where they are giving them $25 million. they are releasing the killer of "the wall street journal" journalist. remember danny pearl, who was beheaded. they just released his killer, and we are giving them $25 million. so i think people are understandably siding with president trump on this and saying hey, hold on, what is the purpose of giving away all of this taxpayer money when there
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is no leverage? so, that is the issue, and i think president trump is pushing back on this, and we will see what happens. it is his responsibility in the end of the leader of the republican party to actually work with congress to make sure that bills like this get proposed to him, that he can sign, so we will see if he gets one. >> katie: you know, kennedy, president trump said that he was not going to sign another one of these massive spending bills that are put together at the last minute. and he also asked for his stand-alone stimulus relief checks back in october for $1200. nancy pelosi rejected it because there was an election coming up. here we are today with republicans and democrats canceling themselves out on cutting spending and spending more money, and they are going to be back at it on monday. >> kennedy: yes, and you have families all over the country who are deciding between paying rent and buying christmas presents, and that's a horrible
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position to put people in. rand paul was absolutely right when he said it is not a bill. it is a hostage situation. that is clearly where we are, and it is irresponsible of congress to legislate themselves and enforce the rules to give all the members time to reach stuff like this, and brought up the point that there is no amendment. there was no opportunity for members of congress to make amendments or to debate the spell. it was literally like here's 5500 pages and dug onto your head. pass it or die. that is a horrible situation. it's a horrible way to legisla legislate. and there's plenty in there that you could cut and offset in order to deliver $2,000 per person, $4,000 per couple, that the president has proposed. and i don't have a problem with that. i would much rather see people get direct payments nancy $35 million for abstinence
9:18 am
education, which i don't think it is the job of the federal government. we could also disband the department of education. [laughs] >> katie: there are many things. we can error our grievances. >> kennedy: thank you, katie. >> katie: it is festivus. you mentioned rand paul. 1 of 6 senators to do so. congress essentially enabling lockdown orders imposed by governors across the country without scientific backing. causing this massive economic problem. so that is the other part of this. as much stimulus is given out or debated about, the bottom line is the american economy can't function with these arbitrary rules that are not allowing people to work. >> molly: totally. it is so fitting for 2022 and with nancy pelosi, alexandria ocasio-cortez a plotting something that
9:19 am
president trump said. whoever thought that would happen? but i echo the sentiments of all of those who wonder why president trump would wait until after this bill, the $600 checks, why would he wait until after i passed to post a video where he is firmly demanding twodollar checks? and this is total speculation. i wonder if he is looking forward to 2024. this is a political move. joe biden has said that this is a down payment. he wants a third round of stimulus when he becomes president. so maybe, president trump is saying very publicly listen, i firmly demanded more money for you when i was president. but that is not a conservative position. demanding more money from the federal government to go to -- some of whom haven't even lost their jobs, is not a traditionally conservative position, especially when individual states could do that very thing. so i think this really does but
9:20 am
a lot of republicans in a bind, especially loeffler and perdue, and i would love to hear the inner monologue of steve mnuchin watching that video the other day. >> katie: that is true. you have a number of ads being run by david perdue, saying that he voted for the eccentric dolly checks, and now people are not going to see you next week. >> carley>> molly: there is nott of time left for them to clearly explain a physician or two react to anything that happen. there are still days to go. people are already casting their votes down there. so there is not a lot of time for them to make an argument. and like carley have pointed out, i don't know how much this is going to affect the voters and georgia. they have a lot of other issues to think about. but it is every single issue. i don't know, just on one specific one will be a big
9:21 am
turning point. but we will see. they have already cast their ballots. we will see. >> katie: that raises two weeks away, so we will be watching. meanwhile, new controversy for new york city's mayor. what he said was his big take away from the pandemic. many in the city's businesses and attractions remain closed. plus, a significant milestone reach more than 1 million americans have already gone the dose of the vaccine. whether it is time for the president's critics to give him some credit. speak out our nation has achieved a medical miracle. we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months. this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. it will save millions of lives and see an end to the pandemic once and for all. ♪ - hi, i'm steve.
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to deliver your car as soon as tomorrow. recruiting an army of customer advocates to make your experience incredible. and putting you in control of the whole thing with powerful technology. that's why we've become the nation's fastest growing retailer. because our customers love it. see for yourself, at >> a difficult time frame for development and approval, as you
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know, could be insanity. and we were very, very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before. the standard vaccine has been done in less than nine months. on behalf of the entire nation, i want to thank everyone here today who has been involved in this extraordinary american initiative. >> carley: i president trump noted how fast to his program to read aloud vaccines as a u.s. reaches a significant milestone. more than 1 million americans have received the first dose of a vaccine. the first shot was given ten days ago. warp speed, saying that this should lead to a significant drop in the mortality rate, especially among the nation's elderly. yet, some say that president's critics are not giving him his due. writing for "the new york post," "it is now an established fact that the numerous naysayers who
9:27 am
predicted president trump could never deliver a vaccine this year were wrong. thankfully he did what they insisted could not be done, but then no can-do crowd has grudging recognition of the miracle and his team performed q" and then not that argues "adtragiven him license to spend $10 billion outside of the contracting procedures, covid-19 vaccines would still be only works in progress." i want to start of course with jonathan. this is actually wonderful, fabulous news as we head into the new year. here we are. good news in 2020. other good news. for instance, you are a newlywed. congratulations on that. you know, this good news, does the president does her credit, and should not be something we are worrying about at this point?
9:28 am
>> jonathan: yeah, and i remember so many of the critics were saying when president trump suggested that it could come out, that the vaccine could come out even before the end of the year, there were headlines all over the place that actually said this would take a miracle. okay, i like to talk about miracles as a christian theologian. i believe in miracles. but after he did come out and it was widely reported, all of the medical experience, something that we all must take out of the social responsibility, nobody is talking about a miracle anymore. no one is talking about a miracle because much of the "radical left" wouldn't even like to believe in miracles because that would mean that there is an intervention from god or something, south there is also very natural reasons for hope, and the vaccine is one of the biggest. i want to make sure that -- this is christmas eve. i want to get in and say what is the ultimate hope?
9:29 am
and the christian tradition of christmas and the christian understanding, the ultimate hope is that there is eternal life. we are also fearful, of course, of death and this terrible pandemic, but the ultimate hope is that god, having become man, has given us the opportunity to become like him. something we could have never done without his grace and his blessing. so that is the message of christmas. redemption and eternal life. and that is the ultimate hole, even as we are seeing hope in the vaccine. >> kennedy: i almost feel like we could go on and talk about that, but in an effort to stick to this topic, heading into 202. hopefully the economy also sees a rebound. in theory, we should be able to open things back up. i don't know what sort of leadership and whatnot will not be able to stop that from happening. at some point, the people are going to say you know, we have these vaccines.
9:30 am
and if we do see that roaring back in the economy, will we also hear from -- then the farmer president trump, but that he deserves some of the credit for that down the road. >> kennedy: yes. he will be talking about deserving credit for a long, long time, and i think history will be kinder to him in terms of getting a handle on the vaccine and changing the way the bureaucracy functions and streamlining the entire process. i wish more of our government works like this. it doesn't. we are going to go back to a traditional, typical establishment type of government with the biden administration. that means with bureaucracy, things will be slower. of course the press is going to do what they can to withhold credit now from the president. credit is not the most important thing right now. what is most important is protecting people who are vulnerable and making sure they don't get sick with the virus that is incredibly fickle and
9:31 am
has a way of sparing younger people and decimating some of our older americans. so that is what we need to focus on right now. that energy and positivity. jonathan is absolutely right here there is a great deal of hope, and that has been pent up, but it is still there. and the fact that the scientists and researchers and doctors were able to work at this speed, using their rational capacity, it truly is miraculous. so, people now -- the economy will rebound. people will be healthy once again. kids will be in school. people will be back working, and there will be a flourishing that is desperately needed. >> molly: i think we have just enough time. new administration, new democratic administration. they will have a lot to do with distribution. we are well underway with distribution. your thoughts with the transition? >> katie: yeah, this is a miracle on every level. kennedy is absolutely right when
9:32 am
she talks about the government bureaucracy. the reason we were able to get vaccine so quickly is because the president made orders to make sure that unnecessary government was taken off of this, whether it was logistically appeared whether it was in the scientific community, at the fda. it brings is a question about whether those government regulations really need to be in place in the future because lives will be saved as a result of that action. and going back to that, will be harmful to people in terms of not being able to get this out as quickly as possible. logistically with distribution or in terms of scientific study and getting things improved in order for it to get to market for the most vulnerable people in our society. but i hope that history is kind to the president on this issue. i do worry that because of the way that the media writes the history that it won't be as accurate as it should be, given the lack of coverage or the lack of credit to the people who deserve it. >> molly: thank you, here at carley, we owe you some time on
9:33 am
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>> kennedy: welcome back. joe biden is facing growing pressure from some on the left to roll back trump administration regarding religious liberties. the secular democrats of america late last month rolling back sweeping -- they warrant out of the rise of the "christian nationalist movement" or "religious right," calling it "extraordinarily well-funded and well-organized."
9:38 am
they are pushing joe biden into avoid terms like "in god we trust" and "god and country." they also suggest that the biden team pressures states to appeal nonmedical exemptions, including religious exemptions and make vaccinations mandatory for children's and schools and day care centers. so, it's very interesting here, jonathan, because it seems as though they are trying to put governments in the place of faith almost by force. how do you see it? >> jonathan: yeah, it's so interesting here they are saying we need a more secular government, but according to our constitution, we are not a secular country. in fact, the only two dimensions of religion, number one, that there should be no prohibition, law prohibiting religious exercise, and that the government should not choose one religion over another. and so the whole idea that the
9:39 am
secular democratic caucus, whatever it is, first of all, the whole democratic party right now it is basically secular in its documents. not every member. joe biden is not a secularist. i believe he is a religious person. with sincere faith, even though i disagree with some of his personal and political choices. but the idea that hey, this is a christian nationalist country now, those terms -- nationalist means like a white supremacy, which is basically what they are suggesting a means. they just don't go together. christianity is actually about the dignity of every single human being. despite race, color, religion, anything else. so they are trying to do is just get their way of turning this country into a secular country, where the name of god, the voice of god, and religion itself should be quieted. the captain the church hall. or in the church itself. although we shouldn't allow people to go to church during the pandemic.
9:40 am
>> kennedy: no, they can go to target, absolutely. and they can protest. >> jonathan: yeah, that's fine. >> kennedy: bet they are prohibited in houses of worship. but there is an agreed separation of church and state. there is also freedom of association. carley, one of the things they're trying to attack and withhold is money for people to send their kids to religious schools. public money, which, you know, that was a recent supreme court decision. so, who wins this fight? >> carley: yeah, this type of rhetoric may fly and big liberal cities, but it is such a turnoff to a majority of americans. as a matter of fact, a lot of trump critics wonder why the president, despite his moral failings, is so popular among evangelicals. look no further than this. i mean, he is going to just to
9:41 am
send babies and religious freedom, whereas the other side, some liberals, get triggered. they signed god e pluribus unum controversial. there has been good and bad news here. i do think that this group of people is pretty small, but the bad news is the way that the country is going, i think that it is growing, so i think it all boils down to the parenting and the teaching your kids about religion early and hoping for the best. >> kennedy: yes. and having the choice to do th that. that is implicit and religious liberty, katie. >> katie: yeah. you know, kennedy, you brought up being able to shop at target, which proves that this is a calculated attack on religion in america. the idea that you can -- freedom of religion is basically the first amendment here just as you are able to go out and protest, whatever protest that democrats
9:42 am
are embracing while they are also regulating church services, it is in the first amendment that freedom of religion and assembly. so this idea that we are attacking the rights of americans, especially around holiday time, christmas time, really is a bigger problem. and when it comes to the way the biden administration is going to handle this, let's not forget that the obama administration did not embrace this. they actually sued nuns and were trying to force them into violating their own religious beliefs because they wanted government to be a supplement for what they were practicing and putting out in terms of what people should follow in terms of religious doctrine. so it is not just about what people believe. it is that they have taken government action against people who are trying to live out their faith, and we see that egregious violations in terms of the lockdowns and the pandemic and allowing certain groups of people to do something, but people who have a first amendment right to do it
9:43 am
has been violated over and over and over again. >> kennedy: yeah. don't hurt people. don't take their stuff, and don't force your beliefs or your anti-beliefs on them here new york city mayor bill de blasio, he is getting slammed by comments yesterday about his biggest takeaway from 2020. and it's a doozy. what he says inspired "the new york post" cover. "bedtime for de blasio." that's coming up. >> one thing i will tell you that i have learned. this is something she use to to lecture me on all the time. sleeping matters. i am not one who has traditionally gotten enough sleep. ♪ i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life. it was the easiest application process. sofi made it so there's no tradeoff between my dreams and paying student loans. student loans don't have to take over for the rest of your life.
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or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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>> katie: new york city mayor bill de blasio bill de blasio said yesterday one of the big take big takeaways from the pandemic for him is the importance of sleep. much. >> at the beginning of this crisis, it was crazy for all of us. we were working every single d day. i didn't see that that had an impact. it makes it harder to fully think through things, and obviously, we'll get more emotional when we are tired. so i learned the value of sleep for sure. >> katie: oh, yes. he is the victim here. "the new york post" mocking the mayor with that's covered today.
9:48 am
"bedtime for de blasio." also widely online. suffered some 24,000 coronavirus steps and seen countless restaurants and other businesses shut down. one report found that more than 1,000 stores in manhattan alone had to close for good. so, molly, pretty hard to hear someone say that. when so much is happening in new york. >> molly: i am not surprised at all. when i saw that this was the response to the question, this was a softball question. this is the kind of question you can knock out of the park. what did you learn about yourself? we were expecting to hear people are dying in boxes. you expect to hear about empathy. the decisions you make lead to people losing their jobs. at least temporarily. they will end up eventually in a food line with their children. so that was my biggest takeaway when i heard that this was the response. there was an opportunity, you
9:49 am
know, you really just smash that one, and this is that response. i'm not surprised he is getting slammed for it by the new york media. for sure, katie. >> katie: yeah. yeah, jonathan, there are a lot of people in new york who wish that they were sleeping last so that they could go to work. they have lost their jobs permanently. this is a guy who hasn't lost a single paycheck. >> jonathan: for all of our viewers who do not live in new york city, can i tell you nobody in new york city likes this mayor. how did we get him? it's a great lesson. it is not that so many new yorkers that you know what? this is such a leader. we just want to follow him. what happens is that big organizations that give money to politics basically got him elected. everybody else said down. liberals, conservatives, libertarians, saying how did we get this guy? we got him twice.
9:50 am
it's because there is so much money in politics that they are just funneling money to whoever will do their bidding. that's the big -- the big school union. there are so many other lobbies who are just saying listen, if you get elected, you will do whatever we ask you, and he does it. he looks like a buffoon. i think he's a very nice guy. a nicer guy, perhaps, even, then our governor, but come on. we need to get better as a country to make sure this doesn't happen. it's just not right. so many new yorkers are suffering. >> katie: kennedy, this is a mayor who is known to be late to 10:30 a.m. meetings because he has loved him. he is also known for claiming that he is empathetic towards the working class, but obviously, he is out of touch. he is not. i mean, it's insane. >> kennedy: yes, and he has invited high wage earners to
9:51 am
leave the city and the state, and that's exactly what they are doing. we are facing a massive financial crisis here in new york city because that mayor lacks any rationality. he is not a grown-up. he lacks any self-awareness. molly is absolutely right. this was a gimme. this is the kind of thing where you say what have i learned? i went out to have new yorkers really are. i have seen people come together that i did not think was possible, and i am so -- oh, does he have something wrong with him? does he need to see an endocrinologist? because now i am kind of worried. >> katie: i think kennedy should run for mayor of new york city. carley, quickly, last words. >> carley: i would describe this as a bit of a pageant question. you talk about the grit of new yorkers. you talk about how it is better when people come together. and he talked about sleep.
9:52 am
do you think that people who lost loved ones got a lot of sleep this year? or those who lost their businesses because of his policies? or those whose businesses were destroyed during the riots? this is a totally tone-deaf response. only more tone-deaf is governor cuomo with his an emmy award and new book written for the pandemic. >> katie: disgraceful. houses of worship will be able to welcome more worshipers just in time to celebrate the birth of jesus. ♪ ♪ ♪ did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah!
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>> kennedy: it is being called "a christmas tree." reaching a deal over limits placed on the pandemic. the archdiocese agreeing to comply with the relaxed restrictions as the church leaders sued the district several limits they say had a chilling effect on worshipers. houses of worship can admit up to 25% of their capacity or up to 250 people. whichever is smaller. religious services in washington were limited to either 50 people or 50% capacity. how good is this news, jonathan? oh, he's not there. he went to church in washington, d.c., he was so excited, being our resident theologian, that he went to our nation's capital, which is very exciting.
9:58 am
katie, you live right next to d.c., south tell me what this means that what it has been like in your zone. >> katie: looked. i think this is a win for religious freedom here and i that other politicians across the country would allow people to exercise their faith with their fellow believers. especially around their most important holidays. so i am glad to see that there is more common sense being put into these gatherings, considering a lot of these charges and procedurals, especially in washington, d.c., have a ton of space. saying you can only have 50 people in a place i can maybe hold 1,000 and isn't really a great use of -- a use of space in terms of how people should be allowed in. so, christmas cheer, and i am glad that there has been some common sense after of course all lawsuit being filed. i am glad that faith prevailed here. >> kennedy: and it is a christmas miracle. jonathan morris is back in action. can i ask you, what does --
9:59 am
>> jonathan: i was at a church service. [laughs] some of the states and counties even had restrictions of ten people only. i think about -- i was preaching for 17 years to over 1,000 people. imagine saying okay, ten of you can come. and i'm going to select which ten of you are going to come. that's just not legitimate. that is not realistic. and so, these politicians were basically shutting churches down. this is a great lesson. in moments of an emergency, we cannot allow elected officials to have absolute control. they were not acting based on science. they were acting on some desire to have control and to show that it was working. it didn't work, and these were just unscientific like mandates and a great lesson for the united states of america. there is hope and 2021. we had a great lesson. we are not going to allow it to happen again.
10:00 am
>> kennedy: and you always let the little low ladies and, by the way, if god hears our pray prayer. thank you to you all. of course, jonathan morris, our #oneluckyguy. now molly line is in for harris. >> molly: fox news alert. coming for the justice department and the hunter biden pro. this is "outnumbered overtime." i am molly line in four harris faulkner. doj officials are now discussing whether a special counsel should be appointed to lead the investigation. some believe it is warranted because of the potential for a conflict of interest. this comes just days after bill barr dismissed the idea in his final days as attorney general. here is devin nunes last night. >> if there was a special counsel that was started on donald trump for


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