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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  December 24, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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of purple, maybe some winds. 70 miles an hour overnight tonight around new york city. so rough night for santa certainly. >> merry christmas, rick. thanks so much for the update. we appreciate it. thanks for joining us. i'm gillian turner. here's rick leventhal. >> i'm rick leventhal in for bill hemmer. president trump spending christmas eve in south florida as the status of the next round of covid relief is uncertain. while santa is on the way, stimulus checks for millions in need are not. at least not yet. house republicans voting against the president's demand to increase direct payments to most americans from $600 to $2,000. since the covid package is tied to the spending bill to fund the government, a veto could trigger a shut down. mark meredith reporting live from south florida. mark? >> rick, good afternoon. right now it's unclear whether or not the president is going to
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sign or simply veto this spending bill that is also tied to the economic stimulus package that they have been working out. it's unclear what the president will do after lawmakers pass these proposals only a few days ago. the drama today is focused on the house floor with democrats trying to put forth a unanimous consent measure to increase the $600 stimulus amount to $2,000. that's something that the president wanted. republicans say they won't support the effort. now nancy pelosi says she plans to have the entire house meet for a roll call vote on the measure. the idea here is to get all lawmakers on the record with this. meantime with so much uncertainty out there, whether we'll see another shut down or assistance for americans will dry up, lawmakers are encouraging the president to sign the bill that congress has already approved. >> when we finally thought we would be able to give people help, that's what people need, help. be able to begin to continue to work on this in january doesn't
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give a damn about people. he threw kerosene on a fire. >> as for president trump, no new tweets on the stimulus. he didn't speak with reporters as he left washington or arrived in florida. the white house says the president's schedule has many meetings and calls. his staff has not said what the meetings are are or who he's talking to. they called a lid in florida indicating we don't expect to see the president do anything on camera. twitter is where he could make announcements. we're waiting to see how mitch mcconnell feels about this. he tweeted out after the senate passed this saying help was on the way for those americans needing it. now people are wondering when it will get there. rick? >> thanks, mark. thanks very much. sources at the justice department tell fox news talks are on going to decide whether to appoint a special counsel to the hunter biden investigation. former attorney general bill barr said he had not seen a
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reason to do that. but many republicans lawmakers are pushing for a special counsel. david spunt reporting live from the justice department. david? >> rick, these are just discussions, no final decisions have been made. when you talk about the son of the next president of the united states involved in a criminal investigation and that's what this is by the u.s. attorney in delaware, you could bet there's some discussions, fruitful discussions taking place even though we know there's no decisions that are being made. now, specifically when you have a special counsel, the reason according to the special counsel statute is to stop any type of conflict of interest. some people that work at the department of just tis believe that yes, it could be a conflict of interest if you have an attorney general appointed by president-elect biden investigating essentially overseeing on a grand scream the investigation of his son. one called it textbook conflict of interest. today, rick, the first full day
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without bill bar running the justice department. he's a private citizen. he finished his job yesterday. acting attorney general jeff rosen is running the department. monday the former attorney general said on camera just two days before leaving he did not see a need to appoint a special counsel to investigate the younger biden. >> to this point, i have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel. i have no plan to do so before i leave. >> so barr passed on the special counsel opportunity. now it's up to rosen to give the special counsel idea a thumbs up or thumbs down. he has a few weeks to do so before january 20th if he so chooses. republicans are hoping he does appoint one. >> look, maybe the fbi is going to do a good job and doj will do a good job. i highly doubt it. so do millions of americans. >> biden has yet to announce a pick for attorney general. the clock is ticking.
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he's looking at sally yates, deval patrick, judge merrick garland and outgoing alabama senator could be attorney general doug jones. we're told according to biden sources that the president-elect when he becomes president plans on having no conversations as president-elect with these a.g. candidates about his son's business dealings. rick? >> excellent report, david. thanks very much. let's bring in republican congressman, ken buck of colorado. he's a abdulmutallab of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committees. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> we're hearing a lot of debate about whether a special counsel should be appointed. i guess you think one is warranted? >> i wrote a letter to attorney general barr and asked for a special counsel. when you look at the activities of hunter biden and his father, at the time his father was vice president, it's clear
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corruption. a number of statutes indicated. it would really relieve the biden administration of the conflict of interest burden if a special counsel was appointed right now. >> i read one source on capitol hill calling this a textbook conflict of interest when you have an incoming president whose son is being criminally investigated as david reported. >> criminally investigated by the federal government. by the internal revenue service in conjunction with career prosecutors at the department of justice. perhaps u.s. attorney's offerses. it's textbook conflict of interest. in addition to that, there's this cloud. i think that he may very well be clear. if he's clear, so be it. let the investigation do that. if he's not clear, i think it's all very important that we have independent prosecutors and not prosecutors that are ultimately working for his father in this case. >> joe biden says he will
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appoint an a.g. that will enforce the law as written. he says he won't be discussing an investigation of his son with candidates. do you believe that? >> i don't believe that. for one, i don't think that happened when he was the vice president. i don't think barack obama appointed attorney generals that enforced the law and i don't think this president will do that. they're going to appoint attorney generals that will enforce the law the way they see it. in the case of a criminal investigation like this, that could implicate the president. they will not aggressively pursue this investigation. >> congressman, i also wanted to ask you about the covid relief bill, which i believe you voted against changing to the president's wishes. why is that? >> well, it was stacked with pork. it's really unfortunate. what we need to do is help small businesses and we need to help the unemployed. there was money there to be moved to other accounts from the covid relief package that was passed a number of months ago. now that money was never moved.
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the checks were never written to those that need them the most. nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi, has been playing games for months now with this. we're in this covid relief package, we're giving money to pakistan, giving money all over the world really. not focusing on those that need at this time most here at home. >> bill: you're in congress. you were presumably part of this at some point. why can't you keep it simple? why are you tying this other stuff to something so critically important to all americans? >> well, the reason is speaker pelosi wanted first to help bail out the pension funds from california, illinois, new york, new jersey, the states that are so important to the democrat coalition. then she wanted to make sure that president trump didn't get his signature on a check that went to americans before the election. she held this up for months. now the real question is whether they're going to stack this full of pork and get it passed for
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those that need it and not the country's fiscal balance at risk. >> you say the georgia elections are coming up quick. you say it's about nancy pelosi and chuck schumer what do you mean? >> if the democrats have control of the house, the white house and the senate, they'll have dangerous legislation. chuck schumer said they want to make washington d.c. a state and pack the supreme court. you can expect that to happen. >> representative ken buck of colorado, thanks for your time. merry christmas to you and your family. >> thank you to you also. >> a federal court rejecting a church's efforts to lift covid restrictions. and reaching a medical milestone. after more than a million
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americans got their first dose of the covid vaccine, i will speak live with one of them. plus, airports now taking precautions as holiday travel picks up. and while he doesn't fly on a plane, we will check on santa's progress this christmas eve. ♪
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>> rick: a church in pasadena, california has lost their fight to hold services indoors. an appeals court upheld the governor's worship restrictions put in place as part of the state's shut down. christina coleman has more. >> the leaders of the church say the governor's restrictions criminalizes in-person worship and violates their first amendment right. in a 2-1 decision, the 9th circuit court of appeals rejected the decision. the court ruled the church failed to prove that their rights were restricted.
12:15 pm
the court ruled -- >> now, this comes as churches across the country continue to challenge various covid lockdowns and restrictions. earlier this month, the u.s. supreme court stopped new york from enforcing certain limits on attendance at churches and synagogues. the ruling referred to a health order that treated churches the same way as comparable businesses. also, the catholic arch disease eased attendance limits for worship services. rick? >> rick: thanks, christina. thank you.
12:16 pm
a milestone reached in the fight against covid. with more than a million americans receiving the vaccine in just ten days. the government aiming to vaccinate 20 million people by the end of the year. dr. ahmed is a pulmonologispulm. tell us about the vaccination. any side effects? >> rick, it was painless. the nurse that gave me the injection came out of retirement to help man the vaccination center. the only after effects is euphoria. i'm thrilled. that's what i was waiting to go on air for you. i've been invited to take my second dose in 17 days from now. a seamless operation. seamless. >> rick: and you encourage others to do the same. >> essential.
12:17 pm
if we're going to have hope of restoring our lives in full, travel, gathering, returning to offices. rebuilding the economy. this is the answer. we have a massive -- we're going to have to vaccinate every healthcare worker in america. i'm part of a very successful established healthcare system, nyu langone. 50,000 employees. we're well underway of getting everybody vaccinated. we have to vaccinate doctors that are independent, that are working alone, surgeons, dentists are being completely overlooked. all of them have to be vaccinated. in new york state, we've vaccinated 90,000 people as of yesterday. 2,000 in nursing homes. a prevalence rate of 5%. i would appeal to governor cuomo, please intervene. more than half of our doctors
12:18 pm
are independent practitioners, not part of big hospitals. and the big healthcare systems are not authorized by new york state to vaccinate anybody else in the healthcare field apart from their own employees. >> that is a fascinating wrinkle here, doctor, that independent healthcare workers, includes doctors and dentists and pediatricians are not getting vaccinated in new york state. they're on the front lines. they need it as badly as you and others do. >> right. they have written to me since we've been talking about this on air. ophthalmologists, dentists, they're extremely close to the patients. children should be swabbed and screen while these doctors are unproducted. we've done a tremendous job. we were the epicenter. long island was ablaze with this pandemic. we've had 36,000 deaths in new york state. that's more than 10% in the
12:19 pm
united states. we've suffered here and we're going to succeed with the vaccine roll-out. i want to lend a voice and i'm sure my leaders at my institution would like to do that, too, that we not forget about people in private practice that look after so many americans. they have to be vaccinated immediately. the governor has a vaccine equity task force to look at that, get the job done. don't forget my independent colleagues that look after my patients, too. >> rick: doctor, we'll have to leave it there. glad the vaccination process went well for you. merry christmas. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> rick: thank you. president trump warning iran after an attack on the embassy in iraq. we're tracking the forecast for you. that is next. ♪
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♪ >> rick: i think we should have led the show with this story. we have confirmation santa claus is coming to town. you can follow his journey using the norad santa tracker today on christmas eve. norad's commander general spoke with "fox and friends" earlier. he talked about how a mistake led to the start of this tracking of santa. >> it was an accident actually.
12:25 pm
a flyer was given a phone number. that number rang in our command center. a young child was looking for santa class. the general said that he needed to take care of tracking santa claus and he did that. >> you can keep an eye on norad's website, mobile app and social media to follow santa's progress through tonight. more than a third of americans are planning holiday, road or air trips despite the pandemic. that according to a survey from the travel app gas buddy. most people said that they plan to stay home. but for those heading out, a christmas eve storm could make things tough bringing extreme rain and winds to folks on the east coast. we have team coverage, garrett tenney is in chicago at o'hare. first, rick reichmuth is tracking the storm. rick? >> yeah, for those staying home,
12:26 pm
we could have problems overnight. we have the blizzard. the storm is done. the cold air has settled in behind it. you get the idea. six degrees is the actual air temperature in minneapolis. we'll be below zero overnight. across the east coast, 1 1/2 weeks ago, we had a record-breaking snowstorm. now we have very heavy rain falling on it and temperatures pushing 60 degrees. really rapid snow melts from this. that means flooding, maybe flooding of the basement and certainly flooding of streams and rods. along with the heavy rain, a windy storm. so you get the idea across the southern side of this. i don't think as much in the way of severe weather and not as much rain here. we have very significant storms cutting a cross the panhandle of florida. mid-atlantic, we have severe weather, tornado warnings in fact that we have going right now. to the north side of this, it's the very heavy rain. slow-moving storm in the
12:27 pm
eastward projection. that means we're going to see the rainfall totals pile up. behind it, snow. the central an lap -- appalachians, 4 to 8 inches, a little purple across the hudson valley. those are winds hover 70 miles an hour. we have some widespread 50 american. tonight, a tough night. possibly power outages with this and trees down and such by team morning for christmas morning. not good news there. most of the wind is gone by tomorrow and most of the rain is gone by new england, a rough one for santa and the kids and maybe adults that have to do some repair work by tomorrow morning. rick? >> sounds like it. scary radar, rick. thanks very much. the tsa is reporting nearly 1.2 million people went through checkpoints at airports across the u.s. yesterday. it's the highest number since
12:28 pm
mid march when the pandemic slowed travel. garrett tenney has that angle covered from o'hare international in chicago. garrett? >> rick, the airports are the busiest they have been since the start of the pandemic. right now there's more employees that than passengers. it's been busy. across the nation, that is the case. during this time of year, it's the busiest time of year for travel. aaa is expecting holiday travel numbers to drop to the lowest levels that they've been in 18 years. more than 3/4 of americans are expected to stay home. of those traveling, 96% will be driving instead of flying according to aaa. with the recent surge in coronavirus cases, a lot of people's travel plans could change. >> just like thanksgiving. people have been doing a wait and see approach.
12:29 pm
while people may have travel plans, they may cancel and stay home just because of the pandemic and the rise of covid-19 cases. >> more than two dozen airports offer rapid testing for passengers three days before the plights. airline workers are out in force cleaning, sanitizing the kiosks. folks traveling realize you can't completely eliminate the risk involved. >> there's tension in the air, risk involved. hope for the best. >> wash my hands every chance i get. try to take my medicine. follow the rules. >> i think we're scared of covid, you know, during our daily lives. so i think this is something that i have to do. just to see my family a couple days and come back. >> well, most folks are trying to do their part to keep every one safe, public health officials are bracing for what could be a flood of new cases in
12:30 pm
january after folks get back home from all of these holiday gatherings. rick? >> rick: thanks, garrett. there's word that marty walsh could be the labor secretary. racial diversity considerations are weighing heavily on the president-elect's decision. what we're learning there. plus, more on the debate over whether to appoint a special counsel in a hunter biden investigation. just trusty will weigh-in. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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12:35 pm
earlier this week. he said -- . >> iran's foreign minister respond ago few hours ago. >> monday, the u.s.s. georgia went to the strait of hormuns. the submarine has over 50 tomahawk missiles. escorting the sub, a pair of
12:36 pm
guided missile cruisers armed with dozens of tomahawks as well. the u.s.s. tom paul joins tsunami fired their five-inch guns. hundreds of cruise middles are in range of iran ready to strike in minutes and ready to destroy any targets. the u.s.s. nimitz is in the area and can launch air force jet fighter squadrons. b-52 bombers can deploy if needed. on christmas eve, over 60,000 u.s. troops are deployed to the middle east. this as the one-year anniversary of the u.s. killing of iran's most powerful general looms on january 3. >> rick: thoughts and prayers to all of those members oversees. thanks very much for that. sources telling fox news president-elect biden is considering boston mayor marty walsh for labor secretary. there's concerns over diversity in the cabinet.
12:37 pm
jacqui heinrich reporting live on this from wilmington. jacqui? >> good afternoon, rick. sources say boston mayor marty walsh is being strongly considered for labor secretary. racial diversity considerations are weighing heavily on president-elect's decision and it could cost him the job. mayor walsh is a long-time union member and leader. he has support from many union heads. he's seen by democrats as a path to construction workers and laborers that supported president trump. wall, presided over joe biden's second inauguration. he's catholic and open about his struggles with alcoholism, more than now 25 years sober. the men agree on several priorities including labor issues and climate change. two sources say despite the relationship to biden, walsh's status as a white man is not
12:38 pm
helpful. biden is under pressure to support a diversionive cabinet. biden was called on to appoint an aapi nominee to me remaining cabinet spot saying as more nominees are announced, this could be the first time in two decades there's not a single aapi secretary in a cabinet. the spanish caucus is also making a push. >> we're not stopping. because the hispanic community is the largest minority population in the entire nation. president-elect joe biden has followed through in creating a diverse cabinet. we still are going to push for another latina. >> one source told me it's not just race that biden is factoring in. the final decision has not been made. rick? >> jacqui heinrich in
12:39 pm
wilmington. >> fox news has learned that the justice department is weighing whether to appoint a special counsel to take over the hunter biden investigation. this despite bill bar dismissing the idea in his final days as attorney general. his replacement, the acting a.g., jeffery rosen, telling reuters that he would do things on the basis of the law and the facts. joining me now, jim trusty. thanks for being with us. what do you know about jeffery rosen? >> he's never been a prosecutor. he has a good reputation, he's been in government. he's only been in the department of justice a little over a year. that was starting off as the deputy attorney general. there's pretty momentous issues pending right now in the department of justice. it's a little unsettling to have somebody that has so little experience in prosecution at the helm. >> jim, your surprised that bill barr elected not to appoint a special counsel? >> more like puzzled. its not totally surprising.
12:40 pm
he has access to more information than we have. he's been greating at presiding over departments that doesn't leak their internal business. the basic premise for special counsel, you don't want prosecutors in the executive branch investigating matters that touch on their bosses. that's a legitimate concern. why wouldn't this be an issue if you're investigating the new president's son. >> rick: right, jim. we mentioned earlier that some in washington are calling this textbook conflict of interest. >> right. maybe. but i tell you, there's so many moving parts right now, it's getting intriguing. i think we'll see something big on this matter in the next four weeks. a very conspicuous leak of the information from the biden camp. they said that hunter has some tax issues, which might be an optimistic way of putting it. the u.s. attorney's office is chugging along. joe biden is in a position where he can say i'll keep that u.s. attorney on board. he hasn't done that.
12:41 pm
now we're talking about possible special counsel. all of that is conspiring or getting together in my mind to think that maybe there's going to be something very big here by way of an indictment or the other end of the spectrum, a very soft plea or a dismissal of the investigation. it seems like we'll have news buried about hunter biden's fate. >> rick: if it's found that there was no crime, i know that you believe that would make it look like favoritism. what is a soft plea. what is that? >> they're looking at a number of federal statutes that could be in play here. it's not just the tax case. you're looking at the foreign agency readministration act, money laundering. weighty things that go to this russia, ukraine, kazakhstan processes that were going on that congressional committees looked at earlier. so if you wanted to come up with a soft resolution from hunter
12:42 pm
biden's perspective and you know his attorneys are talking a lot to the u.s. attorney's office, you're talking about a tax case that truncates or ends all of those other angles of investigati investigation. could be serious. could include jail time. it would have the effect of shortening this investigation in the most favorable way for the biden family and the next attorney general. >> jonathan turley said the biggest issue is that influence pedalling is legal. it the favorite form of corruption in washington. while it's not okay to give joe biden and envelope of cash, giving it to his son is fine. a special counsel would be a waste of time. >> i'm not sure that the results of what the investigations show would be determinative of putting a special counsel in place. the issue is the conflict issue for the executive branch, not
12:43 pm
what it will end up as. what we don't know, what do the foreign influences expect to get by making payments to hunter biden. that is the area of inquiry that could lead to criminal prosecution. >> jim trusty. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> rick: lawmakers set for a show down over the covid relief bill. democrats and republicans blocking a alter the bill. our panel will weigh-in next. >> nobody in congress has read because of its length and complexity. it's called the covid relief bill but it has also nothing to do with covid. it's been a tough year. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it. workflow it...? with the now platform, we can catch problems
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>> was this bill perfect?
12:48 pm
no. but it's a down payment in getting covid relief to the people of this country. and then the president, when we finally thought that we would be able to give people help, that's what people need, help, and be able to begin to work on this in january, he doesn't give about people. he threw kerosene on a fire. >> rick: strong words there on the stimulus shut down. escalating on capitol hill after house republicans and democrats blocked each other's request to alter a covid and spending package. this after president trump blasted the agreement as he cold on congress to boost payments to americans and reduce wasteful spending joining me now, chris hahn. good afternoon to both of you. brad, critics of the bill say
12:49 pm
there's not enough covid relief in it. there's too much pork. so what is the debate about cutting the fat and giving the money to americans? >> well, this should be about covid relief to americans that are hurting. put america first. shouldn't be anything in this ball that is not for american interests. that's not what this bill contains. it's 5,000 pages and almost a trillion dollars. nobody has read the bill. what is in the bill is a disgrace whether republican or democrat. we need -- and as the president said, this bill has to be for the american people. the paultry sum is a slap in the face for americans that need relief. president trump is sticking to his guns and he's right to do so. >> rick: chris, can you defend the bill and can you agree with the heat the president is getting for waiting until the
12:50 pm
11th hour? >> the president is lighting a match to this country and setting it on fire. the bill is negotiated with the president's treasury secretary. the pork that the president and my good friend brad here is complaining about was in the president's budget that he submitted to congress. the president is complaining about money for the kennedy center. money for egypt and other foreign aid. these are the sums that the president requested in his budget. he's conflating the covid bill and the federal budget, which we need to keep this government open after monday. he's conflating the two. look, i would like to see $2,000 payments and unemployment benefits for people unemployed due to covid. i'd like to see those things. if the president wanted that to happen, he should have been working congress instead of sitting in the oval office with sydney powell and other
12:51 pm
conspiracy theorists trying to overturn an election that he lost by seven million votes. >> rick: brad, does the president veto this bill or decide it's better to sign it and get the $600 checks in the mail? >> this is a huge game of chicken. i wouldn't blame then't for trying to protect the american people and vetoing a bad bill. that doesn't help them at all. i'll remind chris of what speaker pelosi said. she wasn't going to give president trump a bill before the election because she how old the it would help him. the president is asking for a clean bill. chris, you know when a clean bill is. the problem is congress can't bring themselves to have a clean bill. and not pork it up with things. >> rick: brad, look, if the president wanted a clean bill, the president should have worked towards a clean bill. the president has been sitting
12:52 pm
in his oval office sulking since the election. he's not done one thing for the american people. hold on. if he wanted a bill before the election, he should have worked on mitch mcconnell before the election. he said he wanted the $2,000 payments which were more than the democrats proposed in their bill in may. he should have got that done before the election. it's the -- i don't understand why he's fighting so hard to keep the job. he doesn't do the work. it's amazing to me. brad, you saw a president work. you know how hard your former boss worked. this president did not work the phones, he did not work the congress. now he's complaining because he's saying they didn't read the bill. the bill is his budget. he complaining about his own budget that he didn't read, wasn't briefed on because he didn't care about this country. merry christmas, mr. president. >> listen, i know you can fight
12:53 pm
all day long. we can't let you. >> i know brad personally. >> yeah. >> rick: i want to throw out the question remains and you can't answer this is why congress couldn't craft something covid specific. we'll leave that to next time. thanks. merry christmas to both of you. >> merry christmas. >> rick: some christmas celebrations are looking different. up next, the pope's message to the world on this christmas eve. ♪ we're related to them? we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian. can you tell me that story again? behind every question is a story waiting to be discovered. this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit from ancestry.
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>> rick: rush limbaugh giving an emotional message as he fights a
12:58 pm
cancer diagnosis. i wasn't expected to be alive today. i can't be self-absorbed about it. that is the tendency that you're told you due date. my point with this is to say thanks. and to tell everybody involved how much i love you from the bottom of a sizable and growing and still-beating heart. it's never time to panic, never time to give up on our country or the united states or never time to give up on yourself. trust me. >> rick: limbaugh's radio show has been on the air since 1988 and one of the most listened to broadcasts. president trump and the first lady giving out a holiday message. this is from the president's twitter account. take a listen. >> we're delivering millions of
12:59 pm
doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will soon end this terrible pandemic and save millions and millions of lives. we're grateful for the scientists, researchers and manufacturing workers and service members that have work tirelessly to make this break-through possible. it is truly a christmas miracle. >> rick: the president and first lady there. pope francis leading a mass from the vatican. took place earlier this year day to covid restrictions. we're here monday through friday at 3:00 eastern. you can set your dvr and never miss a report. there were pictures from the pope's address here on this christmas eve. i rick leventhal for bill hemmer. wishing you and yours a safe and happy and merry christmas and happy new year's. "your world" is next with charles payne in for neil
1:00 pm
cavuto. watch out for the storm on the east coast. thanks to our service members serving overseas during this holiday. take care. ♪ >> charles: santa is on the move this christmas eve. so far, the stimulus checks are not. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." merry christmas eve. ho-ho-no. what will president trump do now that a house effort by both sides to change the stimulus bill has failed? unemployment aid runs out saturday and we could face a government shut down. to mark meredith on if president


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