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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 26, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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charles, thank you. and that's how fox reports on this final saturday of 2020. december 26th the day after christmas, i'm jon scott, thank you for watching, see you tomorrow.
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electors have met, the media says it is over. the election is all done. you know what this is, i bring it with me all of the time in this little book is a copy of the declaration of independence. and the u.s. constitution, we talked about article section clause 2 of the constitution it is there like every other part of the constitution. it is not an invisible link but in black and white and what does it require, ladies and gentlemen? it is very simple. when they met in philadelphia, and they meted in various state capitols for ratification of the constitution, all of the framers insisted that the state legislatures make the election laws particularly as applies to
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selection of federal electors to in turn select a president of the united states. this part of the constitution is a as other parts of the constitution. how many newsrooms have done stories on this? none? how many newsrooms talk about this? none, and yet that has the purpe of the litigation gone to the united states supreme court. and what is the united states supreme court done? nothing. nothing -- those individuals on that court those justices took an oath to uphold the constitution. and they have utterly failed us. in virtually every state that has been in contention particularly the battleground states, that part of the constitution has been violated. in georgia, when the secretary of state entered into a consent decree with stacey abrams to change voting system that is the signature requirement. he usurp power of the state legislature pure and simple in pennsylvania, the state
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legislature usurp so many times i can't even count it by the governor. by the secretary of state, by a rogue democrat controlled and lengted elect the staid supreme court that case went to the united states supreme court and so far what is the court done? an 18-word -- don't come back we're not going to deal with it and it is not just pennsylvania and georgia. same thing happened in michigan. michigan, same thing is happened in almost all of these sta stats where you have democrats controlling executives -- or rhino in case of georgia with the secretary of state. this is why we have a supreme court. judicial review for the purple of upholding the united states constitution. when it sits there and pretend they're just observers. that decide they don't want to get involved. they have done a grave disservice to this country, they have not upheld the constitution and we will pay the price for this. in elections that come, the state legislatures are in control of setting the election
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rules in all of these states. but not anymore. not anymore. a governor can do it, a bureaucrat can do it. a state court can do it federal court can do it. this election cycle, article 2 section one, clause two of the constitution has been read out of the constitution. why? to accommodate the democrats. to accommodate joe biden and what is it that they wanted? they wanted a election process in place where they can take what used to be fraud -- what used to be considered ballots that would be rejengted as counted. as counted. they don't want to count every vote. they want to change the voting system. and that's exactly what they did in every single one of these states. and the news hasn't even covered it. instead we get spitballs. from the so-called legal analysts. spitballs oh they lost another case oh i read the brief i
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notice footnote three they didn't say this where are defenders of the united states constitution in this part of the constitution? they sure as hell aren't on the supreme court or any federal court. because we the people have now been abused. why does it take so long to count and find out who winners and losers are because that's what the in in thes have done in california and now what they've done in all of these states and because this hasn't been confronted because the court one time after another, now we're stuck with it. now we're stuck with it. and so they paint those of you and us who object this as problem mat i think as something is wrong us they paint the president of the united states who is not just defending his election but defending constitution of the united states. they paint his -- him as a loser and they try to humiliate him and so forth. again, the media has spent exactly no time explaining how the constitution works one more
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thing i hear -- earlier, earlier in the week the electors have met in the electors have voted it is over they don't even understand how the press is -- it is not over. january 6th is when congress meets. jointly, the house and the senate, it is the new congress, newly sworn in congress that sworn in on january 3rd by statute pep and they fit and they count the electors from every state -- house member can object. a senate member can october this is under federal law. then they have a debate depending on how vote turns out matter can be found house of representatives to choose a president. the senate can choose the vice president. i'm not saying it is gong to get to that point but this idea that the media first proclaim the winner -- and then oh, now we count electors. and then we don't even wait for congress to meet -- again, nobody has sat down in any newsroom on any sunday show,
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and explained to the american people how this process works. it is all surface, it is all cheer leading for their man biden cheer leading against trump. it is a disgrace that we live in a constitutional republic and media pretend we don't it is a disgrace we live in constitutional republic and court that we expect that we rely on to uphold that republic as failed us miserably. miserably. what the hell is the point of this court? now this court has used judicial review and gotten involved in matters that no -- business getting involved in. never had a problem. this court is so political that when it came to obamacare chief justice of the united states flip sides. because he's worried about how he'll be seen or his legacy. there's way too much of that going on on the supreme court. which is why i believe -- and i wrote about this in men rein black and liberty amounts, that supreme court justices should be term limited.
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term limited. if they're going act like politicians then they shouldn't be serving for life. no i don't agree with the democrats. that they should only be term limited when they want them term limited but term limited to 14-year term that's plenty of time when we lose some good justices yes but so what, the system has to be changed. i can tell you that the framers of the constitution never ever expected the court to be so powerful and when court chooses not to act, that's powerful when court chooses not to enforce constitution that's powerful because it's nonaction it's nonaction then does what? it enshrines what lawless court governors and lawless secretaries of state have done two front war that we're fighting right now. two front -- domestically it is a huge problem. and this foreign war with communist china now i want to look at this war that we have going on with communist china
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that donald trump called early own. and i want to look at what china is doing and looking at what a biden administration should there be one would do and so i want to introduce rick grinnell former acting director of national intelligence and tremendous patriot. rick how are you? >> it is a pleasure to be here mark, thanks for having me. mark: well it is a pleasure to have you. i want to talk about china we're in a cold war where people unction that or not. the president of the united states has understood this for the longest time. china is now in latin america, china is in africa. china is in the middle east. china is expanding its reach throughout southeast asia. its militarized the south china sea, it is pushing around all of its neighbors. it has all but destroyed hong kong it now has its military target on taiwan. it is got killer satellites in the sky. it is building its merved
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nuclear missile system it is building first class navy. it has a massive army a country of a 1.4 billion people. it is stealing our technology left and right. because it wants to defeat us tech technologically and militarily and economically should joe biden work his way into the oval office, i mean, extraordinarily concerned as are many americans that the biden family is so bought off in so many ways by the communist chinese government that this is exactly the wrong man at the wrong time to be anywhere near creating an leading american foreign policy. what are your thoughts? >> look specifically when it comes to china i'm very concerned about whatnot only joe biden and his family how they've responded to china in the past and we can just look at the example that they've given us.
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but also those aired him, i mean, look at jake sullivan who has really trieded to compliment beijing and to really surrender to the fact that -- china is going to be a superpower and that we should just deal with it. i don't think that that's true. i think that chinese road is phony many countries are realing that it is fake and we have to get much more aggressive about recognizing that china is a crisis and too many democrats are trying to tell us that russia is the crisis. presidents problem is that russia is a problem, but when you view it as a nonchina as a noncrisis -- then you give life to the fact that russia is more important than china and that is not true. we've been hood hoodwinked by many democrats trying to make russia a bigger problem and our focus on russia our focus should be on both but china is a very
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clear crisis. mark: you know rick grinnell i look at china i think about old soviet union at least with we were dealing with soviet union both democrats and republicans understood that the soviet union was an enemy. that the soviet union had intentions that were contrary to america intentions. and we had this cold war people realized we were in a cold war. the chinese have done it quite differently. they've basically bought into our culture. they've bought off a lot of colleges and universities that is the academic and lek chul many bought off chunk of the democrat party that's including the biden family. but into the culture, they're into hollywood, they're into professional sports like nba nike, we have corporatist in america whether it is bloomberg or other who is defend china because they have all of these business interest or they want business interests. they see a consumer bill of
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1.had billion people we're at a cross roads here aren't we? j i think we're at incredible cross roads in many ways we have missed it and allowed chinaing to into the wto. you know we decidedded to that because we thought we would try engagement and i believe that engagement can work but that i think you also have to bench mark it. very quickly maybe two or three years to see if it does work we're now 20 plus years with china into the wto. that i completely manipulated the process. we also have allowed china to play us at the united nations where they get a veto in the permanent membership of the security counsel. but then they also go off and lead the g77 developing nations. they're getting money from the united nations from the rest of us because they can't always feed people but they are a superpower in the making. and we have to make sure that we understand that china has been playing us and it is time to
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call out the fact that the international community is failed in the united states failed to recognize them as a clear and present danger. mark: when we come back rick i want your response to this. you looked a domestic policies being pushed by the democrats energy independent and they want to attack our energy independence this is a huge issue. because energy independence is also a national security issue. you'll look at our economic system, where powerful economic system but massive taxes, massive regulations massive redistribution of, obviously, the very detrimental to economic growth all of these ideas coming from the democrat party coming from joe biden and hard left and democrat party my question to you is how will that position us of the communist china. we'll be right back. tums versus mozzarella stick
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mark: welcome back rick grinnell hallowing out america economy ruling to left doing all of the thing i spoke out about before the break that doesn't position us well for dealing with aggressive communist chinese regime does it? >> i think it is multifaceted what we have to do in the future first of all we have to
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recognize that we are energy independent because of this incredible growth in natural gas that we found but we wouldn't be here if we have listened to what the democrats are told us they told us that we're going to ruin our economy by fracking and being able to get to the natural gas. and we have to prove through science actually it took us many years to prove to the democrats that they were wrong. and once we were able to really unleash the energy potential it really -- for the united states it really changed our foreign policy it certainly pulled us away from the middle east in middle east oil and allowed us to really look at being an energy exporter which is an incredible asset. so we now have a problem in that if we want to take on china. and we want to deliver natural gas into asia and entire region, we're going to have to once again take on the democrats who
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won't allow a natural gas terminal to be placed on the west coast you've got all of these crazy democratic governors who have refused to take advantage of the fact that we can be a really powerful energy exportser. take on china, deliver this natural gas into asia. if we can just put some of these terminals on the west coast, right now we're having to put terminals way down in baja, in mexico and that's not -- optimal we need to be able to utilize what we have on the west coast in terms of territory and be able to put these terminals and get the natural gas into china. that's how we're going to be able to take on the chinese. also i have to say if we can start creating more jobs in the united states that are geared towards pulling some of the markets away from china, we're going to be able to bring home the supply chain that we for the last 15, 20 years have allowed china to take over.
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everybody knows that when you pick up a vase and you pick up a -- anything that's made you look on the bottom and it says made in china. how is that? well, because of covid, we have been able to focus in a bipartisan way a -- realization that the supply chain when it comes to pp perks and pharmaceuticals -- we can no longer ways low china to have and monopolize supply chain which makes fuss dependent china and i have to say europe as well and europeans are waking up to this reality. >> let's turn to this. you see what eric swalwell you see that situation where the communist chinese targeted him successfully. you see where they targeted dianne feinstein for 20 years successfully individuals on the intelligence committees, individuals and embraced by television individuals in swalwell case try to take out a
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sit president of the united states. and it is my understanding that it is actually much broader than this. but the chinese have their -- their hands into more than just those two. on capitol hill, and throughout our government, now i'm not expecting you to give up top secrets as former director of national intelligence but, is it much worse than the american people, no? >> yeah. it is. it is much worse been going on for years, and it really i think became a crisis this year under covid. you know, there's a lot of talk about these defensive briefings. but defensive briefings are given to people who don't know what's going on. and somehow get trapped from a foreign spy. and what we have to be able to do is recognize that we've known for years that the about chinese have infiltrated chinese spies have infiltrated many political circles, local governments, governors, many members of
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congress, i can just tell you that this is very deep. and some need the defensive briefings because they don't know what's going on and they -- think that somebody is -- one way and they find out that it is a spy. and that they're being leveraged and those are the defensive briefings that are really important because those politicians immediately pull back. but there's also others who are caught into negotiations. and trying to negotiate for their own political purposes a win, so to speak, and those situations are too many. and i can't go into any details but the intelligence community is watching and that's why we have been focused on china as the growing problem of crisis, and you know, eric swalwell here has been spending years down playing the russia down playing the chinese threads and
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overplaying russia thread you have to ask yourself why is it that he's been taking beijing line on so many different issues. all throughout the last several years, i think, what needs to happen is our intelligence committees both in the house and the senate the leadership needs to come together for a classified briefing. and they need to get in the classified setting all of the details not only about eric swalwell but a whole bunch of other politicians. we cannot have political circles and academia leverage by the chinese in the way that they are being leveraged. >> maybe it is time for an outside commission with patriots on it. to be provided all of the information ready to different programs -- to figure out what to do because if -- too many in congress are compromise it is a huge problem i'll give you an example. nancy pelosi put swalwell on the intelligence committee she's read into these programs as gang of eight.
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she knows exactly what's going on now and she gets up the other week and she say a complete faith in swalwell not that she has complete faith in swalwell or american people do and there are questions about her husband dealings with china, i'm just very, very concerned here about how the culture how society -- so much of it has been bought off by communist chinese or period of decades and so the will to fight back against what china is doing is -- is rather passive put it that way. rick, i want to thank you for all of your great work, i want to thank you for your patriotism and coming forward and talking to american people and i wish you merry christmas my friend. >> merry christmas to you. >> we'll be right back.
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>> live from america news headquarters i'm jon scott, the associate the press reports the fbi has converge on home of a possible person of interest in relation to the nashville bombing. the blast injured several people and damaged dozens of buildings christmas morning. investigators are at the home of the person of interest in antioch a suburb just outside of nashville. meanwhile, unemployment benefits for millions of americans are set to expire at midnight tonight. there is a relief bill sitting on the president's deck but president trump refusing to sign it until it says there are larger direct payments made to americans.
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congress had considered the stimulus package and done deal until the president stepped in. if tile does run out without his signature it could also mean a government shutdown beginning at monday at midnight. i'm jon scott, catch me tomorrow at 6 p.m. eastern on the "fox report" now back to "life, liberty & levin." mark: welcome back one of the great experts on china is michael pillsbury director of chinese strategy hudson institute. defense policy board chair, and he wrote that unbelievable book the 100-year marathon. michael welcome back my friend. >> thank you, mark. mark: give us a general summary or run down on where china is right now via view of the united states. >> one big word to you is mark is comprehensive. we face a comprehensive challenge from china in way that's very different from the soviet union and the cold war. the case of the cold war, the
4:31 pm
soviets did not invest in us they were not anywhere near stealing technology the way china is. their level of effort was much lower if you will, the closest they ever got to our economic side was about one-third of our gdp chinese is pushing at 80 prnght of our gdp after the damage of the virus to our economy, the chinese were pulling out ahead much faster than what we are. so their comprehensive challenge is to become number one country in the world by far they say anybody who worries about this doesn't understand if for the last 2,000 years, china already was the number one country in the world. so you can break down each sector of technology and kind of challenge in espionage the kind of challenge and trying to influence our political system, but it is certainly the comprehensiveness that's most important factor. mark: other than the president of the united states and -- some of the hawks in congress, do you think our leaders so-called are really focused on
4:32 pm
this or up to the challenge? >> no there's a credibility problem. the broad group of academics who study foreign policy and geopolitics and economics they have been told for 30 or 40 years that chon china does not seek any expansion it is not aggressive but wants to take care of poor people and recognize when they say china has pulled 600 people out of poverty that's true. but china is doing a lot more things than poverty alleviation. so there's a lack of -- credibility i would say to someone who says this president trump has done that china really is out to surpass us and they want to build a world order which they write the rules. will be quite different from the rule order exist over last 70 or more years. that's the biggest problem chinese play on this market. they extenuate and strengthen anyone who says their line about
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china is poor backyard has no ambition and put their hand on balance you might say, so effects our own debate about china. mark: after your last point a minor issue what do you call this virus, the china virus remember media democrats were furious to call it china virus and even something like that e how we can discuss china in this country. >> very much so. one of their prime goals in past year has been to deflect any blame for the virus now it is quite well known that dr. fauci called them very early on our cdc and nih help create the chinese cdc we would help them create this laboratory our scientists have been extremely friendly with china thinking it was a partner and an ally. so when the president asked president xi by phone january
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6th, i want to send the team and help you i want to puns the origins of this virus better fight it together. the china did two things first of all it said no. you can't come and w.h.o. can't come either everything is closed we'll take care of it and sendingly the activated their influence agents all around the world but especially in america. that there's nothing to see here. there's no culpability by the chiengdz and shouldn't be held accountable they were terrified that president trump keeps saying they'll be held accountability so 300 dead americans massive damage to our economy they should be held accountable and various ways that senators have proposed they could be sued for the loss of life for example. but that really hasn't been done. and china succeeded in stopping momentum if you look at the biden campaign, they just don't mention the virus coming from china. in fact, i saw one comment by joe biden that he would have
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been tougher on the phone with xi jinping and really insisted that the team would go into wuhan see what happened. but i don't think that would have worked. mark: as a matter of fact you saw democrat in media and mitt romney constantly blaming the president and attacking the president and not the communist chinese. we'll be right back.
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grandpa, can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season, with ancestry. mark: welcome back, within of the great experts on china michael pillsbury so what exactly would the biden policy be? here's my concern, these people he's announced as punitive advisors for a secretary of state for the director of national intelligence for the nfa and department of education they all are appeasers they all do not recognize or do not accept what china is doing. joe biden himself his family, a
4:40 pm
son, other members including joe biden that has been told have interactions economic interactions with the chinese government what exactly would the biden policy be? do you know? >> i have a pretty rough idea mark from two sources. one is the last two years of the obama administration. when tony blinken was deputy of state a lot of obama team from that period 2015, 2016 is coming back when biden appointments. what they say is they woke up during last two years they tried to get xi jinping to promise no military forces or build up will happen in the south china sea. they admit that they were tricked. xi went ahead with the bill. they indicted five chinese hackers put their photos up on the internet had a big press conference put people in jail for hacking nothing happened they couldn't be found, in fact, they disappeared. so obama team can say --
4:41 pm
honestly that they already woke to the threat before president trump, they knew china was a problem and they've taken steps the difference between trump and biden -- has been trump takes action. when they -- sort of screw president trump and pull back a lot of the text of their negotiating document for the trade deal. he instangtly within 24 hours put on massive tariffs. and most of which were still on. so taking action when china betrays his word is the secret to president trump's succeed which china. i don't know if the biden team will actually do that partly because joe biden himself hasn't had this much interest in china and watch speech last couple of months he's for inequality being eliminated, global climate change, policies, this kind of thing. he just doesn't mention china i noticed in the rollout of all of his nominees in national security the word china just wasn't mentioned this is in sharp contrast to trump who is
4:42 pm
writing books about china as early as 20 years ago. the china would be main challenge of our country especially in the trade area. so i don't think that biden people will be mistaken on rhetoric they're already saying china is a big threat. but they've added a kind of demonization it have trump that he just ruined everything he left a big vacuum with our allies so we the biden administration have to fill this vacuum. we know they're going to criticize president trump that's for sure. but one of them take actions that he did i think it is too soon to say. mark: i spoke an expert other expert the other day, and he said the reason why biden doesn't mention china peter is because he doesn't want to mention china. it is intentional. and part of that reason is his family has so many strong ties to china. number two in terms of the learning curve, they have a learning curve when it comes to iran they want to jump right back into that deal which would
4:43 pm
undo peace deals that were done by the president and israel and so forth and middle east. so i just wonder if they're going talk tough, use the occasion to bash president trump should they move in. and still the chinese are going to roll them. what do you think about that? >> well the problem with a learning curve often is how much officials know and this case about china before they arrive. a lot of reporters were shocked when they flew over to beijing with secretary defense jim mattis asking him how many times have you been to china he said this was the first time. this has been a pat person with lots of national security appointments by both parties. the experts in arms control or soviet union or war on terror they get all of the top jobs to china experts are left out linked to idea that china is bred backward and biden team seems to be that bay they don't have a senior china person,
4:44 pm
among them. and i can understand peter schweizer theory that last thing in the world joe biden wants to do is bring up china because he's been so lucky with mainstream media not mentioning hunter or laptop now a federal investigation according to hunter biden himself mentioning china brings up all of this criminality that i'm sure they like to avoid. but boy when they make first phone calls sent first messages to xi jinping, and he is tough and nasty back to them. for example, can we see the wuhan laboratory this is joe biden speaking and the chinese say no. going straight to hell then what's he going to do? i don't know the answer. glak when we come back my question to you is this -- and i ask rick now this question too -- china is only the offend if american government did you want seriously confront them on all fronts, america will be on the
4:45 pm
other side of the mountain on the descend. are we poised to defend ourselves militarily are we poised to defend ourselves militarily and geopolitically? we'll be right back. ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,
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mark: welcome back michael pillsbury government is ubiquitous got tentacles in everything and pretends to be in everything and should biden cool into presidency they want to be experts in even more things and majorrize and centralize all kinds of stuff. but when it comes to national security and foreign policy we have to rely on the federal government. is the federal government elected and unelected elements of the federal government? prepared to confront china? >> definitely not, mark i would say that if you look for comparison as a metric what the federal government did in 1947-48 the creation of nato that dispatch of u.s. forces in 1950 to europe. the creation of the cia, 1947, the creation of the joint chief of staff, the creation of a whole range of entities inside the federal government designed to compete with the soviet union. that nothing like that has been
4:50 pm
done on china yet. we still have the same unit we have the same personnel level. we have very few people who have started studying mandarin inside our federal government. so we're not prepared in the slight fest. i think this could be fixed been son complaints from congress. several senators got to say there ought to be a technology security czar in the white house to protect our most vital technology from theft by china. it didn't pass and it hasn't been done so this was agenda for the future president trump changed way of thinking about china so that we got pugh pollsw see china as a threat to america but changes just ordering -- the defense department, you know, we want people to study manged mandarin and say sipe sonic missile in mandarin not been done so war on terror is
4:51 pm
number one challenge. afghanistan, did defeat of ice isis talked by talks with russia i don't see china becoming priority yet unless there's congressional leadership to form new organizations. and to check on how well are we doing in the competition with china. >> you know michael i'm very concerned what about you're saying because, you know, i study history a lot. and you look at the leadup to world war ii and united states was not prepared as a matter of fact fdr playing footsie with hitler up to pearl harbor again welfare the media back then not focused on the rise of germany for that matter the japan italy. i look in this country today and they're so focused on destroying donald trump, they're so focused and grabbing power, they're so focused on bizarre agenda whether it involves genitalia whatever it is some weird
4:52 pm
cultural ching thing that we are distracted as a society and we are feckless and just not prepared an this could be an extraordinarily dangerous time and then in the president of the united states -- really the first to focus on china spends four years in office. with these chihuahua nipping at his heels on con continued conspiracy theories and so forth involving russia. i just feel we're not ready for this. what are your thoughts? >> well, i agree with you and mark i'm an eyewitnesses to how much president trump spent on china he inherited a split administration in his cabinet steve mnuchin had very, very different views that when i would call the hawks or those who want to take china more seriously. so he had to have probably in the hundreds of meetings with
4:53 pm
his cabinet and advisors to push through the trade talks to a good deal for us to handle a large number of issues that is predecessor handle only in a very light way. that means president trump had a focus on china. to one of the highest priorities, he often said i don't think he was joking he would say i think i was lengted because of chinese misconduct. we don't have that with joe biden. he has a different agenda his different way of talking -- and he has a different set of advisors he's appointed. so i hate to be pets mistech in advance because they do have the rhetoric the china is a major threat. but whether they can pull themselves together as an administration, and really focus on china, depends a lot on democrats in congress. and the democrats in congress have been activated. quite a few of them have put forward proposals. there's each of the ranking democrats on the top six committees have got a plan for ten years for 350 billion
4:54 pm
dollars to win the competition with china. hasn't gone anywhere yet. but it is there. there's a whole series of democratic efforts to do this but it's not happened yet. >> michael pillsbury i want to thank you and thank you out there really beating the drums trying to draw the attention to american people and i appreciate it. have a merry christmas god bless you. >> merry christmas and thank you. mark: we'll be right back. (bell rings) when heartburn hits fight back fast... ...with tums chewy bites... beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites .. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which
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4:59 pm
states. the democrat party wasted an enormous amount of this country's time, and they wasted an enormous amount of the president's time as they tried to cripple him. they hoped they would make it impossible for him to lead our republic and they failed. this president has enormous successes, but joe biden should be getting exactly the same treatment. not just to be even stephen, but because his policies are a disaster for this country. should he become president and appoint these minions, it will be a danger to this country as far as i'm concerned. do i think the republicans are up to it? no. but i know i am and millions of you are. for the sake of the country, joe
5:00 pm
biden leftist appeasement policies must fail. i want to wish you all a merry merry christmas and i will see you here next year. happy new year, god bless. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. a complacent country. we live in an enormous country. the third largest in the world. we sit between two oceans and clock in with the third largest population. over 300 million people. not everything affects us the same way. those of us who live in texas process things differently than those who live in hawaii. but there are things that happen to all of us that should make us angry. but many americans just


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