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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 27, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ [♪] judge jeanine: helene welcome to justice. thanks so much for being with us. myng opening statement is momens away. but first let's get the latest on that investigation that shattered the christmas season quiet in nashville. police have been gathering clues in the home of a person of interest. we are also learning tonight about the heroic nashville cops who risked their lives to save civilians before the bomb went off. joining me is sergeant james
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smallwood, the president of the nashville order of police. >> i'm glad to be here, thanks for having me on, judge. judge jeanine: let me congratulate the national police department. they were the first responders i understand on christmas morning whener that rv or recreational vehicle was sending off a message i guess on a loop that kept saying it was a dangerous area, leave the area. what can you tell us, what time did that go off and how long did that message of warning continue to play before the explosion went off? >>en i believe the initial calln was 5:20, 5:30 in the morning when the loud speaker started playing audio telling people if they could hear the message,
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evacuate the area because an explosion was about to occur. officers when they got the suspicious vehicle call, they rushed to the scene like any police officer in america does. they run towards the danger to protect their community. they took immediate action. they jumped into action. they got the hazardous units on the way to clear the streets to make sure our community could be safe and the folks in the city could remain safe despite the pending danger they knew was going to be coming. judge jeanine: so many people around the country as they focus on this hopefully will understand the importance of police officers as if any normal person doesn't already get it. but as they parade around with the defund police, i would like to throw up pictures of those
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police officers who responded. i believe we have those photos of those police officers who saved lives before that explosion. and our heartfelt thanks, respect and honor goes to them for what they do, not just in this case, but every case necessity handle every day of the year. god bless them for that. now there is a person of interest, i suspect a suspect who has not been identified, but whose home has been searched today. i imagine that was a difficult situation,ne the searching of those those premises. deciding whether they were booby trapped for haz-mat or whoever was going into that facility. >> any time you have a situation like this, you have to take certain measures to insure not
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only the officers going in to make those searches, but the community surrounding the residence remains safe. that's what i am sure officers on the scene did. they worked diligently to make suread there were no hazardous. judgeco jeanine: it's mydg understanding there was no one in that particular location they searched? >> i'm not familiar as to whether there was anybody in the residence. i know they are working diligently to collect the evidence for it. judge jeanine: let's talk about that. someone involved in local law enforcement. i know there is mutual assistance with local and state law enforcement. but i suspect we have federal law enforcement, the fbi, the atf and holes is involved in this. >> you will have a collaborative
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effort between local, state law enforcement agencies investigating issues that relate to it and individuals who may have the cause to do something like this. they are being very meticulouset i'm sure if their searches looking for anyone that may point them in the direction of a device t or give them an indiana kateor that the person who lived at that residence was responsible. i'm sure they are doing everything they can from the local level up to the federal level to get this right and solve this puzzle and hold the right people accountable. judge jeanine: what's most interesting to ment is this individual who was able to create devastating damage to 41 businesses cared enough to send out an alert, if you can hear this, evacuate the area, warning
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of an explosion. i'm sure the fbi in their psychological profile unit is trying to assess what the motive is and what happens to a person like that in their mind. we'll look forward to learning more from you. thank you so much. and more on the nashville explosion at the bottom of the hour, but first my open. they are a shameful lot, a motley crew. parading around as our representatives. but in truth, the epitome of people. in for themselves. congress' approval rating polled as low as -- 17%. i'm surprised it's that high. they f come out and look like ty
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are going to help us but they are as transparent and useless as they are. but nancy pelosi's shameless, i am rich and you are not, as she posed eating ice cream in front of her $24,000 refrigerator freezer where she claimed the ice cream was helping her deal with the pandemic. there is no pandemic for 2, nancy. you. as you claim to not understand why people are against lockdown orders. your cold response, shelter in place is really the answer? really? you phoney, condescending, fraudulent hypocrite. and you, the most powerful elected house democrat
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pontificate that we need to listen to the science. you march through the salon like a queen immune from laws or science. you and your own ilk violate your own rules so often it's clear you believe you are above the law and the rules serve no purpose other than to suppress and defeat us. while you and california governor --governor * shut u. ' you are creating an unnecessary class war. exhibit. wu don't even believe what you are saying. and by the way, is it even your roll to say who should work and who shouldn't. why can one store be open and
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not another. and democratsoc look to crush small business, target, costco, home depot and amazon, and the big box companies, they are all thriving. small businesses selling the same items are not allowed to open. but you keep saying listen to the science. what science? where are the numbers that support the closing of all restaurants in new york, new jersey and california when there is only a 1.4% covid spread. and you keep trying to close schools and get more money for the union and gets rarely get and rarely spread it. butt you allow social distance o disappear when so-called social justice this your agenda. where is the small business justice? where is the right to the
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pursuit of happiness. where is the right of the little man to compete in this country? why is mcdonald's allowed to open, but not my neighborhood burger joint? you say th -- the drive-thru is safe.joll the guy who hands me my french fries through the window, does he touch his glasses, the apron, the person's hands before me, was the burger dookd on an open grill, was that man's mask on the whole time? if he sneezed did his mask slip goff. did he wipe his hands on his pants or apron? did he touch his sleeve, the one he caused into? who are you kidding? but the one who takes the case
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is alexandria ocasio-cortez. i call it the trump vaccine. so many democrats said they wouldn't take it if it comes out of the trump administration. but there theyy are, jumping to the head of the line. we don't have enough vaccines and there is a shortage for the elderly and the infirm. but these politicians consider themselveses vital and are the first to have access to the immunization. healthy members of congress pushing americans to the curb as they bully their way to get a vaccine. the same bullies who got a pay economic and didn't give a damn about whether youpa would be getting one. these selfish politicians getting a vaccine before the healthcare workers who work to make sure we are safe. my friend, a doctor, is 73.
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he spent his life caring for others. he has a compromised t.-c balance. he won't get the vaccine for months after congress, essential workers which includes garbage collectors. he's hope hoping he can hang on long enough to get it. i have an idea, aoc, you are the onee who talks about minority injustice and justice. you should be the last in line to get the vaccine. why weren't you guys protesting with small business owners who know in their hearts that they will not survive another shutdown. who know there is no one fighting for them. you don't have to be a genius to know that if lockdowns actually work, they wouldn't have to keep
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locking us down. and you who anoint yourself the savior of the downtrodden. have you even been trying to get moneyri to americans, a simple straight bill, you judgmental self-important phoneys who use our tax dollars to pay yourselves while we wait and beg you to get our money for our family. now to get a vaccine to survive. after you get the vaccine. after you get paid. while you shovel down $500 meals at the french laundry in california while families are waiting in line for food across america. you are disgusting, you are an embarrassment to the people's house. how do you justify taking money fromw- america to give to forein countries and special interests during a pandemic?
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as we come on the end of protectionser december 31 with e i ability to work, an inability to get a vaccine, and you arrogant selfish politicians think $600 is enough. you work in the house of representatives. it's the people's house. it was built for those who are closest to the people. you work for us. we pay your salary for your staff, for your travel. you spend our money, not yours. and you prefer to spend it on third world countries while we are in a pandemic. you want $10 million for gender programs in pakistan. $1.4 billion to the asian reassurance initiative act. $37 million to make sure philippine students don't play hooky? if you can't afford to take care of americansns but you can take
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care of other countries and special projects of lobbyists, then we can't afford to have you in thelo people's house. you have proven you are disloyal and your health and salaries are more importantnt than the people who put you in power. it will be your undoing, trust me on that. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. if you like my open you will like my new book "don't lie to me." herschel walker and colonel david hunt are still on deck. but next, senior advisor to the trumpn 2020 campaign corey lewandowski l joins me. when you switch to xfinity mobile,
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stop in or book an appointment to shop safely with peace of mind at your local xfinity store. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." you just heard my open. congress is letting down america once againn. in one of our most critical times in recent memory.
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is there any hope for americans struggling with lost revenue or closed businesses? joining me to discuss, senior advisor to the reelection campaign, corey lewandowski. do you want to put any periods exclamations to my open? >> it was a fantastic open. and merry christmas to everyone watching tonight. the only people getting christmas gifts are those members of congress who get their own money. they vote themselves pay raises every year. they give us a bill that's 5,093 pages and the american people got nothing. we get a measly $600. judge jeanine: you know, it's frightening. i would say we get coal. but they are going to try to
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stop fracking and everything else. let's move on from there and talk about not the way the house treats w the american people, ad members of the house, but also about how the house itself is handling things like attacking the president, how they have done in the year 2020 as it relateso to other countries, and the hypocrisy of what they do versus what they tried to attack donald trump for. >> the biggest news story we should be talking about is congressman eric swalwell sleeping with a chinese spy. judge jeanine: he wouldn't answer. >> the fbi provided a defensive briefing to him. and the chair man of the house intelligence committee, the
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minority leader of the house and the minority leader on the intelligence committee. kevin mccarthy was so concerned about what the fbi told him, he asked for the briefing to be given to every member of the intelligence committee. nancy pelosi and adam schiff knew about this before they appointed eric swalwell to this committee. he refuses to answer questions. when he is questioned about it, he blames the president for this. this is chinese involvement literally, figuratively and anecdotally in bed trying to get information. whether it's eric swalwell or the two mayors in the midwest she is accused of having an intimate relationship with. this is remarkable that eric swalwell continues to sit on the house intelligence committee. >> there doesn't seem to be any pushback.
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this is where i'm reminded of big tech, the mainstream media and the democrats who all join together to try to prevent donald trump's reelection. wheneverer the democrats do something that's so beyond the pale of the same things they accuse the president of that he has never done and they get away with it. it's a frightening time in u.s. history. >> look at the hunter biden story. the major internetout lets, twitter and others suppressed the information. 11% of the population said if they had known about the hunter biden story before the election, they wouldn't have voted for joe biden. hunter biden continues to own a
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stake in a chinese company where joe said none of the family members would be doing that. it's time for a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. we know he's under investigation in delaware and joe's brother is under investigation in pennsylvania. this is a crime family. judge jeanine: you know i love you, we have been friends for years. i'm so sick and tired of special counsels. i watched jeff sessions and bill barr. we wentl through four years and dthe american people understand it. they know when something is a crime and when something should be prosecuted. no one has been prosecuted. comey, mccabe, strzok. none of them, hillary clinton, none of them, for the obvious violations of law.
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when we talk about this, i think the american people are starting to say, it's a two-tiered system of justice. all the things that are inconsistent with america as that city on the hill is gone. am i wrong? >> judge, you are not wrong, and that's a big part of the reason donald trump was sent to washington, d.c. and the people he supported who continuete to support him have a voice now in washington. but you are right. we have seen all those people who lied under oath, andy mccabe, haven't been charged. the justice department is broken. you mark my words, those people who supported donald trump in the 2020 election, they will be attacked because of that support.e is the president of the united states, he will use
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the justice department like barack obama did to go off non-profits that support conservative causes and right to life. and those people who supported donald trump. you mark my words, it's coming. >> when there is a vendetta behind the department of justice. it's everything other than what our founding fathers intended. corey lewandowski, always good to see you. happy new year. the commander-in-chief still working to bring home american troops and end the so-called endless wars in the middle east.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." president trump has been at the helm for four years and the u.s. military has seen some real positives. now the commander-in-chief is working to bring home troops stationed overseas. now with me colonel day have it hunt, author of the book "without regret." merry christmas. great to see you. nobody knew what to expect with president donald j. trump. but you as someone who was in
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the military for 30 years -- how long? >> 30 years. judge jeanine: you always downplay it. you don't want to talk about your medals, i always like to talk about that. it seems donald trump is giving a christmas present to military families in the united states. explain to the viewers what we are talking about. >> we have been at war in afghanistan for 1 years an -- f9 years and iraq for 17. the president of the united states made the right decision to draw down and return soldiers from iraq, and and syria but keep a counter-terrorism force to kill terrorists in the region. the people arguing against this are the military leaders who caused the problems in fighting
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this war in iraq and afghanistan. it's the right call. 19 years. it's more than time to bring them home and keep a counter-terrorism force in the vicinity. right decision. it took way too long to make this. judge jeanine: there was so much criticism of the president. every day there was criticism of the president. but he was true to his word. he made a promise he was going to bring the troops home and he did. he didn't want to occupy. he didn't want to do what a lot of the other presidents did. now with joe biden there seems to be a return of some of the same folks that were in the obama administration. what do you think that signals to the pentagon and the military establishment. >> during the last years of the
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last administration. 30,000 troops went into afghanistan, it did not work because of bad military leadership. wwe attacked with guns in 7 different countries. during this administration none of that happened. we rescued people and we are bringing soldiers home. period. that's not me being political. that's a fact. you can expect more involvement in nation building which we are terrible at. we don't do rebuilding. that's what happened the last 19 years. it's been wrong. it didn't work. my concern is we'll slip right back into doing that which we shouldn't. judge jeanine: the amazing part of that, when we get involved in all these other situations in
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foreign countries, yet you look at the obama administration and how they wanted to draw down troops, the army to preworld war ii as i recall, and all the money taken out of the military budget. and yet they still want to go in and keep fighting. the ultimate irony is barack obama was given the nobel peace prize, and what donald trump did with the peace deal and serbia and kosovo. it's amazing stuff. >> there is a lot of firsts in this administration. the military and of course trying to get in contact with north korea. the obama administration, 40,000 soldiers. that didn't work. the military by the way -- it's
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always been a great military for the last 19 years. politically i don't think the military is as affective. and the military leadership failed in many ways. >> how has it been effective? >> we have senior officers who need to answer for the mistakes made in iraq. there are books written and studies. this administration decentralized and allowed the generals to make decisions. the marine corps, the coast guard, they have still been the best fighting force in the world, period. judge jeanine: what about the defense authorization act? what's going on with that latest back and forth with congress for the military? >> the president is holding up
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this act which is a big deal, a $00 billion act. words in this bill allow the military, the army, to change the names to confederate names like fort hood and fort bragg to less controversial names. we have real issues like rape, and bad leadership that will not be touched by changing fort hood to fort jones. it's not a serious act to change the name of a post. it is serious to put money against 32 servicemen a day are still committing suicide. i thinkle he will have to sign the bill.
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it's too important. but i think he's made the point. judge jeanine: he has. colonel david hunt, thank you for being with us. happy new year to you. herschel walker is next with his look at 2020.
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[♪] judge jeanine: 2020 probably not year, right? me neither. here is a look back and ahead. former nfl star with the dallas cowboys, herschel walker. good evening. >> hello, how are you doing? judge jeanine: i am doing pretty well except when i think about
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2020. oui always knew you as a great football player. everybody knows who herschel walker is. whether they know what you look like or who you are doesn't matter. your name is there. you made it. but for the first time america sawki you talking politics. and so many americans like you became political. we all got involved. it was so monumental. tell my viewers why you got involved and what it was about 2020 that got you fired up. >> what got plea fired up about 2020, i saw our leaders in washington not tell the truth about this president. i wanted to stand up and let people know the truth. and people seemed to care more about these morning countries than america. i love america, and i love jesus
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christ. thisut country was built on law and order. i love, love, love america. i amo going to stand up for it and speak up for america. if we don't do it, we have to worry. we have so many other countries, china, russia, iran, all these other countries that don't like america. we have to stand with him and fight for america. judge jeanine: now, it appears that we have got not even another month, and nothing seems to be working in the court. judges are throwing everything out. people are getting locked down again. i don't know if you heard my open. you have got congress people pushing everything to the curb urto make sure they can get the vaccine. and giving money to third world countries. they don't care.
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how can we make them care? >> we can make them care, all america has to stand up for america. it's time we are let washington know when we elected them into office that they worked for the people. the people have forgotten about that. whether this president got 74 million or 84 million people. joe biden didn't get 50 million people to goat for him but people think he won the election. unless the president is back in officece for four more years, hs never going to drain the swamp. one reason i think everyone working in washington, wet were you are a senator or congress, wants to have a fair election. you don't even know if you belong there. you don't even know if you won. the best thing they can do is get a fair election so the american people can have trust in this country.
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right now this country needs that. >> what about 2021 as we approach the new year? >> what i hope for in 2021 is that this president gets elected again. he continues to drain the swamp and get this country back on its feet. 202020 has been awful with the death of covid. but let's think about the death of people who may have died from suicide or died from drugs. no one hears about that. we have to get back to some normalcy here. we haveid got the vaccine, but t seems like the leaders want to take the vaccine rather than the people who tee serve to take it. you think about who should have been taking the vaccine. the people saving lives.
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judge jeanine: thank god for them. and herschel walker thank god for you. thanks for being with us.
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judge jeanine: we are learning more about the coronavirus vaccines and how effective they are. dr. qanta ahmed joins me now. thanks for being here. i'm stunned as a lot of people are that the moderna vaccine -- i understand this is moderna's first vaccine. it's 94% effective. but a boston physician with a shellfish allergy had a severe reaction to the vaccine. should people be frightened? >> to me that wasn't surprising at all. we know and the cdc warned that even people with significant food allergies will be able to take the vaccine. he was quickly treated for the allergy and resolved the issue. it's not a reason not to take the vaccines. there is a concern if people
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have prior reactions to vaccines that they should avoid the current vaccines. but there have only been 6 or 7 reactions reported out of a million vaccines. judge jeanine: his tongue became numb and my question to you as we listen to medication on television, and they have all these disclaimers and the risk and the contra indications, i never heard one vaccine company talk about the risk. >> that's not correct, judge. i took the vaccine on tuesday. the pfizer biontech vaccine. it was described by the drug
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companies and cdc that people with allergies can take it. this physician was carrying an epipen so he may have had a particularly severe version. but this is extremely rare. but you can treat the reaction much more effectively than a severe case of covid-19. judge jeanine: i understand that, but what i'm saying is none of us had ever heard of any of this. i'm in the news, i listen to the news, i watch it all the time. nobody talks about the risk to shellfish. we understand there is also a risk for women with botox or fillers that they will have a reaction. shouldn't the companies be telling americans this. >> the default in the united states, it's not that the companies are keeping it secret. the cdc has issued clear
12:54 am
guidelines. the allergy for prior vaccines is the prohibition. this is a first such report. i don't think we should blow this out of the water. the vaccine is a miraculous development it's a direct product of president trump's political will and vision. it's miraculous that we have it 10 months after the pandemic was here. i received my vaccine at the very place where i lost a patient who passed away trying to understand what happened. we must not alarm americans about the vaccine for things we treat every day. judge jeanine: i want my viewers to know, and maybe you can tell them, where would they go to see what reactions they might have
12:55 am
the next time you have shellfish -- >> the website of the cdc and the fda itself issues those recommendations. where i took my vaccine tuesday there was all the materials available and ready should i have scene allergic reaction. so we know how to deal with them. judge jeanine: thanks for being with us dr. ahmed, and happy new year to you.
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[♪] judge jeanine: finally tonight, thanks so much for watching. christmas has come and gone and i hope yours was a great one. i now it's different this year. everything is different this hiyear. but we have to thank god we are still here and hope that jobs will come back. and i'm in here fighting for you as i do every saturday night. i want so much for america to be
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prosperous and strong the way our founding fathers intended her. you can buy my gook "don't lie to me" because i'm tired of i'm jeanine pirro signing up tonight. justice has been served. greg: have you noticed the change at how dull everything has become since the election? it's like something electrifying and hopeful was taken from you. once you have a monster truck and now you've got a walker. we went from big ideas like operation warp speed to moments like these. c just go ahead, any time you are ready.


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