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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 27, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> eric: right now, the atf, fbi, national police have a news conference on their investigation on the attack in their city. let's listen. >> the attorney for the middle district of attorney, david r raush, director of the tennessee bureau of investigation, mickey french, special agent in charge of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, and john drake, chief of police, metro national police. at this time i'll turn it over to united states attorney cochran. >> thanks, jason. thanks for being here. on behalf of the investigative
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team, i wanted to give you a major update in a development we've come to in this case and that is, based on the evidence that we've gathered to this point, we've come to the conclusion that an individual named anthony warner is the bomber. that he was present when the bomb went off. and that he perished in the bombing. we base this conclusion on forensic evidence, including dna evidence that you'll hear about, as well as evidence that was gathered at the scene of the bombing. because this was a collaborative effort, i want to turn the microphone over to each of the agency folks here. they're going to talk about their agency's role in the investigation and how the evidence that they gathered, how the tests they conducted led us to this conclusion. so let me start out by introducing tennessee bureau of investigation director, david rausch. >> thank you.
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i first want to say that we appreciate the collaborative effort that has taken place in this investigation. local, state and federal authorities have worked hand in hand in tandem around the clock since the incident and it's paid off. pbi agents, analysts and scientists have been assisting in this investigation from the start. gathering data, checking leads, coordinating interview, and processing critical evidence in coordination with the fbi and the atf. overnight, tbi forensic scientists processed evidence from the crime scene for dna testing. the evidence was compared to evidence collected from a vehicle used by the person of interest in this case. at approximately midnight central time, forensic scientists with tbi confirmed a match of the dna at both locations belonging to the person of interest in this case. tbi continues to support this
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ongoing investigation. thank you. >> good afternoon. again, my name is dug krineski, special agent in charge of the memphis field office, also covers nashville. i want to take a moment to update you on the intensive efforts of our investigative team. today, as the director mentioned, the tennessee bureau of investigation as well as the fbi laboratory in quain virgini, completed the dna testing of a sample of human remains recovered at the scene. those results were consistent with the suspect identified by u.s. attorney cochran. we're still following leads but right now there is no indication that any other persons were involved. we've reviewed hours of security video, surrounding the recreational vehicle as well as we saw no other of people
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involved around that vehicle. again, this information is what we know after just a few days of investigative efforts. crucial tips from the public corroborated by other investigative activity by our team initially identified a likely suspect. some expert work by the tennessee highway patrol subsequently uncovered a vehicle identification number from the remains of the suspect's rv that were positively matched to a vehicle registered to that individual. we continue to ask that those who may have known the suspect or encountered him contact their team at the 1-800-call fb iphone number. these pieces of information will help us understand the suspect's motives. these answers won't come quickly and will still require a lot of our team's effort. though we may be able to answer some of these questions, as our investigation continues, none of those answers will ever be
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enough for those who have been affected by this event. we still have work to do. our evidence response teams will continue to process the scene downtown. and our agents will continue to follow on every and -- each and every tip that we receive. as is often said by the fbi, the greatest crime fighting weapon we have is the cooperation of all law enforcement with the help and understanding of the citizens we serve. thank you and i would like to now turn it over to atf specialist in charge french. >> thank you. my name is mickey french, special agent in charge for the atf national field division. i would like to commend all my fellow state and local partners. we've had a tremendous working relationship in this investigation. atf brought unique resources to this investigation to include the national center for explosives training and research, we call in theater. the national response team and all of its specialist as well as
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the united states bomb data center. these were crucial and instrumental to provide links and resources in this investigation. additionally, the ability to leverage technology with traditional law enforcement techniques, has been crucial in bringing this case to a relatively close. although we still have a lot of investigation to do. we've gotten off to a great partnership and great start and it's been tremendous. thank you. >> i could not truly describe all the hard work that has gone into this investigation since friday's explosion. we've had hundreds of atf, fbi, thp and tbi partner with us in this investigation. and we can tell you that anthony
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warner is the man believed to be responsible for this horrible crime. there is no indication presently that anyone else was involved in this crime. as i've said earlier and several times before, nashville is considered safe. there are no known threats against the city. a renewed curfew is going into effect beginning at 4:30 this afternoon in the area impacted by the blast. james robinson parkway, to fourth avenue, to broadway and the cumberland river. at noon tomorrow, the curfew will be in place, narrowed into impacted area around union, fourth avenue north, broadway and the cumberland river. the footprint will get smaller as processing of the blast scene continues by the fbi and atf. thank you.
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>> okay. at this time we'll try to take a few questions. i know it's kind of hard to hear out here and we'll address it to the appropriate agency. >> just a second. >> i didn't hear the question. >> [ indiscernible ] >> that's still all early in the investigation right now. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i'm sorry. >> [ indiscernible ] >> no, he was not. >> was it a vin number that was found? >> the vin number, you want to talk about that? >> it was a massive blast. how were you able to find that vin number. >> our special agents with tennessee highway patrol are trained in that. we have responsibility there. they were able to come out, starting christmas night and come in again once daylight came up the next day, yesterday, and just help identify on the
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particular vehicle parts. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i can't answer that exactly. the vehicle parts help connect the vehicle to the suspect. i believe tips and other information came in to help identify him. >> question for the fbi, regarding the actual -- i know there's an associate of warner -- [ indiscernible ]. >> so right now we're looking at any and all possible motives. we're not at a position where we can speculate on that now. we are interviewing individuals that we've identified that are known to the suspect. we are also asking the public to, if they know him, have spoken to him or know his ideology or anything that might have motivated him, we're 2r-d iinterested in speaking to you. >> [ indiscernible ] >> that is under investigation. we're collecting evidence from
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the crime scene, being processed at our laboratory. >> [ indiscernible ] >> we're still working on all those activities. >> [ indiscernible ] zoo we can't comment on that at this point. >> [ indiscernible ]. >> we're aware of certain things online and we're looking at every possible angle. >> do you consider this domestic terrorism at this point? >> i'm sorry. >> [ indiscernible ] >> we can't comment on any of that right now. >> [ indiscernible ] >> i can comment on that briefly. so the question was regarding how we were able to quickly match the dna. because we had a known suspect at the time, we were able to have a known sample and then collect some items from the
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suspect for some reel -- from some relative as well and be able to match that dna positively with him. when we're matching two samples, we can do it quickly. >> do you consider this domestic terrorism? >> i can't comment at this point. >> can you confirm you found -- [ indiscernible ] >> we have no information at this point of that. >> last question. >> what would make this an act of domestic terrorism. >> when we assess an event for domestic terrorism, it those be tied to an ideology. the use of force or violence in the furtherance of a political, social ideology. we haven't tied it to that yet. >> thank you all very much. we appreciate it. if there are other further updates we'll let you novi ya social media channels and -- let you know by social media
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channels. laura: there you have it. nashville, tennessee, getting new details, fresh details out of the investigation of the christmas morning blast that occurred talking about the crucial tips that came in from the public, that helped them identify anthony warner as the bomber as we heard from the fbi's special agent in charge from the atf and local authorities. they talked about getting the vin number off of the rv to help also identify the bombing suspect. i want to hand it over to eric. we're going to continue this conversation about this new information that we just learned, eric. eric: a lot of information. alex little knows a lot about this, former lead national security officer, former cia analyst and partner at burr and foreman, llc. anthony warner, computer consultant. the at&t transmission building could have been his potential target, although alex, authorities just now wouldn't confirm that.
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it does seem one viable path to them. what do you think. >> absolutely. i think it's important to say -- to congratulate law enforcement, in less than two days, about two days they were able to identify the suspect and give a pretty good description of what they believed happened. that's important for the public feeling safe and to have a sense of how we move on from this. the motive question is going to be what's the front of everybody's minds. they weren't willing to say what they believed it was. they also didn't say they had no information, just they were continuing to investigate that which i think is an important point. if it is some sort of conspiracy theory around 5g or surveillance, that's going to be notable and in line with similar lone wolf attacks based on the june bomber, -- unibomber, some sort of crazy theory that he wanted to turn into violence. eric: 5g, it's out there, conspiracy theories that 5g is spying on people, it's not the case and all this. he lived alone. he had a brother that died a couple years ago, may have tried
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to deed the house to somebody else who claims they didn't know about it. and he's with drawing from life. what do you take from all those type of clues? >> well, you know, some of that is consistent with what you've seen like with prior lone wolf terrorists. i think the most interesting question is, he clearly intended to kill himself in this process. that's a des brett act, -- desperate act, indicates his motive. he wanted to do something at the end, go out with a literal bang. you can't put together why you would do that with such a large egg explosive and not try to injure or harm other individuals. they're going to have a difficult time piecing it together without some sort of manifesto, some sort of writings. they absolutely will talk to family members many . i suspect family members may have a decent idea of what path led him here. it's a long path, it takes a long time to plan and build a
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bomb like this. eric: you talk about ted kaczynski who had a manifesto. apparently there's been no claim of responsibility. we know of know writings or claim that he left behind. if that is the case, would they have it and they certainly have their computer and hard drive to see the history. >> there's some evidence from neighbors at the scene they took computer equipment away from his residence. this would be an unusual case without that sort of evidence. again, it may not be a writing. it may not have been a clear manifesto. but i think we're likely to find he told someone, whether family member or friend, something about his feelings. if it does tie up with surveillance or 5g or concerns about at&t, i think that's going to be the path they're going to follow to determine a motive. a motive isn't necessary. we know who did it. it's certainly helpful to determine why we didn't find about this beforehand. the u.s. attorney said warner was not on their radar.
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i think we need to look in the days ahead as to how something like this can happen without any prior law enforcement contacts. eric: there were reports earlier that the police were warned but you just heard one of the officials say he was not on their radar. what does that say to you as former u.s. attorney in nashville and others who of deal with terrorism that someone could apparently build a bomb like this, quietly and secretly, and be totally off any red flags that have been instituted because of the terrorist activities. >> i think it demonstrates what the sort of over-correction our law enforcement did after 9/11. we tend to always fight the last war and so really the last 20 years we have been focused on islamic terrorism or terrorism associated with overseas groups. this is another situation where someone in the community was able to detonate an extremely large explosive. i think that hopefully that will give law enforcement another reason to change the way we look at these investigations and not discount threats solely because
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they're domestic. eric: do you think also because he was in i.t. and was in computers, does that tend to shift this or direct this more to that 5g case or the mad bomber in new york city, he was mad at the utility company, planted 33 bombs in new york city. >> you could have a private motivation. he may have had a grievance with at&t. there were reports that his father worked for bell south, one of the predecessor companies of at&t. i think some of the neighbors had said he spent a lot of time putting antennas up at his house and also that he had lots of surveillance cameras at his home, in a neighborhood that neither of those things, advanced antennas and surveillance cameras aren't common in the neighborhood where he was living. both of those things with the i.t. background tend to indicate that the location of the bombing at the at&t transmission building is not at all coincidental. i think that's what investigators are going to try to continue to build on to see if they can make that case
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pretty clearly. eric: and finally, alex, how do you wrap your brain or can you wrap your brain around a guy who explodes such a big bomb and such damage and terror at the same time he's giving a warning to save people's lives and he's apparently the reports say he was playing petuli clark's "downtown," as the music between the 15 minute countdown. go ahead. >> it does indicate someone who has some serious mental health issues, potentially some depression that really morphed in a dangerous way. i think it indicates we need to think about what we do with people who fall through the social safety net. no one should get to the point where they feel like exploding a bomb is their best option. i think we should be thankful it wasn't aimed at attacking individuals. i think it does suggest we need to think more broadly about the sorts of people in our community and what they might be willing to do if pushed to the edge. eric: yes, if you know someone
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obviously a warning and people need help, please reach out to the appropriate mental health authorities. >> that's a good point. eric: and others. 20 seconds. do you think we'll know everything about this. >> we need to make sure it's clear to folks, if you know people or you're feeling depressed, reach out to the suicide hot line. this is not something we want people to emulate. this is the only thing that should happen like this right now. eric: absolutely. something that is horrible, something that hand shaken the nation. authorities have their man, anthony warner, they say he has been killed but many questions remain. i'm eric shawn is in new york. lawyer ingle is with us also for our special coverage. >> welcome back to justice. you heard my open, congress is letting downk america once again at one of the most critical times in recent memory. is there any hope for americans struggling with lost revenue and
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closed businesses? joining me now to discuss that, campaign manager and senior advisor to the re-election of thanks forin for being here. do you want to put any periods or exclamation points at the end of my open as relates to the house of representatives and how they're treating americans? >> well, let me say, it was a fantastic open and merry christmas to everyone who is watching tonight. the only people that are getting christmas gifts are those members of congress who get their own money. they vote themselves pay raises every they give us a bill that's 5,59e pages and what do the rest of the american people get? we got nothing? we get $600. this president is fighting to give the american people more money and congress won't do it. >> well, you know what? it's frightening. i was going to say, we get coal but they're going to try to stop fracking and everything else. i mean, it's just -- it's a
2:21 pm
nightmare for this country. let's move on from there. let's talk about not the way the house treats the american people and members of the house, but also about how the house itself is handling things like attacking the president, how they've done in the year 2020 ae relates to other countries and the outright hypocrisy of everything they do versus what they tried to attack donald trump for. >> you know, judge, the biggest news story that we should be talking about is congressman eric swalwell sleeping with a chinese spy by the name i think it was fang fang or bang bang or something like that. he was such a -- >> he didn't admit sleeping with her but he wouldn't answer but to me it's the same thing. what do i know. >> the fbi provided a defensive briefing to him. they've also provided that same briefing to the chairman of the house intelligence committee, the speaker of the house, the minority leadser of the houseng and the minority member on the
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intelligence committee and kevin mccarthy, the leader of the republicans,s was so concerned at what the fbi told him, he asked for that full briefing to be given to every member of the intelligence committee and the scariest thing about thisef is nancy pelosi and adam schiff knew about this before they appointed eric swalwell to this committee. he refuses to answer questions. and when he is questioned about it, he blames the president for this. this is the chinese involvement literally both figuratively and anecdotally in bed with elected officials trying to get information, whether it was eric swalwell or the two mayors in the midwest somewhere that she's also been accused of having an intimate relationship with. this is remarkable that eric swalwell continues to sit on the house intelligence committee. >> well, the amazing part of ig is that it doesn't seem to be any pushback. and this is where cory i'm
2:23 pm
reminded of big tech, the mainstream media, and the democrats who all joined together to try to prevent donald trump's re-election. and we're seeing it again. whenever the democrats do something that is so beyond the pale of the same things that they've accused the president of that he's never done, they get away with it and it's a frightening time, i must tell you, in american history. >> judge, look at the hunter tbiden story, when the new york post broke it the fourth largest newspaper in america, the major internet outlet, twitter and those, banned people from sharing that information. that's big tech trying to suppress information because it was going to impact the outcome of an election. 11% of the population said if they would have known about the hunter biden story before the election, they wouldn't have voted nor joe biden. that's important. now we see just this week hunter biden continues to own a stake in a chinese company where joe
2:24 pm
said none of his family members would be doing that. it's time for a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. we know that he's under investigation already at minimum in the state of delaware. towe know that joe's brother is under investigation from the western district in pennsylvania. this is a syndicate crime family, judge. when is the special prosecutor or special counsel going to be appointed to look into this? >> but cory, let me ask you this. look, you know i love you. we've been friends for years. i'm so sick and tired of special counsels. i watched jeff sessions, i watched bill barr. after four years and the american people understand this, they know in the depths of their heart when something is a crime and when something should be prosecuted. no one's been prosecuted. comey, mccabe, strzok, none of them, hillary clinton, none of them. the obvious violations of law. obvious violations of so when we talk about this, i think the american people are
2:25 pm
startingng to say there is no justice. it's a two-tiered system of justice in america. if you're at the top, you get away with it. if you are in the top of congress, you get a vaccine, you get money. it's inconsistent with america, the city on the hill, it's gone. am i wrong? i>> judge, you're not wrong and that's a big part of the reason donald trump was sent to wash tc and the people -- washington, d.c. and the people who he supported and continue to support him have a voice now in avwashington. you're absolutely right. we have seen all of those people who lied under oath, specifically andy mccabe, never charged. the justice department has been broken. that's what i'm so concerned about. hunter biden will get a pass under the justice department and those people who supported donald trump in the 2020 election, they will be attacked because of that support. you mark my words tonight. if joe biden is the president of the united states, he will use the justice department like barack obama did to go after
2:26 pm
some of those nonprofits that support conservative causes, some of the nonprofits that support the issue of right to life and those people whort supported donald trump. you mark my words, it's coming. >> well, you know, when there's a va vendetta behind the departt of justice, you know it's everything other than what ourve founding fathers intended. corey lewandowski, always good to see you. happy new year, my friend. the commander in chief still working to bring home american troops and end the so-called endless wars in the middle east. i'm talking about that and more with colonel david hunt.
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eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm jon scott. minutes ago, federal law enforcement in nashville naming the suspect in the christmas morning bombing as anthony quinn warner. they say they believe the explosion killed him and that dna from the blast site matches what they found yesterday when the fbi and atf raided warner's home in antioch, tennessee, about s 10 miles southeast of nashville. investigators say it appears warner acted as a lone wolf but they're looking into his motives. president trump refusing to sign the coronavirus relief bill as
2:31 pm
enhanced unemployment coverage for millions ran out last night. the president says he wants congress to boost direct payments for americans from 600 to $2,000. much larger than what's in the bill. i'm jon scott. i'll be back in half an hour with an all new fox report. now back to justice with judge janine. >> join me me now, colonel david hunt. belated merry christmas. good to see you. i think it's been an interesting four years. nobody really knew what to expect with president john ailed --donald j trump. i think you, as someone that's
2:32 pm
been in the military for 30 of 0 years? >> how long. >> yeah, 30 of years. >> you don't want to talk about your medals, i always like to talk about that. in any event, seems that donald trump is giving a christmas present to military families in the united states. explain to the viewers what we're talking about. >> yeah, absolutely. we've been at war in afghanistan for 19 years. and in iraq for 17. we've lost thousands of american soldiers, tens of thousands wounded. we've got hundreds of thousands of civilians killed and the president of the united states has made an absolutely right decision to draw down, return soldiers from iraq, afghanistan and syria to the u.s., but keep a counter terrorism force to kill terrorists in the region. the people who are arguing against this are the exact same military leaders and civilian leaders who caused us so many problems in fighting this war in both iraq and afghanistan.
2:33 pm
it's the right call. military active for 19 years, it's more than time to bring them home and still keep counter terrorism force in the vicinity, right decision, way too long it took, 19 years to make this. >> well, you know, the interesting thing is there was so much criticism of the president. it was every day there was criticism of the president. and yet he was true to his word. he made a promise that he was going to bring the troops home and he did. he didn't want to occupy, he didn't want to do what a lot of the other president wanted to do. now with joe biden, there appears to be a return of some of the same folks who were in the obama administration. what do you think that that signals to the pentagon and to the military establishment? >> facts are stubborn things, not opinions. during the eight years of the obama administration, 40,000
2:34 pm
more troops went into afghanistan. it did not work because very bad military leadership and we attacked, bombed or had gun fights, invasions in seven different countries. that's what happened during that administration. during this administration, none of that happened. we rescued people and we're bringing soldiers home. period. that's not for me, being political, that's the facts, military look. you can expect more involvement in nation building which we are terrible at. the united states military is good at one thing, knocking things down. we don't do rebuilding. that's what's happened from last 19 years, it's been wrong, it didn't work. my concern is we're going to slip right back to doing that which we shouldn't. >> you know, the amazing part of it as you describe that, colonel, is that when we try -- when we get involved in all these other situations in foreign countries, and yet you
2:35 pm
look at the obama administration and how they wanted to draw down troops, the army to preworld war ii as i recall and all of the money that was taken out of the military budget and yet they still want to go in and keep fighting and the ultimate irony was that barack obama was given the nobel peace prize and what donald trump did during four years with the peace deal between the uae and israel and bahrain and serbia, kosovo, you fought over there, it's amazing stuff. >> yeah. there was a lot of firsts in this administration. the military and politically of course, like going with -- trying to get in contact with north korea. 40,000 soldiers they threw into afghanistan. that didn't work. the military by the way was -- it's always been a great
2:36 pm
military for the last 19 years. politically i don't think the military's been as affected, i think military leadership has been affected and it should have been because it failed in many cases. we've got a great military now. >> how has it been affected? >> we have some senior officers, retired, still and active duty that need to answer for the mistakes made in afghanistan and iraq. there's books written, studies written. this administration was decentralizing, allowing generals to make decisions. previous administrations have not. the army, navy, air force, marine corps, coast guard, still a matter of -- no matter the administration, have been the best fighting force in the world, period. >> and so what about the defense authorization act? what's going on with that latest back and forth with congress and the bill for the military? >> the president's holding up this act which is a big deal,
2:37 pm
$900 billion act. because words in this bill that allow the military, for example, the army, to change the names of confederate names like fort hood and fort bragg to less controversial names. problem with that is we have real serious issues like suicide, rape, racism, like bad leadership and the services will not be touched by what i think is a silly thing to do, changing fort hood to fort jones. it won't matter. we have serious stuff to get at. it's not a serious thing to change the name of a post. it is serious to put money against the things like 22 service men a day are still committing suicide. >> terrible. i don't think it's going to end. >> i think you'll have to sign the bill. it's too important. but i think he's --
2:38 pm
>> okay. colonel david hunt, always good to be with you. thanks so much. and happy new year to you. now, herschel walker is next with his reflexes on -- reflections on 2020 and whether we should be optimistic about 2021. stay with us on justice.
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judge jeanine: 2020 probably not your favorite year, right? me neither. here to look back and ahead with me is former nfl star with the dallas cowboys, herschel walker. good evening, herschel. >> hello there. how you doing? judge jeanine: well, i'm doing pretty well, except when i think about 2020. but i thought you would be the perfect person to talk about 2020, because i always knew you
2:43 pm
as this great football player, like everybody knows who herschel walker is and whether they know what you look like or who you are, doesn't matter, your name is like there. you've made it. but for the first time america saw you talking politics and so many americans, like you, became political. i mean, we all got involved. it was so monumental. but tell me and tell my viewers why you got involved and what it was about 2020 that actually got you fired up. >> well, what got me fired up about 2020 is i thought so many of our responders and leaders in washington not tell the truth about this president and i wanted to stand up and let the people know the truth and so many people that seemed to care more about all these foreign countries than america, i love america, i love jesus christ and they want to take christ fromca you and with this pandemic going on, they seem to care about all the lawlessness going on in this
2:44 pm
country and this country was built on law and order. i love, love, love america. i want to stand up for it and i want america to stand up and speak out because if we don't do it, we've got to worry. we have to worry. because we've got so many other countries, china, russia, iran, all these other countries that do not like america. and we don't seem to have leaders in washington except seemed s to be our president that's going to stand for us and we've got too stand with him and fight for america. judge jeanine: well, but you know, now that it appears that we've got, what, another not even another month and nothing seems to be working in the courts. judges are throwing everything out. people are getting locked down again. i don't know if you heard my open, but, you know, you've got these congress people like pushing everybody to the curb to make sure they can get the vaccine and giving money to third world countries and foreign countries while we're in the middle of a pandemic. they don't care. how can we make them care?
2:45 pm
>> well, the way we can make them care is all americans have got to stand up for america. it is time that we let washington know that when we elected them into office that they work for the people. i think we, the people, have forgotten about that. whether this president got 74 million or 80 million people, but i can guarantee you joe biden didn't get 50 million people vote forge him, yet people think he won thistle ebbing. unless we get this president back in office for four more years, he's never going to drain the swamp. we don't have confidence in oure election system and the reason why, you don't know and that's one reason i think everyone if washington that is working in washington, whether senator or congress, want to have a fair election because you don't even know if you would belong there because you don't know if you won. right now, things have gotten so chaotic that the before thing they can do is get a fair election so the american people can have trust in them, can have trust in this country, because right now this country needs
2:46 pm
that. judge jeanine: well, what about 2021? what do you hope for in 2021 as we a approach the new year? >> well, what i hope for in 2021 is that this president gets elected again, he continues to drain the swamp, continues to get this country back on its feet because people talk about the death of covid. it's been awful. 2020 has been awful. but what's strange about it is let's think about the death of people that may have died from suicide, let's think about the people that may have died from drugs or people that may have died from something else. nobody hears about that interest, a heart attack. we --k from a heart you you at. we have to get back to it. this president got the vaccine but it seems like all the leaders would rather take the vaccine rather than the people that deserve to take it. you see what happened in nashville, tennessee. and you think about the people that should have been taking the vaccine. judge jeanine: we're out of time. >> the people that are saving lives.
2:47 pm
judge jeanine: thank god for them. herschel walker, thank god for you. thanks so much for being with us. and dr. affed is next. we're the croods. -we are the bettermens.
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judge jeanine: we're learning more every day about the coronavirus vaccines and how
2:51 pm
effective they are. dr. qanta ahmed is a pul pull my pulmonologist. thank you for being here. now, i'm kind of stunned as a lot of people are that the moderna vaccine and by the way, i understand that this is moderna's first vaccine, they've never come up with an fda approved vaccine, that it's 94% effective but a boston physician actually, who has a shell fish allergy, had a severe reaction to the vaccine. so should people be frightened? >> so to me that wasn't surprising at all. we know and the cdc had warned that people even with significant food allergies aren't going to be able to take the vaccine. that physician took the vaccine, developed anile an allergy, ws treated and resolved the issue. it's not a reason not to take the vaccines. there is a concern if people
2:52 pm
have prior an ph an take reacti, they may want to ayo avoid the vaccine. judge jeanine: one of the things he said was, it was severe. his tongue become numb, blood pressure plummeted, he had an anaphylactic reaction. my question to you, doctor, as we all listen on television and they have disclaimers and risks and contraindications. i never heard one of these vaccine companies talk about the risks. >> that's not entirely correct, judge. i took the vaccine on tuesday, the pfizer, biontech vaccine, a similar mrna vaccine and i have shell fish allergies. it. was clearly described by the drug companies and cdc that people who have food allergies including ones like that can
2:53 pm
take it. we know how to treat the allergies. the physician was carrying an openy pen. he may have -- epi pen. this is extremely rare. still, we can treat the allergic reactions more effectively than a severe case of covid-19. it's a risk-benefit. judge jeanine: i understand that, doctor. what i'm saying to you, doctor, is that none of us have ever heard of any of o this and i'm n the news. i listen to the news. i watch it all the time. nobody talks about there's a risk and if you have shell fish and now i understand there's also a risk for women who have any kind of botox or fillers that they're going to have a reaction shouldn't these companies be telling americans this? >> well, i think the default here in the united states it's not the companies are keeping this secret. the cdc issued very clear guidelines including about food allergies, the definitive pr
2:54 pm
prohibition from the vaccines is in fact if you have aniler joy a prior -- an aler joy a prior vaccine. over 1 million doses have been administered. that's increasing. this is the first such report. i don't think we should blow this out of the water. the vaccine is a miraculous development. it's a direct product of president trump's political will and vision. it is miraculous that we have it 10 o10 months after the pandemis here. i received my vaccine at nyu langone, close to the place i was last in the pandemic with a patient of mine who passed away, trying understand what happened. that is absolutely michigan achusband. we must not -- miraculous. we must not alarm americans about allergic reactions that we treat every day. we know how to deal with that. that's not a reason not to take the vaccine. judge jeanine: i want my viewers to know and maybe you can tell them where would they go to see who or what reaction this might have, shell fish --
2:55 pm
>> the website of the cdc and also the fda itself issues those recommendations. that's well described. where i took my vaccine on tuesday, there was all of the materials ready. god forbid i would have an allergic reaction just like this doctor. so we know how to deal with that. judge jeanine: well, all right. dr. qanta ahmed, thanks so much for being with us and happy new year to you. >> you too. merry christmas, judge janine. judge jeanine: bye-bye. we'll be right back. . . . needles.
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navigating what's to come. "newswe will get you away towerfrom all this pain.aking. it's soulful and stirring. and tom hanks is magnificent. it's hard finding your way home. it wil judge jeanine: finally tonight thank you so much for watching, christmas has come and gone and i hope yours was a great one, i know it is different this year end everything was differentif this year but we have to thank god that we are still here and we have the hope that jobs will come back, i am here fighting for you as i do every saturday
3:00 pm
night, i want so much for america to be prosperousro and strong the way our founding fathers intended her. you can still buy my book, don't lie to me i'm tired of their lies, i'm jeanine pirro, signing off tonight. this fed name the suspect and nashville just an hour ago saint anthony quinn warner acted alone and died in the massive explosion, good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: officials are looking into possible motives for the bombing during the news conference last hour they said dna found at the blast site matches with the fbi and atf found yesterday in a raid on warner's home in antioch tennessee, 10 miles southeast of where parked rv detonated at 6:30 a.m. in music city downtown area right outside


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