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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 28, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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time we have this evening. thanks a lot for watching. for more on debunking the liberal agenda, tune in to my podcast. the dan bongino show. tammy bruce in for laura ingraham tonight. the captain's chair tonight. >> tammy: everybody in the world listens to your podcast and there's room for a few more. >> dan: thank you. welcome, thank you so much, sir, have a great and hi, tammy bruce in for laura ingle from new york city tonight. as dr. fauci on herd immunity, frustrated business owners across the country are fighting back against covid restrictions we will talk with one salon owner who is now taking her fight with the oregon governor directly to court. then we will go to georgia where socialism is on t the ballot. senatorth david perdue was here. just over a week away from the crucial
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put biden is back from christmas break. and the blender machine moving full speed. "seen and unseen" with raymond arroyo and has the left wing turned its back on biden? victor davis hanson standing by. plus, one oregon salon owner not backing down to keep her business open. glamorous salon owner, lindsey graham is taking her case to court filing a $100,000 lawsuit against oregon's democratic governor kate brown. the ground claims that violating her civil rights. glamorous salon owner, lindsey graham joins me now. it is great to see you, congratulations and thank you for joining me tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you for inviting me. i appreciate it myself. >> tammy: this is very important, not just you personally but for the statement that this makes to everyone in the countryal who has been under the boot of tierney for quite some time. so tell us what made you finally filed this lawsuit.
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>> well, it has been a long time since weapon i mean, about eight months. but the major effects that i had were as soon as i try to open my doors against the governor's mandate in may, she came at me with the full weight of the state, and she tara dimmick -terrorized myself, she terrorized my stylist, and she terrorized my family. she took every government agency and put her full weight and tood intimidating me to closing including sending child protective services to my home and threatening my children. >> tammy: your lawsuits describes that. your lawsuit describes what seems to be -- and we've seen ae retaliation by governments and a heavy hand against businesses in a variety of states. but you describe a frightening situation with your family was targeted. is that right? >> that is right. she did send child protective services to my home less thant e three days after i d open my dos publicly.
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they interviewed my children without my presence. opened a full-blown case against me which was completely bogus and unwarranted. and didn't close it until i shot back at them with a threat of the lawsuit. >> tammy: good for you. we have given the governor a lot of power. you know, it's been eight months because we have all been following the rules. right?noow it was a good decision in new jersey where there was a gym that was open and they took their fight to court. going to court takes money and a lot of people don't know what their options are. but there has been a number of things that have been used against you when it comes to your lawsuit. i think there was an episode in may, is that right? where you had osha department, occupational safety and threaten -- health admin threaten you with a massive find?
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is that right? >> they threaten me before i even open my doors. they came and threaten me with a $70,000 what is called a red tag citation, which means my business is a hazard to the community and to employees that are in m there. of it is i actually have employees so that they didn't have restrictions. they did end up issuing a $14,000 citation and up to a few days ago, they are refusing to withdraw it despite they cannot present evidence i am an employer. unfortunately, i do have to go to court for that citation as well. >> tammy: as a residentt of oregon and all of us around the country have watched these antifa marches, the taking over of neighborhoods, people gathering in the streets. there seems to be no problem with that but you as a regular business owner, as a mom, you have theee full weight of that state against you. >> right. kate brown, she picked her battle early on and she is running oregon like a complete dictatorship. she isn't up for reelection so she does not need to earn
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brownie pointsik from anybody. and you don't have to be from oregon. you can watch the news and see what she's done to oregon residents. it is appalling. clearly she believes she has the authority to do so when she came after me with everything she had to. i talked to cps state employees and they came forward and said they are shocked at her behavior and never seen a case go through like this. >> tammy: good luck to you and us watching this, the nation knowing that you are doing this is important because this is one way to push back. owi don't think we have to put p with us. you can make your argument in court. good luck to you. congratulations for moving forward on this. thank you very much for living forward on this tonight. lindsey graham is not the only one fighting back, business owners throughout the country have been in effect pushing back. for example in pennsylvania and motel owner sued insured to do to cover losses and in california restaurant owner and sacramento county over
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restrictions and here to discuss the fights, for freedom is harmeet dhillon, you know her well.ct the ceo of the center for american liberty. when we talk about the options people have, not burning down buildings and putting people at risk, it is about using the system, but it takes someone like yourself who knows how this works and attorneys with a commitment and the nonprofit arm about making this happen. so thank you for that. now, with his lockdowns and what you are doing, are f these about -- is this really about constitutional rights? and this, i guess, is your argument why this needs to stop as r they really have oversteppd their boundaries. >> absolutely. so the constitution is not suspended in a pandemic. that is a principle we recently heard handed down by the united states supreme court. but the night circuit, lower district courts and certainly governments on the west coast
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are ignoring this concept. so you see churches being prevented from operating in los angeles county where my firm has filed a lawsuit with mark guerrigos in a place where if youu have an exemption like the film industry and the lobbyist sitting next to the governor, your film shoot can have food served outside. but across the street, our client who owns a restaurant was shut down so this is tremendously unfair. when you look at the west coast, like law and order in oregon, we actually have pretty higheren rates of covid that has skyrocketed, despite all of these restrictions. at the same time, you see places like florida where it's much lower. so some of these restrictions are not working,lo counterproductive and driving activity underground. it is unhealthy beyond the constitution. something has to give here on the west coast. >> tammy: what is interesting, you find out what people are really made of, you know, when there is crisis.
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we are finding that out with certain the tendency, even when they are obviously wrong as is the case in california where they refused to budge. what is gavin newsom saying, seeing the clear failure? is or anything he is saying to you or see him move to care about the fact that he's destroying businesses in the state? >> no, he doesn't care. his friends are eating well and his winery was open until a couple of weeks ago. everything is going fine for the elite who can pay to tutor their children and the rest of society cannot afford f that. and so we have a real disconnect here. >> tammy: actually, let's play that sound if he could from a press conference today from gavin newsom. >> we have initiated the call, stay-at-home orders for a three week period is now due to expire. it is clear and understandable that it is likely stay-at-home orders will be extended.
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>> okay. >> tammy: harmeet, he is watching thee numbers go up, but instead of let's say do more of the same. what he is saying, you will just double down here. how long do you think californians will tolerate this? >> they are tolerating it and we have turned to sheep and our society. but when you look at florida that has been open, they have much lower rates of covid is what doctors will tell you, locking people indoors and unhealthy circumstances indoorsi is what is causing the spread there is no evidence that los s angeles county or the stae has been able to provide, for example, eating in a restaurant outside is causing covid. there was no evidence of that. >> tammy: harmeet, i take it your lawsuits are clearly moving that point to law and this is based either on false or imagined threats, is that right? >> that is right and people need
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due process. businesses are entitled to due process. and their property rights. >> tammy: excellent, harmeet dhillon, thank you again, great job and clearly this will continue, but you are one of the tai heroes and i appreciate you chiming in tonight. >> thanks, to me. >> tammy: dr. fauci continues to erode public trust in the establishment as he routinely changes position and moves the goalpost to hear the latest example with the shifting metric of what constitutes herd immunity. as "the new york times" reminded us this weekend in the and the pandemic's early days, dr. fauci had to decide this same 60% to 70% estimates that most experts to do. but notice how dr. fauci shifted this 70% threshold. -- 60% threshold. >> herd immunity, you would need somewhere between 70%, 75% from 80% of the population vaccinated. >> tammy: when asked why the percent for herd immunity,
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inexplicably jumped to 80%, dr. fauci told "the new york times" when polls said half of americans wouldd. take a vaccine, i was saying herd immunity would take 70% to 75%. then when newer survey said 60% or more would take it, i thought, i can nudge this up a bit. so i went to 80%, 85%. i think the real ranges somewhere 70% to 90%. why didn't he say between 0% and 90%? clearly science is taking a backseat towh nudging and guesstimates. now joining us phil kerpen the committee to "unleash prosperity" a fabulous name of a group. dr. harvey risch, professor of epidemiology at yale school of public health. gentlemen, welcome aboard and the only person not joining us right now is rob sterling. but i think we will be able to cover this. dr. risch, clearly i don't s thk
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sound science is deciding to nudge something because you want to affect people's behavior. what do you make of this now open admission, confession, that he has been attempting to simply manipulate people's behavior with guessing. >> dr. fauci has confused two different things that is representing by one statement. he is saying percent but there are two different percents, the of the population is immune and there is a percent of the population that needs to be vaccinated. >> tammy: right. >> those are two differently differentfe things. we need more than herd immunity to shut up the pandemic. the herd immunity could limit it but not the maximum. that is immunity but not vaccination. we know the upper midwest for example we have 75% of community in north dakotaav and close to that south dakota and many in the west states are doing very well. they are well past herd immunitt and closing the pandemics over the next month or two. >> tammy: you know, that is
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great point, doctor, even in his comments and what he's almost bragging about misses the point entirely about what you just saidr, about two completely different m friends -- france. in face of us when it comes to dealing with this. and it still hasn't stopped him from doing the fearmongering. let's take a look at this. >> do you agree that the worst is still yet to come? >> you know, i do, and the reason i'm concerned my colleagues and public health concerns also is that we very well might see a first seasonal in the sense of christmas/new year's surge. >> tammy: now, didn't he say the same thing, by the way about thanksgiving? listen to this. >> the travel, the congregants setting, not wearing masks, the chances aree that you will see a surge, superimposed upon a surge.
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>> tammy: my goodness. this is turning into just general fear mongering. once again, since he already admitted that he wants to move people along and that he doesn't like the numbers so low apparently when it comes to those who were comfortable with a vaccination. where is that thanksgiving surge, phil, because it didn't happen and what do you make of all this? >> we didn't see a surge most places. you know, it is interesting because this is a man who originally told us it would be a dark, horrible terrible winteris because of flus and covid. , have basically zero flu and didn't happen but instead, at this idea of surge on surge. thanksgiving was going to be a disaster and surge on surge everywhere and what we have seen is a big increase in the places that weren't previously hit hard like california. and we have seen peeking in most
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of the regions of the country and that same post thanksgiving time period. could christmas be different? i suppose so but the remarkable thing about file g he never acknowledges he was wrong. he ignored what he said before and say whatever the new thing is. >> tammy: phil, it is even better than that. dr. risch, it is as though a kid is being a bully and trips and falls, he gets up and says "oh, i meant to do that." "i meant to mislead you about mask wearing" because of the shortage. then he meant to do this about immunity and herd immunity because saying about changing the goalpost because he had a goal. it is hard to state if he is just lying at the start or he doesn't know what he is doing, or in fact, he is trying to manipulate people. dr. risch, i want to mention in the midst of all of this, the discussion of immunity or vaccine passport for international travel that would
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be controlled by an international body has come up. do you think on the medical side that that would be a good idea? >> well, no, number one, the human rights has to be worked out and specific remedy to it that it is sufficient to infringe upon basic human rights. but centrally, there is no guarantee this would be effective for anything because it doesn't even measure immunity very well at the moment. >> tammy: that is a great point. phil, it looksun like the real impact with these decisions doesn't seem to matter. you heard mike conversation with harmeet dhillon with california and they don't seem to care. >> they will double down on the same things that aren't working. the amazingee thing that is remarkable about dr. fauci on every single issue with covid from masks,az asymptomatic spre, herd immunity threshold now, to
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shut downs, which he told us in january don't work and now says do it, no choice. how can anyone possibly believe that now he's telling the truth? >> tammy: exactly. >> before i was lying, but now i tell the truth. now you should listen to me. even if that is true, how can anybody believe that this time he's telling the truth? >> tammy: this is a horrible destruction of the medical infrastructure and what we are being told to do because this ir a serious issue. there will be another serious issue in front of us down the line to say nothing of the legitimacy of government it so. i don't think they have anticipated the still strange to relate the impact of mass media that we can have this conversation, that his flip-flopping and observe statements will be critiqued. maybepp someday that will be a hate crime to critique this guy, but at this point, at least, we can speak freely about it. gentlemen, thank you for joining me, and i'm sure i will see you soon. have a good night. now, with control of the senate on the line, president trump is pulling out all the stops to
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georgia could come all down right now, obviously, the turn out as most elections do. with the latest real clear politics, average showing extremely tight race for both senate seats. republican david perdue is up 0.2 points against democratic candidate johnea ossoff and the race kelly loeffler and challenger rafael warnock's's tied. razor-thin margins like this means it is critical for every eligible voter in georgia to get a out and vote. fox news correspondent leland vittert live in the nation's capital, leland. >> pulling out the stops on both sides agree on the fact how importantim it is to get out there people to the polls. take a look at the screen and we will talk about democrats first. do any of these pictures look familiar? let me give you their names, tokyo jets, shelley s ka
11:23 pm
names, tokyo jets, shelley ska and b are our cash. they just post to get out and vote for rafael warnock and jon ossoff. the democrats need the same massive turnout especially among voters that they got in november 2 win and jennifer january. here is jon ossoff. >> i want you to reflect how far we have come in the state of georgia and how far we have come in the america itself. georgia is the most competitive battleground state in the united states. >> republicans agreed this is a historicou moment to control the senate at state. -- stake. this picture will look a lot more familiar than the other ones. president trump heading back to georgia a week from tonight to push republicans to the polls election day for in person voting, specifically dalton, georgia skewed heavily for the president. get this, half of the vote is already in. you put the total mail-in voting, early person and vote 2.1 million voters. m i talked to one pollster today
11:24 pm
who said 2 million, 2.5 million is what they expect in a special election in total, meaning this could reach roughly around 4.5 million votes. that is about 80% of thel, presidential election, which is unheard of. >> what we don't want to see is a far left senate like i have experienced the far left house for nancy pelosi. chuck schumer, i see in new york state, he has far left. he wants medicare for all, government takeover and higher taxes,ef green new deal. a gun ban. >> you can't turn on your tv in georgia by being bombarded by political ads. others outside groups, the democrats have raised $60 million in the last months. the incumbent just $68 million. so things are tightening and considering how close both the presidential race and jon ossoff race back in november, not to mention the legal challenges, it
11:25 pm
is very possible, to me in the most expensive senate race in history we won't know whoch won and controls the senate for even a week. >> tammy: it sure feels like january, right? ten years ago. leland, thank you for that report. i appreciate it. a week from tonight tpresident trump will hold a rally in florida to boost enthusiasm for the republican/georgia senators kellyy loeffler and david perdu. the final pitch before the eve of the runoff january 5th, a g.o.p. majority in thean senate hangs in the balance. one of the candidates senator david perdue joins us now. senator, thank you so much for joining us. i know you are a busy man. i think what we are seeing here, and i think it is hillary also found out isar that celebrity doesn't necessarily matter so much and neither does having the most money. it is about reminding people stake and howat donald trump won on why he won, which is about the issues.
11:26 pm
wanting to maintain what has already been accomplished. tell mebo what you are viewing n the midst of a very unique situation and what your thoughts are with the upcoming election. >> hi, thank you for having me. well won this race in november. we beats the democratic candidae but the reality is 52.5% of georgians voted against this democratic agenda that has been trying to perpetrate on america and they defeated jon ossoff. so 47.5%, they have a long way to go. we are not taking anything for granted. we are out doing 105 stop bus tour and kelly loeffler doing the same thing. we take up to small-town georgia to make sure they understand what at stake and a responsibility to get out and vote. if we get our vote out i will be pleased with the situation m but we are not taking anything for granted, to me. >> tammy: that is good news because there is concern about we want legal votes to be
11:27 pm
counted. we want more people to vote because americans have a tendency to not vote. this is a good thing for people tond go out and vote. there has been discussion about the feud between president trump and governor of georgia who feel have not done enough to make people feel that there was enough control over this runoff. some people want in primary. do you think that is having an impact on the republican party itself? because this clearly, this race, playing politics and about individual personal freedom, right?al that means the trump agenda being maintained, like you have to do that by keepingmp the senate. is it impacting your race? how does it feel on the ground right now in the midst of all that? >> people realize what is at stake here. we are the last line of defense against the democratic onslaught and this radical socialist agenda that they have aspired to
11:28 pm
the presidential election and continue to do so now. people in georgia need to realize whate this is, and we won't get another chance if we don't stop it now. but the other thing is what you said.iz if we gain these two seeds and hold these two seats in the republican hands, we can block with the democrats are trying to do and protect what president trump has accomplished over the last four years. energy independence, the the iran nuclear deal. we helped pull out of power because of economic turnaround. these are things american people really want to. get emails and texts every day, please hold the line in georgia. that is what we are committed to do. >> tammy: that it is,ma imperative, obviously, and everyone no matter what your party, we want to have our jobs back. we enjoyed the extraordinary things that we have accomplished.edor so that your loved ones don'ton have to be sent to a foreign country to never come home aga again. for african-americans that the
11:29 pm
wage gap is shrinking, no one wants that lost. this is what's at stake. raphael warnock however is dodging questions about this body cam footage that surfaced of his ex-wife. let's take a listen. >> this man is running for united states senate and only cares about is his reputation. i work at the mayor's office so this is a big problem. i been trying to be quiet the wayndut he is. for the sake of my kids and his reputation. i've tried to keep the way he acts under wraps for a long time. and today, he crossed the line. that is what is going on here. he is a great actor. he is phenomenal of putting on h really good show. >> tammy: that is one accusation, obviously, against tie individual, but when we talk about economic security, allowing women and every dynamic to be able to choose lives that best suit them with security and freedom. senator warnock said he was focused on family and the people of georgia. but do you think people deserve a bit more of anhe explanation
11:30 pm
here what she was talking about what this means about his character? >> of course we do. the more we learn about rafael warnock and jon ossoff, the morw questions haven't been answered. for example, jon ossoff has a huge china scandal he has not come clean on yet. it makes eric swalwell and biden situation small in comparison. this is a man i'm running against that took money from the chinese communist party for two years, hid it, lied about it, got caught, came clean and lied about it again. so we have a lot of questions people, of georgia are asking about and raphael warnock has said not only does he want to defund the police he calls them thugs, criminals. these are people the eventual democrats, if these are the two types of people to represent georgia, they are out of step with most georgians. these are the most liberal candidates i can remember my lifetime the democrats putting it for any state. the people of georgia are beginning to realize that, to me. >> tammy: i would hope so, george is a great state.
11:31 pm
-- georgia is a great state. senator thank you very much. transcends politics and the american future. this is one issue we can do for people with the problem with certain republicans are doing. that can be addressed later on but keep our eye on the prize here. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. now, one of the key issues of the 2020 election so far has been, in fact, the radical agenda of the democratic party. >> george is the battlefield for our entire country. we are at a firewall to stop socialism. it's not a exaggeration because you heard chuck schumer we take georgia and change america. he's laid out his radical, socialist agenda, defining the -- defunding the police, high taxes, government run health care, lockdown, permanent locked and you see states across the country. >> tammy: well i'm a joining is now fox news contributor sara carter. sara, welcome aboard. you know, it is interesting,
11:32 pm
normally when there's a complaint made her accusation made or prediction by politician we have to wonder if she could be correct or he could be correct. that may be too far.a bridge everything she is saying there is unfolding. it has been happening. we can see what you get the democratic leadership. i was on the left. i can assure people that they will do what they say they are going to do. they have always done that. the right tends to think "oh, that's never going to happen, that is just too crazy." sara, what is your take on that radical agenda and i want you to listen to what raphael warnock said today. let's listen. >> my activism and legislation, my protest in the public policy i want to go to the senate where i can argue on the senate floor that health care is a human right. >> tammy: sara, what is your thoughts on all this? >> let me first start by saying what senator perdue said is
11:33 pm
absolutely right. nobody in georgia, for that matter, nobodyig across the united states of america can take this for granted. all eyes will be on georgia because georgia will determine the future of the united states of america. we are certainly at a crossroads. you know, warnock, reverend warnock is not hiding who he is and senator loeffler is exactlye right when she points out, we have to make a decision. warnock is speaking clearly about his beliefs. he is an extremist, a radical and believes in radically changing fundamentally our nation. if he takes control and wins the senate seat along with jon ossoff, you can definitely, absolutely count on the fact of america shifting with chuck schumer and charge. that ishe absolute. fact. and everything from health care to the green new deal to the iran deal, i mean, fundamental changes. this is why president trump is fighting so diligently and why
11:34 pm
the people of georgia even though so many dismayed because of the november elections, we have heard that. a lot of people are frustrated. but they need to get out there and vote. they cannot give up. they have been out there pounding the pavement. >> tammy: if the answer is to punish the republicans by not voting in this runoff, you are effectively saying "i'm going to set fire to everything president trump accomplished" arguably with the exception of washington and lincoln. the most impactful, you know, remarkable president when it comes to the direction of the country and reform in this nation's history. that you want to set up that on fire to throw a tantrum. but keep our eye on the prize. and it doesn't mean, it doesn't mean, you know, whether republican or democrat, but i think it is time that all of us began thinking transcending these parties and think first,
11:35 pm
"what is best for my family, what is best for the future?" i think that is where we need to go here. there is too much of this party talk. when the parties now, it w is really irrelevant at this stage. >> i absolutely agree. you have to think about it this way and i completely agree with you, tammy. for everyone of you out here thinking about this and especially georgia. if you don't get out there and vote and put a vote in, there m will be nothing left to fight for it. you may be frustrated but this is your time to take a stand. this is your time to put in your voting get out there and vote. it far transcends our party. we have seen ae progressive movement, leftist movement in this country like never before. and now is the time to make a stand. and now i >> tammy: i think it is part because americans can't believe there are other americans that would want to do that, but they do. ande it is explicable. president trump will be there. we know president wants people to vote, obviously, and they will have a chance to see him in
11:36 pm
georgia week from now. sara, thank you for joining me, i really appreciate it. all right, now, kamala harris and joe biden share bizarre takes on the holiday and a new federal court izighs in on how many of you can go to church. isn't thatat nice of them. raymond arroyo explains in "seen and unseen" coming up next. ♪
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>> tammy: it iss time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we revealed the story behind the headlines. one guy that can do that, joining us now fox news contributor,eh raymond arroyo. raymond, nice to see you my dear. >> raymond: great to see you, tammy. >> tammy: kamala harris has issued a series of messages where she is the investor of ale -- ambassador of all holidays like this one. >> you know my sister and i grew up celebrating kwanzaa and there
11:41 pm
was always the discussion of the sevenn>> rent symbols. -- principles. my favorite, i have to tell you, was always the one about self-determination. it is about be, be and do. be the person you want to be and do the things that you want to do. >> raymond: isn't that an inspiring thought, tammy. be and do what you want to. do we need a celebration to affirm our personal will? i also find it interesting kamala harris said she celebrated kwanzaa as a little girl. it was created in 1966, two years after she was born. i would like to see those, it's not like christmas or hanukkah like a religious holiday but she has those covered too, tammy. >> i love hanukkah because it really is about the light. it is a celebration of always fighting for justice and fighting for the dignity of all people. i
11:42 pm
>> should be light the candle? >> yeah, let's do it, okay? >> okay. celebrating the birth of jesus, the spirit of knowing the power that we each have two leave the world better than we found it. >> christmas is about the spirit of knowing the power we have, to me. i didn't realize that's why we celebrated christmas. i have learned something here. >> tammy: you know, it is funny. she seems to have something for everybody, no matter what. it is amazing how that works out. >> raymond: every holiday is covered and not to be outdone joe and joe biden share their beloved christmas traditions as well. f >> you know the bidens have a tradition to mix irish snow with water. he uses my hand mixer. >> but you make it look like snow. my dad used to do it with biden tradition, my grandfather and i swear it looks like snow has
11:43 pm
fallen on the trees. >> raymond: and they ridiculed melania trump's christmas decorations. i can't wait to see what a biden christmas, atul least the trees will be clean. a positive effect here. >> tammy: a little frightening there. m raymond moving to the profane to the sacred. a very important liberty decision and new york's second circuit court of appeals today, wasn't there? >> raymond: this was major and black new york state and governor andrew cuomo's limits on religious gatherings. what that means, state cannot enforce the worship but tried to limit ten to 25 people. this is madness, the supreme court said these limits strike at the very heart of the first amendment's guarantee of religious liberty. now, lower courts are echoing
11:44 pm
that is a good thing. religious is no less important than can see notes or costco. and worship should not be restricted, especially when churches and synagogues are doing everything they can to be responsible and keep their congregants safe. this is a great ruling. >> tammy: it clearly is, even though of course people have no problemagei having their worship service and to costco, it seems like you could go anywhere and god is everywhere. i think that is also helpful. that is excellent news. on another note, joe biden offered a national security briefing today. what exactly did he say? >> raymond: thank you for giving me this assignment, tammy a gloomy assessment of the world. the world does not trust america and that the president has created enormous damage. he also seemed unable to n t red with fluidity. i wonder how world leaders are adversariesna view the confused and at times wandering impression that bidenld gives o. biden apparently sends his team to various agencies. >> to assess the state and the federal government, excuse me,
11:45 pm
that we will shortly inherit. these teams worked under incredibly difficult circumstances. >> raymond: wait until they get a load of circumstances coming their way, tammy. biden claims that america has withdrawn from the world. tell that to the middle east, where the entire region by forcing peace agreements or china, which genuinely fears the trump administration's trump trade tactics. biden wants global consensus on china. he tried to outline his concerns today only i had trouble understanding what he was saying. maybe there was meandering in here, you listen. >> on any issuing that matters on china/u.s. relations, including intellectual prosperity and the environment to ensuring security and prosperity with -- we will reclaim our ability to lead the world.
11:46 pm
>> i worried that the world is reclaiming their ability to lead us, that's the problem. >> tammy: that is an issue we've all been worried about. raymond, before we go, again, just amazing any of this is actually true and happening. this is the good news so far for 2020. you are filling in for laura tonight and have a surprise guest. can you tell us who that is? >> raymond: tomorrow, vr going going to have mel gibson will be on the program who very rarely does interviews, but he's coming on to talk about his big streaming hit and what he's working on now. it should be a great interview. i can't wait to sit with him and talk about what's up next. people won't want to missed that. that is tomorrow night. >> tammy: fabulous, great stuff, thank you so much, raymond and happy new year to you, dear. is the media and the far left taking it easy on biden only to cut him down once he's in office to speed along a kamala harris presidency?e
11:47 pm
my next guest thinks so. victor davis hanson shows us the evidence coming up next. ♪
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11:50 pm
>> tammy: will the left-wing media turn to get biden to get what they wanted all along, a kamala harris presidency? victor davis hanson think so
11:51 pm
saying "given the democrats a healthy bargain with infraction, destructive rumors about biden faculties or families financial escapades will more more likely come from the parties left-wing and easier for a terrorist presidency than the opposition." that sounds about right. joining me now hoover institute victor davis hansen, thank you for being here with me tonight, i appreciate it on this holiday week. >> thank you. >> tammy: some of these things are predictable and to think a woman couldn't generate enough support to stay in the race into 2020 is now looking at being the president. was this the plan, do you think, all along, sir? >> i think it was. ink think the original primary candidates didn't resonate with the american people. they were issues with of the green new deal open borders had
11:52 pm
no support. so bidenrs was sort of resurrecd after michael bloomberg dissipated and his droplets to carry that agenda over with him. he made a lot of margins. he made one with the media, gotcha questions, no unscripted interviews, no questions about my cognitive abilities or lack of a no questions about hunter and an exchange i will get rid of donald trump for you. he said to the left "i am kind of sort of for fracking, maybe not, defund the police, maybe so, and i will give you a veneer of distractibility. just call off blm, antifa before the election and ie can have yor agenda and you can have your identity politics to the cabinet members." she called him a racist. >> tammy: absolutely. >> she said basically you're a young person, a person of color, you don't like me, but i need you to pacify the level. all of these bargains, i think they will unwind. i don't think the media, they
11:53 pm
have lost all their reputation, and i don't think they can put up with four years of asking no questions and being told you're a one pony horse or one horse pony. i don't know what that means and they don't know what it means. they never ask questions and and becoming humiliated. >> tammy: addition to the vice president said that she believeded accusers, a score of accusers of inappropriate touching, inappropriate sexual behavior, and she said she believed in him. and now she is standing next to him for democrats to make genuine sexual harassment, honesty and getting the answer. it sounds like they will be very disappointed to. >> i agree. i think anything that starts badly ends badly. this entire coalition, construction wasas a candidacy d was not real.
11:54 pm
the media played along. now it will have to keep playing along and look even more ridiculous. kamala harris didn't like biden. biden, in the basement, she thought he was a misogynist i guess but now she will play it along. biden didn't get along with the left and now has to play along. at some point, you know, someone will sneeze and the whole thing will fall out. >> tammy: we will see. your premise that k in fact, he may be gone and she may be the one sitting in the chair may be the difference. victor, thank you so much, great perspective. now to get rid of the backache, the left explains coming up next. ♪ ..
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♪ >> tammy: one kentucky man frustrating with clearing his snow-covered driveway is using a little creativity and a lot of fire.
11:59 pm
that is beautiful, i love us. the american spirit and he had a beverage and littering but on his own property so that's fine. this is the american spirit right there, flaming in front of you. it is a beautiful thing. and, look, he that is clever too. you guys, thank you so much for watching the special edition of "the ingraham angle." i'm tammy bruce and for laura ingraham and i'm the president of independent women's wv doubt work as well. shannon bream and fox news at night team take it from here, it
12:00 am
is always a pleasure to handed off to shannon, one of fox news gratis, shannon, take it away. >> shannon: thank you, tammy and i love that guy change i love that guy so much. obvious homage from cousin eddie from christmas vacation. i feel like we would be good friends. i would like to meet him. breaking tonight the house of representatives overwhelmingly supporting donald from its demand for $2,000 checks to americans. the first wave of smaller payouts as previously planned. the extra dollars face an uncertain future in the gop senate. fiscal conservatives cut in the middle, the right-leaning wall street journal editorial board saying the president's stand on the $2,000 checks jeopardizes the georgia senate races. mitch mcconnell faces a


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