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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 29, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> set your dvr every morning, so you never miss a minute. it's been great hanging out with you. >> thank you. have a good morning! >> happy holidays to all, fox news alert from washington come all eyes are on mitch mcconnell after the house voted to increase coronavirus stimulus checks to $2,000 last night, president trump is calling on the senate to do the same. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> good morning, i'm jon scott, house republicans are in support of the increase, many senate republicans shot it down. some are standing with president trump, marco rubio is one releasing a statement saying, "millions of working families are in dire need of additional relief which is why support $2,000 in direct payments to american strugglin
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struggling." while chuck schumer says the president needs to turn up the pressure on his fellow republicans. >> it's up to the senate. every senate democrat is for it. unfortunately we don't have the republicans on board. today i'm telling donald trump, don't just talk about it, act! these senate republicans have followed you through thick and thin, get them to act and support the $2,000 check. >> sandra: rich edson is live in west palm beach, florida, where the president is spending the holidays. the president has leaned on skeptical republicans here, what's the next move? >> good morning, the president is upending congressional politics by trying to triple the amount of those direct payments. in that boat yesterday in the house the democrats voted to 31-2 to increase the direct
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payments, 44 republicans join them. when congress passed the $900 million bill, leadership said the size was appropriate and that they would consider more later if it were necessary. there is a significant opposition among republicans to add a half trillion dollars on top of that to the national de debt. you have bernie sanders saying that unless senate leadership agrees to vote on increasing those payments he's going to slow process on a whole host of other items, and what that does is keep the senate in session through the new year, something they do not want to do. >> sandra: absolutely. what we know on the veto? >> the house worked on this, 740 billion defense policy bill, the house voted with a two-thirds majority, now this is all up to the senate which you
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god here, the national defense authorization act, it authorizes spending on military operations. the president has tweeted, weak and tired republican leadership will allow the bad defense bill to pass. say goodbye to vital section termination, your national monuments and treasures, and certify elizabeth warren, 5g and our great soldiers. the senate taking up this leaves the two-thirds majority, what the president's objections are, that tech liability provision, also with the defense bill, it allows names of u.s. military installations that are named after confederates to be stripped of their names. it makes it more difficult for the president to withdraw certain troops who were serving overseas. >> sandra: will live from west palm beach, florida. thank you.
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>> sandra: "the new york times" accused of glorifying cancer culture after publishing a piece that a number of critics tape celebrates a virginia students vengeance on a classmate. they also say he doesn't have much news value. 118-year-old forced to withdraw after a video clip of her in 2016 using a racial slur caused backlash online. live in washington with that. >> there's not much new news in the article that was published on the 26th. keep in mind the video that's being litigated was posted back in june, so many are asking why now? why subject this 18-year-old to ridicule? she's a white cheerleader and he comes from a mixed race family. here's the timeline. in 2016 she reported a 32nd video which used a racial slur and referenced her getting a
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learner permit. in late 2019 he saw the clip online, months later in the days after george floyd's death he posted the video online and she became the center of a national social media firestorm. university of tennessee's cheerleading team took away a roster slot and she was forced to withdraw from university. >> what can only be described as a rush to judgment. the school caved in in a panic, a lot of hysteria and social media, and they didn't give her a meaningful investigation. >> many are pointing to this 2019, but it's a warning that has not been followed about the danger of cancer culture. >> if i tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something or use the word, wrong verb, i can step back and feel pretty good.
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do you see how woke i was? i called you out. that's not activism. that's not bringing change. >> jimmy galligan sees things differently. quoting "the new york times" for his role, he said he had no regrets. "if i never posted that video nothing would have ever happened and because the internet never forgets, the clip will always be available to watch. i will remind myself, you started something. you taught someone a lesson." she told the times she still can't figure out how to convince people she something different than that 32nd video. she was 15 years old. >> quite a story, or may be a nonstory. thank you. >> sandra: for more on that let's bring in marc thiessen, former speechwriter for george w. bush, "washington post" columnist and host of the podcast. what is going on here? "the new york times" accused of
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glorifying cancer culture, celebrating teenage revenge narrative. the publishing of the report? >> yeah, the cancer culture has gone too far when we start canceling teenagers for the stupid things they said when they were 15. what she said was indefensible, but i don't think any of us, and most of us would have never said it, i don't think we want to be defined by the stupidest thing we said or did when we were 15 years old. i feel really badly, i feel sorry for this generation because you are much younger than i am, but we grew up before the age of social media and back then we were free to make stupid mistakes and do stupid things and it would be forgotten. today in the age of social media and lives on forever. the stupidest thing you did or said, it will follow you for the rest of your life. she did this on snapchat. the reason snapchat is popular
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is because the videos are supposed to disappear. they don't disappear. nothing disappears in the age of the internet. this is a difficult age. >> sandra: it's a tough story and it hits home for people who share in those concerns what you do when you were 15, what you say can live with you forever. she said she is very remorseful and appalled by what she said then. hear her lawyer describes how she suffered from this. watch. >> what she lost was her dream. she worked most of her young adult life, shot at going to a great school and being on their team. that was taken away from her in a while can only be described as rush to judgment. >> sandra: did they rush to judgment before giving her what she and her lawyer are asking for? a fair and thorough investigation? >> it sounds like they did, but
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because of social media, something she did at 15, years and years before college. it has ruined her life. a few years ago i took my kids to visit the auschwitz concentration camp and i showed them the stories of the girl who is known as the selfie girl because she took a smiling picture and posted on social media. there is this huge firestorm. she is going to be known as the auschwitz selfie girl, so the lesson for this tragedy, don't post anything stupid on social media and not only that, don't do anything stupid when other people are posting. people can take a video of you doing something stupid and that will get circulated and live forever. you have to be incredibly careful. i feel so badly for this generation of kids. >> sandra: so many lessons learned, we are left wondering, are those americans going to get the help they so desperately
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need? marco rubio is on board with the bigger stimulus checks. here's the debate, over the larger stimulus checks, whether 2,000 should pass. >> direct payments to americans benefits the people, 93% of the people it would receive that $2,000 check. that's why i supported president trump. >> trillion dollar debt and all that's being spent in this bill that was just past, it's borrowed, it's money we don't have. >> this narrowly passed in the house, what happens in the senate? >> donald trump has put them on capitol hill, a horrible position. it should not be approved. they are not targeted. a family that's making a hundred $50,000 and has not been hurt by covid should not be getting a
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$2,000 check. that is what is at stake here. again, if he wanted twodollar checks, why didn't they say so before they passed the relief bill. what he has done is if the senate rejects this he's going to be a lame duck. please put them in a horrible position where they may have to buckle their president and he's handed nancy pelosi and chuck schumer a cudgel to beat up republicans and call them scrooges for not giving $2,000 checks. that is a problem for senators purdue, they're spending this week and instead of campaigning, they're spending this week deciding whether or not to block the president on this bill. this could cost republicans control of the senate. this has a really dumb move on the part of the president. >> sandra: great to have you. happy holidays. thank you. >> thank you.
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♪ >> we need georgians to turn out and vote for david perdue and kelly left her because the future of the countries on the ballot. we need georgians to get out and vote because we have to make sure that we are the firewall to stopping the radical agenda. >> sandra: campaigning hits the home stretch, more than 2 million have cast their ballots into close races without a lot of polling. a new report says chuck schumer is pessimistic about his party's chances to win georgia and then take over the senate. joining us now to discuss next week's crucial election, fox news contributor and former congressman sean duffy. i want to pick up on the point that marc thiessen was making. the two republican candidates for senate are in a bit of a box now because president trump has said he wants twodollar checks
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for every american. mitch mcconnell on the senate side has indicated $600 checks are sufficient for now. everybody wants free money. isn't it going to put those senate candidates in a bind. >> not only that, the last place you want to be the week before an election is washington, d.c. they want to be back in georgia and making sure they get the vote. conservatives who don't want to take on more debt, we have people who would be getting those checks who want the money. they are and eight have a spot that they prefer not to be in. >> in the meantime, the white house press secretary is giving her evaluation of the democrat slate of candidates. listen. >> worse than that, you have a guy who invited fidel castro to
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speak at a church who praised marxism, prays jeremiah wright, said anti-american things, this is someone who should never be a candidate for the united states senate. they're the only choice to the american people. >> only choice, but there are, president trump didn't win georgia. there are votes already cast and clearly this is going to be a tight race. >> it is and it's a testament to how far georgia has come. this is a deep red state and to think that we have two radical candidates that are in a tight contest, pretty moderate, it shows how far socialism has go gone. a radical socialist if not communist. he invited fidel castro to his church! and he got a standing ovation. two candidates that are in a
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tight race seem shocking to me, but i'll tell you this, you look at georgia, so many of the voters are so sick with seeing campaign ads. it's full of mailers, and it's so important you get the vote out because that's all that matters. can you turn on your side to the polls on january 5th and vote? >> chuck schumer has given up that he has told his donors, his big donors that he doesn't think democrats are going to win these races and he doesn't want to pester them in the event he has to come back for other races. does that sound logical to you? >> it's not a good sign if you're one of the democratic candidates, chuck schumer is giving up on you because there is nothing that he wants more than to win those two seats and beatty senate majority leader. he wants that bad. wanting doesn't matter right now. all the money has been spent.
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you can't buy one more, so one more dollar contribution doesn't do anything to get more ads on television. this is about getting voters or turn out on election day. >> jon: nobody knows that more than newt gingrich, here's how he assesses it. >> this is the most radical party why in georgia it makes perfect sense that they nominated radicals. the modern democratic party, proving at the state level it has a lost dictatorship and heche church, it hates small business and hates restaurants, but it loves big government and it loves dictating the people and how they can live their lives. >> is that an argument think will resonate? >> i think that's a motivating factor, how radical they are. complete control of the senate to democrats, they have control
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of the house, also the white house and there is an incredible amount of things they can do. they can expand social programs, they can affect our ability to go to church. there are things on the docket that americans won't like and that is why you see so much outside money pour into georgia. it's about control of the senate. it's going to be an interesting race and it's going to be a close race. >> you know the president will be there the night before the election. john duffy, former congressman and fox news contributor. thank you. we will get more on the georgia runoff elections when david perdue joins us next hour. >> sandra: nashville police releasing a office or camera, capturing the moment officers felt the intense explosion that rocked downtown.
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the explosion is heard followed by car alarms in the background, and he heads to the scene. he's been issued a body camera, had been issued a body camera days earlier. six officers went door-to-door to evacuate residents before that bomb inside an rv exploded. >> jon: fox news alert, a health care network accused of illegally giving covid-19 vaccinations 200 people not yet qualified to receive them. we are allied with the latest developments. joe biden promising to hold china accountable as his son is under investigation for his financial dealings. hunter biden owns a stake in a private equity firm. as the president-elect making empty promises? our panel is on deck straight ahead. >> we have to keep fighting this battle.
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there is something there for the big guy, joe biden himself. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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>> sandra: welcome back. time for your top stories we are watching for you. president trump signing an executive order, helping disadvantaged families paying for schooling. this comes after the provision
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was not in the package. >> jon: governor gavin newsom, the silicon valley and southern california will remain under the guidelines for hospitalizations. >> sandra: residents of another part of california are dealing with the first snowstorm of the season. more than 6 inches were dumped in the mountains of los angeles county. more snowfall could trigger mudslides. for more on these and the other top stories download the app, scan the code on your screen or go to >> we have encountered roadblocks, political leadersh leadership, department of defense and the office of management and budget. right now we just aren't getting all the information we need for the ongoing, from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. it's nothing short of
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irresponsibility. >> jon: joe biden blasting president trump's administration, accusing them of obstructing the transition and slamming his approach to international affairs. he then turned to china, pushing to build a coalition to hold beijing accountable for trade and human rights abuses while his son, hunter, who holds a stake in a private equity firm is under federal investigation for his financial dealings including those with china. joining us now, trent duffy, former senior communications advisor and vice chair of public affairs spirit also with us, ceo of squared communications. he was also a senior advisor on john kerry's presidential campaign and has advised a number of other, democrats welcome. what do you think about joe biden's promises to get tough on china? we know about his son's
6:25 am
involvement in chinese business. he's under a federal investigation. can he really do that? >> bill barr said there was no need for special counsel on that matter and the currents presidents children had interest and he had no problem. it's grown, they're in a stronger position for years later after the trump administration economically as joe biden is about to take over the white house. what we need is a bipartisan approach. both sides are worried about the economic threats and we should be working to come together and not tear each other apart. >> jon: i want you to listen to amy bigs, congressman on sean hannity's program talking about what he sees as media overlooking the hunter biden and
6:26 am
joe biden story. >> they went after trump mercilessly without evidence and now that they have evidence everything from a laptop with hard drive, to tony bubble and e american people because it suits them as the propaganda arm of the leftist democratic party. >> jon: he says joe biden will not have problems, how do you see it? >> i think joe biden will have difficulty getting there. the tariffs are real. they're having an impact on china's economy and not just the tariffs. the trump administration has been very effective in using very important tools like export control and lifting companies on the entity list, those that may be supplying. the trump administration has
6:27 am
taken a very bold, decisive approach towards china and i agree with michael. there is bipartisan concern about the rise of china and that is why you see the support on both sides for restoring technology here in the u.s. and doing the kinds of things we need to return to a position of supremacy over china. >> jon: you mention the fact that the chinese economy is growing while ours has shrunk, isn't that all due to something called the coronavirus which originated in china and which they allowed to escape and even by their overt actions encouraged its release? >> china had the virus first. we had the virus second. europe spent heads deeply as horrid as the u.s. my point, china's growing its economic force forgo years after
6:28 am
the tariffs that he mentioned and it makes the situation harder to go about it alone. china has treaties with 14 countries on trade. we are not a part of those. they make up a quarter of the world's economy but it's still a huge challenge when it faces china and b6 is saying we have to pull our allies together. >> jon: it's true, they just signed a big trade deal. it does involve the united states when the rest of the world is dealing with china. >> that is the choice they're going to have to make. it's absolutely true that china is growing, but the fact of the matter is, they blame the long game like they always do. the approach the trump administration will be very hard to undo because it has very strong bipartisan support. chuck schumer and others, they've always been tough on
6:29 am
china. he will be very challenged to undo what he has done and i think that america has got to use its economic might, given the threat that china poses. >> sandra: thank you. meanwhile a owner who said he received hunter biden's laptop for repair is suing twitter for defamation. john paul went public with the content of that hard drive that was dropped off back in april of 2019 but never collected. documents release details about hunter biden's business dealings. he is claiming the social media form unfairly branded him a hacker and is now demanding $500 million. >> jon: a new york medical clinic faces something over a covid vaccination.
6:30 am
they are accused of wrongfully obtaining, distributing and administering the vaccine and violation of state guidelines. brian yannis live in brooklyn with that story. what can you tell us? >> good morning. the network is a clinic here in brooklyn which received 2300 doses of the vaccine and administered more than 850 shots to health care workers, people over the age of 60 or others with underlying conditions. now new york's attorney general has launched an investigation into that over allegations and wrongfully the covid vaccine, ignoring the states rule specifying the first round of vaccines are to go to frontline health care workers in long-term care facilities saying "in order for the vaccine to be most effective in protecting our communities we must follow the same distribution plan. we will not tolerate any attempts to circumvent that
6:31 am
process. in advertisements, they urge the public to sign up for vaccines. falsifying business records charges for allegedly misrepresenting itself in order to receive the vaccines from the state of new york. >> we provide them the vaccine because they filled out a form that said that they were a qualified health center. that is strike one. number two, they moved it from one area to another area which was inappropriate. that is strike two. and then they gave it to people who were not on the priority list. that was strike three. >> they said it legally acquire the vaccine and is cooperating with investigators, providing information regarding compliance with the department of health for obtaining the vaccine and being approved by new york state department of health distribution. governor andrew cuomo signing the order yesterday, making it publishable by a million dollar
6:32 am
fine, the loss of state licenses and prosecuting patience who received a vaccine knowing they should not have. >> sandra: bryan llenas, thank you. >> sandra: trouble could lie ahead with nancy pelosi and the speaker of the house after members of the squad refused to commit to backing her, the new congress convenes in january. we will have much more on that coming up. plus, banning some classic books for children. why some critics are trying to do just that. ♪ ♪ so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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>> jon: a federal judge denying ghislaine maxwell's request, she said she would
6:37 am
remain in her home on 24-hour surveillance while she awaits trial, but the judge rejected that offer. she helped recruit teenage girls for jeffrey epstein, she was fod unresponsive in his cell last year, she has pleaded not guil guilty. >> will you vote for nancy pelosi? >> i will make sure the votes are heard. you will find out then. >> you will find out when my vote is tallied and again, organizing with our communities to figure out what is best. >> sandra: two incoming squad members dodging questions on whether they will vote for nancy pelosi. saying they will support her, she has a much smaller majority in the new congress, so what happens if they don't show up?
6:38 am
utah congressman elect, member of the freedom force. thank you for being here this morning. good to see you. what does that tell you about her? does it happen for her? >> thank you for the invite. first of all, we the people, we stood up against the hard left, 15 seats and now we have this conversation. we should be surprised. let me define what the hard left means, it can be said and one word, it's about power. these guys love power. unify over the last four years, president trump. now they have it. a free fall. these guys will start going at each other. i've no doubt about that. at the same time, i'm so thankful the american people put
6:39 am
us in the position where now we can hone in on the stuff and we need to make sure that the senate is held onto, we will have a chance to really educate ourselves, to really speak lar large. >> sandra: i will ask you about george, but first, these democrats already in congress, these names said they will not back nancy pelosi. jared golden has gone on the record. and here is kentucky democrat, he thinks the margin could be so tight that mccarthy might win election for house speaker. here it is. let's say theoretically we are people out, they could elect kevin mccarthy. your response to that? >> it's interesting. it's the way our constitution was set up. it's so deep and again, i want
6:40 am
to talk about how it can be what we are up against. i look forward to being a part of that process. i can't wait to be there to really do my part. >> sandra: meanwhile, bernie sanders was asked about what he had seen so far, as far as joe biden's cabinet. he has chosen to be on his team and leave the country and he said that spirit i will get your response. >> the movement is 35 or 40% of the democratic coalition. and i believe the progressive movement deserves seats in the cabinet that have not yet happened. i don't know him very well, but i think we have a strong progressive. >> sandra: laying on fixed pressure on that administration. to have more progressives than
6:41 am
his cabinet. do you see him caving to those demands? >> i do. when you say progressive, that mean socialist. understand that. i have no doubt. for anybody who is listen to joe biden, he's not the guy that people remember him 40 years ago. he's a shell. being that kind of leader if we will call him that, the progressives will have more of an impact. that is why it's so important. thank you again, we have a team coming in that can truly stand up against the spirit >> sandra: you mentioned, all eyes will be on georgia beginning january and it will matter for your party and for the country. thank you for joining us. happy new year's. >> jon: with the cancel culture, why "the new york times" is under fire.
6:42 am
plus, as portland deals with crime, they're trying to end the violence. >> this has been a deadly year for the city. these are human beings who have died and their impacts throughout the community. ♪ ♪ ♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together. ♪
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>> sandra: for the first time in over two decades the buffalo bills completed a season sweep over the new england patriots, a final score of 38-9. josh allen scored 4 touchdowns, last week they clinch their first division title since 1995. congratulations. >> jon: long-suffering fans! plans to defund the police go on. once that he is seeing the effects. portland is experiencing its
6:47 am
highest murder rate in 30 years. and with shootings nearly doubled this year police officials are asking for the public's help to stop the violence. jason rand, host of the jason rantz show in seattle. crime is up, watch, hundred and 16%? it's a dramatic shift. >> yeah, and its pacific. we are talking about shootings, homicides and you know, it doesn't take a lot of serious brainpower to understand why. there is a connection between ending the violence reduction team and the gun violence we have seen in the city of portland. i don't mean to be dismissive, but simple cause and effect. you can extend the same logic. one we slow our internet speed down because we don't want to pay for it, guess what, it takes
6:48 am
longer to download stuff. when you go after the team of police officers that are going after the problems concerning gun violence, guess what, more gun violence happens. we are talking about gang violence that's driving these numbers. the politicians they are decided to give into the mob of people, asking them to defund the police. over the summer they got rid of this team and now they're suffering the consequences. the chief of police can talk about asking for the community to step up, that's not going to do the job that trained police officers were doing effectively before they were disbanded. >> jon: the gun violence reduction team included 34 officers, and yes, the commission decided that they should disband that as a nod to the defund the police movement. let's take a look at the number of shootings that have taken place in the last year, the last
6:49 am
month. december 2019, 33 shootings. 2020, 59, so almost double. 393, 850 shootings, more than double in portland. the city council, that should tell them something. >> it should and the interesting thing about this, it's not just happening in portland, but you've heard the movement, look, we need to defund the police because we want to put money in various programs that go at the root causes of the violence impacting our communities. it sounds really good. you sort of makes and some progressive words, but at the end of the day, what they decided to do is shift money into programs that have not proven to be effective. it's one thing if you said, look, we will continue our funding while doubling down on
6:50 am
giving money to various progra programs. and then wait a year or three and say, look, were cutting down the violence by x percent because of the money were putting into these programs, now is the time where we can cut down. that would be one thing. that would be a nuanced approa approach. instead they're doing at the opposite. they are presuming their approaches are going to work and taking the money out of the police department. the reason why that's ridiculous as not only the presumption, but whether we are talking about portland or anywhere else, it's not actually working. you have to step back and realize what it is you are doing which is creating victims out of innocence. in portland these people are getting shot. this isn't just bad guys shooting bad guys, people are innocent here. >> jon: the police chief is asking people to step up.
6:51 am
listen. >> we've come together to mask up, stay home, keep others safe. we have come together to do our best to stop the spread of a deadly disease. violence kills in our community is suffering the consequences. >> i can put on a mass to stop covid, but i can't disarm some guy with a gun. >> it shouldn't be mask up and put on a bullet proof vest that's not the way. it's not the job of the community solely to keep each other safe. not one were talking about gun violence. gang violence. >> sandra>> jon: portland, good. thank you so much. speed to senate republicans, pressure is on to support the $2,000 stimulus checks that the president is calling for. one senator saying he will keep the chamber in session if they
6:52 am
don't get a vote. plus, a decision by the highest court raising some eyebrows, sex offenders qualifying for early parole. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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♪ >> jon: amazon delivery drivers dance skills are going viral after a security camera caught them busting moves with a package in hand after he drops off, he dances away, but even does the splits. >> sandra: i mean, if that doesn't inspire you. you can pull that off. [laughs] that last move is pretty good. >> jon: you got to love a guy who loves his work. >> sandra: some jingle bell rock. a new "wall street journal"
6:57 am
op-ed suggesting critics are working to ban classic books for children. it reads, even homework. the school has banned "the odyssey." joijoining us as the author of t op-ed, great to have you here. has it gone too far, banning these classic books? >> it's important to understand where this is all beginning. there is an organization called, disrupt text. it's basically a conglomeration of activists, educators, people who are active on twitter and teachers in the classrooms. and their interest is in throwing out what they call that. they're interested, if you can't get books removed from curriculum, than their secondary object is to delegitimize classic books.
6:58 am
and this, when we say classic, some of the old time favorites of american schools like the great gatsby. broadly speaking, this applies to books published before this current moment. >> sandra: it's fascinating, this is something we've been talking about for a while and i will ask you what momentum there is for these books that we are seeing on our screen, that are involved in these bands. i will read you how you finish your piece. it's moving. "if there is classic literature, it comes from not teaching it, students excuse text imagine themselves lucky to get away with young adult novels instead. that is what the disrupt text people want. compared to their better educated peers, they will suffer a poverty of language and cultural reference. worse, they won't even know it." explain how you ended your piece
6:59 am
with that. >> that's the core of this thing. we can get so easily drawn into these culture wars and miss the important thing about a classic book, why it might it become classic in the first place. this idea, it's so unfair. this is in the white canon, this is humanity's canon. every great book and work of art is the property of every child born into this world. it's wrong to say to children that books are only for one race or another race. if they're good there for everybody. this is why great classic americans, russian literature, chinese, they are read and taught all over the world. because they are the property of everyone. children who are denied access to these books, told these books don't lie to them, they're being robbed of their patrimony. it's not fair.
7:00 am
>> sandra: it's an important conversation to have, you're writing about it in "the wall street journal." it's a great piece. thank you for joining us this morning. happy holidays. >> thank you. speed to the push to release covid release checks, rests in the hands of u.s. of u.s. senate, the bill which the president supports passed the house narrowly night. senate is considering an override of the defense bill. he is now tweeting about that this morning. a good tuesday morning this holiday week. welcome to a brand-new hour. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning. the bill's fate is still uncertain. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house saying it's time for congress to set aside politics and throw a financial lifeline to millions of struggling americans. >> this is like being in
7:01 am
world war ii. we have a disaster in this country may dramatically worse by democratic governors, places like california, new york who had been crushing small business. i think if you are an average everyday person, you think, the government has done its job, the states, $2,000 will help. >> chief congressional correspondent live in washington. >> democrats are hoping president trump can help them pull this across the finish line in the senate. >> today i'm telling donald trump, don't just talk about it, act. the republicans have followed you through thick and thin. get them to act and support the $2,000 checks. >> the vote was 275-34, 34 out of 200 support of the
7:02 am
plan. many expressing concern about the price tag, increasing the payments from 600 to 2,000 will cost $463 billion. marco rubio says congress should quickly pass legislation to increase those direct payments from $2,000 and "i share many of my colleagues concerned about the long-term effects, but we cannot ignore the fact that working-class families across the nation are still in dire need of relief. a key republican express this. >> the senators will eventually vote for that because that's popular with the people and because the president supports it. if he wasn't leading i don't think he would have a chance and the senate, but after last nig night's vote with statements from marco rubio, i think it has a pretty legitimate chance in the senate. >> bernie sanders tweeting this morning to the leader "if
7:03 am
mitch mcconnell doesn't agree to an up or down vote to provide the working people of our country twodollar drug payment, congress will not be going home for new year's eve. they are back in session in two hours." >> jon: it's going to be an interesting day. we will have more on the situation straight ahead with david perdue, a republican on the armed service committee. that plays a key role in putting together the annual defense bill. speed to "the new york times" accused of glorifying cancer culture, critics saying a story seems to celebrate a student's vengeance on a classmate. they say doesn't have much news value. they join us now. thank you for being here this morning. people are talking about the story and trying to see what you make of it, considering this young girl, incoming freshmen, she's been pressured to withdrawal from attending that university as a result of a video, something she said when
7:04 am
she was 15 years old. the focus is on "the new york times" were glorifying this event and what has happened to her. where you stand on this? >> absolutely. they prove they're not the adults in the room and they let down a child take down another child. anybody who keeps a video for three years is sort of a sociopath and we need to watch that. that kid needs help. absolutely, he's a kid and "the new york times," he got "the new york times" to support his insane vengeance plan. people are going to go after him, especially if "the new york times" encourages this. >> sandra: her lawyer was saying there was a rush to judgment. here she an he is. >> she worked most of her young
7:05 am
adult life to be in this school. that was taken away from her and what can only be described as a rush to judgment. >> sandra: she says this, she is remorseful for what she said, what i said several years ago as an adolescent and a 32nd clip was wrong, irresponsible, degrading and i take full responsibility for my actions and will continue to learn and understand the true meaning. her attorney says there should have been a proper investigation, more contacts should have been provided. this was a hasty judgment made on public pressure. >> the university is just scared and they reacted as somebody afraid of outrage. part of the problem is that we don't consider intent whatsoever. that's ironic because the crime laws are not just murder.
7:06 am
it's about, what was your intent? what did you think? she wasn't being racist. i think we need to look at these situations, we need to stop counting the mob on the internet and we need to protect kids. do we want to live in a society where someone can ruin someone else's life? that's an innocent 15-year-old. >> sandra: i don't think she is trying to defend it. she said in other venues that she's been told. when she watches that video she feels horrible. marc thiessen joined us earlier and pointed out a very important point to the story. watch. >> the lesson of this tragedy, don't post anything stupid on social media and not only that, don't do anything stupid. you don't have to post it
7:07 am
yourself. people can take a video of you doing something stupid and that will get circulated. you have to be incredibly careful. i feel so badly for this generation of kids. >> fair point. >> don't post anything because anything can be turned around, and it can be a life ruined her as were watching this happen to this girl. may be social should be something we discouraging people from using whatsoever. >> sandra: all really important points to make. meanwhile there is a big discussion with covid lockdowns and what they're doing, we've obviously seen the shaming of people doing things they shouldn't be doing, not able to make their own choices, but talk about that and the cancel culture that's fueling lockdow lockdowns.
7:08 am
>> people are afraid to speak out when they see ridiculous regulations because they're afraid of being canceled. i don't just mean a mob on the internet. people are afraid to have their bosses called and say, your employees on the internet, they want teachers to die. that thing does happen. we watch this universe, people can do the same thing. i compared it to the emperor has no clothes because the emperor has had no clothes for a long time, restaurants should be op open. everybody has a right to say so. it's a real concern. >> sandra: interesting. here is jim jordan on the cancel culture. he was on hannity last night. >> over 60 million americans who
7:09 am
live in a state that have a state home order or a curfew. in ohio you have to be in your home at 10:00 p.m. if that isn't an assault on freedom and states that are doing this have mor worse numbes freedom. that's the fundamental issue. we all need to be talking about it. >> sandra: how cancel culture keeps them silent, they say woke conformity friends anyone who thinks about stepping out of line. the consequence in a pandemic is that dumb regulations are permitted to stand because few question them. one acceptable position and everyone on the left has to speak in favor of it and against all other and that's an important point to make. at the end of the day, these restaurant owners want to do what's right and they don't want to be responsible for spread in their cafes. they also have to bow to the
7:10 am
pressure of staying shut or else. >> absolutely. even apart from the fact that they can give tickets, the societal pressure, the conformity, we have to stop the spread, stay calm, and even though you were so careful that will .4% in restaurants, that so little. and he closed dining for new york city anyway. were not following any of the signs. they're not saying, there is no science here. we must all do that. it's a giant issue that people can speak out and say what they really think because we end up following these dumb rules. >> sandra: we can all agree that there were limitations that were put on, but when you have
7:11 am
admiral giroir's saying, i don't know why they're shutting down outdoor dining, there was no evidence. that put up a lot of red flags. thank you for joining us. >> jon: inmates convicted of crimes might soon be serving less time behind bars. the supreme court ruling they could be eligible for early parole consideration and the ruling is based on a previously passed measure. william la jeunesse with more. a former governor is pushing back against this ruling. >> unfortunately he's four years late, voters were told one thing, but this had something else and because of that attorney say 20,000 sex offenders could be released early. campaigning back in 2016, jerry brown assured voters it would not apply to sex offenders. the law didn't say that.
7:12 am
they ruled inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes like,, child pornography are eligible for early parole. >> it is simple and straightforward. that is, the government agency has the ability with the intent of the voter and to rewrite the language. >> prosecutors say money crimes classified as nonviolent due have forced conversion, brown and other democrats meant to exclude offenders. >> exclude registered sex offenders was informed by the promises made for the voters and the material. by the rule making process and by the need at the end of the day to ensure that public safety is maintained.
7:13 am
>> ballot arguments are not binding and the chief justice claimed "we presume voters relied on the text of the proposition. let me ask you." do you think they read the law? or did they just trust a campaign? bottom line, they say it doesn't mean that they will automatically get released, only that there eligible for it. >> jon: only in california. thank you. >> sandra: the countdown is on, one week to go before voters decide if the senate will remain and hands. g.o.p. incumbent david perdue is one of those senators fighting to keep his seat. he will join us in a moment. former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is out with a warning about socialism, saying the ideology became more accepted in 2020, we will have more on the fallout for the
7:14 am
country. >> you're graduating a lot of people, they think venezuela or cuba as a except story which is a denial of reality. this is the most radical party. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur.
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♪ >> jon: nikki haley dubbing 2020 of the year socialism went mainstream. the former south carolina governor and potential 2024 candidate warning in a tweet, socialism is becoming "the default of economic policy for the democratic party." his comments, as the parties fight over the future. a real clear politics white house and political reporter. thank you for joining us this morning. might this be one of the first broadsides launched in the campaign of 2024? >> it certainly could be, but while it seems like nikki haley rolled a grenade into a holiday party, you can draw a direct line from her remarks earlier in the year at the hudson institute where she condemned capitalism as socialism to the remarks she just made. it's clear that if she does
7:19 am
intend to run, her campaign will very much be an antisocialist crusade. >> jon: obviously the socialist leanings have been front and center, they came close to nominating bernie sanders, a democratic socialist. >> they really did. if you rewind the clock and you go back to the time before the pandemic, it was clear the game plan was to run against the democratic nominee, whoever they were and label them a socialist. biden ended up winning the nomination and we saw those arguments with younger voters and suburban women. it will be interesting to see how he revises these arguments going into 2024. something that will be interesting to watch is while a lot of these arguments in the campaign, when biden is actually
7:20 am
making decisions, government money, republicans and conservatives will have more examples to draw from. i can see a resurgence happening in the ineffectiveness. >> jon: it's interesting this comes against the backdrop of a republican president urging a reluctant republican legislative body, led body to write twodollar checks to the american people because he thinks $600 per person isn't enough. >> oh, absolutely. these debates that he wants to have, their neck went to happen and the foundation. they will happen in the real world and what we have seen in the last nine months, americans may have been desensitized to big government, even republicans at a moment when trump is making these arguments.
7:21 am
the debt exploded under president trump and he certainly is not a market fundamentalist. he's by no means a small seed limited government conservative. he was more than happy to meddle in markets when it suited him. if he does a run, she's going to own that baggage because he she was front and center. >> jon: philip wegmann, real clear politics. thank you. >> sandra: investigators searching for a motive and the christmas day explosion and what the feds are now learning about that. plus, a week out from election day, georgia senate runoff. voters are turning out in droves. up next, david perdue on the high stakes and a big rally ahead of election day. >> if we gain these two seats and hold them, we can block what these democrats are trying to do and protect what president trump
7:22 am
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7:27 am
shortly, she and her husband will receive their first shot later this hour. >> jon: the boeing jet is returning to the sky today for its first commercial flight and more than a year. the plaintiff was ground worldwide in march of 2019 after two consecutive crashes killed 346 people. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, or go to >> sandra: we are one week away from that runoff election that will determine control, already 25% of registered voters have cast their ballots and president trump is said to rally, david perdue and kelly leffler, one of those defending, david perdue. great to have you here this morning. here we are on a tuesday between christmas and new year's and it's a very important election,
7:28 am
where do you see things stand in this race. >> we are willing to winning, 52.5% rejected this liberal democratic offering that had so many socialistic pieces to it ay rejected my opponent. we feel good about it. we are out doing tours around the state. we are driving the idea that we have to get the boat out. if we get the vote out, we win. >> sandra: what is at stake here? it becomes democratic-controlled, democrats and controlled house and senate, what does that mean for the future of the country? >> you have to listen to chuck schumer, take georgia and change america. he wants to add two states, he wants to stack the supreme court
7:29 am
and eventually change the electoral college. that would allow them to perpetrate the agenda that's in the platform that was on display during the election. open borders. defund the police, they want to defund military as well and give us the green new deal and addition to socializing our medical system. this is an aggressive, aggressive plan that's so dangerous. that is what were fighting against. this is the last line of defense. we know what's at stake, the people know what's at stake and they will turn out to vote, but we have got to get our vote out. >> sandra: i will ask you what you are going to do. first, marc thiessen joined us and he brought into play the negotiations that are happening right now with the latest round of stimulus. he suggested that potentially the president's late stage negotiations are taking away from you on kelly's ability to
7:30 am
campaign and get your message out with days t to go to election day, having this negotiation. here is marc thiessen. i will get you to respond. >> he's put them in a horrible position and he's handed them a cudgel with which to beat up republicans and call them scrooges for not giving $2,000 checks. that's a problem for the senators who are now spending this week, instead of campaigning, spending this week deciding whether or not to get the president on this bill. this could cost republicans control of the senate. >> sandra: similar reporting is out there, republicans, where you stand on that? >> i'm delighted the president signed the bill on sunday night. i spoke with him many times over the holiday, he's concerned about getting this to the american people.
7:31 am
the other thing, the bill we just passed, 60% was reprogrammed money from the first carer's act. he's very concerned that we didn't go far enough to help people in the back end of this crisis. this should have been done four months ago. we were obstructed in the senate by the senate who are playing politics and now they're playing politics before the january 5th election. i'm delighted to support the president, this increment over what we've done. i think with the vaccine coming, this is appropriate. i support what he's doing. >> sandra: i know you spoke with him, pressuring the president to do just that. republican support for that? mitch mcconnell has the ball in his court with that $2,000. >> it's the right thing to do
7:32 am
for people in georgia. it saved a million jobs. this appropriation we are talking about, raising money for distribution for vaccines, hospitals, schools and it helps us get our lives back to normal. making sure we get this done. there might be another step and another month. he wants to get this done now. >> sandra: i want to move on to us to where we are closely following, i know you and your colleague are pushing for leniency in the case of schuyler mack, the grandmother has spoken out for help. i know you are pushing for help for her, here's her grandmother. >> we weren't happy she did this, this is not like her to make that bad judgment. she did. >> sandra: she was jailed for violating covid restrictions and
7:33 am
not quarantining. what do you want to see happen? >> i want to see a common sense solution. my office is involved. the white house is involved. i spoke to the white house about this very thing. i think there is a common sense solution. i don't want to speak to the details, but we will have all parties involved happy with the outcome. let me remind the viewers, this is what we don't want to have. mandatory lock downs and forth that some democrats are talking about. we should go through lockdown. this is a very concerning issue with regards to a change, a potential change in the white house. we are moving to have this vaccine fully an employed. we need to be very mindful of the fact that we don't want to have that draconian enforcement in the united states.
7:34 am
>> sandra: i want to ask you about the override on the 740 defense spending bill. the president just tweeted about this. he says, weak and retired republican leadership must say goodbye to termination, national monuments, by elizabeth, pocahontas warren. that goes on. he's calling out weak and tired republican leadership for allowing that. how do you respond to the president on that? >> i'm an outsider to this political process. what i'm concerned about is, i'm chairman of the subcommittee in the armed services committee and we've been working for the past three years to rebuild our military, this threat that we now see so vividly. what we can't do is go through a period of time that was under obama and biden. that is what the president is making sure of.
7:35 am
we need to get at big tech. this bill is very important. the difficulties, that is what is an issue. we will get to a real solution. he is still committed to the military. >> sandra: i have to leave it there, but what is the plan when the president arrives on the eve of the election? >> get the vote out. it's important for americans, the world is on us. we know what's at stake, we will hold this line against this agenda and make sure it does not come through the state of georgia. >> sandra: i want to make sure we tell our viewers, we invited your opponent and they declined. i appreciate your. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: we are learning new clues about the nashville ballmer and his actions in the days and weeks ahead. his motive remains unclear. meanwhile police have released
7:36 am
new body cam footage of the heroic officers helping people evacuate the area and the moment the bomb went off. charles watson is live in nashville. what are we learning? >> we know the investigation into the christmas day explosion continues here in downtown nashville as we get a look at dramatic new video of officers rushing into the explosion site to save lives. >> are you okay? >> where's your car? >> go to your car! >> the body cam video, officers running towards the blast and frantically pointing, residents to safety moments after the suspect anthony warner and his rv blows up. the fbi is looking into whether paranoia over 5g technology was a motivator to set off the
7:37 am
explosion in front of the at&t building, killing himself and damaging dozens of property. authorities have not publicly confirm the motive, meanwhile the associated press reporting that he told a neighbor day before as the explosion that nashville and the world is never going to forgive me. other neighbors tell fox news, there in disbelief. >> he was kindly friendly with the kids. i don't think it would come out of him. >> as the investigation continues to wind down, residents and owners will be allowed to go back into the blast site, so they can begin assessing property damage. >> charles watson, thank you. speak to the fashion world is mourning the loss of a legendary designer, known for popularizine style, the 1960s and 70s, the name was embossed on
7:38 am
thousands of accessories, watches and bedsheets and sold around the world. he was 98 years old. >> jon: the computer repairman who went public with the contents of hunter biden's hard drive is suing twitter. he's accusing the giant i'm doing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together. ♪
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i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. ♪ >> we have initiated the stay-at-home orders, part of a three week regional stay-at-home order with the icu capacity below 15%. it is clear and understandable that though stay-at-home orders will be extended. >> jon: that is gavin newsom announcing strict coronavirus measures will continue for three more weeks in the southern part of the state as cases climb
7:43 am
they're leaving icus with little or no space. meanwhile another vaccine candidate is entering critical stage three trials in the u.s. dr. marty makary is a fox news contributor and a professor at john hopkins and school of medicine. doctor, we have two approved vaccines going out into the marketplace already. the third one will be arriving any day now and yet it seems like the numbers and the bad news just continue to pile up. what arone are we going to see e corner turned? >> we did see a slowing and cases and we do think this potentially could be a plateau. we could be at the peak. it's unclear if the reporting has been there. this is a true plateau. if it is a plateau, the hospitalizations will go up. they lag as the death count goes
7:44 am
up. we are hoping we will start to hit major slowing in february and hopefully by march we will have immunity and vaccination immunity at levels at 50, 60 or 70%. >> was and it just last week that the nursing homes in this country saw the worst week ever? >> nursing homes had their worst week and last week one and 50 americans got the infection. right now were at the hardest time and people need to rememb remember, we don't want to take it likely and get the effects . >> sandra: we understand kamala harris is about to get her vaccine shot. i'm not sure she's in one of the high risk groups, but i guess it's laudable that political leaders are showing americans that it's safe. >> i think they have a right to
7:45 am
get the vaccine and priority, but i'm concerned, positive executives, politicians, health care workers that are not on the front lines, all get the vaccine and in my opinion these people are coming in line. we have had poor guidance, but they just voted on december 20th on who should be prioritized. that's two weeks after the vaccine was approved. they're scrambling to figure this out, states are scrambling come up or allocation and distribution because of that. more concerned about kamala harris' husband. that individual i think is very low risk and should not be getting the vaccine right now. communities of color look at those who can get the vaccine early and i think they have a right to ask why high risk individuals are not first. >> jon: marty makary, thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: hilari finding yoursn
7:46 am
a storm, lying about her background and faking her acce accent. >> we have tomatoes. we have cucumbers. >> sandra: what public records are revealing about her heritage as she and alex play defense. alright, i brought in ensure max protein to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that.
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>> sandra: twitter has legal troubles, a story hunter biden's laptop is now suing the platform for millions. he's claiming that his content defamed him by falsely calling him a hacker. fox nation, host of a fox news contributor. good morning to you. i guess we will see where this
7:51 am
goes. he is saying, i was in possession of the laptop, it was never picked up and what he turned over was what he had on the hard drive that he never hacked anything. where does this go. >> he is asking for $500 million in damages. i don't think this goes there. i really think twitter is not just acknowledging the harm they called saying, it wasn't hacking, a lot of people on the internet don't pay attention to the updates. they look at the first thing, these reviews calling him a hacker, they ended up going right at the spirit of course as you mentioned, he didn't hack anything. hunter biden signed this agreement saying anything is considered abandoned if you leave it there for 90 days, that to me seems like a long time to abandon your laptop. mine is potentially less scandalous, but i would never do that.
7:52 am
there is no part of this that's attacking. he signed this, he goes to the guy and left his laptop there. he agreed it's fair game. >> sandra: we will see where that goes next. here is "the new york post" coverage this morning. that is hilaria baldwin. alec baldwin's wife, she mocked for fake spanish identity, for those don't know she's married to alec baldwin, they have children together. is she faking her accent and her heritage? >> she is. i know because i googled, i've seen everything on the internet. i was googling this with a fervent passion, i thought part of me died after this year, but people pointing out, this is so funny. not funny to everyone. someone who is an immigrant who came here, english is your second language and you had to struggle with these things.
7:53 am
it's a lot of people who are in that situation, this is painful to see somebody appropriating these struggles in order to be, i'm cute and quirky. what's the word, cucumber? i can't fully understand it. i'm a white american, i domain to shock anybody with that. it's so outrageous! >> sandra: you've heard her accent and interviews and some without, she's defending herself and insert a video. >> ultimately this boils down to this idea where, this is a country of a lot of different cultures. i think we can be different parts of ourselves with different people. i'm somebody, i feel lucky that i grew up in two cultures. i grew up speaking two languages. >> sandra>> sandra: you and op d this is not funny, why the
7:54 am
hilaria baldwin scandal is painful for immigrants. what she did is not funny, it's a slap in the face. something light, her not being able to pronounce cucumber when she went to an american high school and boston. some are saying, she is doing something that was real life for me and painful as an immigrant. >> absolutely. >> she somehow making herself the victim. she said, people are attacking me for who i am, no, you, you felt so bad that you pretended to be a spanish person! you are not the victim. it makes it even worse. speed to a lot of that story. we will continue to follow it. thank you. good to see you. john? >> jon: a federal court rules against andrew cuomo blocking his limits on large gatherings and houses of worship. details on that are next.
7:55 am
that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at research shows people remember so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> jon: new york federal appeals court sides with religious groups over restrictions on mass gatherings. lauren green is live in new york with that story. >> the groups are calling it a victory for religious freedom as the federal appeals court sides with them over andrew cuomo's restrictions over religious gatherings. the second court of appeals
7:59 am
ruled yesterday that governor cuomo's restrictions were harsher on religious groups than executive businesses, enforcement of the order have limited gatherings with some hot spots to 10-20 people while the case has been litigated. groups argue the restrictions infringed on the constitutions amendment, groups joined including the catholic diocese of brooklyn and israel of america. they posted a reaction online. >> this court of appeals to the second circuit indicates the religious freedom in a very real and tangible way which will have implications, not only for this but for many cases all across the united states and on many different issues. >> you know, they said they want to work with the governor and not against them to find a solution for everyone. back to you.
8:00 am
>> jon: lauren green, thank you. vice president-elect kamala harris about to receive her first dose of the covid vaccine in washington. looks like she filled out a form and was asking questions. let's watch together for a moment. >> awesome. thank you. i want to thank the united medical center for the work you do. serving a community. >> sandra: she is receiving her first dose of the vaccine, one week after joe biden received his. that is happening in washington at this hour. kamala harris getting the first dose. >> jon: she has somehow overcome her skepticism of the vaccine, but now she is vaccinated, the first of presumably two shots. >> sandra: meanwhile, the
8:01 am
georgia runoffs, they could control the senate and it's hanging in the balance, voters decide whether to reelect them or send their challenges to washington. welcome back to the newsroom on this tuesday morning. good morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. more than 2.3 million georgians are casting their ballots, indicating they have an advantage, but they hope his visit on monday will energize g.o.p. voters and drive them to the polls on the very next day, january 5th. here's david perdue and kelly leffler. >> he wants to stack the supreme court and change the way the electoral college operates. that allows them to perpetrate the agenda that was displayed during the presidential election. they want to open borders, defund the police, they want
8:02 am
illegal immigrants to vote. this is an aggressive plan. it's so dangerous. >> the future of the country is on the ballot. they would be a rubber stamp for chuck schumer's radical agenda to shape this country into something unrecognizable. >> jon: steve harrigan. >> early voting, 2.3 million people are voting. right now, three quarters of what it was in the general election for the two senate runoff seats. that will determine control of the senate's january 5th. so far the heaviest turn out and around atlanta, john aust's office says that's because of a tremendous get out the vote effort. >> we are running the largest get out the vote effort in american history. we have called more than
8:03 am
5 million georgia voters and recent weeks. we are knocking on tens of thousands of doors and all of this turnout, this money isn't going to television, this is turnout work. >> kelly leffler says the stakes were these two races which will determine who controls the senate simply could not be any higher. >> we need georgians to get out and vote because we have to make sure we are the firewall for stopping the radical agenda. chuck schumer wants to change this country, that is why david is out every single day and we will get this job done. we need georgians to turn out and vote. >> there is some concern about turnout, especially in rural areas where the vote is strong. president trump will be coming to northwest georgia on monday to try to get out that vote. back to you. >> steve harrigan, thank you.
8:04 am
speed to its neck and neck with the real clear politics average showing less than one point separating david perdue. kelly leffler and raphael are dead even. founder and editor of real clear politics is with us now. good morning. what do we need to know, one week from election day. good morning. >> good morning. the polling shows that these are thoughts. they're very close. that makes sense. we just saw it was very close, millions of ballots cast, a handful, 2,000 votes. it's all about turnout, both parties know where their voters are. it's a matter of getting them back to the polls. as we've seen from early voting, it looks like there is a lot of enthusiasm. both sides are making the case as to why they should turnout and it looks like they responding.
8:05 am
>> sandra: really interesting headline, they're making the point that trump gives chuck schumer an assist, he writes a check to make democrats the majority. they write, that leaves mitchell mcconnell with democrats banging away and georgia against the incumbent. or he can hold a vote which would split the g.o.p. caucus and upset fiscally conservative voters. either way, a contribution to minority leader and joe biden. do others see it that way? >> i don't know. it's hard to see how this is playing out. obviously they came out in favor of the checks. it will split the republican caucus in the senate, no question. again, these donald trump voters, are these republican party voters? are they a mix of both and will
8:06 am
they hold the parties, will they hold mitch mcconnell responsible? they are too many variables to decide and see how this will impact of the vote in georgia. again, if it's a few thousand voters who stay home because they're upset with mitch mcconnell or donald trump, it could make a difference. they look like they'll be that close. >> sandra: talking marc thiessen about that and this distraction that is the late stage negotiation, now being one week from election d election day. with this tweet, "minority leader mitch mcconnell, but only if you vote." obviously taunting, inspiring his voters to come out for him. david perdue joined us a short time ago on this program. we asked them about the $2,000 payments and where he stands. he said this. >> i'm delighted they signed the
8:07 am
covid bill into law. i spoke with him many times over the holiday and he's concerned about getting this to the american people. >> sandra: he's for it. it really puts the pressure on his republican colleagues. >> it does. i think they both understand and have decided that they are going to stick with donald trump on this and whatever he supports, they are going to support. these are voters that turned out for donald trump a few weeks ago. they need those same voters and i think steve harrigan mentioned it. in rural areas, that is where this will come down to. they know that and they want to be on the side of donald trump. when trump gets down there, he is going to try to close the deal with republican voters and tell them how important it is, and that they need to show up big on election day. >> sandra: lastly, how big of
8:08 am
an impact do you expect that we'll have? saying that will be essential to get people out, having the president come down there and push that message. >> it certainly can't hurt. he will spend his time talking about the election, talking about what happened in georgia, saying it was fraud. that makes messaging, again, some of those voters will they stay home or will they listen to trump and urge them to go to the polls the following day? it's going to be very difficult that he goes down there. it will come down to a few thousand votes. we won't know the winners. >> sandra: there we have it, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jon: a capitol hill show down, it's mitch mcconnell's move, raising direct payments for americans to $2,000 last
8:09 am
night. now the president is pressuring republicans to get on board. live in west palm beach, florida, where the president is spending the holidays. >> good morning. president trump is leaning on congressional republicans for more than triple the covid relief checks. they're all on board with this. they voted yesterday overwhelmingly, the democrats did to 31-2 to increase those payments and 44 republicans join them. dividing the party between those who want to support president trump and those who say they're worried about adding nearly a half trillion dollars to the national debt. >> this stimulus directs payments to americans, benefits those people. in kentucky, 93% of the people would receive that $2,000 check. that is why i supported president trump. >> virtually all this money that's being spent and this bill
8:10 am
that we just passed, it's borrowed. it's money we don't have. >> much of how this plays out depends on mitch mcconnell, whether he will bring up the bill to increase payments for a vote or tie it to another provision. it took months to reach an agreement on the $900 relief package that president trump just signed with congress passing, mitch mcconnell said it was targeted and that republicans would only consider adding more in the future if the economy needed it. another potential issue here, senator bernie sanders. he's pledging he he will slow business down this week if mitch mcconnell refuses to bring that up, and keep senators in washington through the new year. >> jon: drama in the u.s. senate. rich edson, thank you. >> sandra: you saw it, kamala harris receiving her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.
8:11 am
one week after joe biden was vaccinated live on tv. jacqui heinrich is live in delaware. why does the transition choose to stagger those vaccinations by week? >> good morning. that was the thinking of medical experts. their advice was it's either harris or biden experiencing side effects, had a gory fever they wouldn't have those side effects on the same day. harris like biden received her shot to boost public confidence, hoping it safe and effective. they spread concern, the administration could be rushing the vaccine. they said they would take it, if they backed up their efficacy. this afternoon the president-elect will have a plan to get more americans vaccinated amid concerns of his team that the administration is falling short.
8:12 am
yesterday he blasted the current administration for leaving the country exposed siding disrepair of alliances and absence from key institution jeopardizing security. he cited it as an example that has a administration will and herod and he called out the office of management and budget, saying this administration encountered restriction, leaving a window of confusion that their adversaries could exploit. he calls it the ability with official should not be treated as political football. he prays career agency officials who facilitated the teams work including those who are working on vaccine distribution. a warning that his team is not getting what it needs. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich, thank you. >> jon: they search for the motive, body cam footage shows how heroic police officers,
8:13 am
keeping people in the downtown area safe. days after that horrifying attack were taking a look at the surge in violence in other cities. it is the movement to defund police playing a big role and how do we address it moving forward? >> we have come together to do our best to stop the spread of a deadly disease. violence is also a disease that kills and our community is suffering consequences. on your own front lawn. at newday usa, our aim is to help every veteran family celebrate home by helping them leverage their va benefits to purchase a home with no down payment to enjoy the life they so rightly deserve. zë
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8:17 am
>> sandra: chilling new video of the christmas day bombing as police released body cam footage of one officer who was first on the scene. it shows the minutes leading up to that explosion, evacuate now in the background and then this. capturing the blast followed as the officer rushed towards the smoke on the bombing site. his work along with those of the other officer is getting people away from that area stop this from becoming a bigger tragedy. authorities say he was killed in that blast. ♪ >> gun violence has plagued our city as twice the rate of last
8:18 am
year. we need to do everything we can to break the cycle. >> jon: portland police sending out a call for help is that city deals with a surge in violence not seen and more than three decades. shootings are up more than 100% this year while homicides are up 60%. violence comes as they grow a list of defunding their police department. you're now to discuss, former homicide detective and fox news contributor tad williams. you look at the numbers, is there any other conclusion to draw on the fact that defunding the police in portland is not working? >> it's not working and it's the dumbest thing that politicians could invent during a time period where the criminals are out there watching. they are smiling. you've got these politicians who are not protecting law-abiding
8:19 am
citizens in their communities. they're more concerned about the rights of the criminals than the law-abiding citizens. as a result of that, sadly, you have a a lot of good men and women who believe in these police departments. portland, oregon, police officers are leading the department there, texas, dallas, texas, the chief of police. she resigned. the chief of police in seattle, washington, has resigned. you have to ask yourself, what is going on in this country when you are asking for a police department to be defunded. >> it's not just portland, oregon, take a look at the other cities, atlanta is one of them. shootings are up 42% and
8:20 am
homicides 58%. you go to chicago, shootings are up 54% in chicago and the number of homicides in a city that has become quite use to crime. 56% just this year. the city leaders they are have to be taking a look at what is going on and saying, wait a minute, we have to reverse this, increase funding, we have to back the men and women in blue. >> you are absolutely right. morale on police departments all over this country unfortunately are down. as a result of that, men and women are looking at themselves and saying, we don't have to put up with a bunch of crap to survive and it's sad when you find politicians in these major
8:21 am
metropolitan cities talking about defunding. we need to give them more money, a good and just society, the protection. and the politicians need to be more concerned about being politically correct, they need to be concerned about law-abiding citizens of their community. >> jon: really quickly, i want to play something, the actions of the heroic cops in the moments before and after the christmas morning bombing. >> it reiterates the fact that we need to make sure our law enforcement is fully funded. knowing that an explosion was going to happen and then they went and literally knocked on the doors. seven families could have lost their lives and because of their hair was him, no lost. >> jon: they have seen their
8:22 am
own protest, this goes showing how wrong those people are. >> you are right, during this christmas bombing, we've seen the best of what they're about. those men and women rushed them of there, to serve and protect that community. this is what is happening all over this country. police officers have pride. they're out there to serve and protect the community and when you see a police officer, you should walk up to them and give them a hug. we have police officers who are rotten, get rid of them! but don't get rid of the good police officers. >> jon: very true words, ted williams. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> sandra: new developments after a judge just misses a
8:23 am
prosecutor over an email that she sent, how the st. louis attorney is now reacting, plus, "the new york times" facing backlash over a story critics say celebrates a teenager's revenge on his classmates. that story is ahead. >> for "the new york times" to lionize teen revenge narratives, what are we talking about? is this the country we want toe live in? we are bullying little girls n now. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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>> sandra: it's tampa for a look at her other headlines. the senate will vote on overwriting president trump's veto after the house voted to do so last night. unclear whether the senators will vote on 2,000 direct payments for americans. >> jon: some california hospitals forced to treat patience and gift shops and chapels to serve the coronavirus cases. los angeles county says 72,000 patience are in the hospital, the highest level ever seen. >> sandra: the prosecutor fighting to stay on the case after the judge booted her for appearing to political. kimberly gardner sent out emails mentioned in the case, they were charged after pointing guns at protesters. for more on these and other top stories download the fox news app, scan our code or go to >> jon: "the new york times" accused of glorifying cancel
8:29 am
culture after they say it glorifies a student's revenge on a former classmate. this 18-year-old was forced to withdraw from the university of tennessee knoxville after a 32nd video clip of her using a racial slur back in 2016. it was posted online. leland is live in washington with that. >> keep in mind, the video with a year's worth old incident was posted in june, so many are asking, why now? what is new? why subject to this 18-year-old woman? mimi groves is a white cheerleader. they went to high school together. here's the timeline. at 2016 she recorded a 32nd video which used a racial slur and referenced getting a learner's permit. and 2019 they saw the clip online, then more than six months later in the days after
8:30 am
george floyd's death he posted the video and she became the center of a firestorm. quickly the university of tennessee's cheerleading team took her slot away and she withdrew from the university. >> what can only be described as a rush to judgment. the school caved in and panicked, a lot of hysteria and social media going on and they didn't give her a meaningful investigation. >> many are pointing to this of 2019, a warning about perhaps people aren't following cancel culture. >> if i tweet or hashtag how you didn't do something right or you use the wrong verb, then i can sit back and feel pretty good about myself. to see how woke i was? i called you out. that's not activism. that's not working change.
8:31 am
>> jimmy galligan sees things differently. this is the story that came out on saturday. for his role he said he had no regrets. if i never posted that video nothing would've happened. because they never forget, the clip will be available to watch, "i'm going to remind myself, you started something, who taught someone a lesson." she told the time she can't figure out how to convince people she something different than that 32nd clip recorded when she was 15. >> jon: unbelievable. >> sandra: let's dig into this story with our political panel. you take this on and you are a piece titled "the new york times help a vindictive teen destroy a classmate who uttered a racial slur when she was 15." you go want to talk about social
8:32 am
medias hunger for mob justice. what happened here? >> i think it's terrible that the bad behavior of teenagers is now national news. this is a standard that no one could have survived. no one is perfect. everyone went through their teenage years doing insane and dumb things. the difference now is that social media and camera phones follow and record every action that young people take. in this world we should learn to be more forgiving, to allow young people to overcome their mistakes, to grow, not to say this wasn't a mistake, it certainly was, but does she need to be held accountable, does she need to have her life derailed and ruined in the pages of "the new york times"? the other guy who did this to
8:33 am
her, that was a bad thing for him to do, but kids do bad things, it's on adults with the people who work on the times to be responsible. >> sandra: she is not defending it. she said she was appalled. she says, i never and will never justify what i said, it was offensive and hurtful. people grow up and learn and become educated. i'm an example of an imperfect person who continues to learn and grow. what do you make of what has been done here and "the new york times" treatment of it? >> i enjoyed his piece on this and i thought the use of the word "lionize in" with how they have treated the man who had hung onto this video with a time where he could wreak havoc was very apt. she was clearly remorseful. she was from the time this happened and another part of the
8:34 am
story is a young black girl defended her online and then she was also attacked for that. it should be considered that she did not use the n-word which none of us should ever use and she agreed it's out of balance and a powerful slur. she didn't use it like that, the intent in which it was use matters in this analysis. on all fronts i'm horrified by it. i should note, the university of tennessee is a public institution that uses taxpayer dollars to hold the first amendment. no one is talking about that. no one is defending the use of the n-word, but people should be allowed to make mistakes, be remorseful and continue on with their lives. >> sandra: her attorney is saying this is a rush to judgment on the part of the university that heavily pressured her to no longer enter the school.
8:35 am
she was accepted, planning on going and she's now stepping away because of the pressure to do so. >> i think that was a terrible cold, the drive to be utterly unforgiving of mistakes is a bad one. tennessee is a public university, it will be interesting if legal action gets pursued. if she was a current student, the legal president would strongly support her first amendment rights. it's murky territory when you been admitted. what i think what might happen, it's an interesting case and regardless, yeah, they made a very bad call to be so unforgiving of this woman who was, quite remorseful for what she did. as he pointed out at 9:00 a.m., for all of us and for everyone
8:36 am
who is on social media, what you say on their can live forever. final thoughts? >> absolutely. there is very little that excites me about 36 years old, but one thing is i wasn't on social media when i was a teenager. not that i said anything like that. none of us think the n-word is all right, but when you consider the proliferation of that word specifically in pop culture, i can understand how a 15-year-old could be confused about why it's okay to use that term. she didn't and a racist attack way and then to get punished i think is beyond the pale. >> sandra: you i know you felt compelled to write about it. thank you for joining us. good to see both of you. happy new year. >> thank you. >> jon: a wisconsin clinic forced to throw out hundreds of doses of the mud dharn vaccine. suing twitter for half a billion
8:37 am
dollars, how the hunter biden scandal figures into this case. [♪] life is busy,
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worker's comp insurance? get a quote in 3 minutes at ♪ >> jon: the computer repair man who is the source of "the new york post" story on hunter biden's laptop is taking legal action. he is suing twitter for defamation after he claims its content moderation unfairly branded him a hacker, saying that lead to negative reviews for his business and sparked threats against him. he wants $500 million in damages and a public retraction from twitter. joining us now is gail, conservative and a host the podcast "right in d.c.." thank you for being here. you're also an attorney, so take up his case. does he have one here? >> this is quite an interesting case, but i would guess the plaintiff has a steep, uphill
8:42 am
battle and without commenting on this specific case, i want to share with you some general observations about defamation which will help you with analyzing this case. first there is a federal law known as section 230 that gives immunity to providers of online platforms. second, generally defamation cases are difficult to prove because you have to show injury to reputation and truth is a defense to that claim. third of all, there is a real question in defamation cases generally related to online platforms, rather limiting the sharing of content could give to defamation. the question of whether the decision to limit the content that's being shared would give rise to defamation. a very interesting case with novel questions, but i predicted the plaintiff will have a hard time proving defamation. >> jon: you see truth as a defense.
8:43 am
he says it's not true, he's not a hacker and that is what they labeled him. >> they did not though, they didn't mention his name. the company has arguments on the other side of that as well. >> jon: he also says his reputation was besmirched, that he got threats on his life as a result of him unavailing the contents of this laptop that had been left, left in his shop. >> and definitely all these things will be hammered out in court and they will have to go through it, but the first case, the first initial question in the case is whether the plaintiff stated a case. we will have to wait and see if they decide to go forward because of diversity and jurisdiction. the defendant has a place of business in florida so it's in a florida district court right now. we will have to see if the case goes forward.
8:44 am
that's the question in this case. >> jon: jonathan turley is a frequent guest on fox and an attorney and he tweeted this on december 28th. "the delaware owner is suing twitter for labeling him an effective hacker for those calling for defamation lawsuits to combat fake news. there should be welcomed news." jonathan turley seems to support the shop owner on this one. is this an avenue, do you think for others to swat back? >> certainly something that's attempted, but in our country defamation suits are hard to prove, unlike other countries where there is more leeway given the plaintiffs in these suits. as you know, we have many federal courts that come to different conclusions and different standards of law based on the jurisdiction. it might be easier to go forward
8:45 am
with this, we will have to see what happens. jonathan turley understands the complexities of defamation cases and different things are dried, this is a brave new world and we will have to see what happens. >> jon: we will definitely be watching the lawsuit and we will bring our viewers up to date when it concludes. gayle trotter, thank you. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: thank you. california enforces another round of lockdown and now a new tax grab, threatening them to be pushed out of business for good. >> ruining the economy, breaking the people who own these small businesses. i mean, you listen to the stories on tv, pathetic. al customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did?
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>> jon: as millions of americans wait to get vaccinated against covid-19, we are learning that vials of moderna were discarded near milwaukee. nearly 500 doses tossed out, reports claim someone a at the medical center mistakenly left of the viral's out of a refrigerator overnight and they went in the trash. >> sandra: california led the way is the first day to lock down, nine months later its leaders are struggling with the surge of the coronavirus and 33 million californians are back under the harshest lockdown restrictions and the country. small businesses in the golden state hang on by a thread. charlie gasparino, correspondent with the fox business network. good to see you. we will get to the exodus that
8:51 am
we are seeing in a moment, but when you see what's happening in california and the additional restrictions, another round of lockdowns. the state shut down and still they are seeing this massive number of cases. what is being done about it? >> nothing and that's the problem. you get the government you pay for it. anybody can lockdown a state. anybody can say no more business, stay home. we should be pang gavin newsom, bill de blasio, two men us through this crisis, to understand who is most vulnerable, to understand how money businesses can stay open and what limits they should have on occupancy and keep the economy going. that is management 101. it's not being done in new york or california. let's be clear. california had months and months
8:52 am
to prepare for a surge in cases of people that are vulnerable, mostly older people, people with other elements that would come in during the winter months. i did not prepare for that. all it did was shut the businesses and destroy livelihoods. that is not management. that is why people are moving out of california. you throw on high taxes, l.a. is overrun by homeless, it's not a good situation. all of the states that are doing this, these harsh lockdowns, compare california, new york to florida which is mostly open. you know, they are dealing with covid and hospitals aren't overrun, but businesses are open. this is called management. governor newsom is shutting things down. anybody could say, no business. it's easy to say, shut everything down. the hard thing is to manage.
8:53 am
do what he is doing in texas. it's not what gavin newsom is doing! >> sandra: who did recover last week, the tattoo artist, she's moving her family to indiana so people see the high taxes, the restrictive nature and they say they've had enough. they are going to texas, florida, red states where they think they can have a better life. you look at the high tax environment and the restrictions and shut down, the "los angeles times," the "los angeles times" talked about an impossible burden. people can't survive this much longer. businesses can't survive this much longer and when things do improve, what is left of these businesses? >> i think you left one key thing out, everything you said is accurate, management. these are not good governors. they look good and sound good,
8:54 am
governor cuomo sounds good. very good during the initial phase of the pandemic. with management, and managing the crisis, keeping as much business open as possible, having livelihoods preserved, they got anywhere between a d and an f. why can't you have movie theaters open, 15-25 capacity come everybody wearing a mask? if they do work. some of this stuff. >> sandra: everybody compares it to the airlines. >> why can't we have -- >> sandra: we are not questioning whether or not they were, but you're saying if they can do it in another environme environment? >> we just went through this gut wrenching exercise and i don't
8:55 am
care what anybody says. this package is getting business has re-open to some degree. not being stupid about it, be smart. businesses will comply. they're not your shutting them down. >> sandra: charlie, good to see you. thank you, happy new year to y you. >> jon: some exciting news for paul mccartney and what he has done for the first time since 1989 and how he celebrating this special achievement. ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> jon: sir paul mccartney, dancing in celebration after his new record tops billboard's album sales chart for the first time in 31 years. ♪ i can find my way, because we never ♪ i'm open day and night ♪ >> jon: of course he's enjoyed a number of number one hits over the years, going back to a band you might have heard of, the beatles. >> sandra: amazing. congratulations to him. i was telling you my story, i interviewed ringo starr when he turned 70 years old up in canada, the niagara falls side of it. it was really fascinating, he's an interesting guy. >> jon: it's sad that we only
9:00 am
have two beatles left. boy, have they made some good music. >> sandra: he's still doing great things! you'll be back here tomorrow? and i'm in for neil this afternoon. >> jon: i'll be watching. >> sandra: good stuff. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> julie: we begin with a fox news alert, the senate expected to meet this hour after the house sided with president trump and voted to boost stimulus checks to $2,000. president trump now demanding senators do the same. the question is, will they? majority leader mitch mcconnell has remained silent on the measure thus far. minority leader chuck schumer says he will try to force a vote on the increase today. adding to all of that drama, senator bernie sanders is now saying he plans to filibuster a vote to override the president's veto of a huge defense bill until senators vote on the pay boost. he says in a statement,


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