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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 29, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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freshness and softness you never forget, with downy. ♪ >> mark: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am mark steyn in for tucker, but he will be here later as you have never seen him and you won't want to miss that. we are one week away from the georgia senate runoff that will determine whether -- well, let's let chuck schumer spell it out. >> we take georgia and then we change the world. >> i'm sorry, can you repeat that? >> now we take georgia and then we change america ask my >> mark: and he means it. democrats do. when they win they use their power to the full.
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republicans win they use their power to get a car and driver and a better table in their favorite restaurant so unless you want d.c. and puerto rico as states and another six lockstep lefty judges on the supreme court, it is necessary for the dems not to take georgia. according to the usual garbage bowls, senator perdue is about a point ahead of his democrat challenger in senator loeffler and her democrat opponent are tied. and that's before the peculiar features of election night in georgia, alleged server crashes, mythical burst water pipes, perfectly routine, nothing to see her suitcases of ballots under the table. not to mention a conveniently placed judge who happens to be stacey abrams' sister. all those peculiar features have begun to work their dark magic. in a sane world, raphael warnock would be a good 15 points behind kelly loeffler. when i first heard about what went on and the reverend
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warnock's churches such as that renowned theologian fidel castro getting invited to speak and cheered and fawned on by warnock, when i first heard about that i assumed the guy was basically another reverend jeremiah wright, obama's pastor. that's a bit unfair to jeremiah wright. raphael warnock is worse than him, he's a man who has left a trail of human wreckage everywhere he's gone. but as his enablers in the hack georgia media would be happy to tell you, forget all that. like his party of us to guess big shots from clinton dividing, he talks a good game and with democrats, that's all that matters. >> we must vote for all of our children because none of our children are safe until all of our so dull my children are safe. >> mark: oh, my, that's a perfectly formed fatuous banal bromide of a sound bite. meanwhile, back in the real world, and easy way to make sure your children aren't safe is to
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entrust them to the carer of the reverend warnock. 18 years ago he was in charge of a children's camp in maryland, camp farthest out, which is a catchy name for a camp and also a pithy summation of how left-wing this guy is even by democrats standards. on july the 31st, 2002 the reverend warnock was arrested by maryland state police for obstructing a criminal investigation into child abuse at the camp. in the last day or two we learned a little more about what went on during his tenure at camp farthest out. a 12-year-old boy anthony washington was locked out of his cabin, doused in urine by counselors and forced to spend the night sleeping on the basketball court outside. one can well understand why warnock would wish to obstruct investigation of such practices. he is now 30 and was surprised by the news that the guy in
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charge of camp urine is headed for the senate. i don't think nobody like warnock should be running for senate nowhere, running a camp like that, he told "the washington free beacon." on the day -- the very day that reverend warnock was arrested, camp farthest out and undergone its annual inspection. as the maryland department of health noted, numerous violations were observed during the inspection. the inspection included repeat violations, which are violations that were noted on last year's inspection. the violations are indeed numerous, including that his staff did not supervise campers and at the camp was operating in defiance of the state fire marshal. so maybe that poor urine-drenched kid was better off locked out of his cabin because at least he would have a head start fleeing for the hills when the powder keg goes up. but one notes again what is perhaps the most repulsive feature of contemporary politics. right now, democrat politicians across this land are presuming
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to micro regulate every aspect of human existence. the governor forbids you to have grandma over for christmas dinner and in many states you have to wear a mask when you step outside your house and in some states, you have to wear a mask inside your house. you have to raise and then lower your face mask between mouthfuls of food when dining in certain states. millions of ruined businesses are subject to inconsistent and arbitrary regulations the change from week to week, yet here is raphael warnock, the democrat honcho who thinks that regulations are for the, but not for he. and here's the one that gets to the heart of it. see that? the reporting of child abuse, multiple cases of child abuse were not reported as required by maryland law and in the end, the camp director was forced to resign because of child abuse and neglect.
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but don't worry, once you hose off the smell of camp urine, raphael warnock talks a glib, smooth, fast sale pairing on autopilot game. >> you better stop standing up for people you don't even know while ignoring the pain of your daughters or living in your own house. if you are there standing up for somebody just because [indiscernible] standing up for somebody just because he's up for for the supreme court, your daughter won't speak up because if you don't believe this, you won't believe her! >> mark: like ignoring the pain of your daughters and sons who are living in your own house or the summer camp you run. by the way, what's it like to be a woman living in the warnock house? well, you literally get your pain ignored. earlier this month tucker broke the story that back in march and already a senate candidate, raphael warnock had had the cops called on him by his wife.
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this is the police body cam footage. >> so i'm like move and she won't move, she's keeping the door open. so i'm like chloe, just stay in the car and i move and i close my car door, get in the car and i start to move slightly thinking she's here. >> clear. >> yeah, i'm thinking she's clear and i barely moved all of a sudden she's screaming that i ran over her foot. i don't believe it. >> mark: i don't believe it. from the reverend believe all women of the party that believes all women. >> i just want to say to the men of this country, just shut up and step up, do the right thing. not only do women like dr. ford, who bravely comes forward need to be heard, but they need to be believed. >> mark: unless they are credibly accusing joe biden a raphael warnock. this is the modern left. it's like the fire marshal 's
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inspection. we love regulations in general, the more the merrier of the specific ones we run into with trash. likewise, we love humanity in general. we love women in general, we love kids in general, but the specific women and kids we actually know, we trash. this is warnock -- mr. warnock seems to have the measure. >> this man is running for the united state senate and all he cares about analysis repetition. i work at the mayor's office and it's a big problem. i've been trying to be very quiet about the way that he is. but my kids and his reputation, of tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time and today he crossed the line. so that is what is going on here and he's a great actor. he is phenomenal at putting on a really good show. >> mark: a great actor putting on a good show with the help of and in the tank press. we know the democrat -- love urine at the behest of that
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incontinent leaker cold me. they spent two to three years obsessing over entirely fictional -- but this actual incident from a children's camp headed by a democrat senate candidate, that sound you hear from abc, cbs, nbc, "the new york times," the jeff bezos post is urine-sought crickets. tammy bruce, the great tammy bruce is a fox nation host and we always love to have her with us. tammy, where does this thing stand a week out? >> hey, mark, thanks for having me. look, this is -- it seems shocking of course as you outline everything that's occurred, but at the same time, this is exactly what's been happening. look, you've got kamala harris, who said during a debate, she effectively called joe biden a racist. she said she believed his numerous accusers of his own inappropriateness and touching,
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et cetera. and yet she is now standing next to him and helping to prop him up. and the silence of all this, not just not saying anything, it is abandoning those pencils, throwing them out under the bus because they're not getting you anything. it's as though -- and this is where democrats get to be radicalized here, we see it happening in california with a lockdowns and the democrats better be careful here, because they are noticing that they are being used, the base is being used as props, that women are being used, people of color being used by individuals who see them as convenient vehicles into more power and money. so this is -- she's a very credible woman, it's heartbreaking and yet there's nothing being said by the feminists, but democrat leadership, by harris, by stacey abrams. you know, where are these democrats in the state? just say, look, we want some clarity here, believe this woman, but those things don't count when you're a democrat or
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when you simply think that there's something in it for you. >> mark: how can it be that he's basically tied with senator loeffler at the moment though? i know we hear all the stuff about the change in georgia. how can it change so fast that this guy is in with a shot at getting a senate seat? >> well, see, this is where, as you said at the beginning of your monologue, where it's these polls that really are bad, right? these are push polls. this is messaging to voters in georgia that oh, my gosh, everybody is liking this guy, this guy is really right there. both kelly loeffler and david perdue, one michael's race is not bad enough, not over 50% and they can do it again, but this is about gas letting the people of georgia. it's about moving them along -- and blood, we see it happening again also with a pandemic, with fauci. we see what he's ignoring, you
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can lie by omission. this is a mechanism where people are being pushed along into the preferred behavior, in this case a vote, and of course perhaps we've got to be dealing with certain kinds of shenanigans and that's why it's important for every thing a person -- this is nonpartisan. every single person in georgia, republicans and democrats, must vote, because the gang that is in charge of this does not have anyone's best interest in mind. >> mark: no, thank you for that, tammy. i used to like the word shenanigans, but since georgia turned into [indiscernible] i've gone right off it. thank you so much for joining us, tammy. silicon valley basically hacked the election for joe biden. they censored conservative views, they suppressed reporting on the biden family's decades of corruption. in case you didn't think the corruption could be any more flagrant, the brother of biden's
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white house counsel just got a big lobby and contract amazon. congressman ken buck represents eastern colorado in the house of representatives. congressman, basically the biden cabinet and big tech are joined at the hip and they're basically merged in a certain sense. biden does big tech spitting and in return big tech is providing some cozy sinecures for biden loyalists. >> no doubt about it. and it's not surprising. you see where the vice presidential pick was from and the support that she had during her career and then you see the money that flowed into the biden campaign and it's payback time. it's time that the biden administration make sure that google, amazon, and the others are taken care of and they'll do it by placing personnel in key
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positions as well as continuing the flow of money back and forth. >> mark: what do you think about specific things, like for example president trump is very keen on ending the 230 protections, which basically give big tech the immunities that no publisher of a book or newspaper would enjoy. aren't we getting to a dangerous point where we really need a president who will stand up to this guy and instead we are getting the opposite. we are getting a president who won't stand up to these people and in fact will do their bidding? >> it all comes back to the fact that google and amazon, facebook, apple, twitter, are monopolies and they enjoy the napoli status. they crush their opposition and they are protected now by the biden administration and it's very concerning because they control the flow of information in this country and perfect case
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in point is "the new york post" article about hunter biden that was suppressed so that it would not affect the election and when the truth is suppressed, this country really should be concerned about the monopolies that we are dealing with. >> mark: wears the department of justice and the antitrust guys on this? because, you know, 110 years ago, standard oil had a monopoly of oil. right now, big tech, as you just mentioned with the hunter biden thing, they increasingly have a monopoly on truth and reality, which is actually more important than oil. where is the department of justice and the antitrust guys? >> first of all, during the obama administration we saw a number of mergers. facebook, google, others acquiring companies in a competitive way. they were allowed to do so. there wasn't any action brought as a result of literally
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hundreds of mergers that occurred during that time frame. during the trump administration just recently seen a series of lawsuits filed by the federal trade commission, filed by the antitrust division and attorney generals. bipartisan attorney generals on the country. i'm very proud of working on the antitrust subcommittee with the democrats and looking into this infield hearings an end in hearings in d.c. >> mark: thank you for that, congressman. we will watch some of those state attorneys general's and what they're doing doing on this. coming up next, tucker is set to make an explosive entrance. we are not overselling this. you won't want to miss this. plus, the state of minnesota has been caught fudging coronavirus death numbers and now state legislators want a corona order. that's coming next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪
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♪ >> mark: according to the official statistics, more than 330,000 americans have died of coronavirus this year, but not everyone thinks that number is credible. here is the county colorado coroner explaining that some
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covid victims also suffered from gunshot wounds. >> it's the first time the coroner has felt so frustrated by a cause of death. >> these two people had tested positive for covid, but that's not what killed them. the gunshot wound is what killed them. i had not even finished my investigation. >> when the state listed the gunshot victims is dying with covid varied >> mark: so their underlying condition is that they had three bullets in their chest. now, some state legislators in minnesota who examined thousands of deaths certificates in their state say covid deaths might have been overestimated by 40%. state representative mary franson and state senator scott jensen are now calling for a national covid order and they join us. mary, you uncovered some fairly
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bizarre alleged covid deaths including a person who was thrown from an automobile in a car accident, but somehow that wound up as a covid death. >> yes, and what it took was some concerned citizens. mind you, we've heard the stories, this is what i think is happening, but some concerned citizens went through the data route and requested those datafiles, they paid for them, passed them on into my hands for me to take a look at and see what they were seeing. and there was a lot of data there, so i enlisted some people that are really good at understanding data, including dr. jensen to go through those death files and what i found was shocking, because i was just hoping that it was a myth, but indeed, minnesota is classifying some deaths as covid when clearly should not be. listen, mark, we cannot have
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people dying in motor vehicle collisions, suicides, drowning, et cetera and being classified as a covid death. our state is locked down. our kids are now going to have to wear masks while playing basketball and hockey. restaurants are shut down. we can eat at a restaurant, but it's got to be outside. today in minnesota we got a blizzard. people are moving their livelihoods. we have the greatest transfer of wealth taking place right now and we need an audit. >> mark: steve, you've been skeptical about this for about seven or eight months now because back in april you -- you made the observation that in fact as a doctor you were being incentivized to exaggerate the number of covid deaths. >> mark, your exec the right. actually my name is scott -- >> mark: i beg your pardon. i'm sorry about that. i'm sorry.
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that was the last time i met you was with a fellow -- yeah. but you're right, you are scott. my apologies. >> when the department of health and the cdc decided to change the rules that had been in place for 17 years by encouraging the diagnosis of covid-19 in situations that we never would have otherwise, they were abandoning their long-held commitment to precisely identifying the inciting or the initiating event that would lead to a sequence of events that would lead to a person's demise. when they did that, they opened the door and i did make it clear that at that point in time i was very concerned. i don't why they would do that, there was no conversation with physicians when that took place in what we saw subsequently was we saw enhanced payments to hospitals for medicare patients and then we saw the care is dollars being disturbed in and once again the old adage follow the money and we saw that if hospitals could somehow hit 161
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admissions with covid-19, that they would be eligible for a $77,000 per admission payment through the cares act and they hit that partial between january and june 10th. i don't think it's a question -- >> mark: yeah, that's -- go ahead. >> i don't think there's any -- incentives have been created and it's frankly the cdc's fault. >> mark: no, and that's absolutely astonishing. you're right, scott, and you're also right, representative franson, that we need a national audit i'm a we have wound up with deformed causes of death in minnesota, colorado, and around the country. thank you very much for joining us. the state of california has imposed some of the nation's harshest anti-covid policies. the golden state cancel christmas, closed restaurants in its biggest cities and even over
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in is willing to concede it hasn't worked very well. >> joe biden last week right before the holidays was assessing things i think correctly, that unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better. and i think demonstrably, that's the case and not only as a nation, but clearly as we work through the next 60 to 90 days here in the state of california and anticipate the surge on top of the search, arguably on top of a surge as it relates to the holiday movement. >> mark: california is now the epicenter of this thing. victor davis hanson is a californian and a fellow at the hoover institute and it's always good to get his take. what's going on here, victor? why california? why now? >> well, it's complicated, mark. i think we thought that we had done something unusual to escape the brunt of the virus when it hit in march but i think in retrospect it was simply we were
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already into warm weather. we are not -- especially for all the population, a dense state. we kind of escape to. even today we have about a third of the deaths per capita of new york in about two-thirds of florida and texas and then suddenly thing got worse never but he said, well, now what do we do? so we went into this locked down, but the problem with a lockdown was the governor was caught cheating on his own lockdown at the french laundry, so was the mayor of san francisco, so was nancy pelosi. she went to a hairdresser. then we had the lakers celebration in the nt for blm and everybody was out in the street and there was no -- there was no repercussions, so i think a lot of people said, you know what, that lost confidence in the authorities, who now said now you have to lockdown welliver but he said you didn't do it then and then the second thing is, this is not the state of menlo park or beverly hills. california has got 20% of the people under the poverty mark,
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one-third of all the welfare recipients, 27% of the state was not born in the united states and we are -- i'm here on the border of kings and fresno county and the per capita income is about 16,000. so one out of every three californians or almost one out of every three for any -- when they are admitted to the hospital, they are found to have prediabetes or diabetes. for any reason they were admitted. so we are kind of an impoverished state. i think more like appalachia than beverly hills. and we didn't have a margin of error and then the cold weather came and people, as i said, lost all confidence in the authority and now we are trying to catch up, but we have some intrinsic problems that nobody talks about. >> mark: that no other state has. that's true. thank you for that, victor. up next, barack obama has reign as the most admired man in america is over after 12 years. take a guess at who finally dethroned him this year? the answer is coming up.
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plus, for four years, talking heads on the other cable channels have warned us endlessly about how trump is a fascist dictator, russian stooge, the new hitler, one of our guests says there could be an authoritarian takeover of america underway, but it's nothing to do with the sinister orange hitler. straight ahead in this life special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." ♪
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♪ yeah before you abuse, criticize and accuse ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ ♪ well before you abuse, criticize and accuse ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes
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>> mark: every year, gallup publishes a poll on the most admired man and woman in this year something rather odd happened. after a 12 year streak, barack obama was toppled from the top spot in president trump claimed the title of the year's most admired man. trump number one, obama number two and joe biden a very distant number three ahead of pope francis and pope fauci. that's also rather odd given that on november the 3rd, biden allegedly racked up millions
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more votes than obama did but can't get anywhere close to him in this pole. a supposedly incoming president has ever done is badly in this annual survey, but doubtless, while you sleep tonight, some mysterious boxes and usb sticks will emerge in the small hours to improve his score along with a few voters who haven't voted for the most admired man chester arthur came along. intense place, by the way. back in the hit parade is the dalai lama, who remains an inspirational figure to americans, presumably because he shows how life can still have meaning even after the chinese have stolen your country out from under you. in the most admired women top ten it's michelle, kamala, melania, but no dr. jill, again, curious, perhaps she's on a separate list of most admired doctors. the bad news is that aoc beat out the queen. the good news is that the
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queen nevertheless kicked greta thunberg, god bless her. this country a posthumous political leaders have been using the flute as a pretext for suspending fundamental american rights, like freedom of religion and indeed freedom of movement. to make matters worse, the centralization of wealth and power in a handful of corporations that control our access to information could be a recipe for an actual authoritarian takeover in america. that's what glenn greenwald argued in a recent essay on -- he joins us. glenn, your basically on it because you fell afoul of them at the publication you helped found. my sense is that this thing is actually accelerating very fast. it's a couple of months ago we were supposed to be shocked by what big tech did to
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"the new york post" hunter biden story. now they're doing it to someone almost every day. >> that's how censorship powers work. you single out a particularly egregious case that you hope people can rally around and they are just like that person, whether it's [indiscernible] and then suddenly you have a precedent that says it's not permissible to censor and suppress opinions that people declared to be too extremist or too dangerous and it always starts moving inward so that anybody was even slightly questioning of mainstream orthodoxies is not subject to these powers and the problem is that the exact moment that americans are more depleted than ever, losing their jobs by the tens of millions, small businesses being -- >> mark: we are going to -- we are getting some interference on the line, glenn. i don't know whether it's some branch of big tech that's decided to take it out on you, but we will have you back to talk about this when we can
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correct that technical problem, because this is the big issue in these big tech companies that he is writing about are actually at the stage now where they are more powerful than most nation-states and they are not shy about using their power. i'm sorry about the problems we had with the connection there, we will get him back and take up where we left off. tucker received an amazing reception at the turning point usa summit. we've got some clips from that and you are not going to believe the reaction he got. that's up next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ n "tucker carlson
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>> thank you, guys. >> mark: oh, my goodness, who was that you might [indiscernible] at
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madison square garden, the sex pistols in paris, judy garland at the dash no, it was tucker carlson receiving a rock star's reception at the talking point usa summit earlier this month. here are some of the highlights from his spectacular speech. >> the first thing you need to know is what's actually happening. this is not as you know, your enemy, as horrible as they are, is not some crazed ideologue wearing black, spray painting statues. that person is loathsome and should be in jail, trust me. i call for that nightly. by your actual enemy is the person who's funding him and making that kind of behavior possible and is doing it for a very specific reason, to tear down the past, to destroy the past. why did they want to destroy the past? because when you destroy the past to eliminate all reference
9:46 pm
points. if you have no idea what came before you, you have no idea what normal is and you cannot understand the consequences of what's happening now if you can't look to the path that understand the consequences of the same behavior in another time. right? the root of wisdom is knowing what happened before. i mean, that's the road map. so when you destroy that, you have an entire country that is very easily manipulated. okay? so the first thing to know is that's what's going on. the second thing to know is that small is almost always better than big. that's the truth. the circle of people in your life who care enough about you to help you when things go wrong is really small. there's a lot of people you're friends with on instagram or facebook or whatever and the fake digital world that we have been lulled into participating in but the actual number of people who will take affirmative
9:47 pm
steps to help you is very, very small. it's not 350 million, that so many people are in this country. if not 7 billion, it's like eight, so your loyalty always has to be to them, to your family and your closest friends above anything else. period. and anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you that your real loyalty has got to be to some larger group of people, some political group or some group of people who look like you, give them the middle finger, those are enemies. no, i'm serious. i'm serious, they are trying to destroy the fortifications that will protect you through life, which are the people you love and who love you back. >> mark: tucker on cracking form there and making a big point that a society that has no past has no future, it's as simple as that. first they came for the
9:48 pm
ice cream truck song. then they came for him jemima and the cleveland indians. now they are coming for something else. surprise, surprise but that's after the break. plus, an update on the united kingdom and its departure from the european union. what does it mean for america? straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> mark: over 20% of small businesses have closed for good in 2020, but for the league of bar owners in new york and elsewhere, that is no reason --m "the new york times," which has no room to cover the victims of raphael warnock for eric swalwell being compromisedd by his chinese honey trap, can nevertheless make space for a ss from their dark history of "racial inequity and cultural appropriation."
9:54 pm
long story short, the tiki bar is basically a confederate statue with a cocktail umbrella sticking out of its nostrils. "tiki bars can often reinforce the idea that oceania is just the place to vacation, which belies america's history with the region. in 1960, when the muay thai the0 mystery drinks, the u.s. military was using it to test nuclear -- the region is higher rates of poverty, lack of access to essential services, and more burden from climate change." i know that is what i am looking for when i go to a theme bar and sit next to a lonely divorce, poverty rates and a lack of essential services, with a little nuclear testing going on
9:55 pm
in the far corner. what a convivial joint to relax in. incidentally, you know what else is a far cry from reality? "the new york times"'s sycophantic coverage of stalinist russia. the difference is you turn to a newspaper for reality, and you go to a bar to drink to forget that you ever made mistake of picking up "the new york times." but go ahead, the economy and new york and california is not yet totally destroyed. mandate, woke-media friendly theme bars, and in five years' time, i'll see you at the authentic irish pub, the potato famine, they offer you fish and chips, chips not included, the authentic french restaurant occupied byer the germans for fe years, and the authentic turkish food cart outside "the new york times" front door can"t reenact the blood he fallf constantinople f in 1453 on any passing "new york times"
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columnist. meanwhile, the most authentic dining experience in america can be found in those san francisco oupatio park let's we reported n yesterday, that are now full ofn derelicts and human waste, just like everywhere else in san francisco. the united kingdom and the european union have agreed to a post-brexit trading relationship. what does it mean for america? craig dillon is a former advisor to my old palto boris johnson, d craig joins us now. good news for america, all bad, as joe biden seems to suggest it would be. >> great news. four years after the british people voted to leave the european union, we finally have a deal, now looking to our greatest ally across the ocean to give us an even better deal. president trump as you pick up the phone, get boris johnson on the phone in london come and get a deal done. our two countries are the greatest allies in the history
9:57 pm
of the world that we have not been able to trade properly together thanks to e.u. regulations. he got to fix this. >> mark: yeah, because basically, i don't think people understand this about the european union, but if you are a member state, the u.k., france, germany, you don't actually trade nation to nation with the united states. it's just the european union. so now the u.k. can strike its own deal, and in theory, that should be better for both parties? t >> absolutely. it's going to be great. the e.u. has big problems. breaks it was just the beginning. we are seeing movements to leave the european union rise across grexit, swe-done, quitaly. the bureaucracy in europe is out of control. a good example, they are still swallowing or vaccine rollout, while thanks toar brexit, the british are vaccinated millions
9:58 pm
of people. >> mark: what is the reason for that? britain always seemed an odd fit in the e.u. because it is not a continental power, great naval power, settled many parts of the world from canada to australia,a but what's the problem that if you are italy or greece or sweden, with that superstate? >> well, they have big problems. all of these economies are very different in what different ways. the spanish and love nothing more than taking a siesta in the afternoons. the germans don't. the economies are very different. the best thing, especially as a brit living in the u.s., i think this is opening big opportunities for american businesses. we love nothing more than our american cousins across the ocean. so there's big opportunities. we may be a small island but we have a big and how to me and love buying things from the american spirit >> mark: well, it's great to be a nation-state again.
9:59 pm
is this a real brexit, though? or a brexit in name only? >> it is better than it could have been. i know some people pushed the erg, european research group, happy with the deal. i did avoid catastrophes that could come from a no deal. we are already seeing big cues at the border. the e.u. are happy, we rolled over on a few things we may be didn't necessarily want to but that is the nature of dealing a deal. >> mark: i hope nigel farage is doing a better version than he did the night after brexit. >> we've got to get that. speed toiv give the a dukedom. thank you very much, craig. that will do it for us tonight. to and in night at 8:00, the
10:00 pm
show that is the sworn enemy of my end, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.o don't forget to dvr the show if you have not set that up already. head over to our social media pages on parlor, facebook, instagram to watch the rest of that tucker speech. 6 have a great evening. you are up for 60 minutes under the forensic eye of trey gowdy. take it away. >> trey: mark steyn, thank you.y. welcome to the special edition of "hannity." i am in for sean. one week away from senate races in georgia that g will determine the the direction of the countr. that is not hyperbole, that is a fact. control of the united states senate is on the ballot in georgia, democrats seem to be getting nervous. democrats jon ossoff and raphael warnock are now reportedly expressing concerns about their dwindling campaign


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