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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 30, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> will: thad is "the story" wednesday, december 30, 2020. have a happy and healthy 2021. thank you so much for letting me hang out with you the last couple of nights. "tucker carlson tonight" next. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" i mark steyn him for tucker but he will be here a little later and the last live show of 2020 before the special, but i don't know about you but i'm enjoying 2020 and i wish it could go on for two, three, four months. and the insane thing about 2020, it is chairman chi's world and we just live in it if we call it that appeared in old expression he who pays the piper calls the tune. view the american taxpayer
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continued to pay the piper, but china calls the tune. here is dr. ted, in the same senses dr. joe biden. here dr. ted of the world health organization funded by you, back in january reading the facts straight off of the printer from the chinese bureau. >> the chinese government is to be congratulated for the measures it has taken to contain the outbreak. >> china is actually setting a new standard for outbreak. and it is not an exaggeration. >> mark: no, it is not an exaggeration. it is a new record for "outbreak response," china shut down domestic flights out of wuhan airport but for flights to rome, barcelona, vancouver, new york. within two months, the chinese communist party had successfully boarded the covid to almost 200 nations and territories on
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earth, wow. that is one serious operation. that is not north korea officially or where back in 2005, the late strongman man lip-synching and slowed the spread, flatten the curve because lousy pop stars melting badly and expecting the ancient hits. ♪ >> mark: none of that. if only we had thought to ban lip-synching but the entire western world except sweden decided to drive their economists off the cliff. his holiness, the infallible pope felt she eliminating your job and shutting down your
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entire industry and of course temporary inconvenience. >> i know it is difficult and having a lot of suffering, lot of death. this is inconvenient from economic and personal standpoint, but we just have to do with. >> mark: among other 2020 novelties, there was no hollywood, no broadway, no rock concerts, no live music but fortunately beleaguered overworked frontline health care staff made a point of busting out of the icu to do highly choreographed routines from social media, pronouncing around the hospital hallways. ♪ >> mark: that is entertainment. it was not hospital workers
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taking over the show but government andrew cuomo with an emmy award for artistic innovation for the villain covid - -- >> is this true this was the swab the nurse was actually using on you, and at first, it went into your nose and disappeared so that in scale, this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face? >> mark: ha ha ha, and longtime care facilities of new york, the old folks were -- what is the show this time -- corporation sing in the new america, and career criminals te up space. not our rulers, of course. >> i'm the public face. among national media.
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and i'm out in the public eye. you know, i'm a person who i take my personal hygiene very seriously. as i said, i felt like i needed to have a haircut. i'm not able to do that myself and so i got a haircut. >> mark: she needs a haircut because she's out in the public eye holding daily press conferences on why you can't get a haircut. just as government newsom in california tops public health experts need dying on tapioca with filing creaked wasters and caviar with him ed custer with ragu truffles from alba, washed down with a bubble of free, $975 a pop to strategize about why it would be dangerous to let you go to taco bell. a world of hypocrites, only one man had the integrity to talk the talk and then walk the walk.
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he didn't go to fancy-schmancy french restaurants. he didn't go to nancy pelosi's to get hair plugs. he just walked the walk straight to his basement and self-quarantine for nine months until cnn satisfied his "victory." every two months, every quarter or so, he would emerge from the basement to hold a rally in front of three secondhand civics and impart words of wisdom. >> hey, the radio, make sure the television, excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. >> mark: make sure you have the record player on at night is the secret code phrase to chairman to let him know why 10% for the big guide to the shanghai branch of the first national bank of scranton, pennsylvania and another emergence from his basement, joe biden announced his plan to end the scourge of violence against women. you've got to man up and beat
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the out of it. >> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than self-defense command that is rarely ever occurs. so we have to change the culture, period and keep punching out it's, punching at it and punching out it. >> mark: yeah, keep punching, punching, punching against violence against women. then stroke its hair and try a sucker punch. joe biden's jimmy cagney and shoving grapefruit in the face of violence against women. >> may be you found like better. >> mark: because that's the only language violence against women understands. like joe said to come obey baby, keep the record player on all night, because he will be purring baby it's cold outside n the air all all the way to don.
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presidential candidate and house intelligence committee big shot eric swalwell warns us of the danger of glamorous, exotic foreign spies playing their sexual webs. >> i want to talk about the kremlin playbook. and there are a number of ways for an adversary can seek to influence a person, do you agree that? >> yes. >> financial. >> that can be one. >> romances and other. >> yes. >> compromise. >> correct. >> setting up a compromise. >> to execute, yes. >> how about inadvertently capturing a compromise? >> meaning fast surveillance and do you stumble into that surveillance and a cognitive compromise and they take that information to coerce you. >> that is part of the playbook. >> mark: yeah, but then they turn out eric swalwell is being penetrated by chinese intelligence, which is
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impressive because never before shown any sign of penetrated by any intelligence. he had a chinese spy that was able to get to swell well and play his record player all night long, if you know what i mean until his poor old needle were out, meet the crack agent dispatched by the chairman, then name is christine fang, fang fang, and you only thing twice. congress passed a 5,593 page bill. that is the longest bill since gavin newsom and health care kind at the french laundry. 5,593 page covid relief bill and two paragraphs on covid relief and the other 5,592.5 pages given away to the zillions of dollars of your money for the "promotion of democracy." promotion of democracy, where? michigan, pennsylvania, georgia, no cambodia, venezuela and other
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countries around the back. what the hell did cambodia deserve to keep yankee imperialist inflicting pennsylvania style democracy on it? it should be the other way around? i will get behind the first with the introduction of afghan style guide to purple fingers to american elections. you got to hand it to congress gag writers giving money for democracy promotion everywhere but america is way more deserving of a best comedy me then andrew cuomo's nasal swab. and yet the american people survived. and a grateful populace happy to get what was left of its money after sudan and pakistan to erect a statue of the old powerful fauci, releasing the american citizen from his shackles temporarily to enjoy a mast christmas dinner with more than three persons from a single household.
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oh, sorry, my mistake, that is freeing the. in a public viewing in boston. he took a bullet for his country but the school has been closed three years but nobody knows that anymore. president trump argued the most pressing issue of the ages, chinese global dominance, but it turns out it is confederate statues. everyone is a confederate general. lincoln is a confederate general, washington, the guy who wrote "the star-spangled banner" will come at kate smith, dr. seuss, the integrity of american history held a spectacular closing down. everything, take them to cope confederate generals and we will throw in the washington redskins. take five and grab the power you can eat. the atlanta braves have given the tomahawk chop the chop presumably because it defends residents of chop. the capitol hill occupied protest the great republican portland, oregon, where you can always gather around and roast your chestnuts on a mostly
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peaceful protest. a land without history. the end of 2020, and the dawn of the year. ed ryan founder and ceo of "american majority" it is always great to see him. ned, they are not done with us yet. the globalist crowd are planning the great reset. are you looking forward to that? >> mark, that is a great point but i think what we are looking at right now is the great reset versus the great restoration and the create reset is the american people accepting this return tot to call that where we let the ruling class go back to their abuse of the american worker and taxpayer in which they view us as atms to fund their priorities, not our priorities. the question becomes the american people will they simply accept this or actually demand a restoration of the government of and by and for the people.
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if nothing else, listen to that litany of things you talked about mark. the american people should do us a view that any of the institutions are actually serving or promoting their interest. i think what 2020 has shown us very definitively is that a lot of our institutions are complete and utter failures. you look at cuomo, the local government, crushing small business which provide half of the jobs in the private sector, shoving them down, crushing entrepreneurs while letting bom and antifa terrorist burn and loot cities. you look at the media that lies to us everyday calling protest mostly peaceful as they lied to her face as faces and refused to report facts to the american people. you even think about the senator's indoctrination of entire learning. that have filled a lot of generation youth with un-american ideas. and again, sending them out into the streets to spew their talk of white privilege and erase
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american history. none of these institutions are actually serving the american people. the question, mark, is how much are the american people going to a tolerate because we have allowed this to happen and we have allowed this to get to this point. the question is, will the american people say stop and no more appear that is the great question. i don't know which way we will go. >> mark: let me ask you a quick question on that. ned, you are disturbed by the quiescence of the american people. there is a great american word henri and i thought it would come into play here. americans are not like belgians or norwegians. why is there not more resistance to governments that tell you to wear a mask inside of your house? >> well, i would actually argue generations of indoctrination and people accepting blindly without questioning everything. i have to tell you, mark, i'm concerned about supposedly indomitable american spirit that quickly folded and accepted shutdowns, shelter in my house,
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and virus which according to the cdc, survivability is 99.5 between ages 0-70. i will say this last thing, i think donald trump has read build enough of the american people to actually give me hope that they will actually find the will to fight. >> mark: that is a great note for 2020 and happy new year to you. of all of the issues. thank you. of all the issues afflicted this this past year, most nothing concerns joe biden so much as global warming. here is what his expert advisors have to say about the coming ecological collapse. speak with the city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. >> what do you mean biblical? >> what he means his old testament, real wrath of god type of stuff, fire and brimstone coming from the sky, rivers and seas boiling. >> volcanoes come arising from the grave. >> human sacrifice, dogs and
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cats living together. >> mark: biden himself is fully on board with that big. >> without clear, coordinated and committed approach from the other 85% of the carbon admit errors, the world will continue to warm, storms will continue to worsen, climate change will continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods of public health and economics of our existence and literally the very existence of our planet. >> mark: literally the very existence of our planet. joe bastardi is a meteorologist and author of "the weaponization of weather in phony climate." always good to see you, joe. joe, i would have thought with a pandemic and all the rest of it, that we would have actually put climate change on the back burner. but the biden team seems to disagree. >> no, as a matter of fact, the
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subject of the book, "the reason it is a phony war" if you've ever met anyone in war, they are reluctant to talk about it. a lot of these people believe that warriors are saving the planet. the second reason is, i'm convinced climate and science is merely a means to an end here. and weather and climate, which since my first memory is just simply being used as a tool for other things. the book actually describes what is going on here. the first chapter right off the bat talks about what this is really all about. what i do is, i also refute just fact after weather fact after weather fact, storm after storm after storm to show that this is not the worst ever. for instance, do you know times is warmer today than the geological record? claimant abdomens! now up to months does not mean the same as emergency, or does
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it? >> mark: no. >> 2020, right? >> mark: no, you are absolutely right about that. it is a terrific book and i hope joe biden reads it and we will send him a copy of that book. joe biscotti, thank you very much. what do congressmen, drug addicts and convicted felons have in common? in some states, they get the covid vaccine before your grandma and the other elderly. that shocking story is next in this live special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪ you can go your own way
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♪ >> mark: different states have different priorities when it comes to the vaccine. congress is giving priority to itself, massachusetts giving priority to convicted felons, new york is giving priority to drug addicts. so maybe grandma will finally get the vaccine after she wins the senate seat while smoking crack and robbing the local 7-eleven. dr. marc siegel is a fox news medical contributor and author of the book "covid "the power of
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science. "it is always good to get the word from dr. siegel. i don't get this, angela merkel the first person to get the vaccine was a lady who survived the spanish flu a century ago, 101, 102 and boris gave it to jenny arian. whose idea was it to think it is a good look to show politicians and bureaucrats getting the first vaccine? >> well, i will tell you, mark, it is so well presented by you. let's start with florida where they actually have it right where the governor has said, those over 65 should be prioritized. because 80% of the deaths from covid occurring in seniors. that is where it should start spirit seniors down in florida are having trouble getting the vaccine. it is a scarce resort gnomic resource but they are being prioritized from a miami, fort lauderdale, tampa, out of
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vaccines right now. my friend, erwin who is 81 years old and has a pacemaker and recovered from a kidney transplant is waiting patiently for his vaccine. and he is calling every day, but he's waiting patiently. meanwhile, to your point, congress announced this week to cocongressional aides for congress will be getting the vaccine next week. are you kidding me? am seven states, seven states are prioritizing prisoners over the elderly. that prisoners are spreading covid-19, but there is only 1800 deaths in the entire country from among prisoners. i don't want to minimize that but look at the elderly come 80% of deaths. it is a disgrace on massachusetts and of course joe biden's home state of delaware prioritizing prisoners over the elderly. here in new york -- >> mark: thank you for that, dr. siegel. i have to tell you, i am pretty
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disgusted by the that and that is more deserving thin congressional starters. they are just laughing at us now. thank you for joining us on that, dr. siegel and happy new year to you. whether california leaders eating for $300 soup with toasted cleaner domestic window or governor gretchen whitmer tot on the water, the coronavirus has revealed once and for all that our leaders operate under a different set of rules from the rest of us appear at the latest example comes from buffalo, new york, where every county executive was filmed skating on an ice rink shortly after his own health department had shot one down a week prior. on twitter, claimed innocence saying he state gnomic skated along for the most part.
5:27 pm
and that area county control said this isn't the first time this guy has violated his own rules. so he makes rules for every county, but he is not bound to them. is that the idea? >> that is correct. rules for the but not for me. that is not the first time he was cut over the summer, he was golfing with buddies, photographed without mass, drinking beer, eating food and lectures us on wearing a mask. don't go when big crowds and thin biden rally in downtown buffalo. and just a few weeks ago they shut down a popular hockey rink because children were allegedly engaging in a scrimmage, which is against the rules of new york state, yet, this guy hits and laced up the states and engaged in a scrimmage but kids can't play hockey themselves. >> mark: and this is going on all over and across the border for the canadians. and in calgary, some guy got
5:28 pm
arrested for playing hockey outdoors. but here in every county, the rules seem to be quite specific. that you can do certain things but you can't do a scrimmage. he said he hadn't been a scrimmage and it turns out this footage of him actually scrimmaging. >> that is correct. videotape does not like, but politicians do. i think that is why people are so frustrated appear they are young children, kids in high school that want to play youth hockey. they are losing their senior year of hockey and they cannot play. that is why people are so frustrated because there is a separate set of rules for pompous, arrogant and title politicians, and yet, another one for taxpayers order to follow the rules were ordered to follow the law. >> mark: thank you for that, stefan. i played hockey not too far away from you many years ago. i long for the day when ontarians and western
5:29 pm
new yorkers can play hockey together again. but not just for the politicians, political hockey, to with it. much of the west coast, hundreds of thousands of californians have fled the state. in one of their favorite destinations, but is that good for the lone star state? tucker is here for the texas governor greg abbott about what the transference means for his state. that is next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ - hello, michael youssef here,
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>> mark: west coast cities are doubling down on an agenda to "decriminalize, incarcerate, and the police which has led to homelessness, crime and disorder." here is how it's going. >> the city that spends the most money have failed to reduce homelessness, los angeles, san francisco, seattle spent $1 billion a year on
5:35 pm
homelessness, housing, health care and law enforcement cost. and yet, since 2011, homelessness increased 15% l.a., 24% san francisco, 25% seattle. >> mark: chris, he is a contributing editor at city journal. i don't get to the west coast as often as i did since the covid came along but when i do, i can't get over how sad and decrepit los angeles and san francisco and all the great west coast cities look. i'm slightly surprised that the people who live there don't see it as obviously staring them in the face as they do. >> yeah, it is quite shocking. the people who live in these cities are really caught in the spell of ideology. no matter what facts are in front of them, no matter whether there are parks are filled with tenants or needles on the streets. thousands of people roaming around, the idea -- ideology is
5:36 pm
so strong but we have seen a powell -- businesses leaving the state and replacing them are thousands upon thousands of homeless people arriving from out of state to cities like l.a., san francisco come a seattle because the policy conditions are right to set up camp to buy and sell drugs, no consequences whatsoever. >> mark: the middle class is fleeing. what happens when the movie industries like silicon valley and hollywood decide it is easier to do business elsewhere? >> yeah, that is already happening. you are seeing lots of companies, lots of entrepreneurs fling san francisco to places like texas, florida, idaho, wyoming. what is going to happen is it's san francisco or california rather are so concerned -- who are the wealthiest people leaving, unfortunately, californians like the titanic going slowly towards the iceberg
5:37 pm
and having perry little ability to turn. in fact, the political leaders are doubling down on the policies that got them in this mess. i'm afraid the next three to five years, you will see a total meltdown of some of these cities and states. >> mark: meltdown can happen very fast. if you look at detroit, do you think actually the west coast cities are ahead of the same way as detroit? >> you know, there are some indications. if you look at the turning point for the city of detroit, it was the race riots of the 1960s and then moving towards very left wing municipal government, doubling down on identity politics. use all of the flow of business to the suburbs. i think you are already seeing that now. covid has intensified it and i think san francisco and seattle need to be careful. prosperity is a fragile thing and it's not guaranteed. detroit was the richest city in the world by the year 2,000, the poorest city in america. >> mark: and if you look at
5:38 pm
some of those shots of detroit compared with the way let's say nagasaki looks now, you would think the second world war in japan had won by dropping the bomb on detroit. chris, thanks for that and let's hope the west coast is not headed that same path. amidst draconian shutdown, and number of silicon valley companies as we were just saying, hp, oracle, tesla, or leaving the bay area for texas. for years politicians have assumed unrelenting growth is a good strategy, but could having more californians backfire on texas? governor greg abbott joins tucker to talk about it. >> thank you so much for coming on. first, congratulations. such an obvious success story. people are leaving california and can go to other places, come to your state and that is an endorsement of the way you are running it, obviously. so sincere congratulations.
5:39 pm
but i do have a question. we have seen this across the country people flee and collapsing crummy state and then the state they go to. are you worried? a totally sincere question that all of these californians will bring the value integrate the state of texas? >> tucker, this is the number one question i get from fellow texans all the time when they see all of these headquarters relocate from california to texas. i have great news for them. and that is, these relocations will not change the politics and taxes. we have mathematical proof for it. two years ago, i was on the ballot the same town ted cruz and beto o'rourke were on it. we did an exit poll asking people after they left the polls, did you vote for ted cruz or beto o'rourke? then we asked, did you move from california or native-born texan? the results of the poll show 58% of the people who move from
5:40 pm
california voted for ted cruz. interestingly, almost identically matches a separate poll taken also an exit poll from the same election that showed 57% of the people who move from california voted for ted cruz, and those goals match a survey that was done a couple of years before that, at that asked california that came to texas are you conservative or liberal? 57% of the people who moved to california so they were conservative. 27% of the people who move from california so they were liberal. there are reasons for this, tucker. if people like big government and they like high taxes, the more regulations, they will stay in california and the last place they would come to is the taxes. but i need to add this to my talk to ceos every week and i listen to their concerns whether coming from california or new york or some other state. they have added a new reason this year why they are coming to the state of texas and leaving
5:41 pm
these other states. that is because of the lack of policing in these other states. you see these movements to ban police or defund the police, whatever they want to call it, and texas, we are talking about defending the police, not defunding police. we will support law enforcement in texas. you know, businesses -- >> tucker: may i interrupt you because i think you make strong points. those are quite a way true, but there is another factor that's never considered a period taxes is a good place because it is a religious state. nobody ever said that but you go and people are doing bible studies at starbucks. the truth is, the there are massive cultural differences and a lot of left-wing social values moving into your state that have already complete wrecked austin as you know. you are not concerned about that? >> i'm not come again, in part because of the studies and also in part because of the
5:42 pm
thousands of californians that i have personally dealt with that have come to the state of texas. california, they believe in god, they believe in guns. they were so excited to come to the state of texas and getting a gun that they couldn't have been california. so the people who want to reengage with their fate and want to have guns, the people who believe in fossil fuel. they are trying to get away from the hostile positions of california against all of those issues. there is a reason why they are coming here. but also remember this, tucker, some people actually leaving texas and going to california. so we have a trade deal going here. [laughter] the liberals are leading texas and the conservatives coming from california to texas. >> tucker: i should say, i am from california. i would be very wary of letting people like me in, but good luck. certainly of texas goes, we are done. so please keep an eye on that. governor, great to see you tonight, thank you.
5:43 pm
>> thank you, tucker. >> mark: if texas goes, it's all over. tucker is quite right about that. and i don't believe there are people, even liberals, moving from texas to california. i want to see some video footage of that. up next, raymond arroyo is here to discuss the latest liberty praise indoctrinating a foreign alter ego. that is next on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." flush ♪ welcome, today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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♪ >> mark: the past few weeks have shown that many public notables have been eager to adopt foreign identities. this week, the combo is alec baldwin who spent years pretending to be spanish. she is from massachusetts but took her role seriously enough she pretended to forget the english word "cucumber." >> we have tomatoes, we have what do you say, cucumber? we have red pepper.
5:49 pm
>> mark: akamai tried to re-mumble the word for cucumber. the trend is popular among democrat leaders, people like elizabeth warren used a fake native american identity to become the first "woman of color" at harvard law school. as you can see she is so white she is the widest white since frosty the snowman fell into a vat of white. but she managed to keep the geniuses in cambridge with superb acting. >> hold on a sec. i'm going to get me a beer. hey, my husband is now here. do you want a beer? >> i will pass on the beer. >> sit down. >> mark: i am going to get me a beer. i can do it better come i can get me a beer and i'm a
5:50 pm
nincompoop. not to be outdone, robert crosses beto o'rourke who attended in hong kong. and west texas politics as his exotic mexican alter ego beto. ladies and gentlemen -- [applause] >> mark: beto, it is like zorro. nl kamala harris is joining in the fun. here she is describing her childhood quonset celebrations. >> you know my sister and i, we grew up celebrating once every year. every year our family and extended family would gather around with multiple generations. and we would tell stories. the kids would sit on the carpet and the elders would sit in chairs. everybody celebrating happy kwanzaa from our family to
5:51 pm
yours. >> yeah, whatever. she is half jamaican, half andean and she grew up in montreal and not a single person who knows what kwanzaa is. raymond arroyo taking this and an author of "the spider who saved christmas." by that book for your kids but don't buy it for beto and above his reading ability but they will love it. raymond, what do you make of this? >> this is a of identity politics, mark. these people are obviously particularly these massachusetts natives i noticed. they are quick at adapting these avatars like miss warren here. suddenly, she's like miss prissy come of old warner bros. cartoon, trying to pass herself as yosemite sam, slugged, and look like she's never had a beer in her life when she's drinking that thing. but the deeper problem here is it is concerning. they believe there is a
5:52 pm
political end here appear they are trying to convince voting blocs they are like the people they are trying to reach. look the triumph of donald trump over the last few years, he took this outsized new yorker personality come abrasive, brash, in-your-face, and convince the rest of the countr. they came to him. he did not become fake being like them. but these people that you have run down, beto o'rourke, it would be like me calling myself raymond arroyo and drinking green beer and convincing people i'm irish. i love the idea, mark. for a guy who is hispanic, this is my favorite day ever. everybody is trying to be like me. you have hilaria baldwin trying to be a fake hispanic. it is, or whatever she was saying. i don't know how this plays at home. >> mark: you do it better. alec bolden would have been better taking up with you,
5:53 pm
raymond because she do it bette. >> i could get in all kinds of trouble, mark, please, leave it there. but kamala harris, she has the woman of all seasons. there is not a celebration that she hasn't embraced. look, i am all for wishing people -- politicians always wish people happy hanukkah, happy kwanzaa, but when you claim to be a practitioner of each and every one of these things, you can't possibly celebrate them all. be authentic and i hope in the new year, mark, we will focus on authenticity character and office fraudulent, blocks checking politics. >> mark: thank you, raymond, congratulations on the book. by the way, you have the solution to ms. prissy thing. and we should all unify by stomping around like yosemite sam. >> i agree, shoot off a couple of firearms. [laughter] >> mark: put the dynamite down your pants and bring us together.
5:54 pm
the governor, thank you, raymond, the governor brother with an embarrassing on cnn tour and now he humiliated himself in front of his neighbors. that is up next on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪
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>> of the two brothers that the unbalanced the less malign is chris if only because he has a lower body count them has brother, the governor. not necessarily with his bare hands, but with the blinding glare of his self admiration. neighbors have told the new yor to post that he spends most of his rights in the mirrored elevator marveling at his beautifully sculpted torso and his rippling musculature. while we're reporting this because of the disturbing publi health implications you might think you are socially distancing feet across the
6:00 pm
elevator from him, but when he flexes bisect, finally it's 3 inches off the end of your nose and you could be breathing and a lot of toxic masculinity. that will do it for us, have a great new year. it gives me great pleasure to sate ladies and gentlemen, ms. tammy bruce. have a great show. >> same deal. and you're the perfect way to end out this year. happy new year to you and yours. i appreciate it. welcome to the special edition of hannity i am kimi bruce in for sean perry tonight, 2020 is almost in the books. cnn history on a white house correspondent as very special new year's resolution to the surprise of no one, acosta is bowing to take it easy on joe biden. during an interview with the atlantic, he compared the trump white house to a nonstop national emergency that


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