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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 2, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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eric: battle over presidential results not yet over. congress coming january 6th to certify joe biden's victory. now a group of senators lead by senator ted cruz, calling for ten-day audit, they claim that the election investigating illegal conduct even though courts across the country have found no evidence. hello everyone and welcome to
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america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. >> molly: from i'm here for arthel neville. we have rich edison with the latest details on this as it's developing, rich, to you. rich: good afternoon, molly, days ahead of when a joint session of congress will meet to officially count the state electoral votes of the 2020 presidential election and now you've got a growing number of senate republicans who say they also plan to object this list includes senators like ted cruz, kennedy, roger marshal, they just announced objections writing, quote, january 6th it is incumbent on congress to vote on whether to certify the 2020
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election results. that vote is the lone constitutional power remaining to consider forced resolution of multiple allegations of serious voter fraud, all of that now guaranties a debate and vote on the state electoral results. senator: there are ways for us to approach this, this is one of them. we should get answers to this, the american people should be able to trust in their electoral system and the electoral college is a vital part of our process and this will be the opportunity that we have to weigh in. >> vice president mike pence will preside wednesday over constitutionally mandated session, that's where congress official tallies results of the electoral college that the individual states certified and sent to washington. if a member of the house and the senate object to a state's
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results, that forces a debate and then a vote in each chamber on whether to reject state's electors given democrats control the house, top senate republicans have already acknowledged president elect joe biden's victory, the effort to derail the new administration is unlikely to succeed. opponents argue the maneuver is intensifying doubt in u.s. electoral system, federal courts roundly rejected challenges to the 2020 election, republican leaders have largely shifted their focus next week to a pair of special senate elections in georgia. president trump is heading down there early next week tweeting, we will be at georgia on monday night, rally for senator perdue and senator kelly loeffler, get ready to vote on tuesday. now republicans need to win at least one of those races to maintain their control of the u.s. senate and also maintain a check on the incoming administration. back to you, molly. molly: rich edison, a lot to
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cover, appreciate it. eric. eric: molly, man the countdown is on in georgia, senate candidates making a final push, it is, of course, the last weekend before that crucial runoff elections, now just 3 days away. turns out that one of the candidates off the campaign trail that's because republican senator david perdue is in quarantine, perdue came in close contact we are told with a staffer who had tested positive for covid-19. thankfully the senator and his wife have tested negative so far. senator perdue spoke to "fox & friends" from quarantine this morning where he says even though he's in quarantine he's still hard at work campaigning. >> what this will do is change the way that we are ending up this campaign. the last 3 days are critical to get vote out on tuesday so i'm doing media, making phone calls and participating in events virtually, morning tonight and driving this home to make sure we get our vote out.
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we know what's at stake here in the election in georgia. eric: he faces jon ossoff in the runoff. peter doocy, peter has been really dogging ossoff out in campaign trail. what did he say today? peter: t interesting, eric, ossoff closing argument is just as much about the republicans he's running against as it is about him. >> now it's time to make a change at the level of united states, retirement is coming from kelly loeffler and perdue. peter: dodging direct question why somebody who attended camp is alleging abuse by counselors including having urine thrown at him. >> i think here again that it is quite obvious that kelly
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loeffler -- why she should be sitting in the seat and so she continues with the politics of distraction and division and she can't -- [inaudible] >> while denying the people of georgia support that they need. peter: both warnock and ossoff on campaign trail and perdue is doing everything from his quarantining spot, eric. eric: we just saw him in quarantining spot. it's got to put somewhat of a cramp on campaign style. peter: specifically accusing ossoff of having inappropriate
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business ties to a company that's linked to the chinese government. >> a ripening scandal as we now know. he hid his involvement with the communist chinese party during the primary and he got caught, he lied about it and then filed another report with the federal authorities that did disclose that he did take money from the communist chinese party and lied about it in the debate. peter: loeffler is convincing race down to this, choice between freedom and endless lockdowns, keeping what you earned and trillions in higher taxes and choice of rule of law and violent mob. we must win. she's on the trail right now with senator ted cruz just hours after announced the challenge to the electoral college vote tabulation. eric. eric: yeah, of course, the ossoff campaign pointed to mr. perdue, the senator having business with china when he was head of dollar general and other
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companies too. peter, thank you. for a preview of the georgia senate rent aahing and what it means if the biden administration will have to face to a republican-led senate or a democratic one, john bussey, fox news contributor. john, we are told, i mean, incredible number, 3 million georgians have already voted, they say a turnout especially heavily in democratic areas, what do we expect do you think to happen over the coming days? john: it's too close to call right now. it is a very close election and therefore control of the senate is uncertain at this point. is it going to be republican or democrat and the election will decide that. as you point out huge turnout in preelection day voting and that looks like a record for any runoff in totality. so a big decisions that voters are making. i was talking with somebody who is doing a get out the vote program in georgia and he was
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saying that the kind of comments he's getting back from voters is, not focused necessarily on georgia issues, they really are looking at the as a national proxy, a proxy for who is going to control the senate and, therefore, is biden going to have an easier time with his legislative agenda or is it going to be a republican-controlled senate as a way of blocking biden. those are the issues that voters are thinking about in -- in georgia. eric: the national impact of the race really is on voters' minds in georgia but then again how do -- do they factor in what the president has said about this race, he called this race illegal and invalid, how does that affect the gop chances? john: it's washing over into this effort by president trump to overturn the the national election as well which ted cruz has kind of signed onto and you
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are seeing other senators sign onto as well which makes me think if that's the case, should those republicans who were elected to congress in that same election, should their votes and election also be nullified. there's a couple of things happening here. one is this is senators like ted cruz and josh hawley positioning themselves for a 2024 run for the presidency. they want to appeal to trump voters, what better way to do that than to side onto the president's unsubstance, wrong, false that this vote was somehow illegal. it's really a 2024 focus that they have because it's very unlikely that this congress is going to do anything to overthrow what was a legitimate democratic election of joe biden. congress in general is not going to want to be seen as stepping in and nullifying american
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voters and the decisions that they -- that they made. so those are the two issues that the senate and the house can be facing this coming week. eric: so basically you think that cruz is trying to outflank josh hawlew to go after trump base and, john, what do you say to viewers, they they you're not telling the truth, they think you're hiding something, part of the mainstream media covering for president trump, what would you tell them about what you just said when you have the claims coming from the president as well as from some republicans and now you have mr. cruz saying they need this ten-day special electoral investigation on these allegations? >> yeah, well, it's the right of the congress to have any questions about an election. there's been instances in the past where congress has -- members of congress have raised questions of an election and
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they're allowed to debate that and ultimately what happens congress votes, do they think there's anything to the complaint or do they not and then they essentially ratify the results of the electoral college. i think that people should keep in mind this this was a national election, there's a winner and a loser, there always is. sometimes the loser is more gracious than the president has been. in this instance, the president is probably doing a fair amount of damage to people's confidence in what is the fundamental institution of a democracy of american democracy in particular which is election. doing damage to that reputation. remember also that there was an election in republican-controlled states, republican governors, republicans senators and states who have ratified, certified, informed the public that these are legitimate results and the
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president then took those results to court, complained about them before republican appointed judges and democratic appointed judges, his complaints were found to be unsubstantiated and the cases were thrown out. they went all the way to the supreme court. own attorney general, republican appointed by president trump has said there's no evidence of substantial voter fraud that would cause a different outcome in this election. so that's what people should keep in mind, politics that are being played in congress this week and it's a lot to do with the 2024 election including for president trump. he wants to sow doubt now so he can come back in 2024 possibly and say, hey, look, it was a wrong result in 2020. eric: john bussey, from the wall street journal with your insight, we will see what happens in a few days and if the commission does get going. john: you bet. eric: tuesday is the big day, coverable of georgia senate
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runoffs, coverage at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, bret baier and martha maccallum, until they get a winner or winners because there's two races, what a historic moment, molly. molly: president elect joe biden facing criticism over cabinet picks including colin kahl, he was nominated as undersecretary of defense for policy and janet yellen is also under scrutiny, the president's elect choice, made more than $7 million in speaking fees over the last 2 years on wall street and in silicon valley. hillary vaughn live in delaware, live in the transition trail with more on this. hillary: those speaking came as routine financial disclosures handed over by yellen and
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$7 million came from speaking fees paid by major financial firms on wall street like goldman sachs, citi, ubs and the same businesses she will have influence over in her role as treasury secretary. congressman aoc tweeting this about it, quote, we may not want to admit it but policymakers experiences do shape their thinking, is it disqualifying, that's for the public to decide which is why reporting is important and shouldn't be attacked. yellen said she will work with directly with ethics official to get written permission before she engages in any type of deals or negotiations that would directly impact those companies and biden transition official gives me following statement, during chaotic time for the country, this is not someone who pulls punches when it comes to bad actors or bad behavior, you can expect she will bring the high ethical standard and tough
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enforcement philosophy to treasury. other disclosures shows that biden's choice tony blankin made more than one million, did work for bank of america and facebook and in process of selling interest, she was consultant at blinken's firm and recusing herself for at least one year. i talked to biden transmission official today who tells me that overwhelmingly these financial disclosures show that nominees that biden have picked have spent most of the time in public service but private sector. colin kahl's, obama nsa adviser,
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he tweeted this, the steele dossier is, quote, panning out, months later he tweeted that the steele dossier was, quote, holding up pretty well and biden's transition cabinet still has some spots to fill and the transition says we could expect announcements on that in the coming weeks. molly. molly: lots of interesting news ahead. hillary vaughn, thank you very much for watching out of it for us. eric. eric: we just looked at plan by several republican senators to object to the electoral college certification of joe biden's presidential victory. coming up, we will have more on why they are doing that and whether or not demand for special election audit has any chance of happening.
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molly: all right, things could be getting a little messy in the fight of electoral college certification of the election. joe biden was declared victorious by the electoral college december 14th but now 11 republican senators and senators elect led by texas senator ted cruz say they plan to object to the certification, they are demanding an emergency audit of the results.
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to discuss, let's bring in our next guest. alex bolton, senior reporter for the hill watching all things washington and congress, here we go with this latest effort on the part of the republicans, what do you make of this ten-day potential audit that they're requesting and what are the chances they get it? >> well, i think the chances that they get it are about zero. even if they had a majority of republicans support them and right now it doesn't look like they will in the senate, any objection to the electoral count would have to be supported by majority vote of each changer and of course, the democrats control the house. so even if ted cruz were able to convince senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to go along with this and mcconnell has shown no indication that he will and a number of republicans do not support this objection, even if cruz were able to change the hearts and minds of fellow
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republican senators he's still not going to get debt -- get democratic support in the house. if you can't sustain an objection to electoral vote count there's no leverage to create a commission to audit results. that would have to be done by statute or parse and consent and the democrats won't play ball in this, you won't get a commission, but it does give cruz some powerful talking points going forward. molly: i was going to say what's the point of the effort, what do you think the republicans are trying to do? >> well, what's interesting here is that, you know, cruz is making this objection but senator josh hawley, his rival for -- >> molly: separate effort? alex: the question is why isn't hawley on effort cruz announced today. it's plain to see that -- you have two rivals for the republican nomination in 2024
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trying to win over the republican -- the trump base and hawley was first out of the gate, first republican senator that would sign onto an objection from the house to state's electoral votes and now cruz is coming out with his own response but what's notable here is that hawley has not signed nor tom cotton, rand paul, potentially could support an objection but not part of cruz effort. cruz is boxing out his other white house rivals to kind of take the spot that here and doing that successfully and what's brilliant about cruz, look, i'm just asking questions, what's wrong with an audit, why not take another look at this if people have lingering questions. what you will hear from mitch mcconnell and others, the role for resolving, the body for resolving electoral disputes are the courts, not the legislative body which is what congress is.
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molly: i think you got to the questions i was going to ask you about, what does it have to do with 2024 and mitch mcconnell and which way it will ultimate i will go, the big thing to watch on this particular, january 6th, essentially been according to 11 republicans that have gotten together, this is the lone constitutional power remaining to consider the force resolution of multiple allegations of serious voter fraud. brief amount of time we have left, january 6th, what do we see? alex: there's going to be a joint session of congress at 1:00 p.m., members of house and senate gather in house floor and start going through the roll call of states and the states will report their electoral votes and at that point you can expect these republicans to raise objections and since they'll be supported by at least one member of the house and one member of the senate, the bodies will separate and hold two hours of debate and then vote on each objection. so if these objections are spaced out, there could be several hours of debate, but as
11:26 am
i said, after two hours of debate, they'll be a vote and then the objections will fail and then the joint session will reconvene to resume the tally of electoral votes and however long that stakes, joe biden will be declared the next president of the united states. molly: thank you so much alex bolton, we really appreciate it. all eyes on january 6th, appreciate it. alex: thanks for having me. molly: eric. eric: 20 million covid vaccinations, we have missed by 90%, distribution off to slow start as hospitalizations climb nationwide because exploding number of infections and the new strain confirmed in 3 states, how far is coronavirus spreading and what can you do to protect yourself next.
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molly: bottom of the hour, time for top headlines, 3 of 4 senate candidates hitting campaign trail helping to rev up voters before runoff elections, republican senator loeffler along with jon ossoff and warnock, perdue you -- under quarantine after exposed to coronavirus. graffiti on a garage door, the spray-painted message appeared to reference 2,000-dollar relief checks. coast guard is calling off the search for florida bound boat that failed to return from the bahamas, left on monday with destination to florida but never
11:32 am
arrived. 20 passengers are believed to be on board. eric: turns out that two new contagious versions of coronavirus are spread ago cross the globe, hospitals on high alert for new new strains, one new variant first detected in united kingdom and now confirmed in the country, colorado, california and in florida. while a second strain has been found in south africa, frustration grows over coronavirus vaccine rollout in the country even though it's coming. >> this is certainly the epicenter, hi, eric, new year is starting with growing concerns about these highly contagious mutations, one of which experts say is likely spreading in the united states. the british strain has shown up
11:33 am
in california, florida and in san diego, california where 3 men who had no known contact with each other somehow got it bringing to four the number of cases there and follows earlier cases confirmed in florida, man in 20's with no recent travel history and in colorado where the governor says health official expect to confirm a second case soon and he's not surprised. >> there's a lot of commerce and travel between the united states and london and there's no surprise that it was not encapsulated there. >> while the variant is 70% more infectious does not appear to be more deadly. officials in south africa have confirmed the first case of brand-new strain in a person
11:34 am
that arrived from south korea on december 26th, south korea confirming they have a efficient suffering from this brand-new variant, different from the british one. all of this coming as mass vaccination effort continues to sputter along, long waits in florida this week after governor ron desantis saying anyone 65 or older could get a vaccine on first-come, first-serve basis, across the country logistical problems have meant only fraction of available doses have actually been administered. >> it requires strategic planning, preparation and then you have to have funding and without funding and really good strong communication, then we end up seeing a delay. we've got about 3 million americans who have been vaccinated but we need to pick up the pace because that will help save lives. >> just under 3 million americans have gotten their
11:35 am
shot. 21 million americans left to go in first vaccination phase, eric. eric: you have to get it out there, claudia, thank you. molly. molly: more on this now tom friedman. thank you so much for sparing us a couple of minutes as new year's goes on the way on saturday, appreciate it. thought to be more contagious. your thoughts on this, is it likely that's spread across the country if we are seeing it in 3 states with people with no travel? >> how widely it spreads, time will tell. something important to keep in mind about the strain. it's still stopped by masks,
11:36 am
it's still stopped by vaccine and people who get it still can be cared for well if they're treated promptly and effectively to reduce the risk. what it does mean that it's more urgent that we get vaccine out widely and we follow the 3w's, wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands. molly: earlier this week there had been 3 million doses administered across the country. estimate that was given by the folks that said the vaccines would be across the country was much higher, we are not meeting the goal, why not and what can be done? doctor: one easy to solve and one harder to solve. what's easy to solve is it hasn't been run by vaccination program by the federal government, it's been run as a logistical programs. it's a vaccine program with
11:37 am
logistic challenge with it. you need to do detail planning of who is going to get vaccinated and where. what are the messages that are going to resonate with each community and who are the messengers, the more difficult problem is that our healthcare system is very fragmented. if you look at a country like israel that has vaccinated more than 10 times population that we have, they have an organized system, they have health insurance, record and very importantly you have unanimity across political and religious spectrum there with all groups agreeing that vaccination is the way to go and we need that here in this country as well. molly: what are the challenges that popped recently that
11:38 am
frontline workers are refusing to take the vaccine, the government of ohio complained, 60% or so nursing home employees have refused, what does that say when you're trying to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible, people that are in the line, the first folks are saying, no, thanks. doctor: there's overwhelming acceptance and excitement about this vaccine from healthcare workers and with reason. every safeguard taken, no corner was cut and the vaccine is more effective than we could have hoped and we've not seen serious adverse events. we are seeing some allergic reactions, less than 1, about a hundred thousand people to get the vaccine, that's not that surprising and that can be easily created, all of those have been created. what we've got is a very effective vaccine and get it out as rapidly as we can but at the same time recognizing that many months that we will have to be careful and masking up, avoiding
11:39 am
crowded indoor spaces, this is really important because our hospitals are getting overwhelmed and every day we are hearing about healthcare workers very cig or dying as they try to take care of the rest of us. molly: dr. tom friedman, i thank you so much for your insights on this, i'm excited when my spot in line comes i will be standing there, excited about the vaccine. eric. eric: we all will be. meanwhile, molly, fallout in new york city over coronavirus restrictions, mayor bill de blasio coming under new fire for dancing in times squares on new year's eve while the rest of the city was told to stay home. toughest economic times that they've ever seen. alex hogan live in manhattan with more on how the city and those businesses are coping, hi alex. alex: hi, eric, small businesses and restaurants are really grappling with what 2021 will
11:40 am
bring after a lot of back and forth last year over how to safely run businesses. march 16th when restaurants officially had to close indoor dining, fast-forward to june 22nd, outdoor dining could begin until the end of summer, it was ten extended on september 25th for the foreseeable future. jump ahead september 30th, governor andrew cuomo announced indoor dining could return at 25% capacity but by december 14th indooring dining was shut once more. the lawsuit citing the low transmission rate within establishments and arguing for the right to work. video showed members of the new york city republican club maskless in the restaurant doing a conga line, several attendees reportedly testing positive for covid-19 after the event. the state is grappling with the surge of covid-19 and much
11:41 am
slower vaccine rollout than expected. so far 88,000 new yorkers received the vaccine. mayor bill de blasio the city will vaccinate 1 million through the end of january. the city will create 250 new locations to give the shots, de blasio signaling out a day to mark the health crisis and honoring the dead. >> the first day we lost new yorker to covid this year was march 14th, 2020. next march 14th, 2021 will be a day of remembrance in new york city. >> critics blasting the mayor for dancing in an empty times square on new year's eve while urging residents to stay home. people on social media calling out the mayor for foregoing his own rule and as we head into the new year the statewide positivity rate is 7.4% but here in the city it is 9.3% and we
11:42 am
are looking at a national level, the number is much higher now rising 2 more than than 12% across the country, eric. eric: yeah, that one restaurant you showed is the famed iconic 21 club, presidents have databased there, it is closed now at least temporarily. alex, thank you. alex: very popular place, eric, a lot of people upset by that. molly: funeral services said to begin less than 30 minutes from now for the late congressman elect, died tuesday due to complications of covid-19.
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11:47 am
china offered bounties on u.s. military members in afghanistan. the senior administration official confirms to fox news that they are now trying to work to declassify that intelligence which as you know echos previous reports that russia also tried to pay militant fighters in afghanistan to kill u.s. soldiers stationed there. former state department adviser at carnegie university, professor, why would china want to target our troops or do you think this is potentially disinformation? >> eric, you asked the important question here. i'm not ready to say it's disinformation, but i am concerned about leaks and uncorroborated information that's being put out about the chinese who actually don't have a history of trying to attack the united states on the military battlefield. it does many things that we have talked about before on this
11:48 am
program, ip theft, we talked about the trade deficits, the unfair trade practices of the chinese all over the globe, the problems of the belt and road initiative, the treatment of the uighurs human rights abuses but we have to be careful before making a determination about what they are doing in afghanistan. i'd like us to let the declassification process work its way through the system and allow national security adviser robert o'brien to help make that system work. he has briefed the president as i understand it. there very interagency meetings on the matter. that's where we are with china right now in this particular space. eric: beijing calls it a smear and a slander. let's say on one hand it may not be true, if it's not, what does that do to u.s.-china relations and certainly if it is true, not
11:49 am
just another one in their aggressive stance against us? >> i don't see it as a smear or slander, they have been involved with the afghan-taliban and sometimes productive ways around peace talks but there's a problem. there's a bit of truth in them but i worry about what this does to domestic politics than what it does to u.s.-chinese relations whichic we are beginning to craft the very ending stages of a china grant strategy in the final days of the trump administration. there's so much work going on at the white house to look at china comprehensively not just in silo
11:50 am
and that would be amazing intellectual handoff if january takes on january 20th. i do think -- >> eric: i was going to say 10 seconds left. >> i do think that we are making progress on china and the future of our relationship. there are many alternatives and when we look at it in terms of what the president has achieved in foreign policy, china is at the top of the list. he has reordered the conversation, the narrative and the strategy for dealing with china as a geo strategic competitor and as aggressor nation. there's almost no one in the foreign policy committee that
11:51 am
would disagree. eric: professor at carnegie, thank you for insight, we will see if the biden administration continues with that. thank you. >> thank you. eric: more news when we come back.
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molly: britain's' long, long journey to exit the european union is finally over, quiet day in seismic shift between two trading partners as trucks roll off ferries and trains on both sides of the channel, expected to be on the front line of changes now that the brexit is official. ryan can explain a little more about all of this in london. ryan. reporter: hi, molly, the united kingdom has been outside of european union all by 45 hours now, so far so good, no major troubles at the uk's ports, the good will between eu and uk appears to be holding up after lots of concerns that things could get messy. remember the two sides did do a trade deal on christmas eve and the uk still has a free trade
11:56 am
deal but doesn't have the deal it used to have. president macron says uk will remain an ally despite vote to leave the eu. the eu agreed its own trade deal with china this week. that was seen as a real coup for chinese and slightly defiant move by europe now that president trump and president elect have been biden have been warning europe to keep distance from china. the uk can in theory do its own trade deals, they want to do a trade deal with the united states but president-elect biden's team is saying they may want to do a deal with the eu first, molly. molly: it'll be interesting ahead. ryan, thank you very much. eric. eric: thanks, molly, we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern kraft. for the win win. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest
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♪ ♪paul welcome to the journal editorial report as we look ahead to a brand new year. i'm paul gigot, and we given with those pivotal senate runoffs in georgia on tuesday which will determine control of the united states senate. president trump heading to the peach state on monday for an election eve rally aimed at turning out republican voters as both races are too close to call. the candidates making their closing arguments this week with the republican incumbents pitching themselves as the firewall against a radical left agenda. here's senator kelly loeffler. >> we need georgians to get o


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