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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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♪ >> drama on capitol hill, a group of republican senators say they will object to certifying the results of the presidential election adding new twist in georgia's runoff elections just three days before voters there decide control of the senate. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." ♪ jon: president trump will campaign in georgia monday on the eve of those crucial runoff elections. this as 11 incumbent or incoming gop senators sign a joint statement today saying they will oppose certifying the electoral college votes this wednesday. unless there's a ten-day nationwide audit of votes. they will join missouri senator josh hawley who ray knowns his
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plans to object to the results earlier this week. tennessee senator marsha blackburn says it is about protecting the integrity of the election. >> looking at where the american people on this is that millions of people that feel like this election was not a fair election, we knew that there needed to be something that was done. jon: congressman chuck will join me in just a few minutes to discuss why he supporting objecting to electoral college votes plus the state of the races in georgia. first, though, fox team coverage peter doocy is on campaign trail in athens, georgia, hillary vaughn with biden team in delaware. we begin with rich edson who is at the white house now. rich. reporter: good evening jon, and nearly a dozen senate republicans say that they are going to object next week as congress officially cast those
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electoral votes. the president has just tweeted about this saying that the country is going to love them for this. these current and incoming senators say they want to commission to audit the presidential election results and they where qoa on january 6th it is incumbent on congress to vote on whether to certify the 2020 election results. that vote is the lone constitutional power remaining to consider and force resolution of the multiple allegations of serious voter fraud. and now some of their republican colleagues are criticizing their effort. pennsylvania senator pat toomey writes fail to write these allegations have been adjudicated across america and found to be unsupported by evidence. i voted for president trump, and endorsed him for reelection, but on wednesday, i intend to vigorously defend our form of government by opposing this effort to disenfranchise millions of voters in my state and others democrats say objecting republicans have no
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chance at success. >> a lot of members in there are talking about running for president in 2024. they don't want to cross president trump in any way. and so they're trying to appease the base of supporters that continue to want to try to overturn the election. reporter: vice president mike pence will preside over a constitutionallally mandated session if a member of the house and state object to the results that forces debate and then a vote in each chamber on whether to reject a state's electors. democrats control the house, and several top senate republicans have already acknowledged a biden win. making these objections unlikely to succeed. republican leaders have largely shifted their focus next week to a pair of special senate elections in georgia. president trump is heading down there just ahead of the election tweeting, quote, we'll be in georgia on 9 p.m. to rally for two great people in georgia.
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senator david david perdue and loeffler get ready to volt on tuesday and republicans need to win at least one of those races they do, they will maintain control of the u.s. senate. jon. jon: rich ed son at the white house rich, thank you. well the georgia candidates are making a final push to win over as many voters as possible with just three days before those runoffs decide control of the senate. notably absent from campaign trail is senator david perdue, he's in quarantine after comes in close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus. peter doocy is in georgia with more for us. peter. reporter: jon, good evening senator perdue is trying to be seen and heard although he's in isolation. >> what this will do is just change the way that we're ending up this campaign these last three days are critical so i'm
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doing media making phone calls participating virtually. reporter: kelly loeffler is knocking on doors herself today with texas senator ted cruz by her side trying to help generate some excitement on the right. loeffler has accused rafael warnock democrat of having a dangerous past now that a camper from a camp reverend warnock once in charge of is alleging abuse by counselors years ago. warnock did not directly address a question about new accusation offering this instead. >> i think here again, that it is quite oven that kelly loeffler doesn't have a case to make why she should be sitting in that seat so she continues with politics of the distraction. and division, and she can't explain why she prompted it all for the pandemic while denying the people of georgia the kind
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of support that they need. reporter: jon is campaigning too and more than anyone single issue his peach to georgia voters is about change. >> now it is time to make change as a level of the united states senate. retirement is coming for kelly loeffler and david perdue -- [applause] reporter: all day john has been criss-crossing the state launching canvas kickoff, democrat party wants vice presidents to be socially distant making their pitches to voters outside their homes and because this is georgia, this morning, those volunteers were sent off with instructions and barbecue sandwiches. jon. jon: got to keep them fed peter doocy in georgia. thank you. joe biden and kamala harris campaign and harris will be in peach state request biden
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heading there monday setting up dualing events against president trump. hillary vaughn is in delaware with the latest. hillary. reporter: hi jon. well normally a new president has until midterm election before they need to worry about power dynamic in congress changing. but this special election in georgia gives president-elect biden a unique opportunity to flip the senate and clinch complete control over congress. vice president elect kamala harris heads there tomorrow to campaign for rafael warnock and jon and biden will be back in state again on monday. >> i need two senators from this state. i want to get something done. not two senators who are just going get in the way because look, getting nothing done just hurts georgia. look what's happening right now in the congress. reporter: this week financial disclosures from biden nominees are trig peering some progressive democrats who think
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those documents detail corporate america and wall street treasury secretary nominee janet yellen disclosure shows she made over 7 million dollars from speaking engagements paid by major financial firms on wall street like goldman sachs, ubs and city same firms she'll have influence over in her role as treasury secretary. biden transition official gives me the following statement about this, saying, quote, this is not someone who throw punch when is it comes to bad actors or bad behavior you can expect she'll bring the same high ethical standards and tough enforcement philosophy to treasury. biden pick for secretary of state tony blinken is also sparking questions. of conflict of interest but blinken made over a million doing consulting work for companies like microsoft, über at&t and fedex i talk to a biden official who discuss financial disclosures show most of biden nominee spent a lot of time working for the government and a little time in the private
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sector but jon, even that little time spent in the private sector, some of them made a lot of money. jon. jon: hillary vaughn in delaware. hillary, thank you. so what can we expect in georgia and on capitol hill next week? congressman chuck the republican from tennessee is a surrogate for the perdue and loeffler campaigns, also a member of the house appropriations committee congressman, thanks for being with us this evening. >> good evening. jon: so you are one of those who has registered concerns with the vote count from november 3rd you plan to object to the electoral college certification? >> that is correct i do along with unanimous tennessee delegation in the house and senate. fundamental to our great republic, our constitutional republic is the sanctity of the vote and after listening to my constituents from third district of trn and looking at what
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happened in swing states, i've got grave concerns about a process that went on and i'm going to post those concerns with objection standing with president trump on, on this week. jon: well secretary of state brad who has received a fair amount of criticism from the president, seemed to suggest that the reason the president lost georgia has not so much to do with fraud but just the fact that the president didn't excite republican voters there. listen to what the secretary of state said earlier today on fox. >> 20,000 republican voters traditional republican voters just skip the presidential race. senator david perdue got 19,000 more votes than metro region than president trump did, and in our republican congressional areas they got 33,000 more votes than president trump did. and so that's really what happened is that republicans probably many of those viewed more moderate republicans just stayed away from that race or
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voted for other side. reporter: so that's his assessment of what happened. can you expect that those republicans are going to be excited enough to go out and vote for senators perdue andlet left loeffler and put them in the senate? >> the both kelly loeffler and senator perdue deserve reelection they're both fine senators. they've done a great job. but i think republicans will understand the gravity of this moment in history and come out to vote along with independents and some democrat of good conscience. the democratic candidates come from the far left of their spectrum. i don't think they're in line with the vast majority of georgia citizens. so i'm looking forward to a win win for republicans in the georgia senate races. it is so important that we keep the united states senate and
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republican hands. jon: according to a fox news poll taken in early december, more than a third of americans believe that there was fraud in this presidential election and they believe that it was essentially stolen from president trump among all vote rs yo see the number there is 36% believe it was still and trump voters 77% even among democrats 10% say they believe the election was stolen. hence, your push to get the electoral college vote held up until you get this investigation? >> the american people deserve answers. the american people deserve truth. and we have got to make sure that going forward, this is a precedent setting moment for us in history. if we lose this opportunity, if we don't stand up for every legal vote being counted in every illegal vote not being counted, we will lose the fundamental fabric of our republic forever. this is not only about donald
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trump. this is about our great republic. we've got to stand up we've got to object and we've got to get it right. we've been in very adverse circumstances due to covid certain states got it wrong. i think georgia did get it wrong with the presidential election with their mailout ballots things like that. a lot of irregularities. we're still getting are complaingts of irregularities. we owe it to american people to get it right, that's why i'm going to october object this week. jon: 11 senators and senators elect who are planning on objecting to electoral college results put out a statement it reads in part, we are not naive. we fully expect most if not all democrats perhaps more than a few republicans to vote otherwise. but support of election integrity should not be a partisan issue. a fair and credible audit conducted expeditiously completed well before january 20th would dray dramatically ime faith in american process and significantly enhance the legitimacy of whoever becomes our next president and then
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signed by the 11 senators. and senators elect -- you need, you need votes in the house to maintain this objection that you plan to lodge. as long as democrats control the house, you're not going to get that, are you? >> well it is yet to be seen but if you look at the numbers i can understand your assessment. but this is a vote of principle this is a vote of conscience. this is going to be a legacy vote not only for every member but also again, to the fundamental fabric of our great republic. we are privileged to live in greatest nation in the world and that's because, i believe we're one nation under god but i also believe that we are a constitutional republic. as a great republic we've got to make sure that the sanctity vote that the credibility of honest votes being counted and dishonest votes not being counted the process has got to be fair, open and honest.
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the vast majority of americans have questions about this process. we owe it to them to get it right. jon: very quickly i want to play what tim ryan democrat of ohio had to say regarding -- >> they have that right, they're going to exercise that right and then it is going to go to a vote in the house and senate and boat republicans and democrats will reject this because there's no evidence by any credible source that say it is that election was in any way fraudulent. >> you think you can come up with that evidence? >> well, i think we're going to see more and more evidence come out every day. refer to the great state of georgia they've had hear technician this past week, uncovering more and more irregularities. when we talk about what this is, we can call it irregularity. we can call it a problem. we got to make sure that we get it right to the american people. one legal person, one legal vote. not one legal person, three
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illegal votes. this covid situation caused the situation in many swing states. i believe where we've seen irregularities, problems and i think that is detrimental to our great constitutional republic voting for president or any other election we have to get it right it has to be honest. jon: congressman, chuck, thank you. >> thank you. jon: well, sunday marks one year since the u.s. strike that killed notorious iranian general qaasim soleimani and tehran vowing revenge for his death. mark meredith has more. >> sunday marks one year since the u.s. air strike killed and as anniversary nears national security officials are closely watching iran. looking for any possible signs of retaliation. over the last several weeks, pentagon deployed additional resources into the persian gulf
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in effort to deter any aggression from iran for example two b52 bombers recently wrapped up a 30-hour mission into the region. but late thursday, the pentagon made a somewhat surprise announcement the aircraft carrier uss coming home wrapping up nearly 10-month long deployment of potential signal to ran that tensions can be deescalated. meantime iran say it is planning to enrich uranium at now nuclear facility iran made decision made known to watch dog agency as issued a fresh warning to president trump on twitter. here's the president not to fall for, quote, trap while accusing israel of trying to provoke war by targeting u.s. troops in iraq. president trump has repeatedly urged iran to think twice before any military or nuclear escalation and right before christmas he said he would hold iran responsible for any attacks on u.s. personnel in iraq that was after an attack in baghdad green zone. where u.s. officials believe iranian back militants were
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responsible. next week, acting home lactd security secretary chad wolf to meet with officials from cyprus bahrain and qatar up next bill de blasio under fire for what critics are calling tone deaf new year's eve celebrations. why they're also slamming mayor for rollout of the coronavirus vaccine. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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jon: critics on social media are slamming mayor de blasio for spending new year's eve in times square after urging new yorkers to stay home for holidays. the city remains under tight coronavirus restrictions with indoor dining still banned. new york state's slow vaccine rollout also coming under fire in new york with the latest for us. alec. reporter: good evening jon first couple of days of 2021 bringing soaring cases of covid-19 in new york city mayor bill de blasio says that city will aim to vaccinate one million people by the end of the month dr. marc siegel doubting those numbers. >> there's a report that more planes landed in jfk on
3:23 pm
christmas day than people got vaccines in new york city what a disgrace that is vaccine centers need to be earlier than late at night and need to be open on weekends. reporter: the mayor also facing criticism for dancing on national tv on new year's eve telling people stay home. the city banning the usual times square crowds for the ball drop celebration. this as continued pushback over dining rule changes throughout the year. indoor dining first closed on march 16th, forcing restaurants to sell meals and drinks to go. fast forward to june 22nd outdoor dining could begin initially until the end of summer which was then later extended months later. the governor cuomo announcing indoor dining could return on september 30th 25% capacity and by december 14th off the table once again and restaurant owners are suing city and state once again demanding the right to reopen. the toll of the shut down weighing on small businesses
3:24 pm
from attractions to shops, or even gyms which rely on newcomers in new year with resolutions to get in shape. >> we have rely on the spike it has been horrible. we opened very briefly in march unfortunately shut down ever since. reporter: in queens the state ripped liquor license and show new york city republican doing a con ga line and they were testing positive for covid-19 after that event and despite small businesses outcry these leaders say these restrictions are in place to save more lives. governor andrew cuomo today urging americans just to keep pushing forward now as state reaches a positivity rate of 7.4%. jon. jon: alex hogan in new york city. alex thanks. new more contagious virus that
3:25 pm
was in u.k. is in a third state florida joins and clad ya has more from los angeles. claudia. >> jon new year is starting off with growing concerns about not one but at least two highly contagious one of which is likely spreading here in the u.s. the british strain known as b11 vii shown up in colorado, florida and in san diego california where three men who have no known contact with each other got it. bringing to four the number of cases there, and it follows the infection of a florida man in 20s with no recent travel history, and a national guardsmen in colorado helping at a nursings home and health officials expect to confirm a second case soon and he's not surprised. >> there's a lot of commerce travel people go back and forth between new york and london and
3:26 pm
san francisco and denver and texas and london almost every day so it is no surprise that it wasn't kept successfully isolated there. >> cdc has joined the investigation into how it got here. experts say the british variant isn't more dangerous or deadly but studies show it could be up to 70% more infectious with many hospital at the breaking point now people need to double down on good health practices to keep this strain under control. >> it's still stopped by masks. it's still stopped by vaccine, and people who get it still can be cared for well if they're treated promptly effectively to reduce risk they'll get severely ill or die what it does mean if even more urgent that we get vaccine out widely, that we follow the three w's wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands. >> meantime officials in south africa have confirm the first case of a brand new strain in a
3:27 pm
person who arrived from south korea on december 26th and south korea confirming they also have a patient suffering from this brand new variant. south korea is with rules for at least two more weeks as authorities working to suppress a spike driven by this new strain. the second vary i can't of the sars covid-19 virus identified so far. jon. jon: clotted ya reporting from los angeles, thanks clad sloughed president trump returns with his legacy on line in that state's runoff we'll take a look at what each party stands to gain and lose in tuesday's election. aging is a journey. you can't always know what's ahead. since 1995, seniors have opened their doors to right at home for personalized care. to be their guide. to steer them through uncharted territory.
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." it does the bottom of hour if you're just joining us here's a look at top stories vandalling deface homes of house speaker nancy pelosi and senator
3:32 pm
majority leader mitch mcconnell after failed to pass increase in stimulus payments. the homes in kentucky and california sprayed with graffiti and pigs head and fake blood also were left near pelosi's garage. police in both states are investigating. >> a british judge will decide monday if wikileaks founder can be espionage charges after seeking asylum for seven years. and angelenos are warned be prepared for almost anything. los angeles county stops fema new list of the riskiest places to live. the agency calculates risk based on chances of natural disasters, and how much damage they might cause. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, you can scan the qr code on screen or go to fox well the races that will decide which party controls the senate
3:33 pm
now just three days away. georgia senate candidates have been founding pavement today with the exception of republican david perdue. who is in quarantine for possible exposure to the coronavirus. more than three million people already have cast early votes, what is a georgia runoff record. charles watson has the latest from atlanta. >> a record number of georgia i cans have turned out to voter early now focus where democrats and republicans is physically getting their voters to the polls come election day. republicans senator kelly loeffler making a number of stops around the state today as she tries to make a case compelling enough to get gop voters to actually show up and cast a ballot come tuesday. and she's doing so without the help of fellow republican david perdue who was quarantining after a covid-19 exposure. >> we've got to call your friends, family, coworkers folk at church make sure they have a plan to vote. because the future of the
3:34 pm
country is on the line you heard chuck schumer say now we take georgia, then we change america. >> republican senators find themselves in awkward position as they look to the president to help drive up turnout ahead of election day. president trump continues to question the integrity of georgia's election to millions of his supporters. meanwhile democrats are largely focused on getting out the vote in black neighborhoods. john's campaign hiring 2,000 mainly minority workers who will explain what him and fellow democrat warnock have to offer and then get those folks to the polls to cast a ballot. >> you deserve a senator who has your back not when it is time to answer to people but all times when so many are suffer you sending me and reverend warnock to senate we will pass those 2,000 stimulus checks because families need help saying in their home own on their feet. open bright and early at 7 a.m. here in georgia, on tuesday, jon
3:35 pm
we'll see what direction this state thinks that country should be headed. back to you, jon. >> charles watson in thrangts. thanks. with control of the senate hanging in the balance, win in georgia would make easier for democrats to begin dismantling president trump policies. here to talk about what lies ahead james freeman "the wall street journal" editorial page also a fox news contributor james. >> good to be here. jon: i want to start with something that peared on editorial page on wall street journal the headline is what's at snake georgia that reads in part congress needs only a simple majority to repeal trump administration regulations under the congressional review act. say good-bye to the new rules feeding environmental reviews on public works. a 50-vote senate with vice president kamala harris breaking ties, also guarantees a huge tax increase since current rules allow a simple majority to pass
3:36 pm
a budget. i think that latter part is lost on a lot of people always assume you need a 66 vote or 60 vote majority in the senate to get a budget passed. things have changed remarkably in past few years. >> that's right. through the reconciliation process, the biden team can get its tax increase if they have that 50/50 senate with kamala harris presiding and estimate is 4 trillion dollars on that. now mr. biden has said it is really only going to hit rich people and only going to hit businesses but as we've seen over the world not just in this country when you have heavy taxes on corporate income those businesses tend to invest less in new plant equipment that means fewer tool for workers work reverse less product i have, workers have lower wages than they otherwise would have. so i think anyone voting with the idea that the $4 trillion tax increase won't hit them
3:37 pm
is -- is probably operating under a false assumption. jon: when you look back at the trump term and the explosive growth that took place in the economy during those four years, you know, absentee coronavirus pandemic to what do you attribute it? >> well it was, corporate tax reform i think was a big game change or you took the united states which used to be the highest in the industrialized world including in terms of corporate taxation both the state and federal levees, and it made us competitive it put us on a par with our competitors in asia, europe also big effort to cut red tape. you mentioned the -- infrastructure issue which is this may seem like kind of a boring top toik people, but we have a problem in this country that the president sought to address that it could take decade and years and years and years to get fairly simple projects approved to build
3:38 pm
roads, bridges, needed public infrastructure. and he briefly he actually told me and maria bartiromo in an interview recently he thinks this might be most enduring legacy is the streamlining the process to allow to build to perhaps two years so that is at stake immediately if the democrats take the senate. >> and if democrats take the senate they can begin dismantling much of what president trump spent the last four years building. right? >> yeah. that really competitive job creating economy that was humming along precovid and that his -- roared back since the spring shutdown that in 12 million jobs, i think that really is at risk because you're talking about essentially one party rule in washington for the next two years. if there'ses democratic senate. so it's, we mention the $4 trillion tax increase, it's ten trillion roughly in new spending
3:39 pm
you start thinking about how quickly does joe biden pursue his goal of moving us all from 98% of us from gas power cars to electric cars and how quickly try to move to all renewable energy in electricity system right now it is not even 20% these are big wrenching expensive changes, and without a -- excuse me a republican senate where there's the need for compromise, this country could make some pretty radical changes and we're coming out of, obviously, a year when the economy was hit hard by covid shut downs. jon: the election continues to bedevil a lot of people on capitol hill the election results. listen to senator marsha blackburn talking about octobers to electoral college results. listen. >> the democrats have launched their objections.
3:40 pm
and you can go back and look at recent past elections where they have had their objections and have launched them. whether it was -- 6901, 2005, 2017. let's let the american people have trust in the integrity of these elections. >> so there are roughly a dozen republican senators who plan to object to the electoral college certification vote coming up in a couple of days. is this going to amount to anything or is it entirely a symbolic gesture? >> i think it's largely a protest i don't think they expect to prevail. i think they would like an audit but they're talking about audit completed by january 20th i think it's -- it's fair to say if you reopen this whole question of the validity of voting matter would be unlikely settled by then if they came up with something they thought would actually overturn
3:41 pm
results. she's right unfortunately, this is a disturbing recent trend where you have democratic house members objects in '04 and democratic house members objects in 2016 to trump election and then, of course, you have the 2016 democratic candidate hillary clinton spent years claiming that the election was rigged. so i don't think this is a positive trend in our politics. i think where there are questions about voting, you would like a deeper look at them and maybe -- while accepting that joe biden is getting inaugurated they would think about how you attack a deeper dive into those questions. jon: james freeman assistant editor james thanks happy new year. >> you two thanks. >> funeral services held today for louisiana congressman elect luke. he died on tuesday from complications of covid-19.
3:42 pm
elected to facility seat vacated by republican ravel abraham after serving as his chief of staff. abraham honoring his dedication to public service. >> you see many young people out here hopefully aspiring to be the people's servants and it matters that you care and it matters that you act, and it matters that you do things with your life that have purpose and that have meaning and you do it with character and you do it with honor. that's what luke did and that's what we need to do to try to emulate him. jon: congressman survived by his wife and two young children. he was 41 years old. your heart isn't just yours.
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protect it with bayer aspirin. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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jon: here are other headlines from around the globe in china a senior gla mat says relations with u.s. are at cross roads and biden administration could, quote, open a new window of hope between two countries. this is beijing said it will take action against the u.s. after the new york stock exchange delisted three chinese. in yemen the prime minister says wednesday airport miss the attack was attempt to eliminate government officials who are arriving there. the assault left at least 25 people dead and more than 100 wounded. in western france, party goers attacking police as officers tried to break up a massive new year's eve bash that drew more than 2,000 people. the party years torching police car and throwing bottles at officers. some attendees are expected to face criminal charges. in belgium more than two dozen people living at a retire moment
3:48 pm
have died after a visit from a volunteer santa who later tested positive for covid-19. officials say it is not clear if that visit sparked the outbreak. and in the u.k., government is reactivating emergency hospitals built at the start of the pandemic. this as coronavirus cases are surging there after the recent discovery of a new more contagious strain. well britain is entering a new era in 2021. after breaking from the european union, both sides now will have to adapt to some major economic changes. brian chilcote explains. reporter: hi jon, the united kingdom has been outside of the european union and it is trading block which effectively join 47 years ago. for about two days now, and so far, so good. no major problems at the u.k.'s trading ports. good will between the eu and u.k. appears to be holding up after a lot of concern that things could get accra moan use
3:49 pm
and messy at the ports remember two sides did a terror free trade deal. they have that before, but the u.k. no longer enjoys the frictionless trade it had with eu nearly a trillion dollars worth of trade is now subject to a lot of red tape. that said it is still very early to say how brexit will affect trade in the long run. meanwhile president manuel macron said remain ally despite to leave eu built on lies and false promises but macron was very tough on trade negotiations and is likely to remain tough because there's still a huge mount to negotiate between the trading partners that was not included in the deal. the eu by the way just agreed a new trade deal with china this week. that was seen as a real cue for the chinese and a slightly defiant move by europe given how president trump and elect biden have been warning europe toe keep its distance from the chinese. now that the u.k. has joined the
3:50 pm
european union, it can make its own trade deals and is desperate to make a free trade deal with the united states. but president-elect biden team has suggested they may want to do a trade deal with the eu first. jon. jon: brian chilcote in london. thanks. that wraps up our look at some stories from around the globe. well a new year means new laws on the books from police reforms to legalizing drugs. we'll take a closer look, next. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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jon: the new year means new laws are in effect across the country. laura ingle takes a closer look. >> a biggest news of 2020 has helped shape some of the biggest changes in new laws we will see go into effect this year including the death of george floyd and the coronavirus pandemic. george floyd he died at the hands of the minneapolis police officer while in custody in may sparked widespread protests and demonstrations around the world, calling for police reform. states including california, delaware, iowa, new york oregon and utah have banned police
3:55 pm
chokehold chokehold. in georgia two new anti-bias laws are now in effect. one includes more penalties for hate crimes while the other protects police from acts of violence. voters in arizona montana new jersey and south dakota approving measures to legalize recreational marijuana. many hope this will bring much-needed revenue to two state economies reeling from coveted. >> they are enough people that are deep using it and doing it illegally. some of the coronavirus. laws going into effect this year include those offering to help essential workers and bolstering unemployment benefits and requiring time off for sick employees. the state of alabama tells regiment -- to help stop the spread. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle planning to work on legislation in 2021 are focusing on pandemic response including issues ranging from school reopenings took governors
3:56 pm
emergency power. in new york laura ingle "fox news." jon: coming up the story behind this police officers new year's surprise which was both big and little.e ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ keeping your oysters busihas you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at
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jon: massachusetts police officer helps deliver a baby on new year's day. officer that call was responding to call just before 3:00 a.m. when he quickly realized the baby wasn't going to wait. he worked with the father to
4:00 pm
deliver a healthy baby girl. >> congratulations. that's how "fox report" sum is first saturday of 2021. i'm jon scott. see you tomorrow for a special edition of "the fox report" starting at 3:00 p.m.. mark: hello america. i'm mark levin and this is a special edition of "life, liberty and levin" and by special i mean special. a brave man a brilliant man made of liberty a man of the constitution. we did our non-girl show with walter williams. we thought now is the appropriate time to play it for you again. enjo


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