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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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jon: nancy pelosi has won a fourth term of speaker of the house as republicans in both chambers of congress look to delay certification of president-elect joe biden's victory. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: with democrats holding a historically narrow majority in the pandemic keeping some lawmakers home, pelosi won the speakership by only eight votes, two members of her caucus voted for the democrats, the 117th congress is also officially underway now but there is still the matter of the senate runoff election in georgia that will determine which party controls upper chamber.
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president trump is gearing up to campaign for the b publican candidates tomorrow, meanwhile a group of his congressional allies is preparing for a showdown of their own, 11 senators say they plan to object to wednesday's electoral college votes certification unless there is a ten day emergency audit of votes, we have fox team coverage, peter doocy is in savannah georgia, steve harrigan and dolson georgia, jacqui heinrich with abiding team in delaware, rich edson at the white house and mark meredith in washington, we began with chad alive on capitol hill. >> house speaker nancy pelosi returns, this will be her fourth term as speaker and probably her last, the vote she secure 216 votes compared to 209 for kevin mccarthy, there were five defections, three democrats voted present of michigan mikey cheryl of new jersey and
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abigail's bamberger of the democrat of virginia and to who bought it for other connor lamb in woman from maine, pelosi could only lose six but she was able to pull it off and that was often her hallmark. of always winning these type both by the most narrow margins and she has a very narrow margin approaching the 117 congress, there will be a lot of votes like this speaker vote today, keep in mind the house of representatives was not at full capacity, the reason there is open seats there luke ludlow, the congressman elect from louisiana passed away in a couple members out due to covid-19 and they will be sworn in and the coming days, the 117th congress is on the way in nancy pelosi again the speaker of the house. jon: give us your assessment of kevin mccarthy remarks when the minority leader introduced nancy pelosi the new speaker.
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>> there was not a lot of love lost between kevin mccarthy in nancy pelosi and those remarks, at one point kevin mccarthy said the grip is slim and the majority is slimmer, kevin mccarthy is looking forward to 2022 because of the narrow majority an opportunity for republicans to flood control of the house and trying to solidify his position inside the party and maybe be the next speaker of the house this time in two years, and remember president trump is not going to be in office, but who is nancy pelosi she serves as a foil for democrats and republicans over the next two years and republicans will take note of democrats from swing districts who voted for her. i talked about the moderate democrats who voted against her, they will look at the numbers who voted for nancy pelosi from the swing districts and they will weaponize that vote for speaker today for nancy pelosi against them come 2022. jon: i've seen the fundraising e-mail along those lines targeting 41 democrats from swing districts who voted for
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nancy pelosi. chad pergram reporting from capitol hill. jon: ted cruz leading a group of 11 republican senators who say they will vote against certifying joe biden's election victory unless there is an emergency ten-day audit on allegations of fraud, the challenge is separate from the one announced by senator josh hawley who says he will join house republicans in ejecting to the vote count. mark meredith explains what is going on. >> certifying the electoral college vote is traditionally a drama free event but that will not be the case on wednesday when it doesn't republican senators say they will join efforts to challenge electoral college result, texas senator ted cruz among those speaking out he is calling on congress to an electoral commission and allow for a ten-day audit every turn in some states, cruz spoke with maria bartiromo on fox "sunday morning features". >> we seen the last two months unprecedented allegations of
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voter fraud. that is produced a deep deep distrust of her democratic process across the country, i think we in congress have an obligation to do something about that. we have an obligation to protect the integrity of the democratic system. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had urged republicans not to join house republicans in the certification challenges, he has acknowledged president-elect joe biden the winner of the race another profile republicans are not on board with this to me, romney, all encouraging gop colleagues to rethink opposing the result, romney writing i urge my colleagues in the strongest possible terms to reconsider the consequences of their elections, it will do damage to our democracy and our credibility that cannot be easily repaired. senate democrats equally outraged they are promising to block a longshot effort, senate minority leader chuck schumer writing the president, it will not happen, we will not let you feel joe biden's landslide win.
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congress works inside the capitol police will see large crowds outside, large terms supported are expected to gather in d.c. on wednesday to protest. jon: mark meredith. as president trump gets ready for his georgia rally tomorrow his supporters on capitol hill including republican rented candidate kelly loeffler are challenging joe biden's victory, rich live at the right house. >> severally president trump is planning on challenging the election results himself at a phone conversation with georgia secretary of state. this is according to audio that was obtained by the washington post. >> i just want to find 11780 votes which is one more than we have because we won the state. tell me, what are we going to do, we won the election and it's
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not fair to take it away from us like this. >> not independently obtain this audio. georgia secretary of state john mathis berger did confirm the call to fox news, the georgia republican party chair u.s. previously disagreed with roethlisberger has tweeted on this, mind-boggling that the georgia secretary of state, his lawyers would secretly record and release the confidential settlement conference with the president, democrats are jumping on this, diane feinstein is not only pressuring a election officials against the law, right nene wrath ends berger if he doesn't comply with trump's wishes, orders on extortion, also on capitol hill growing number of republicans say they plan to jacked when congress certifies the results of the election. >> waivable on january 6 on certification and a member of congress faces a dilemma to pretty lousy choices, we can
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vote to certify, not consider any objections, if we do that, that will be heard by a lot of americans saying we don't think voter fraud is a real concern. >> cruz wants an election audit to take place by commission, number of republicans who oppose this effort, lindsey graham writes proposing a commission at this late date which has 0 chance of becoming reality is not fighting for president trump, mike pence will preside over the joint session next week, his office says that pence does support those in congress objected to the result if they want to. >> rich edson at the white house, thinking. the gop challenge joe biden's victory comes as the president-elect gets ready to head to georgia tomorrow to campaign on the pinnacle senate runoff, jacqui heinrich has mo more. >> good evening, the last major push for democratic control of the senate comes ahead of the
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gop senators planning to contest the certification of the electoral college result, but a bipartisan group of ten senators is condemning that plan saying senators risk over unfounded allegations of fraud, the group wrote in part the 2020 election is over our challenge is to recount and exhaust and further attempt of an a legitimacy 2020 presidential election are contrary to the expressed will of the murky people and only serve to undermine americans confidence and already determine election results. a rebuke to republicans plan to contest that vote, the former defense secretary including 200 president trump issued a warning that the time is past to contest election results and there's no role to the military in determining the outcome of the election, the incoming white house press secretary downplayed the significance of the gop senators plan calling of
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formality and no concern that it will impact buying his inauguration, biden himself is given no comment on this matter instead keeping the focus on turning out the vote in georgia steering about $18 million towards jon ossoff and raphael warnock's election and using the campaign mailing list to solicit donations robocalls featuring messages from biden and vice president-elect kamala harris going out across the state, the runoff will determine biden's legislative reach on a number of his signature campaign promises including his promise to build upon the affordable care act. jon: jacqui heinrich in delaware. both parties are pulling out all the stops ahead of tuesday's georgia senate runoff, president trump older rally for republicans kelly loeffler and david perdue tomorrow, it will be the first time a sitting president has visited dalton in 28 years. he is counting on republican support to help reelect perdue and loeffler to keep senate
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control and senate hands. steve harrigan is in dalton georgia right now. >> this is the final push for turnout, ordinarily runoff elections in georgia you see a drop off in turnout, that is not the case this time around, the senate races to determine which will control the senate have remarkable turnout within 3 million people voting early in these elections, more than 100,000 people are new voters, some of these people are actually people who turned 18 after the general election and before the runoff elections. if you look across the state there are differences as to where that turnout is heaviest, the highest turnout are in districts around atlanta, democratic territory, some more than 80% of the general election back in november, some of the lowest turnout unfortunately for republicans is around in the northwest of georgia around dalton, 69% early voters in the 14th district. the real question what role with the president pray in the
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turnout numbers, so far the attacking of the electoral procedure in georgia is not clear what effect that will have on turnout, the president has called the two senate runoff elections illegal and invalid. tomorrow he will come here to dalton to push a heavy republican turnout for the two republican senators. jon: steve harrigan in dalton, georgia. vice president like kamala harris wrapped up a rally in georgia, she's trained to boost support for democratic candidate jon ossoff and raphael warnock. she's not the only big-name making a stop in georgia, peter doocy is live. >> that is not all, vice president elect kamala harris is here who can make her the senate tie-breaking vote if they win. jon ossoff and raphael warnock. >> 2020 is not really over until we get to the end of tuesday
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january 5 and elect the united states senate of savannah raphael warnock and a son of georgia jon ossoff to the united states senate. >> with david perdue remaining in quarantines after close contact with an infected staffer despite three negative covid-19 test, kelly loeffler and friends on the trail trying to raise name idea as a presidential with ron themselves like kristi noem the south dakota governor and republican closing argument is really heavy on ideology hoping to convince georgia voters at the democratic-controlled senate would mean a shift to socialism. >> you know why, this battleground might be here in georgia but the nation is depending on us, where the firewall of stopping socialism and we know that because we heard chuck schumer say we picked georgia and we change america.
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>> traveling with the vice president elect says they are motorcade into the airport right now, her remarks today were heavily -- very gracious to georgia voters for turning georgia blue for the first time in a while and she was asking the crowd that was assembled in their car to do it again. jon: peter doocy, thank you. back now to our top story, nancy pelosi has won a fourth term as speaker of the house with a narrow margin to lander 214 votes needed to keep the gavel. joining us down georgia congressman jody hice, congressman, congratulations on becoming a member of the 117th congress, as you look ahead, is there going to be a smoother road for this congress than the 116? >> certainly not going to be a
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smooth road for the democrats, nancy pelosi barely became the speaker of the house, she had five defectors and that is really the tip of the iceberg, there is major issues within the democratic party. she's got an extremely narrow lead, she is fine by the seat-of-the-pants. she's just come off 116th congress where she led miserably. i think fewer than 30 bills were passed during those two years. she has the squad involved, it is going to be very problematic for her so it is going to be very interesting, 117th congress on multiple fronts. jon: one of the criticism kevin mccarthy directed at her from the podium before he handed her the gavel today was the fact that he feels that she has delayed coronavirus aid, delayed it before the election so as to not hand president trump a message that he could run and
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went on, here is kevin mccarthy on that. >> during some of the most challenging times for our country, i felt congress was on the sidelines. when the need for more pandemic relief was obvious, did we deliver in a timely lifeline american reader. or did we say nothing was better than something until politics dictated our actions. jon: now that the presidential election is over suddenly the houseboats for $2000 stimulus checks, congressman? >> that's the way nancy pelosi plays the game, it's about power and was in her best interest rather than what's in the best interest for the united states. she uses must pass bills to try to stick into it all sorts of horrible radical left-wing pieces of legislation, the stimulus package that we voted
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on just a couple of weeks ago, thousands of pages. we did not even have time to read it. and yet were expected to vote on it, it's her philosophy of pressing the needle, tightening the screws without us having all the information. as part of the course for her, the way she operates. jon: there is an argument going on within republican circles on capitol hill as to whether or not senator ted cruz is wise or right in challenging the electoral college vote, he intends to do on wednesday. he has a dozen or so senators voting with him but there are now 18 prominent republicans on capitol hill who say the election is over, the votes should be certified, they will not make any objections, you can add liz cheney the number three member of the house of representatives to that list, what you make of this argument going on republican on
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republican? >> the issue at hand is not about a particular election, it's about election integrity, about election security and anyone, republican or democrat who is unconcerned enough to investigate to check in to vicious allegations of election fraud, shame on them. this entire republic hinges on the voice of the people to be expressed at the voting booth. and if that integrity is lost, then we ultimately lose our republic, the allegations are serious, the spread across many states, we cannot sweep this under the rug, we cannot turn our head as though this is not an important issue, it is something that absolutely highlighted, underscore, we must address and look into. jon: how do you feel about election security in your home
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state of georgia for tuesday's runoff? >> i'm very concerned with it, there is a couple of things that may be helpful but the people of georgia are very concerned. the secretary of state has let us down and not provided election security although he claims it's a most secure election in history, he is only one that i know of ever that is made that kind of assertion critically under the circumstances now but there are going to be about 8000 additional people watching at the polls in county poll watchers, observers, that is good, the more eyes, the less likelihood of fraud taking place. i am hopeful there will be enough security and people will get out and vote, this is a critical election and to sit at home, this is not the time to do it. jon: congressman jody hice publican of georgia, thank you. the new year bring it in an explosion of new covid infections, more than 20 million confirmed so far in our country. including a tv icon now
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jon: more than 350,000 americans have now died from the coronavirus and experts are
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bracing for another surge of cases because of holiday travel, senior correspondent claudia cowan has more from los angeles. >> new infections since christmas are spiking in multiple states with california being hit hard in part because people are ignoring roles about social distancing and wearing masks, ever l.a. county sheriffs arrested 90 people who defined health orders on new year's eve, the department released video showing a line of people leaving one of big parties in the county held in defiance of stay-at-home orders exactly the kind of mass gathering experts have warned against. , a much different holiday event may have sparked a terrible outbreak among healthcare workers in san jose, california, 44 emergency room staffers at the kaiser hospital have tested positive after an employee showed up on christmas day wearing air-powered costume, investigators say the fan inside the costume may have spread infected air droplets all over
3:25 pm
the er, at another hospital in vancouver washington, 30 patients got the virus after they were admitted for other health issues. here in los angeles medical centers are struggling to keep up with a staggering number of patients needing care including talkshow host larry king who was admitted last week after testing positive for the virus. some funeral home say they are being inundated with so many bodies they are having to turn grieving families away. this is the cdc predicts half a million americans could be dead by the end of the month. federal health officials say the u.s. ramped up vaccinations over the past few days after a slower than expected start, 4 million people in this country have gotten the shot, experts say the current vaccine should offer protection against the highly contagious variant from the uk that it showed up in california, florida and colorado mainly among people with no recent
3:26 pm
travel history, at least six cases have been confirmed so far. jon: claudia cowan in los angeles, thank you. control of the senate on the line in this week's georgia runoff election coming up, republican senator ron portman on what is at stake in the relief after tuesday. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit
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jon: i am jon scott and this is the "fox report" at the bottom of the hour. if you're just joining us here's a look at the top stories. nancy pelosi elected speaker of the house but during her introduction house minority leader kevin mccarthy criticized her for remote voting and delaying coronavirus aid. while arguing that the democrats the majority in the house was a result of a referendum against a radical agenda. the fbi says the christmas a-bomb or sent materials to acquaintances about his views before the national blast in which he died and three other people were hurt, officials have
3:31 pm
not released the motive. alisa doesn't republican senators say they will challenge electoral college results this week, 11 led by texas senator ted cruz want congress to appoint electoral commission allowing a ten-day audit of returns in some states. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to with just two days to go until george's crucial runoff election the candidates are making one final push to excite their bases, these elections can be determined by voters who did not even take part in the november election, more than 115,000 voters who cast early ballots for the runoff did not vote in the general election according to georgia votes. rick jenkins with more from atlanta. >> here we go, less than 48 hours until the polls open,
3:32 pm
already more than 3 million georgians have cast their ballots in the gloves, all of them for all four candidates in president trump are coming off in the final stretch in the race between income that republicans kelly loeffler and democratic challenger reverend raphael warnock, they are crisscrossing the deep state and hammering away at each other. this entered the future of the country is on the line stopping socialism, chuck schumer wants to raise taxes on every hard-working georgians and usher in a new deal. my opponent raphael warnock would be a rubberstamp on the radical ideas. >> right now kelly loeffler should be siding with the people of georgia instead she is with those who would undermine the voices of the people of georgia. >> and the other race, income that david perdue has been quarantining after possible exposure to covid but it has not stopped him from fighting back at his opponent jon ossoff.
3:33 pm
>> we deserve a senator that has your back not just when it's time to answer to the people but all time. >> the energy level is where it was in november when the polls as a matter of fact 52 and a half georgians rejected jon ossoff and his liberal agenda. >> early voting shows republicans need a strong turnout in north georgia, president trump is headed to dalton tomorrow and the twitter storm is any indication today, lookout governor kemp, the they must be careful of the political rubbish and which is rampant, the governor kemp have done less than nothing, they are disgrace to the great people of georgia, to be clear secretary of state john raffensperger's office now know election fraud, biden leaving nothing to chance, he will come here to atlanta where he will hit the ground hard in the big star of the day on his
3:34 pm
team is of course vice president elect kamala harris going to savannah. jon: griff jenkins in atlanta, thank you. for more on this was bringing republican senator from ohio rob portman as surrogate for the loeffler and purdue campaign and a member of the senate committee homeland security foreign relations and finance, thank you for spending time with us this evening. jon: i want to point to the early voting that is taken place in georgia, the numbers are pretty astounding, more than 3 million people have already voted, 928,000 and change in person, the others are in pris prison, a lot of those votes, a large percentage of votes coming in from the areas around atlanta which tend to vote heavily democratic, how concerned that the democrats started with an edge already in this race? >> we always do better on
3:35 pm
election day, that was true in the general election campaign in the last runoff in georgia, i feel pretty good, i was down there yesterday with a bunch of volunteers and talk to georgians who had yet to make their mind up and i will tell you it's all the buzz, what everybody is talking about and you cannot turn on the tv without seeing an ad for one candidate or another. we not going to do as well an early voting, we never do we do really well on election day and that's how david perdue and kelly loeffler got into this runoff and david perdue one by two points and when you add the libertarian to the mix we have two points, he won by three or four points the first time. my hope election day people show up. that is sometimes a challenge during a runoff but not this time because everybody knows it is coming on january 5. jon: let's take a look at the real clear politics average of the polls, the week of december 14 through the 27th, and both races the democrats led according to the polling, jon
3:36 pm
ossoff 49.3% to david produce 48.5% in raphael warnock 49.8% to kelly loeffler 48%. again you are hoping republicans are going to come to the polls and put the lighter those numbers when democrats hold the lead at least according to the polling? >> it's a very slight lead in as you heard david perdue down five points in the pole and one by two points. the polls have been off, let's face it and just about every state and the national polling. but what i saw was a lot of enthusiasm for good reason this is the most consequential senate election in our lifetime, you have to say that the candidates that we have are both business people who are doing a great job in the senate and that's important but more important than that that we when these because this is about the direction of the country, this will determine who gets a majority in the senate and if the democrats when these races
3:37 pm
then have the white house, in the senate and the checks and balances that americans want to see will not be there we will have the higher taxes and more regulations and fewer jobs and weaker military in court packing all the other stuff they are talking about. this is a big election and i think people get that in georgia. jon: a big controversy underway about the election results from november as well as the polling that is going to take place on tuesday. the president complete he did not get a fair shot in georgia, the candidates kelly loeffler and david perdue stated rate everything that they can to make sure it's a fair election, here are their thoughts. >> we are working hard to make sure that this is a fair, trusted election. we have 8000 poll watchers, georgians are fired up to vote and we seen that in early voting, 3 million votes, shattering records for previous runoffs. we will see a record turn out. >> we doubled the number of poll workers, we have cameras and
3:38 pm
people watching all the drop boxes, were doing everything we can on absentee ballots and election day counting to make sure will happen in november does not happen. jon: are you concerned about the integrity of this coming tuesday? >> i think it would be very closely watched as they just said. i was down there a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to meet with the poll watchers who will be involved and i will tell you both sides will be carefully watching into those republicans who are concerned and might not be a fair election, the best way to remedy that, to vote, make sure we don't lose control of the senate and second understand this will be different, a lot of people watching as there should be in the integrity election is so incredibly important, my hope you will see a big turnout and i think you are going to, it's not a typical runoff, who normally shows up january 5 to vote, some people sometimes tend not to show up, it will not happen this time, everybody knows it is coming and people are fired up because they know how important this election is for the future of the country. jon: one of the big issues
3:39 pm
across the country right now but impacting the georgia races is the size of the stimulus checks that are to come, senators loeffler and purdue have said that they would like to see the $2000 checks that have not passed the senate, mitch mcconnell had some thoughts on that. listen. >> or colleagues of the champions of the vulnerable americans now say when struggling people really need is for congress to stop focusing on targeted relief for them specifically and to instead send thousands of dollars to people who don't need the help, socialism for rich people is a terrible way to help the american families that are actually struggling. jon: he has also blamed nancy pelosi for bottlenecking covid relief back before the election. your thoughts? >> that is absolutely true, i would say david perdue and kelly loeffler were among the people who said we gotta continue to provide relief to the american
3:40 pm
people. the cares act was passed back in march and they fought to ensure that we can have another package which included checks but help for unemployment and small businesses in our healthcare providers. there were two votes on the senate floor on those that look like the bill that passed where they were blocked by democrats and frankly what was happening, as you know senate democrats were differing to nancy pelosi who apparently did not want to do anything before the election. that's how we got into the situation where we did not have the relief soon enough but it wasn't for lack of effort for kelly loeffler and david perdue, they were fighting hard. the reason it did not happen, there was foot dragging in the house of representatives by the speaker, now speaker paul the oc says she is on board, that is great the checks are writing, the $600 checks for a family of four in georgia is $2500 and people are telling me in ohio they got the checks and they are happy and they're happy with the fact that there unemployment was not cut off which would've
3:41 pm
happened had kellyanne david another stop promoted to a new covid-19 package. this is good news because it will help us get through the period between now and when the vaccines are readily available, the ridge is what we passed and it will help american families and small businesses and our healthcare providers and help get kids back to school which is really important. jon: senator rob portman, republican of ohio. thank you. >> thank you, good to be on with you always. jon: an army drill sergeant found dead in her car, next what were learning about the investigation. they know exactly which parking lots have the strongest signal. i just don't have the bandwidth for more business. seriously, i don't have the bandwidth. glitchy video calls with regional offices? yeah, that's my thing. with at&t business, you do the things you love. our people and network will help do the things you don't.
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let's take care of business. at&t.
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jon: the army in texas police are investigating the death of a drill sergeant, 30-year-old jessica mitchell found dead in her car early new year's day
3:46 pm
along an interstate in san antonio, the vehicle had been shot at multiple times. alex hogan is tracking the story. >> sgt jessica mitchell suffered multiple gunshot wounds, the 30-year-old killed on new year's day, initially police responded to the highway where they had reports that a vehicle stranded in the left lane, upon arriving on interstate ten after 2:00 a.m. police found the body of army drill sgt jessica mitchell, her white dodge challenger riddled with bullet holes to the driver's door and window. by 3:00 a.m. mitchell died at university hospital san antonio, and dental specialists to the excellence was stationed in san antonio first see in houston, she had been in that position since 2019, the commanding general calling the last devastating, our sincere condolences go out to her family
3:47 pm
and friends, we are focused on supporting drill sgt mitchell family as well as her soldiers during this extremely difficult time. the san antonio police department and criminal investigation division are on the case but no arrests have been made and there isn't a motive just yet. friends say all of this does not make sense, mitchell posted about her new year's eve hours before her death, her loved ones demanding more from answers. >> as far as we know she was single, a great military career, why. >> we heard there's witnesses, it is a highway, someone had to see something. >> three and half years ago jessica mitchell's younger brother justin was shot and killed, he was 18 years old, the father speaking out to local affiliate about having to bury two of his children. >> why do people want to take other people's lives and then when it happens they react and they say i messed up, but when
3:48 pm
you messed up you cannot get back the person's life, it affects the whole family and friends. >> her friend and love one creating a facebook page called justice for jessica on top of everything her father said that she had already accomplished, she was a mother leaving behind a 10-year-old son. jon: alex hogan in new york city. thank you. iran reportedly threatening revenge for the killing of a top general one year ago today. the latest from the middle east lonext. ♪ eam and file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks.
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jon: here are other headlines from around the globe in germany leaders are expected to expand the national coronavirus lockdown scheduled to in januare spiking putting a strain on the country's hospitals. in the uk prime minister boris johnson says tougher lockdown restrictions are probably on the way but the school should remain open, he says he intends to stay on as prime minister now that briggs is complete. at the vatican, pope francis condemning people that have traveled abroad to escape coronavirus lockdown's saying they need to show greater awareness of other suffering. in india the government granting
3:53 pm
emergency approval to two coronavirus vaccines, one from astrazeneca and the other from india company biontech, they are criticizing that vaccine same data is lacking. in in china leaders are emitting claims the coronavirus originated at a market are false according to the top u.s. official, president trump deputy national security advisor says the coronavirus keeping from the wuhan lab is a most credible theory of how the pandemic began. iraq, one year after u.s. drone strike killed a top iranian general at the baghdad airport, thousands gathering this weekend to protest as iran state media says tehran minister of defense is threatening defense. trey yingst explains from jerusalem. >> good evening, the middle east is on edge fearing an attack by ron, today marks the one-year anniversary of iranian and
3:54 pm
general soleimani being killed in the u.s. drone strike and iraq. thousands gathered in baghdad square to protest. many of the people there were members of and iranian and backed militia. they burned american flags and held signs saying hey u.s., get out for my rock, they will impart get there which later this month with the americans formally withdraw hundreds of troops who were to help with the fight against isis, this weekend the death of soleimani was member it as mourners lined up at his gravesite, his replacement spoke at a ceremony seeing american activity in the region will deter iran from his plans. the judiciary chief spoke threatening retaliation for the drone strike last year. >> if they were in the position under no circumstances would it mean that they can escape injustice or situated in heaven,
3:55 pm
those in crime, none are safe from the planet, this is definite. >> calculations are ongoing, in washington tehran, and jerusalem who would benefit from possible military action. given the tension in the region any single event could spark a much larger conflict. jon: trey yingst in jerusalem. thank you. that is a look at stories from around the globe. 2021 is shaping up to be a year of space odyssey, coming up a look at not one but three missions to mars, what we can learn from them. ♪ honey honey? new nyquil severe honey is maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey-licious taste.
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nyquil honey. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever best sleep with a cold medicine.
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chris: february 2021 promises to be an eventful month for the exploration of mars and other nations as well. china's is scheduled to orbit the red planet prior to a rover on the surface, the first mission to mars, the united arab emirates will begin its first trip to mars next month, that mission will last for an entire martian year or 668 earth days. nasa's perseverance is set to land on mars february 18 for a two-year mission, and ingenuity mars helicopter will have five flights during a 30 day period afterwards perseverance were search for prior life as it collects data. coming up at 10:00 p.m. eastern, bret baier and martha maccallum will host special coverage of the georgia senate runoff
4:00 pm
elections and they will anchor our election night coverage tuesday beginning at seven -- 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. that is how fox reports on the first sunday of 2021 january 3, i am jon scott. thank you for watching, see you next week. >> i'm bret baier and for chris wallace, we are live in atlanta for battle of control of the senate comes to a head in georgia. >> it comes down to tuesday and the crucial runoff elections that will determine whether republicans maintain their majority. >> voters in georgia can stand up for health, job and justice for all the people. >> we are the firewall to stopping socialism in america. >> you need the united states senators who will focus on the people and not focus on themselves. >> when an abundance of our caution we decided not to go into


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