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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that's american classic novel sold about 20,000 copies before he died in 1940. since then, about 3 million sold in movies has been made. >> jesse: wow. if >> greg: that's it for us. >> jesse: special election coverage with martha maccallum and bret baier is up next. hello. >> bret: hello. great time with you all. thanks, you're looking live now adult in georgia where president trump will hold an election eve rally the republicans trying to fight off the democrats to maintain a razor-thin majority in the u.s. senate. we will cover for that. were watching the runoff to tomorrow's georgia run knobs that will determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate. intense reaction to president's last ditch effort to turn around the election results here in georgia and at least two other states. good evening, i'm bret baier
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bret baier. >> martha: good evening, i martha maccallum. next couple hours we will set the stage for the finale of the 2020 election season. two races that will shape the legislative picture in congress for the next two years. we will have interview with senator david purdue in a moment. >> bret: john roberts at the white house, lawmakers are saying about president trump's phone call with the georgia secretary of state, peter doocy in atlanta with president-elect biden's visit to the georgia capital but we begin with correspondent steve harrigan entailed in georgia where the president will host a rally for the republican candidate in about three hours. good evening. speak a good evening, three i was away from the president's appearance you can see the last of the crowd filing through. there's people here overnight about two dozen people on the asphalt, 20 do 20-degree weather to make sure they got in. and checked out before they go in and local officials are talking about at least 5,000 people coming here. two observations if you've been to a lot of trump rallies, this
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one feels different. there's a real sense of anger that i have been seen at previous b6 rallies. people here feel like they have been cheated and they say they've been cheated. another thing i noticed talking to people is that there's been a lot of talk about republicans voter turnout. it will be down because so much criticism of the voting process in georgia, almost to a person. the people we spoke to her here saying they're going to go out and vote for senators purdue and leffler. >> we are americans. we do thing things need to be right and when they're wrong. need transparency. we think our president has done a magnificent job in the last four years. we would like for him to stay on, but the electors have voted right now, it's fraudulent and needs to be corrected. >> there is something wrong and
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it's into many states. it appears too much. if there is that much smoke, there's some fire blazing. >> early turnout for the tucson that runoff elections used more than 3 million early voters and has not been used here in northwest georgia. president trump is coming here to drive republicans rural turnout for the election day surge. brett and martha, back to you. >> bret: steve harrigan life and dealt in and we bring it to you live on fox. at the rally. >> martha: president trump coming under criticism tonight after the release of the phone call which he was pressuring the top election officials to find enough votes to overturn the results. john roberts tell us where it stands from the white house in good evening. >> sources tell fox news 18 previous time president trump tried to connect with the georgia secretary of state when he finally did get a phone call on saturday it blew up into yet
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another presidential size controversy. >> you got to make sure your secretary of state knows what the heck he's doing. >> for weeks, president trump had been ripping secretary of state at brad raffensperger. so when he finally agreed to take the president's call, he had it recorded. president trump i can ripped him to the next day saying he has no clue the recording was leaked to "the washington post." >> i just want to find 11,780 votes. which is one more than we have. we won the state. it told me, what are we going to do? we won the election and it's not fair to take it away from us like this. >> critics pounced on the president and house democrats ted lieu and kathleen rice sending a criminal referral letter to the fbi claiming the president was soliciting election fraud. speak of the people of georgia are angry, people of the country are angry, there's nothing wrong with saying that you have
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recalculated. >> interviews today, he dodged questions about the legalities but again insisted as he has for weeks that the president has his facts wrong. >> if we responded to the president's twitter and responded with the facts that were in the call. >> republican senator david purdue up for reelection tomorrow said it is he who is wrong for reporting and releasing the call. >> to have a statewide elected official regardless of party, tape unknowing without disclosing the conversation with the president of the united states and linking it to the press is disgusting. >> the phone call could impact wednesday's congressional vote to certify electors. adam kinzinger tweeted this is absolutely appalling and every member of congress objected to the election results you can't in light of this do so with a clean conscience.
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tom cotton saying they would surrender the caucus and would go down into me as weekend in affected guardians who are unwilling to except. vice president mike pence will preside over the certification has been preparing and vows to challenge has been heard. >> come this wednesday, we will have our day in congress. we will hear the objections. we will hear the evidence. >> the attorney for president trump said that the phone call on saturday was not to pressure raffensperger to open or overturn the results in georgia, it was merely trying to settle two outstanding lawsuits. the attorney ripping him saying "we've disappointed the secretary of state and the staff secretly recorded and released a confidential settlement discussion to settle the two pending lawsuits. while they may think that he appears appropriate, we do not." i expect brent and martha we will hear more of from the president about this and dalton
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georgia at the rally tonight. >> martha: you're right about that. thank you, john. >> bret: final day of campaigning before the voting resumes tomorrow. president-elect joe biden wrapped up his appearance at atlanta and correspondent peter doocy at the rally site with the latest. good evening, peter. >> good evening. for the motorcade pulled away, president-elect stood as close as shoulder to shoulder while social distancing with both democratic candidates jon ossoff and rafael warnock. even though biden hasn't taken the oath of office yet, his remarks were heavy on talking about the runoff as something that could have implications long after he biden administration. one point he said that this race unlike any other in his career, long career, could start the course of the next four years but have a generation. this comes at the end of the day where we watched closing arguments that had been mostly some speeches for the democrats updated to include attacks that
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are inspired by the audio of president trump pressuring georgia officials to find more than 11,000 votes for him and reverse biden's win in that state. jon ossoff said today the president of the united states on the phone trying to intimidate georgia elected officials to throw out your vote, send a message and joe come down to georgia and tried to mess with our voting rights. a phone call that was released right before kamala harris took the stage in the debate yesterday, she called the president's tone desperate and earlier today, david purdue and the republicans running the ad do you think this is something that could impact the turnout here? he thinks that's what democrats want. democrats saying they want a repeat of november. kamala harris came here, trying to pump up democrats thing you turn georgia blue, kelly loeffler the other republican saying it's time to prove that georgia is a red state. today's event that wrapped up was hosted in the shadow of what
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was once the centennial olympic stadium. that's fitting because this is where 1996, michael johnson broke the world's record in 200-meter. this race, also in spring. brent. >> bret[laughs] >> martha: thank you, peter. >> bret: let's bring in david purdue for his perspective on what's been the intense rays for the senate. senator, thank you for being here. >> hey, martha and brett, how are you? >> bret: i'm doing well. let me ask you, where you think things stand? there's a lot of talk into concern among republicans that turn out is not going to be as high in parts because they are angry and certain corners in the state about how november 3rd turned out. >> where about where we were in november. i won the race by two points, 52 per and half percent rejected jon ossoff in my opponent.
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so, tomorrow is not unlike what we saw in november. we have a strong republican turnout we will win again. that's what the president is coming tonight for basically to convince the base out here and the people who have not voted yet in this runoff sum to and a half million people voted for him in november and voted for me in november. this race, we have about 2 million people yet to vote. who voted in november. that's what the call out for tonight. >> bret: you heard peter doocy reference jon ossoff and i went to his rally in congress today. i listen to his speech which include something about president trump's call with the state of georgia saying that georgia voters need to stand up and say their votes can be counted. have you listen to that entire call? what's your take on it? >> look, i think the president was having a conversation about a negotiation. it's very unprofessional a
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statewide if elected official would secretly tape that in leakage. that notwithstanding, what the president did in the focal is what he's been doing the last eight weeks and when i've been asking for as well. that's a fair and transparent accounting of what happened in november. there supposedly regularities of such magnitude that give us pause about what happened in november. on the eve of the election day on january 5th, what were trying to do here is focus people on tomorrow. we hired a thousand poll watchers, more than anybody is ever done, we had the notorious drop boxes under surveillance. we are doing what we can and i have no say inside state affairs. we have been asking for a semispecial session, secretary of state for some investigation. we went to court and so now, it is all about getting out tomorrow. i want people to vote tomorrow with confidence that if we won in november with any suppose in a regular exam, if we vote tomorrow we will win again.
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>> bret: you called for secretary of state brad raffensperger to resign. they went through point by point of what went on the call as far as irregularities today. but raffensperger talking to martha earlier this afternoon said this about your call for him to resign. >> senator perdue owes my wife an apology for all the death rate she's got after she asked for my resignation and i've not heard one peep from that man sins. he wants to call me , waist to face, man-to-man. i will talk him off the record but he hasn't done that. >> bret: what's your reaction to that? >> that's outrageous anybody made a death threat but that has nothing to do with my call from his resignation, that had to do with incompetence about what happened in november. we had a secretary of state that as to democratic demands and entered into a decree and there is no real fights and we changed
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things. historically, only 5% of elections in georgia were made by absentee ballots. this election, it was 30%. of the probability of having the low number that we had rejected because of signature variances was the probability we would have that number with only one in 10,000. that's not been undressed and nobody's looked at that. this is what we are asking for and were concerned after the election changing some of the rules in the meantime. i'm told to hold the seat and this is the last line of defense against the radicalized socialist agenda. yuko joe biden say that this is a generational election and what do you mean? it's what chuck schumer said. take georgia and change america. they want the green new deal, bret, without compromise. >> bret: you spent time charging that your opponent is tied to china.
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when asked about it directly, he explains briefly and turns the china question to you and here's what he told peter doocy. >> these investigations have been heard by dozens of television channels and dozens of countries all over the world. one of the television channels was in hong kong hong kong. >> senator david purdue bragged under oath how he spent most of his career outsourcing american jobs to china. he operated factories in the province in china in cooperation with the chinese communist party. he should explain that on the record. >> bret: your chance, senator. >> we did exactly that in 2014 and we were elected by eight points. we did it again in this an and e not by two. this accusation is made by a young man that's never created one job in his life. i've created tens of thousands of american jobs in my career. what he did his he hid his involvement with the communist
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chinese party. of work for them for two years, lied about it to the people of georgia, got caught, lied again and he still hasn't answered peter's question. he accused peter of being a serious journalist and should know better than to ask a question. peter was doing his job and jon ossoff and democratic party has not answered. this is a burgeoning scandal that jon ossoff has like eric swalwell and hunter biden. democrats have done everything they can to avoid even talking about it. that's why jon ossoff was attacked with the false claims that you just heard. >> bret: senator, we appreciate your time and we will be covering every moment of this tomorrow after election day. >> thank you, guys. >> martha: when we come back, checking what today's headlines and a gruesome warning about the death toll. but first, a look back at the 1996 olympics and the story of richard jewell. >> centennial olympic park in
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downtown atlanta, the sound of the pipe bombing during the olympics that was it brilliant security guard richard jewell. eric was eventually arrested a north carolina mountains for the bombing but before he was exonerated, he was represented by lynwood. he's trying to overturn the presidential election and says president trump won. his controversial conspiracy laden tweets have raised a lot of eyebrows. that issue about fighting the election results is going to factor into the runoff on tuesday with a disinfectant angry republicans. showing up to vote this time. our special continues after this. ♪ ing today,
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3:21 pm
>> bret: around has become enriching uranium onto a 20% in the underground facility. they increase the already high tensions in the middle east between tehran and the west. >> martha: saudi arabia opening its airland borders in the first steps towards ending a diplomatic crisis that's deeply divided regional u.s. allies in 2017. the land border has been mostly close and saudi arabia, egypt, you the united arab launch the blockade against the state accused of it supporting islamic groups and they returned and worn ties with iran. >> bret: every discharge rejecting a request by the u.s. to extradite to face espionage charges. the judges move said it would be oppressive because of his mental health and would likely lead to a suicide attempt. u.s. government says it will appeal. big news here obviously, this
3:22 pm
runoff tomorrow we will talk about that with our panel. fox news senior analyst brit hume, mollie hemingway senior editor at at "the federalist." >> martha: bill mcgurn, columnist for "the wall street journal." starting with you, your take as you look ahead to tomorrow and to the very dramatic circumstances that exist between the leadership, the president, the candidates running for senate. >> all things equal, martha, the republicans that win the race and win easily but all the things is everything you just cited and indicates are not equal. if it's a very strange set of circumstances and the president on the attack against senior members of the georgia republican party. that creates a climate in which we do not know whether that kind of turnout you would expect from republicans will actually occur. the other problem is we don't trust the polling because we
3:23 pm
can't. some of it may turn out to be right and those polls look good but nobody at this point is prepared to say that any of the polls is correct. we are in the dark here and we really don't know what it's likely to happen. >> bret: that's true. joe biden campaigning moments ago in atlanta and molly, take a listen. >> they are talented! their principled, qualified! they are descent! their honorable! they mean what they say and they believe what i believe is the definition of america is! it's about possibilities unlike any other nation in the world! folks, this is it! this is it! it's a new year. tomorrow can be a new day for atlanta, for georgia, and for america! >> bret: presiden president-elet talking about raphael warnock and jon ossoff.
3:24 pm
he's clearly trying to get across the finish line and it would dramatically change his administration's ability to get the agenda across the finish line. >> it's really key for democrats, yes, they picked up the presidency and still technically controlled the house. by such a margin it will be difficult to complete control over the democratic caucus. nancy pelosi said that she needs the senate to push the repair legislative agenda. that's the argument from democrats that if you elect to these democrats to be the senators from georgia, they will be able to really move things in the direction that the progressives of the democratic party want and that's the exact same argument the republicans are making about why they think they should be elected. they're the only way to have any kind of stock on the democratic agenda and be a fairly small stock. it's a very national election and it remains to be seen what forgers and georgia thing. i want to point out joe biden,
3:25 pm
you believe the election in georgia is free and fair, joe biden did win the state. that seems to be there is a democratic advantage in this state now and that democrats have the very strong chance of winning. >> martha: bill mcgurn, it's clear stacey abrams made very concerted efforts and she said that they added about 100,000 people who didn't even vote in november but part of the equation here. how do you assess the strength of each party and the effort they put in so far? >> wall, each party is very clear what's at stake. the question for republicans as brit is saying, kent donald trump turned on his voters in sufficient numbers to get kelly loeffler and david perdue over the finish line. for the democrats, the question is mostly from a turnout the african-american voters to get there candidates over the finish line. one interesting thing to me is how little of a factor joe biden
3:26 pm
seems to be. in the november election, jon ossoff got 100,000 fewer votes than joe biden. i believe raphael warnock at 800,000 fewer votes than joe biden. so, some ways, this is a test and does joe biden have any coattails? we did not see in november. a lot of people down ballot voted republican. i think this will test that. i was very stunned by how brief his appearance was today. 10 minutes at a rally and so forth. i think again their appeal is less that joe needs the help in washington then we've got to give donald trump another defe defeat. >> bret: your thoughts? >> that's interesting. joe biden did not have any coattails and it will be interesting to see if he can grow some. once again, we are having an election that's all about donald trump. the big question now is, can
3:27 pm
trump feud with the governor and the secretary of state of georgia, will that depress republican turnout? he not only said the election in georgia was fraudulent and he actually won, he said that the senatorial election of georgia were "illegal and illegitimate." that's the question. will he suppress the turnouts or will he encourage it? he seems to be concerned about the outcome. on the reported call, he said to brad raffensperger that because of the things that "you're doing to the president, republican voters are angry and georgia in they might votes in the negative." we assume he meant they might stay home and not vote at all. i agree with brit, you cannot tell what's happening in georgia and there is very to public polls and they didn't have a good record in the november election. it's very hard to see what's going on there.
3:28 pm
>> bret: where little snake bit and with polls anyway. >> martha: 3 million people have voted which tells you something heading into this and we will see how many turnout on election day. thank you, panel, we will see you later the hour and next the political correctness running amok or long overdue in language? we loo look at controversial chs in the house. >> bret: as we had to break, we will stop by one of jon ossoff's campaign events this afternoon. >> jon ossoff in georgia trying to get a full assessment here but told by his folks they need to get to the biden event which is 1:30 p.m. started, biden's event at 4:30 come about 30 minutes with traffic. maybe 40 if there's a lot of cars. he doesn't want to talk one-on-one, but on the speech, used president trump phone call to the secretary of state a couple times. saying that georgians need to show president trump that their
3:29 pm
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♪ >> bret: th predicting the u.s. death toll from coronavirus could approach a half million by the end of the month. the forecast comes amongst
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promises that the vaccination program will across the backdrop of disappointing numbers so far. it rules tightening in great britain. a correspondent jeff paul has the latest from santa monica, california. of >> once again instructing you to stay at home. of >> as the stress of covid's being felt on health care systems worldwide, u.k. prime minister boris johnson announced a new national covid-19 lockdown for england until at least mid-february. >> you may leave home for limited reasons, shopping for essentials, work if you cannot work from home, exercise, to seek medical assistance. >> the shutdown comes after a new contagious variant discovered in the u.k. the new strain made its way to the u.s. were just today new york governor andrew cuomo announced its first case from a person who had no history of travel.
3:34 pm
other states like colorado, california, florida, have found a very intense cases spike, people are forced to wait in line for hours and some camping out overnight in the hopes of getting a vaccine. speak on 35 years old, i've never step year before my life. >> getting it into people's arms a slow. operation warp speed has delivered 14 billion doses so far but only a third have been used. there is no talks use less doses to speed things up. >> we'll be a decision to accelerate injecting half the volume. i think it's a more responsible decision based on the facts and data to immunize more people. >> administration officials say there is evidence that it provides the same immune response to younger middle-age people. anthony fauci says that there is a glimmer of hope with vaccinations picking up over the last few days. >> i think we can get there if we accelerate and get momentum going and see what happens as we
3:35 pm
get into the first couple weeks of january. >> here in los angeles county, officials said things have gotten so bad someone is dying from the coronavirus every 10 minutes. doctors now here or there could be another spike with people who traveled for the holidays now returning home. bret and martha. >> bret: jeff paul in santa monica, thank you. of >> martha: there's a growing controversy tonight that changes in the house of representatives turning gender neutral terms. mike emanuel joins us this evening. >> the house is now in order. >> the democrat led house kicked off the 117th congress with new roles removing gender. on page five of the 45 page packet, chairman and insert chair. on page six, strict father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law,
3:36 pm
and insert parent, child, sibling, spouse, or parent of all. strike himself or herself and insert themselves. the house democratic caucus chair was asked about the new language today. >> the gender-neutral language is just consistent to reflect the mosaic of the american people in the most sensitive fashion possible. >> it made its way into the prayer on the opening day of congress. >> amen. speak at the house republican leader said gender is absurd. >> i'm a proud father. i'm extremely proud father. but we're going to strike them from the rules. you change the words amen? that has nothing to do with gender? >> that's not the only irritant for house republicans. there's a chance that deficit controls on legislation like medicare for all and the green new deal. >> it makes reforms to the budget rule so we can deal with
3:37 pm
the dual challenges with all hands on deck approach while maintaining fiscal responsibility. up until now, lawmakers were required to fund revenue sources or spending cuts to fund their priorities. it changes the motion to recommit republicans have effectively used of force democrats to take tough votes. >> those soviet style rules package is all designed to take away the voice of 48% of this house chamber. the truth is republicans were never going to let the rules package and part of the frustration of being the minority party since the other party has the power and runs the house. the rules package passed on the party line votes at 217-206. martha, bret. >> bret: mike, thank you. >> martha: as we had to break, a look at it -- i want to show you something out there. air force one is about to take off. it is bound for a hanger and
3:38 pm
about to take off on the way to air force one to bring the president to georgia. a very big night and a lot riding on his rally this eveni evening. an area where conservatives and republicans want to get the vote out and get people in person to vote tomorrow. there he is as they get ready to make the first leg of their journey to come here. as we had to break, here in atlanta, georgia, where we've been for the last few days a look a at the historic atlanta home of one of america's most famous writers. which turned into a pretty popular movie as well. watch this. >> this is the home of margaret mitchell, from the first floor she wrote much of her civil war classic gone with the wind. it went on to win a pulitzer and swept the office. it was controversial and this summer after george floyd was murdered, hbo pulled the film for a time citing racial depiction. racial tensions obviously still
3:39 pm
a big issue in georgia as we head to the senate races on tuesday night. stay with us for the continuing coverage on fox news and the fox news app. ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ got my ears ♪ got my heart ♪ got my soul ♪ got my mouth ♪ i got life at visionworks, and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!" but if you get home and your "ooh" is more of a "hmm..." you have 100 days to change your mind. that's the visionworks difference. visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ >> bret: president trump on board air force one. en route to georgia, not taken off yet, but now onboard. he is going to be heading to adult and then will carry out the rally live here on fox news channel. today, hearing from the georgia elections officials, the center of the uproar over the week in conversation with president trump concerning election results in georgia. that's all become a lightning rod in recent days. correspondent matt reporting tonight from here in atlanta. >> today, the republican secretary of state address in sprecher told that he did not personally record the leaked
3:44 pm
phone call but imply that he was aware and okay with the recording being released. >> we haven't responded to the president's twitter and we responded with the facts that were in the cold. that's how it got out there. it's up to the road to see what's up there and make their own decisions. to see the whole thing. >> he said that he was at home taking notes on the call and thought it was going to remain confidential. he learned the call was recorded on sunday after the president tweeted about the conversation writing in part "i wrote to secretary of state brad raffensperger yesterday about fulton county. he was unwilling or unable to answer questions." home to atlanta, where the president lost the state because he claims up to 300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into their roles. >> much of it had to do with fulton county. which hasn't been checked. we think if you check the signatures, real check of the signatures going back, you will find at least a couple hundred thousand forged signatures.
3:45 pm
>> today, top election official came out swinging against the president and his claims of fraud. >> again, this is all easily provable false. yet the president persists. >> the official shots on the assertion that thousands of dead people voted saying only two instances are being investigated. also insisting 99% of georgia signatures were checked to be accurate. denying claims that dominion voting machines were hacked. >> today, georgia bureau of investigation tells us the investigation is unprecedented and can point to any other election where it monitored so many threats. federal agencies are assisting in active investigations. martha, bret. >> martha: thank you, matt. when we come back, the panelists back once again on the final hours before this vote in georgia. what to make an appearance by president trump and
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
are angry and there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know, you reach out because the 2,036 absentee ballots and even if you cut the men have, cut the men have, cut them in half again is more votes than we need. >> because we did a press release today, president trump probably had eight or ten points and every one of the numbers were wrong. we had a poster board of the different numbers in the actual real numbers that w we had verss what they had. our numbers will be supported in the court of law. >> bret: secretary of state with you this afternoon here in georgia. there you hear the president on the phone call. back with our panel, fox news senior political analyst brit hume, mollie hemingway senior editor of "the federalist," bill mcgurn columnist of "the wall street journal." brit, what did you make of the call and the reaction to it that we heard on both sides? >> well, i listen to a lot of
3:51 pm
the call and it was incoherent. that sound bite that you played was one of the clearest things that he sighed. the one suggestion that brad raffensperger could find some votes for him is probably not illegal is because the whole thing was such a model that it was never clear that he was asking him to do that. it was all part of his overall argument which in trump fashion was all over the place and so, i mean, i think it was improper when he was suggesting into improper that the call occurred. conducted the way it was. i don't think it was illegal, it was regrettable, and when it gets down to it, i think raffensperger has the facts. the president's facts dubious. >> martha: do you agree with that, mollie? >> well, the media did a terrific job as per usual describing what the call was
3:52 pm
about. it's related to a lawsuit filed by the chair of the georgia g.o.p. and donald trump about various issues dealing with the election. this was a way to settle some of the issues because they are being held up in court. that was never explained and so people were misinterpreting some of the call. though it's totally true what brit said about it being somewhat incoherent. i found striking about the whole thing is what came out in the interview with you, martha, where the secretary of state leaked to the phone call the day before the election designed to hurt trump and republicans and admits he has some kind of petty blight with senator perdue. the whole case for georgia being a free and fair election is that if you believe raffensperger's word or not. yet, he comes out and admit he's doing some of the antics and it makes it very hard to trust him when he's doing things not aboveboard and not helping in terms of releasing the data that the trump campaign would like.
3:53 pm
>> bret: to be fair, they said that the president reached out to him 18 times and we learn that. he didn't think is appropriate to make the call. he said he was going to keep her privates, but then the president tweeted about the call on sunday and that apparently triggered the release of this audio. bottom line is there has to be truths of this year about what happened in the election and to molly's point, you've got to believe the secretary of state and the governor of georgia and the officials here about they are audits of this, or you believe the president and his team about what they are seeing or extrapolating from the data. >> well, actually, you don't have to believe either of them and just believe the court. this evidence, or lack thereof, has been brought to the courts and the lot of the lawsuits. the trump campaign never alleged fraud, they alleged fraud on the camera but when they went before the court they didn't.
3:54 pm
you have a case where they're adjudicating the conflicts and donald trump says that he has hundreds of thousands of votes for him that are somehow mishandled in georgia. there is a way to resolve this. brad raffensperger is not the final arbiter of this. it is the courts of law and judge after judge after judge has said there was not significant fraud in this election. just something that people forget, even if the president found the 11,780 votes that he asked brad raffensperger to find for him, that's not enough to float to the election. you need several more states. george is not some kind of tipping point. >> martha: bill mcgurn, to take a step back and look at the big picture. at 24 hours from the senate race, the president having a conversation on saturday going into the huge dustup and everybody spending their time listening to the audio rather than listening to the candidates and focusing on what next.
3:55 pm
what do you think about the presidents focus on this was mack do you believe that it is in his best interest to focus on the senate races? >> well, look, i think he supposed to be down there today. to focus on the senate races. this is a piece where so much everything becomes donald trump. in this case, george is becoming about donald trump. it's not clear to me that by insisting on this, he jeopardizes the republican candidates. he might motivate voters by saying your guys are all corrupt, i don't share that view, but i'm not sure of what he will do. it does raise the question whether he can get the votes out and whether he spends his time on himself it will his case to the senators. >> bret: panel, thank you very much and much more to talk about as we had to election day
3:56 pm
tomorrow. our two of our senate run off to reveal we stil still have plente plenty more. of >> martha: we will talk to kayleigh mcenany right after the short break. stay with us. ♪ so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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