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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 4, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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not to mention this one more time tonight. everything we love about this country, our freedom, religious freedom, second amendment, everything is on the line. i don't want to sound like joe biden and say literally on the line but it's on the line. shannon bream takes it from here. great to see you. happy new year. >> shannon: you too. i worry about this arm and hand situation. i can't wait to hear the story. it's going to be good. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: thanks, laura. all right. president trump rallying thousands in georgia tonight ooze republicans there look to the president to boost turnout in tomorrow's special election. two senate seats that will determine who controls capitol hill. did president trump get the gop senate candidates over the finish line and did he look for a way forward for gop republicans? i'm shannon bream in washington.
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we begin with kevin corke. happy new year. >> happy new year. the stage is set. duelling peach rallies including rally by the end himself and a pair of pivotal senate races that could chart the course for our nation for years to come. >> tomorrow each of you is going to vote in one of the most important run-off elections in the history of our country. it's not run-off. it's elections. it's a biggie. our country is depending on you. >> an 11th hour pitch from a man that is not ready to leave the political stage. while he's eager to lead the charge for the gop in georgia, it's where his strongest opposition has surfaced. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have. because we won the state. so tell me, brett, what are we
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going to do? we won the election. it's not fair to take it away like, this. >> opposition in the form of georgia's secretary of state, brat raffensperger that a his conversation reported and leaked to the washington post. >> we responded with the facts. >> critics from both parties pounced on the call's limited leaked material. how democrats going so far to accuse the president of soliciting election fraud and submit ago referral letter to the fib. this as the president and his allies continue to contest the 2020 election count. gop senators ted cruz and josh hawley were joined by kelly loeffler and a dozen senators that will not vote for the
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electors. the president chided tom cotton and the so-called surrender caucus in the republican party. >> i'll be here in 1 1/2 years and i'll be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary state. that i will tell you. >> vice president mike pence will preside over the certification. vows that the challenge will be heard. >> we'll hear the objections. we'll hear the evidence. >> now, sources tell fox news that 18 previous times the president tried to a range a phone call with governor secretary of state. when the two finally connected saturday, the call was far less productive than they hoped to say nothing of the resulting fall-out. sometimes it's the call you don't make that makes the difference. >> shannon: all righty. sometimes it helps. >> indeed. >> kevin, thanks very much. good to see you. >> you too. you're welcome. >> shannon: so republicans are
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divided over plans to the certification of the electoral college votes. but not the president's voters that showed up in force tonight. >> i feel this election was rigged. >> there's four seats, the four seats. georgia, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. violated their own constitution and the federal constitution to have the mass mail-in ballots. >> he will be in office another four years. for sure. for sure. >> mark meredith is on the ground live in dalton, georgia after that rally wrapped up. good evening, mark. >> shannon, good evening to you. president trump making it clear he felt this was a do-or-die moment for republicans if they're going to hold on to the senate majority. the president out here made it clear that he was focused not only on this race but what kevin talked about, what is going on behind the scenes in georgia but in other states.
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the president wanting to make sure that people knew why they had to get out to the polls, setting up the great expectations. >> the whole world is watching the people of georgia tomorrow. you have to swamp them. everything is so crooked. not hire. it's like oh, he's complaining about georgia. no. i'm complaining about eight different states. i think we're going to win them all. >> but of course, the big question what will the turnout be like tomorrow in three million georgians voting in the senate run-off contest. the president has raised concerns very candidly that he feels that it wasn't a fair process from november. so what will that mean going forward? the president had this to say moments ago about what he plans to do in a few years when georgia's governor is up for re-election. >> i'll be here in 1 1/2 years and i'm going to be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state. that i can tell you.
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you have great candidates. >> that is what is so interesting here. you have the president going against the republican establishment in georgia that he helped get elected, a lot of people are reading the tea leaves here where there's republican voters that stay home. for david purdue and kelly loeffler, they don't have an opportunity to lose votes. we heard senator loeffler on the stage with the president tonight. >> are you ready to show america that georgia is a red state? we're the fire wall to socialism. we have to get it done. >> the president will be watching those results and he will be back in d.c. a little later on tonight. shannon? >> mark meredith in georgia with the president. thank you. on the eve of election day, the senate races look like toss-ups. but some democrats are concerned tonight by raphael warnock's
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spiking unfavorable rating and jon ossoff getting called out on cnn for phony attacks against kelly loeffler. >> you said kelly loeffler has been campaigning with a k klansman. she said she condemned him. i'm sure you have taken photos with thousands. isn't it important for candidates to tell the truth? >> shannon: david spunt taking a look at where the races stand. it's all on the line, david. >> good evening to you. president-elect joe biden is back at his home in wilmington this evening after campaigning with both of those candidates down in georgia. big democratic turnout here for a nonpresidential race. democrats are hoping that keeps republicans at home tomorrow. >> this is it. it's a new year. tomorrow can be a new day for
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atlanta, for georgia and for america. >> president-elect joe biden lending last minute muscles to jon ossoff and raphael warnock ahead of the senate race. biden promised that both men will deliver the $2,000 covid relief checks the senate failed to pass last week. >> if you send senators purdue and loeffler back to washington, those checks will never get there. it's just that simple. the power is literally in your hands. >> both candidates appeared on stage with biden. they also spoke at events earlier in the day and wasted no time hitting president trump. >> the president of the united states on the phone trying to intimidate georgia's election officials to throw out your votes. >> don't just focus on the man on the phone, behind the orange curtain. >> several polls show warnock
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closing the gap with senator kelly loeffler. the gop out with a new video calling democratic hypocrisy over an incident in warnock's estranged wife claims he ran over her foot with a car. he was never changed. >> i tried to keep the way he acted. today he crossed the line. that's what's going on here. he's a great actor. he's phenomenal at putting on a really good show. >> today warnock told reporters he will win the race and it's not a fluke turning georgia blue began years ago. >> georgia flipping blue and delivering the 16 electoral votes to joe biden is no accident. it's the work of a decade of registration and organization. the other side knows it. they worst nightmare is if people show up and vote. >> biden, ossoff and warnock is hoping to capitalizing on the
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republican infighting. warnock said he's never seen a moment where one state could mean all the difference for the entire country. shannon? >> shannon: all right. a david spunt, thanks very much. the vaccine roll-out suffering serious setbacks from new york to california. dr. marc siegel examines what the heck is going on. good evening, doctor. >> hi there, shannon. even as covid vaccine administration lags behind distribution, there's tough talk coming out of new york about the supposed plans to hit full stride. >> it's now time to sprint. seven days a week, 24 hours a day. >> this is a management issue of the hospitals. they have to move the vaccine and they have to move the vaccine faster. you don't be use the allocation by the end of this week, the allocation you received by the end of this week, you can be
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fined and you won't receive further allocations. >> meanwhile other states are doing somewhat better. in texas, for example, a million doses have been distributed and 37% have made it into people's arms as first doses compared to 30% for new york. maine and connecticut top the list with 50% as first inoculations. some states are doing worse than new york. in georgia and arizona, less than 17% of doses distributed have been administered as first doses. in florida, the elderly are lining up for a vaccine as promised. but the centers have not yet fully delivered. overall, the u.s. numbers are anemic. with over 4,563,260 first doses
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actually have been given out. israel by contrast is leading the world with 14.14 doses administered per 100 people compared to less than 1.5 per 100 for the united states. so why is israel first? the new york sun suggests that the secret lies in a centralized policy of decentralization like toyota's rule giving any worker authority. whatever the basis of israel's success, we can certainly all learn from it. especially here in new york where the governor insisted on an added layer of surveillance for any vaccine coming out of the trump administration. shannon? >> shannon: all right, dr. seagle. we'll keep tracking it. time san francisco's district attorney is under fire. he's blame ago new year's hit-and-run that called two people as "missed opportunities." the suspect was out on parole, we're told was arrested but his
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office different charge him. anita vogel has more. >> good evening, shannon. so many questions tonight for san francisco's d.a. how and why he allowed a convicted parolee to stay free after he violate his parole twice. instead of arresting him and revoking his parole, nothing happened. so he went on to steal a car from a woman he had a gate with on december 29. two days later, he drove the same stolen vehicle, he slammed into two unsuspected women crossing the street in san francisco. 27-year-old hannah abe from japan and 60-year-old elizabeth plat killing both of them. mcallister tried to flee but was arrested. place found a handgun with magazines in the car and
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methamphetamine. here's what boudine had to say. >> every law enforcement was involved with mcallister is taking a hard look at what happened. mark my words, we will hold mr. mcallister accountable for the harm that he caused on new year's eve. >> several days ago, january 1 boudine tweeted this. >> that whole thread sparked quite a backlash on twitter with one man commenting -- >> now, interesting to note,
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boudine is the son of david gilbert that founded the weather underground. when they were convicted of murder in a botched bank robbery, he was raised by bill ayers, founder of the weather underground, which was a self-described communist revolutionary group. troy mcallister has been charged with vehicular homicide of both women that were killed while crossing the street. back to you. >> shannon: thanks, anita. first weekend of 2021 was a lot like 2020 in some major u.s. cities featuring gun violence, assaults. tonight some business owners in one beleaguered city are looking for new ways to protect themselves. aishah hasnie has the latest from new york city. good evening. >> in new york city, well-wishes for a happy new year shattered by a wild rampage across
8:16 pm
manhattan just one day in. police say brian thompson smashed, grabbed and terrorized his way through subways and streets saturday using a baseball bat, wooden clubs and even a tree branch to assault ten people and carjack two vehicles. not a promising start to 2021 after grand larceny skyrocketed chicago hit hard today. five killed, 25 wounded in multiple shootings across the windy city. crime not coronavirus, the new enemy for businesses in portland. >> the crime i'm seeing as a business owner is out of control right now. >> rampant break-ins leaving store owners hiring their own security.
8:17 pm
and in wisconsin, there's more unrest ahead of the police shooting of jacob break. road closures and a curfew could be on the way. >> the police officer needs to be fired. until we get that as the blake family, we're not leaving wisconsin. >> the mayor of kenosha says a decision could come down in the next two weeks. shannon? >> shannon: aishah hasnie in new york. thanks so much. president trump telling georgia voters tonight they're the last line of defense against a democratic-controlled congress. our panel, jessica tarlov, karl rove is next. ng the day, you coe missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea.
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>> america as you know it will be over and it will never i believe be able to come back again. it will be too far gone. your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. >> shannon: president on the stump for gop senators kelly loeffler and david purdue in georgia tonight sounding the alarm about what will be dire consequences if democrats win both run-off elections. tonight's panel, jessica tarlov and karl rove and former gop chairman, bruce levell. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> karl, it comes down to this. politco writing that democrats say that president trump is helping their case.
8:23 pm
they're delighting in the gop dissension in drumming up their base. how are you feeling? >> pretty good night today. the one issue that drives people to the polls is the necessity of having a republican senate as a counter weight, as a check and a balance, as a way to stop the excesses of the democrat it's and the house of representatives. and subtly from the biden administration. so the president came out tonight and forcefully at the beginning and at the end that he wanted a big turnout time to provide a check and the balance to the excesses of the democrats and the house of representatives. it was well-done. i know from the campaign's response internally they're happy tonight. >> shannon: so about that argument. we know, jessica, there were a
8:24 pm
number of democrats that came back very angry after the fall election. there was that infamous phone call that we've heard about in which newly and re-elected members, democrats said you have to stop using the word socialism, talk about defunding police and any language that we're using. we almost got killed because republicans so overperformed when it came to the us ho. now that same closing argument is being made by gop senator there's that everything hangs in the balance. karl seems to think it's an effective closing argument for really turning out gop voters in georgia. >> i would agree with karl and everyone else. down ballot results on november 3 show it was. i also think it's important to highlight the fact in the vote for re-electing nancy pelosi that the squad got in line but it was moderate democrats that
8:25 pm
voted present as opposed to those on the far left that would be more likely to oppose her speakership. they weren't going to vote against her with a slim margin. i think the socialism versus capitalism argument is good for republicans to make. i would agree with karl as well the president, though he didn't stay on script the entire time and there's inconsistency in saying show up to voted, those elections are rigged and i hate mike lee and -- >> shannon: still trying to persuade mike lee. still trying to -- >> good luck with that. >> shannon: yeah, i'm not sure that's going to work. bruce, you were there in georgia. i want to talk about this interesting article making the rounds today talking about what national reporters and people are covering from outside the state, the nuances that they're missing, this is a piece, a note to national reporters covering georgia's run-off. erica ericson says this. a few years ago hurricane
8:26 pm
michael -- this is something the president brought up -- devastated south georgia and former governor purdue swung into action with david purdue. the two men worked overtime securing disaster relief to the farm community. the result is black formers in south georgia have been voting purdue disproportionate to the black vote in the rest of the state. the president hammered on that. what don't we understand about georgia voters and what is persuading them? >> a lot of people forget that we had a successful governor, governor purdue, agricultural director. they have worked together putting this together and helping georgia. they didn't forget that especially the black farmers, shannon, as you touched on. they don't have amnesia. hurricane michael devastating those forms in south governor. you mentioned the black vote. 39% plus african americans here
8:27 pm
in georgia. they're sitting here like are we better off than we were in the previous administration? we have the highest black voter turnout under the trump policies which david purdue and senator loeffler co-signed on. they were part of that opportunity zone, prison reform. these are positive strong initiatives that senator david purdue, thank god that he was there and sonny purdue that were there that literally rescued these farms. literally rescued them. they won't forget that and they'll go in the poll and push that ballot for senator purdue and senator loeffler and bring them back in to georgia as our senators. >> shannon: karl, what is your take on the early vote, the percentages you're seeing and the turnout that the gop needs tomorrow? >> the early vote in person is 78% of what it was in the
8:28 pm
november election. two million people voted in early in-person voting. under a million people voted by mail-in ballot. 71% of what voted by mail-in ballots in november. so all together, the early vote is about 75% of what it was just over three million cast in the run-off. republican campaigns are aiming for -- they believe the turnout will be between 1.1 and 1.3 million on election day. in november, david purdue got 62% of the two-party vote on election day. republicans are confident that they'll get that or probably more likely a point or two better tomorrow. if they do, they'll win. as long as the turnout is above a million. the bigger the turnout tomorrow, the better off the republicans are. >> shannon: the world will be watching. jessica, karl and bruce, thanks for your time. we'll see.
8:29 pm
>> thank you. happy new year. >> to you as well. okay. so how prepared is georgia for tomorrow's run-off following weeks of voter fraud claims? what protections are in place? the legal challenge is next. s h. this is hal's heart. it's been broken. and put back together. this is hal's relief, knowing he's covered by medicare from blue cross blue shield. and with coverage you can trust, backed by over 80 years of healthcare expertise, we'll be there when it matters most. this is medicare from blue cross blue shield. this is the benefit of blue.
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>> shannon: following his heated phone call with the president saturday, brad raffensperger is back in the national spotlight with all eyes watching to see how the peach state handles demands for integrity in tomorrow's run-off election. mat has more from atlanta. hey, matt. >> hi, shannon. we're in full on the county which is where the president said he lost this state because he claims up to 300,000 names were mysteriously dropped on ballots here. in that leaked phone call with georgia's secretary of state, the president says hundreds of thousands of forged signatures
8:34 pm
were happened here in fulton county. georgia's secretary of state is denying the claims and the president has bad data. today a top georgia election official came out swinging against president trump's claims of fraud. >> again, this is all easily provably false. yet the president persists. >> that is gabriel sterling. today he shot down the president's assertion that thousands of dead people voted in georgia saying two instances are being investigated. sterling also insisting 99% of georgia's signatures were checked to be accurate and denied claims that dominion voting machines were hacked. president trump's adviser jason miller responded to sterling fox news that sterling left out a lot of information. >> what he did not point out there were multiple counties where they found thousands of pro trump ballots already.
8:35 pm
mr. sterling can't go and just blame it on the counties. >> in georgia, more than three million people voted early shattering records. in full -- the governor bore bureau of investigation says they have monitored many threats. they say federal agencies like the fbi are actively assisting in investigations, shannon. >> matt finn will be in atlanta for the duration. who knows how long this will take. thanks. a democratic judicial appointee of barack obama is dealing a setback to challenge georgia voters. they say they appear to be in a change of address database and say they plan to leigh the state. stacey abrams is calling out
8:36 pm
true the vote for their effort. >> we challenged 364,000 voters eight days before the election because voter suppression is their m.o. >> katherine is here to answer. good to have you back. >> thanks so much for having me. >> shannon: okay. stacey abrams has been suing you. she says she's trying to suppress somewhere in the neighborhood of 360,000 voters. what are you guys doing in georgia? >> stacey abrams is against free and fair elections. what true the vote is doing is helping to empower georgia citizens that want accuracy in tomorrow's elections. the way that we achieve that or help them achieve that is to look at their rolls, which had not been cleaned in years and
8:37 pm
identify people that moved out, prepared that so they could file citizen challenges. it's a stay law that provides a way for citizens to roll up their sleeves and get involved. it's more than she could take and filed suit. it's unfortunate. you know, that's fair fight m motus operandi. >> and you have volunteer there's in georgia. you said they have come under threat or there's harassment there. what are the volunteers going to do and are there more confidence watching the georgia vote tomorrow? >> we have a very engaged volunteer footprint across the state. yes, they have been threatened. much of that is due to the animus spun out by mrs. abrams.
8:38 pm
we've had direct threats, we've had to turn things over to the fbi. it's serious. but i will say the georgian people that we're working with are strong, patriots. they're not backing down. they're standing their ground. >> shannon: 15 seconds. what is your message to georgia voters, democrats, republicans and independents tomorrow? >> free and fair elections are worth standing up for and voted. if you want a vote, have it heard. >> shannon: we hope all want transparency and integrity in our elections. keep us updated and we'll see what happens. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: many in the mainstream media blasting republicans that plan to object to the certification of the electoral college vote. those gop members saying that
8:39 pm
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>> shannon: more than 100 house republicans, a dozen gop senators are planning to challenge the electoral results wednesday. the mainstream media is going after their stated goal of multiple allegations of serious voter fraud. >> there's an allegation of widespread fraud. you have failed to offer evidence but you're demanding an investigation on the grounds of widespread fraud. so essentially you're the arsonist here. >> shannon: talk about the coverage of the latest election developments with committee republican jim jordan of ohio. welcome back. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: sticking with that
8:44 pm
arsonist theme. the "wall street journal" say republicans are playing with fire. the cost of this show boating will be something that democrats will exploit. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> we're hoping to defend the constitution. you have several of these six states that have been debated and talked about the last nine weeks since election day. you had several states where they clearly went around the state legislature, which the constitution as you know is very clear. article 1, section 4 says the time, manner in plays in holding the elections shalled be determined by the legislature. you had secretary states, you had governors, state supreme courts dominated by democrats. you had county commissioners and county clerks, you know, they all changed the election law. this is the fundamental issue here. when you violate the premise of this and go around the legislature determining how elections are held, that is the
8:45 pm
main thrust of our argument. you'll see house members, dozens, maybe over 100 if it comes to a vote, which i think it will in some of these states. several house members object to the acceptance of electors from six states. >> i heard congressman chris stewart talking about this on the radio earlier today. he said it won't change the outcome of election. but that still doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do or that we hope to shine a light on what actually happened. there's been talk of some kind of bipartisan panel to look into this. what difference will it make or do you hope it will make? >> i hope we prevail. i hope we convince enough people not to seat the electors that held elections in an unconstitutional fashion. this is about doing our duty. this is about our oath to the united states constitution. in these four states in particular, four of the six is
8:46 pm
clear that they went around the state legislature and did not adhere to the constitution when they administered their election. that is what we hope to accomplish. this idea that we can't win, i understand the odds are long but there's a reason you play the game. for goodness sake, everybody thought clemson was going to beat ohio state. good thing ohio state showed up. they're in the national championship game. it's our duty to present the argument, respect the constitution and defend the constitution and see how the votes fall. i understand it's a long shot but we should do it because it's our duty. >> shannon: the buckeyes were impressive the other night. that was an impressive showing. as an ohio guy you'll give them that pat on the back. let's talk about this phone call 20 the president and the secretary of state. much has been made of this. i whatn't to play with this as the media talked about it and i listened to the call myself. i'm sure you have, too. and i might have heard something different. here's what the media says.
8:47 pm
>> this is something far worse than occurred in watergate. >> threatening the secretary of state of georgia as a mobster would. >> he demanded that they find votes to overturn the state's election results. >> pressuring the secretary of state to find enough votes to overturn his defeat. >> if we have the 25th amendment, if we don't use it with him, when are they going to use it? >> this morning it's fair to ask whether he lost his mind. >> he's mentally or psychologically impaired and unable to understand what he was doing was false. >> shannon: something of a lot of what we heard from the number of the same folks. a couple of your colleagues, democrats have now written to the director of the fbi and they say this. >> shannon: how did that call sound to you? criminal? >> no. no. of course not. these are the same people that
8:48 pm
had the russia hoax, the same people that went after the president. it was the same people that president trump put kids in cages on the border when it was president obama that built the cages. it's par for the course for these guys. when i first heard this and saw the call, it's like didn't they do this about 1 1/2 years ago? didn't they go after president trump when he had his phone call with president zelensky? it's important to remember, turned out what the president said in that phone educational about joe biden and hunter biden and making money off the family's name turned out that he was right. so this is just the way the democrats operate. as you pointed out, they've been doing it for four years and they've been using the justice department to go after this president since before he was elected. when they opened up the russia investigation on july 31, 2016. so this is nothing new. the american people understand that. >> shannon: when i heard the headlines and saw some of these quotes, i went to listen to the call. i got through most of it. i encourage people to do that
8:49 pm
for themselves and compare them. very quickly, we have to go but i hear you may be getting the presidential medal of freedom for national security and world peace. how does that feel? >> i'm very grateful to the president. i'm glad that devin nunes won that. he deserves it. i don't know that i do. i'm grateful to this president and look forward to that ceremony. >> shannon: and we'll watch the challenge and see how it plays out. thanks, congressman. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: the house of representatives is adopting new rules on gender neutral language. more next.
8:50 pm
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♪ . >> shannon: there's a growing controversy over changes in the house of representatives concerning a new gender speech code. mike emanuel has the details. >> the house is now in order. >> the democrat-led house kicked off the 117th congress with new rules removing gender. on page 5 of the 45-page
8:54 pm
package, strike chairman and inserted chair. on page 6, strike father and mother and son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father-in-law, or mother-in-law and insert parent, child, sibling, spouse or parent in law. strike himself or herself and insert themselves. the house democratic caucus chair was asked about the new language today. >> the gender neutral language is consistent to reflect the mosaic of the american people. >> it even made's way to the prayer on the opening day of congress. >> amen and a woman. >> the house republican leader says striking gender is absurd. >> i'm a proud father. i'm an extremely proud son. but we're going to strike them from the rules. you changed the words amen?
8:55 pm
it has nothing to do with gender? >> that's not the only irritant for house republicans. there's a chance that deficit controls on legislation like medicare for all in the green new deal. >> it makes reforms to the budget rules so we can deal with the duel challenges to an all hands on deck approach while maintaining fiscal responsibility. >> up until now, lawmakers were required to find new revenue sources for spending cuts to fund their priorities. the truth is, republicans were not going to like the rules package. >> it's part of the frustration of being the minority party since the other party has the power and runs the house. the rules package passed on a party line vote. shannon? >> shannon: as you said, not surprising. thank you. so good news before we say good night. a doctor in arkansas starting the new year by forgiving hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt for his patients. oncologist omar atik is wanting to free his patients from their
8:56 pm
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>> \m /m the president of the united right is holding a rally now. heth is there because tomorrow there are two senate runoff elections in georgia. people get to redhead. happy i hope you got to spend last week with the people you love. that's always the main goal. it is time to assess the big picture, where we have been in when we are headed next. of the question is where were w at year ago. as it happened, this week las


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