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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 5, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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defeat the democratic extremist and deliver a thundering victory to david purdue and kelly leffler. kelly fight for me, david 53. >> you can break the gridlock that has gripped washington and this nation. there are folks in the senate who will make progress. >> people of georgia will be at the mercy of the left-wing socialist communist. >> make sure your voice is heard. >> and we will make america great again. go get them, david, go get them, kelly, go get them. ♪ waiting for tonight ♪ dream of this love for so
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long ♪ todd: hey, we have a big day ahead of us. polls opening in 2 hours for one of the most high-stakes elections a lifetime. republicans in the runoff, aiming to take total control of washington. a race so important which is why we play j lo. jillian: all hands on deck in the peach state as donald trump and president-elect joe biden make last-ditch appeal to voters, live team coverage, "fox and friends" weekend cohost pete hegseth and will kane made their way to atlanta following several threats to georgia polling places but griff jenkins is live in dalton, georgia with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, the fate of the control of the senate will be in the hands of george of voters and republicans are counting on strong turnout in north georgia, that is why the president came last night to drive home how high the stakes
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are. >> your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america we love. that is why i'm here. i don't want to do rallies for other people. i told you. i am here because of david and kelly. >> the candidates made their closing argument. each day voters, up to them now. >> are you ready to show america that georgia is a red state? georgia, we have to hold the line. >> last line of defense against this radical socialist agenda. you heard joe biden today say this is a generational election. what did he mean by that? what chuck schumer said. take georgia and change america. >> complicating the message after headline grabbing news, election officials blasting the president's phone call with the secretary of state, the president spent significant time
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railing on georgia's gop leaders. >> your governor and secretaries of state are petrified of stacy abrams. what is that about? they say they are republicans. i don't think they are. >> only time will tell if the distractible impact of voter turnout. president-elect biden held a dueling rally to shore up support. >> the power is literally in your hands unlike any time in my career, one state, one state can chart the course not just for the next four years but the next generation. >> reporter: georgia's election officials say they expect honest and accurate results at the end of the day but we might not know tonight. at 9:30 day georgia judge will hear the case filed against
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georgia's governor and secretary of state seeking to invalidate the present intellectual election results, who knows where that will go but we might hear from senator david purdue about that fight at 7:00 when he joins "fox and friends". >> i know you live for this stuff. we will check back with you. >> conservative commentator candace owens pleading with republicans to get out and vote in georgia because he says it is the only chance to stop democrats agenda. >> our option, we can have no offense and no defense for we can say listen, we at least have to have the defense, the senate and talk about the fact that it is problematic the left bank on our morality, republicans are not going to riot,. worksheet and rig and they are willing to do it. we have to be able to leave all
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a strategy to meet this, democrats are serious about transforming america, republicans have to be serious about combating the radical transformation. >> joe biden previously said he would be the most progressive president to date. >> senator leffler meeting to certify the presidential election results. >> i have an announcement, georgia. on january 6th i will object to the electoral college vote. >> leffler joining a growing list of republicans vowing to challenge the results. senator purdue supports the move but his term ended on sunday so he cannot vote tomorrow. as senator jeff learned joined the election challenge donald trump is warning of backlash from voters. >> the stand against tomorrow's vote. >> donald trump made it clear to his base that his base will not take kindly to those who don't vote for him. >> one thing i learned about
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republicans, they have some difficulties but the difficulty they don't have, they never forget. when you win in a landslide and they steal it and it is rigged not acceptable. >> 13 republican senators found to index the results come wednesday. josh holly says he's doing this for his constituents. >> i've heard from people like i never heard before over the last month about this election, they have major major concerns about the integrity, the fairness of this election and they expect me to raise those concerns and this is the only forum i have to do it. >> 20 senate republicans including mitch mcconnell will not object. 140 house members reportedly plan to object including new york congresswoman stephan x saying in a statement i do not take this action lightly. i'm asking to protect our
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democratic process, the twelfth amendment of the constitution make clear that i have an obligation to act on this matter if i believe there are serious questions with respect to presidential elections. despite the numbers the effort is expected to only delay certification by a few hours. president-elect joe biden blasting the president focusing more on the vote than the pandemic. >> the president spent more time whining and complaining than doing something about the problem. i don't know why he still wants the job, he doesn't want to do the work. >> all of this comes as washington braces for unrest between pro-and anti-trump protesters with the mayor even calling in the national guard for that. >> there's a lot to monitor over the next 48 hours, thank you very much. >> the white house response to a report about donald trump heading to scotland before joe biden's inauguration, the sunday post says the scottish airport near the president's resort is
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expecting a us military plane the day before biden's inauguration, donald trump is occasionally used the plane was the white house is anonymous sources have no idea what the president is doing on inauguration day and the president will announces plans. alex to back off his words of wisdom in one of his final episodes of jeopardy. take a listen. >> i would like you to open up your hands and open up your heart to those still suffering because of covid-19. people who are suffering through no fault of their own. you are trying to build a gentler, kinder society. if we pitching a little bit we are going to get there. >> québec died in november from pancreatic cancer. jeopardy is airing his final episodes this week. time, 8 minutes after the art, donald trump lays out what is at stake today in georgia's senate runoffs. >> a religiously but he will be gone, your second amendment will be gone. >> reporter: south carolina congressman ralph norman react live next.
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will make progress we need to make. >> final pitches from donald trump and president-elect joe biden ahead of the elections in georgia. >> so much on the line for both parties, joining us with reaction south carolina congressman ralph norman my thanks for being here. did the president do enough to say while i don't trust the process in my election i need you to trust the process in this runoff and get out and vote for the two republicans? >> that was admirable for him to do this with use facing, the fight that he has got and the fight he's willing to dedicate his time and effort, i watched his rally and thousands of people, don't know the next amount, then joe biden who you could hear the echo in the chamber, he didn't have anybody there but it shows you the crowd, talk about turnout, the turnout is going to be there today and i think as evidenced by the rally the president had said it is going to be a good day in georgia.
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>> as we know the president can draw a crowd, he can rally his base like we've never seen before but you are going to need more than his base to get this done. and doubling down on the talk of election irregularities, claims of fry that the election was stolen, do you think that was the right message last night? >> i think it was because it was. they violated section 2 article 1 of the constitution, 6 or 7 states didn't go through proper channels for the constitution so he's calling them out and the public all across this nation realize something wasn't right. how do you get over large number of people that file affidavits that if they perjured themselves they went to jail about it, the questions in every, in the states, question, the right to raise them because they are true and democrats of not responded,
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have not said one word trying to defend or say it didn't happen because it did and that is what i'm excited and this is our only avenue to fight and this president has fought for us for four years, we are going to fight for him. todd: battle lines are drawn in your party over the planned electoral college challenges, kelly local are saying she will object. in your opinion does this give leffler the win or could potentially cost her the election? >> i think people know where they stand. people know the stakes. just as you heard the president and biden's agenda is the most socialistic agenda, we know what they are going to do if they get the senate, packing the courts, dc will be a state, republicans will never win another election. that is why it is shocking to me, we started out with the congressman from alabama mom brooks, i give him credit from
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him to over 140 congressman and over 12 senators. i hope -- i am encourage lindsey graham and tim scott to get on board. jillian: to that point you do have a lot of people in that camp with that support but others who are not, namely tom cotton came out saying he's not going to object to the result saying he's arguing congress has no constitutional authority to overturn the result of the state certified vote so what do you say to someone like him and others in his camp? >> i disagree with him. it is what it is. we have, this is our only avenue. this is the only thing we can do. on the sixth it comes down to us objecting between win by showing the public what went on and we cannot have fried in an election, will turn out to be
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another venezuela or cuba if we don't fight it and i don't know, i know this, if we do nothing we are definitely not going to win anything or show the people what actually happened on november 3rd. that is our duty. that is the reason we fight and if we don't have an honest election you have a banana republic which i'm not going to let happen. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. >> still had george on alert, federal authorities looking into threats directed at today's senate runoff. a live report next. >> new york times accused of showing his true colors on today's runoff candidates. that story still ahead. it's what i use! neutrogena®. the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists. rapid wrinkle repair® visibly smooths fine lines in 1 week. deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles... and other wrinkle creams goodbye! rapid wrinkle repair®. pair with our most concentrated retinol
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polls open today in georgia's senate runoff the fbi is looking into multiple threats on voting locations across the state. jillian: good morning. the fbi and the georgia bureau of investigation are aware of and actively investigating specific threats directed at today's georgia senate elections, the agencies open these investigations over the weekend after being notified of emails threatening polling locations, those emails were sent to several employees in various counties in the state. the fbi atlanta field office told me they take all threat seriously and urged voters to, quote, report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. meanwhile the gb i told foxnews their involvement in today's election is unprecedented. it is unclear the nature of the threats or the exact number of them but sources said the threats are statewide. the gb i told foxnews they are actively investigating these threats. jillian: let's go to janice dean
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taking a look at the forecast in georgia to see if there's any potential problems with people getting out the vote. >> the only problem would be cooler than average weather so just be prepared for that. temperatures in the 40s so that's pretty cool but we get into the 60s today and looks like mostly sunny skies, look at atlanta 56, for them it is cool but manageable. no major storms on the horizon, no snow in the forecast, no reason not to get out there because it is a great day across the state of florida, the rest of the country, two thirds of the country temperatures are cool, new york city 37, 21 in
2:23 am
des moines, 20 in minneapolis. this time of year we get really cold air from canada and so far no major arctic blasts. we had a system moving across the ohio valley bringing light snow. the main event is happening across the west with several systems moving in from the pacific so we we see coastal rain, several inches of coastal rain and feet of snow over the rockies and the cascade and the sierra range so that the big story the next couple days. central us looks good, 71 degrees in houston. they will take it, 50 in denver, 50 in portland. not a lot of really cold air and not a lot of big winter storms. georgia looks really good today if you're going out to vote. nice to see you. happy 2021. >> we broken down this georgia race from so many angles, we could have broken it between the temperature gradient, 56 in atlanta, 64 in the southern part of the state but instead happy new year. great to see you.
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>> sometimes being in your mind for 5 seconds. >> don't go there. it is scary. >> donald trump and joe biden making a eleventh hour pitch in georgia ahead of today's historic runoff. joey jones coming up. >> we will ask them what the weather is also book at what the weather is. as polls open in a couple hours, how are we looking? >> the mind of tv's todd piro is a segment i would sell. we should definitely do that at some point. i stayed up and watched the president's rally last night, suffered through joe biden's to break down what their closing arguments are and we will do that in a moment. the big question, our republican voters in georgia so frustrated by the presidential election, so concerned about election integrity they are going to sit this one out? i asked those voters and you will hear next on "fox and friends first". ♪ you got to be from out of town ♪ definitely not a national
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that's a-e-r-o age the power is literally in your hands, one state could chart the course not just for the next four years but the next generation. >> our country is depending on you. the whole world is watching the people in georgia, decide which party controls the united states senate, the radical democrats are trying to capture georgia's senate seat so they can wield unchecked absolute power over every aspect of your life. todd: donald trump and the president-elect joe biden holding a rally ahead of the crucial senate runoff. jillian: peter hegseth and will
2:29 am
kane live from atlanta with what they are saying, if early voting members are an indication people are getting out the vote. >> reporter: i went to dalton ahead of donald trump's speech, you saw people camped out for two days sleeping on that tarmac for a chance to see donald trump speak last night. does that passion translate to georgians? local voters who have to show up republican candidates today in two senate runoff races or is there so much frustration and concern over election integrity republicans might sit this one out? i asked republican voters at the trump rally how they felt about these senate races and here's what they had to say. >> the senators, the ones who are able to repeal things, they can hold nancy pelosi back and keep congress accountable. it is important that we have
2:30 am
senators the represent us. >> reporter: senators perdue and leffler are our last line of defense against the democrats. >> i see what is happening in our country happening in front of my eyes, never -- over my eyes. >> that was the overwhelming majority of answers i got. it was know. we are not sitting this out, we are even more passionate, doubling down, voting on tuesday. >> if you look at the last four years, how many times, there was a ticker of wins versus losses when he campaigned for candidates. any professional sports team would want. in this case that is what he and leffler and perdue are counting on. the enthusiasm he has had as president will translate into the senate races. i get the sense you were there that it is a head and hard thing, for so many voters, what happens in november was it a
2:31 am
fair election are not, donald trump said from the podium you got no matter what to vote anyway because the balance of the senate is at stake. i was awoken by donald trump, so many people talk about woke culture, a lot of people's interested even former democrats, republicans donald trump has awakened, the reality of the left and that reality is on the ballot georgia and sounds like a lot of motivated come out. >> enthusiasm high on the ground, honking horns. >> quick follow-up, one question i had for people in georgia that i've asked every guest this morning, how concerned are republicans for this fisher the does appear to be in the party when it comes to this election
2:32 am
challenge? >> very concerned. they all bring it up. what they bring up after they talk about their concern a talk about the two georgia senate races being, quote, the last line of defense, the two georgia senators being the difference between a path towards socialism or a wall against these progressive agenda items that will have no block, no nothing in their way. >> i will second the comment of the gentleman on my rights. almost every single republican voters says what happened in november stinks, i feel it, it feels off, doesn't feel like it was above board but i'm still going to do what i need to do today. >> thanks. our next guest at donald trump's rally, joining us his marine corps bomb technician and fox news contributor joey jones, thanks for being here. do you sense any frustration from voters in georgia the question is are they surprised at how close november was and how these races appear to be at this point?
2:33 am
>> welcome to dalton, georgia, the birthplace of joey jones is an amazing place, everyone was excited to have donald trump here leslie. i live just south of atlanta two hours from here and everywhere i go everyone i talk to, trump signs posted today more than on election day, people are frustrated, they believe donald trump, his supporters believe he was defrauded out of the election in georgia but i don't think the sentiment of stay home and don't vote has made it far. i went to the rally, the best picture of the nights in saying in his words not mine, don't be a moron, stay home and not vote, go out and vote and people reacted to that. anyone at the rally listening last night that had that notion of staying home, the president and all the surrogates did a good job pushing back against
2:34 am
that to vote today. todd: you do a great job breaking down the demographics of your home state. let's move aside from the staying at home because they are angry, let's talk about voter mobilization for the first tuesday in january which is normally election day anywhere specifically in georgia. did the president do enough in the last couple weeks, specifically last night to get out the vote in those rural communities you are so familiar with versus what the democrats did in the city like atlanta and the surrounding communities of atlanta? >> reporter: the president has done more than his share. he's not running for reelection. these are two senators in georgia, this felt like two sides atlanta battling, not two political parties in the state of georgia. i'm very disappointed in the gop
2:35 am
and the turnout we had but no reason we should be losing by 11,000 votes, we should have won by 100,000 votes. this is a red state. the difference is stacy abrams and organization like hers going to metropolitan areas and get absentee ballots and people signed up to vote easily in these densely populated areas, can't do that in farm country. it takes more work, the gop has its work cut out for it moving forward. todd: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. still ahead, joe conscious of a on nancy politically's latest act of hypocrisy next. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jillian: georgia's secretary of state demanding an apology from david perdue. >> reporter: senator purdue is my wife an apology for the death threats, i've not heard one
2:39 am
people since. you must have called me face to face, man to man, i will talk to him off the record but he hasn't done that. jillian: purdue the man he step down over his handling of the november election results for a job. the threat had nothing to do with the call for his resignation. critics, coverage of perdue and democratic candidate to fail warnot, a glowing peace on warknock when publishing a hit job on perdue that has the headline reading, quote, rafael warknock doesn't shine from uncomfortable truths. the day before, before embracing the america first agenda, and outsourcing export, painting republicans as hypocrites. donations pouring into georgia with silicon valley contributing millions to one of the democratic campaigns.
2:40 am
media opinion columnist joe consciousa, if democrats win today do they have claims that we are upset about big tech. >> the fact that we have $800 million poured into two senate races, a record by a country mile and a lot of that comes from big tech, not perdue or leffler but democratic candidates. whether it is big tech, in
2:41 am
georgia, they tried to recall their own governor, when your population is fleeing for high taxes, homelessness and violent crime skyrocketing that is the state you want to emulate, facebook and twitter donating to joe biden and the thank you he god, stories being suppressed and censored by those, that marriage should be the number one story we are talking about in terms of politics going forward and the influence. todd: the democrats talking a tough game, if they more or less bought them, suppressing stories, can they be that harsh against big tech? >> judge somebody by their actions, section 230 doesn't get repealed by democratic congress you know they are not serious. >> to send a memo to congress of
2:42 am
proper covid-19 protocols. is she taunting us with her hypocrisy? what do you do about it? >> that is the perfect word, nancy pelosi is the ultimate hypocrite, she had to get her hair done, and the audacity to blame the salon owner, she set me up. nancy pelosi didn't catch covert relief because that would be helpful to donald trump and when she has a freezer bigger than my apartment in hoboken with more ice cream talking about how they are struggling. todd: we have time to do this, by gender neutral terms. here is part of the list. parent, sibling, nieces and
2:43 am
nephews, this isn't a war on pronouns anymore. mother and father aren't pronouns, this is a war on the english language and words like mother and father that the ride from other languages, romance languages. >> a war on free speech, my father was a postal worker, he couldn't say that anymore it, nancy pelosi at her swearing win in 2018 had her granddaughter there who is not allowed to say granddaughter anymore. lieberman isn't in the senate anymore, you would have to call him joe lieber person. nancy pelosi will be out in 2022 because the first term under president obama lost to the opposing party. republicans only need a handful to turn the house back to the
2:44 am
gop and the president. >> have a great day. >> people pointing out on twitter it does say mother and grandmother. markets react into election day in georgia. brian brandenberg says if democrats when expect more market losses, he explains next. : just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. are you kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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jillian: markets reacting negatively to the runoff in georgia.
2:48 am
todd: investors uncertainty, are the markets giving us a window, the economic advisor, brian brandenberg. they saw some things they didn't like in anticipation of a democratic win? >> markets yesterday, it looks like democratic candidates picked up momentum. betting markets moving in the direction of democratic candidates and that is what investors look at. betting markets, markets looking at that. we thought georgia would hold the senate republicans and if that is not the case that means a lot could change this coming
2:49 am
year end investors, looking at the prospect of higher regulations to slow the recovery, this is absolutely enormous from the perspective of the economy and the perspective of investors trying to figure out what this environment will look at. jillian: you see down futures, given that today is the big election day. laura: investors, every number, every movement this way or that way, investors on pins and needles. i don't expect big movements one way or another, if it looks like the election is moving in the direction of democrats, if it looks like democrats could take the senate the market is going to react strongly because they
2:50 am
have been betting on republicans holding it and a lot of shifting is investors recalibrate expectations. todd: you wonder if donald trump's rally made the box green. of democrats win in georgia you are going to have the largest tax increase you have ever had. the biden proposed tax hikes, corporate tax 21 percent-20%, individual tax rate, 38.6, capital gains, won't repeat for time. looking at that, i'm not in those categories, that won't it me directly. are they wrong? >> it is not what hits you directly but what hits you wrong so if you are raising taxes, that affect everybody. investing in new jobs, the capital for businesses to expand.
2:51 am
somebody's taxes, everybody is going to fuel it. when you look at the biden spending agenda, all the money on green infrastructure, that is going to cost a lot more than he's talking about raising taxes on the rich. somebody has to pay for that and you can bet it will be the middle class at the end of the day. jillian: everyone will feel it. thank you for joining us. have a good day. todd: the most extreme liberal candidates, donald trump slamming democratic senate candidates as polls open in the peach state this morning. >> congressman lance goodin reacts next.
2:52 am
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2:55 am
>> our vision here in georgia is to make sure the radical left cannot rob you of your voice and your votes in washington. david and kelly are running against the most extreme liberal candidates in the history of your state probably in the history of our country. todd: president trump making the final case for georgia's republican candidates calling them the last lynn of defense against far left control of washington. jillian: democrats need both seats to gainful control of congress. joining us with their thoughts on today's election texas congressman lance good and congressman, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. jillian: what hope saying this time tomorrow morning. >> i hope they say we prevailed in georgia and it's over.
2:56 am
i suspect the headlines will be something of the sort that georgia is too close to finish. it's too close. they can't call it. i really don't know. i'm so tired of predicting and being wrong. so i hate to predict. todd: sure. >> but i can predict that republicans are going to turn out big today. i think we will retain these seats and the fact that democrats are just barely leading in the polling that we are seeing encourages me. you know, usually before election day or on election day name your democratic candidate they are up by 10 point. the fact that the polls only have them up by maybe one or two points is encouraging to me. todd: listening to your optimism for the republican party leads me to this thought. texas is obviously your home state. socialism in elections died a pretty quick death there. you think that that fear of socialism is getting through to the georgia voter? >> i do. and i think georgians are upset about what happened in november. i think this talk about georgians being frustrated and
2:57 am
not turning out and as an act of protest is crazy. georgians are not dumb. they are actually turning out in record numbers. they know what's at stake. republicans in georgia know that the future of our nation is on the line and it runs through georgia tonight. i think we will be pleased with the results. the president has done a great job turning out the vote there. his rally last night was encouraging. people are fired up in georgia. it's very similar to texas. the electorate in georgia mirrors it in many ways. so i think the people of georgia are really turning out en masse and i think republicans are keeping up with the stacey abrams voters that she is trucking to the polls. jillian: so many people have already vote wanted i think it's 3 million at this point. what does that say to you those early voter numbers. >> you know, i think that's encouraging. i think that we'll see a huge turnout today. though on election day republicans have really started to vote on election day. they are very critical and
2:58 am
questioning of the mail ballot process, rightly so with the secretary of state you've got down there in georgia. i think that you will see record turnout on election day today. and i am going to keep calm when those numbers come out. hugely in our favor tonight. i do know that the ash accept tee ballots will be rolling in. and i think it will be much more difficult for the other side to manipulate the numbers on the back end this time with people watching so closely. todd: meantime hillary clinton is branding g.o.p. lawmakers that contest the electoral college results as, quote, opponents of democracy. here's the full tweet. georgia voters along with a clear majority of americans chose joe biden to be their president. trump can't change that no matter how many oaths he breaks. g.o.p. legislators who side with his attempts to overturn a free and fair election out themselves as opponents of democracy. congressman, you are one of
2:59 am
those g.o.p. congressman, what's your response? >> well, i have two things. one, there is no greater sore loser in all of american history than hillary clinton. and, two, when you read that quote to me, you could replace hillary clinton with mitt romney or many of my republican colleagues and i wouldn't know who said it. that's one of the frustrations among americans that are watching this unfold and what's happening with the electoral college vote in the next 24 hours. the republicans that are refusing to guest on board are saying the same things that hillary clinton is saying. i think that's unfortunate because any one that wants to investigate and uncover ballot fraud and get answers to questions that have continued to be asked since election day and unanswered questions that have continued to just kind of linger out there. when we're asking these questions. when we say we want an investigation, we are told that we are unamerican or unconstitutional or discouraging the democratic process. that's crazy to me. and i am really disappointed and many republicans, not just hillary clinton, that refuse to
3:00 am
say hey, let's get the facts out there. jillian: congressman lance gooden, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. have a good day. polls up at 7 a.m. and close at it will 7:00 p.m. we have coverage for you. it. >> polls open for one of the most high stakes elections of our lifetime. >> if you don't fight to save your country with everything you have, you're not going to have a country left. >> i'm asking you to give everything you have got. you can change america. >> the senate seats are truly the last line of defense. the power is literal will in your hands. >> i have an announcement, georgia, on january 6th, i will object to the electoral college vote. [cheers and applause] >> this is something that the american people demand right now. there are huge irregularities. they need to be investigated. >> the growing carl rove over changes in


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