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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i'm fighting for the american dream every day. ♪ >> martha: it is 7:00 p.m. here in atlanta in the polls have now closed in the state of georgia in a pivotal pair of runoff elections that will determine the control of the united states senate. >> if either republican kelly loeffler or david perdue win their contest, republicans will hold onto their razor-thin senate majority. but if democrats raphael warnock or -- and, i should say, jon ossoff both managed to win their races, they'll complete a clean sweep of washington power. all indications that at this hour going to be a pair of very close races. more as we get it tonight.
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>> ballot counting underway, president trump has challenge the presidentia results. i very closely watched county in georgia. so how are things going there tonight? >> martha, it's rather quiet. throughout the day at seems things have been going smooth and certainly under the spotlight after all those claims of fraud, the president of united states said even in this phone call says he lost the state of georgia in part of fulton county. he claims hundreds of thousands of ballots mysteriously. the secretary of state adamantly denied those claims. a somewhat quiet right now, people coming on and off breaks. they enter in boxes in a far corner and then we are told that
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they go through that signature check and that top georgia election officials says that checks are 99% accurate in the general election but ultimately separated from the outer envelopes to be scanned. the official italian cannot begin until 7:00 p.m. inside this room. fulton county made out absentee ballots. told us the county received back 108,000 and as of right now has scanned about 100,000 votes. over the past couple of months, there has been a lot of talk about the role of observers here. i want to show you to my left, this is the existence where the observers are kept at. there are limited to these perimeters. basically it's outside looking in. i've talked to some inverters down the observers who say that they are at a distance where they cannot see what's going on and they've complained of some of the directors here. i've talked to some observers who say they have a general idea what's going on in this room but some of the officials tell us
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that observers had to be kept and what they said is a fair distance. a short while ago, a judge here in fulton county apparently ruled that some blue tri- folders had be removed from this room. earlier we saw those tri- folders. they were apparently blocking some of the processing side in these rooms. i spoke to one or two ago observers who felt that the folders were blocking the process. they have been removed. we will keep you updated on the status of the absentee ballot process counting here inside fulton county. officials tell us that workers should be prepared to be in this room until 2:00 in the morning. martha? >> martha: something we might want to know more about, almost looks like a poster board or a science experiment. we are only in one section of the room, is that right? >> yes. they were in the far corner of
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this room with the ballots are coming in. i'm told those ballots are coming on boxes. i talked to an observer, maybe two, who said what are these blue -- a short while ago we received information apparently that a judge in fulham county ruled that the folders had to come down. take a look at how massive this room is. we are kept at this distance and this is basically the distance that these observers are kept at. can i see what's going on ten, 20, 30, 40 feet? absolutely not. can i get a general idea what's happening? maybe. but as long as the details of the process, you're really kept from the outside looking in her that's a complaint that they've made across the country and unfortunately i guess there really is no remedy. >> this judge also ruling have to be within 10 feet. we'll come back to you, thanks. the first vote start to come in, we'll take a look at some of the
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key areas to keep an eye on. bill hemmer host of "bill hemmer reports." >> information from northeast atlanta will show you in a moment. we are in live data mode because all the polls are closed through atlanta. if you're in line, you can still vote. about 15 or 20 minutes, you are going to see this map start to fill in. what an incredible scenario we have here. with two runoff elections in the u.s. senate and the same state, you would've thought it was 2020? really strong advancement throughout the state of georgia. we are at 3 million which is 44% of registered voters. how does that compare to two months ago? go back to the election. we are at 4 million. you are under that mark, somewhat typical, you don't get the same amount of drive, energy, or interest. by the way from the 57 of
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registered voters which is a really high number here. we are at 3 million as we head into election day today. where do you watch, where you go? getting reports, let me pop out and show you the map, this is the senate runoff with purdue and... come on. here we go. that stuck for a moment. this is hall county well northeast of atlanta. peter doocy is reporting that republican officials in that town, heavily republican, 70% of the vote for donald trump, they are reporting that today they had 23,000 voters in person today on election day to go months ago they had 15,000. that's the difference reporting of 78,000 votes today. welcome donald trump's at 64,000. so you're off quite a bit. however, in person voting is what republicans are relying on and that seems to be a positive indicator for the republicans, at least in that part of the
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state of georgia today. what is loeffler going to do? what is purdue going to do? this is where you find your votes. donald trump is at 80%. republicans, they tick higher in that count. if you come down here to the southwest here in marion county, a similar story where they did better than they had in the previous election. i can show you a few more example as well. kind of tight here between the democrat and the republican. what i would tell you though, the examples i want to show you of 159 counties in the state of georgia where republicans are making gains is in the lower 50% of that population range. all right? with democrats, it's a different deal in florida. with joe biden they are up seven points and this is in gwinnett county. 4 out of 159, significant for democrats. in cobb county, the 2 out of 159
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population wise, up seven and a half points. significant yet again for this is a republican county, this is forsyth county, nine of 159 in terms of state population, they are up more than eight and a half points. this is if i am good for a moment here, that is a target of nine counties from the atlanta metro area. they account now for 43% of all registered voters in the entire state. go for the entire atlanta metro area, that involves about 29 counties that surround this area so we have the second circle now that accounts of 59% of all voters. the point is you are going to get a ton of votes throughout the night here and republicans are going to have to fill in the blanks down here in order to make these rural counties in the south and southeast in the northern part of the state which is worthy resident went last
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night and for a very good reason they've got to run up big numbers and we'll see if they can pulled off that trick tonight. a little bit of a balance for the state of georgia. we'll see how it goes out the rest of the evening. >> bret: to point out, bill, you see the ticker, you see the raw vote total. you see the different races there. you mentioned the different parts of the states. heading in, there was a lot of advantage for democrats on absentee and early voting. republicans are looking at, what, 61, 62% of today's vote in order to win? >> they feel pretty confident if they get the 62% they'll be able to win not just one of these senate races but both of them, and why is that? if you crunch the numbers in georgia, and you saw the advance vote, they got this whole state wire, republicans and democrats,
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stacey abrams for the blue team and purdue and loeffler on the other team. if you get tom price, former congressman, i'll show you where he used to represent in the sixth district of fulton county, a town of braswell were north of we are in atlanta. what he said earlier today, bret, he believes he only need 800,000 people. that's a big difference. that's a 20% margin between 800 and a million voters. if they get that they win both races as well. across the information with robe a few hours ago come he thinks price might be right but he's more cuddle with the 1 million mark which would put you in that 61 or 62% turnout rate. we will see if we get there. >> some of the campaigns are saying that 900,000 is number they need so somewhere between the 801 million number. i think it's important to point out as we do get some of these
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numbers coming into the bottom of our screen and obviously this is a very early part of the evening, we know from the november election that everyone does it differently and a lot of the rules have been some of the contention over the course of the last couple of months since november. the way that georgia does it is they began to process the votes as they came in and that means they could open them. they could match the signature. we know there's been a ton of controversy but they couldn't start counting them. if you get them all ready to go and start putting them through the machine at 7:00, that's why you're going to start to see a really quick rush come in. after that you are going to see more of the day of after they process those mail in ballots and then you'll get the day. be prepared for it to go blue and then potentially to be balanced out red. we have to wait and see what happens. >> bret: as he saw election night, the ships happens.
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the biggest advantage for republicans, people who vote today. we haven't seen a lot yet but we want to hear from these guys. chris wallace and fox news senior political analyst brit hume. chris, you are looking at our voter analysis numbers, where you heard karl rove talk about, he knows the state really well. your thoughts on what is important. >> first of all its remarkable but these are even competitive races. let's back up for a second. if it was just the person who finished first in the race, purdue would beat ossof, he'd already be the senator. but in statewide races in georgia, they have to get 50% of the vote plus. that's why you have a runoff between the two top finishers. in this case, purdue and ossof. the last time a democrat won a statewide runoff for any statewide office, governor,
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senator, whatever, 1988. the republicans go in with a huge institutional advantage. when it comes down to two candidates, the republicans win, they have won for the last 32 years. the facts that the democrats have made a race out of this is kind of surprising and it'll be a real indication of the degree to which georgia has changed. one other thing, i talk with our decision yesterday and i said, look, we got to go races and we keep saying, two republicans, two democrats, is there a possibility you could have a split decision and they say not likely. basically almost all of the republicans who are voting for purdue are also voting for loeffler in the same for the people who are voting for ossof and warnock.
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in the case democrats take the senate or tickle republicans win in which case they have a two vote advantage from a 50-48, they have a two vote majority in the senate. it'll be interesting to see how tonight goes and whether or not the two republicans win or the two democrats win. >> martha: i want to point out a few other things in georgia that we noticed. it's been discussed so much. so none of the rules changed, although you heard so much debate over these rule changes and the consent degree and all of that, none of that has change, all of that still in play. despite the fact that ratzenberger and others said they wanted to check out irregularities and all of that, the rules are in place. you can carry your absentee ballot until friday. keep that in mind. if this gets very tight, there'll be situations where they can go back to voters, brit, and go back to voters and say did you mean to sign this because he didn't sign the outside of the envelope, and it it is really tight, the
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potential for us to be revisiting these issues is really high, brit. >> it is, martha, and i think goes back to the election being so-called stolen. i think there's a very good chance somewhere in the distant future in the authoritative history of this election is written, it'll be seen that the election was indeed tilted in favor of joe biden and the democrats, but i think it was mostly done by legal means here for example, the changing from a loosening of the ballot security rules, the extension of deadlines, all the rest of that, and the massive use even in states where it hadn't been much done before of mail and voting which is among the least secure methods of voting. but all of that was done legal legally. you got an argument of pennsylvania whether that was legal or not, but it stands. that is something i think we ought to keep an eye on, ballot security and all these rule changes are very much worth keeping an eye on as we go
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forward tonight. >> bret: quickly, chris, i had media buyers telling me there were some commercial buys for stacey abrams group tomorrow that say that, you know, say check your vote, essentially. more than $500 million has been spent in this seven weeks since november 3rd in this state. >> i can't help but think that the voters in georgia are going to be delighted to see ads for various medicines, things like that, primary races that go on and on and on. and the other hand, the tv stations in georgia are going to be missing the half billion dollars in ads. my lord! we are talking about ossof and warnock have raised the most money of any two senate candidates in history for any race. georgia is not a state with a lot of big media markets like california, for instance, or
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texas. >> bret: fascinating. up next, we go live to capitol hill for a preview of what could be, what will be a historic day and possibly in the night and in georgia the votes are being counted currently in the pivotal georgia runoff elections. keep it here. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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>> bret: fox news alert, our first results from the election here in georgia. you can see the bottom of your screen, 3% of piercings reporting. good news were republicans commencing a place of 70%, they
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won 70% in the animal election, so far that is a good indication for republicans in one of the 159 counties. 63%. >> martha: cherokee county another place where that's happening to reports they are seeing double the report they saw on election day so that's another one to keep a close eye on. and we say the caveat obviously you are looking at 3% in right now. these are very early numbers and these are most likely largely the votes being processed that were mail in ballots and are going to flip over and start doing the day of ballots, obviously it's what the republicans, where they hope to do well. >> large crowds are ready gathering in washington ahead of tomorrow's joint session of congress to certify the electoral votes. >> martha: bike president mike pence will preside with pressure from some republicans
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including president trump to reject the election results. chad pergram following all of this for us on capitol hill. hi, chad. >> the house and senate certified the results with little fanfare. under the 12th amendment, the vice president who also serves as president of the senate runs the show. he is to open all the certificates and the votes shall be counted per the person having the greatest number of votes shall be president. president trump today goading vice president pence to reject forced congress to create an electoral commission to sort out uncertified electoral votes from three states. senator ted cruz demands an electoral commission for 2020. >> what the congress do in 1876? they didn't throw up their hands, we've got allegations of fraud but we can't do anything
4:24 pm
about it. >> the difference now and then, all our coral votes awarded it to hayes by oneelect. it was the compromise of 1877, or according to your view, the corrupt bargain. >> tried to create a system to deal with controversy. >> under that law, congress is supposed to view electoral certificates as conclusive. tried to contend after the bush gore election. >> are rise to reject to the fraudulent 25 electoral votes. i do not care it is signed by a member of the chairs. >> the chair resides that members do care. >> this unfolded only twice. 1969 and 2005 over ohio.
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>> let us not turn away from the things that happened in ohio. let's fix this here and let's do it first thing out. >> the house and senate debate a state electoral slate. both the house and senate must vote to disqualify a state electoral vote and that's why this gambit will likely fail. challenges to multiple states mean the process could take all night. colorado became a state shortly before the election of 1876 so no one actually voted for president, but the state legislature sent in three electoral votes for rutherford b. hayes it had colorado not yet been estate can we be talking about president tillman. bret, martha? >> a little history lesson. chad, thank you. >> martha: more on tomorrow's vote in congress. tell us what the president expects to happen during this
4:26 pm
procession. >> the vice president will make sure this is a free and fair election. we want to make sure that if there is a contested vote, anybody who doesn't want to that they get their chance to debate that. i think you just heard the way it'll work tomorrow, they will split up the joint session and the house and senate will split up and have time to debate. they'll come back and they will vote. look, we want every legal and every legal enlargement vote counted. we said that since day one fear we have always maintained that and i think there are 74 million plus americans out there that don't feel like that has happened yet. we want the right thing to happen and we'll see how that goes. >> >> bret: clearly you are right about the sentiment, a lot from voters who just didn't think the election went fairly here in georgia or other places. i guess to martha's question, at
4:27 pm
the end of the day, does president trump believe he's going be president january 21st? >> i think he believes he won this election and there are many people who agree with him. look, i think what senator ted cruz had proposed judge holly had proposed is something that should be taken very seriously. we need to investigate what has been alleged an incredibly fraudulent election for thousands of affidavits signed by people across the country who either experience fraud themselves, who witnessed it. we have to take that seriously because it's not just about this election, it's not just about reelecting donald trump. this is about americans knowing that our system works and having faith in our system going forward so we can't just say, let's sweep this one under the rug. we want the right thing to happen, we want the right outcome. 474 million americans, the outcome is that donald trump is
4:28 pm
the 45th president for a second term in office. but we want all the legal votes counted and we want people to be able to see very clearly and have a transparent feeling about the process of our election. >> martha: i want to play a sound bite for you of the president last night and doubt in georgia talking about vice president mike pence. let's watch. >> i hope mike pence comes through for us. if he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much. >> martha: large, what does that mean if he doesn't come true? >> it ultimately means what i said a moment ago, he wants to make sure that if there are people that stand up and say, i can test this, i do not agree with casting a vote for joe biden that they are allowed to have their time. they are allowed to express their opinion. if the vice president the vice president is anincredi.
4:29 pm
he's tasked with making sure that our elections are free and fair and when you have a situation like we have had in this november 3rd 2020 election, this is a time of any time in our history that we want to make sure that all the people who have challenges get their time to be heard and that's exactly what we expect to see tomorrow. >> bret: i hear you about being hurt and that's what josh hawley, the senator said, that's what senator cruz has said. the reason we ran the history piece before we brought you on because this is different in that all 50 states have certified the election and there is not a path, at least as most people look at it constitutionally. all the people that are gathering in washington who expect president trump to be president because that's what they think when they are there any way 21st, are you going to tell them once this process is over and people express their feelings that that's not going to happen?
4:30 pm
>> i don't think it's up for me to tell them. i think it's up to congress tomorrow and hopefully we get a result tomorrow. we will be the ultimate decider of that. i still think you are never going to convince people that donald trump didn't win this election. you look at the statistical impossibility of joe biden winning? there are so many factors that don't add up for people. there are going to be millions and millions of americans who always think that donald trump should remain president for the next four years. if he does not remain president for the next four years, i truly believe that he will probably consider running again in 2024. i believe he would win in 2024 by a larger margin of victory then he even did more votes than he had in this election. look, it's not up to us to decide. ultimately that falls on congress and these individuals have to understand that we want the law upheld and that history will be looking back on us to see whether or not they swept this one under the rug or the
4:31 pm
upheld the law and only counted the legal votes. so let's see what happens. >> bret: okay. we appreciate your time. we will be covering at all. we take a quick break, a lot more numbers coming in in georgia and will update you on those coming back right after this. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation,
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4:36 pm
counted. we've got a long way to go. >> the early vote trends towards the democrats, you are looking live in atlanta as the vote counting and i guess the opening of ballots they are, this is in fulton county here at the georgia congress center. let's bring back bill hemmer, the host of "bill hemmer reports." >> a lot of data coming in, 10% of the vote as you pointed out to our viewers at home, the upper left-hand corner, you see the percentage here at 9% and we will see the change move throughout the night. this is the purdue-ossof match matchup. we've never had it this way before. two senate runoffs in early january. but i was watching, brett and martha, how the percentages mirror each other. let's go ahead and find out together, purdue 43.8.
4:37 pm
68 and 43, you can go into the raw votes. as they report, they aren't identical, but they are really close to one another now, which is the indication we got earlier in the night based on our voter analysis, there wasn't a lot of deviation between these four candidates on two different tickets, so we'll watch that. here is the math now, 10% in the state of georgia, its go ahead and poke around. why don't we start with the big one? fulton county, population ranked one out of a hundred. 10% of the entire state population lives here, 22% of the vote right now, ossof 88%. let's go now to 2020, two months ago. this is really a comparison that you cannot make because there were close to 20 candidates on that candidate come another one of them got close to 50% during
4:38 pm
the runoff, or the election, rather, from 60 days ago. here is ossof and purdue. let's just see on the map, live data, you are seeing it for the first time we are seeing it here. share this together, northeast of atlanta right now. running well about 30% of the votes taking in now, a lot of folks live there, 4 out of 159 in gwinnett, talk about how it's turning more and more blue and that happened in 2022 months ago. come out to the northern part of the state, whitfield county, where the president held his rally last night. just about a point and a half in so this is really early. raw votes for the northern part of the state so we'll see how that moves in the night. watching this, chattooga county. why do you watch this? this is one of the biggest pickups and biggest gains for david purdue if you look at the
4:39 pm
vote turnout for him in november. we'll see how this move throughout the night. very strong county for purdue. coming down to savannah, this is chatham county. we don't expect this dot turned out this way. 700 votes tallied up, so we'll see how that moves to the night. come out here for a moment, guys, and just see if we can, well, this is making right here, bibb county not reporting anything just yet. really interested in counting countieslike this, one of the ps where republicans can do better and we will do better, looking forward to the turnout tonight. back in the atlanta area, filling in a little bit. cherokee county, another one of these counties where republicans said we'll get votes out there and drive up numbers as well. too early to tell a difference here, but purdue 3-1 so far in the vote there. starting to see the map fill in. how does it all compared to
4:40 pm
november? just hit our button here, we'll go back to the results with purdue and ossof and see how the map filled in. this is a blue target here, nine counties critical to the democratic party. we expected to be very strong for warnock throughout the night but the rest of the state is really something that's going to have to fill in with the mosaic that we cannot really say at the moment as to whether or not one side has an advantage over the other. come on back to current day now, we've got a ways to go here this is rural south georgia, not a ton of data that's coming in. for republicans, the trend has been this. driving up numbers in the rule areas, following donald trump the way he's done in so many states throughout the country, but it's those metropolitan areas, the urban areas like atlanta, savannah, macon, georgia, where democrats will do well tonight. how well?
4:41 pm
we could be in for a long night here in georgia. >> bret: bill, the voter analysis we are looking at has numbers to suggest that they do not see any boycott of the election from republicans. there is the story lines here that because people were upset november 3rd that they would not come out to this runoff. we are just not seeing that in the voter analysis numbers nor in the anecdotal turn out. >> what's interesting if you listen to the reporters up here in whitfield county last night and they were at the presidents rally, they talked to dozens and dozens of people who are lining up to see the president turnout and all of them said they were going to vote, very few of them said they were going to register a protest and sit this one out. i think your point is very well taken. they were stunned by the vote in early november, but it doesn't appear to be keeping them away now. >> martha: also getting some indication from republican poll watcher is that they are seeing
4:42 pm
the turnout in these heavily democrat areas reaching the november level, and one of the assumptions have been all along that the numbers would be a bit low, that tends to be historically what happens in a runoff race, those numbers seem to be strong so republicans will be looking at those rural counties as they come in to do far better than they have done, than the even dated in november and we've seen indications of that early on. all of that is to say that it's shaping up to be a very tight race. >> let me point out these areas, it's atlanta, it's macon, it's savannah. those are the areas where democrats are at. >> bret: how speaker pelosi will preside over any house debate that considers objections to the presidential election outcome. some, more than 100 republican house members, plan to challenge the result in calling on pelosi to allow debate. >> martha: at the same time
4:43 pm
conduct a review of an iowa race where the republican won by six votes and was sworn in sunday. foxy's intruder and former south carolina revisited trey gowdy joins us to discuss this. thanks for being here. it's very interesting to watch nancy pelosi's treatment of this republican race, this republican win by six votes in iowa. she's calling a provisional member of congress at this point. >> she may be disingenuous but she's not stupid. she's not going to refuse to sit someone to want to have the vote certified a couple of days before house and senate republicans try peach the election results from november. it would not surprise me at all after tomorrow if nancy pelosi does not have the house administration referred to the floor 600 times, martha, in our country's history there have been contested election and the
4:44 pm
most always the vote is on party lines. that is sad to come it is regrettable. the republican won according to the certified vote but it would not surprise me if later on down the line the house vote in seats the democrat. >> bret: you know, trey, it's bret. good evening. what's happening in washington, the challenge that's going to happen tomorrow, what is your take on it? we talked to lara trump, talk to senator hawley about the end game and what should happen in the eyes of supporters. there's a lot of people upset, angry, they believe that president trump won. but the certified elections from each one of these states are just that, certified and in washington. >> what makes people angrier than anything else is when their expectations don't meet reality and expectations are being set wittingly or unwittingly that somehow or another,
4:45 pm
president trump is going to win by this time tomorrow. my sense is people are smart enough to know that the die is cast for this election. if you want a reform, more power to you. let's do that. but it'll be focused on 20204. i can't imagine a large swath of my fellow citizens really think that house in the senate are going to flip the, you know, there is a rebuttable presumption that elections are reliable and have integrity. i don't see that presumption rebutted tomorrow. >> martha: do you agree with your former colleagues who are going to oppose a certification of this vote? or do you sympathize with their desire that may be the driving force, they want this to be an issue that they know if this is not an issue that stays in the forefront it's going to go away,
4:46 pm
no one's going to work toward election reform on the democrat side having won. >> in terms of raising issues, from the day from the last election we should have zero margin for error when it comes to our elections. this is the most innovative smartest country on the face of the earth. we should not settle for any error rates when it comes to elections. to the extent that's what the senators and house members are doing, saying how can we make sure the future elections are going to be fair and reliable, more power to them. but i do not think they are going to flip the results for november. >> bret: obviously more than 60 quarts of weight and across the country as well. thank you. >> martha: will be right back. we are first going to get an atlanta traffic report. >> bret: this is the tom moreland interchange, known as spaghetti junction. this is the intersection of i-85
4:47 pm
and i-285 that surrounds the city, but the region, the atlanta metropolitan region is huge, keeps going in all directions. more than 54% of the registered voters in georgia are from the atlanta metropolitan region. our special continues after th this. (quiet piano music) (loud music & noises) ♪ (quiet piano music) comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. at visionworks, and we want you to see yourself in your new glasses and think, "ooh!" but if you get home and your "ooh" is more of a "hmm..."
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>> my mother used to have a very funny story about how i was tossing and she said, kamala, what do you want? and i said sweet ums. >> martha: a story that vice president-elect molly harris has been saying for years. said she was fussing, baby, what do you want and what you need, and i just said, sweetums. >> bret: now she's charged with 7 or eight years old walking in demonstration with her mother. what do you want, a policeman as, the little girl looked at
4:52 pm
her straight in the eyes and said fee looking at election night in georgia, things with control hanging in the balance in the senate, we've got a panel we can talk about kamala harris and this story. katie and donna and ben, what about this? katie, let's start with you. >> sure. look, i think this goes to the bigger question of why vice president elect kamala harris would do this, she's willing to tell the story that isn't her own, what else is she willing to plagiarize and take on herself? you have to remember this is a person who ran for the democratic primary and had to drop out before getting a single vote because she couldn't find her footing on what she believed on the issues. it just seems like a broader issue with her adaptation or her approach on politics in general.
4:53 pm
>> martha: donna, what did you think of it? >> i didn't think anything of it until i was asked to talk about it. perhaps she just needs to get those words right and all could be settled. i don't take offense at it personally, but i do believe that going forward, perhaps when ever she quotes something that may have come from scripture, come from a great poem or a great drum major for justice, she perhaps needs to be careful. but i don't know much about this story. >> obviously it's getting picked up a number of different places. it's not going nowhere. >> i think this is something that indicates once again that we have an election this time around where so many people were vehicles for something against president trump as opposed being voted for for their own story.
4:54 pm
kamala harris is someone who has been accused in the past of being inauthentic in certain respects and this goes to that narrative but what's really going on here is that you have politicians now who are vehicles for people for what they want to achieve as opposed to being actually elected because of may be convincing people that they deserve it. i think that's what i think you have that's going on in georgia as well where you have people who are being supported because of the vehicle is that they represent, how they are going to change policy in washington on a federal level as opposed to gaining the trust of the people in the state, that something i heard from a lot of people i've been talking with in georgia for the past several days where they really were making a separation where they said, i may not like a story about kelly loeffler, i may not like a story about reverend warnock, i'm voting for them because of what i think they would do in washington as part of a team effort as opposed to maybe having faith in them as clinical leaders. >> martha: i just want to ask one more question before we go
4:55 pm
to bill hemmer here. this just crossing a moment ago. we heard what president trump said last night and the rally about mike pence and him wanting him to do the right thing tomorrow. this reporting from "the new york times" saying vice president pence says he does not believe he has the power to block certification of president-elect's win. katie, your response? >> it seems the only way for him to get the results he wants is to decertify the election results which i think is the last thing they have on the list of things they have tried so far. we will all see you tomorrow when vice president trump does reside over the electoral vote, you see a number of republicans, a majority of republicans that they will vote to certify those results and it comes down to them to a conversation argument about constitutionality, what the role of congress is, and arguments of the role of states and federalism going to this
4:56 pm
decision tomorrow. >> bret: donna, i've got 30 seconds but we heard from karl rove, are they feeling a little bit optimistic? what do you feel from democrats? >> i'm feeling optimistic but we saw what happened in november. republicans came out in record numbers. we still won't know the numbers in terms of who came out. it's a nail-biter. we might not know for a couple of days. so happy back on. i'm ready to celebrate. >> bret: okay! we will see. definitely will be counting. thank you. both are still being counted. >> martha: and wilhelm are bill hemmerwith the billboard. >> i'm going to show you one thing that clicked in a moment ago. we are about 90% statewide here in the south. this is a linear county, they are almost all in now with their votes at 9%. here's what what i'm looking at.
4:57 pm
142 out of 149, not a lot of folks there. however, purdue checks in with 2,122 raw votes now. remember that number, 21-22. when we pop up and take you to the presidential results and go to the same county in the near and here is where donald trump was two months ago. a difference between a couple of hundred votes in this rule county. i'm not saying this is a pattern. it's just something we are watching right now in the southern part because if we come back to -- hang on, guys. we come back to our live data here and in this part of the state cannot remember now, we were talking about this place helping republicans bring out numbers. one little example of being a couple of hundred votes behind that rule county down in the south.
4:58 pm
let me move you from that county up the fulton county, we are 22% in. 10% of the state heavily democratic in areas, 1 out of 159. this is what we are running between ossof and purdue and i'll show you what warnock and loeffler are doing as well. what -- i don't know if this continues, i noticed a small uptick in warnock's numbers so far. i'm not saying it sticks. i do not know if that's a pattern or not. if it is we may be talking about african-americans turn out at the end of the night. remember, in november, they hit a million african-americans voting which is an all-time record here in the state of georgia. we will see if that something that sticks throughout tonight. we will watch that. >> bret: i think the possibility of a split seems remote. but it is possible. become possible if you accept the argument that both races are
4:59 pm
absolute coin flips. i think we've settled on that, right? especially after being here for a few days? these races, flip a coin. if i could, guys, while i have you here, there's nothing from coffey county, but there is 99% from bacon county, loeffler with an easy lead over warnock. >> bret: maybe you'll be be there tomorrow morning. will lead with that theme for now. >> martha: thank you so much, bill. that's it for this hour but the votes will be coming in all throughout the night for georgia and fox news will have continuing coverage throughout the evening. we have tucker carlson tonight up next followed by hannity and "the ingraham angle." >> bret: takes over for a special two our edition for fox news at night, and coverage rolls through on the night if the boats keep coming in.
5:00 pm
again, tucker carlson is up next with 20% in. you see the votes are being counted in the georgia senate runoff. thanks for joining us. >> martha: good night, everyone. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's election night once again, the poles have just closed in two georgia special election senate races. the two of them will decide in effect who controls the entire federal government. the stakes are not low. officials are counting millions of mail-in ballots as we speak right now" in those ballots all night. they may be counting them all week. confusion, uncertainty, massive wait times, they are all normal now, at least that's what we have been told to believe. but this isn't normal. it wasn't always how things work. not too long ago, just a


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