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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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again, tucker carlson is up next with 20% in. you see the votes are being counted in the georgia senate runoff. thanks for joining us. >> martha: good night, everyone. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's election night once again, the poles have just closed in two georgia special election senate races. the two of them will decide in effect who controls the entire federal government. the stakes are not low. officials are counting millions of mail-in ballots as we speak right now" in those ballots all night. they may be counting them all week. confusion, uncertainty, massive wait times, they are all normal now, at least that's what we have been told to believe. but this isn't normal. it wasn't always how things work. not too long ago, just a few years ago, americans expected to
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learn their election results on the night of the election and usually they did. were voting machines that much more efficient back in 2012? know they weren't. the difference was we required most people to vote in person back then. in person voting reduces fraud and reducing fraud and the appearance of fraud was important to us. we wanted people to believe the results when they came in. we wanted to protect the system that made all of our good things possible. we wanted democracy to continue. but then everything changed. the main driver of the change, they will tell you, was the corona pandemic. simply became too dangerous to show up in person to vote. think about that for a second. it doesn't really make sense. if you can go to the grocery store, and most people can and do, then you can go to a polling place. there's no medical reason you can't vote in person. it's not inherently unsafe, obviously. almost no one in the media has ever made that point. they know that mail-in elections help democrats and they are for
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that, that's the whole point. when republicans complain about it, the left doesn't answer the questions, they just get hysterical and start screaming about racism. you may be wondering what racism has to do with potential health risks of in person voting. first of all, it's a racist question so don't ask it ever again. instead, we are going to let jon ossoff explain the answer. ossoff is one of the democrats on the ballot tonight in georgia. he is unusually oily, entitled young man who has never in his entire life, from what we can tell, done anything meaningful or impressive or even had a real job. he's got a list of credentials the length of your arm, all of which you're supposed to be impressed by, but not a single actual a compliment. in a world of shallow politicians, jon ossoff is lighter than air. he meets beto o'rourke look like teddy roosevelt, but he does know one thing. if you're worried about election fraud, you are a racist. here he is in an interview yesterday. >> my opponent and the other senator kelly loeffler and georgia republicans have been filing a lawsuit lawsuit to
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purge the roles to make it harder for people to vote. it is an open attack on black voters in georgia and it's a disgrace and it's an echo of the legacy of jim crow. >> tucker: oh, the legacy of jim crow. so let's see, not to be to pacific about it -- specific about about the brown versus board of education ended school segregation in 1954. that was 67 years ago. if jon ossoff had been born that decision came down he would now be old enough to qualify for medicare. but he wasn't born them. jon ossoff was born in 1987, a year some of us remember very well. this was a free country when jon ossoff with was born, in fact freer and much more equal than it is right now. in 1987, jim crow was a distant memory. it is ancient history now. get the day before the selection there was jon ossoff invoking jim crow like that diabolical kelly loeffler is this close to turning back the night riders
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and segregated water fountains. almost 70 league years later. you've got to wonder how long can this scam continue? as long as people keep falling for it and they do keep falling for it. if you've been keeping track at home you're probably wondering what is intent echo of the legacy of jim crow at this point. everything the democrats don't like is jim crow. just in the last year they told us that in person voting, the filibuster, even mispronouncing kamala harris' name, name, by the way, she can't pronounce herself, are all vestiges by america's racist history. so what's the remedy for a history this evil? you guessed it, more identity politics. can't have enough. okay, we are going to play along just for the sake of amusement. let's consider the identity of some of the players into night 's election. let's start with the strangely-famous stacey abrams. what is stacey abrams' identity? if you ask cnn, she is a brilliant novelist with the grace of a runway model. iif you sk berms or self or the many sycophants around her, her
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real identity of the governor of georgia. she ran for that office two years ago. she lost by more than 50,000 votes but in the democratic party they have decided not to notice. >> without voter suppression, stacey abrams would be the governor of georgia. >> if this country wasn't racist, stacey abrams would be governor. >> it was the voter suppression, particularly of african-american communities, that prevented us from having a governor stacey abrams right now. >> stacey abrams ought to be the governor of georgia. when racially motivated voter suppression is permitted, we cannot truly say that we live in a democracy. >> tucker: yeah, so stacey abrams is the actual governor of georgia or would be if you weren't a racist. so governor is her identity. abrams' sister, a woman called leslie abrams gardener, she is
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an actual federal judge appointed by barack obama and as luck would have it, because this is an amazing time in our country's history, the judge is now overseeing a case on election integrity that involves a group funded by, and we are not making this up, stacey abrams, the celebrated novelist, runway model governor. gardner has refused to recuse herself from the case that involves her sister. here's how she explained that refusal. "one can only assume that the argument is something to the effect that if my sister is actively engaged in a cause, i cannot be impartial. this argument is mere speculation." [laughs] just mere speculation! okay, let's move from the speculative to the actual. what is not speculation -- are going to be shocked to learn this -- is that judge gardner has just given her sister's organization precisely what they wanted. weird how that works, not speculate on that. or republicans argue that thousands of voters in georgia should be excluded from participating in the election
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for this simple and obvious reason. post office change of address records show they had left the state, they were no longer in georgia, therefore they couldn't vote in georgia because they're not in georgia. that seemed simple and obvious but that standard does not meet the burden of proof in stacey abrams' sister 'escort. therefore thousands of voters can vote tonight in georgia even if they're not living in georgia, aren't georgia residents. all they need to do is identify as georgia voters. you can change her gender, you can also change your state of residency just by identifying. that's how identity politics works. it goes without saying that the actual identities, the real identities of tonight's democratic candidates are off-limits. true things can't be spoken. that's the rule. you can't talk about them. you can call raphael warnock, for example, a pastor, a christian, a pro-choice christian, but don't you dare mention the words he actually utters in church, sermons. if you do that, cnn would like you to know you're probably a
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political operative working for the hard right. in fact, you're taking his words out of context. >> reverend warnock's pro-choice stance and his words from the pulpit often taken out of context have been the target of the fiercest republican attacks. >> tucker: often taken out of context. so what's the context? welcome in the interest of objectivity and fairness we are going to play one of the clips that cnn just told you is being taken out of context. it's from one of raphael warnock's sermons a few years ago. as you listen to what we are about to play, try to imagine a context in which this would be okay to express in church. listen. >> if it is true that a man who has dominated the news and poisoned the discussion for months needs to repent, then it is doubly true that a nation that can produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent. america needs to repent for its worship of whiteness!
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>> tucker: oh, america needs to repent for its worship of whiteness. okay. with that time, so let us know when you discover the missing context here. oh. it's not hiding somewhere in the video, we just showed you the relevant parts of the video. raphael warnock doesn't say "just kidding" after his racist scree, with cnn means when he says they are admitting context is that we don't fully agree with their preferred candidate, who was raphael warnock. we are not telling you that yes america needs to repent for its worship of whiteness. we are appalled anyone would say that while wearing some kind of clerical garb in a church. it is transparently racist. we don't see the country the way that cnn producers or raphael warnock does. we don't believe it's a fundamentally racist country of the police officers are gangsters and thugs. we believe the obvious. immigrants come here, in some cases risking their lives, precisely because america is the least racist place they could find, or it was.
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people like raphael warnock would like to change that. and how about jon ossoff? what's his identity? that's not an easy question to answer when the sum total of your personal achievements could fit comfortably in the ashtray of a sports car. at various points, ossoff has claimed he once worked as a senior national security staffer on capitol hill, which is pretty funny because in fact ossoff was what is called him washington a legislative correspondent. that job consist mostly of responding to letters from constituents. in other words, he was the male boy. and not in a very impressive office either. jon ossoff works for a georgia congressman called hank johnson, who is easily hands-down, ask anybody in washington the single dumbest member of congress and that's saying a lot. back in 2010, just in case you think we are overstating the case, johnson, in a hearing which was on television, asked a navy admiral with deep concern whether the island of guam, which is an island, not a floating platform, might capsize if too many troops were moved onto a base there.
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watch this tape, you'll see the gears slowly turning in his head as he asked the question. >> during a congressional hearing, congress and hank johnson, democrat of georgia made it hard for admiral miller to keep a straight face being asked about moving troops from okinawa to the island of guam. >> my fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize. >> we don't anticipate that. >> tucker: my fear is that the island will tip over. keep in mind, this was before legalized marijuana, that happened in the congress. moments like that did not deter ambitious young jon ossoff from applying to work with that man, cumbersome and hank johnson, and why would they deter him? that moment became a blueprint for jon ossoff's entire career. lean into your mediocrity.
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don't deny it, embrace it and when you're challenged, hide behind identity politics. that works. we know it does because that's all he's ever done. two years after leaving johnson's office, ossoff took shamelessness to a brand-new level. he went o on twitter and encouraged people following him to support one of the leading propaganda outlets for the communist party of china and just in case you think we are exaggerating, here's what he wrote. "especially during the 18 party congress, follow chinese state media." most politicians might feel slightly hesitant about endorsing chinese state-run media and public, but not jon ossoff. if you learned anything from hank johnson, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all in. last year we learned that jon ossoff's media company -- is media company -- received thousands of dollars from a chinese-backed media giant. ossoff didn't even bother to claim to care about transparency. in fact he refused to release any more financial documents related to foreign investors.
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but stop asking questions. america is racist. that's the answer to everything. by the way, it would be nice if someone disagrees with a claim which we are all the time, because that claim is totally false, it's poisonous, and it's wrecking what has been for a couple hundred years now a pretty great country buried ours. but increasingly no one pushes back. in fact, recently a lot of republicans have been saying the same thing. last night again to you one among many examples, the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, didn't bother holding hearings on election integrity or mail in balloting, that might've been nice. instead, he was busy attacking police officers in eulogizing george floyd. remember him? st. george, the convicted violent felon who apparently died of a drug o.d. in minneapolis? big conservative that mitch mcconnell, defender of america. then there is senator mitt romney of utah. he was on the street mounting blm slogans on camera. kind of his jane fonda moment. at the same time, to a public and senators should have known better called for a place on
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columbus day, the day that celebrants the discovery of this country with something called juneteenth. not a terrible anniversary or anything, but no one had heard of it just last year and everyone has of course already forgotten about it. we don't know what's going to happen tonight. we do know that if democrats win the two elections on the ballot today, they are not going to be too concerned about juneteenth. they never cared about that. they have much bigger goals in mind like a limited and the filibuster, letting them do whatever they want in the congress, adding new states to the union, changing the flag, packing the supreme court, ending the independence of the judicial branch in more than anything giving citizenship to tens of millions of new foreign nationals, illegal aliens now known as their base. none of that should come as a surprise. we've seen it coming for a long time. the question we need to ask right now is why did so few republicans do anything to stop it? sean duffy is a former republican number of congress, fox news can do, he joins us now to answer that and other
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questions. it's great to see you tonight, thank you so much. so we don't know what's going to happen. but i have to say, we know what could happen and we have known for a very long time and not to air frustration on election night, but like why haven't republicans as an institution, as a party, congressional republicans, pushed back against core, poisonous ideas the left has been peddling for the last year? serious question. >> overstuffed, can i say that when jon ossoff says that he was an lc, that is a position right above a intern. that is the lowest paid position you can get. number one. but i think it's a really important question, so if you look at where we are at as republicans, if not all our fault. you've seen this infiltration of this radical leftism in american lives, so whether it's on social media or it's in the media itself, corporate boards, it's in our schools and so our
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kids have been fed this crazy leftism and so you look in a deep south state like georgia, you go how can the most unimpressive men that are communists actually be in the race and potentially be senators from a good rate republican former republican state and it's because republicans and conservatives haven't paid attention to what their kids are learning in school and what they are seeing on social media. and on top of that you have a media that is soft and cozy with the democrats. the fact that the media has been unwilling to ask warnock about the domestic abuse charges in this really woke culture, he hasn't been forced to account for what his wife has said that he has done to her is absolutely outrageous. david perdue would be unelectable, 24 24-hour wall-to-wall coverage that david perdue is a wife beater, but warnock, not one question elicits from peter doocy on the topic. >> tucker: it's totally right. i just have to ask, looking forward, how long will it be until major republican leaders
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look right into the camera and say no this is not a racist country, know there are not an infinite number of genders, there two, men and women are very different from each other, they need each other, it's better to be married than not, you should be married when you have kids, you are to raise your kids yourself, that's more important than serving corporate interests, like the basics, the things that actually keep the country a good and decent place. one is summative going to defend that stuff? >> or you know -- i'm white, i'm irish and i'm proud of it. my wife is mexican-american and she's proud of that and that's okay and it's not all races that combine us, it's our philosophies and our viewpoints and our families that bring us together but i think i'm a talker, we should be really concerned about tonight's race because if you look at -- when you get these big social programs that get infiltrated into our government and society, take obamacare for example, i spent nine years in congress trying to repeal obamacare and we had the majority in the house and the senate and the white house and we were unable to do it, so if you have critical race theory and universal health care and the green new deal and open borders,
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to think that a republican congress and a future republican president are going to, you know, yank those out of our culture, it's all most impossible because when you give people free stuff, it's impossible to take it away. >> tucker: it's true. sean duffy, great to see you tonight. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> tucker: we will be covering these races in georgia but first we are going to head south of just a minute. by every objective measure, the state of art has handled the coronavirus much more effectively than states in the north, specifically new york and new jersey and have done it without destroying every small business in the state and that's why those states are emptying out and moving to florida. florida, by the way, is leading new york in vaccine distribution as well. and at the same time, as we just noted, people are leaving those two states and moving to the state of florida, which by the way it is controlled by a republican and maybe that's why cnn is enraged by all of this. they don't want you to know that chris cuomo's brother is running new york, so instead they attacked the state of florida
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and that's why this week on monday, which would be, let's see, yesterday, one of cnn's activist posing as a reporter went after the governor of florida to give his little speech. you'll hear directly from the governor of florida in just a minute but first, fox temple bay chief political reporter craig patrick is following this for us and the broader story, he joins us tonight. hey, craig. >> hi, there, tucker, how are you? >> tucker: great, thank you. so the state of florida does seem like it's been the focus of a lot of media hostility recently. have you noticed that? >> well, certainly the governor has faced a lot of tough questions. with respect to the most recent controversies, there have been long waits in florida for vaccines. that's true. there have been phone lines that have been overwhelmed and people are frustrated and complaining, we are hearing a lot of that, but one of the biggest reasons for that is that the governor has placed the priority on moving all senior citizens 65 and over to the front of the line.
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there are 4.3 million seniors in the state of florida. a byproduct of doing that will in fact be long waits at the beginning stages of disturbing vaccines, but as the governor sees it, he is saying look, the choice is saying and killing someone in their 20s versus someone who is a senior citizen, he is looking at case fatality rates, those more likely to become seriously ill or in some cases die and he's thinking in the interest of saving lives, that's the direction he's going to go and there are also -- yes there's been controversy, a lot of us have seen the video of senior citizens camped out overnight outside of a hospital, but the governor has also said we are in the early stages and he is monitoring how well each hospital is doing and that future shipments of vaccines, the doses will wind up going to the hospitals that do the better job of disturbing those vaccin vaccines. >> tucker: do have tape of the exchange between the governor and the cnn reporter today?
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editorial? i don't know if we have it. >> i have seen it. >> tucker: we are going to roll it -- i am going to roll it for our audience just to get some sense of the politics that have been intruded. here's what happened, watch this. >> what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we've seen phone lines jammed, websites crashing. >> is a lot of demand. i think at the end of the day -- excuse me -- >> if i could manage my questi question. >> are you going just the question? >> websites crashing and also senior citizens waiting overnight for the vaccine. >> where was that? >> we'd seen it in devol, broward, orange -- >> why was there a big line? did you investigate why. >> could you tell us why? >> we just a bit vaccines to hospitals in the hospitals said first come first serve, if you show up, we will do it. >> tucker: [laughs] >> the governor -- he's recognizing that there are issues, but you know what, there are issues all across the
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country and the governor keeps saying he's making adjustments. he made adjustments today by moving doses to public supermarkets to get it more available to people where they live. the same goes for selecting churches, converting a testing center into vaccination centers, it takes steps and time. among other things, he doesn't know the precise amounts that are coming in week by week until just a few days before they arrive. >> tucker: craig, i appreciate it, thanks so much for joining us. we are now joined by the governor of florida, ron desantis. thanks so much for coming on. i almost never provide a form for politicians to defend themselves or defend them, but i just can't help but notice that if the entire northeast moves to your state and as the numbers become clear that florida has managed this pandemic far better than any northeastern state, that you're coming under all this media criticism. why do you think that is? >> well, tucker, look, i am
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totally willing to wear the criticism as a badge of honor if it means that my state has a state in which every parent has the right to send their kid to in person instruction, everybody has a right to work and a right to pursue their vocation. every business has a right to operate and we've done that, with trusted people and as you mentioned, our covid mortality is less than the national average per capita and on the vaccine front, we were the first state in the country to begin vaccinating citizens, residents of long-term care facilities, and we were the first state in the country to start vaccinating our broader over 65 population and so we are very proud of leading those efforts and i think you're going to continue to see a lot of good things, your guest before mentioned we are partnering with supermarkets even and really papering this across the state. so i'm happy for the criticism because, you know what, i don't seek validation by the media. what i seek is supporting the citizens of my state and i can tell you is this pandemic has worn on, a number of times
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someone has come up to me with tears in their eyes saying if it wasn't for you my kid would not be in school and i would not have my job, thank you i'm a that is why i'm in this job. >> tucker: i mean, just being honest here, how many huge department stores were burned down in a state of florida during the blm riots? how many cities do you have in florida that are empty husks that are ghost towns, shells, like say camden, new jersey, or five other cities in jersey buried do have a lot of that in the state of florida? >> no, we are doing very well. economically, obviously our tourism industry has gotten hit. that's recovering. home sails are up i think 22% year-over-year. people have opportunities in florida, they are seeing that. they're coming here for greener pastures and yes, we take law and order very seriously, we want to protect our citizens safety, we are honestly not going to tolerate a minneapolis type situation. when i was going on the summer i
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had the national guard on standby, we were working with our localities in the state of florida and you didn't see, hear what you saw there. >> tucker: do you think you'd get fair treatment from cnn if your brother had a prime time show on that channel? >> [laughs] well -- every day would be christmas but i think it's very clear some of these networks obviously, they have agendas. they are doing narratives. they are not trying to report facts anymore. it's all about spinning whatever narrative they think can get ratings and that's just the reality of the situation, so it doesn't impact me, we are going to continue keeping our eye on the ball and working as hard as we can to deliver results. >> tucker: i mean, the truth is always in the results, if not and what they say, it's what they do, so give us a snapshot of the inflow into florida from other states in this country recently. >> well i can tell you where you aren't going to have the final numbers for 2020 it for another
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few weeks, but if you look at new home builds, new home starts, if you look at home sails, prices going up. i mean, it's pretty clear that people are viewing florida as a landing pad. you know, it's interesting, as this went on i would encounter people particularly in september that would move from parts of the country and say look, they closed our schools. i want -- your schools are open, i'm going to come here because you guys are doing it right so i think there's been a variety of factors. taxes has been one thing but i really do think these lockdowns have driven some people to florida who just had enough with these draconian, ineffective restrictions. >> tucker: they think you're going to be the republican nominee and that's why they're attacking you. i'm not going to ask you to respond to that, i know it's an accountable observation but i -- >> i can tell you i'm pretty sure i will be the governor nominee in 2022 here in fortis so we look forward to running that race. >> tucker: good to see you tonight, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: results from those two georgia senate runoffs are coming in moment by moment.
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this election, as you know determines whether democrats will have complete control of the federal government. our bill hemmer is tracking those results, we expect a major update coming in just hours. bill hemmer joins us after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: bringing you back at a fox news alert. early results from the georgia senate runoffs are coming in as we speak. bill hemmer cover the anger of course -- joins us with some of those numbers. hey, bill. >> just to give you a quick spin around the state of georgia. this is ossoff and david perdue. it got about 45% of the statewide vote in right now. i think this numbers interesting. there's a difference, ossoff with a lead of about 158,000 votes and just watching this right now to see how this goes through out the night. switch over to the other race between warnock and leffler. see how that number changes.
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warnock goes 172,000 buried seems to be a bit of a trend so far. we are only at 45% of the statewide vote and so a lot of those still to come but warnock seems to be running come at the moment better than jon ossoff, so we will see whether that number sticks up through the night. center part of the state, atlanta, georgia, you know it well, tucker, fulton county, number one of 15 159 in populat. we expect the blue team in soft to ossoff and were not to do well here. a good number of the vote in right now, almost 85%. here's the number two county in the state, cobb county. still a ways to go at 28%. if the number three county, dekalb, all in this atlanta area. still early, about 27, 28% and gwinnett county at 30% is the fourth-ranked county out of 159. this is critical for democrats if they want to try and win these racist tonight right there in the center part of the state. for republicans, want to see how
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the skills and throughout the night. the rural counties, donald trump is been trying to drive out these voters yet again. if it purdue on kelly loeffler, critical to their success tonight as to whether or not they can fill in the map down here and also appear in the northern section of the state. just for comparison's sake i will show you where we were two months ago in november, that's how the state finished and at the blue blue area here in atlanta and the rest was filled in by the g.o.p., so throughout the night, tucker, come back to you in a couple moments and see how these numbers stack up. more than half of the vote outstanding in the state of georgia at the moment. tucker. >> tucker: the great bill hemmer, thanks a lot, bill. charlie hurt is the opinion editor of "the washington times," fox news contributor, joins us now. charlie, great to see you. if i'm being totally honest, i think both his democrat candidates, you know, they are so far from where i am. warnock you could at least kind of imagine having dinner with and having a fun time. jon ossoff, the greasy hospital
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fraud, the most transparent phony i think i've ever seen in american politics, never done one thing in his life, the most entitled fatuous person i've ever seen run for anything and he appears to be ahead. what does this tell us? >> well, truly, tucker, the big story of the night was, you know, we knew a long time ago, which is the fact that we are even talking about this in a place like georgia is pretty shocking and terrifying and i think a testament to how badly republicans in washington have completely lost sight of their supporters and their voters and really it's a microcosm of the whole reason that we have president trump in the white house in the first place, because republicans have ignored these voters for so long, it left us wide, huge opening for a guy like donald trump who was not a republican, was not a
5:36 pm
particularly conservative guy but came in and completely ate their lunch and talked about all the issues that conservative voters actually care about, but i got to tell you, tucker, the thing that is so terrifying to me about this moment, it's not that the democrats have some sort of mandate. it's that they don't have a mandate. i mean, think about -- joe biden rand, he ran a campaign without a campaign. he didn't even ask voters for their vote. he didn't answer questions, the democrats who ran in the election on the issues that sort of came out of the democratic primary, they actually -- you know, talking about socialism and defund the police, they actually lost, but here's what's so scary about this, tucker. democrats are desperate right now and that makes them very dangerous, and that means that over the next few years, if they win these two seats, over the next two years, they've got to get everything done and it's not just going to be stupid stuff from unserious ridiculous people
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about, you know, banning wards on the house floor. as you've talked about, it's going to be about structural changes like adding two new welfare states to the union so that they can cement their power for a generation. and that's with thereafter right now. they don't -- they don't know what their agenda is. they don't care what their agenda is. all they care about is cementing their power and making sure that they can run the tables for a generation. >> tucker: really quick, at some point does the republican party wake up and realize that donald trump's 2016 agenda is actually popular or does it become the lindsey graham nikki haley party that seeks to make the world safe for private equity and wage more wars in syria? which happens? >> my prayer is that starting tonight, no matter what happens, conservatives -- you know, even people who are not necessarily involved in politics, everybody comes together and makes damn sure that republicans never
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forget that it's the trump agenda that unites republican voters, not whatever crazy stuff they've been chasing after with butterfly nets the last 30 years. >> tucker: yeah, stop with the pointless wars, think about your own doors for once. great to see you tonight. >> good to see who buried >> tucker: continuing to track the results as they come in from georgia. plus, with got new video tonight suggesting that joe biden is not the only top democrat in washington with a secret love for plagiarism. end of an amazing story. we will have it for you next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: big night in the state of georgia, two senate races there, of course we've been telling you, both are too close to call at this hour. numbers coming in as we await the conclusion. let's reflect on this. there was a point in american history, and many people regarded carl bernstein as an actual journalist. was part of the watergate scandal back in the early '70s brought to you by "the washington post." that was a story that unseated the presidential won the single largest landslide in american history but he had to leave office because of it.
5:44 pm
nobody remembers but it was a big deal. the weird thing is, carl bernstein doesn't seem to think watergate was that big a deal. in fact he is devoted his entire professional career to downplaying the watergate story. what's bigger than watergate, you might ask? according to carl bernstein, much everything is bigger than watergate. >> this in some ways is worse than watergate. >> this is something far worse than occurred in watergate. >> this is very different than watergate and more dangerous in many ways. >> this could be worse than watergate. >> i've said before that what we are seeing is worse than watergate. >> so that's the first big difference of why this is worse than watergate. >> i think this is a potentially more dangerous situation than watergate. >> what we are watching in the trump presidency is worse than watergate. >> tucker: you know what that was? it was worse than watergate. but it does answer a question that's been bothering a lot of
5:45 pm
us for a long time. why would cnn put carl bernstein on tv? i mean, seriously, and the answer of course it's precisely that, so he can say it's worse than watergate. [laughs] the mystery of carl bernstein's contributor contract solved tonight. breaking news. well, kamala harris, who by the ways the expo front of montel williams and will be described that way forever after on this show, once you know she's just totally authentic, she's not some typically out of touch politician. she is so real she listened to snoop dogg and tupac back in the early apostate 80s before either one of them even made music. that's how real she is. she listened to tunes that didn't even exist, but recently, one of her realist moments has been getting unwanted attention. according to kemal harris, when she was a young child she attended a civil rights march, in oakland, needless to say and
5:46 pm
during that march, she was so focused on the liberation that she somehow became separated from her parents. she was in a stroller. here's what kamala harris says happened next. >> when were you out there protesting? >> well, i was in a stroller. [laughs] i was in a stroller so i was out there and in fact my mother used to have a very funny story, i was fussing and she said kamala, what you want and i said -- and this is how she would say it, she would say what you want and i would say "fweedom." >> tucker: she just wanted freedom, or is she said, fweedom. which is funny because both of her parents were immigrants from other countries who came here because when they arrived in a posture he 60s it was a totally free country. there was no jim crow actually. kamala harris didn't grow up in or anything like that. she grew up in a country that's freer and more equal than what we live in now, but whatever. kamala harris made the same
5:47 pm
claim to "elle" magazine on october and a similar story appeared in the books that she claims to have written both in 2010 and 2019. did you know she was an author in addition to the former girlfriend of montel williams? is the amazing thing, in 1965, which was 56 years ago, martin luther king himself told "playboy" magazine an almost identical story. king said that he saw police "accosting a young girl in a birmingham, alabama, who was walking in a demonstration with her mother. according to the reverend martin luther king, the police officer asked what you want and just like kamala harris, that girl responded "fweedom." [laughs] is this nauseating? yes, it's nauseating, but the plagiarism isn't even the worst part. again, to restate, kamala harris is the daughter of immigrants who came to the united states because we had freedom and freedom was what allowed her to become a united states senator despite having no personal accomplishments. but instead of celebrating the
5:48 pm
united states for the amazing place it is or was, kamala harris has decided to tell us once again, like they all do, this is a terrible country, it's a racist country and that's why we need more identity politics because that incidentally will make me more powerful. okay. you should know that she didn't come up with this herself. her running mate, that would be -- can't even remember his name, he can't remember his name, we know his name, he spent most of last year claiming that he was arrested for trying to free nelson mandela in south africa. here it is. >> i had a great honor of being arrested with our u.n. ambassador trying to get to see him on robbins island. >> [indiscernible] got arrested trying to see him down in south africa. nelson mandela. >> i came back from south africa trying to see nelson mandela and getting arrested for trying to see him on robbins island and he was in prison. >> tucker: that's right, joe biden single-handedly
5:49 pm
stormed robbins island to freeness mandela. horus, thanks so much for coming on. so i actually don't hold biden to account for this, he probably believes it. what annoys me, and i think is actually poisonous, is the point to the kamala harris story, which is this is about country and only by giving me more power we would be a good country. i feel like i hear that everywhere. have you noticed? >> yes, but i want to back up just a little. i don't want to give joe biden a complete free task. >> tucker: you're right. >> both of these two individuals ought to have been running on not the democrat ticket, but they should have been running on the fabulist ticket, the pair who can best make up woke stories so that they can appear to be so much aware, so much
5:50 pm
pro-the progressive vision, well admitting that they always knew how bad america was. apparently kamala knew it when she wasn't even two or three years of age. it's an amazing thing for her parents to come to america leaving their home countries so that they could come to this place only for their child to know the woke truth, america was this awful place and why would anyone even want to come here? i am really, really not surprised when she was named as his running mate, "newsweek" ran a survey in which a third of black working-class men said they would be less likely to vote for the democrats than they
5:51 pm
were before she got added to the ticket. >> tucker: i think that's exactly -- what a missed opportunity. i wouldn't kemal hurst come out and say both my parents grew up in british colonies, one of which had the caste system, literally the caste system and so they came here because it's a great country despite some obvious flaws, but basically there's nothing better. why not say that? why not celebrate america? >> there is this continuous need to hold this country in contem contempt. it isn't just an accident, it isn't just a coincidence, there is this idea that the best way to appeal to america to take a leadership role in america is by stomping on america. guess what? we are the greatest experiment in self-government that has happened for five centuries and we continue to improve. we ought to be celebrated rather
5:52 pm
than condemned. >> tucker: amen. i'm totally sick of it. horace cooper, great to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so could you be arrested and detained against her will in this country for catching the coronavirus? some legislators are trying to make that happen. also results from the races in georgia. we will bring it all to you in a moment. ♪
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bottom line is, mom's love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. (his voice) "baloney!" (automated voice) has joined the call. (voice from phone) hey, baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. >> tucker: how's this for reassuring? a bill working its way through the legislature in new york would allow the removal and detention of anyone who poses a quote significant threat to public health. what does that mean for coronavirus patients? does this mean the democrats want to separate people? thought they were against that. a new york assembly man joins us to discuss this. this is going around everywhere. everyone in washington has gotten this text version of this bill. should we be concerned about it?
5:58 pm
>> yes, i think we should be concerned. not only has this bill be around for a couple of years, it was just reintroduced in the 2021 session. we live in unprecedented times. a year ago if you would have told me a governor would shut down a restaurant, shut down churches, shut down anything that he wanted to, i wouldn't have taken this bill as seriously. but we have seen individual liberties slipping away day by day over the last nine or ten months. and this bill could become law. i have seen bills sit on the shelf and not ever be dealt with and then all of a sudden there's an opportunity, a crisis and they don't want to let it go to waste and then the bill becomes law, in the middle of the night usually, usually without much debate and usually tucked away in some kind of bill. what we need to do is raise our voices against it so that it doesn't happen. >> tucker: you're old enough to remember when democrats were the party of civil liberties. presumably this is being pushed by the left.
5:59 pm
i can't imagine republicans pushing this, right? >> very funny you say this. yes, civil liberties used to be part of the democratic platform. here's the due process you get. less than the due process than someone like sheik mohamed would get. this is directly from the bill. access will be facilitated to the extent feasible under the circumstances. so you can get a lawyer if it's feasible for us to get you a lawyer. that's amazing in the united states of america. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. you served this country in the marine corps, i think, in a war zone. you didn't think you'd come back to a country like this. >> no. that's an excellent point. thomas jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. the governor's office has been asked about this bill and the governor's office mocked those of us who are concerned about it. rather than take a position in favor of civil liberties, in favor of new yorkers, the constitution, the governor of
6:00 pm
new york mocked the critics. >> tucker: of course. great to see you. thank you for your vigilance. sean hannity takes over. >> hannity: welcome to hannity. it is 9 p.m. on the east coast, 6:00 p.m. on the west coast. polls in georgia have now been closed for two hours. tonight the vote counting continues. if possible, we will make a call this hour. both races expected to go down to the wire. could be too close to call for sometime to come. now, straight ahead, we'll have a county by county breakdown. bill hemmer, mark levine. eric trump joins us tonight. later we'll preview tomorrow's massive pro trump march in washington. we'll hear from senator ted cruz, leading an effort to force an election audit prior to the electoral votes being compiled by congress. first we turn back to georgia. two separate no


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