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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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electoral college challenge today. it is going to be a very busy day here on the channel. jillian: a lot of implications not just georgia but far beyond for our entire country and "fox & friends" has continuing coverage starting right now, bye-bye. ♪ >> georgia democrat raphael warnock will unseat republican senator kelly loeffler. >> georgia, i am honored by the faith you have shown. >> asking for every single georgian stay in the fight with us. >> but the battle for control of the senate still unclear as the race between senator david perdue and democrat jon ossoff is too close to call. >> meanwhile all of this is playing out thousands of trump supporters are gathering right now here in washington to protest. >> there is attention in the streets, no doubt. which i believe will translate into this rally. >> no kenosha law enforcement officer in this case will be charged. >> hundreds are the streets to protest that verdict. >> testimony chief police
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officer stated there was a threat. >> what has gone out with the rollout of the vaccine. >>s a lot of the demand. if i could finish my question. >> you said what was hand gone wrong. >> some of these networks are not trying to report facts anymore it's spinning any narrative they think can get ratings. steve: it's 6:01 on the east coast. a fox news alert. overnight you can see the checkmark right there. democrat reverend raphael warnock, the projected winner in his senate runoff against republican kelly loeffler. the race between david perdue and jon ossoff, as you can see right there is still too close to call. ainsley: it is. the showdown is expected to play out on capitol hill just hours from now. more than 100 g.o.p. lawmakers are vowing to challenge that electoral college certification of the presidential election results. brian: yep. this is a good day not to run a repeat there is so much live stuff. live with team coverage as pete hegseth is on the ground in
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washington and will cain is not. we left him in georgia. we could not get a ticket. also we have that whole runoff race to focus on. so, will, first off, with you, on the ground, one election decided. one not. will: that's absolutely right. as we wake up this morning, brian, it looks like rafael warnock has won the senate race in georgia. while the race between david perdue and jon ossoff is too close to call. the big story, the big take away for me is obviously how it impacts the nation. this wasn't just a local race. this was a national race. how it defines the democratic agenda for the next two years, possibly the next four years. but this also, brian, this also, ainsley and steve. how it predicts future elections in this country. what it says about who might win races in texas, and florida, and arizona and places like that in the future. the absolutely revolutionary impact of mail-in balloting in the year 2020 and now early in 2021. here is raphael warnock last
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night declaring victory as kelly loeffler says she is not giving up. >> georgia, i am honored by the faith that you have shown in me. i am going to the senate to work for all of georgia. no matter who you cast your vote for in this election. >> and i'm not going to stop working in the morning, in fact, i'm going to be heading to washington, d.c. to keep fighting for manying -- we're going to fight for this president. stay in the fight for us. we are going to keep fighting for you. i'm never going to stop fighting for this country, for the american dream, for each one of you so that every georgian has a voice in washington. if. ainsley: will, thank you so much for that report. we will check in with you throughout the, morning. will: okay. ainsley: i talked to a georgian yesterday when the state go
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purple or mr.. she believes in this case. she list in the atlanta area. she says warnock is considered he has the obama affect in the state of georgia. especially in the atlanta area. he is the pastor of ebenezer baptist churn. many martin luther king's church. and that carries a lot of weight. he would be the first or the first african-american democratic senator from a confederate state. when i asked her about ossoff she said he is young, he is vibrant. he are promised $2,000 checks to everyone. big tech. he is get genz vote on tiktok and snapchat on the time. if he wins the youngest elected democratic senator since joe biden he is 33 years old. i asked him what about kelly loeffler? what about david perdue? she said the people i'm talking to don't feel like they are very strong candidates to what the democratic party brought to our state. steve: will may have said that this was a national election.
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but, really it was the people of georgia who got to decide. and when you look at the campaign that this reverend warnock ran twice, because they had the run off again. he really tapped into voter frustration. he promised to enact new voting rights bills going forward. he said,like, we need, obviously, more affordable healthcare. and also what he did was he said i'm going to try to get more money for coronavirus. and, ainsley, you were talking about the $2,000 check. that's part of the coronavirus thing. but when you look at the fox news voter analysis it is pretty clear that six in 10 democrats think the number one issue facing the country right now, 6 in 10 is coronavirus. meanwhile, when you look at the republicans, three in 10 think the coronavirus is the biggest issue and, of course, the comeerks according to our voter analysis, number one. ainsley: talk to people now they are saying i'm sick of politics
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now i want this vaccine. steve: other thing and we are requesting to be talking about this throughout the day, is, you know, yesterday we were talking about "the washington post" article that said that the president felt that if they lost the republicans he would get of the blame. and he would not get the credit did they won. and this morning already, people are talking about well, you know, the fact that the president did say it was rigged and all those things like that, did that have an impact? you have got dave wasserman at the cook report, he says the republicans seem to have had a turnout problem because because in the counties north of atlanta, which are white and rural for the most part as many republicans did not turn out. wheres is in the atlanta suburbs the turnout was epic, brian. brian: there is nothing that will, ainsley, or you, steve, said that's inaccurate. we are still speculating and waiting on one race to come in. let's look at the overall picture. what's happened in five weeks? david perdue won by 88,000 votes
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and when the libertarian out you would think he is going to win 100,000 votes. what happened warnock if you look at yeah, he was highest in the jungle primary but when you look at the combined republican votes he should have lost by about 10. what happened over the last six weeks? while republicans were at each other's throat and there is a belief in georgia that the election is not accurate. that it's been stolen. when asked, are you confident that all voters -- all votes were counted accurately in the 2020 election on november 3rd. 98% of democrats said yes. 30% of republicans. so that could have led to the turnout problem although we don't know if we got over the million that republicans needed on the walk-up, meaning yesterday for them to be successful. overall, warnock won, perdue is losing by 16,000. will katie pavlich came to this conclusion about the country. >> the far left is gaining ground in places all across america, arizona is one of them.
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in georgia, in particular, this is supposed to be a reliably red state. and raphael warnock and jon ossoff are no joe manchin democrats. they are far left california style democrats. the idea that the left was able to swoop into georgia, get a number of new democrats registered and take these runoff races to this close of a margin against usual, typical republicans in georgia real is i less a lot about the organization and the republican party is going to have to catch up and defend their turf. i would say looking at texas in the future is something they have got to keep an eye on 5050 chairman championship for democrats 50/50 because of the vice president obviously. stopped counting. basically have 16,000 vote lead for jon ossoff unaccomplished 33-year-old but talented young person. who will be the youngest senator to go in if he gets this since this guy joe biden who won at 28
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years old. 17,000 military ballots yet to be counted. 4,000 absentee parking lots yet to be counted and are county that need to be tallied. they stopped. they will start, i believe during our show. steve: great. stay tuned for that. so we actually might have a winner in the next couple hours. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live in washington where congress is set to certify the presidential election results today. griff, there is a big rally there. republicans are furious. many of them are. griff: earth that's right. ainsley, brian, steve. we are expecting thousands of trump supporters out here rally. 17th street in washington outside the old executive building. the zans here to the ellipse. a lot of people in the press you see going in behind me. we are waiting to get through security ourselves. but you know the focus today, guys, is the tough day. the loilgt test that vice president mike pence is going to face today. now, his problems really began right around 1:00 a.m. when
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president trump tweeted this. he says if vice president mike pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency. many states want to decertify the mistakes they made incorrect and even fraudulent numbers in a process not approved irby their state legislatures, which it might be, mike can send it back. but the "new york times" reports this morning that pence told the president he did not have the power to block congressional certification to which the president also put out a statement saying, quote: the "new york times" report regarding the comments vice president pence supposedly made to me is fake news. he never said that the vice president and i are in total agreement that the vice president has the power to act. so, here's what we know at this time. vice president pence will preside over the electoral college certification. his role is largely ceremonial in overseeing the certification. we will see what happens. it begins at 1:00 p.m. today. pay attention, particularly to senators loeffler, hawley and
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cruz leading objections for the certification of the states of georgia, arizona, and pennsylvania. last night on hannity, cruz had this to say. listen. >> there are far too many people in washington who are saying dismiss the claims out of hand. don't look at them. don't consider them. that congress has to have a blindfold on. i don't think that's right. i think we have an obligation to the constitution to defend the rule of law. >> joining the senators are more than 100 house republicans but the effort is not expected to succeed because when they vote on the will thats the math doesn't add up. just to understand how much of a hail mary this is all three would have to succeed to again to open up a path for what president trump is suggesting we'll have to wait and find out. by the way, just another note in an interesting point on how crazy things seem today the government is hard at work. there is a story this morning reports that the national security agencies are being
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briefed on possible threats iran are making to avenge the death of soleimani. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: go ahead, steve. steve: thank you very much, griff. apparently on monday i will explain a little more about that story that griff was just talking about. on monday, new york air traffic controllers intercepted a message, a threat was heard and they said the voice it was a synthetic voice, computer generated we are flying a plane into the capitol on wednesday, soleimani will be avenged. of course, soleimani is the iranian general taken out with a thrown strike. the government does not believe that this is a credible threat; however, the pentagon believes that the threat is designed to suggest hitting the capitol the same day congress is set to go ahead and certify the electoral college vote. so who is behind it in the iranians? some political mischief maker? tonight know, brian.
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brian: couple of things. one element earlier point that griff made in his report is about the vice president michael pence, mostly ceremonial position it is. there is video of joe biden saying the same thing to the squad who was standing up protesting donald trump's election because these democrats, who were upset at president trump for not accepting the result of the electoral college, most of which are the same ones that never accepted donald trump as president in 2016. so you have absolutely no credibility. many number two, vice president mike pence has been as loyal as anybody has ever been to anybody in the history of man. if you ask is kellyanne conway all the way down the block, her quote is this vice president pence has been as loyal to the country, constitution and president the last four years as anybody. anybody who is reading into 2024 political calculations into his role into the certification process today doesn't know him. he doesn't -- he is really helpless to stop the electoral
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college results. he will gavel in, gavel out. there will be the protest that could go all kay. they will have the 11 cruz leave 11 senator. talk about three states in particular. there will be dozens of members of the house doing their protest and after hours, i believe the electoral college will be certified but i don't believe up are going down the right path. if anyone is blaming mike pence for the results of the november 3rd election, ainsley. ainsley: all right. so here is the agenda today. 11:00 a.m. in washington is the march for trump. the president is going to be there outside of the white house and he is going to address the cloud. then at 1:00 he is that's when congress gets together and they certify. there are 140, roughly, republicans that are going to protest this. they are going to object to it. and there will be a march to save america at 1:00 p.m. on the steps outside of the u.s. capitol. i talked to one friend whose mother is going and she is very worried for her mom's safety. let's bring in pete hegseth "fox & friends weekend" co-host from the national mall. what are they doing to make sure
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everyone is safe, pete? pete: well, there is a big presence here. police presence, national guard presence. no doubt about that. safety front and center, especially considering there were multiple arrests last night out front of the white house. but you mentioned that rally. it's right behind me is the stage march to save america rally. to save america here at 11:00. the president will be speaking there. his son, don jr., acre trump, a number of representatives and then organizers from the event will be speaking from that stage. and then about a half mile behind that of course capitol hill where the certification of the electoral college results will take place. and there could be additional protests throughout the day that are rolling. i think it's fair, guys, to describe and i don't think it's hyperbole to describe this moment as a constitutional tinderbox. you look at those -- the voter analysis from georgia and i think that holds right now now across our country. you have a vast majority of democrats believing that the election was legitimate. and you have got up to' 0% of
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republicans and trump supporters who belief there was significant voter fraud. that the election was stolen. and as a result, a presidency of joe biden would be illegitimate and when you have got a certification and an objection of popular senators and house members, a vice president presiding and a president who is clearly frustrated with all of you who it's been handled and will be speaking from that stage in just mere hours, it's unclear how things will unfold today but there is no doubt we remain a country divided. you can feel it here in washington, d.c. that division, guys. pete: hey, pete, isn't it amazing that the mayor of d.c. is asking the national guard to help out. same national guard she wouldn't allow to stay overnight in a hotel that she disparaged a few months ago? steve: pete was part of that. brian: you were wearing the camouflage. pete: i was wearing the camouflage last time now i'm carrying the microphone. we will see how things unfold. listen, it's better to be safe than sorry in this particular instance, i think. but you are right. there is always a
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characterization that it's trump supporters that are the ones that are going to be the problem. when the reality is those are peaceful protests ongoing. it's the antifa folks they should be keeping an eye on. brian: thanks, folks. steve: speaking of antifa. we told you yesterday that josh hawley's house in the washington, d.c. area got a visit from antifa's protesters a couple of nights ago as you can see them outlines of his house. remember, he, josh hawley, from the great state of missouri is one of the senators objecting to the electoral college vote certification later on today. he was on with laura last night and had this observation about those people with the mega phones outside his house while he was in missouri and his wife was inside terrified. >> i love this antifa group now says oh, it was a candlelight vigil we were singing songs like a church choir with bull horns screaming at my wife demanding
3:18 am
come out, come out, pounding on our door, knowing after she has asked them to please leave shouting down be neighbors come out and talk to them. they turn the bull horns on them. won't leave until police show up. this is unbelievable. the bottom line, laura, if it can happen to my family it can happen to any family in america. people should be safe in their homes. this kind of garbage should not happen. steve: that kind of stuff we have seen so much of the last couple of years, ainsley. ainsley: josh hawley now wants state by state. every state determines how they are going to do their own election. he is saying maybe it's time to bring in the federal government. he want to pass the election integrity laws in congress just to make sure that the guys who are standing behind people with the ballots. the people who are watching to make sure everything is done above board, that make sure that they are all in place, that they have access to the ballots. they are all the same distance away from the people who are actually looking at the ballot and certifying them. he wants to make sure the mail-in balloting is not
3:19 am
fraudulent, brian. brian: there will be a strategy to what they are doing, it's hard to imagine a scenario where they are going to be successful in overturning the totals in the electoral college. but i do think it's a one way or the other conversation for america to have when it comes to voting rules. ohio straightened everything out. florida straightened everything out. there needs to be examination of the other states. ainsley: i heard one of the republicans say we are not trying to overturn the election. trying to make sure there is integrity in the election going forward. steve: exactly. we all want what threw a monkey wrench into everything was covid. when the federal government gets involved in how states operate, that is a problem. that's what federalism is all about. and the states had their rules. but then covid hit and they tried to figure a way to do it and that's how we have got to where we are today. brian: right. so we had no excuse mail-in balloting. jillian mele no excuse for her. you have had 20 minutes to get from one set to another. thankfully you are on our second
3:20 am
floor ready to update us on the news. jillian: that's right. good morning to you. let's begin with this fox news alert now. protests breaking out in kenosha, wisconsin, over a decision not to, that officers involved in the jacob blake shooting. the president of the police union is parading the ada's d.a. attempted to take him into custody giving him verbal commands, juggling and deploying tasers. mr. blake could have and should have complied with their lawful orders. evidence shows the officer fired in self-defense. blake was armed with a knife when he was shot several times leaving him paralyzed. his attorney secretary of state the decision, quote: further destroys trust in our justice system. a florida vaccine site reaches capacity before gate even opened. hundreds of seniors camping out at daytona stadium as the city began turning people away before the first shot of the day were even given out. 70% of covid-19 vaccines are still sitting in freezers across the country.
3:21 am
the surgeon general is now calling on states to relax rules and speed up vaccinations. customs and border protection happy to announce the completion of a 450-mile wall along the southwestern border. >> as a simple reminder of promises made to the american people and promises kept,. >> acting commissioner mark morgan says congress has also approved funding for an additional 350 miles of wall systems. meanwhile morgan warns biden's proposed policy changes have already emboldened human smugglers and cartels. agents already seeing an increase on border arrivals. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: good deal. thank you are so much, jillian. back to our top story. democrat raphael warnock projected to win his georgia senate run off race unseating kelly loeffler. here with what this says about the state of georgia politics is georgia congressman jody hice. good morning, jody. >> good morning, good to be with
3:22 am
you. ainsley: good to have you. what's the reaction in your state? is there is a shift in the state or were the republican candidates just not strong enough? >> no, listen, there are multiple factors here unfortunately still one of the highlight is what the secretary of state of georgia did in sending out the applications for absentee ballots to everyone on the voter registration list. that really is going to come to somewhere in the ballpark of about half a million people who are will ineligible voters in georgia who received an application to vote. and with that our be a sen be tee ballots in georgia have no voter i.d. and with the movement of ourselves there is virtually no signature verification. so, i mean that, georgia may be changing somewhat, but i believe still the state is somewhere between 3% to 5% red. if we remove all the political -- so there is a lot in all of this.
3:23 am
ainsley: what do you think is going to happen with the david perdue and jon ossoff race? it's very close but you know these counties better than we do. what county have still not counted completely and which county we don't know the results for? are those crack counties or more republican. >> i really don't know, ainsley, i have not looked at all that detail yet this morning many. >> there is no way to make a prediction at this point. this is razor thin, and we are all just sitting back on pated breath to see what's going to happen. the consequences of this obviously go far, far beyond georgia. this really is going to determine the political philosophy of our country going forward whether we're going to embrace socialism or freedom. we are all waiting on baited breath to see the outcome. ainsley: i was talking to a georgia voter earlier last night and she said even other son who is 6 years old knows all the candidates. even during the cartoons there
3:24 am
are so many commercials. what's happening today certification. you are one of the republicans that is objecting to this. tell us more about that. why did you decide to do it and what do you want to see? >> well, you know, the number one cause is the tremendous amount of agencies of fraud throughout the country. not only in georgia but several other states. and the one sacred trust that we have in this country is the ballot box. that is the place where people go to voice their opinion, their desire for the direction of our country and those who will represent them. and when that ballot box and the trust of the security of that ballot box is in question, it is incumbent, it is the duty of elected officials to stand up and to defend that right. and unfortunately, we have had many states where that that has not taken place in a manner that it should have. and this is kind of the last place that it comes. and so congress has a role to stand up and question some of the electoral votes that have come in from the various states,
3:25 am
georgia included. and i'm honored to be a part of that to stand are to the sacredness of the blo ballot bo. ainsley: mr. hice thank you so much for being with us: cnn going viral for rrg viral are. the question was never about the many public. heated exchange after the break. . or, give you unusually high energy, even when depressed. overwhelmed by bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms, with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke.
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>> i don't seek validation by the media. what i seek is supporting citizens of my state. some of these networks, obviously they have agendas. they are doing narratives. they are not trying to report facts anymore. weigh are going to continue keeping our eye on the ball and working as hard as we can to deliver results. steve: there you have got florida governor ron desantis pushing back after a cnn reporter are appears to block him for vaccination issues in florida. listen to this. >> what has done with wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we have seen phone lines jammed, web sites crashing. >> a lot of in and, i think. >> if i could finish. >> excuse me. you just set what has gone wrong, i'm answering the question. >> are if i could complete the question though. >> are you going to give a speech or ask a question? steve: all right. here with reaction. fox news contributor and media opinion columnist for the hill joe concha. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve.
3:30 am
happy wednesday. as wednesdays are happy. steve: indeed. one of the things that they are too long down this florida which is different than the rest of the country ron desantis has said look, this is a state with a lot of people who are over 65. i want those people who are over 65 and at risk to get the vaccine. and so the hospitals are administering it and, yet, she goes ever a him for what purpose? >> well, and you are exactly right about that. more than 20% of florida's population is over 65 and desantis says that's the highest risk area. that's where we need to go first. there is a big demand for it as a result of these hospitals. just to be clear, desantis has pivoted. he is now allowing supermarkets and churches and testing sites to also distribute the vaccine to fix the problem. because this is unprecedented clearly, and there is going to have to be pivots and adjustments. that question that was asked during that cnn exchange, you see the reporter on the screen and then you desantis. how often do you see during an outside press conference a gaggle where the reporter gets a
3:31 am
camera and the person being questioned gets a camera. the reason why you do that is you are looking as the reporter to do a montage with the sole intention not to get answer for the public but to push a narrative and to go with viral. that's the big tell there. another tell is how many times, steve, have you seen cnn send national reporters to press conferences of andrew cuomo or phil murphy here in new jersey for me or governor newsom or governor north testimony that as far as asking them everything they have been doing wrong with the pandemic and particularly the vaccines where everything has been slow in those states as well? desantis is the target because, a, there is an r next to his name and b they see him as a possible 2024 presidential candidate if president trump decides not to run. steve: joe, interest is a good possibility that a lot of people watching this channel at this time were not watching cnn at that time. so, after that report, after that exchange, cnn host brianna
3:32 am
ceerl said what about mr. desantis? >> well, it was interesting. this is a pattern with cnn. would he saw it with jim acosta during white house press conferences or april ryan where they will get into a confrontation, oftentimes contrived ones either with a sarah huckabee sanders or sean spicer. victim tom mizeed because that particular person in power or spokesperson was so mean to them. this cnn anchor that you mentioned a daytime anchor, mind you, then goes on to call desantis an explicative on the air. and, again, that's not to inform, that's to perform. that's what it's become at this point for many in journalism, performance art. so she calls him the a word and of course that goes viral, too. that's the whole point now it's the look at me too movement for many in journalism by dropping explicatives or getting into confrontations by doing monologues instead of asking pointed questions that inform the public, steve. steve: at least ron desantis is taking the questions. and trying to answer what he
3:33 am
believed was the question so he started right there. but, you know, to your earlier point about where the hard questions here in new york, you know, new york has had a terrible rollout. the state. the governor is blaming the mayor. the mayor is blaming the governor. the state of new york will not release the number of vaccines as they have actually put in people's arms. the "new york post" has been asking for the last couple of days they finally found from the cdc apparently just shy of 300,000 doses have been given to new yorkers. which is 1500 toes for every 100,000 new yorkers. that is not very efficient. >> no, it's not. and the governor is never going to be asked about that because the governor happens to have a brother that has a prime time anchor spot on cnn. so, therefore, he gets a pass. and that's the conflict of interest that we are talking about. anyway, steve, got to go taking down the christmas lights today. i held out for as long as i can. you never want to be that guy in the neighborhood. i have a feeling another week or
3:34 am
two. steve: that day is today 12 days after christmas. january 6th. joe, thank you very much. thank you, joseph. >> take care, sir. steve: all right. ♪ing. steve: 27 manipulates before the top of the hour. fox news alert. protests in kenosha, wisconsin, overnight as the police officer who shot jacob blake will not be charged criminally. our law enforcement panel is going to break down the evidence behind that decision you are going to want to hear it, it's coming up next on "fox & friends." , inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only
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50 years or older? ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert as we cover two major stories this morning be overnight raphael warnock the projected winner in the senate runoff bid against republican you can kelly loeffler. the race between david perdue and jon ossoff is stew too close to call at this point. brian: show down expected to play off. thousands have expected to rally. many are there already in d.c.
3:39 am
while congress meets to certify the presidential election. chaos on the inside and outside. steve: we are live with team coverage right now. pete hegseth is on the ground in d.c. first we start with will cain standing by in georgia. will, you know, stacey abrams and her groups get out the vote effort appears to be one of the reasons why joe biden won in november and now when you look at according to the fox news voter analysis, about six in 10 georgia voters were contracted -- contacted, rather, 6 in 10 contacted by the democrat groups. whereas only about 5 in 10 owere contacted by the republicans. so, it looks like stacey abrams and the democratic get out the vote efforts did a better job getting out the vote. will: yeah. they had a big impact on the outcome of this election. here is i think the three big impacts, steve, really quickly. number one you factor in the role that linwood had in tell
3:40 am
people not to vote. i don't know what kind of swing that produced in this election but it certainly caused i'm sure some people out there to decline to vote in this election number two, and this is the biggest. it's absolutely true that are mail in balloting no excuse mail in balloting produced a massive role from this election and will going forward. coronavirus affected our families, businesses and how we elect politicians in this country. that is the biggest influence in my opinion. lastly, really quickly, steve. i would say georgia has been trending purple for some time. this isn't the first election where we have seen democrats gain power in georgia. and watch that because it's not just in georgia. it will be happening in places like texas, florida we know has gone back and forth purple red, blue. through time. this is a growing trend and one to watch as we go forward. ainsley: a lot of democrats up here in new york are moving south during coronavirus. will: exactly, ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much,
3:41 am
will. let's bring in pete hegseth he is the weekend "fox & friends" co-host. good morning, pete. what's going on in d.c. this morning? pete: good morning good morning. what is going on in d.c. -- what isn't going on in d.c. save america rally. pan over here that's the stage. we just got let in alongside media. griff jenkins is with us up the road. washington monument down capitol hill where the certification electoral college is going to happen today at 1:00. that is going to be contested. the vice president will preside and ultimately multiple senators and congressman will be objecting to the certification of multiple states which will lead to a very public debate. going to be broadcast across the country. a debate that a lot of people want to have. and we talked about the exit polls out of georgia are othe voter analysis believe the results in noe were fraudulent. were not above board. as a result that debate is one they want to hear that they feel
3:42 am
is overdue. evidence that has not been sufficiently presented. in addition to that debate and as a preview to it. the president of the united states will be on that stage at 11:00 in about three and a half hours joined as well by his son don jr., eric trump. multiple representatives and people who put this event together, which is women for trump as well. so, in the shadow of the white house with the stage in the ellipse here in washington, d.c. this -- it does feel like a constitutional tinderbox. you have got people who view what happened in november very, very differently. fund meltsly to their soul. and we are going to talk to attendees here and it will be reflected in what happens in the street and the halls of congress just hours from now, guys. brian: thanks so much, pete. going to be very interesting. see if the president shows up as well. ♪ he meanwhile turning to a fox news alert. officer involved in the shooting jacob blake will not face
3:43 am
charges. here the decision law enforcement retired c'mone wingo former nypd officer dr. odom and garr dean know in fulton county, new york. richard, start with you, was this a correct decision as outlined extension selfly and great detail by the district attorney? >> absolutely the correct decision. he has got to be fairenned a firm and he has got to do what he is ethical bound to do. i give him a lot of credit. he did the right thing. they reviewed everything we have got to acknowledge it's tragedy for everyone involved. police did not escalate the situation and they were justifying using deadly force to prevent mr. blake from retrieving the knife or stabbing the officers taking off with the children. brian: when you look at the details of this case he did have a knife. originally not seen on video. he did have the knife.
3:44 am
he dropped the knife. he picked the knife up. also tased multiple times. they took the tongues out and just kept walking. what does that tell you about this incident i object where there are no winners by the way? >> right. definitely no winners. but, the saying i would put to this is lawful but awful. i repeat. lawful, but awful. they followed the procedures, they followed the protocol. interest was unfortunate incident. and police officers do not go to work every day saying that i want to shoot somebody. it was a situation where he refused the taser, he was shot with the tasers and he still kept on going. and then there was a threat because of the fact that he went inside the vehicle and also he had a weapon. it's an unfortunate situation but this shows you the split second decisions that officers are faced with. and they should be backed when they are making these decisions like i said it was it was lawful
3:45 am
but awful. brian: is i michael cohen just to go through the cases so many of them sadly. we find out that a woman called and asked for help. that it turns out that jacob blake allegedly was saying these are my keys. it's my rent a car i'm taking them. he wouldn't give them back. that's when the cops come there. they also find out that blake had an active felony warrant. so that played into it. the fact that he kept walking through the cops, that played into it. but having said that, using a terrorize, do you think this is in retrospect, legality aside, when the law enforcement community or superior officer looks at the way they handle this, was this handled well? >> well, yes, brian. i believe so. because we are taught levels of how to address the situation. and we want to start with the most -- with the nonlethal level. the terrorize was the first option. but you have to understand. so that was what the officers were more than likely trying to
3:46 am
do. but you have to understand jacob blake was a violent domestic abuser who resist threats and he was shot. all he had to do listen to the police commands, will do what the police asked them to do. and everything would have been okay. they knew they were going to arrest him because of his warrant. awful he had to do was just do what the police officers asked him to do. so he was out -- he could have controlled the situation. and so this circumstance, these circumstances were mainly because jacob blake brought them on. his family called the police. my suggestion to anybody who is listening, if if the police -- if someone calls the police on you and the police arrive and you are still there, just do what the police officers ask you to do. and don't try to be the person who says i'm big, i'm bad, i don't have to do what the police officers say. these officers had to escalate this situation and because of it jacob blake was shot. brian: as the district attorney pointed out he said i've never been a police officer.
3:47 am
i never feel as though as a minority that i'm targeted by law enforcement. he says analyzing the situation, the shooting seven times, even though he was shot seven times at very close range, they said there is not a reason -- there is a reasonable doubt that he would not be found guilty so not going to press charges. richard, i ask you this, when people talk about policing, they talk about no chokeholds, right? they want to make sure thatting these would be -- these suspects are tee it and i. but they don't want to use lethal force. are we hamstringing police officers by not training them to ouse wrestling maneuvers? some type of restraint so it doesn't come to shooting? after all, jacob blake walked through three officers. >> well, no. we do need more training, definitely. the chokeholds are not so much concerned about. i'm concerned about portland, seattle banning pepper spray and
3:48 am
tear gas. those are continuum of force that the officer had mentioned. what we don't do well enough as law enforcement is educate the public and we don't educate the media and the elected officials. pause there is a continuum of force that both of the officers already mentioned. and they started with a verbal with him. then they put hands on. then they tased him twice. and the escalation was not by the police officers. and i suggest two things. one, switch the colors and make it that the police officer is plaque and the mr. blake was white, and you would have had the same result in this case. and one of the problems is we always rush to the 30-second clip at the end which is disturbing and as the officer said lawful but awful. and what we have to do is wait and deliberately review the case like this d.a. did. i credit him because he could have presented to a grand jury and let them at least make the same decision that he made but he has the courage be to stand up and say ethical i can't go
3:49 am
forward. and the officers clearly were in fear, had enough knowledge tattoo use deadly force. and those people who say shoot the knife out of his hand or shoot him in the arm, that's ridiculous. many lectured us. lawyers lectured about ethics and law enforcement use of force many times. ,. brian: yeah that was joe biden who said shoot them in the arm or leg. >> it was i didn't want to mention that. brian: i did. the lawyer for jacob blake said were the officers in harms way. they said he fell thre they faiy and jacob blake. obviously a different opinion. will will thank you, appreciate it. >> you are welcome. thank you. brain brian thank you. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, texas attorney ken paxton set to speak at the rally in d.c. today. he joins us with a preview of his message next.
3:50 am
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♪ steve: well, this morning, supporters of the president are in washington, d.c. to rally in support of republicans' objections, some republicans' objections ahead of the electoral college certification that happens at 1:00 this afternoon, including our next guest, ainsley. ainsley: texas attorney general
3:54 am
ken paxton joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: good morning. i know there have been so many efforts on your part to try to just research the election and make sure everything was done above board you are going to washington today. which rally, are you going to be at the march at 11:00 a.m. where the president is speaking or the 1:00 p.m. at the certification. >> my hope is to be at both of those events. ainsley: what can we expect? >> you know, i think people are coming here for several reasons. one, to support a president they think has done a really amazing be jo. two, i think a lot of these people have immense concerns about the election and this is the last thing they feel like they can stand up and say hey, we think things went wrong in some of these states and today is the day that this gets certified. i think they want to do whatever they can because they feel like this may be their last chance to stand up and say hey, something went really wrong. brian: is this more therapy or is there a legal challenge? >> you know, i don't know. the challenge is whether you
3:55 am
have enough, you know, representatives, whether senate or house, to not certify parts of the election. that's really what is going on today. i think a lot of these people came also to support those senators and house members who are willing to speak up and say hey, something went wrong here. and we're going to at least going to have the debate. steve: indeed. >> the fox news voter analysis shows the majority of republicans 7 out of 10 believe the november election was not accurate; however, going forward, mr. paxton, you know there is not much that can happen today, it looks like it's a done deal. i mean, mitch mcconnell for the most part is on board with joe biden and so there's going to be a lot of frustration, isn't there. >> i think there is a lot of frustration. i think that's why a lot of people are coming to this rally to hear one more time the president speak. there is a lot of frustration about what happened in these states. we know that state law wasn't followed. hey, look, many of these states
3:56 am
that we sued did not follow their own state law. they didn't follow the constitution. fundamentally americans know something went wrong and think think they are concerned. ainsley: ken paxton, thank you for joining us. good luck today. congressman jim jordan and many more coming up. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on
3:57 am
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4:00 am
loeffler. >> i am going to senate to work for all of georgia. >> we are fighting for you. this is about protecting the american dream. jillian: battle for control of the senate still unclear as the race between senator david perdue and jon ossoff is too close to call. >> are this really is going to determine the political philosophy of our country, whether he would are going to embrace socialism or freedom. ainsley: hours from now more than 100 g.o.p. lawmakers are vowing to challenge that electoral college certification. griff: the effort is not expected to succeed because when they vote on the challenges the math doesn't add up? what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine. >> i think the in and at the end of the day. >> if i could finish my question. >> you just said what has gone wrong. >> some of these networks are not trying to report facts anymore. >> desantis is a target because r next to his name and b they see him as a possible 2024 candidate. ♪ brian: all right. straight to a fox news alert. as we cover two major stories at the same time this morning.
4:01 am
overnight democrat raphael warnock, the reverend, the projected winner in a stunning upset in the runoff against republican kelly loeffler. didn't end there. the race between david perdue and jon ossoff is too close to call but ossoff has about a 16,000 vote lead with many more votes yet to be counted. steve: with as you can see in the corner with 99% of the precinct reporting. also the showdown expected to play out today on capitol hill and that's why we are looking at the capitol, ainsley. ainsley: plenty are planning to rally. congress planning to certify the presidential election. i was talking to a georgia voter last night what's happening? i grew up in south carolina. very close it georgia. we also went to atlanta to go to the big city. and it was very conservative. all of that state, remember newt gingrich if he ran today he wouldn't even win he is from cobb county he wouldn't win his district because it's so blue now. and this georgia voter said that even her son is watching.
4:02 am
all of these he is 6 years old knows all of these candidates by heart because of all the commercials. even during his cartoons. she said two democratic candidates were invigorating and great on the debate stage. warnock minister at ebenezer baptist church martin luther king's church. that really resonates especially with the black community. he is considered like a local obama would be a worshiped man interest. ossoff is young and vibrant and all over social media. he declared his candidacy on tiktok and big tech has poured a lot of money into these campaigns. when i asked about the republican candidates, she didn't feel like they were strong enough. not as strong as the democratic cap democrats. brian. brian: well, a couple things, reverend warnock belongs on the squad. that's how left wing he is. i'm not saying he is not talented. i'm not saying he is not strong on his feet and very conversant with the issues issues.
4:03 am
but he is flying to the left in a state that's been traditionally red. it is stunning to see what has happened over the last six weeks the way he has gotten enough momentum and enough votes to actually beat a republican appointed by a republican governor in kelly loeffler. $500 million was spent by all the candidates in the super pacs in this area. loeffler was not a strong debater. warnock was better. but senator perdue's decision not to show up for his debate and give ossoff all that time maybe was part of the reason why he was able to close an 88,000 vote gap in 'just six weeks. here's warnock talking about his historic victory. >> georgia, i am honored by the faith that you have shown in me. i am going to the senate to work for all of georgia. no matter who you cast your vote for in this election. >> and i'm not going to stop working.
4:04 am
in the morning, in fact, i'm going to be heading to washington, d.c. to keep fighting for -- that's right. [cheers and applause] we're going to fight for this president, stay in the fight with us. we are going to keep fighting for you. i'm never going to stop fighting for this country, for the american dream. for each one of you so that every georgian has a voice in washington. are. steve: it sounded last night as she was going to make a statement about 11:00. they put it off, they put it off. they put it off. as you can hear right now she still has not conceded the race although fox news and other news outlets have gone ahead and said that reverend warnock is the projected winner. he will be the first black democrat elected from the south. he also is the first democrat from georgia since 2000. ainsley: you mean as a senator. steve: as a senator, indeed. because we are talking about the u.s. senate race. one other thing, stacey abrams
4:05 am
who famously had the get out the vote effort down in georgia in november regarding the presidential was very effective with joe biden and, according to our fox news voter analysis was very effective in getting the word out to the voters of georgia. a number -- let's see, about 6 in 10 faye voter were contacted -- about 60% by the democrats. only about 50% of georgia voter were actually contacted by the republicans. so, on this wednesday morning, people are probably saying why didn't we have a bigger get out the vote effort? we have gotten out the reporters onto the streets and we have pete hegseth in d.c. along with griff jenkins and will cain stands by in georgia where will, you know, it can be an earth if both democrats win this race. will: it could, steve. it could absolutely change the balance of power. we have been talking about that
4:06 am
for some months. what does that mean? we talked about the voter turnout can. steve, you were just talking about stacey abrams role in turning out voters here in georgia. we talked about the growth in mail-in balloting. i think there has been another phenomenon the last four years. that's been the attraction of the casual political viewer and voter over the last four years. but most of that has been common leader. that come man leader that objection general by president trump. whether you are pro-or anti-president trump. meanwhile if you are a casual voter drift in the democratic party will are symbolized by raphael warnock. a democratic party embraced concepts like defund the police. authoritarian rule by big tech. a father drifted far to the left over the last four, five, six years i know you talked to jody
4:07 am
hice earlier on the show drift left the way could go with the senate, the house, and the presidency. listen it is raiser thin. we are sitting back with baited breath to see what's going to happen. the consequences of this obviously go far, far beyond georgia. this really is going to determine the political philosophy of our country going forward whether we're going to embrace socialism or freedom. will: i think everybody is going to get to know exactly what that drift will look like. you know as a sports fan i love top five lists. i give you my three reasons why georgia went this way. ainsley did out of four when i was listening to you earlier. i do think it needs to be pointed out whether or not republicans decline to pull out. will the role of mail-in balloting. whether georgia was drifting towards a purple state. candidates could have been stronger.
4:08 am
i think kelly loeffler was not in touch with a lot of people in georgia. people have will ownership of this as well. ainsley: people are upset they wish the governor a pointed collins for that position because he has so much experience and his name recognition alone. look, if you watched the debate warnock debate he is an order. he is a minister. he does this for a living. and. steve: great communicator. ainsley: yes. in the south when you are a big time pastor of a church, you are so well respected. i'm sure that had something to do with it too. brian: a church that invited fidel castro to speak who reverend wright mentored who said god damn america. so, congratulations reverend warnock but i many a just confused about how he represents the people of georgia. will. ainsley: it's a historic popular church, brian. steve: thank you very much. i did read one bit of analysis regarding what you were talking about, brian. i believe in the atlanta journal constitution this morning and they say that one of the things that really motivated people to
4:09 am
get out to vote for reverend warnock was the fact that republicans were going after things he had said in his sermons. and people of faith did not like that. and they turned out in big numbers for him. brian brian i didn't like what he said in hisser is none mondays so there you go. ainsley: i think people who really study the bible what he meant by that couldn't serve two gods. he shouldn't have said military made veterans and people upset. if you are a church goer you knew what he meant by that which is you can't serve two masters as the bible says. brian right. i find it interesting that georgia is a state with a fourth largest number of military retired and active and those 17,000 military ballots active are yet to be counted yet. so that could give david perdue a little bit of help. steve: just one other thing whereas the finger pointing is going to start. senior republican campaign official so so, campaign
4:10 am
officials with eesht the loeffler or perdue camp are blaming the president for the loss he has said reedilied that the election in november was rigid and stolen from him. they said their pollin poll shot their narrative of balance of power is hanging on georgia and how important it is to keep republicans there with the checks and balances. that was not as powerful or got as much traction as the president repeatedly saying the elections is rigged because people then just didn't show up up for the polling yesterday in some cases. brian: yeah. we will see how it's ha. there is still hope out there for david perdue but he has 16,000 vote deficit as of now. griff jenkins joins us live in washington where congress is set to certify the presidential election results. you know, griff, at one point, this was a ceremonial thing. usually in and out.
4:11 am
it was a little controversial in 2016. it's going to be a lot of friction today. griff: that's right, brian, ainsley, and steve. good morning. this is going to be a day for the history books for sure. and one thing that is playing out right now is the amount of pressure president trump is putting on his most loyal lieutenant vice president mike pence. overnight he tweeted this. quote: if vice president mike pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency. many states want to decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect and even fraudulent numbers in a process not approved by their state legislative temperatures, which it must be. mike can send it being ba. the "new york times" reports this morning that pence told the president he did not have the power to block congressional certification. now, the president put out a statement calling that fake news. saying that they were in agreement he and vice president pence. now, here is what we know at the moment. vice president pence will preside over the electoral
4:12 am
college vote couldn't. his role is largely ceremonial overseeing that certification. when it all begins at 1:p.m. look for senators loeffler hawley and ted cruz to objections for certification of the states georgia, arizona, and pennsylvania. last night cruz talked a little bit about it. here's what he had to say. >> there are far too many people in washington who are saying dismiss the claims out of hand. don't look at them. don't consider them. that congress has to have a blindfold on. i don't think that's right. i think we have an obligation to the constitution to defend the rule of law. griff: joining the senators is, of course, more than 100 house republicans but the effort is not expected to succeed because, when they vote, the math doesn't add up. the house is run by speaker nancy pelosi. democrats in the senate is a very narrow margin and the republican numbers are not there. now, while all this is playing out, as if all of that wasn't enough drama, there is a national security threat being
4:13 am
reported this morning by cbs. it's a message sent by iran that is being picked up, it was sent to air traffic controllers. let me show it to you it is pretty blunt. it says bluntly we are flying a plane into the capitol on wednesday. we will avenge soleimani's death. that is really remarkable to have that sort of threat here down where we are on the ellipse obviously standing just blocks away from the capitol and the white house. we will see how things go. look for that certification, brian, ainsley and steve, to drag very long because every time a state contests a certification, they have to have two hours of debate and they have to vote on it ultimately. this could go well into tomorrow. guys? ainsley: and your heart could go on. from the song be? is. steve: by celine b tee on is h . brian: what goes on longer doesn't that song go on for an
4:14 am
hour. steve: going to preside over this session. and always been largely ceremonial. but then it sounds as if every time they go -- whose phone is that? ainsley: brian's computer. brian: evidently you said something. steve: you know we are doing a tv show. every time he is going to go down the list of the states. and every time one of the senators brings up an objection to a state, for instance, arizona, going to be one of the ted cruz objects to. then they are going to break the house from the senate going separate corners and they are going to have up to two hours of debate. each person who objects is going to get five minutes. but what's interesting is, you know, for days the president has said that the vice president has the power to reject the electors and, yet, when you look at the constitution there is explicitly nothing in it that gives the vice president that power. and that probably is where that story came from in the "new york
4:15 am
times" it said that the vice president told the president yesterday at lunch i don't think i can do this, ainsley. ainsley: more ceremonial. the white house did say that pence he is going to follow the law. let's bring in pete hegseth. he is there in washington. we have trump speaking at 11:00 the march for trump and 1:00 during the certification, we have the march to save america, right, pete? steve: and the titanic still playing. pete: still have the titanic going. a little close to the speakers. it always goes on. griff general kidnaps did a great job summarizing what's going on in washington, d.c. today. you mentioned the pressure of what be on as he watches congress today. four hours from now the president of the united states will be standing on this podium, the white house is right behind it. you can't quite see it right now, you saw the tweets yesterday that came out putting pressure on the president to step in and intervene. what will he say from the podium today? we will find out on the fox news
4:16 am
channel. his two sons will also be speaking, dan bongino, katrina peterson. mo brooks, as well as organizers for women for america first. and, guys, right now the crowd is starting to walk in. they just opened the doors. you are actually going to look at the first few folks that will be coming in. they have been waiting for hours. and the chants that are come time and time again are stop the steal. stop the steal. we saw it coming out of georgia. that 70% of republicans who believe that the election in november was not legitimate, that it was stolen. that may have had an effect on georgia but no doubt it has an effect on the hearts of this city right now of americans. i have friends who have texted me who are not very political saying i'm coming to washington, d.c. because i can't handle what's happening to my country. i think it's not an understatement to say we're in a constitutional tinderbox right now with people on both sides believing there is legitimacy
4:17 am
and illegitimacy based on things they feel in their heart and love of their country. donald trump will articulate a lot of that today from the staging. he will have thousands of supporters here and dozens of senators and congressman on the house of representatives objecting with that long debate that will go on and on. will the rally go on longer and longer. we will see. there were arrests last night. will there be contention tonight? that's a possibility as well. now we have i believe justin timberlake. back to you guys. brian: thank you very much. pete. for the record if you haven't watched the titanic leonardo decaprio does drown. is he not a real person. a fictional character to make the movie move quicker. steve: based on an actual event. ainsley: i hope earn has seen the movie now you know what happens? steve: 20 years ago. brian: got a chance be to hear the song. coronavirus we sadly can in the get away from. 355,000 americans have lost their lives.
4:18 am
nearly 21 million cases in the country. and the big race now is to get a vaccine. a vaccine that's been given out to 4.8 million people. there are 17 million doses given out. one of the people leading the charge are the governors. governor desantis doing as good a job as anyone trying to figure out the best way to get this vaccine to the greatest number of people, period. that really. steve: over 65. brian: over 65. first responders, i'm not going to do that. i'm going to go for 65 and up. poem are making all types of adjustment was to try to get the vaccine to as many people as possible. that wasn't good enough for a cnn reporter. her name is rosa flores. evidently governor desantis is the only one having problems with this. listen to this exchange and the follow-up from a cnn anchor. >> what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we have seen phone lines jammed, web sites crashing. >> a lot of demand i think at the end of the day. >> if i could. >> excuse me. >> if i could fi finish my
4:19 am
question. >> i said what was ghoon wrong. >> the to complete it for you, governor, we have seen websites crash and also senior citizens waiting overnight for the vaccine. >> did you investigate why? >> could you tell us why? >> pause we distributed vaccines to hospitals and there is a lot of demand for it. so people are going to want to go ahead nkd so you are saying there was no plan from the state to make sure that senior citizens didn't wait outside overnight? >> so the state is not dictating to hospitals how -- we are not dictating to carlos magoia how he runs his operations here that would be a total disaster. these guys are much more competent to be able to deliver healthcare services than a state government could ever be. >> you have been a tireless questioner of governor desantis as florida has had a number of issues with it coronavirus response, which might be part of the reason why he was being such an [bleep]. up stead of just answering your question. steve: we had to beep that. that was an actual anchor on cnn
4:20 am
calling the governor of that state that name. brian: i will take florida's response any day in almost any other state in the union. your serve, steve. steve: can you imagine if somebody said that about governor cuomo in new york after his ill advised decision to go ahead and send nursing home patients back into nursing homes where thousands of them died? one of the things that is going on here in new york state right now is they will not respond, unlike governor desantis to the number of people who have gotten shots. ththe "new york post" asked on monday and tuesday how many and the governor and the mayor who are fighting with each other. brian: as usual ysh. steve: would not respond. so they found the number from the cdc website. something like 300,000 people here in new york state have done it so far. that averages out to about 1500 doses for every 100,000 people. down in florida, brian and
4:21 am
ainsley, brian, to your point, it was going to be done on a first come, first serve basis administered through the hospital. and as soon as he put out word last weekend the phone line lit up, and the website lit up and everybody i know in florida got on there because finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. here in new york state, we have no idea when people are going to get shots. ainsley: i will tell you about the hypocrisy in that piece though. he could run for president one day, if donald trump doesn't or maybe, you know, in 8 more years or whatever it might be, he is so loved down in the state of florida. even new yorkers that are democrats that are my friends that have moved down there are not moving back. they are happy with the response down in florida. they love the weather. they like this governor. they like that things have stayed open. that businesses are allowed to run. let me tell you what's happening and to his point, the quorn's point he said i'm the government. you don't want me telling hospitals how to distribute this. they are the expert. i want the doctors to determine that. here in new york, here's the
4:22 am
hypocrisy. we have cuomo, why aren't they questioning him about the long lines here then? steve: right. ainsley: when you go to city md long line at the one on the west side that i waited in for a long time. brian: to get a test. ainsley: i have a friend who went to the one on the upper east side didn't have to wait in line just give his name and then they gave him a time to come back. steve: right. ainsley: the city determines how to give these tests. if you didn't like waiting in line then go to another place. it wasn't -- no one is blaming governor cuomo because city md has a line. steve: mayor de blasio says the reach we have been so slow we were trying during the first two weeks to be so careful. well, time is of the essence. the clock is ticking. governor desantis said this last night about the biased coverage on cnn with tucker. >> i'm happy for the criticism because, you know what? i don't seek validation by the media. what i seek is supporting the
4:23 am
citizens of my state and while i think it's pretty clear some of these networks obviously they have agenda he is. they are doing narratives. they are not trying to report facts anymore. it's all about spinning whatever narrative they think can get rating. that's just the reality of the situation. so, it doesn't impact me. we're going to continue keeping our eye on the ball and working as hard as we can to deliver results. ainsley: that's all we want. we want as many pandemic to get the vaccine. only so many vaccines available. there are going to be long lines. you ask the elderly people down in florida, they are getting this vaccine. they are just so grateful. they are grateful that they have. this. steve: so many of them have not been around their families for almost a year. ainsley: exactly. brian: just add to this. when it's all said and done, you have total lockdown in california, tragic. they have no tax revenue. florida has lesser numbers and they are trying to work their way through it while trying to get vaccines to as many people as possible. they are not going to need a huge bailout from the federal government. they have allowed people to go
4:24 am
and work their business the best possible most responsible way. meanwhile, 23 minutes after the hour. let's change gears. capitol hill as we discussed 10 minutes ago republicans are mounting last stand in support of president trump. more than 100 g.o.p. lawmakers in the house vowing to challenge the electoral college certification of the electoral college. here to discuss it fox news contributor governor mike huckabee. governor, would you have been one of the senators like, let's say, senator ted cruz that put together this challenge today or somebody like senator tom cotton who said i want to analyze election rules but not challenge electoral college? >> i think senator cruz is exactly on the right path. and people keep talking about that he want to overturn the election. that's simply not true. what he is asking for is an audit. a 10-day audit of the process. 74 million people are not real certain about how this thing went down. that's not a good thing for the country. it's not good for joe biden.
4:25 am
he should want -- he should demand that we have an absolute top-to-bottom audit pop the hood up. look under and take a look at the engine and see what happened. let there be transparency. pull the curtains back. that's what america needs to know. if this election was all on the up and up. then joe biden has nothing to fear. in fact, he has every reason to say with confidence i'm going to be sworn in as president. if the funny business went on that we have thousands of affidavits indicating that we have videotape indicating that you have expert testimony like that of jevon pliewltser who invented the bar code and said that there were clear issues of the ballot counting that were done electronically. if you have that and you don't investigate it then you leave this cloud over joe biden and his election. so, that's what ted cruz and the other republicans are asking for. it's not unreasonable. it should have been done two months ago. the unreasonable part is that
4:26 am
the press has pretended that there is no evidence and the other day "the washington post" started it story with this, without evidence he president trump continues to challenge the election. that is simply a lie. there is evidence. and that's what hasn't been looked at. brian: a couple of things that i think is going to be tough on you to answer. the president slammed mitch mcconnell. in fact, here's the tweet. i hope the democrat and even more importantly the weakening of effect of rino section of the republican party are looking at the thousands of people pouring into d.c. they won't stand for a landslide election victory to be stolen. senate majority leader john cornyn, john thune and mitch mcconnell have been called out directly by the president. now, the friction in georgia is one thing. but are you also disappointed in mitch mcconnell, senator thune, and senator cornyn? >> i wish all the republicans -- in fact, let me say this. i wish all the democrats that all the elected officials would
4:27 am
demand a full accounting for how the ballots were tabulated. it has not so much to do with party or it has to do with each who is in office. i think too many of our politicians take the easy way out. they don't want to rock the boat. they don't want to be controversial. but they were elected to make tough decisions and a tough decision would be to call for a full accounting and absolute transparency. i would love to see some democrats demand that because, frankly, the democrats have the most to gain. if they truly believe this election was absolutely done with integrity, then they ought to be the ones standing up and insisting that there be a full audit. that way they can say to the rest of us, you see, we won it fair and square. there was no funny business going on. now you guys shut up are to the next four years. do you know what? that's what we would have to do. instead we will have four years of controversy. brian: right. that controversy arguably has led to maybe two senators winning on the democratic side side in georgia because the
4:28 am
democrat -- republicans seem to be tearing each others eyes out. governor, let's modify on and talk about something we agree on. we are against the coronavirus. how these governors are handling the coronavirus is key. governor desantis is saying wear a of course that. act responsibly. but we're going to let you go to restaurants and gyms and beach. we will let you live your lives and try to get you the vaccine. can you compare the way the media is handling governor desantis as opposed to governor cuomo who just basically imrownsd his state to a halt wrote a book, collected an emmy and blames everybody else? >> well, it's amazing. the press has given governor cuomo a shoe shine with their tongues almost every day talking about what a great, great job he has done. when so many thousand of people died in nursing homes because of his dereliction of duty. on the other hand, you have florida. population that is larger than new york. many millions more senior adults
4:29 am
living in florida. the most vulnerable. but, far fewer deaths in florida than in new york. so, maybe somebody ought to objectively, that would be the press, but they don't know how to do that anymore, take a look at those numbers and just try to dig through and see why is it that florida has been so much more successful without the draconian lockdowns and without the kind of dumb decisions of putting covid patients in nursing homes and how come they have been able to keep their economy open, keep people employed, at a time when new york is basically causing people to rush for the state borders and, quite frankly, many of them heading to florida where the lifestyle and the tax rates are a heck of a lot friendlier. brian: governor huckabee, thanks so much. >> good to see you, brian. brian: you got it. illinois they are leaving and in california they are running for the hills, too. the states that are doing very well. >> thank you. brian: west virginia as well as south dakota. thank you again. even though you weren't thanking me i think you were thanking the
4:30 am
director. he was thanking steve. steve: you are welcome. brian: coming up straight ahead, aoc and squad colleagues securing major roles in house committees. how will they influence the incoming biden administration? we will ask lawrence jones. now i know why nancy pelosi is still speaker. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine, ...check with your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if samples are available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection ...causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, ...speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness... ...can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions... ...neck and injection site pain... ...fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions... ...and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects.
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ainsley: house speaker pelosi hands congresswoman aoc a powerful assignment granting her a seat on the house oversight committee. aoc will be joined by fellow squad members congresswoman rashida tlaib and freshman coming woman cori bush: joining us is lawrence jones. >> good morning, my friends. ainsley: he is more of a centrist he did pick kamala harris. is he now going to be pushed because of these types of appointment? is he going to be pushed even further left? >> well, everyone is going to be pushed. i mean, the notion that aoc and the progressive wing isn't running the show right now, i think what's dismissed yesterday during yesterday's election. also, you got nancy pelosi that, you know, the squad voted for her. a lot of the people that didn't
4:35 am
vote for her for her speakership were the moderates. shea owes them. the progressives, i'm sorry the moderates owe these people. you know, for years i have been he on the ground telling people warning them about this socialist regime. the fact that it was happening on the college campuses, the fact that it was going to be in maybe streamainstream. some pundits go on tv and say america was never going to be a socialist country. four months later they tell you that georgia was the last fire wall. well now we see that georgia, the democrats won georgia. they got black voters to show up. they have been able to mobilize young people. there is a new day in this country many of us have been warning be a lot of people in the mainstream media, a lot of the political insiders that there is a revolution. and these people aren't interested in common ground or anything. they want to take things over. right now they have the mo
4:36 am
momentum. ainsley: there is a report this morning from the united van lines which the moving company and they are telling us where they are seeing the most resident moving out and where they are going. moving out. most residents are leaving nassau, suffolk county on long island. bergen county and pa sake county new jersey. trip new jersey. no, new york, new york, and newark, what's your reaction to that? >> i'm not surprised at all. new york is in jeopardy of losing a congressional seat. look, these states are performing badly. when you look at the crime rate, when you look at the poverty, when you look at the way these lockdowns have affected the residents there, so it doesn't surprise me that they are heading to florida and my home
4:37 am
state texas. the question then becomes what are the republicans going to do on the ground there to make sure are that their state's values aren't altered? because we just saw in georgia that, you know, it can change in an election cycle. georgia is a traditionally red state that looks much different and i would contend part of that is because a lot of people have moved to these states. and also they have been able to mobilize on the ground. so, yes, they hav you have a lof people moving and going toward liberty. a democratic plan to get people to be there and support their value system. texas is in jeopardy as well. ainsley: a lot of people, you know, new york is not only a very stressful place to live, they want stress-free. they want to go to florida. they want to go where they are not paying high taxes. and they want to go where businesses are not shutting down, when you are in the middle of a criticize. they want to go where people are being safe but they don't want businesses to close. they want business owners to make up their own minds. and people to make up their own
4:38 am
minds. a lot of these democrats are moving down to these southern states. they are also going to take with them those democratic values. >> that's exactly right. as we can see, the country has changed. you know, i had to be honest, ainsley. i'm so furious and the punditry over this last few months of telling the audience that socialism had zero chance. are you kidding me? they kicked their tail in georgia. and everyone should be furious in this audience that you had congressman, people that are supposed to be political insiders lied to them on national tv and tell them they didn't have a chance. i was on the ground months ago warning people look out for the black vote. look out for what's happening on the ground in georgia. there's a shift that is happening in the country a year ago i was on the ground telling people look, the liberal policies are affecting america but there is a progressive wing that is opening -- that is filling this void. where are the republicans on
4:39 am
that? and now they -- now they want to be outraged. ainsley: do you think it's because of all the promises of free college, of $2,000 checks, i don't know where they are going to get the money for all of this. but do you think that's the reason? >> look, it is obvious that the prescription that the democrats and the socialist wing has provided is terrible. but what they did acknowledge is that there is a void there. there is a problem there. and the ability to relate to people on there. the republicans still have a chance. but the question is what is going to be the republican's prescription? no one has still been able to explain to me how president trump has been able to have this economic agenda talk about criminal justice reform in these black communities and his outreach people haven't been able to sell that to the people of georgia. the modern day black wall street why haven't they done their job? ainsley: lawrence, always great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you my friend. ainsley: thank you, my friend. still ahead live team coverage as two major shutdowns converge
4:40 am
on capitol hill. we have pete hegseth and will cain. they are covering all angles of the runoff and the election battle next. ♪ ♪ every veteran family deserves to fulfill their dream of owning a home and to continue living that dream throughout their lives. at newday usa, we have va refinance loans to do just that. from refinancing to lower your monthly mortgage payments to refinancing and getting cash for your family. whatever you need, we're here. you know i'm not sure. who's peter samuel? daddy? yeah? who's peter? well sweetie, he's your great-great grandfather.
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brian: we are back with a fox news alert as we cover two major stories this morning. fox news projects rafael warnock, the reverend will unseat kelly loeffler in the georgia senate runoff. that is for certain. she has not conceded yet though. david perdue and democrat jon ossoff still too close to call. he has 16,000 vote lead. but he is expected to speak at the top of this hour. so in 16 manipulates. steve: i believe we will take that live. meanwhile trump supporters as you can look live in washington, d.c. a lot of them are showing up near the white house walking in single file to support the president as his allies in congress challenge the electoral
4:45 am
results at 1:00 this afternoon. ainsley: it is a big week, a big morning. we are live with team coverage for you. pete hegseth is on the ground. is he in washington where those two marchs are going to take place. first we will begin with will cain down in georgia covering these races. hey, will, a big shift in georgia. will: good morning, ainsley, big shift. i think probably we are going to look back on 2020 and 2021 and this is the greatest big leap forward biggest disruption and shift in several decade span in american history. the democrats now seemingly, likely to have power of the senate. the house, and the presidency. and if you think about the shift in our country in the past 12 months the role that coronavirus the lockdowns the pandemic have played from shutting our businesses down to all of us walking around wearing masks, being sensible and safe but also changing the way we elect our politicians it is going to be the most transformative disruptive two-year span i think at least going back to the 1960s, the question now
4:46 am
becomes if there are two democratic senators and we know at least one with raphael warnock. we will wait and see on ossoff and perdue what kind of transformation will the democrats seek with that power. my it will continue the trend of one of the greatest leaps forward. one of the greatest most disruptive moments in our history. brian: no question. going to impact us. the chairmanmanship goes to the budget committee to a guy named bernie sanders. when you have nominees that are now all going to be green lighted from one joe biden things are going to be impactful if perdue doesn't find a way to make up are to the 16,000 they're vote deficit because we have a lot of ballot yet to be counted. thanks, will. let's bring in pete hegseth, "fox & friends weekend" co-host who is trying to get the lay of the land as we have at least two major demonstrations set to get underway. what's playing in the background now something more upbeat than the titanic? pete: dialed up a little elton john for you, brian. getting everybody in the mood
4:47 am
here. this is the save america march here. donald trump, president of the united states will be on be that podium in less than four hours, they have opened up the doors. thousands of people pouring in. they have been pouring in to washington, d.c. for days. there were protests last night. some arrests were made as well. all because about a half a mile from here down the mall of course members of congress will be voting to certify the electoral college vote, except for dozens of senators and congressman who will not. that man, you look through right there, that's the white house. that's the back drop for today's rally. he will be taking the stable as i mentioned. talking about that certification. we know the pressure that he has put on the vice president, he will be year seeing that. saying hey, you have power to certify or not certify. that remains in question. but certainly senators and congressman are going to stand up for this group of folks who are motivated and believe that the election of november was not above board, that it was stolen from the president of the united states. they believe those representatives are their voices. they are here to support them
4:48 am
today. certainly here to support the president of the united states. and, guys, being in washington, d.c. last night and today, and i said it before i will say it again, it's not hyperbole, it feels like a constitutional tinderbox for a lot of the reasons will cain pointed out. we are at an inflection point where both sides of the country believe fundamentalsly different things and no one is bending right now. we will see what the president says today at 11:00 on the fox news channel. steve: not a lot of bending right now. thank you very much. as we listen to josh grow ban and celine dion once again. thank you very much. brian: not live just on recorder. steve: meanwhile switch gears. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. there were protests overnight in kenosha, wisconsin, as the police officer who shot jacob blake, it has been determined he will not be criminally charged. david webb breaks down the evidence he behind that decision and he is coming up next. eartbu, marie could only imagine
4:49 am
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4:52 am
♪ steve: fox news alert. a kenosha county district attorney has announced no charges for the officer involved in the jacob blake shooting. here to react fox news contributor and radio talk show host david webb webb. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. try to recap the case because we
4:53 am
know that he allegedly had a gun. the police officer couldn't see things. it was partially caught on video can. right? >> yeah. look. we need to look at this for the facts and a few seconds is not enough. we have jacob blake who was tased. he pulled the prongs out. that's very unusual. even based on their effectiveness which is around 60% to 70% according to most police data. he fought with the police officer. at one point he and the female officer were in a what i would call a mutual head lock had. so she had her in a head lock she had him. the knife was on him. he did not pull it. but it did fall out. there were a lot of unknowns. a lot of officers were called to the scene. then he goes to the suv and reaches in. he creates another unknown after an ongoing i want infor minutes, not seconds. this is about complying. it's not about color of skin. had a white man, any color of skin not complied with the police at this point it would
4:54 am
likely have led to this. sadly he was shot. but it's his own fault for not complying. it doesn't matter the reason. at that point you comply with the police officer's demands and you don't fight with them. steve: you know, so many people saw the video that had a limited point of view and so so many people decided the verdict, based on something they saw on heir smart phone or on their computer. >> well, they are wrong. here's what happens next. and what we saw happen in kenosha. you start destroying the neighborhood and the communities rather than dealing with the issues. here they went through this case completely. they viewed this. they looked at hundreds of documents. they found no reason to charge the officers and, again, not a black and white issue issue because one of the chief consultants on this happened to be a black man and a former officer. steve: all right. let's see if there is any more fallout on that. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what is going to happen today. josh hawley the senator from
4:55 am
missouri is going to be one of the people in the senate on the floor objecting to the results the certification of the electoral college vote. he was on with laura last night talking about how antifa showed up at his house in d.c. while he was in missouri, his wife was inside the house. here's the senator. >> these steve thugs antifa affiliated groups show up under cover of darkness. they don't have the guts to come during the day under the cover of darkness with bull horns. they start screaming and shouting. my wife comes out with the baby. she is alone. she comes out with the baby and says please leave. nobody should have it happen to them. if it can happen to my family it can happen to any family in america. steve: david? >> it's not going to happen to any family in america. antifa's target is anyone on the right or who is not with them. this unfortunately, steve, will get worse over time. so, if law enforcement isn't present, remember, you have a right in america to defend yourself. a woman with a baby is in a position not to do that, to
4:56 am
protect her baby? probably shelter in place but americans need to are realize these are hard core anti-american groups, domestic terrorists and the doj has failed to go after antifa. domestic terrorist organization effectively. steve: all right. david webb joining us from miami. david, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right. straight ahead on this wednesday telecast. we have jim jordan, mollie hemingway and deroy murdock plus, jon ossoff with a statement in about five minutes. ♪ ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. .. vide lasting relief.
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change overnight democrat rafael warnock the projected winner. ossoff and david purdue too close to call. >> the consequences of this go beyond georgia. ainsley: thousands expected to rally in dc when congress meets to certify the presidential elections. >> protests in kenosha, wisconsin as the police officer who shot jacob blake will not be charged criminally. >> domestic abuse. ainsley: nancy pelosi heading alexandria ocasio cortez is seen on the house oversight
5:01 am
committee. >> these people are not interested in common ground. they want to take these over and they have the momentum. ainsley: as we cover two major stories, overnight fox news projects democrat rafael warnock as the winner in his set off that against kelly leffler. steve: the race between david purdue and john ossoff too close to call. they stopped counting at have not touched military ballots yet. john: john ossoff will make a live stream statement. >> a crisis as covid-19 continues to ravage our state and our country, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, millions of lost livelihoods. georgia families having difficulty putting food on the table fearing for closure or even fiction, having difficulty
5:02 am
making ends me. let's unite to beat this virus address economic relief to the people of our state and the american people. i will work in the u.s. senate to support a robust public health response so we can defeat this virus. putting the centers for disease control and prevention and trusting medical expertise, doctors and scientists to bring tools to bear, the ingenuity to bear in the resources to bear to stop the spread of this virus, to defeat it and get our daily lives back and to direct economic relief to people who need help. this campaign has been about health, jobs and justice for the people of this state, for all the people of this state. and they will be my guiding
5:03 am
principles in the senate. ensuring that every georgian has great healthcare no matter our wealth. ensuring that we invest in economic recovery that includes all communities, rebuild our state's infrastructure, lace foundations for prosperity in rural georgia, suburban communities and urban communities alike and securing equal justice for all following in the footsteps of leaders who departed us in his last year like john lewis. i want to thank the people of georgia for participating in this election. everyone who passed your ballot or put faith and confidence in democracies capacity to deliver the representation with you are for me or against me. i will be for you in the u.s. senate. i will serve all the people of this state. i will give everything i have got to ensure georgia's interests are represented in the u.s. senate. i want to thank all the volunteers who poured their hearts and souls into this campaign. i want to thank my family for their support and patience and thank my wonderful wife alicia
5:04 am
who as we speak, helping georgia mothers helping save lives, emulate -- steve: we wanted to see what john ossoff has to say. he is talking as if he knows he's going to the senate. at this point if we could put it up, not all of the precincts are reported yet. still 99%, one% is out and as you can see john ossoff is leading david purdue slightly. david purdue has said he has a team standing by to look at all the legal options, the automatic recount. it is within half a point. it is interesting what he was talking about, how he thanked everybody who voted in the election yesterday and turnout was through the roof. it was epic in some of the atlanta suburbs, the importance
5:05 am
of jobs, prosperity and when he gets to the senate he will work for equal justice and more robust responses. we should point out with the foxes vote or analysis 3 in 10 republicans thought the coronavirus was the biggest issue but 6 in 10 democrats. the number one issue they voted yesterday. ainsley: at the top of each hour, it is interesting, talking to a georgia voter yesterday saying how did the state that used to be so conservative, speaker of the house newt gingrich from georgia, go purple or even blue if ossoff does win, she said these democratic candidates are so vibrant, easy to listen to and she felt they were better candidates than the republican candidates. things might have changed if it was congressman collins, if the governor appointed him.
5:06 am
she said all the money they spend, you can't watch tv without -- her 6-year-old watching cartoons knows these candidates but she said warnock was pastor at ebenezer baptist church which was martin luther king jr.'s church. to have that influence in the georgia community is huge and that goes a long way with african-americans. he might have said controversial things but he was a democrat, she said ossoff was all over social media, announced his campaign on tick-tock and snapchat, he knows how to do the technical things to get the young voters. ainsley: knows how to live stream. >> 11%, younger voters and funded by big tech and promised everyone a $2,000 check.
5:07 am
mike: like nancy pelosi, not $100 and then it became an issue that joe biden brought up yesterday. the question is did the infighting republicans had with the president, the governor, the secretary of state, did that lead to the fracture and loss of 88,000 votes purdue was up, 6 weeks ago and warnock was not going to win, he was going to lose by 20,000 votes but instead he has already won even though kelly leffler has not given in yet and in terms of david purdue david purdue was counting on 17,000 military dollars going his way, 4000 absentee ballots need to be counted under another county needs to be done, they didn't finish last night and here is what reverend warnock said yesterday.
5:08 am
changed by the faith you have shown in me i am going to the senate to work for all georgia no matter who you cast your vote for in this election. >> i'm not going to stop working in the morning, i am heading to washington dc. we are going to fight for this president, stay in the fight, keep fighting for you. i'm never going to stop fighting for this country, for the american dream, for each one of you so every georgian has a voice in washington. brian: the chairmanship of
5:09 am
every senate committee goes to democrats, every nominee joe biden puts up in theory will get a green light. the attorney general that never would have asked if mitch mcconnell was majority leader, someone like sally yates will cued up to be attorney general, to investigate the current -- ainsley: bernie sanders in charge of budget. ainsley: the last couple months the president of the united states talking about how the election was rigged, the republican governor in georgia, republican secretary of state, a lot of congressional delegates as well as people wondered if it impacts turnout and the cook report said there was a turnout problem for the republicans particularly in northern counties north of atlanta largely white that were expected to go for purdue and leffler, turnout problem not the problem in the atlanta suburbs where the turnout was epic according to the atlanta journal-constitution. lawrence jones was on with ainsley and had an impassioned message. i told you this was going to
5:10 am
happen. here is lawrence. >> i'm so serious, the punditry over the last few months, telling the audience socialism had 0 chance. are you kidding me? they kicked their tailing georgia and everyone should be furious that you have congressman, political insiders on national tv, warning people look out for that, what has happened on the ground in georgia lose there is a shift that is happening in the country. brian: plus stacy abrams very effective getting out the vote and once again yesterday. ainsley: let's bring in will cain, weakens cohost and our friend.
5:11 am
good morning. both of my grandfathers fought in world war ii, my grandfather in the army reserve for 24 years. never did i think in my lifetime socialism would resonate in america. >> reporter: here's why i think that is happening and why it played a role in the georgia runoffs. i listened to each of you and each of you is right to some degree. brian is all right, the lynnwoods of the world played a role suppressing republican turnout and these republican candidates could have been stronger but i will go with what steve said earlier. the role that coronavirus played. what did john ossoff begin his message with? he began it talking about covid-19. covid-19 changed everything about our lives. our economy, our businesses, our family, children's ability to go to school. it changed our electoral politics as well. it gave donald trump and unwinnable opponent.
5:12 am
it flooded our electoral system with mail in balloting. every step of the way coronavirus, lockdowns determined elections in 2020-2021. people accepting the idea of socialism, when you are afraid, when your businesses are getting shutdown, when you need help, that is when government steps in, plays the role of authoritarian big brother and people are more willing i guess to accept that socialist message. i don't think we can overstate the role covid-19 played in everything of aspect of our lives including these elections. carley: steve: i'm on board with our coronavirus changed everything and when they write the book about the 2020 election they have to look at the president's response. before the coronavirus pandemic hit, he was riding high, then when it came time he was at a fork in the road talking to
5:13 am
advisors he took the let's go with the economy angle rather than response to the coronavirus, he tried to do both but pushed the economy to the exclusion of masking and things like that and there were people in his inner circle who said according to the new york times if you push the mask, that will turn off your base but ultimately you look at the numbers and people down in georgia who are going to put a couple democrats in the senate they felt coronavirus was the number one issue. >> reporter: i use the phrase and unwinnable opponent, the president didn't handle coronavirus perfectly but show me somebody that did. everyone pointed to andrew cuomo. we know the reality behind that now. governor ron desantis has done the best job of anyone the popular opinion wouldn't back that up, you wouldn't know that
5:14 am
by media coverage. it was truly and unwinnable opponent. not just talking policy wise, the way coronavirus -- talking about process as well. 4 million people voted in this georgia election, the highest turnout for runoff election before that in 2008 when 2.2 million people voted. it changed everything including the process of elections. brian: joe biden can't get through speech more than 11 minutes and donald trump's greatest asset is the ability to barnstormer the country and rally troops but yet there was a negative side to big crowds. it showed you ignoring the virus many of which didn't wear masks. he went through the tape, the virus stopped and he got the virus and went into the hospital. brian: the other component during a pandemic there are a lot of people who simply did not want to go to the polls so the logical route to vote would
5:15 am
be through the mail. but that became demonized and that is one of the reasons later today there is going to be a ruckus on the floor of the u.s. congress over whether the election results are accurate and fair. steve: the other big story is the president has not given up hope. he wants many republicans to challenge in the capital, many supporters in the capital and they are there. griff jenkins joins us with congress set to certify the presidential election results today. >> reporter: good morning. it will be quite a day. you had objections in the past famously in 2005 senator barbara boxer opposing the certification but nothing like this with such large blocks of republicans coming together.
5:16 am
someone under a lot of pressure is mike pence because donald trump is pushing him through a rock and a hard place. is what the president tweeted at 1:00 am, quote, mike pence comes through for us we will win the presidency. many states wants to decertify the mistake they made in certifying incorrect and even fraudulent numbers in a process not approved by their state legislatures which it must be. mike can send it back but the new york times reporting this morning that mike pence told the president that he did not have the power to block congressional certification to which the president put out a statement calling that fake news. here's what we know will happen today. it starts at 1:00 pm, mike pence will preside over the electoral college vote count. his role is largely ceremonial overseeing a certification. watch for some senators particularly leffler, holly and
5:17 am
ted cruz leading the objections in georgia, arizona and pennsylvania. joining the senators are 100 house republicans and one of the leaders of that effort congressman jim jordan who has this to say. >> supreme court's, governors, secretaries of state and in some cases county clerks changing unilaterally changing election law in an unconstitutional fashion. when that happened there was only one remedy left, for the united states congress to do their duty. >> reporter: the effort is not expected to succeed because when they vote on the challenges the math doesn't currently add up. to understand how much of a hail mary this really is, all three of those senate challenges in arizona, georgia, pennsylvania would have to succeed for the president but in the house would have to approve too and that is in the hands of the democrats and
5:18 am
nancy pelosi. while all of this is going on, in the backdrop of this drama there is a national security threat, cbs reporting that the air traffic controllers in new york received a message from iran that simply said this, quote, we are flying a plane into the capital on wednesday. we will avenge soleimani. a reference to donald trump taking out general soleimani. who knows where that threat goes but it is a good thing government agencies and security folks are hard at work on a day with so much politics. one other note about certification, this isn't going to be over this afternoon. this will go on for a long time. every time one state objects and has the support of one house member and once in a member goes to a 2 hour debate, they have to vote on it. it could go into the night, maybe even into tomorrow.
5:19 am
ainsley: that will? a present time. a lot of people say the president believe the vice president can do a lot to help with this which the constitutionally is not true and the washington post writes today the president is being fed misinformation by rudy giuliani, peter navarro, sidney powell and other lawyers to tell him mike pence can do a lot. i feel bad for mike pence. he's been as loyal as the day is long, every step of the way, don't care if he is in israel or egypt he backs the president 100%, never blinks and now he's put in a tough spot. steve: mike pence after all the criticism from the president, really counting on him, the story without that he may not even show up.
5:20 am
he is planning to show up but when they break every time there is an objection the senators break away from the house members to go to the senate chamber and rather than mike pence deciding, charles grassley, the president pro tem of the senate will decide. brian: i guarantee he will show up. ainsley: ted cruz on a 10 day audit to investigate and make sure the integrity of this election and i heard others say we are not trying to overthrow the president, biden will be president, just trying to make sure the voter can trust the system from here on out. let's bring in pete hegseth, "fox and friends" weekend cohost, the first rally begins at 11:00. >> reporter: we believe the president will take the stage at 11:00. you mentioned the 10 day audit senators and congressmen are fighting for on capitol hill. you talk to folks here that is the least they are asking for, the least they want after two
5:21 am
months, based on moving the goal posts with mail in balloting in a way they believe the other side used fraudulently the least they want is an opportunity to look into it. this rally, the president will likely make reference to that as well as the vice president here today and the big show continues on capitol hill with the fight over the electoral college. we are joined by jessica and don, a couple of folks who came to be part of this rally, they drove all the way from georgia. i might ask about that at the end. why did you drive all the way here to be here today? >> saving our republic is important to us. i work in an industry are having a political opinion isn't important but i love donald trump so much, i was in
5:22 am
october, i am a patriot and if we lose our right and lose this election my daughters are not going to have the country i grew up in and that is horrible to me, we have to not allow people to take our liberties into what they want with them. >> you feel the president lost the election? >> her condo. it was stolen and that is why we are here, to support donald trump and everybody else to get the fair election we need. >> reporter: what is your expectation on capitol hill? what would you like to see? >> the president should win. it was stolen from us and i would say to every biden supporter every democrat, they should be standing up for the same thing, they should be standing up that we have free and fair elections where everybody has to be counted legally and that is what separates from other countries.
5:23 am
>> reporter: i will talk to you off camera about the results in georgia, a great way to wrap it up. if you have a fair examination of a vote make sure every legal vote counts, that helps our republic again. we will bring this rally to you when it comes later on the fox news channel. brian: you made it look easy, 23 after the hour. over 100 lawmakers ready to challenge the electoral college results and object to joe biden's victory including jim jordan who joins us now. what is your approach to this? we are in uncharted waters.
5:24 am
i watched matt gates, he said republican leadership is contemplating taking the one hour you have to present your objections in each state to giving part of that time to republicans who don't support the objection. what can you tell me about this? >> this is about defending the constitution. the founders placed authority with the united states congress. we should do our duty because we know five states, five key states that were critical in this election changed election law in an unconstitutional fashion was arizona, the first state we debate, arizona law is clear, registration date october 5th, they went, democrats went to court, obama appointed judge to say we will extend 18 days, just change it, unilaterally went around the constitution and that was the template, they did it in state after state because they knew under the real rules of the legislature according to the constitution, they have been trying and trying, impeachment, the mueller thing, the mueller special counsel, the opening of
5:25 am
the crossfire hurricane investigation, tried to get rid of donald trump and they couldn't do it so they said you know what we are going to do? change the rules and they did it in an unconstitutional fashion and democrats never wanted to talk about it. we asked for investigations for nine week so today's the day the founders gave to congress, the ultimate day of significance and we will have that debate on the house floor. brian: for pandemic reasons or party reasons they changed the rules in pennsylvania, arizona and georgia but why wasn't this brought up ahead of time? your in ohio and they did without controversy. florida, we always focus on florida, not this time. why ahead of time weren't we talking about this in september and october? >> we put out a report in september that this is what democrats are doing, we let the world know, the we had hearings in the summer where they brought in the postmaster general.
5:26 am
they were planning this, times the trump campaign went to court to stop it but they went to democrat judges, democrat secretaries of state, democrat governors, democrat county clerks who unilaterally changed the law and did it in an unconstitutional fashion. when that happened the only remedy left according to the constitution is the united states congress and that is what this is about. they understand this doesn't happen we don't have this debate and prevail what they said about the future of this country, the constitutional in our country, what is at stake and people who left this rally get that. that is why they are here. brian: do you worry about the future of the party? >> i worry about the future of the country. brian: can i finish? do you worry about the future? a lot of your friends not standing with the hundred. a lot of your friends on the
5:27 am
senate side are not standing with the 13. do you worry about them the next day as opposed to your group the next day? >> i'm focus on the constitution, on the country and we will have the debate. sometimes in a debate you persuade people, imagine that, persuading people to change their position. that is what this is about. i am all for having this debate. if you follow congressional with them you never kick the ball off at half the game. they wouldn't have showed up, they showed up and kicked their tail so our job is to present this information in a compelling way on the house floor for the american people to see and our colleagues. brian: i know you do that for me so i can understand. if they can from the electric college results is it mike
5:28 am
pence's fault. >> the debate we have in presenting the evidence showing in state after state democrats took this pattern and template that they would go around the state legislature, around the constitution which is so clear, time and place determining election done by the state legislature, convincing our colleagues they cannot certify those electors. >> anyone who saw this congressman from ohio, over the last 3 and 3-quarter years we had a chance to see you in different settings and even democrats have to bring to the table that did not go by the president. what is that like? >> i am grateful. this is something i don't deserve but i appreciate this president and his leadership has so many americans do and
5:29 am
our family is honored by this and so supportive that my colleague devon nunez received that honor on monday of this week. brian: too many wrestlers with that metal. it is a problem. >> that was a fun ceremony a couple years ago. thanks so much. the media going in on slamming republicans election challenge the critics calling out a glaring problem. molly hemingway reveals what team biden said a week ago that could complicate that narrative next. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ to bare my skin, ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ nothing and me ♪ go hand in hand ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪ ♪ nothing is everything woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people
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5:33 am
for the life of your family brian: there are some republican lawmakers without a challenge joe biden's election victory later today. some in the media not holding back already. >> growing number of republicans, trump loyalists on capitol hill want congress to try to overturn the election results. this has dramatically fractured the republican party in ways we
5:34 am
have never seen before. >> a dozen co-conspirators from the senate joining in its crime against democracy. >> they know what they are doing is bogus. >> is the feudal last ditch effort to overturn president-elect biden's victory. >> one week ago joe biden's incoming press secretary said anyone covering the event should treat it as a formality. watch this. >> this is merely a formality. it should be treated as such by people who are covering it. regardless what happens on january 6th president-elect biden will be sworn in on the twentieth. >> senior editor of the federalist molly hemingway joins us in the dc area. >> great to be with you. brian: she is accurate, in the past it has been a formality but this time it seems different even though democrats have tried similar things in the past. >> don't think there is a
5:35 am
bigger disconnect right now than between the media and a lot of americans about their concerns about this very sloppy election. they have done a really bad job explaining what is going on, explaining its significance. people significant, this mass moved to mail in balloting without appropriate scrutiny but really about the entire rigging of the system whether it was big media lying about trump or lying in defense of hunter biden and joe biden, big tech censoring people who didn't support their preferred candidate, the litigation that led to these changes and how we handle elections. people have serious concerns. i'm surprised how large the number of republican objectors you have in the house and senate that really speaks to how this is a major issue. republican voters know if they cannot cleanup voting systems people have an asterisk next to elections, that is a serious threat to the republic.
5:36 am
democratic activists feel they can say this is a formality or no need to pay attention to this that doesn't change the fact you do need to have people confident in the result of elections, that they are real and that is an issue that is not going away. brian: our fox voter analysis show the majority of americans, 7 in 10 believe the november election results were not accurate, meanwhile, nearly all democrats believe it was fair. that is one of the reasons you have these objections on capitol hill. mike pence is in a jam because the president said we are counting on mike to fix this but according to the constitution he really can't do anything to reject the election results. >> i think people by and large understand former vice
5:37 am
president biden will be inaugurated in a few weeks but that is different from what people are talking about here which is saying they would like people to pay attention to elections going forward, this is a serious issue and it is not just about this election or this year. a lot of people saying this is something you can to do, spent the last four years day in and day out undermining the president, not permitting a peaceful transfer of power to donald trump, pushing this russia hoax everybody knew was wrong, they intentionally lied about it and for people to say you can't do anything or it is improper after doing that for four years is infuriating to people who suffered through that. brian: talking to you about this i am curious, your analysis of what went haywire for the republicans it appears in georgia. >> when you have a loss like this you can point fingers in a number of directions and people do that when blaming each
5:38 am
other, it is interesting the republican establishment felt they were going to win this and voting to voter turnout efforts and it reminded me what happened in 2012 with mitt romney when they set our voter turnout will be great, turned out not to be so great. you can have consultant campaigns with a lot of money, there is no substitute to having candidates people are excited to vote for. that is lacking here the republican party needs to focus on quality candidates and good policy ideas and less on spending money on ads. brian: look at the numbers, the turnout it appears democrats were more excited about their candidates because they showed up in epic numbers. the ossoff purdue race has not been called because it is too close to call. thank you for your analysis.
5:39 am
meanwhile, and the roy murdoch joins us on the power shift in dc straight ahead. a young thi? actually anyone 50 or over is at increased risk for shingles. the pain, the burning! my husband had to do everything for weeks. and the thing is, there's nothing you can do about it! well, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. frank! they have shingles vaccines! whaaat? that's what i said. we're taking you to the doctor. not going through that again. you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older get vaccinated for shingles now. 50 years or older ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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ainsley: democrat rafael warnock is projected to unseat republican senator kelly leffler in the state of georgia. brian: the race between david perdue and democrat john ossoff still too close to call. they stopped counting for now despite ossoff declaring victory at the top of the hour. we expect more results over the next couple hours. will kane has been on the ground for 72 hours. your observation of what could be a political earthquake in georgia. >> reporter: the question is what happens next? the legislative agenda should
5:44 am
it turn out to be the case that john ossoff beats perdue and rafael warnock has been declared the winner over kelly left the would do democrats control of the senate, the house for the presidency. that would allow them to pursue their legislative agenda somewhat unabated. you can count on increases in taxes, pursuit of policies like the green new deal. will that mean extreme policies like packing the court, doing away with the filibuster, adding dc and puerto rico as states also on the agenda. they might be on the agenda list but are they accomplished? that comes down to senator joe manchin. what does it mean when it comes to states and nationwide elections, george will have a gubernatorial race in a few years, democrats take control of georgia at the local level. what does it mean for states like texas that seem to be trending in that same purple
5:45 am
leaning direction. will balloting play a major role in those states and those elections? is george of the beginning of something? i do believe it is the beginning of a big debate, a big fight over whether this country will be embracing, censorship from text, will it be embracing the far left agenda or will there be a push back in places like texas and other states? ainsley: went to the georgia results mean for the senate and the balance of power in dc? do roy murdoch joins us. if you look at this, what is happening in georgia, then it will be 50/50 in the senate and kamala harris will be the tiebreaker, they will have the house and the presidency. what does that mean for the future of our country? >> reporter: of all those things happen you will see a significant jump to the left.
5:46 am
there was a piece on what this will do for senate committees. of democrats take over completely you will see a huge shift to the left, if democrats prevail, will not be by movie graham but by socialist pinup bernie sanders. health, education, labor, pensions rather than libertarian, rand paul, patty murray, very steady left-wing democrat on the judiciary committee rather than john cornyn who is a reliable conservative, instead of him it is going to be dick durbin, the number 2 democrat in the senate. you will see significant shift in terms of committee chairman, investigation to get to the bottom of the hunter biden scandal, the bottom of election fraud in 2020, how be
5:47 am
russiagate hoax began. if republicans are in control you will see them investigate these things, if democrats are in control they will give them a decent burial you will never hear about them again. ainsley: ron johnson said he would investigate if they hold onto one of the seats. 7 into republicans said they do not believe the results were certified accurately. there is no faith in the election system. >> that is why this is so important in this challenge, the electoral college, an excellent report by the subcommittee on election law. i recommend they take a look at the election in the peach state, the election was chaotic and the results cannot be trusted. this -- consistencies, irregularities and illegalities and a couple examples the gop
5:48 am
challengers blocking accounting rooms in atlanta, some said they had to leave. observers in the counting room told everything is done, let's wrap it up for the night, people stayed behind, they were counting without supervision or oversight and three affidavits, two by democrats in quasi-absentee ballots that were pristine, markings were biden, looks like they were done mechanically, not personally, done identically and consistently marked and an observer carlos silva was a democrat heard the name biden called 500 times in a row. you see that sort of thing something stinks like a landfill and that is why we have to get to the bottom of this.
5:49 am
ainsley: in pennsylvania folks that were observing, many people counting the ballots and trying to match who people voted for some of them were a few feet away, some were told to go back, pushed the machines to the other side so they couldn't see and you mentioned the affidavits, hundreds of affidavits that were signed, you sign one of those in you are lying you go to prison. >> absolutely. 2000 more ballots than voters who voted in pennsylvania, 19 members of the senate. ainsley: thanks so much. coming up live coverage of the save america rally in dc, pete hegseth, but first sandra smith with what is coming up across the hour. >> reporter: two big stories we are watching, georgia's in a result still rolling in, democrat rafael warnock has defeated leffler, the perdue ossoff too close to call, rallies with donald trump set to speak at 11 am eastern time.
5:50 am
we will have that live and hours later congress will hold a joint session to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. rachel campos duffy, chris wallace, howie kurtz and more will join bill hammer and me top of the hour, see you then. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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ainsley: in a few hours the president will address the save america rally is gop lawmakers i vowing to challenge the certification of the election results. ainsley: i will check with pete hegseth at the national mall. >> reporter: it is a festive day, it is packed, thousands pouring in. the president will be on that stage with critical remarks to be made about what is happening on capitol hill. two weeks from inauguration day, folks feel what happened since election day has not been aboveboard. i will talk to folks, two from utah and two from chicago. give me your name and why are you hair at the save america on march?
5:55 am
>> we are here to hold the line for america and say we are not going to take this, we are here to exercise our patriotic duty as americans, we are going to stand for donald trump. we are here to peacefully assemble and fight for our rights and stand up for those who can't because what is going on in our nation right now we need everybody to stand up and join together in his family together right now. >> i'm don and i'm here to support the president of the united states and the election he has won. >> my name is david from chicago and we are here to support the president was our country has been operating outside of its procedures for a very long time. we are here to support the president, to stop the corruption in our government. >> carol turner and i'm here because it's our last opportunity for freedom.
5:56 am
if we lie down we've let things slide too many times, if we let it slide we will never see our freedom again. >> reporter: they have the back of the president and hope there is some courage on capitol hill today. brian: excellence coverage today. four minutes before the top of the hour and back in a couple minutes. did you know diarrhea is often caused by bad bacteria in food? try pepto® diarrhea. its concentrated formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. see, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, make sure to have pepto® diarrhea on hand.
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brian on your screen. what's coming up on radio? >> bill crane, inside the atlanta election. martha maccallum and ben domenech. >> sandra: election results rolling in from georgia. pro-trump protestors gather in washington for rallies. president trump is set to take the stage to address his supporters 11:00 a.m. eastern time this morning, just hours before congress holds a joint session to certify the 2020 electoral college results. this is going to be a busy morning. welcome. i'm sandra smith. hello, bill. >> bill: good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer live in atlanta. you wake up this morning and get the feeling that we have woken to -- our country has moved to a different place and


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