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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 7, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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college certification and yesterday's chaos at the capitol continues right now on "fox & friends." jillian, quite a day. jillian: yes, it was quite a day yesterday and the news continues so hope you have a good day and see you back here tomorrow. ♪ brian: all right. here we go. we begin with a fox news alert. overnight congress certifying the 2020 election results, declaring joe biden the 46 of the president of the united states. >> joseph r. biden jr. of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump with the state of florida has received 232 votes. steve: but chaos once again erupting in the capitol with two house members nearly brawling on the floor over that. ainsley: president trump responding saying quote even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election and the fact bear me out, nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. frif jenkins is live down in
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washington as the curfew is just being lifted. griff? griff: ainsley, brian and steve good morning to you. things are quiet here now. not only is the curfew being lifted, let me just show you quickly a scene we have here at the corner of the west front of the capitol. that is the railing, the barriers that were out here yesterday, because of the chaos, and the pro-trump protesters that came town here being taken away, put on that flatbed and driven away. but, boy, the scenes we saw yesterday and witnessed are among the darkest in the nation's history here at the people's house. you had the protesters scaling walls. you had them breaking windows. using the very barriers we were showing you to attack the capital police. the day left four dead including 14 year air force veteran shot by the police. dozendozens were injured and tao hospitals. 14 police officers were hurt. two hospitalized, more than 50 have been arrested it. all started shortly after the
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president finished that speech on the ellipse which drew immediate criticism for his inciting the crowd and when he called for them to stop the insurrection. and that's what it was, guys. he continued to maintain the claims of widespread voter fraud. here's what he had to say, listen. >> i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it it was a landslide election. and everyone knows it. especially the other side, but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. griff: now as events unfolded around the same time the president was reacting so, too, was president-elect biden. who issued a strong rebuke. >> i am i am generally shocked and saddened that our nation so
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long the beacon of light hope and democracy has come to such a dark moment. prevail now. the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy, of decency, honor, respect, the rule of law. griff: the reaction from republicans may be indicating a growing chorus of some of the president's closest allies now leaving his side. here's what senator lindsey graham said. >> all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. i have tried to be helpful. when it's over it is over. it is over. >> it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the coming days, guys. because i remember listening to donald trump jr. yesterday before the spoke on the ellipse. he said the republican party is donald trump's party. a nod to perhaps the president would be leaving but yet he
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would have a big hold on the party. we will see exactly what happens now with folks like graham and others leaving his support. meanwhile, as you can see, things are quiet here. and there are some 6,000 national guard here and a lot of law enforcement right now. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: all right, griff. thanks. let's be honest since november 3rd when we got the verdict by november 5th the president's behavior has been terrible. it has cost him two senate seats. we know that for sure. it cost him his party the majority in the senate we know that for certain. we can also say this about the president of the united states. he obviously believes with every fiber of his being that he won this election. the problem is his party has had hasn't had any success at all proving that which is why richard nixon folded his tent. al gore made a speech even though i think i won it's time for a peaceful transition of power. the president didn't do that instead at 12:00, supposed to speak at 11:00. he gives his speech. after the which time he said march over there at 1:30.
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it's true, his people do not have a track record of violence, absolutely true. well, that track record broke. even if it was infiltrated by people who don't like him, it doesn't matter. when you send, 50, 60, 70, 80,000 people into the capitol which is guarded by a handful of cops and 150 national guard, guess what? they are going to get in. once again we didn't have video in 1814. but it looked a lot worse. it made more sense. because in 1814 we had an enemy, and it was the british. these are americans attacking with their faces apparent and transparent while they sat in the speaker's office. that clown should be arrested now, hopefully. and to put up a trump flag and put down the american flag is not patriotic. one of the worst things i have ever seen. and when you lost lindsey graham, who has stood by and talked to the president, understood in the best possible, when you lose all these people, when tom cotton says it's time for you to concede, i think that you have gone over the top. i think when the president made
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those remarks, he couldn't even use his own twitter account. he had to use dan season's because he has been justifiably suspended for the last 24 hours. for those people condemning this violence, i ask you where are you for 200 plus days in portland? where were you in oregon that still existing as the chop zone took root? where were you in new york city when you said people have to blow off steam as well as illinois and countless other places. don't suddenly become law and order although i thought joe biden's comments were perfect and have been very strong since he won the election. steve: joe biden yesterday was very presidential, brian, in coming out and saying that. i saw you on the martha mccallum show last night and spoken to somebody at the white house who said the president was already trying to cut a video telling the people go home as joe biden was making his comments. what the president could have done and perhaps should have done, rather than cut a twitter video would have been to walk
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down to the press briefing room, the brady room, because there are five tv cameras there that are live all the time. the president could have just made the statement from the briefing room. but, as you look at, you know, and we are going to be discussing all that stuff. you can understand the frustration. there are 74 million people across the country who are frustrated about the election because they voted for donald trump. and that's absolutely one thing. but, here's the thing, no matter how frustrated you are with an election, violence is never the way to solve it. particularly storming the u.s. capitol as you holler hundreds hollering u.s.a., u.s.a. and now here's the bad news for a lot of the people who did that yesterday. you know, a lot of the people who were inside and we should call them rioters because it was declared a riot. many of those people called their friends and took video and selfies and things like that. and now the fbi is asking for
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help in identifying the d.c. rioters. and, ainsley, for the people who did destroy and loot the u.s. capitol, there is going to be trouble for them. ainsley: there will be. congressman bill johnson said he was not trying to overthrow or overturn this election when he objected to the certification. i have want to bring light to the violations of the constitution by some of these states which he feels like is wrong. he said they were sitting in the house chambers, capitol police whisked away steve scalise and it steny hoyer and told others to remain silent and stay seated. they came in and said the capitol has been breached. tier gas mask iraqi security forces under your seats because there is tear gas in the rotunda right now. as soon as they reached for their masks under their seats he could hear beating on the door. he said wow, they are here. they are they door of the house. the president we see him walk in to give the state of the union address. four people died. ashley babbitt was the 14-year veteran that griff was talking about, four tours in the air
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force, and her mother-in-law was interviewed by a local news agency, i guess out in california because they live in san diego. and she said i'm not sure why she wanted to go and do this. and her husband said she was just there to support trump. one of the witnesses of the shooting, taylor hansen said she wasn't being violent. she watched it ashley. she talked to her 10 minutes before she was killed. they saw schumer walk out and a guy going berserk started punching. there is picture. he broke windows, pulled down the glass. instigated everything. pulled down a piece of glass in front of the police officer she heard a gunshot. and she watched ashley babbitt hit the ground. brian: others would die and damage is done. i give great credit to lawmakers who went back and gaveled in the electoral college final results. and the republicans who had the good accepts to say now is not the time to stand up and do a filibuster-like series of speeches along the way. the other thing is do you know that these protesters, rioters,
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trump supporters, whoever they are, do you know they showed up with chemical irritant and they were pushing it, spraying it at the washington capital police? did you see the video of these capital policemen in their uniforms running backwards because there were so many rioters come at them? ainsley: maybe a chance for them to learn. after george floyd and video came out everyone was appalled. there were peaceful protester. because of that a lot of rioting. but after that the peaceful friend of the day of protest we all woke up. wait a minute, other people might be treated differently. let's listen to their stories. there need to be police reform. when you watch this, what can we learn from this? maybe a lot of people don't think that the election was handled smoothly. they don't believe that it was -- they think some of it was illegitimate? should we listen to them and look at election reform? yes. steve: absolutely. here's the thing, there are some people, what is it 40% of the country believes that the election was stolen from donald trump. why is that?
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because donald trump has said that so many times. look, because of the pandemic, this election had to be run differently. was -- you know, ultimately, there were courts for the last two months the trump team has tried to get a judge to agree with them. they have been unable to do it. was the election completely fair? maybe not. but was it illegal? that is something that the lawmakers are going to have to figure out. dan bongino has been looking at what happened yesterday. he is a former law enforcement and had this observation with sean hannity last night right here on the channel. >> we can't ever, ever normalize political violence, ever. people on this network and me today have said listen, what happened today was not normal. and should not be accepted and should be called out. we have period, full stop. there isn't one guiding set of principles in this country. there is one rule for the left and the media. another set of rules from conservatives who call out
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violence any time it happens everywhere and are saying tonight it is never the solution to our problems in this country. we have to have -- we are a country. it's not a par cheesy club. there has to be one set of principles that assigned to both sides and we have fidelity to. steve: to add a little more something else completely different but it's the same topic and that has to do with the president of the @who ultimately overnight if you are just waking up did say okay, there will be a peaceful transition on january 20th. will some senior members of the administration apparently discussed yesterday cabinet members discussed removing the president of the @by the 25th amendment. also, the national association of manufacturers, i believe they represent something like 12,000 businesses across the country. they released a statement from the president j. timmons saying that vice president pence should seriously consider working with the cabinet to invoke the 25th
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amendment to preserve democracy and get rid of donald trump today. ainsley: retired army ranger and florida g.o.p. congressman brian mast was there and he joins us to tell us what happened. i know you had said this was as unpatriotic and appalling as it gets. what happened to you? tell us -- i know you were at the house floor. you went into your office and you couldn't leave; is that right? >> i had spoke on the house floor, and this must have happened right on the tails of me walking off the floor. i spoke. i walked off the floor. nothing was going on and by the time i walked 5 minutes to my office, this was playing out on the television. bearing out on the television. so it must have happened really directly on my heels. but i really feel like i need to say this. the day is going to be filled with speculation about that attack yesterday. and it is a huge regret wholly unpatriotic, unamerican. but i feel like thing that i
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wish would be remembered about january 6th, 021, wa 022021. democracy, the pride of our country was literally attacked and hours later we resumed the democratic process that we take so much pride in. i wish that was what would be remembered about yesterday. brian: well, that's true. it's not. that will be one of the things. but it's not. congressman, i vividly remember you after the rnc walking out and you lost both your legs in battle and people were screaming at you, challenging at you, those were the those were reporter. rioters. they wanted to create chaos. why did i think trump supporters would never do something like that? do you believe that you saw a different side of trump supporters? >> yes. absolutely. you said why tube that? i think it goes really to the heart of what you just quoted dan bongino. one of my neighbors. one of my constituents saying, you know, we have this set of
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principles, this set of rules that we don't push aside. and as conservatives, we uphold that you don't expect to see -- treat our country like antifa, to spray paint things. to knock things over. to tip over barriers and to climb over walls and to break windows and to attack our literally our capitol law enforcement or any other law enforcement. you don't expect to see that out of conservatives and it is disgraceful to see that. steve: i know you were in the capitol complex. my daughter was there she was locked down all day. very long story. very emotional. one of her smart -- a couple of her smart friend over on the senate side did something that you know, i'm glad they did, those big that hog gotte that md them up and took them out of the senate chambers had they not done that those looters found those, democracy that you are talking about the process of
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certification of joe biden's presidency would not have happened yesterday. >> that's the first time i have heard that i'm glad that you just shared that. that's an important piece of our history to understand that that occurred. you think about you could use a number of adjectives the i had i don't saidiotsout there placingn the senate chamber or nancy pelosi's desk that stupidity going on and to save that piece of what needed to happen for our democratic process that was swift thinking and applauds to them. steve: right there, congressman, that's one of the tha that mahos that they took out of yesterday. there were so many at the stop the steal rally yesterday where they were under the impression that mike pence could somehow derail joe biden's win and install president trump, and
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that's why president trump has apparently thrown mike pence under the bus and marc short, his chief of staff has been excluded from the white house property. he says because he gave the vice president advice about certifying what happened yesterday. but, ultimately, so many of those people at the stop the steal rally thought that that could happen. that's a fairy tale. >> let me tell you why i find certainly no pride in the attacks that happened yesterday but pride in yesterday. and i hope every school those those that were out there rioting, will i hope they take the opportunity to go back and listen and watch three or four hours of debate last night say from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. this morning and what you will hear is what america is owed out of this body of congress every single day. the most thoughtful, deliberate debate on both sides of that
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issue from both republicans and democrats. it was a renaissance of what i imagined it to be like when there was debate here going on with our founding fathers. that was the kind of debate that was going on. and it was the first time that i can say i witnessed that level of it in the four years that i have been here. i take pride in that occurring, regardless of where i found agreement or disagreement with individuals. and those rioters and all americans need to see that, in my opinion, to have a full understanding of everything that was being argued with vice president mike pence and with the state constitutions and our constitution of the united states of america. it is worth the permanently being enshrined within the civics of our country to learn a lesson forever going forward. ainsley: congressman, what happened yesterday, last night is being talked about all around the world. it sends a message to them. and that is pretty terrifying.
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so going forward, how are we going to make sure y'all are safe when you are inside the building? >> look, that's an important question. you look at the fact that they knew the capitol police officers knew that there was a threat, right? that's why there were barricades around the building. that's why they weren't allowing visitors into the building though it's the people's house and i respect that fact of it. it's very odd to me that they were not armed with less than lethal round such as rubber bullets or beanbag or gas or other things. you think of the various layers that they breached to get into the capitol. first of all probably 100-meter roughly gated off area with waist high gates that there were absolutely officers around that they went over. but there was not a show of force at that point. then there were, of course, officers at the metal detectors within the doors and guarding the doors and on the roof of the capitol and other places. again, no show of force at that
3:20 am
point largely. and then officers throughout the building and roving patrols within the house chambers and the senate chambers and other places. and not less than lethal, not less than lethal shows of force to teal with that by a police force that is probably more experienced in dealing with riots and large crowds than any other force anywhere in the country, the capitol police deal with this possibly on a weekly basis. these kind of crowds. serious questions need to be answered. i wouldn't be surprised if you see a resignation by the chief of the capitol police. i'm not saying that that's being talked about but i wouldn't be surprised. brian: by the way we woke up yesterday saying iran was going to get us back tore killing soleimani and the capitol was going to be targeted. steve: with an airplane. brian: yeah, with an airplane. big picture is this. the average american wonders with this mail-in voting. mail-in balloting.
3:21 am
people vote in that state down to 14 battleground state more like six. one thing that i hope comes from this when the temperature cools is a real look at some type of semblance of election reform and do what your state did in florida. they were the laughing stock in 2,000. you guys were one of the first to pull off in a battleground state a solid election result as far as i know was indisputable. mike gallagher was on, the congressman from wisconsin with tucker last night. listen. >> every state is going to have to do a version of what florida did post 2000. should be top priority for the state legislature my state of wisconsin and every other irregularity this is what worked. this is what at any time. the fundamental sin is that we turned election day into election week into election month. that can happen on a separate
3:22 am
process while we still support a peaceful transition of power. i can't just look my constituents in the face and somehow tell them that donald trump is going to be president on january 21st. >> tucker: you can't lie to people that's rule 1. >> that's unconscionable to make that so. brian: congressman, is there a sense on both sides that there needs to be some type of reform? or is that going to be another area in which you guys don't do any work together? brian: i think that's bipartisan area. look, you can go back to a piece of legislation that i would say to democrats credit. i might have been the only republican who voted on it. it was voter reform and this way it required paperbackups for all ballots. now, florida already has that. so i was totally on board with that. nobody else really voted to support that within my party. but that's one of the examples where there was work on that front. but, to what representative gallagher was speaking about
3:23 am
actually is a legal voter without some way to check their i.d. you can't put a system like that in place 15 days before the election and not expect people to have questions or to say listen, we are going to change the date that you do this and there is not going to be a signature verification or change a host of other things. you can't do that days before or just a couple weeks before our national presidential election. and not have, number one, created very serious ripples in the system that have to be dealt with growing pains. but also sow distrust in why that is happening and what is going to happen as a result. that's why it needs to be worked out, certainly years in advance beginning immediately and florida has done some incredible things. you said we are the laughing stock in 2000. not just 2000.
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2008 as well. florida found a way to mess things up numerous elections and did an incredible job this last cycle. steve: unfortunately there is a coronavirus pandemic this year and that threw a monkey wrench into everything. each state has got to figure it out themselves. they will don't want to be told by the federal government with all due respect, congressman how to do it. figure it out just on their own just like florida did. >> states' rights. a foundation of what we are. brian: has to be told to figure it out on their own. they have to know the status quo is not okay. steve: believe me, they know. >> it has to demonstrate that it will be fair and honest and create a system where nobody's votes are canceled by something illegal. people have to have the faith in that. steve: congressman brian mast joining us from capitol hill, sir, thank you very much. >> are we wish you all the best. steve: good luck to you. jillian, news time. jillian: governors are scram bring to speed up covid-19 vaccinations. new york threatens to fine
3:25 am
hospitals not moving fast enough. south carolina healthcare workers have until next week or move to the back of the line. dentists in california could soon give out shots. meanwhile 29 people have suffered severe allergic reactions out of over 5 million will vaccinations. the u.s. surpasses 21 million cases with more than 360,000 death. today president-elect joe biden plans to announce his pick for attorney general. judge merrick garland. he was nominated to the supreme court by then president barack obama in 2016. but did not receive a hearing. judge garland served on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. meanwhile, biden's pick for the doj's top civil rights post kristin clark has called for deal funding the police and invest in social programs. a british judge denies bail for wikileaks founder julian assange over concerns he would not return to court for his extradition case. the courts are considering an appeal by the u.s. against the
3:26 am
judge's recent decision not to extradite him to faces mean nawj charges. u.s. prosecutors have indicted the wikileaks founder for leaking highly classified military and diplomatic documents 10 years ago. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: julian, thank you very much. back to our top story the violence and chaos on capitol hill highlighting america's deep political divide. so how did we get here and how do we dig ourselves out and mo forward? fox news contributor and media opinion columnist for the hill joe concha joins us right now. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. will. steve: are are yesterday after the stop the steal rally and a number of protesters went over to the capital and they eventually became rioters and some of them looters as well. there is a lot of frustration in this country. 74 million americans voted for donald trump. they're frustrated that he lost and i think they are probably pretty embarrassed about what happened yesterday.
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>> how you cannot be, right? that was one of the most shameful, nauseating dark events that we have seen in modern times. for the president to hold that rally and for thousand of people from that rally to march over to the capitol and do what they did like what you are seeing on your screen right now. a military veteran, a female shot in the neck and killed in our capitol. this is something that was impossible to absorb from your tv screen at home. and it extension quite frankly of what we saw during the summer of 2020 when antifa and others took over cities like minneapolis and seattle and portland and atlanta and chicago and new york and we saw our cities burning as well. nobody has the moral high ground here, steve. the president certainly does not after his rhetoric helping to precipitate what we saw yesterday at the capitol and obviously democratic leader not speaking out during the summer
3:28 am
because there was an election coming up after all and not denouncing all those groups that was causing all that violence and death and billions in damage in our cities. so, look, what we're seeing now is the result of, i think a lot is social media, the ability for anybody to communicate at any time from their phones. i think that only is a match on a powder keg as far as what we're seeing now. it just seems like we are so divided and it seems more and more like if you go back to the roots of social media, that only leads to, i think. more divide and the bottom line is that a decided majority, steve, in this country are actually either moderate or conservative. i spoke to mark penn who was obviously a senior adviser to bill clinton when he was president and hillary clinton. here is what he had to say only 24% of voters identify as liberal. 38% say they are conservative or citing are cnn exit polls from the last election. another 38 will% moderate.
3:29 am
7 either conservative or moderate. pragmatist taxes and budget and immigration and foreign policy. and instead we are allowing these crazies, the people from the extremes from the right and the left to dictate the narrative and do things like we saw yesterday or over the summer and enough is enough indeed. steve: sure, one of the things we have seen over the last four years is that the donald trump supporters are -- love law enforcement. i mean, they are so supportive of law enforcement. and then you had those images from yesterday, which will be a forever indelible memory of the leg gales of donald trump, you see those people wearing in some cases trump shirts and waiving trump flags assaulting cops. i mean, that doesn't make any sense to me after what i have heard from trump supporters for so long. you can't say all those trump supporters or all those people that did the bad stuff were --
3:30 am
it's too early to make observations about particulars. but, just the attack on law enforcement yesterday was jaw-dropping. >> it was. and my fear is now that 74 million people that voted for donald trump are going to be broad brushed as the people that you see on your screen. steve: exactly. >> attacking police officers when it's a very, very small percent daniel just like antifa and those that support them aren't indicative of your average biden supporter. that's the thing. but we have lost our ability to disagree with civility, it seems. and hopefully sometimes you have to get to a low point in order to go up. hopefully yesterday was the low point where then we could say okay, enough of this. and let's see if we could come to some sort of compromise, ultimately, believe it or not, according to mark penn as i mentioned earlier, that's what we want in this country to move things forward, steve. will. >> you are the tv reporter, columnist, somebody who observes all the time. should the president of the united states go on tv today.
3:31 am
go down to the briefing room today and make a statement? >> yeah. i don't think he could ever talk enough in these situations and the president needs to speak out on live television condemn what he saw yesterday. concede this election, and move the country forward, steve. steve: i think that's a great idea. maybe he is watching. all right. joe concha. >> probably. steve: i have know he is not tweeting. he has a few more hours on the time-out area. joe, thank you very much. >> that's right. thank you, steve. steve: still ahead on this thursday, the national guard has converged by the thousands in washington after those violent rioters overran the capitol. miranda devine calls the chaos appalling. her analysis on the legacy of president trump and you are looking at part of it right there.
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let's just... find that email. the old way of doing business slows everyone down. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. ainsley: we're back with a fox news alert. the new op-ed next guest says the violent display has destroyed the republican party. here with more fox news contributor and "new york post" columnist miranda devine. what made you think that and say that? >> hi, ainsley, i'm not saying it's destroyed the republican party. i'm say iting it is a tragedy for the republican party for its supporters for the nationalist populist movement that donald trump led for conservatives and for donald trump himself and his
3:36 am
legacy. and, you know, he has just managed to by leading his supporters down the garden path and you saw that yesterday. you saw that yesterday. he has been doing this for weeks. by pretending to them that there is some sort of historic event going to happen in the next two weeks. in fact, yesterday, that was going to be a historic moment at the capitol when the election result was going to be overturned and that mike pence was going to be responsible for that that was delusional. this was never going to happen and it was wrong to promise something to people that you can't keep. and so the upshot is the chaos, the anarchy that we saw yesterday. a woman killed, a woman shot, this is tragic. and the republican party is already tearing itself apart. we had the georgia runoffs where there is a lot of recrimination. and quite reason bably, people think that the president sabotaged the republican efforts
3:37 am
there because of this complete obsession about georgia's november 3 election results when there are other states that should have been focused on. and the fact that the republican party itself put up two such terrible candidates, especially for the times, that were the anathema of what the nationalist populist movement and trumpism is about, that compounds itself. it shows that the republican party has not really learned the lesson of the trump years and able to sort of turn that into a transformational transition into better party going forward. and i just think, i don't know how you come back from that. >> what's interesting is we thought this would be the top story. when news broke last night, that ossoff had won. two democrats in georgia. that wasn't the top story. the top story is everything happening there at the capitol. the storming of the capitol. so that should have been a huge story, but it wasn't our primary story. >> well, and this is the case.
3:38 am
it should have been a huge story for weeks. instead of focusing on this fuller rand of trying to overturn the election. in two months we have had no court has accepted any evidence that is going to be sufficient to prove that there was enough illegality to overturn the election. so what too we have instead? ainsley: what does it mean for his legacy? >> two radical senators are now in the house. the democrats control the -- sorry the senate. the democrats now control the senate and the house and the white house. it means they have unfettered ability to enact all their most radical policies. it is going to transform this country. and they are going to trample all over trump's legacy. all the good that he did. everything that he managed to achieve will be overturned and maligned. he has spent four years being maligned unfairly and hobbled and demeaned and his supporters
3:39 am
trashed. and now all his enemies have justification for that. they can turn around and quite with unfettered do whatever they like they can create two new states. they can abolish the electoral college. they can stack the supreme court. and there will be no way to stop them. and this is what donald trump's legacy is going to be. it's going to be utter failure for the republican party. and so i think now he has an opportunity in the next two weeks to change that. you know, he can make amends, and persuade his supporters to put the 2020 election behind them, and look ahead. you know, it's only two years until the midterm elections try and focus on that and win back the house. and prevent the damage that can be done by four years of a biden administration unfettered by the senate where joe biden will have no way to go the left of his
3:40 am
party forces through their wish list on him. ainsley: miranda, thank you so much. still ahead, retired navy seal dan crenshaw slamming capitol hill rioters. >>ing wearing an american flag on my shoulder enemy. that's what the for. the people in this capitol are not your enemy. ainsley: pete hegseth was in washington before it turned chaotic. what he saw on the ground next. unparalleled safety at evervisit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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3:44 am
>> what disturbing me the most about seeing some of it is the american flags being carried in as if it's some patriotic throughout. i recall wearing an american flag on my shoulder as i stormed my enemies and the enemies of our nation. that's what the flag is for. to defend this country against our enemies. the people in this capitol are not your enemy.
3:45 am
right? these are our fellow americans. these are not what you do and call yourself a patriot. there's no, sir to be proud of here. it's not okay. it should be condemned to the fullest extent. i'm just saddened, i think, more than anything and dispointd by what identify seen. it's unacceptable. brian: of course where do you go from here. pete hegseth setting the scene for the two event the 11:00 or 10:00 event series of speeches eric and don jr. and rudy giuliani and the president at noon and then the 1:30 march at the capitol that went over the walls and into the buildings and had lawmakers running for their lives. pete, where does this movement ogo from here if this is the calling card they are leaving us with? pete: well, the movement is obviously defined by far more than one day. if anything one person i talked to in the crowd gave voice to a lot of the way people feel.
3:46 am
i'm a born again american. i have been reawoken to the reality of what the left has done to my country. this is not donald trump only. this is what he has exposed. see, these folks on the lawn, more than i had ever seen. these are not conspiracy thirsts motivated by laws that's a bunch of nonsense that people want to tell us. first principles love freedom and free markets. they see exactly what the anti-american left has done to america. up doctrineating our kids, opening our borders, canceling individuals, totally censors entire viewpoint all the double standards that exist in our country right now. we are always told and this is legitimate. this is the way republics are supposed to work. you get them at the both box. you come back two years later and get them at the blot box. what happens when you don't have that recourse. what happens when they use covid as a guide to change all the guidelines constitutionally. i can go to walmart. can i go to a restaurant and sports games in some places. you tell me we couldn't have voted. i don't buy it.
3:47 am
i'm actually not surprised by what happened yesterday. i'm not saying it's okay. but i wasn't shocked. i recognize that people feel like the entire system is rigged fence them. and then they look at what antifa and black lives matter have gotten away with. and no, no, no. i'm sorry. you can't go to church but i can riot during covid and i'm told that's okay. but if we gather as a group, we are condemned for being a bunch of conspiracy theirs who are not patriotic. i don't buy it. i think it's easy to fall into the universal these people are evil approach as to opposed to stepping back and understanding that they feel like if you can't go to the ballot box where are you going go? that's a legitimate question for people to answer today. will. steve: also for the last two months donald trump's lawyers have had legitimate chances in court to prove that there was mischief at the ballot box and they have been unable to do that. and we have been talking about that for the last two month. but, pete, and i understand the frustration with all the people. and you obviously are very
3:48 am
frustrated that donald trump didn't win because you have been a big supporter of his. pete: sure. steve: very clear clearly. the people who gathered yesterday though, i mean, 99% of them, 100 percent, 99% of them were peaceful; however, what was the rally about? i mean it was called save the country, stop the steal, were they there simply to support donald trump on the way out? or were they there to actually overturn the election because they had been told through donald trump and others that mike pence could actually do that? pete: well, i talked to a lot of them. they were hopeful something could be done but most of them acknowledged it wasn't going to happen. they were there to support the president of the united states and defend our republic. and stand up and say i just want a fair shake. i understand what this country represents. i see how the left is trying to tear it down. and i see one man in donald trump who has been willing to
3:49 am
fight undeterred the poisons of political correctness, expose the media for what they are which is a left wing cabal completely silencing conservatives across the board. they told us russia was the biggest problem we had for four years until they dropped it and it was exposed for being totally false. so you don't have to believe the election was stolen to know that the system has begun to undercut people who love our country. that's what they were there for. and it manifested the capitol in a different way. that doesn't mean you need to condemn the entire thing. ainsley: pete, really quickly. does the president have a shot now after all of this if he runs again in four years? pete: of course he does. will he? i don't know what is the path from here? there are different ways he can handle the next two weeks. the movement that he has created is not over. it's only been -- it's only exposed further the deepening of our divide and we're going to have some serious moments coming up where people are going to have to decide whether they will stand for the constitution or not. one of those was yesterday in
3:50 am
the halls of congress where some people objected. we will see. brian: pete, we will check with you in an hour as we watch those events unfold. meanwhile lawrence jones is next. don't move.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
brian: many asking this morning why is it so easy and why was it
3:54 am
so easy for that mob to breach into that capitol building. lawrence jones calling for an investigation joins us now. lawrence, so much to say. your point of view as you saw the perimeter breached? >> how in the world does this happen in america? they told us when they gave us a tsa and the decided to put all these perimeters around of the capitol and the white house that this type of stuff wouldn't happen. this is the security threat and the fact that if -- if you are a protester that you can get through, i mean, i can just imagine all these foreign governments ready to go now. they know they have the map to get through if today they want to do it god forbid they know what to do. brian: when you look at the trump supporters for the longest time the law and order that was them. they are about law and order. >> and black the blue. brian: did they roads the moral high ground yesterday? >> i think they lost the moral high ground and i think everybody has lost the moral high ground. look, what the thugs did
3:55 am
yesterday and -- to act like animals and go after our democracy was sad. they lost all credibility on that point but i think many people during -- i was with you the entire summer during the riots and i told you, i begged people listen to the good hearted people who say they just want police reform. they want to be treated like humans. they feel like there is something wrong with the system. but then you have the violence that happened at night. and the people that were going after the police and setting things on fire. well, maybe it's the same thing on this side as well. you have got some good hearted people that want justice that feel like they were wronged and then you have the people that are agitators that want to set things on fire. maybe we should stop generalizing each other. maybe all the black lives matter isn't bad. maybe all of the trump supporters aren't bad. maybe we should start looking at people as american citizens. brian: right. lastly. i back up the law and order signals from yesterday but for the democrats to say it now
3:56 am
after ignoring portland and seattle, and chicago and minneapolis and new york save it. >> you don't get to say that after for months you wouldn't condemn it. and the people that are on this side. you don't get to say well, the democrat did this summer. you got to condemn it all. there is no time for flip-flopping on it. our democracy was attacked yesterday. the republic pass was attacked. we should all condemn it. it's been on fire for months now. not a good way to start 2021. brian: no one has been on the street talking to more people than you in most cities. >> on both sides. brian: you are an expert. thank you so much. another expert coming your way michael waltz green beret congressman there the whole time. dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx.
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for the wow of a professional clean feel every day. my mouth says wow and so does my oral-b. >> joseph r. biden jr. of the state of delaware has received 30 6 votes. donald j. trump with the state of florida has received 232 vote. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. overnight congress certifying the 2020 election results declaring joe biden as the 46th president of the united states. brian: but chaos once again erupting in the capitol in a way we haven't seen before with two house members nearly coming to blows on the floor will. steve: what a day. meanwhile president trump responding in the last couple of hours saying, quote: even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election and the fact bear me out, nevertheless, there will be an
4:01 am
orderly transition on january 20th. he did not tweet it or put it on facebook because he has been locked out of both of those social media platforms. griff jenkins is live in washington where a curfew was lifted an hour ago. griff, i saw some of your exchanges with some of the actual protesters and they were frustrated yesterday. griff: they were awfully frustrated and they were passionate and things got out of control. you know, it's quiet now thanks to law enforcement and the national guard. but yesterday is a day that won't soon be forgotten. the images of the people's house being stormed by pro-trump supporters scaling the wall, using barricades to assault law enforcement, breaking windows. it left four dead, including a 14-year female air force veteran shot by police. dozens were injured. taken to hospitals. 14 police officers were hurt. more than 50 arrested. and it all started shortly after the president pin issue inned
4:02 am
addressing the rally on the ellipse telling them that he would be with them although he wasn't physically marching down here to the capitol. when he finally called for them to stop what they were doing, he continued to maintain his claims of a fraudulent and rigged election. watch. >> i know your pain. i know your hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election. and everyone knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect our great people in law and order. we don't want anybody hurt. griff: as the day's events unfolded around the same time that president trump was reacting, president-elect biden delivered a strong rebuke. listen. >> i amgen winly shocked and saddened that our nation so long the beacon of light and hope for
4:03 am
democracy has come to such a dark moment. prevail now the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy. of decency, honor, respect, the rule of law. griff: now a growing chorus of republicans are blasting and blamings the president including some of the president's staunchest allies like senator lindsey graham. >> trump and i, we have had a hell of a journey. i hate it being this way. oh my god i hate it. all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. i have tried to be helpful. the when it's over, it is over. it is over. griff: the question now is what will the president's final days look like for him? will republicans continue to desert him? you saw some resignations happening, steve, ainsley and brian yesterday that are high profile folks to include
4:04 am
stephanie grisham and the deputy national security adviser matt pot jerry. steve, ainsley, and brian? ainsley: we also saw some senators and a congresswoman change their tunes as well. they were going in there to object to the conceding this election or to certifying this election and then they changed their minds. one of them was kelly loeffler. we saw her on stage with donald trump saying i'm going to go in there and object and the whole crowd wept wild. she decided to change her mind. i could not object after thee riots in good conscience. marsha blackburn was another one. mike braun did say i'm not going to object anymore but he said the election integrity is still a valid issue and we can still pursue it. there are several things we can learn from this as well, guys. after george floyd died, we all learned that we need to take a hard look at police reform. and there were a lot of riots then. and we all condemned them. the three of us condemned those riots. businesses were burned down. it was terrible. innocent people's lives were changed because of that then what we saw yesterday, what can we learn from this?
4:05 am
they want election reform. we need to find a way to fix the election system so that every single american has faith in the election and trust and that there is integrity. we also have learned the majority of those individuals down there were peaceful. just like we learned in the peaceful protest after george floyd. the majority are not violent. a few bad apples taint the entire group. steve: right. ainsley, when you look at those images and that we understand is how the protesters were able to get in to the capitol building. somebody using a capitol police officer's shield broke that window, jumped in and then went and opened some of the doors. but here's the thing. those people were so frustrated because they had been told by the president of the united states that the election was stolen from him. and that the system was rigged against him. other republicans did win but it was rigged against him. and so that's why they were frustrated. and ultimately he invited them to go down to congress, brian,
4:06 am
yesterday, and give them a piece of your mind and they did that, except coming had evacuated. instead, some people looted. and it was declared a riot by the police. the president gave people hope that he had hope that he had the vice president was going to stop the electoral confirmation which has not happened. constitutionally it's not going to take place. steve: can't do it. jonathan turley coming up in a few minutes. he had no option and he evidently according to the "the washington post" is blind. he is so angry he is blind with rage at the vice president. when you are that man at mike pence who is your most loyal person outlines of your family, you have gone over the line. no question about it. he said the statement that kayleigh mcenany told me last night is they would have appreciated if mike pence had said something that he noticed that irregularities with the election and that there was fraud if he included that in his letter. but, instead, he is blind at rage with mike pence that so ever the top. the president's actions since november 5th became clear was
4:07 am
not going to win. i understand the disappointment. especially with someone who has made history the way he did and fought through what he fought through. and if you look at three states you lost by a total of 45,000 votes. that's tough to live with. but his actions cost him the majority in the senate. his actions are costing him his legacy of what he has accomplished over the last four years and virtually prevented him having another four years. here is marc thiessen. >> from trump supporter's perspective these are the same people who spread for two years the russia collusion conspiracy theory that donald trump had colluded with vladimir putin to steal the election. they pushed the steele dossier. they attacked the president nonstop and distorted his record. wouldn't give him credit for the things he did right. attacked and distorted the things they felt he did wrong. so there is no trust. they don't trust the media. so we have lost the only arbiter of truth that we have which is the independent free press. and so as a result, the truth lies in tatter was and we can't even agree on what the truth is.
4:08 am
>> if you read mark so much good what he published. george bush peach righter and best sell author. the it did not help that rudy giuliani got up there and says we are now going to have a trial by combat? please. anand at 7:00 he is on the phone leaving a message who he thinks tommy tuberville at which time asking him after these riots, after they get back on the floor to, hey, delay the vote a little bit. i have more information coming. the problem was it wasn't tomi tuberville the new senator from alabama. it wasn't his phone. he left it on the wrong phone. so, that's the person who the president's real attorney. that is his lead attorney. and if that's his friend and lead attorney, can you imagine how irregular his legal advice that he has been getting has been. ainsley: let's turn now to
4:09 am
florida congressman national guard concern michael waltz a member of the house armed services committee. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: i was reading this morning you says it does not reflect the flag that you fought for overseas and i think that most americans can agree with that. we condemn this violence. we hate this and wish it hadn't happened. a young lady is dead now as a result. two others are dead. two men and another woman as well. where do we go from here? people worried their voices were not heard. >> these thugs that did this, i was on the capitol floor. we were tee baiting the constitutional issues that are still out there and still need to be resolved with many of these states. but we were debating them through discussion. and, you know, i have said repeatedly if we are yelling at each other and not fighting with each other in the street, then that's what our democracy is all about. ainsley, i have served in places overseaseas in frisk and afghanistan and the middle least
4:10 am
where this is how they are resolve their sphiewts through fighting in the streets. that's not how america operates. that's not our democracy. the bus loads of great americans and trump supporter, many of which visited me in my office that were coming up to peacefully protest florida had some major election issues issues. and we fixed them pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, they need to fix these problems going forward. democracy only works if everyone has confidence in the system i condemn the violence across the board whether it's portland, chicago, or washington, d.c. florida is putting in legislation that makes it a very serious crime to commit political violence. i don't care what your cause is or what your ideology is.
4:11 am
so -- and then finally in 2005, after nancy pelosi objected to president bush's election, there was a bipartisan congressional commission that unpacked things that happened in 2000 and 2004 and put the legislative fixes in place at the federal level. there are things we must do. we can't just shrug our shoulders as despicable as yesterday was. we can't shrug our shoulders and pretend these problems still don't exist for future elections. we need to have a peaceful transfer of power and i'm very pleased to hear the president repeat that. but this is for future elections going forward and the confidence of everyone that their voice will be heard. steve: the states that have the problems need to address them as soon as as they possibly can. congressman, you have a unique point of view and reference point regarding what happened inside the house chambers
4:12 am
because you were actually there. and probably the scariest image that i saw from yesterday the house doors, you have got, you know, people moved a great big piece of furniture in front of itit so the bad guys could not come in and you have the plain clothes officers with guns drawn and there were gunshots. and you heard them and my daughter was actually working in the capitol complex as well and one of those police officers said, mary, run. and she did. tell us about what it was like inside the house chambers. >> we were debating the constitutional issues with the vote in arizona. and we heard a ruckus outside. capitol policemen came in and said there has been a breach. i smelled some tear gas. i know what that smells like. we actually have gas masks on the house floor for various types of emergencies. members started putting on gas
4:13 am
masks. other members, we started breaking off legs of furniture because as we barricaded those doors, we could -- we could see and hear the protesters -- thugs. i don't even want to call them protesters. banging on and pushing on them. i heard what i tear gas grenades going off and what sounded like gunfire. people were scared. and we evacuated and i just want to give -- look, i think we need an investigation overall on what happened capitol police but the police that i saw were handling themselves professionally and kept us safe. and i just can't say enough about supporting our men and women in blue. supporting our law enforcement. and for those rioters who are rioting into the capitol with black the blue flags, i think they need to rethink the hypocrisy there of what is going on. steve: congressman, you said people were breaking legs off of furniture. >> yeah.
4:14 am
steve: to use as a weapon. >> to use as a weapon to defend ourselves. others were barricading. i mean, you know, some of us are a little more fit. i have combat experience. and we were -- i was ready to defend the other members as they evacuated down the stairwell. brian: did you think you were going to be attacked by a guy with a maga hit? >hat?>> we didn't know what wasg on. we knew there was a breach. there was tear gas. we heard bangs di going off. i didn't know if they were going to go after democrats or us or what was going on. but i will always be ready to defend myself and my fellow colleagues and so were others. >> what was the reaction of other congress men and women i saw one photo and i don't know who it was. a lady wearing a red blazers and she is down on the ground and looks horrified. these are -- some of these mothers are women and grand mothers. many are not ready to defend themselves and wouldn't have a weapon on them there.
4:15 am
when you all reconvene, what were the emotions like? >> you know, there was just a mix of anger and sadness, really. i mean, it was -- you know, i'm emotional still because i'm just so upset at how it undercuts the great work, veterans reform, tax reform, rebuilding our filter, middle east peace. just all of the things that we should be talking about that we have accomplished over the last four years. and, are instead, you know, that's what the focus is going to be. and that's what the legacy is going to be. i think that's really sad and a shame. that said, i just want to reiterate. there are real constitutional issues that we have to resolve and we can't let the actions of yesterday let those get those swept under the rug. steve: plus real political divisions now within the republican party. the republican party is fractured. you have got a divide between
4:16 am
the maga true believers and the republicans. >> well, i think, you know, first of all, i just want to reiterate we are all americans. i have been in fox holes overseas where enemies bullets don't care about political party or race, religion, social economic background. we are all americans. i think at the end of the day whether we talk about our values, we talk about our policies, we talk about our vision for this country, we are conservatives, and we are republicans. but, a good portion of our party feels unheard. feels like they are not being served. and we need to speak to them. the vast majority are expressing that peacefully. they were there to protest peacefully and made their voice heard. i was expressing that on the house floor with our objections to some of these issues. there is just no place for violence i don't care what your issue is, period. steve: the party is fractured.
4:17 am
>> yes. and it is now. i think we are still very much unified on the results and the policies but we are fractured over the conduct. i think the president needs to condemn this more forcefully. i think the vice president acted in accordance with his authorities. and we need to look at how we are going to move the country forward how we are going to make these fixes to our election system and modify the country forward because now we have the democrats in charge of all the levers of power. and that's not good for our vision of the country as we know it. brian: congressman, you know things have to hit rock bottom for them to change. this i hope is rock bottom. could you have the support you have for among trump supporters and conservatives if you lead compromise on immigration, on tax reform, compromise on so many other issues? will you lose your political
4:18 am
career if you start leading a charge to cut deals? are you less of a conservative if you start working together? >> you know, brian, i'm not here to be a career politician. i'm here to get things done. i'm a proud conservative, but, you know, compromise can't be a dirty word. we have got to get result. in fact, you mention immigration, i think the president offered a great compromise, a pathway to daca and going to merit base. it takes both side. brian: they don't need to compromise. they only had a slight lead in the house. they lost another house member yesterday. it's down to 9. so they have got -- they have to deal with republicans and you are 50/50 in the senate. it's hard to believe they will agree on everything. the game might be set to get something done. >> be but, you know, when you have the progressives saying if we get control of the congress we no longer have to compromise,
4:19 am
that's been aoc's mantra, then, you know, really that's unacceptable. you are right. what the american people are tired of is a do-nothing washington. it's not getting results for them. and, you know, i will take 50% of something rather than 100 percent of nothing. brian: there you go. >> all day long. ainsley: thank you so much, congressman, for being with us. >> all right. god bless. ainsley: god bless you, too. >> pray for this great nation. i'm an optimist on it. we are strong and we will move forward. ainsley: thank you. jillian has some news for us. jillian: governors are scrambling to speed up covid-19 vaccinations. new york threatens to find hospitals not moving fast enough. south carolina healthcare workers have until next week or move to the back of the line. an and dentists in california could soon give out shots. meanwhile 29 people have suffered severe allergic reactions out of the over 5 million vaccinations. the u.s. surpasses 21 million cases with more than 360,000
4:20 am
deaths. two louisville police officers involved in breonna taylor's death are fired. james and cosgrove let go for violating procedures in the case. taylor was shot and killed by police in a botched drug raid last march. meanwhile former atlanta police chief erika shields to take over as chief later this month. the justice department and federal court system are among those hit by a hack linked to russian hackers. the full extent of the attack remains unclear. the doj says 3% of microsoft office email accounts were potentially impacted without saying who they belonged to. there has been no indication classified material or systems were affected. new york governor andrew cuomo is backing outs of attending the buffalo bills playoff game this weekend. fans were upset after he limited the crowd allowed in the stadium including himself. a petition for him to skip the game received more than 44,000 signatures.
4:21 am
cuomo plans to give away his ticket to a nurse. the team hasn't won the afc east since 1995. that is a look at your headlines. broip, send it back to you. brian: another tone deaf move by him even wanting tickets. testimony putting political politics aside and returning to session unified after rioters stormed the capitol. >> criminal behavior will never dominate the united states congress. this institution is resilient. >> democracy roots in this nation are deep and strong and will not be undone, ever, by a group of thugs. brian: but after historic breach is our constitutional system in trouble? they did confirm, president-elect joe biden about 4:00 a.m. many are george washington physical professor jonathan turley. how far did the constitution do yesterday? >> the constitution is not in
4:22 am
danger. the republic is not in danger. but we do have a danger. and it's a crisis of faith. this was our most sacred moment in the constitution. this is when we are supposed to come together, even with challenges and eventually as a nation recognize our next president. as we ultimately did. and to invade that space, to stop that moment is -- what i said in a column today, it's a desecration. you know, people are saying this is insurrection. i don't know about that. i know it's a desecration. i think most of the people that went to the capitol were going there to protest. most of were astonished with the ease with which these protesters seemed to get access to the capitol and then run amuck within the capitol. but, what's more serious for us, this is not the first act of violence. i mean, we got four years now of
4:23 am
violence in the street. we have had attacks. including lethal attacks on members. we have had an attack on the white house. we had the lafayette park incident which was ultimately cleared. we have been experiencing these violent acts for four years. and they represent something far more dangerous. and that is the sort of crisis of faith. people are taking these direct violent actions for a reason. but we also have to keep in mind, you know, we have seen groups take advantage of these moments. you have antifa on the left. you have proud boys on the right. you sort of saw those instigators yesterday, you know, they are showing up with ropes and they are leading people into the congress. and i think we have to focus on finding who those people are particularly. and to punish them. brian: speed matter, go get them, please. the other thing, jonathan, pretty clear is that many people are on the fence, including a lot of republicans about what ted cruz was doing getting a
4:24 am
dozen senators to protest the electoral college, three states and the way they did the election and about 100 other congressman. would they doing their constitutional duty or were they augmenting it? >> you know, brian, i'm glad you asked about that. we had a congressman i believe congressman lure are a who said this really is the fault of those challengers. as you know, i h opposed the challenge from the outset. i didn't see the basis for the challenge. that doesn't mean the use of the electoral counteract is an invitation to riot. we have to uses that a moment of unity. not weaponize it for political purposes. these members were making the same challenge that democrats have made in the past. many of us disagreed with it. but they weren't calling for a riot. they were using the legal system. they were making a challenge under federal law. brian: understood. i'm just saying some people are blending that. jonathan, real quick, there are rumors that some staffers are pushing for the vice president to enact the 25th amendment and
4:25 am
get the president out with two weeks left in his term. can that happen? >> well, it can happen. it's just extremely unlikely. keep in mind that the act has a four-day period where the president can then object. they then renew essentially that disability claim and they get four more days and there is a vote in congress. so there is an 8 day period folded into this clean-up is sort of a process period. so you are talking about running this to the very end and effectively removing him within a couple of days of his leaving office. four or five days before he is leaving office. and that's even assuming you have the merits. you have to be very careful. when you start to remove president as you perceive as a mental disability, it's a standard that can easily be abused. this is about constitutional fault. not character faults. and it is very dangerous if you start to say well, i just view him as unstable unless you have got very strong grounds.
4:26 am
brian: it's two weeks. it's not two years. anyway, a lot of people writing about that. jonathan, thanks so much. appreciate it. all right. still ahead on our show, chaos on the capitol exposes deep divisions in america. so how did we get here and how can we rebuild? charles payne live next.
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4:30 am
♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. congressional aides protect the boxes holding the electoral ballots as the violent mob breaches the capitol and todd piro joins us live with the latest. todd? >> ainsley, despite the chaos that left four people dead he congress was able to certify the election result this morning after a six hour delay congress continued the count certifying joe biden's electoral victory at 4:30 a.m. congressional aides now being thanked for making that possible. that's because when protesters first struntd the vote count a number of quick-thinking senate aides grabbed the mahogany wood boxes carrying the electoral parking lots. while copies do exist congress would not have been able to get the certification done as quickly if they did not take swift action. jeff if you are if i tweeting this picture of the ballot with the caption if our capable floor staff hadn't of grabbed them
4:31 am
they would have been burned by the mob. brian mast praised their decisive action when he joined us earlier. >> that's an important piece of our history to understand that that occurred. you think about that stupidity that was going on and to save that piece of what needed to happen for our democratic process was swift-thinking. todd: of that mob at least 52 arrested. 47 for curfew violations. three people died of medical millimeters. one woman ashley back bottom a 35-year-old air force veteran was shot and killed by police. back to you. ainsley: thank you, todd. steve: all right, ainsley? meanwhile, the country is shocked this morning after a day of violent chaos on capitol hill. let's bring in charles payne, the host of making money on fox business to react. charles, good morning to you. charles: good morning. steve: you know, after the stop the steal or save america rally yesterday, thousands of protesters headed from the rally at the suggestion of the president and went up to capitol
4:32 am
hill. and we know there is a lot of frustration with the' 4 million americans who voted for donald trump for president. but, you know, no matter how frustrated people are, there is never an excuse for what happened yesterday where you stormed the u.s. capitol while chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. >> no, you are absolutely right. there is not each a debate over that fact. steve: no. >> what we saw yesterday, the notion that lawmakers should be cowering in fear, running for their lives, being rushed away to secure locations is just unimaginable in this country. and it's heart breaking obviously. it was just heart breaking to see. i'm still, to be quite frank with you i have got like two or three hours' sleep. i'm trying to wrap my head around this and everything else that's happening in this country. steve, what bothers me a lot is that the game begins immediately of well this is worse than that.
4:33 am
or, you know, this is like, you know, and what i think is, first of all, the labeling part of it. i don't think it was a coup. someone said maybe 200,000 people were there. i would venture to say if there was 250,000 people they probably owned 1.2 million guns. no one traveled by bus, plane or even drove hundreds of miles to, you know, to foster violence. they did, to your point, go to voice their concerns that their lawfully constitutionally granted right to vote was usurped in some way either didn't count or some fraudulent votes counted more than that so i don't think i it was a coup or labeled a coup or insurrection. this is where we have an issue. as i watch what's happening in this country, steve, over and over again, there is a power base, a power base that, you know, we sometimes call it the establishment. and i think part of you who they
4:34 am
stay in power is to keep the overwhelming majority of americans, will 0% to 90% of us somewhat on the edge, somewhat fearful that it can all be taken away in a moment's notice. always upset, never hopeful. and they do that often. one of the biggest tools of doing this, obviously, is the media which, of course, sprang into action immediately. you saw a different coverage of this than you saw for instance of a summer of riots, a you remember is of looting, a summer of burning cities. a summer of cops being murdered. a summer of cities being vandalized and ripped apart. and i don't understand it. listen, wrong is wrong. wrong is wrong. and then go beyond that wrong is wrong why would americans on either side of this debate fill feel this deeply disand i did slipping away to this degree and what is their pain? what are they trying to achieve?
4:35 am
what are they trying to say? i don't think anyone is listening to them. i don't think anyone in power is listening to them because ironically that power structure remains in power by having them this desupon did he want. by having them this angry. by seeing these sort of images that we saw. the storming of capitol hill or the destruction of minneapolis. that keeps the power structure in power. and somehow if people could realize on both sides of this that they are all being played to a degree, and that their feelings are being manipulated, that their place in life has been manipulated, that their hopes are being dashed by the same forces, if they could ever understand they all love their children. they all love this country. they all want a brighter future. you know, maybe we could find a way around. this but the traditional means that we have been trying to use have actually gotten worse, particularly when it comes to the media.
4:36 am
gotten worse and made this will thing a whole lot worse. i'm not sure what the answer is. but i do believe that the irony here is that and, believe me, anyone who engages in violence, i grew up in violence. i heard your conversation with the congressman a moment ago and also, of course, your daughter and, you know, and the notion of people scurrying, running, being afraid. i lived in a neighborhood, honestly steve, almost every day or overrer day with something quote unquote pop-off. you heard a gun. you knew crowd run. i spent half my childhood running, you know, and so how do we get from here? i'm not sure because the mechanisms in place actually keep us here. the bottom line, what we saw yesterday was despicable. it was frightening. it should never happen in this country. i don't think it was a coup but there were people who went to d.c. with something on their
4:37 am
mind that the majority of those folks did not have planned. and it should never happen again. it should be condemned equally as other things should be condemned. there is no way to try to have any equivocation. steve: my daughter when she heard the gunshots at the capitol complex and they said run down that way, mary. she ran down that street and she was stopped because they had just found a bomb right there. so they said run back to where you were. and she sheltered in place until 9:00 last night. she was sitting on the floor and everybody was praying. so it was a terrible day. you were talking about power. let's talk about the balance of power in the senate now. it's changed because the democrats swept georgia. what happens to taxes now? >> well, taxes are going to go up. here's the thing. we still have this thing called the pandemic. we still have these massive lockdowns. yesterday we learned from adp that they say according to their
4:38 am
work 123,000 americans have lost jobs net last month. we will get the government number tomorrow morning. so, against that sort of back drop, do you really want to raise taxes? around the world, even in places where they love higher taxes, they actually lowered taxes during the pandemic. they removed the bad tax year. they did a lot of things to generate economic opportunity rather than punish it. so it's going to be a lot harder but they will get it through. i think they will get the corporate rate to 28%. they will make companies that make a certain amount of money but don't technically owe taxes pay something. they will raise taxes on other things. but, it won't be the sort of massive draconian taxes that we could have been looking at. but there will be some changes, obviously. those sort of changes, in my mind, slow the economy down. in the long run they embolden our government to spend even more money. and i will think it actually mitigate opportunities and getting back to our original
4:39 am
conversation, the opportunity for folks out there who really just want a piece of the action. who really just want a piece of the american are dream. steve: all right. charles, thank you very much for your analysis today. by the way charles has got a town hall on the future of capitalism is coming up on wednesday at 2:00 eastern and catch him on making money this afternoon over at fox business at 2:00 p.m. charles payne. thank you, sir. all right, meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, violent mobs storm the capitol, you saw it live right here. just as our next guest starts her first week in washington. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis describes the harrowing ordeal she went through yesterday. you have are going to want to hear it and it is coming up next. - when i noticed my sister moving differently,
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steve: fox news alert. oh, man, that picture right there. violent protesters roirt storm of the capitol yesterday forcing
4:44 am
lawmakers evacuation to safety including our next guest still in her first week and what it was, what a first week in washington. ainsley: new york republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: what a first week. what was the experience like for you. >> certainly not what i expected in my first week. yesterday was my third day and i feel like i have been here for three years quite frankly. it has been really heart-breaking to see what happened yesterday. i'm very saddened by it. i'm sphwusse disgusted by it. i hope that the individuals who created chaos and violence and attacked our police are prosecuted to the fullest extent. and i each belief that the president executive order from july should be put in effect here. those who are destroying our monuments and our historical buildings, our government buildings, to ensure that they are being brought to justice and
4:45 am
facing stiff penalties. there is no more sacred building than the united states capitol. so i think the u.s. capitol police by the way who did an amazing job in getting us out of this situation and bringing us to a safe area. a secure area and they were very helpful and comforting throughout the day yesterday. brian: do you think the vice president did the right thing in gaveling in joe biden as president-elect and, therefore, the president was wrong to be angry at him for doing so. >> i think the president -- the vice president did what he was constitutionally required to do i was one of those who voted against certification for the two will questionable states i have serious concerns about what occurred. the states do not supersede law
4:46 am
and constitution. there are a a number of irregularities and number of changes made that many people believe led to fraud. yesterday was our opportunity to discuss them, to debate them and to ensure that we had our voices heard and those who we represent who are very concerned about the process but i can tell you that the violence that we saw yesterday is not who we are as americans. i denounced the violence particularly when it is against our law enforcement all the time, whenever i see it. whether it was during the riots in the street and the looting in the streets over the summer or whether it was at the u.s. capitol yesterday. and what i can tell you also is that being in that chamber at that moment when the capitol police had rushed in, you know, they told us to reach for our gas masks and you have to understand that earlier in the day there were bomb threats. my office building had been evacuated as well.
4:47 am
but we weren't sure what was happening at that exact moment. but we did, again, the capitol police and the fbi and everyone really helped us. steve: so yesterday you just said that, are you know, the republicans who were objecting had objections or concerns were able to essentially have their day in court before the joint session. and so -- >> -- well. steve: people were able to do that. what precipitated the violence in the capitol was the stop the steal rally earlier in the day. do you feel that it was stolen from donald trump? >> i believe that it doesn't matter whether it was 10 votes, 10,000 votes or enough to overturn the election, i think what occurred in these particular states needs to be investigated and they did not have. steve: it will be. >> they did not have their day in court. they did not have their day in court that's part of the problem. the evidence was never heard due to dead lines. that's why you are seeing so much frustration and why you have tens of thousands of
4:48 am
americans come to the capitol yesterday. we do need to move forward now as a nation and work together as much as possible to get our nation back on track overcome this virus. reopen our economy and get americans back to work. ainsley: congresswoman malliotakis, thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. texas congressman chip roy is going to join us with a powerful rebuke to those rioters. that's coming up next. >> the people's house was attacked. which is appear attack on the republic itself. there is no excuse for it. and people need to go to jail. and to continue living that dream throughout their lives. at newday usa, we have va refinance loans to do just that. from refinancing to lower your monthly mortgage payments to refinancing and getting cash for your family. whatever you need, we're here.
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♪ >> madam speaker today the people's house was attacked, which is an attack on the republic itself. there is no excuse for it. a woman died. and people need to go to jail. and the president should never have spun up certain americans to believe something that simply cannot be. i applaud. [applause] ainsley: texas g.o.p. congressman chip roy giving impassioned speech on the house floor after a deadly day in washington and he joins us now. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you. ainsley: i'm doing well. tell me what is your message to
4:53 am
the protesters? >> well, first of all, that we are so -- we have so much embraced our free speech rights to be able to go to the national mall and be able to express the concerns we have. and do you know how many americans are hurting right now, how many americans are tired of the small businesses, their livelihoods and restaurants being shut down by the power of government, people who don't believe they have a voice in washington? those people are frustrated that's what drove so many people to go to washington, d.c. the election became proxy for what the american people are really frustrated about which is a government that doesn't respond to them. a government that doesn't listen to them. and the president's strength has been standing up for this forgotten american. but, unfortunately that got lost in all of this. we spent two month focusing on stopping the steal. what's really being stolen are people's livelihoods. so what i would say is for the people who are protesting, going to d.c., who are, you know, expressing their voice, god bless them. buff the people who attacked our capitol, don't do that. a woman lost her life yesterday. our greatest symbol of democracy
4:54 am
our capitol was attacked by the people. a handful of people. hundreds of thousands were interest to express their concerns about their country. we need to get back to focusing on what the great strength of our country is, which is federalism, diversity, states where we can agree to disagree, where texans can be texans, where california can be california. where we can live together peaceably with differing views encore issues. but bound together with a strong defense and strong economy. that's my message. and we have got to get back in congress and do our job and stop telling people what to do. and we should do our job. >> i heard your message also to the president there and you got a little bit of an applause. what do you say to the people who do think it was stolen? >> well, look, i think we need to focus on the things about the election that were concerning, right? a lot of the numbers we saw in terms of votes that were irregular. we had concerns about what happened by the secretary of state, about signature matching. we had concerns about dead people voting.
4:55 am
there is a lawsuit right now in georgia by my friend mitchell that is sitting in a court that hasn't been heard. the american people are rightfully frustrated about those things. also, we have to remember that the founders gave us a system that works. we have to take a step back and remember that. that the states select the president. i do not want california to tell texas how we go about picking our elector ares for president. i don't want to tell california what they should do. and that was why yesterday i had a pretty strong feeling and went to the floor and expressed it that we should not vote against accepting the he electors. we should in fact accept the decisions of the states. and if people believed that their states didn't do a good job, you are need to go figure that out in harrisburg, pennsylvania. you need to go to atlanta, georgia. the. ainsley: the problem though if one state does a bad job it effect all the other states. >> well, but here's the point about our system of government, right? is that i don't have any business telling california how they go about picking the
4:56 am
presidential elector. yes, there is an impact on that. but we are a federal republic for a reason. i want to be very clear, ainsley and for those who are listenerrers particularly my texans back home. do you want california to be able to reject the electors from texas because we choose to use voter i.d. because we choose to have a ballot box in a certain location? or we decided not to use mail-in ballots. that's very important in our system of government. look, when i expressed that to the people i represent they get it. they don't want to be told what to do. ainsley: maybe whoever set up florida's latest system can go and consult states having issues. they are not the news in the next election. thank you so much, congressman. i'm glad you are okay. coming up, house minority whip steve scalise and all of those others. ne strikes without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose of ubrelvy works fast. it can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours, relieving pain and debilitating symptoms.
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i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at >> joseph r biden junior of the state of delaware has received 306 votes, donald j trump of the state of florida has received 232 votes. ainsley: congress declaring joe biden the 40 sixth president of the united states. steve: tempers flaring throughout the day. it was a violent day on capitol hill this morning. ainsley: donald trump responding even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election and the
5:01 am
facts bear me out nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on january 20th and griff jenkins is live in washington where a curfew has been lifted. >> reporter: biden will be inaugurated president but i am not sure some of the supporters yesterday are going to recognize him. you can see it is peaceful in the capital thanks to the national guard and law enforcement. we spoke to a gentleman named gary from staten island who was out here 15 minutes ago with his flag, a trump flag saying he is upset at the way donald trump was unfairly treated. that in no way would excuse the images we saw of chaos as trump supporters scaled walls, broke windows and it all occurred after the president had given an hour-long speech to them. by the time they were completely out of control
5:02 am
leaving four did including one woman, 14 year air force veteran and 14 police officers, the president called for them to stop but he continued to allege widespread voter fraud. listen. >> i feel your pain, i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and every one knows it especially the other side but you have to go home now. we have to have peace. we have to have law and order. we have to respect are great people in law and order, we don't want anybody hurt. >> reporter: as the violence erupted so was president-elect biden who had a strong review. >> i'm shocked and saddened that our nation, so long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to such a dark moment.
5:03 am
the work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy, of decency, honor, respect, the will of law. >> reporter: a growing chorus of republicans blasting donald trump and blaming him for what we saw yesterday including some of his start just allies like senator lindsey graham. >> we have had a helluva journey. i hate it being this way. all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. i have tried to be helpful. when it is over it is over. it is over. >> reporter: speaking of being over, it is over for several members of the administration. we are seeing key resignations. cnbc reporting make mulvaney, former chief of staff, special envoy to northern ireland
5:04 am
telling cnbc he cannot stay. we saw the resignation of stephanie grisham and deputy security adviser matt bettinger. maybe we will have more stories throughout the day. brian: are they quitting because of what happened yesterday and the white house response? >> reporter: i couldn't answer that question. a handful of them that i know, haven't gotten anything back yet. we have to wait and find out but one thing is for sure, what i felt when i was out on the streets was that we were in uncharted territory. the stability of democracy and what this city has always had in washington which is a place where people can be heard sometimes gets violent but never the way it did here in the people's house behind me.
5:05 am
brian: mick mullaney, former chief of staff and omb director had a role, as an irish guy, always wanted to do that, said the president really should go and have a press conference, have a speech from the oval office to calm things down. he didn't do it. one thing i did find out from an official at the white house, in front of the camera, the president said he was artie taping it, a little later he would tweet out, recognize as you heard the fact the next president of the united states will be joe biden on january 20th, very highly touted, he will so that the inaugural but just to show a peaceful transition. the other thing is what happened yesterday. four people died, 3 deaths
5:06 am
overall happens, a 14 year veteran we know was shot, two adult males, one adult female, 52 arrests, to curfew violations but also cooler with molotov cocktails. it has overcome with emotion in some cases and so angry after hearing the president's speech from 12:00 to 1:15 that i can't control myself. some of this was scripted but one thing is clear, even though the mayor said i will call the national guard ahead of time, she said that on monday, the defense department said we only need 350 national guardsmen to keep the building secure. that is not true but in two hours they had 1100. brian: in the history of the united states there has never been a problem certifying the electoral college vote.
5:07 am
the scandal is the capital was not better protected after the suggestion of threats and the fact they would be tens of thousands of people in attendance at the rally. the thing about capital police, i've known for a long time, developed relationships with members of congress and the press and they take their job so seriously, look at that mob, they were overwhelmed and outmaneuvered because their bosses and other bureaucrats planned poorly and set them up for failure. >> they had a chemical spray in the cops face. >> they probably feel more upset than anybody.
5:08 am
>> i was reading was one witness said about the lady who died, ashley babbitt, a 14 year veteran, was talking to a lady before her death, and she said ashley was not being violent, was there to support trump and based on the capital, she happened to be there and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. as schumer was walking out, he started punching and breaking windows, that changed everything. the police officers fired shots to protect themselves and the lady who witnessed it said she had the floor, she was shot in the neck and the family was
5:09 am
notified, her husband said she was an avid trump supporter from san diego, her mother in law said i don't know why she was there inside the capital. it is tragic when it gets violent and this is what happens, four people are dead, peaceful protests, america will listen, the average americans, normal americans say there is a peaceful protest, why are they doing this? you might disagree but it gets noticed and people look at change, look at martin luther king, peaceful and so much change. when there is violence that gives the other side fuel. that gives the media fuel to talk about how bad that one side is. we saw it last summer and i see it now. most of us wants to come together as a country and want a peaceful transition of power, such an important process from one president to the next and we want presidents to help one
5:10 am
another out with the transition because that means safety for all of us. brian: in 2000 they were upset saying -- how gore think he was robbed, he came out and conceded. in 2004 there were protests the senator barbara boxer in 2017 and congresswoman tubbs and others in the squad, vice president biden, this was getting to the point, when you tariff the state of the union address it gets people angry. when you tell everyone the only reason he is in office is the russians manipulated votes you get people angry and when people think their vote doesn't matter people get angry but there is nobody that could say this helps your cause is these are all adults. you watched the unrest with horror i thought around the country through the summer but yet you did the same thing yesterday. dan bondgino. >> the constitution was not designed to be a suggestion. the constitution was supposed
5:11 am
to constitute something. it set of principles that has evaporated. we have roundly condemned the violence on this network, every one, period. where was the media, when the secret service friends were calling me with a mob outside the white house during the summer of protest who were genuinely in fear for the first time, i am not kidding, on the receiving end of this call, they felt there was a chance, the white house, where was the media the next day? they were making fun of donald trump for being evacuated by his security detail. that was their narrative the next day. >> all of a sudden joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, your for law and order but i thought his remarks have been
5:12 am
spot on, i wish it would have come last spring. >> we did hear the president give remarks, stop the steel rally in washington dc and he made very clear that he was really counting on mike pence to come through and a lot of the people in attendance, tens of thousands, a lot of them believed mike pence could wave a magic wand and do something that is not spelled by the constitution or our law, and i get where they hear that, they heard it from the president of the united states but i was watching a clip from another channel where they said mike pence can fix this and donald trump will be the president on january 21st. i have no idea what those people are going to say today but nonetheless mike pence did
5:13 am
not do -- he was following the law, sent a letter to members of congress and said i do not believe it is my power i can do anything other than certify which is exactly what he did. after that there was a call from trump supporters to have mike pence arrested and the president of the united states who he has worked for for four years throws mike pence under the bus by saying he just didn't have the courage, and he is and later deleted the tweet before twitter took him down and then we understand mark short, the vice president's chief of staff has been excluded from the white house grounds because he was the answer to mike pence who simply told the president and the world i got to follow the law despite the fairytale people have been saying, mike pence didn't just way that magic wand.
5:14 am
>> they have been such supporters of one another and a good team. >> how can it be good after that? ainsley: i am sure it won't be but the president will forgive him because mike pence is such a stellar individual, his walk with god is amazing, he is a good man and they have done a lot to help the country and i hope they can move forward and move past this and agree there were differences. i'm sure the president feels i am responsible for him becoming vice president and he should have done this for me, but the president is you have been saying, the vice president stood by his side and supported him all along the way so hopefully their friendship won't end after that for the good of the country. brian: i bet you it is done. ainsley: a black cloud, if you like biden being president or you wish it were trump, you see all this violence, can't believe the capital was storms, the people's house was stormed,
5:15 am
we see that in other countries, video of other countries when their parliaments get an argument that there is a brawl, that would never happen in hours. it is terrible but i never thought we would see it here. we need to move forward, find a way to work together in here messages from both sides and do something about it and come together, that is the way to heal this country. we talked to several people, congress men and women and here's what they say about how to move forward as americans. >> the thing i wish would be remembered about january 6th, 2021, was the fact that democracy, the pride of our country was literally attacked, and hours later we resumed the democratic process we take pride in.
5:16 am
>> i was ready to defend the other members. as despicable as yesterday was we can't trigger shoulders and pretend these problems don't exist for future elections. we need a peaceful transfer of power and sure everyone their voice would be heard. >> heartbreaking to see what happened yesterday. we need to move forward as much as possible to get our nation, and get americans back to work. brian: we are in the middle of a pandemic, probably the first thing joe biden will do with his democratic led congress, senate especially, would have been majority leader chuck schumer, much to the horror of many, chuck schumer is the majority leader and all chairmanships go to democrats and he could argue it was the president's warring with the governor and secretary of state and everybody else, that blurred the message as well as
5:17 am
lead to left-wing democrats becoming senators from georgia. he was so mad at mike pence he couldn't see straight as we will see where that relationship goes. the main take away from this will be election reform in states while pointing out what is wrong with those states. 14 battleground states, four fell flat on their face because the new move of no excuse mail in balloting option, florida fixed it, now you guys do it. >> can't put a system like that in place 15 days before the election and not expect people to have questions, or we are going to change the date you do this and their won't be signature verification or change a host of things, you can't do that, a couple weeks before our national
5:18 am
presidential election and not have serious ripples in the system, so distrust in y that was happening. it be worked out certainly years in advance beginning immediately and florida has done incredible things. >> first thing democrats say is you are right, let's get rid of the electoral college, let's vote on it. every democrat will vote to get rid of it because most of their populations are in big cities, if it is a popular vote it is hard for republicans to win and people of iowa, the midwest would be visible, your voice would be lost but that is what democrats want. >> reporter: a mixed election during a pandemic upended everything. were the changes, what if they
5:19 am
keep these? for instance in pennsylvania only much two challenges, went to arizona and one to pennsylvania, they changed the rules of the state voting laws but did it in the name of the pandemic. >> was it fair? not really but isn't going to change moving forward. you got to hope pennsylvania addresses it and all the states we have been talking about for the last two months. we have 40 more minutes to go on "fox and friends" the time for this news. ainsley: we are following a number of stories, governors are scrambling to speed up covid-19 vaccinations, new york looking for hospitals not moving fast enough. you are workers moved to the back of the line and dentists in california could soon give out shots, 49 people suffered
5:20 am
severe allergic reactions out of 5 million vaccinations. 21 million cases with 360,000 deaths. president-elect joe biden announces judge mary garland as his pick for attorney general. he was nominated to the separate court by then president barack obama in 2016 but did not receive a hearing. other key nominations include prosecutor lisa monico for deputy ag and meanwhile his pick for the doj top civil rights post kristin clark called for defunding the police and investing in social programs. new york governor andrew cuomo backing out of attending the buffalo bills playoff game this weekend. fans were upset after he limited the crowd allowed at the stadium including himself. a petition for him to skip the game received 44,000 signatures, cuomo planes to give away his ticket to a nurse. the team hasn't won since 1995. that is look at your headline.
5:21 am
ainsley: violent mobs forced the evacuation capitol hill yesterday including our next guest, a victim of political violence and credits capitol hill police saving his wife and so many others. house minority leader steve scalise joins us now. good to have you here. you know better than anyone there is no place for violence. what is your reaction? >> it was a very disturbing day yesterday. i have a lot of anger at so many of my colleagues that the capital got overrun. these were anarchists and terrorists, there is no place for it, and during the summer, no place for the country to resource to violence, that is not who we are as a country, it was critical as colleagues said we had to take the house back
5:22 am
and come to work last night and we did and it was a big focus of the day, where the capital had gotten overrun, i appreciate the work the capital police do, many were injured, assaulted, my heart was going out to them, the things they were dealing with as well as colleagues. 14 officers were injured two had to go to the hospital, four died in total. i don't like to be critical. and putting more people on the streets if this did happen, the capital was you are the most important individuals in washington and are a to certify
5:23 am
any election, why weren't a more people to protect you? >> that question came up a lot yesterday and it will continue to come up because it should have never happened. >> that is the capital controlled? >> there were other conversations, everybody from the secretary of defense and others, everybody should have a plan in place, it is a contentious day, building for weeks and should have been a better plan to secure the united states capital and the people's business has to go on and there's a lot of conversations how to make sure it never happens again. it was an embarrassment not only within our country but around the world for people to see that happen to the united states capital, should have never happened and can't happen
5:24 am
again. jillian: we have to send a message they can't do this too. joe biden became president, was certified. what is your message to america how can we unite? >> we got to come together and there has to be a peaceful transfer of power. the hallmark of our country and you see the white house talk about that now because it is an important time for the country to come together, we have something the country has had for over 240 years and we celebrate our differences, don't resort to violence to do that and we can't do it now. what happened yesterday should be condemned by everybody like last summer should have been condemned when people resorted to violence. let's come back together, tone down the rhetoric. we are not going to agree on everything. that's not who america is
5:25 am
either but we need to be better about how we tone down the rhetoric to come together where we can and there are a number of areas, we have to get our country back on track in terms of getting through the coronavirus, getting the vaccine distributed. yesterday was a dark day and we can't have more days like that. ainsley: thank you. many asking this morning why is it so easy to breach congress? tammy bruce calling this a major national security threat. . ♪ four filets. ♪ you know this dinner's for their... kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly 43 hundred purchase
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queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. only for a limited time. brian: the country remains in shock after a mob breached the halls of congress bracing for concerns about the security of the federal building and safety of lawmakers after writers pushed past capital police. they were ready, we weren't. tammy bruce, you have been in washington forever. what were your thoughts as the windows were broken, the doorways were overrun and lawmakers were whisked away? >> there were several themes which is fascinating, the
5:30 am
visual of people pushing the barricades, assaulting police officers, as they are breaking windows, there is also video of trump supporters pulling down people trying to break windows and stopping them. in other states there are people who walked in without the violence and the capital police undersupported were treated a little bit, in one case, one instant, one of them walked away, they walk into the building. at the washington examiner, people because of the capital, anybody could go in and a small group of people suddenly triggered some violence. you see video of people walking through the velvet rope in the
5:31 am
rotunda leading into the chambers so it is a very mixed imagery when it comes to what was going on and what the american people must demand is arrests. we saw people allowed to leave who were bloodied. we've got to know who these people are, what their associations are but there were people in the capital who had no idea that they weren't allowed to be there according to reports and not involved in the violence and obscenity that was going on in that building but the national security threat is the fact that as ashley has discussed earlier, what the world has seen, our enemies have seen is that you could do this and clearly some people think the capital police chief should resign, there needs to be a reworking but the other threat would be for everybody to move into a
5:32 am
political stance, blaming the precedent when something serious is gone wrong that would affect the security of the united states as a whole because of the breaching of this building. brian: rudy giuliani said we have to have a trial by combat. general mattis said donald trump will be a man without a country and you think there is a big picture, trying to illuminate donald trump as a political threat. >> there are a few things. he has been suspended from twitter, he said there should be firing squads and pence should be arrested and tried for treason. there's been insane rhetoric, really unfortunate rhetoric that when you are dealing with hundreds of thousands, millions of people some people are going to be tipped over when you have
5:33 am
that kind of conspiracy framework. some of that is an issue here but we need to be serious about dealing with what happened in that building and not be distracted. steve: security is an effort of this story. still ahead, major power shift in washington as democrats set to sweep congress. they won this two senate seats. tom cotton on what this means for the future of our nation.
5:34 am
5:35 am
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5:37 am
jillian: we are back, congress certifying joe biden's electoral victory. brian: following a violent day on capitol hill. >> reporter: donald trump promised a peaceful transition saying even though i disagree with the outcome of the
5:38 am
election and the fact will bear me out nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. let's bring in tom cotton, member of the senate armed forces committee, good morning to you. on this thursday morning as we look in the rearview mirror about what happened yesterday what do you say to the american people about the debacle on capitol hill? >> mob violence is never an acceptable form of political expression. last summer a lot of critics on the left said that i should not have said we should use all available means for law enforcement to put down mob violence when insurrectionist's group the streets even if they mean sending the troops. yesterday there is no difference. it shouldn't matter what kind
5:39 am
of signs the mob carries, there is no acceptable basis for violence for political purposes. the capital police officers who helped evacuate from the chamber, who tried to clear the capital of all these insurrectionist's. i'm grateful for them and all the other in the agencies that protect not just senators and representatives, staff and support workers we had from the capital. jillian: the senate was delivered to the democrats yesterday, that was announced yesterday after last night. many are worried what that means for the progressive movement. what the republicans plan to do to ensure radical agendas are not passed?
5:40 am
>> i am disappointed, kelly (david purdue didn't make it across the finish line the congratulations to the democrats for their victory. this will be a closely divided congress, divided 50/50. in the house the democrats have one of the smallest margins in modern times. what the republicans need to do now that this election is behind us is to focus on the radical agenda of the democrats because the plan is to raise your taxes, defund the police,/military spending, open our borders and we cannot allow that to happen. we need to concentrate on protecting everything we believe is good for this country. brian: the democrats had an opportunity to take the seats even though they were underdogs, purdue with a commanding lead, 88,000 votes and leffler the same thing in a
5:41 am
command position. you were on the ground first week in november saying this is a big election. how did you guys blow it? >> very disappointing we lost the race is given the stakes, very simple and clear message the last two months would have been senators purdue and leffler provide check and balance on the biden administration but we spent too much time on other matters than the clear and simple matter of saying senators purdue and leffler could be the check and balance. we can't just give up because we have to pick ourselves up, the electoral -- we need to dust ourselves off and get back in the game because the democrats have an extremely radical agenda and we have to be prepared to provide a check and balance and get ready for the next election two years away.
5:42 am
brian: stacy abrams and company very effective. i have been reading a lot of republican and conservative commentators who say one of the problems for republicans was the fact that the president while he voiced full support of republican candidates, at the same time was trying to blow up the georgia governor and secretary of state and confusing the people down there saying the election was rigged, stolen from him. yesterday in the u.s. senate, you wanted to go forward after the violence that was happening there. you also say people need to quit misleading people about what happened on election day. >> let me correct one thing. i was never planning to object, it is not congress's role to
5:43 am
reverse the election results. brian: you felt people should withdraw their objections. >> you have some senators who for political advantage were giving false hope to their supporters misleading them into thinking somehow yesterday's action in congress could reverse the results of the election or get some kind of emergency audit of the election results. that was never going to happen and when the insurrectionist's were sending out fundraising emails, that shouldn't happen it has to stop now. we need an independent commission which i proposed to study what happened with the election practices in the last election given the unusual circumstances of the pandemic and try to propose reforms for the future but what happened yesterday is in part a result of the misleading claims of recent weeks and as a result
5:44 am
the people of georgia's vote didn't count. if you tell people their vote doesn't count, the election is rigged, shouldn't be surprised when people don't turn out to vote. democrats turned out a few percentage points more than republicans did in georgia. jillian: what you do to study to make sure it doesn't happen and you give voters confidence the next election? >> tim scott proposed a bill, bipartisan independent commission to examine all the novel practices that were put together in hasty fashion, see what works, what didn't work and propose novel reform state legislatures and adopt. that happened after the 2001 election. many of his reforms were adopted at the state level. congress acted in its limited role in election law as well as that is what we should do here as well and make sure the american people have confidence in the integrity of our election, shouldn't allow a once a century pandemic to
5:45 am
justify sweeping changes on the fly. brian: in your tweet last night you said the president should concede the election. a short time after he did like, the first one to bring up stop the fight from china, a short time after he did. do you want to attend the inauguration? >> that is a decision for the president. yesterday was the final step in the presidential election. the election results have been certified and joe biden will be sworn in, republicans and congress need to focus on defending everything and put the brakes on a radical democratic agenda. brian: you mentioned around the country, reminded me,
5:46 am
apparently the white house is worried the kinds of protests we saw yesterday in washington dc and there was one in my home state of kansas, they have a permit, the white house is worried those protests could pop up all over the country. >> i encourage every governor to be vigilant violence of all kinds. mob violence is never acceptable and insurrection cannot be tolerated and no matter what political signs people carry, they need to be stopped by the fourth of law. ainsley: thank you for coming on with us this morning. coming up retired marine corps bomb technician joey jones warned the violent mob could lead to more government control. he explains next. (announcer) need to lose weight?
5:47 am
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ainsley: donald trump committing to an orderly transition of power as the country continues to react to that mob storming the us capital yesterday. several lawmakers tell us their stories this morning. how did this happen? what we are learning about the
5:51 am
massive security breach on the capital yesterday. we are live from america's newsroom at the top of the hour. brian: it is 9 minutes before the top of the hour. as you can see images from yesterday, us capital secure this morning after what happened there yesterday. mobs of angry rioters storms capitol hill to disrupt lawmakers's electoral votes certification which ultimately did happen last night. our next guest says violence is never the answer, fox news contributor and retired marine that joey jones joins us now. you spent a lot of your life wearing a uniform defending the country overseas so that what happened yesterday would never
5:52 am
happen in the united states. >> we have a constitution. we have rights. we can scream and yell at politicians but we don't have the right to lay hands on them or vandalize their homes or breakdown their doors. we have a right to arm ourselves but don't have the right to use weapons against innocent people. we had a lot of rights and freedoms and they only exist because our constitution take the gamble, it says we as americans have the responsibility in the right to have these powers simply because as individuals we will use them responsibly. what happened yesterday puts that gamble into jeopardy because everyone you think you disagree with if you're a conservative or libertarian or trump supporter, everyone you think you disagree with, can come at you through legislation and they have both houses and the executive now. i hope people understand the only thing that was accomplished yesterday by riding on the capital was some of the senators who pledged to object chose not to.
5:53 am
we can talk about whether they were sincere to begin with but that was the only actual effect from that. what did you gain by breaking the law yesterday? brian: the second you resort to violence you lose the argument. you lose the moral high ground. >> the rally and the protest is as american as apple pie, i don't know if there was cheating in the election, if there was i want to know about it. i want to see the evidence and was the court cases together and i want to know the other half of the country can believe in our election so that rally was amazing but that fine line between a rally and a riot is where american patriotism lives and if you push too far you lose my support and the support of any type of badge of honor saying you are there to be a patriot and support this country and make it better. it doesn't make anything better. what happened yesterday is not making things better. it is allowing your emotions to
5:54 am
control you rather than controlling your emotions. i can't tell you every election process in this country is fair but i can tell you every time the odds have been stacked against me nothing less than hard work allows me to win. if you want to think the elections in georgia weren't run appropriately, go run for office in the state legislature and change the laws and how we are governed. i see happen all the time. gun laws loosened in the wake of people coming after because enough people care to pass legislation, you can't tell me we can't do that with our elections. if you care about the fairness and conservatives when election, you are so focused on 2022 right now. evidence materializes we don't have, you have a lot of voices that support you, don't expect the country to deal -- delegitimize the election because you don't like it and that is where we are right now.
5:55 am
brian: georgia is your home. we wrapped up the special election, runoff for the senate, democrats swept. you were on this program a month ago and you say you wish the republicans had better candidates. your passionate guy, you talk about serving in government, any chance you might consider that? >> probably not. brian: a little bit of you sounds like you might. >> i am 34 years old, i had a child and i have seen life and can't imagine gaining experience, i don't know what would point you say i will run for office, all these opinions on the line, legislation but i would represent the state of georgia. brian: i will give you 20 seconds, regarding democrats coming into the senate from
5:56 am
georgia. how did georgia change on tuesday quickly? >> what happened in georgia tuesday is simply the gop learned it can't ride trump's coattail to victory. they have to go to atlanta, urban areas, campaign and sell georgians on it, the best thing that happened, the gop in georgia, areas around it. stepping aside, right back. art. you can adjust your confort on both sides... your sleep number setting. art. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but, can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now during the lowest prices of the season, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. only for a limited time. to learn more, go to
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>> download the fox news apps.
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open your camera and scan the qr code. brian is pointing to it. then you'll get the app. you'll love it, right? >> you'll love the radio show for the next three hours. we'll ride the breaking news and talk about the aftermath of the riots yesterday. see you. [shouting] >> sandra: the certification of joe biden as our next president capping a turbulent day in washington thousands of rioters storming the capitol as lawmakers convened to confirm the electoral college vote pushing past police, climbing walls and forcing their way inside the building. four people dead. shocking chaos playing out live on television for hours as the country watched. what a day it was. good morning, trace. nice to see you. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: good morning, everyone, i'm trace


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