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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> fox news alert, a capital police officer has died, donald trump releases his strongest condemnation yet but some say it is too little too late. todd: mainstream media anchor turning the situation into an elitist insult. >> it is stunning and they are going to go back to the olive garden and the garden marriott. todd: the growing backlash from fellow americans. jillian: space x lancets first successful launch since 2021. "fox and friends first" continues. >> thanks for being with us, we go to richardson with more on the officer with the latest message condemning the violence. >> capital police says the
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officer died last evening injured wednesday when engaging with the mob on capitol hill. there is now a homicide investigation. officers near the capital paid tribute to him. he joined the us capital police force in 2008. the department chief and other congressional officials redesigning after wednesday's massive breach, prosecutors who file 55 cases, the fbi released wanted posters, for the legislature of the united states government. they are abandoning the administration setting the president's rhetoric for inciting violent protesters overrunning the capital. education secretary betsy devos has resigned and elaine chao and deputy national security adviser, china expert, stephanie grisham, the first lady's chief of staff and was white house press secretary among -- he was the previous secretary among senior and lower-level officials.
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acknowledging there will be a transfer of power. >> like all-americans i am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem. demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defiled the seat of american democracy. to those who engaged in the acts of violence and distraction you do not represent our country and to those who broke the law you will pay. my focus turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. this moment calls for healing and reconciliation. >> reporter: senior democrats and republicans are calling for the president's immediate removal. the house speaker says congress may try to impeach him. >> calling for this seditious act, the president has committed
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an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people. of the vice president and cabinet do not act congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. >> reporter: the president-elect spoke yesterday calling the violence and assault on the citadel of liberty. >> no one can tell me if it had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very very differently. than the mob of thugs that stormed the capital. >> mike pence will attend the inauguration to demonstrate peaceful transition of power. todd: richardson live in dc, thank you. jillian: tucker carlson says this is bigger than donald trump and the media's up session with him was not good for anyone. >> all about donald trump all of the time. the effect on us has been
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noticeable, a big sprawling continental country with an enormous span of concerns and interests to sweaty airless chatter of 331 people all of them simultaneously focused with intensity a single man, donald trump. any president worth all of this time and attention? all politicians with you agree with them or not come with ace shelflife, they are people, they don't last forever, none of us do. and trump's case the expiration date arrived in 13 days. what is life like on january 21st. not many people seem to be thinking about that including the people we paid to think about it, political leaders, donald trump thinks exclusively about donald trump but so does every single democrat in congress and every single republican. all of them, every one of them is trump a persistent.
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who has your concerns top of mind. we can tell, no one. that is the main thing we need to change. >> facebook blocking donald trump indefinitely as the white house slams the tech giant for being out of control. jillian: a prominent voice on the left calls on silicon valley to permanently ban the president. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said donald trump's instagram and facebook accounts would be blocked indefinitely, this comes after facebook blocks donald trump's account wednesday after he posted a video telling protesters to go home after they storm the capital building but maintain the 2020 election was stolen from him. >> we had an election that was stolen from us. it was a landslide election and
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everyone knows it especially the other side, you have to go home now. >> reporter: facebook told foxnews the president would regain access after 24 hours of suspension. on thursday, the company believes the risks of allowing trump to continue to use facebook in the final weeks of his presidency are, quote, simply too great, and respond, the white house limit facebook say nobody has been more successful at using digital media and the president and it was incredibly ironic yet not surprising the platform chose to censor and block him from addressing the country at such a critical time calling big tech, quote, out of control. former first lady michelle obama urging silicon valley to stop enabling this monstrous behavior. to permanently ban trump from the platform, she urged them to put policies in place to prevent this technology from being used
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to fuel insurrection. twitter locked donald trump out of his account for the first time this week. todd: thank you. jillian: the fbi offering a 50,$000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a pipe bomb suspect in dc. capital police said they found two devices outside the republican national committee and the democratic national committee an hour before protesters storm the capital. the explosive devices were active and bomb technicians use water cannons. jillian: boeing agrees $2.5 billion to silk and all charges over a 737 max jet. the doj charging the playmaker with defrauding regulations, and in court documents boeing admitting they feed the faa including pilots locked in the dark.
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todd: republican senator kelly leffler concedes to democrat rafael warnock after defeating her in the tortoise and runoff, releasing a video statement coming to congratulates warnock while pledging to protect conservative values. >> the fight to advance the american dream is far from over, the fight to protect conservative values far from over in the fight against socialism and the radical agenda of the left is far from over. jillian: democrat john ossoff defeated david perdue. that campaign has you to concede. todd: the final episode of jeopardy featuring alex trebek will air tonight, the last one record before he passed away and it will include a special message from him. trebek died in november after battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. he hosted the show for 37 years. jillian: it is 8 minutes after the hour, portland's mayor cornered and cursed out by protesters during dinner out. tense moments leading to the global attack. todd: the latest in a string of
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todd: antifa soaking rights this summer, violent mobs infiltrating our nation's capital, our country has seen a harrowing amount of violence in the last 12 months. jillian: have americans lost the ability to disagree with civility? joining us to talk about this, congresswoman nancy mason, appreciate your time. >> it has been a tough weekend said week for our country and i'm heartbroken this morning. jillian: look at the pictures and video and everything we have
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experienced this last year. it's not fair for anyone to pick and choose who we call out. shouldn't everyone be called out and condemned for violence? >> 100%, when we saw the antifa bugs, burning cities across the country but this moment in time, this sad day in history we saw wednesday is about us right now. we are better than that. i know the republican party protect our law enforcement, we don't attack them. i was deeply saddened there was a fifth fatality who was a member of the capitol hill police. we learned about that late last night. we have to take responsibility for our words and actions and the rhetoric we have been hearing leading up to january 6th vote which was largely ceremonial for the electoral college this was the outcome. i was so concerned on sunday after swearing-in, my children
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stay in dc they are doing virtual schools because of covid-19, i decided to put them on the first flight out monday morning because i was worried what might happen, what the outcome might be wednesday during a rally and my worst fears came true. it is a tough to see that and watch that happen and have to explain that to children. todd: how did we get here as a society. this is not the world i grew up in. >> we are so divided and polarizing and has republicans we want to rush to the left and blame the far left but we have seen it in the far right fringes of our own party as well. just recently someone threatened to shoot me on social media. a republican. this isn't okay the way we talk to each other and communicate. we saw that and in the middle of
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the night when we were debating the electoral college objection, i had to walk by the same location where the woman was shot and killed right outside the door of the chamber where we go and do our work for the people of this country, it was a terrible night for us and as a republican i believe we need to take responsibility, acknowledge there's a problem and be part of the solution going forward. me the nation out of this crisis and two wrongs don't make a right. i plead with democrats on the other side of the aisle that this has got to end. we need to have an open conversation, listen to one another and come open genuine solutions, no more charades, no more violence, let's find something to work together on, peace and stability in this nation should be number one. jillian: an amazing role, one of so many remarkable women to be part of this freshman class and
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you have ideas, things to accomplish. has that changed? >> 100%. i look at my first 100 hours in office, the violence, the threats, being compelled to challenge the president of the united states on wednesday, this was so tough, the policy, the idea -- everything we worked for is the republican party, the policies we supported the president on over the last four years entirely wiped out on wednesday and i believe we have to start over from scratch. we have to give the american people a reason to believe in us and our message that our conservative ideology is compassionate. we are not the party that attacks the police. we are the party that protects the police. we are the party of limited government embracing our constitution, embracing each other. that is what we are all about.
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we have to start all over starting today. jillian: you are going to head home and have that conversation with your kids, you don't want them to be scared every time you have to go to work, that will be a hard moment for you but appreciate you taking the time to join us this morning. >> it is gut wrenching, thank you so much. todd: telling words. jillian: still ahead as we hit an alarming the record in the covid-19 pandemic our nation's leaders or may not have the best handle it. in the nation find a way forward without lockdown? todd: large gatherings next. ld y who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what? you mean-- -mm-hm. just like that. wow. so sudden. um...we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? (woman) no. we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation.
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jillian: the united states working the grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic, 4000
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people died from the virus in a single day. now that the senate races are behind us will congress stop politicizing the pandemic and help the nation? doctor mark siegel joins us to weigh in. more than 4000 deaths in a single day, it is just devastating. a number of states seeing spikes, daily rise, people are questioning, when are the vaccinations going to be given out and distributed? they had them and are sitting on shelves in some places. >> that's part of the posturing we are seeing. only 6 million were given, each state has a different way of approaching it. part of the reason that is in some states like in new york,
2:22 am
too strict a protocol, you need plan b. in some states like florida, it is not the way it needs to. and it is not enough. at the heart of this, the divisive nests of the congresswoman talked about, not enough cooperation, if we learned anything this weekend this applies to the virus as well as any political divisive nurse we have to come together and solve this for our own public good. jillian: we have a time limit on this. of these vaccines are not used, the fighting between bill diblasio and governor andrew cuomo because of this.
2:23 am
>> i side with bill diblasio on this, the governor put too many regulations in place. all the protocol and regulations, once you take the pfizer vaccine out of the freezer you don't have time. the moderna vaccine, you take it from 12 to 24 hours, a lot more leeway on the moderna vaccine. the area giving out the pfizer vaccine, let me give you an example, 100,000 young people ended up getting the vaccine who weren't online, to reach the end of the day and had extra doses. every vaccine center, everybody wants this vaccine. >> reporter: how do you do this?
2:24 am
>> i would make sure i have enough staff. new york city was to go to 24/seven staffing. major medical centers couldn't get it. the health department set out with a link where any healthcare worker can sign up, all of this ahead of time has to be put in place, 24/7, enough staffing, and widen the list of people who get it. wise governor cuomo, in new jersey, the police are front-line workers. how can you do that? patients put me at risk but the police are out there every day putting their lives at risk. they should be in the front of the line. jillian: if you have the vaccine get them in people's arms. that should be the bottom line right now. thank you for joining us.
2:25 am
>> in 1947 we gave out $6 million of the smallpox vaccine because of one case in 1947. jillian: check out doctor siegel's book, covid-19 the politics of fear, thank you for the strong message. todd: presence elected biden's pick for a civil rights post backs partially defunding the police. ian pryor reacts the controversial election next.
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todd: stocks soaring to new record high following donald trump's commitment to an orderly transition from the white house. jillian: cheryl casone with more on the market. >> reporter: the attack on the capital did not dent the stock
2:29 am
market's ongoing rally, down 211 points, the nasdaq 326, the s&p was up by 55, strong numbers on the tech heavy nasdaq. investors are focused on the shift of political power from republicans to democrats after the georgia runoffs, to prop up the us economy as the pandemic has been worsening and will continue to worsen. emergency relief payments, semi conductor bank, all reacting to this and the issue of inflation we might get this year. the incoming biden administration will institute policies at least for now that would slow down growth like huge tax hikes or regulation. investors react positively to the georgia story. a couple things happening, this
2:30 am
study indicated the pfizer vaccine is effective against the highly contagious strain of the virus and in addition tweets upgrading the 2021 outlook to the s&p 500, they are saying it is 4050 was the last call on this, additional 10.4% jump from recent closes largely unaccountable like more stimulus, that leads to more consumer spending. we have futures pointing higher again. the s&p is up 11, the nasdaq is up 50 points, we are looking at another day for wall street records. it has been a crazy disheartening week. todd: updated information, the arrow couldn't point from red to green in our graphic. thank you. jillian: joe biden tapping key nominees for the department of justice among the kristin clark who supports partially defunding the police.
2:31 am
todd: doj official under the trump administration, great to have you here. here's what clark said this spring, quote, i advocate defunding policing operations that made african-americans more vulnerable, we must invest less in police and more in social workers. regardless where you fall on the social scale, anyone in a prosecutorial part of the government, defunding police in any way, shape or form. >> i went to bed after the georgia runoffs afraid of what joe biden's attorney general pick would be and i was reassured as merrick garland, a serious lawyer that could get bipartisan support, smart from biden's perspective because it speeds things up on the dc circuit deal, appoint someone much younger who can hold the seat for 30 plus years but they
2:32 am
-- bonita group to was head of the civil rights unit under obama and suing police department across the country in posing owner's consent decrees and clark, don't have to do much research on her online to see that she is very anti-police. it is concerning. we got what we talked about, if democrats win they will look to defund the police. jillian: what does policing look like if these nominations get through? >> great question. you will see a few things. you will see lawsuits for pattern practice against police departments, the department of justice will sue police department, police department going after resources and have to settle with the federal government & e's consent decrees which forced the police department to do certain things. number 2, you will see grants conditions, if you want federal
2:33 am
money you have to do xyz. west indies consent decrees, there's a portion saying if you're a cop you could be subject to internal affairs if you miss identify somebody based on gender expression was imagine a cop pull someone over and look at their license, identify them as one gender and they say that is not me, you have internal affairs complaint. these are the things police department will have to deal with. todd: you mentioned you were okay with merrick garland. we heard that from other sectors, lindsey graham saying something along those lines but are you confident that merrick garland will act as independently as biden has promised? >> of course not. when i say okay with merrick garland it could have been a lot worse and that is the feeling
2:34 am
among the republicans looking at merrick garland for ag. could have been a lot worse but it remains to be seen whether he will be independent. a couple questions i have, are you going to leave us attorney for delaware david wise in place for the hunter biden investigation. todd: are you mad republicans didn't allow you on the supreme court? to get on the high court, didn't happen but that is not happening, i wasn't that good a lawyer. appreciate your time this morning. jillian: stimulus payment being the positive, turbotax sent an email to customers a most payments should be available. it comes after the company said irs our cause millions, millions of stimulus payments in the form of prepaid visa debit cards. a treasury steel to the
2:35 am
argument, they cost their first release payments. critics calling amberson cooper and a leader status knob under remarks made after the capital riots. >> it is stunning and they will go back to the olive garden and holiday inn and the marriott. jillian: and air to the vanderbilt fortune, the cnn acre, implying the group was of a different class. todd: let's look at the weather with janice dean. >> happy friday, made it to the first official week. let's look at the maps. it is still winter. can't give you warm temperatures which we would all enjoy, some
2:36 am
snow across the mid-atlantic, southeast across the appalachians, it is ongoing throughout the day and this evening so we have winter weather advisories, several inches of snow, very cold temperatures, keep it safe on the roadways, people will exit off the coast by tomorrow. is the rest of the day. we have a new system moving in to the west coast, central us quiet, not frigid cold, you get arctic air blasts that come in, we haven't had one of those in some time. we keep fingers crossed. >> overnight space x kicks off
2:37 am
2020 and with the first rocket launch of the new year. >> 3, 2, one, 0, ignition. todd: the falcon 9 rocket delivered a turkish communication satellite to improve tv and internet access, expected to remain there by 30 years. still ahead the far left mayor of portland harassed by protesters. jillian: carley shimkus has that story next. >> you have done nothing, you will feel like the scum you are.
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>> the attacks over politics impact all side, mayor ted wheeler was harassed by protesters while eating dinner out. todd: several people shouted obscenities and reportedly punched.
2:41 am
>> a hostile segan portland. mayor ted wheeler accosted by a protester during the night on the town. >> you have done nothing in the city. you will be made to feel like the scum you are. jillian: the protester went on to punch mayor wheeler though it was not captured on video. the mayor how to crack down on violent rioters in the city. >> good faith effort and de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and scorn for radical antifa and then artists. time to push back harder against those set on destroying the community. >> reporter: the mayor is committed to supporting local businesses and others to do the
2:42 am
same given the tenor of political discourse never locally and nationally. it is part of the job. the footage went viral on social media with reaction pouring in. as much as i'm not a fan this is not acceptable behavior. kim on facebook says this is what america has come to. it is sad no matter what side of the aisle you are on. portland experiencing a massive spike in crime with 55 homicides in 2020 marking a 26 year high. todd: still ahead joe biden and kamala harris claiming a double standard by capital police. >> if it had been a group of black wise matter protesters they would have been treated very very different lead. >> we witnessed two systems of justice. todd: a clear sign this will be a divisive administration. jillian: brian kilmeade with what is coming up this morning on "fox and friends".
2:43 am
brian: we will talk about that and the fallout from the invasion of the capital. we have names and faces, many war will -- we will talk about the political fallout on both sides, and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have an interesting way of bringing us together by asking the president to leave two weeks early using the 20 fifth amendment or impeachment, both are possible, there is sentiment for that. do the president after mark yesterday save his legacy? we will talk about that with geraldo rivera and the threat iran issued and how we will respond. dr. nicole saphier, what will it take to pick up the pace on these vaccines? why are some states like florida doing it and others arguing with each other? texas gop congressman will be here. former white house doctor ronnie jackson will talk about that and what republicans can get done and what should be getting done
2:44 am
in texas and one state that has got it down is west virginia. there governor got it down, he will talk about the vaccine. will, jed, and pete will be our cohosts, one of the heroes during this lockdown, barstool's founder, helping a family-owned restaurant open up over two decades to stay alive. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> you are an amazing command, thank you so much. >> dave will join us monday but those business owners will join us today. don't look. just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods.
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todd: donald trump's account banned indefinitely following the horrific chaos on capitol hill. the mob changed everything for donald trump, she joined me now to explain. here is the statement from mark zuckerberg, quote, the shocking events of the last 24 hours demonstrate donald trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor joe biden. we believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. what is your reaction? >> it is interesting because the president put out a statement saying twice yesterday that he is going to support the peaceful transfer of power on january 20th. mark zuckerberg is jumping the
2:49 am
gun or pursuing the censorship a lot of leftists leaders including michelle obama as of yesterday are pushing them to do. for quite a while facebook and other social media companies have been re-strained, tolerant of donald trump and conservatives but the rains are off now. they will play nice with democrats and do their bidding because they are looking with an eye toward potential legislation and wants to be on the right side of those who will be making the laws. todd: gas lighting suggesting capitol hill writers, blm double standard, a look at the top two people in the administration. >> no one can tell me if it had been a group of black lives matter protesters they would have been treated very very differently. >> we witnessed two systems of justice, we saw one that led extremists storm the united
2:50 am
states capital and another that released teargas on peaceful protesters that summer. todd: how do you respond to those accusations? >> this is ridiculous but this is just the start. vice president elect kamala harris seems to forget teargas was released on the mob the tried to ransack the capital and rightly so. you treat people who are destroying property, trying to incite damage and violence the way they should be with force and that happened in that instance and that happened in the instance of blm protests that turned violent. the irony here is it is okay for mobs and people to act out in violence because they feel oppressed if the oppression is based on some idea of systemic racism. it is not okay of the oppression
2:51 am
is i think something went wrong with the elect oral cycle. we all are americans, we all support the constitutional right to assemble and protest peacefully and that is what you had and you had in both instances violent people and you should not pick and choose which is right and which is wrong but i am not surprised. during the obama administration positioning everything through the lens of race and we will see gusts of this during the biden administration. todd: the mainstream media deserves the blame for not explain the full story of what happened this summer so there you go. we appreciate your time, patrice onwuka. republican congressman greg steube live. for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation
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♪ will. >> like all americans, i'm outraged by the violence, lawlessless and mayhem. america is and must always be a nation of law and order. to those who engaged in the act of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. jillian: president trump condemning the violent mob that ransacked our nation's exam toll building. todd: this as we learn capitol police officer died from injuries. bring the death toll there to five people. jillian: just occasional. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. >> yeah, thanks for having me.
2:56 am
great to be with you. jillian: as you wake up on this friday, have the event that happened on wednesday and what you experienced, has it really sank in yet? >> still very surreal you think about the different things you could have done to maybe change an outcome here or there or help people here or there. everything happened so fast. and i remember before they -- so i saw them breach the line on the east side of the capitol. and i was walking out from the minority leader's office, mccarthy's office. i said they just breached the line, are they going to be able to get into here, no, no, no. there is several barriers between there and here. so you kind of dismiss, okay, well, then because there are so many different actions you feel like you could have taken to prevent what occurred. but once they started to getting into all these different points, chaos ensued the officers just like the lines broke. and you had people everywhere. i actually got stuck between the house chamber because they had shut it down and the hallway where all the protesters were
2:57 am
come down. i got shepherded into a conference room. couple members and officers. we pushed the conference table up against the door and waited it out. they were trying to beat on the door. but you could hear everything happen because we were on that hallway on the outside of the house chamber. it's frustrating. >> i have condemned all of the laght and valence i saw all of the summer. i condemn. this i don't care what organization or group you are, who you are, if you have committed crimes against federal property or people or individuals, then you should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. i don't think there is any excuse for what we saw in the capitol this week. that is not america, that is not what we stand for. you elect people like us to go in there and express your views on the of the house. that is what we do here in the united states. and it's completely uncalled for that that all happened. todd: meantime, congressman, covid hasn't gone away your governor, ron desantis partnering with pub publix that's a supermarket for those of you who don't know to
2:58 am
administer coast vaccinations. questions that will here everyone is wondering why can't state like new york or california learn from florida's be vaccination rollout. >> look, we have done a really good job during this entire process. i want to are commend the governor for the way that he they have done. testing sites available all over the state. we will move them around if we have a need. i was involved in moving around and keeping testing sites. publix is a recall company. publix just about every community. mostly have pharmacies so what a great idea to not just be able to have them at hospitals but to flood these vaccines out to different pharmacies that are very well embedded in our community. it's a great idea. it's a great way for floridians who,like in my district, are a very rural district in the middle part of the state don't have a lot of hospitals that they could go to or two or three hours away a publix a pharmacy you are can go to and get a
2:59 am
vaccine. the only challenge we are having is the number of vaccines i talked to a hospital ceo yesterday is getting the obviously the display and demand aren't matching up right now. but i'm asking people to be patient. as soon as we get vaccinations here in florida, we will get everybody vaccinated. jillian: we have just about 30 second for your answer. obviously operation warp speed a big part of president trump's legacy. one that is positive. but you look at the event that ensued this week. how familiar of his legacy hinges on what he does the next 12 days in. >> yeah. it's really unfortunate what occurred. i feel like a lot of people are going to have that in their memory of all of the great things and accomplishments that this trump administration did other the last four years. foreign policy accomplishments. operation warp speed. think back we got a vaccine. we allocated the dollars in congress, got a vaccine out and districted to the american people in less than aer i don't. that's something that's never happened in the history of the world and it's something that the president's administration was able to get done.
3:00 am
todd: hopefully in new york here we will start distributing that vaccine. >> come down to florida we will get you to one of the publix. todd: i will get a pecan will danish rings. jillian: great to see you. >> thank you. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you will pay. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth transition of power. >> i believe the president should not hold office one day longer. >> remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. >> capitol police officer hurt in wednesday's riots have died. >> police say he returned to his office and collapsed. there is now a homicide investigation. >> no one can tell me if there had been a group of black lives matter protesters they wouldn't have been. >> welcome to the law and order side. we hold people accountable for lawlessness. >> i fac


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