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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 9, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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ave severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. ♪ >> sean: welcome to hannity on this busy friday news night. tonight, every good, every honest, every decent, every peace-loving american left and right has condemned all that took place inside of our nation's capital as they should and that happened two days ago. violence is never acceptable and we will get the people responsible. the vast majority of the trump supporter's at the rally, 99% of them are good, law-abiding, taxpaying, hardworking american citizens that raise their kids
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and they were there to have a peaceful protest. 99% were peaceful. so as usual on this program, we never paint with a broad brush. we never will. unfortunately, for the past five years, democrats and the media mob have promoted a very different ethic which we are going to prove to you tonight. we'll do something you're not going to see anywhere else good for the hour, we will detail what is the psychotic rage conspiracy theories and attempts to undermine our republic from the left and big institutions that has shaped our current political climate the last five years. we will expose what is breathtaking hypocrisy of democrats and the media mob in their own words. we are going to start at trump tower. this is 2015. remember this moment? donald trump descended down the escalator, his candidacy. the left was completely from
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that day forward triggered. first, they mocked him. first, they laughed. they said he could never win. later, their mockery turn to psychotic rage. remember kathy griffin fantasizing. that would be right her with a severed head and kamala harris actually openly joked about filling donald trump. imagine if anybody said this today. the violent rhetoric was totally and completely and utterly over-the-top and unhinged. take a look. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> how dare he say the things he does. of course i want to punch him in the face. >> there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives. >> anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department
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store, you get out. >> when they go low, we kicked them. >> i just don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. maybe there will be. >> up against sean hannity. they'll tear them up. >> the press always asked me don't i wish i were debating him? i wish i could take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> sean: by the way, i could play that all night. there's that much material. and that kind of rage, psychotic as it is wasn't just directed at president trump. the left also exposed their contempt for those of us that are irredeemable, deplorable, smelly walmart shoppers of america. take a look. >> these are people who have donald trump said i am going to trash you on twitter unless you go smack your mom in the face, they would go smack their moms
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in the face. >> maybe there are 50 million jerks in this country. maybe that's the sad truth. maybe there is a chunk of us that really stuck as human beings. >> had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because you have to let them go. they have to hit rock bottom like an addict. >> you can put half of trump supporter's into what i called a basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> sean: given the left's hatreds of 50% of the american people and the person that they voted for, it's no wonder they tried to undermine the results of 2016. and who would have ever believed they actually concocted the russia hoax with the phony dossier paid for by hillary clinton filled with a real russian disinformation.
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of course, the fbi takes that information, they use the russian disinformation to commit premeditated fraud on a fisa court. many times over the course of a year. they actually spied on the trump campaign, the trump transition team, and even the trump white house and president trump. ultimately, they even tried to use this disinformation to impeach the president and remove him from office. four separate investigations clear the president after three years, that any of them ever admit they were wrong or apologize, anyone in the mob where the media ever correct the record, any of these people that did all of this to this country ever held accountable? nope. instead, they simply moved on to the next hoax. three long years dragging the country through and let's go to ukraine.
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this wasn't ever about high crimes or misdemeanors. this was always about their own rage and refusal to accept the results of 2016. how many times have i said have donald trump cured cancer, they'd want to impeach him for that too. take a look. >> if he is convicted, i could be seen as an impeachable defense. >> if he is not legitimately elected president in your mind, there are tools that congress has. >> that tweet fits the republican definition of an impeachable offense. >> i will fight every day until he is impeach. >> it's an impeachable offense. >> perhaps impeachable offense. >> that's in impeachable offen offense. >> is that in impeachable offense to you?
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>> he is much more vulnerable to impeachment. >> potentially criminal or even impeachable. >> grounds for impeachment or does that not go far enough in your view? >> grounds for impeachment. >> let's talk about impeachment. >> impeachment is on the table. >> which impeachable offense. >> bullies don't win. they don't because we are going to go in there and we are going to teach them all. >> it's an impeachable offense. >> if that's not impeachable, i don't know what is. >> very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. >> grounds for impeachment. >> a tipping point, talk of impeachment reaches a fever pitch on capitol hill. >> sean: democrats, the mob, the media spew these outright lies for years, promoted one
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hoax after another, push one lie after another, one conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. now these same people sanctimoniously want to lecture the entire country on civility. guess what? we went back, we've been looking, we can't find a single democrat that said stop especially after four investigations, not one. anybody in the media, did they ever apologize for all the lies they've been telling for years and years and that conspiracy theories that they spread on fake news cnn, "the new york times," "washington post, nbc, cbs? no. on this program, we were then and are still today as independent as always. i'm not changing. we forge our own pass on this program and we are among the only ones that took the time to peel back the layers of the
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onion with great radio and tv staff and of course our ensemble cast and report the truth. the truth that by the way we've been vindicated on many, many times. we are going to remind you regularly about the mob and the media, the democrats breathtaking, never ending hypocrisy. we were right about the russia hoax, they lied, they pushed conspiracy theories. we will write about the ukraine impeachment hoax, only one eyewitness, a lot of opinion witnesses, a patriotic, anonymous, hearsay whistle-blower, only one fact witness, a lot of hearsay witnesses. we were also right about kavanaugh. we were right about nicholas sandmann. we were right about zero experience hunter. we were right about joe and his quid pro quo with ukraine. by the way, stay tuned. a lot more coming. and we were right about the
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summers of violence in american cities. time and time again, we were condemning the rioting, the looting, the arson, the murder while the left was making excuses and denying the very truth of reality that our own eyes saw. in many cases, the mob in the media either ignored or outright applauded those people. my favorite photo. everything is relatively peaceful right now in the city is burning behind, that picture on fake news cnn. in some of them even applauded some of this madness. we will remind you. >> done by commission, not by the middle of the night. >> they will do what they do. >> what's happening in portland right now. >> that's a myth being spread only in washington, d.c. >> not going to stop before election day in november and won't stop after election day on everyone should take note of that on both levels that they
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are not going to let up and they should not. >> it is not generally speaking unruly. but fires have been started. >> it says it right in the name, antifascism which is what they were there fighting. no organization is perfect. there is some violence. >> sean: no organization is perfect and to make matters worse, you have joe biden, kamala harris who sought to vilify the police. in her case, she defunded the police supported that in l.a. and vilified them when they were needed the most. democrats flirting with that idiotic idea to defund the police, joe biden even using the term enemy. police become the enemy. we have the tape, take a look. >> military equipment for law enforcement. they don't need that for the last thing you need is a up armored humvee cometh like the military invading.
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they don't know anybody, they become the enemy, supposed to be protecting these people so my generic point. >> we agree that we can redirect some of the funding. >> yes, absolutely. >> we have confused the idea that to achieve safety, you put more cops on the street. >> sean: they've become the enemy, redirect funds. she even warns us going to happen again and again and again following the breach of our nation's capital this week, biden-harris once again vilified police and they in part because they are racist. take a look. >> no one can tell me that had it been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday there wouldn't have been -- they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently. then the mob of thugs that storm the capital. we all know that's true. >> we witnessed two systems of
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justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the united states capital and another that released tear gas on protesters last summer. >> sean: now, a woman was shot and killed this week, a police officer was killed this week trying to defend the capital. there were a lot of dire problems. this breach happened within a minute or two with security. how could this happen in a post-9/11 world? we'd better address that sooner than later. the capital police -- i don't like broad sweeping generalizations that they are racist. i don't believe they are. do you have any evidence before you make such accusations? around half the officers, by the way happen to be african-american. and senators biden and harris were protected by capitol
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police, they get protection for years you'd think they would have a little more respect and a lot more decency. for democrats, decency only seems to matter when it's politically expedient for them. the president announced he will not be attending the upcoming inauguration. some on the left are happy. some predictably are angry or feigning outrage that he won't be attending the inauguration. do you believe this? take a look. >> i think for him not to come is the ultimate insult. there are a lot of people who will be glad he's not there because he would distract a lot of attention. they would be a lot about the biden-trump dynamic on stage and we will be spared that at least. i think he is just so insulting and so many ways, such a crybaby. it's disgusting. >> sean: joe biden said he agreed with the decision earlier today. by the way, if i was donald trump, i don't think i'd want to attend either after four years of unrelenting attacks.
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now ask yourself about mr. biden. when did mr. i want to unite the nation biden ever speak out about all of the lies and the russia conspiracy theories and the witch hunt conspiracy theories. when did he ever speak out about the language of the left? never. after years of never ending rage, hysteria, outright lies, we are now supposed to believe he wants to bring us all together because he says so? his calls for unity ring hollow and remember, he wants to have the fistfight in the gym with the president. so it's a serious question, why would anyone who voted for trump cross the mob and the media or joe biden or nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or kamala harris? if democrats really cared about the truth and about unity, they would've spoken out a long time ago. they claim they do now. maybe they should just start
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telling the truth. they were part of this divisive four years of history, and maybe they should stop vilifying in the process half the country. maybe they should condemn all violence and not just when it's politically convenient for them. him before we get to our guest, we do have breaking tonight twitter yes has now officially banned president trump's accou account. we will have a lot more on big tech censorship with our own dan bongino. first, joining us with a reaction, fox news contributor charlie hurt, former acting director of national intelligence on former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. we begin with you tonight. i literally can run tapes of the entire hour and then all of next week of all of the rage against donald trump starting back when he came down the escalator. there is no shortage of it, just giving the highlights. >> those highlights were unbelievable. thank you for putting that
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together and reminding us. washington, d.c., is out of control, gaslighting everything, and that's just the media. we really have a problem here when we see the hypocrisy in front of us and something's got to be done and i go back to the point that republicans had a chance to do something against a big tech, they didn't do it, and now look, now look what's happening, big tech is going after conservatives. this is a moment where they waited until donald trump was finished and republicans have lost and now we are seeing their true colors. we need to learn this lesson and never let that happen again. >> sean: you were there from the beginning. you watched all of this unfold. >> i'll tell you, it should scare every american that they can ban him from facebook and instagram and they can determine the content you're going to put out is not going to be up to their standards.
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we've seen this so many times where individuals have put up content which has been written by somebody else on the left and that content was not edited or suppressed. that should scare every american in congress should look into this. these big tech companies are too big. they are monopolistic, they don't allow for competition and if they can do it to the president on the look and stop them from doing it to anybody else? >> sean: you were also there from the beginning, and early trump supporter and i watch this now. this impacted the election. "the new york post" story that wouldn't let anybody talk about it, we can look at iran, i don't remember when they talked about wiping israel off the earth and them being censored by twitter. do you? >> no. it's incredible. and that censorship and not blatant unfairness and dishonesty that president trump has endured for the past five years really, for an entire year
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before even the 2016 election is why we are where we are right now and that's why there are so many people who have reached their very wits an end if we want to assign blame for what happened in washington on wednesday, i assigned far more blame to the people that foster this environment whether it was illegally spying on the trump campaign, whether it was using our intelligence services to spy on a sitting president, all based on a russian hoax that was paid for by political opponents. and i love the fact that the president decided he's not going to go to the inauguration. they hate him. they don't want him there. they don't want to be around him and they cry like babies because he is not going to show up at their little party. the other thing i'm reminded of his remember four years ago, the last time he stunk up and inauguration was when he went to his own inauguration and said that campaign i just ran, i
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meant every word of it and i'll keep every promise. i think it's great that he's not going to go to the inauguration. he shouldn't. >> sean: i am proud of one thing. been here on the fox 25 years, never been to one white house correspondent dinner and i'll be honest, i don't like them but i don't think they like me either. i can accept the truth that not everybody likes me and i can handle it. but there's a bigger issue here is that it never stops. the joe biden that sat back silently ric grenell and director of national intelligence, you released a lot of documents that shed a lot of light on how this bad thing really got. he never said a word about the russian disinformation dossier, premeditated fraud on the fisa court. we still have not had accountability on that front at all. how do you vote in 2020 when you don't know what went on in 2016?
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>> washington, d.c., only works when they're not transparent, when they can keep the information when they get to hide the information and spoon-feed it to the american public. one thing we have to say is right before the election, they continued this russian disinformation, they told us 50 former intelligence officials said that the hunter laptop was russian disinformation. that was not true. they pushed a story that was not true, they manipulated intelligence. there have been no consequences, nothing was done by a big tech to censor that and nothing was done at doj, nothing was done by their media colleagues to defend them. this will continue because they get away with it. >> sean: think you all for being with us, appreciate it. and coming up, there was a blue check tweet today that i lost my lifetime pasta card at olive garden. we looked into it. we will tell you what that's
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about. also up next, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer are pushing for trump's impeachment if the 25th amendment is not invoked. why not push it again? senator lindsey graham says not a good idea. we will also explain the confrontation that took place at a d.c. airport earlier today and dan bongino reacts to twitter permanentlyyyyy
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federal authorities are pursuing dozens of other cases. >> sean: last night, the president promised an orderly transition of power having exhausted any potential remedy as it relates to what happened in the election. democrats want another impeachment or they want somebody to invoke the 25th amendment. fox news is reporting tonight house democrats will try to launch another impeachment sham
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lawn the country monday. senator lindsey graham is pushing back against all the madness tweeting out "as the president stated last night, it is time to heal and to move on. speaker pelosi pushes impeachment in the last days of the term presidency, that would do a lot more harm than good grade later adding that as for the 25th amendment being invoked, i don't believe that's appropriate. and that prompted a bizarre response from the real speaker of the house, the one with the most power, the one that nancy pelosi there never piss off. that it isn't moving on. a capital police officer died, why are you defending this? and of course, senator graham defended none of that. earlier today, the senator was actually swarmed and harassed by a group of trump supporter's at d.c.'s reagan airport. take a look.
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>> you trader! you're a trader! lindsey graham, you are a traitor to the contrary! you know it was rigged. you know it was rigged. you know what was rigged. he was human being. going to be like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life. >> sean: joining us now, senator lindsey graham. thank you for being back they let me go first of this. i don't think you mind, we had a private conversation about the ten day audit, and he went to a great explanation but you didn't think it was ever going to come close to working and you even saying then we should move on. okay. i disagreed with you, but we agreed on a lot and sometimes we can disagree. i don't like what's happening in restaurants and airports to any of these people. >> i want to thank the police who came to my aid.
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i know people are frustrated. i wanted president trump to win so badly. i thought he was a consequential president. i think he made the world safer and more prosperous. i'm a constitutional conservative. i believe in the federalism even when i don't like the outcome. there's a process under our constitution, i followed it the best i knew how, i stand by my vote but now tonight, i am calling on president-elect biden to pick up the phone and call nancy pelosi and the squad to end the second impeachment. president trump gave a statement last night that was helpful, it hit the mark grade he wants to move on to a peaceful transfer of power. he wants this to end. i've been with him most of the day. he's going to focus on his agenda, success for the american people and that few days but joe biden said it's up to congress regarding impeachment. no, president-elect biden, it's up to you. pick up the phone, call
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nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and the squad and tell them to stand down. this will destroy the country even further. you have the power to do that and the question is do you have the courage to do it. i've told my supporters at home the president of the united states who i admire and support that it was time to move on. was over. i'm asking no more of you, president-elect biden that i ask myself, pick up the phone and tell pelosi, schumer, and the squad to stand down, no more impeachments. >> sean: why would you expect it. did you ever hear joe biden once talk about the dirty russian dossier, once speak out against premeditated fraud on the fisa court? all he said it was his pro quo on tape that he's bragging about and defended his son, now we know a lot more about kazakhstan, ukraine, russia, three and a half million dollars, oligarchs, chinese nationals, private equity.
1:32 am
i think joe biden might not be liking his own positions coming up fairly shortly if this is the game he wants to play because clearly, otherwise he would've spoken out at least once. >> he never mentioned the horowitz report so if he comes before the judicial committee, i'm going to ask him will you allow that the ram report to be honored, will you allow the prosecutor in delaware to receive against hunger biden without interference, will you take the durham report seriously? i will ask what will you do to clean up the mess created by others and i am dying to hear what he will say. >> sean: of democrats were intellectually honest and consistent and applied the same standards and arguments they used on ukraine and they were hoax, and applied it to joe, not getting the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my son that admits he had no experience, millions.
1:33 am
they applied that tape and those circumstances to joe, democrats would have to impeach him on day one. true or false? if they applied the same standards. >> beyond true. they accused the democrats the trump family of doing something illegal for trying to build a hotel in russia. you thought that was a problem, hohow in the world can you give hunter bite and a pass given everything he did taking millions of dollars from the most corrupt company in the ukraine, burisma, going all over china to get sweetheart deals. trying to do business lawfully in russia, what are you going to do about hunter biden? i want to end it with this. we have a chance to start over, president trump did the right thing last night in the last 24 hours instead of trying to match what president trump has done, the radical democrats are talking about another impeachment that will destroy the country even further and there's one man i can stop this,
1:34 am
president-elect biden. i hope you will use the power you have to stop it before it's too late. >> sean: i will give you some advice unsolicited as it is, whatever you do, don't hold your breath, he will suffocate over time because it ain't going to happen in my opinion, but thank you for being with us. >> you may be right, and i hope it does but if you're right, god help us all. >> sean: i don't think he has it in him. that's what i believe. all right. you're not going to believe what happen. big tech have headed out for conservatives for a long time. and breaking today, we've got a report apple is considering banning parler as an alternative to twitter. dan bongino weighs in on this and the president has been permanently banned from twitter. if you don't
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>> sean: fox news alert, twitter has now permanently suspended president trump's twitter account, permanently. an unprecedented and frankly outrageous and disturbing act of censorship. twitter said "after close review of recent tweets from the account and they context around them, we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence. can they show us the tweet they're referring to? get this. according to sean davis who was at "the federalist," apple now is considering banning twitter alternative parler from the app store. unless the platform and asked what davis called draconian censorship policies demanded by left-wing big tech oligarchs, this is dangerous according to a breaking news report from
1:40 am
buzzfeed, apple has given parlor a mere 24 hours to revise its content policy or face expulsion. remember, big tech companies block "the new york post" story prior to the election of hunter biden. why? i would argue they were donating to the cause of democrats and joe biden and by the way, they've been caught over and over again targeting conservatives and employing double standards when it comes to conservative speech. ask yourself, how many left-wing accounts got punished for spewing russian lies on the hoaxes in the conspiracy theories. they did it for years and it gets worse because senator josh hawley had a book deal about this very topic and it's been canceled by simon & schuster. the publisher falsely suggesting he had a role in this week's violence on capitol hill, not true. and joining us now with more, fox news contributor dan bongi
1:41 am
dan bongino, and he has been very public about this, a small investor. you got in very early. i'm jealous. you were smart, but more importantly, i want everybody on twitter any time they tweet i want them to hashtag and open up their account as quickly as they can, and also remind people by moving to twitter, i'm moving from twitter to parler. i have parler account but i'll let you take it from here. >> i stopped posting on twitter last night. i'm not closing my account, but i won't be posting there anymore. ironically, this all happens today. the big tech, big government simply out because that's what it is is now at open war with free speech and civil liberties in america. i'm not making a first amendment argument for you here, these are private companies. i am making an even more dangerous argument, that these tech companies are more powerful
1:42 am
than the government and will have a more pernicious effect on civil liberties by engaging in open war with free speech like they are doing right now. i can back that up right now. at least with government, you have a process. you were arrested by the government or find by the government, there's a process, law and order, that's the order component. you can get a lawyer and you can fight back. that's not what you have. we have been threatened by apple with 24 hours notice with nearly no legitimate recourse whatsoever that we are going to be taken down from their site by a monopoly company that monopolistic leak controls the app store. even worse my twitter bands the president of the united states while china is still posting about sterilizing and are running their death to america account. the liberals laughing about this, one more point i want to make because there are many, go to any social media platform and you will see the liberals who think this is funny, remember famous last words and unprincipled leve revolutions.
1:43 am
there were no principles here other than political ones. they're coming for you next. famous last words in the french revolution was i was on your side. there is no side. this is a political attack and they are coming for you next. this fight is coming to your door, get ready. you can't avoid it. >> sean: not letting the american people make up their own minds. if there's anything i can do to help you, and support your efforts in all your business partners for freedom of speech, not speech you necessarily agree with which is very clear, and i hope people go to and i hope every time you're on twitter, you say i'm moving to parler. he was twitter to promote parler. that's what i say because this is unbelievable to me that this could happen. dan bongino, thank you. speaking of twitter, one of the
1:44 am
blue check accounts on twitter says that i have lost my lifetime pasta card that all of garden. i've got to set the record
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>> sean: like i was telling you, journalism died since 2007. the mob, the media, the credibility never had any, totally and completely gone. they have walked into more than an arm of propaganda, the arm of the democratic party and by the way, they are now in all-out propaganda machine censoring information that's bad for democrats and silencing conservative voices and amplifying fake news folks to attack republicans and smearing
1:49 am
donald trump supporters nonstop. look at this sickening now deleted tweet from the director saying he will be an ex-president in 13 days for the fact that getting rid of trump is the easy part, cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else. cleansing? like conservative cleansing? trump cleansing? what does that actually mean? on wednesday, fake news cnn's anderson cooper was more interested in mocking americans like me. i shop at walmart and yes, i've eaten that many all of garden. take a look. >> it's stunning, and they will go back to the olive garden into the holiday in that they are staying at the garden marriott and they're going to have some drinks and talk about the great day that they had in washington that they really did something and stand up for something and they stood up for nothing other than mayhem.
1:50 am
>> sean: going to go back to the bar. as an even the know of a courtyard marriott or hilton garden. anderson, do you hear yourself? i've said it many times this week. i love all of garden. have unlimited salad, the most delicious garlic bread sticks. great positive. you could get pasta for life has much as you can eat. hot doughnuts with chocolate or caramel you put on top, powdered sugar, awesome. but today, menacing reports surfaced that olive garden had revoked my never ending pasta pass. i never signed up for the pasta pass, that's fake news. and by the way, i still plan on ordering from my local olive garden or wherever i happen to be traveling soon unless they ban me, which would be very sad, a sad day in my life. joining us with reaction, fox news contributor, media
1:51 am
reported for the hill joe concha and of course fox news contributor tammy bruce is with us. so let me read from, jr., down with the usa means down with donald trump, john bolton, secretary pompeo. means death to the few people running that country it is not true. in let me confirm with olive garden. >> want me to take that? >> sean: i can take that, that's fine. first, the thing with olive garden is they put out 27 garlic bread sticks and i eat all of them. there's barely any room left button complements to the
1:52 am
microwave, well done, but for anderson cooper to say that obviously shows cnn now stands for the condescending news network because you just don't talk about people that way. you want to criticize the president, knock yourself out but after you start going after 74 million supporters, that's not a way to build an audience. as for the suspension of president trump permanently, you have chinese out there saying that the u.s. army, chinese government accounts, they actually created an weaponized coronavirus. that's allowed to stay on. they look awfully foolish when you allow the most oppressive leaders around the world but you have the president of the united states, going to be in a world of hurt as far as business is concerned. i can tell you that. >> sean: the kind of should be because we have the leader of the free world, may not agree
1:53 am
with them. i get it beat out of me on these social media sites and i would never want to silence anyone. they actually make me laugh some days. >> this is what i think is really revealing here. you see it in california and new york. when the democrats on the left believe that they have complete power and they can do whatever they want, the real agenda comes forward, the curtain is torn back. nobody in california voted to have their lives destroyed by gavin newsom and all the democrats that are setting that stayed on fire and i can tell you right now it was manipulation to foment false hatred of donald trump by the democrats so they didn't have to answer questions about policy or where they stood. we certainly don't know where joe biden stands, they continue to do that right now and democrats throughout this country, anyone who voted for
1:54 am
joe biden is going to find they are not going to like what's happening and they are not liking right now because the left and democrats used to care about freedom of expression. i don't know where the aclu is, but they're not going to like what's going to unfold here. we certainly don't like it but it is a reflection of what we've seen happen wherever the democrats think they can do as they please, this is also a class issue. the olive garden dynamic in the hilton, this is a class based attack on the american people. this is where deplorables come in, the people who might not use hair gel and work at dirty jobs and the people who don't like martinis. this is what the democrats have become. >> sean: quick 30 seconds. >> and about 120 days, we will have biden's first 100 days and once the shine wears off of this administration, then this industry is going to be in
1:55 am
serious trouble from a business perspective obviously with donald trump no longer on the radar not even tweeting apparently at this point but the two things i can save this industry, trust and integrity is not going to be there to bail them out because 86% of the american people believe the media is biased so you are going to see something like the 2008 financial crisis as far as the numbers and everything else coming down which is most in this industry, not all. >> sean: i don't want to live in an america where someone would be censored for calling me every name in the book. let me have it. >> i will call you every name, but okay. >> sean: it's already happene happened. thank you both. coming up, m m m m m
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>> that is all the time we have left this evening. we will always be independent were not going to be silenced. we will stay as long as you hav us, and we will do what others
2:00 am
refuse to do. we will tell you the truth and we will keep fighting for principles that make this country great. need your help every day every night for eight let not your heart be troubled because were ingraham is up to push t a little early. two weeks early. ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and katie pavlich. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president-elect joe biden tearing into president trump as democrats march toward a second impeachment. nancy pelosi and her party have been demanding bp mike pence invoke the 20 kept amendment to remove chrome from office after the chaos at the capitol. if that doesn't happen, they are going to impeach drum