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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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dip. social distancing guidelines enforced you see. and that's how fox reports this saturday, january 9th 2021 i'm jon scott thanks for joining us. see you again. ♪ good evening, welcome to tucker carlson to crack down on america civil liberties is coming we told you that yesterday. first it didn't take long it is here now. and it is unprecedented and it will have consequences. thisnp will cause extremism. actions taken to suppress extremism will cause it. those unintended consequences we don't know very clear, what's happening and what will happen. here's the first news. just days after donald trump called for breaking up the big tech monopoly to preserve democracy big tech monopoly silenced him twitter has just announced sitting president has been banned permanently from the
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platform that is primarily means of public communications. first they waited until a democratic took power, and then they shut it down they are in control now. silicon valley are more professional than president of the united states andd assaultn speech accelerates. greenehappy to have him on tonight you are a long standing civil libertarian, glenn thanks for joining us pleas assess what you're seeing now in the united states. >> well one thing that i think we're clearly seeing the initiation of a new war on terror i don't say lightly i say that because the biden administration what will be the biden administration in about a week is saying explicitly they want first of all, a new law to further criminalize domestic terrorism even though every act that constitutes domestic terrorism is already
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criminalized. what they want to do is increase their power to monitor political groups, to infiltrate them. to criminalize activity it is thatnf currently are not criminalized nor should they be whether it be advocacy of speech or other things. they're saying they want a new lawr similar to the way that the 9/11 attack and emotion surrounding was instantly ceased upon to institute a whole serious new laws that endure to this very day. secondly, they are explicitly saying that they believe that domestic terrorism so this war on terror is not directed at foreign nonstate actors or terrorist t group or foreign countries like china or iran or russia it is going to be directed inward threat to national security and we talked about this before and likely going to do because they have beenal focused for so long media outlets have, democratic party has on donald trump, and increasing fear levels about him. that's been the key to their profits and their power.
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what will happen once he's gone strategy has been always clear to inflate the risk of what they call white supremacist terrorism which increasingly means nothing more than being a trump supporter. and in treating people in the united states who fallen into that category the way you treat terrorist you monitor them and surveil them restrain them you detain them. this is what they're saying explicitly in silicon valley component of this is particularly menacing tucker because these companies have greater power than any corporations in the history of the world. not just wealth but the amount of data that they have on us and now the control that they exercise over our political discourse. a tiny handful of tech more powerful than any nation state. they have determined what we can hear what we can speak, what is true, and what is fault zero accountability and transparency and go donate to the democratic party and support the democratic party part that have coalition and jennifer, a top level,
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long-term, advisor to the clintons boasted on twitter that the reason that facebook and silicon valley are now sensors enemy of the t democratic partys because they know that democrats are now in control of the key committees and have to do their bidding nrd to get what they want but the reality is, they're thede one who is we owe power silicon valley doesea and rest f us are subject to their undemocratic p and unaccountable whims. >>at you've been saying this for 20 year and almost 20 years ago you said lawsam like this will e used against american citizens andd toipght i want to confess but you were right i want to acknowledge that you were rightt and we shouldut be really, realy concerned glenn we'll be talking to you more we appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks tucker. >> this is coming from everywhere all of a sudden and unbhak we know at this hour and we know overn, last 24 hours twitter w specifically, has band a number of different conservative accounts not just the president. the same d time, the chinese communist party, of iran their
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threat because they're not a threat to ruling party here tonight a t competing parler whh we told you about seeing massive unprecedented surge in traffic and said experience server outage because of new users tonight why, couple of reasons. mostly this, parler is a free speech alternative to twitter. they don't sensor you you can say what you want thern presidet is on parler drawing a lot of people who realize they are being suppressed by twitter. parler succeeding -- what happens now? of course, silicon valley is trying to kill it. google has just removed parler without any warning from its app store apple and amazon provide services that keep parler services likech parler online he also threatened to shut parler down. andut pete the chief policy advisor at parler thanks so much for coming on seem to come out of nowhere how big a threat to your company is this? >> i mean, this is very huge
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because apple in particular carries our app on the app store as far as i know technically there'sur no other way to delivr it. so they choose to withdraw their services and hosting us on their store, we're there and most people like oures app. our app is a very nicely functioning piece of software. and then in terms of amazon, amazon is also raising some problems and i'm not sure how serious that is because i have yet to speak with them and i will later today because we know they provide server for us. and if they were to remove their services then we would be down as it is we're having some difficulties now with the upnick traffic but if they took their service away weld be gone. >> there's a huge amount it is impossible to overstate amount of filth political extremism explicit f violence pornographyn the internet that's what internet is. parler -- >> it is everywhere.
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everywhere. >> but it's parler that is being singled out kind of impossible not to conclude this is political repression. >> it really because i think we do have the reputation as being the conservative platform although we are nonpartisan that is what everybody sees us as we do see this as being politically singled out other thing is that we are competing with other platforms who have decided that they want to surveil people on their platform 24/7 without any particular suspicions, and you know on the one hand people don't like live in the well of orwell 19 84 and people want to pressure social media to do more to moderate as they call it content on their platform require 24-hour surveillance and we don't think that is king the with the principles of america. >> just to be clear for those not familiart with your company
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and your app you're just trying to provide a place for people to say what they think you're not trying to put amazon out of business or dethrone apple or force anybody else carrier to drop theirt service but you wat to be left alone and do your thing am i miss characterizing that? >> we would like to provide a place where people can come and they can speak freely that they're not going to be fact checked or told what to think what they can read, et cetera. and also we do not data pillage we don't data undermine them and monetize them and so we would like to provide that service. and of course, like everybody else we were horrified by a lot of the incitement that was going on this week. and we are doing everything that we can within our principles to, youhi know, deal appropriately with that content and, you know, we work law enforcement as well. but that content has been everywhere this week. this has been a very unusual week, and to be singled out we
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think is quite unfair. >> it is political pressure. period -- now google we asked why they did this and sent a statement and read on the air, we're aware of continued posting in the parler app that speaks to incite ongoing violence in the u.s. it continues in light of the ongoing and public safety threat we're suspending app listings from play store until it address these issues. okay. so they're accusing you of inciting violence. >> they are putting on us their responsibility for every piece of incitement that supposed there. and the nature of an open platform of free and open town square is that we do not take axonon people until we are aware of a situation. you know, particular suspicion, you do not -- >> ask really quick how much of the world kitty porn goes through gmail how many j mail accounts used to oared plastic explosive and insurrection
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planned on google? like a lot. and so --uc right? this is a completely arbitrary standard applied to you because they don't like the politics or people who use your site. >> i mean, that is looking that way i'me. hoping it is not that way but it is looking that way and it is coming in sooner than i would have expected it. >> well it is all happening at once this friday night -- happening all of this friday night we're going look back on this thing and appreciate you coming on. >>ng thank you, tucker. as we said twitter has permanently suspended the president from its app. theke question is how far will this go? and what will its effects be? craig dylan with boris johnson he ran johnson social media accounts, he joins us tonight. craig, where do you think this is headed from here? >> well i think they set themselveses dangerous precedent the question is who do they ban next chinese accountnt coming dn extreme leader of iran regularly tweet, you've got the venezuelan
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user twitter allde of the time o where does this stop to ban all of these people i or just particularly ones they don't like? so in this country i'm sure it is similar in the u.k. these platforming are our public square this is how people sort out their political differences how theyy learn about politics and many other things so when you shut these down you are isolating people. it seems to me you are ensuring the rise of real extreme nism this country it is, obviously, sensorship makes people paranoid crazy sometimes violent. they must know that why are they doing this? >> well, they're seeing unbelievable amounts of pressure from various people in -- their side of society to ban him and do all of these sort of things. it is an interesting decision may make i'm sure debating over it and push people on to places like parler things like that so it's basically just segregated people now you know only people
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that are using twitter are going to tend left leaning and others on parler and it is made both sides are echo chamber. and it is not good for democracy. >> no. it is an attack on people and they feel undersiege this is we're turning up temperature too high these companies are doing that, i think craig great to see you, thank you. h so what's interesting given that cnn calls itself the news network the journalistic enterprise is cnn not only joininged in but the fact at the fore front of the efforts to squelch opposition to world view to sensor anything they don't like. and, of course, at the center of their obsession is this show. >> tucker carlson. >> tucker carlson. fox news host tucker carlson. >> so flattered, obviously, why wouldn't you be when don pronounced your name correctly but there's something darker afoot here that cnn is working
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saying they. are, to take fox news off the air. this is president twitter account was deleted. to take fox news off the air. they think they can doas it. we'll tell you how after the break. [ sigh ] not gonna happen.
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♪ >> tucker: this morning, cnn announced it is working to force the fox news channel off the air. run this country out of business. number of prominent democrats, putting office workers support that effort. cnn staffers have already contacted the six major cable carriers in this country, the companies that carry our signal into your home, and pressured them to drop fox news. why? on the pretext that this show is directly responsible -- and other on this channel -- are directly responsible for the violence of the u.s. capitol this week. it is time, cnn announced, for the tv carriers face questions for lending their platforms to dishonest companies that profit off disinformation and conspiracy theories. so here you have a news company calling for censorship. you have a tv network demanding that media conglomerates ban its competitors. that's terrifying. but it's also, if we are being
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completely honest here, amusing. because you can just imagine cnn's blustery little -- calling into his morning staff call yesterday. he spent a long night sitting on the tiny throne in his seat dangling just above the floor watching fox news and getting angrier and angrier. by the time he reaches his minions in the cnn newsroom to deliver the day's orders, the dwarf teens fleshy is quivering like jell-o and crimson with rage. make them stop! he screams. "make them stop!" the first to her battle post is a former homecoming queen in orange county who is eager. not a prime time anchor. she would like to be, but she still just a news reader. former cohost of a radio show i contemporary hit station in yakima, washington, called billy blue and breanna to come the morning zoo. not everyone takes very seriously. she wants to be taken seriously, and this is her chance.
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so she tries to remember the dwarf kings orders. stop fox. that was the main command. then there was a stream of consciousness part, the part where the boss was breathing so heavily it was hard to make out the words. there was white supremacy, insurrection, domestic terrorism -- something like that. she tries to connect the dots. it's confusing, but she's pretty sure the word "insurrection" was in there. we are sure. someone interacted or acting interactingly, something like that. it was definitely insurrection. she decides to look up the word in the dictionary to see what it means. here is what happened next. >> it wasn't insurrection. take merriam-webster's word for it. insurrection: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government. knocking down barriers, knocking down gates, pushing police out of the way. police would be the civil authority as described in the definition of insurrection.
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they broke windows and doors, they vandalized offices. >> tucker: [laughs] take merriam-webster's word for it. that's mrs. merriam-webster to you. here's the problem. this show, she re-explains, refused to call but obviously highly insurrection event and insurrection. did not use the word, just refused. i mean, seriously. who would do that? well, if you really want to know who would do that, a white person would do that. a privileged white person. someone who presumably come on like her coworkers at cnn -- in fact, the dwarf king himself --s both white and privilege come afflicted with something called white privilege. so much white privilege, in fact, that it blinded this person, because that is the thing about white privilege, keep doing it, you go blind. that is what the boss said. >> tucker carlson rolled his eyes at the idea of systemic racism. at white privilege. but perhaps he should roll those eyes on over to a mirror.
4:22 pm
it is entirely -- that clouds of black or brown americans would have been treated as a mostly white insurrectionist of the capital were on wednesday. >> tucker: [laughs] the lecture from the morning zoo lady. perhaps he should roll his eyes on over to a mirror. assuming you can even do that, when you've been blinded by white privilege. because white people can't see themselves, right? but maybe they should see themselves! they might stop interrupting, stop being so white and privilege. it went on like this for an entire segment. in a way, that is the good news. with enemies like this, fox news will be around for a long, long time. jason whitlock is a longtime journalist. we're happy to have them on tonight. jason, thanks for coming on. so the question i have is have you ever seen -- you have been in competitive journalism for years -- you have competed against other news outlets. have you ever seen an attempt by one to get the authorities to
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take the other one off-line, to silence them? >> tucker, we are living in the craziest time of our lifetime, and maybe, other than the civil war, the craziest time in the history of the united states. >> tucker: yeah. >> and nothing surprises me. it really doesn't. what cnn is trying to do speaks to the level of fear, and clearly the level of disruption that president trump has caused, or potentially could cause. they are just trying to silence any and every one who doesn't demonize a visiting guy and compare him to adolf hitler and the worst people in the world. >> tucker: what happens when you try and do that? and can you do that? i know anyone who has talked more about social media and the effects on the country than you have. can you really silence people? and if you try, what comes next?
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>> well, i certainly think you can come and they are doing it, and have been pretty successful at doing it for a long time. they have amplified the voices that they agree with, and they have diminished the voices they disagree with. they have crucified trump supporters. and i just want people to think about this and listen, i don't agree with the way president trump has handled himself in all situations, but he has picked on other elites. he has gone after the u.s. president barack obama. he has gone after the mainstream media. he has gone after celebrities. the media and the elites have gone after working-class people. trump supporters are not elites. they don't have major platforms. they are the people. there is an attack on the people. whether you agree or disagree with them, you cannot demonize
4:25 pm
74 million americans and say all of their complaints are racist, are sexist, or they are nazis. you are bating america for a civil war. >> tucker: that's exec the right. that is the distinction. i don't know if you're overstating it. this is going to cause extremism. dangerous extremism. i am very worried about it. your point, i think it is a key one. they are punching down. trump is punching laterally or up, and there is a difference between those two things. >> listen, in 1620, 400 years ago, people fled england because they wanted freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and here we are, 400 years later, and we are stripping freedom of religion, freedom of expression. we are silencing people we disagree with. this is un-american. and it's crystal clear. we need some real leadership in
4:26 pm
this country. if president-elect joe biden wants to step out here and offer up some real unity and peace, make peace with trump supporters. treat them like human beings, even if you disagree with them. >> tucker: right. >> that is the american thing to do. >> tucker: treat them like human beings, if even if you disagree with them. amen. jason whitlock, thank you for that, great to see you. so, we don't want to suggest that just the president is being silenced, or just fox news that is under attack. they are trying to destroy everyone they disagree with. amazing. we will have more on that throughout the show. but we want to take a break from sadness and bring you a happy story, and it comes from our friend dave portnoy, who has carved out his own space to help people. and he's done it. we will tell you how he did it after the break. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: as we have been telling you, the president has been permanently banned from twitter, but he just sent this from his potus account. roll that backwards, other correction. this is what the president is just sent out on the permanent president of the united states account on twitter. report as i fencing for a long time, twitter has gone further and further bannings free speech, tonight we are employees with democrats and the radical left have removed my account to silence me. you, the 75 million great, the possibility of using our own platform in the near future. we will not be silenced. twitter is not about free speech, they are about a radical left platform or some of those vicious people in the world are allowed to speak freely. stay tuned." as we read this, it all happening in real time as you can see, twitter took that down. as we read it. listen. never been a night like this in my lifetime. so there is a lot of chaos going on, and we wanted to take a
4:33 pm
break in the middle of it to tell you something happy. a fortnight has a dave job, has watch the country get poorer, wanted to help, and he is now raised tens of millions of dollars. one of the small business owners recently spoke to him by phone to spine with that money. listen. >> i'm glad we could help. >> you guys are angels. we have been feeling so abandoned and so scared about the future. thank you so much for taking care of the people who seem to be forgotten. >> tucker: of the rest of us are arguing about how big the checks could be, should be, and portnoy decided he's going to do it himself, raising money for people in need. kind of an amazing story, you would think it would be everywhere. it isn't. it's been pretty much ignored,
4:34 pm
the barstool sports fund by the media, but this week start the press started taking different approach. they are -- "the san francisco chronicle," garbage paper, said the woman was not aware of david portnoy's sexual harassment or racist dave, i knew you would do it. it's a moving story, it's a great story. why aren't more people celebrating it. >> we are starting to pick up steam. obviously, come on the show, so you get painted with a certain brush. we're just trying to help people. we are just trying to help people. i don't care if it is democrat, republican, right, left, these people need money on these videos show at. i will go anywhere, i will
4:35 pm
literally go on anywhere. today, did a nice piece on it, helped out. these are one of the issues come i'm glad we are helping, but the fact that anybody -- there should be nobody, you know, anybody against -- this is just people helping people in the truest sense, and we are getting $20 million, close to 21 million. we have had people reach out. but why, you know, fox has been great promoting it, they have, but everybody should. because the more publicity we get, the more small businesses we can help, and expands everywhere. so i don't have that answer. i'm just focused come and get publicity, get money, get it to the people who need it. >> tucker: you guys are as successful come i don't think as big as blackstone or goldman sachs. where are their funds, by the way, seriously, where is jeff bezos' fund? sincere question. what the hell? why is this left to you to do?
4:36 pm
you run a sports site. what is it? >> i have no idea. i'm happy to say elon musk is going to help us, so i think that will go a long way, but i don't know. maybe i don't know about it. i don't know what to do. listen, that's almost come in a weird way, the trauma of what we are doing is just everyday people across every walk of life, reaching out, unsolicited, can i give you $50, $100,000, they just want help. it is the beauty of this country. so much chaos, there's a lot of good. people want to help. >> tucker: that's exactly right, and that is why i was excited to talk to you tonight. kind of people have you been giving money to? >> it is all walks. we literally get all walks of life, small business restaurants, bar owners, dry cleaners, you name it. and not surprisingly, states that have the strictest
4:37 pm
lockdowns, california, new york, massachusetts, a lot of applicants from those states, but these are people who have been in business -- that is the oldest far west of the mississippi, in san francisco. it's been around since 1850, and to lose a bar like that and have nobody pay attention, that is why these people are breaking down. for the first time, they finally, we've bee been there f0 years, it's sad. >> tucker: it's just crushing. and you are making a difference. i never say that because it sounds so jokey, but you are. dave portnoy, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: so your civil rights are disappearing. that is not cable news height, is actually happening. we spent the last 40 minutes telling you how. just yesterday when no one is looking, joe biden nominated someone to the justice department who will change the way civil rights laws are
4:38 pm
enforced in this country. we will tell you who she is and what is likely to
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♪ >> tucker: civil rights apply to everyone. that's the definition. a civil right is universal. when civil rights apply only to some people, whether it's the people with the right politics or gender or skin color, they are not civil rights. they are meaningless, actually. many democrats no longer believe that, though. the insurrection talk. all the pretext to change the definition of the term civil rights. in less than two weeks, democrats will have complete control of the federal government. joe biden will be the president. where does he stand on civil rights? we got clarity on that question this week. you probably missed it over the heated coverage the last 24 hours, but joe biden appointed a woman called kristen clarke to run the doj civil rights commission. we will sum it up this way. appointing kristen clarke to have a civil rights division is like hiring beto o'rourke to
4:44 pm
lead the nra. kristen clarke does not believe in civil rights, she believes in identity politics. she admitted that on the air. watch. >> we want people who are qualified and experienced, especially at the helm of our nation's most important federal agencies, but we also need to make sure that those agencies reflect the growing diversity of our country, and i'm not just talking about racial diversity, i'm talking about gender diversity, ethnic diversity, at every turn with this administration, we've seen efforts to turn the clock back. >> tucker: do you think that airlines should apply the same rules you are calling for here, that they shouldn't take the people who score the high list on the pilot test, but they should hire also on appearance, how they look? >> every workplace -- >> tucker: so -- >> they should hire the best and place a premium on diversity. >> tucker: the way that you look at what you do, what you are capable of doing.
4:45 pm
and you're flying a plane, how important is it what you look like? >> incredibly appointed. >> tucker: "incredibly important." >> it is also important we place a premium on diversity -- >> diversity means appearance and what you look like. you are doing the shallowest possible criteria. >> no, no, no -- >> tucker: literally your shade, that is what you are meaning. if you mean diversity of skills, and totally with you. when you were little, did you ever think you would be arguing to judge people primarily on how they look? >> you know, i'm talking about gender diversity. i'm talking about racial diversity, tucker. >> tucker: okay, those are outward -- >> judicial nominees have been white male. >> tucker: what are they -- you are speaking a foreign language to me. >> tucker: they are bad because of their skin color. you really would have to have gone to harvard to have ideas like that. of course, she did. she cares about racial diversity. she cares about it so much she wants to penalize asian and
4:46 pm
white applicants and college admissions. not making that up. this is civil rights, according to kristen clarke. if you have the wrong skin color, you don't get into college. she will end the doj's lawsuit over its openly racist admissions practices if you are asian or white, south asian, too. your civil rights are not as important to the head of the doj's new civil right division. that sounds a little backwards to you, you should know kristen clarke is not stopping there. she also think identification cards are racist, but only in certain situations. if you buy a gun, of course you have to show a i.d., that is not racist. but if you want to vote, you shouldn't be allowed. be forced to show i.d., because that is racist. in september of 2017, she cleaned her reasoning behind this on this show. >> are there and millions of people -- you know the answer is no, they aren't. >> there are 600,000 people who don't have conceal and carry permit -- >> passport, or else they
4:47 pm
can't -- >> tucker -- >> is it racist to require a photo i.d. to get a job or stay in a hotel or buy a gun or fly a plane? >> no. >> so why is it -- >> the right to vote is the most important right in our democra democracy. >> it's company equal -- >> the barriers that made it harder for already and to vote. >> tucker: the commission on the u.s. civil rights commission joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. it doesn't sound like she believes in the most basic principle in the country, which we are all created equal value. it doesn't sound like she believes that to me. >> well, if you review the testimony she presented to the civil rights commission during our hate crimes briefing, it's that she proposes a reversion to obama era policies that posit that virtually every racial disparity in the country is the result of systemic racism or structural racism, and that leads to certain conclusions. one of them is, she testified in
4:48 pm
a hate crimes briefing -- is a focus on hate crimes, and if you look at -- this is beyond kristen clarke -- if you look at the left and civil rights division and the direction which they are going under obama, there was an expansion of hate crimes, a stress on hate crimes, that could expand speech, for example. goes beyond -- to say certain things are certain words or express certain concepts, and you may have prosecutions on hate crimes with respect to things you say the wrong way. you know, trump supporters same things the wrong way. there may be hate crime prosecutions there. i'm sure some would like to do that. but take a look at what he crimes do. hate crimes -- we had a hearing on this, you know, in 2015, for example, 1.2 million violent crimes in the united states, murders, rapes, robberies, things of that nature. you are statistically is likely to be hit by lightning as you are to be the victim of a violent hate crime. but more than that, everything is going to be focused on
4:49 pm
identity. one of the things that's troubling has to do with crime, and that is that i suspect we are going to have more consent decrees binding the police departments in the fashion, chicago, other police departments, that were subject to consent decrees. what happens then, a magnified ferguson affect, skyrocketing crime rates. same with respect to prosecution from individual police officers, cash bail, provisions are going to be attacked so that people are going to be out on bail or never appear, basically, for their sentencing. more crime as a result of that. as you just indicated, more likely than not, they will drop all the lawsuits and investigations related to higher education and profound, frankly unlawful, under any supreme court test, preference is given to blacks, hispanics, over whites and asians. but the dilution of voting integrity provisions is perhaps one of the more troubling
4:50 pm
aspects of this. that is that there is going to be an attack on voting integrity provisions, we have a replication of the kind, you know, systemic irregularities in voting that we had in the last election. >> tucker: it's just beyond -- this is not the moderate bite and we were promised. great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: you may think the government officials want to get the coronavirus maxing out to as many people as possible, but that's not true. in one state, hospitals were disproved punished for
4:51 pm
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>> you might have concluded that our leaders want to distribute the covid vaccine. mayor bill de blasio, the emmy award-winning governor is punishing hospitals for disturbing the vaccine. >> here's the problem. as i understand from breaking news just now, the city
4:56 pm
of new rochelle which obviously was the epicenter of the beginning of the crisis, they just proceeded to vaccinate first responders and essential workers and the state of new york announced that they are refining the city and taking away their vaccine, which is punitive, which is counterproductive, which is stopping vaccine from actually being used. >> this might make sense to you because the elderly should get the vaccine first no matter what but we have more bad news. officials aren't allowed to give the vaccine to people over the age of 75. those people need it most and they can't get it. >> i have to acknowledge the state of new york will not legally allow us to vaccinate new yorkers over 75 who are vulnerable, nor essential workers, and we are just going to be ready on the assumption that the public outcry and the sheer facts and what our
4:57 pm
health care leaders are saying are finally going to break through to the state and allow us to do this. >> sean: what the heck is going on? the man we go to to answer questions like that, or fox news medical contributor. what is this, is this true? >> it's true. back in 1947, there was a single case of smallpox in new york city and you know what happened? with glass syringes, the city ramped up and vaccinated 6 million people in less than a month. you know the difference between 1947 and now? one word, regulations. here, we've got regulations, a vaccine that everybody needs and we have a governor battling with the mayor and his you just pointed out, the governor is fining people if they get the vaccine and they shouldn't refining hospitals essentially if doses are thrown out because a narrow group is untargeted. i'm wondering if there's extra vaccine at the end of the day, why not give it to the person
4:58 pm
was wheeling a person down the hall and a stretcher, why not give it to the people in the gift shop, cooking meals, or an older person in a room one who might be 76 years old that really needs this vaccine? now the governor today under pressure is saying okay, we are going to expand to group 1b and it includes everybody over the age of 75. i'm getting millions of calls today saying it's my turn, can i have it tomorrow? except they didn't look at the fine print because there's one word they are that the added. he said you can register. you can register now. he also said he is calling it matilda's rule after his 89-year-old dear mother matilda cuomo. he said my dear mother might not actually get this vaccine. she can register. may take 14 weeks before matilda cuomo qualifies for this vaccine. we have to give it to these
4:59 pm
front-line health care workers first, everyone in nursing homes and by mid-april, we might have enough vaccines for the elderly but i have a question to end, do you think the governor's mother is going to wait until mid-apr mid-april? >> no, i don't. is she? no. no vulnerable people were connected to anyone in power wait for anything. doctor, thank you. great to see you. it's been an amazing day just in the past hour, we have seen an unprecedented crackdown on the most basic civil liberties we've enjoyed for 200 years in this country and the first amendment is the freedom of speech. they pushed us into our own isolated little worlds out of covid restrictions, made us more dependent on social media to communicate with each other and then cracked down on our use of
5:00 pm
social media. can't end well. have a great night. we'll be back monday. have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. sean hannity takes over. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. lessons learned. watch what happened to our capitol wednesday.


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