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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 10, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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because of a death in the family i will be out all next week. you won't see me here. be sure to tune in. thanks to brian kilme [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. lessons learned. watch what happened to our capitol wednesday.
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what a sad and unfor it that way to go out. i talked about the siege thursday on "the five." and i want to play it here. it was very bad, it did not help at all. those few people who went inside the capitol made the whole
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movement look horrible and i condemn it fully. i want to speak to the people who think city wasn't that big of deal. you are allowed to go in the people's house. but you have to go through the front door and you have to go through a metal detector. you can't assault police officers and loot and vandalize. an unarmed woman was shot dead. and what did it accomplish in it accomplished nothing. in context, what happened yesterday doesn't hold a candle to what we saw over the summer with black lives matter and antifa. we saw churches burned. police precincts burned. businesses burned. federal courthouses burned. people knocking out old women on the corner. people looting. people shooting people dead in the streets. remember david dorn? so we condemned that fully while
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the left sit back and laughed at that. so i don't want to hear anybody on that side talk about what's right and wrong in terms of political violence. they don't have the moral high ground. but here is the wool calls of this. 75 million americans feel disenfranchised. you can't dismiss that and say those feeling are based on a supply without taking a full inventory of what happened. that's dangerous and disrespectful. it's not a lie to say major corporate media destroyed president trump. it's not a lie that democrats filed 300 lawsuits gutting state election laws. circumveting state legislatures and getting democrat secretaries of state and democrat judges to sign off on all that. extending dead lines.
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that's not a lie. it's not a lie that poll watchers weren't allowed real access. it's not a lie that people came forward and said they saw voter frowd fraud, and when they came forward, those same secretaries of state and judges dismissed it. we pursued doubts for three years. after three years we came to a collusion there was no collusion. that same treatment needs to happen today. it makes people very suspicious and angry when the entire power structure in this country says no, no, let's not look at that election at all. we need to figure this out so whatever happened yesterday never happens again. that was a disgrace. since i said that more people have died. protesters and even a police officer. what a tragedy. and what a black eye for the
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maga movement. the streets got too hot and a group of people pushed it way too far. i can't imagine trump wanted violence. is' a law and -- he's a law and order guy. them were spun up or pence over the electors. the votes just weren't there to send the race over to the statehouses. it was just an exercise and the crowd was boiling overlooking for action that was never going to be there. and the people who lost control have now given the left control. democrats are using wednesday as a power grab. michelle obama is lobbying social media giants to permanently ban trump from their platforms, severing his connection with you. cnn going after cable companies just for carrying fox news.
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democrats are going forward with impeachment. even some republicans are pushing for it. they are calling for d.c. statehood. new investigations of trump and his family members are forming. the media wants the trump movement clearanced. clearance -- cleansed. how scary is that. deal are being cancelled, people are getting fired, and a liberal congressman wants a put some of the marchers on a no-fly list. the left is reusless and it will use the idiotic actions of a few supporters to push their advantage for years. all of us must condemn the assault on the capitol and make sure none of this happens again. in a fair world the democrats would have fallen off hire high
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horse. after the left wing crime wave this summer, the biden campaign bailed out rioters and democrat d.a.s dropped charges. they didn't care that your business was broken into. they only care when their place of business is broken into. all breaking and entering is wrong, and we have been consistent. but they have been consistently wrong. in fact biden and harris blame trump for hard left mayhem this summer and patted the instigators on the head. >> he is finally and intentionally spoke stoking the flames of division and racism in this country. too people are rightfully angry and exhausted. after the murders of growonna and george and arman and so many others, it's no wonder people have take to the streets. and i support them.
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jesse: cnn played the same game taking it even further. >> america's major cities are filled with people demanding this country become more fair and more just. please show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful. i can show you outraged sits seasons are what made america what she is and led to major milestones. they are here to yell, criticize and blame and shame. citizens have no duty to check their outrage. jesse: the left gives license to their violence. but pivots to law and order when the politics flip. notice how they didn't call for defunding capitol hill police when their safety is threatened. buff when your safety is threatened ... >> i want to be careful how i
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characterize this. this is not generally unruly. jesse: i guess by their standards wednesday's protest was most live peaceful. life isn't always fair. and that's what this is all about. fairness. without it, people lose confidence in our institutions and america descends into chaos. millions of americans don't trust their politicians, law enforcement, corporate america and the media. that's because we have been lied to, disrespect and forgotten. when we speak up we are targeted or just dismissed. democrats had the same concerns about election integrity the last three times a republican president was elected and they objected to electors. here is nancy pelosi after bush was re-elected. >> the american people must have confidence every vote legally cast will be legally counted and
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accurately counted. but constantly shifting vote tallies in ohio and malfunctioning electronic machines which may not have paper receipts have led to additional loss of confidence by the public. jesse: i agree with nancy. we need to restore confidence. it's very clear the 2020 election won't be investigated by a task force or commission because republicans are completely shut out of power. state and local republicans need to get to work so this never happens again. we need voter i.d., transparent city in count rooms, signature verification, clean vote were rolls, and we need to get a handle on 9 drop boxes and ballot harvesting. republicans need to winback
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state majorities. this effort needs to come from the bottom up. it may seem like things are down right now. but democrats will screus things up and power will swing back right. don't be discouraged. remember, we have to be perfect. don't give them an opening. joining me for reaction, congressman matt gaetz and author of "modern warriors" pete hegseth. congressman you were in the capitol when this thing went down. what was your feeling? >> it was awful. president trump called for protests to be peaceful and patriotic. this was neither of those things. we have members of congress who showed members how to put on their masks without hyperventilating. we had jim jordan making sure
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the female members had protection and weren't directly in harm's way. but this was a day that used political violence to make a point. we should con deputy that on the left or right. whether it's one day at the capitol or an entire summer. the republicans in congress showed up to have a debate. to follow a process that was expressly contemplated in the constitution. for that we got called seditious traitors. some are trying to expel us from the chamber for having a debate. when they try to delegitimize a duly elected president trump, or expel members of congress when they don't like our political views or tactics. it makes it hard for them to
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call for unity because it seems like democrats only seek unity on their terms. that unity has been quickly jettisoned. i am concerned the democrats are drafting articles of impeachment to further divide america when we should be focusing on the policies. jesse: nancy is threatening the president with asked to resign or she'll issue articles of impeachment. i don't see how this brings the country together. it will just stoke the flames of division. if she thinks she can unite the country with impeachment with less than two weeks some to serve out his term. it will create a groundswell of anger that i don't think will ever be calmed down. >> this call for unity is
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disingenuous. it can't include voter i.d. maybe not having month's long of voting. and massive mail-in voting without signatures. the left will overreach. their desire for control is insatiable. with all branches of government they will push. this is not just government authoritarianism. it's corporate authoritarianism. it's moral authoritarianism. it's bureaucratic authoritarianism. george orwell got it right with 1984 and animal farm. i was on the mall underneath the washington monument listening to the president's speech. massive crowds. i have spent as much time with
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these maga supporters as anyone. these are good, honest, hard working, law abiding people who appreciate that they had a president who actually listened too them and appreciated what they are going through while they are being canceled and being told -- what did anderson say recently? they are olive garden holiday inn express people. they can't get rid of that viewpoint. donald trump listened and understood. something republicans have never done and would be right to learn from. when you feel like your culture is gone and you are being canceled. then you feel like the ballot box is gone. what recourse do you have. where do you go next? that's where the frustration is and you articulated it in your monologue. jesse: the president is a
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crusader for the working class. that's why they want to put him down and put his people down. if they impeach him he can't run again. do you think that's what this is all about? >> there has secretly been an anti-trump caucus in the republican party for a while. i'm concerned that liz cheney and adam kinzinger might view this as an opportunity. their hatred of president trump is the only thing that unifies this constituency of democrats. so they are trying to keep together what is likely otherwise an ungovernable coalition on these absurd grounds. but the tragedy is it will harp
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the country. but they don't care if it hurts the party if it means they consolidate and take power. jesse: you are right. when the president is gone in just a couple weeks. the hatred has to go somewhere. and i fear it will be taken out on the american people. conkman, before i let you go. congratulations, you are engaged. we are all shocked. but we wanted to say congratulations to congressman matt gaetz. >> i want to thank emma jesse watters. she observed our courtship and said she night was true love. as usual, emma jesse watters is right about everything.
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kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly 43 hundred purchase allowance on 20-20 buick encore gx models. [♪] jesse: the security breakdown in our nation's capital under scrutiny. five deaths are linked to the mob. brian sicknick died, he was a 12-year veteran of the force most recently serving in the first responder unit. four protesters were also killed wednesday. three who suffered medical emergencies. ashli babbitt was shot and killed by a capitol police officer while trying to climb
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through a window into the speaker's lobby. the 35-year-old traveled to d.c. to california to attend the march. the officer who shot her is on administrative leave pending an investigation. the chief of police for capitol police since submitted his resignation. both the house and senate agent at arms have been removed from their posts. a national guard troops are deployed at least until inauguration. how did it happen? joining me now, fox news contributor, dan bongino. i don't know if a lot of people have seen the full context of the video. but ashli babbitt was trying to enter the speakers lobby. down the hall you can see
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congregation of congressmen. she was shot in the neck and perished later at the hospital. how do you think the security situation was handled in that situation and in general there? >> in general there are two big failures i see her that are obvious. this is of course going to be monday morning quarterbacking. we are never going to fix anything if we don't address what happened. i think it was a failure of intelligence. it's pretty clear that the people running intelligence would have prepared differently if they thought this was going to happen. what played into this. this is just me being candid. there was no history of this in the past at any of these trump rallies. tea party rallies.
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rallies were more sanitation measures as they cleaned up before they left. it may have been out there, but they missed it. and number two, your outer perimeter, when you get pre-op intelligence you might be outnumbered and you don't have enough officers in contrast to the number of people who will show up. you can use an access control measure. it's like saying someone is going to storm washington football game or whatever it may be, and you have turnstiles up. it's an access control measure but not a security measure. what did they have on the outside of the capitol. they had snow fencing. it's not security. people just pulled the fencing off. there were two big failures,
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operational intelligence beforehand and theyed a access control measures instead of security measures. jesse: it's so tragic, sad and so unnecessary. none of this needed to happen. it was all for nothing. we are ashamed of it and we appreciate your expertise explaining how it broke down. restoring confidence in our elections. peter navarro is on deck with that with a special report. stick around. [♪]
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in the chaos wednesday.
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>> congress certified the results. a new administration will be inaugurated january 20. my focus is insuring a smooth transition of power. this moment calls for healing and reconciliation. jesse: it's time to move forward. that message coming directly from the president of the united states. but what happened wednesday shows supporters are still angry. 75 million americans voted for him, and many believe their votes didn't count and something needs to be fixed. joining me, peter navarro. i want to be clear here. this is something that we are not speculating about. if we make an allegation about
2:31 am
fraud, it must be backed up by facts. now that it's clear the republicans will be shut out of power in washington, we'll probably never get a full inventory of what happened in 2020. so reading your reports part one and part two probably critical. the second part of your report is not necessarily about the fraud. it's more about what the democrats did before the election in terms of changing the rules of the game. explain that to us. >> vol one and two in the reporting with going forward can be a blueprint of what the republican party has to do to take back the integrity of the election process. they have to reverse engineer what the democrats did to pull off what they have done.
2:32 am
going back to the minute donald trump got elected in 2016, the democrat party implemented this two-part strategy. one part was to focus on the battle grounds states. flood the battlegrounds states with absentee and mail-in ballots. the wisdom of jimmy carter and james baker told us these ballots are the easiest ones for fraud to happen. what they did was basically took the election cops off the beat. they took away all manner of scrutiny of what would be a new flood of absentee mail-in ballots. what the republican party has to do is read the reports, see what the dems did and reverse engineer that. i fear right now there are too many people in america who do not believe we have an election process which is free, fair and
2:33 am
reliable. jesse: republicans need to take a look at how that happened and introduce more transparency and voter identification through voter i.d. and strict observation. thank you very much. we appreciate the report. the democrats are in control now. so how can we combat progressive agenda? sarah palin has some ideas. democrats and a double standard. sudden familiar? how they covered the capitol hill mob versus how they covered antifa and black lives matter in the summer. [♪]
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that is diverse, inclusive and equitable. a workforce that recognizes that our greatest strengths lie in our differences. join us at [♪] jesse: the left is already using this week's events on capitol hill to try to track crown on conservatives. victor davis hanson joins me now with a little perspective. we have seen a growth of populism. we have seen political violence on the right and the left. a disputed election. a pandemic. an economic catastrophe. where do you think the republic stands right now, victor davis hanson? >> i like to say we went through
2:38 am
a terrible year and it's going to get better. but in 2020 the bad year is gone and 2021 may be just as challenging. lot of people overseas are looking at a transition to a new president and i think they will take advantage in the next couple months. we have an agenda we have never seen before. we find ourselves with the most left wing moment in our history since 1964 with lbj's great society. or 1932 with the new deal. so hang on, it will be a wild ride. jesse: i am going to brace myself. i don't know what the average american will do but hold on and turn out in 2022 or 2024. we'll be at each others throats.
2:39 am
any advice for the average joe? >> as conservatives not resort to the tactics and the hate of the left we saw all summer long unchecked. and we are seeing from joe biden's quote-unquote unity address where he accused the capitol police of being racist. people will appreciate that higher ground in six months when they see what the left is unfolding for the rest of us. jesse: the minute we leave, they take full advantage and we can't give them an inch. thank you very much for your thoughts. remember when the mainstream media and the democrats called the summer of black lives matter and antifa rye on the peaceful and a myth? >> should that be done by a commission or city council not a mob throwing it into the harbor?
2:40 am
>> they are going to do what they do. >> antifa in portland? >> that's a myth. >> too many people see the protests as the problem. and show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. >> don't say this is something that never happened before and this is so terrible. >> it's a mostly peaceful protest it's not generally speaking unruly. jesse: what's the difference between those riots and what happened on capitol hill? >> the mob violence and attack we saw on our capitol today should be a wake-up call to each and every one of us. >> look at those pictures? have you ever seen anything like that. >> the definition of sedition is to try to overturn the rule of law through force.
2:41 am
that's what we are witnessing. >> there is something deeply wrong. i hope we don't become one of those nations in the world with an in-who is terrorist presence. >> will this be an end point where we pick something better? joe: joe concha, i guess one man's mob is another man's righteous movement? >> i guess so. when you have violent protests that lead to death like we saw wednesday with a police officer or military veteran at the capitol or over the summer countless deaths and billions in damage, you can condemn both. as a media you have to cover both the same way. you showed one cnn anchor up there that also compared antifa to troops storming normandy on d-day. i can't make that up. joe biden and the democrats and
2:42 am
media did not condemn what happened over the summer when we saw our cities being torn apart. now they are up on soap boxes rightly criticizing what happened wednesday. but if you didn't speak out in june, july and august, i don't want to hear from you now. >> we spoke out in the summer and what happened wednesday. it's not that difficult to do. can you imagine if people on fox or myself had given license to some of the mayhem in the capitol? what if i bailed out some of those rioters. i don't think they see it. i don't think they are held accountable. 20 seconds. >> the bias played out on your screen. 23 you ever seen naked gun, and leslie nielsen and a fireworks warehouse is going off, and you
2:43 am
say there is nothing to see. you had reporters saying most live peaceful. your eyes are showing you one thing and your eyes are sowing you another. jesse: they are saying don't believe what you have see and hear with your own eyes and ears. thank you, joe, for your reporting. how should republicans fight the most radical agenda in history. sarah palin has a plan and she is in "watters' world" to tell us. . . . .
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jesse: with democrats sweeping the georgia runoffs, the democrats have full control. house, senate and the white house. get ready for the most extreme agenda in american history. he will work on repealing trum tax cuts. pushing a green new deal. opening the borders to renew geez, and implementing a mask mandate nationwide. joining me is former alaska governor sarah palin. you have been witnessing the tea party rise under obama, and now you have seen the sort of trump insurgency. now here we are facing the most radical left wing agenda ever. how should the conservative
2:49 am
posture be at this point in history. >> you nailed it. it will be the most radical agenda this nation has suffered under if things stay as they appear today with the far left being in control of these different branches. our posture, constitutional common sense conservatives needs to be one of not waving the white flag of surrender, but reminding those we already sent to d.c. to represent us, reminding them what our constitution is all about. the whole premise of our constitution is protection of our individual rights as americans. antithesis of that is the left after he general today. it's up to us, constitutional conservatives, you don't have to be a member of the republican
2:50 am
party. those who are patriotic and concerned about losing more and more of our freedoms. we need to remind these senators and administrators what we expect of them. we certainly don't wave the white flag of surrender. jesse: do you think the republicans in the house and senate need to work on stifling this agenda as much as possible and using some of the same tactics the democrats use against president trump? that was all-out political warfare with s.w.a.t. team raids and impeachment. is that the kind of open warfare you would suggest or what you say sit back, let the left make mistakes, then swoop back on a wave. >> we would be able to sit back and let the left destroy
2:51 am
themselves via their actions. but we could accept that and swallow that if we had a media that was fair. the media previously being the bulwark of democracy, the referee. we don't have that anymore. the americans can't sit back and wait for their agenda to happen. we also have to primary these representatives and senators in the republican party even who are so weak-kneed that they dough have the gumption to get out there and defense against what they know the left is going to do to us. jesse: there will be some primaries, i can guarantee that. we just have to be strategic about it. thank you so much for taking the time to join "watters' world."
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up next, last call, florida governor ron desantis smokin a cnn reporter.
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jesse: florida governor ron desantis is becoming a big star because he doesn't suffer fools gladly. here he is with cnn reporter
2:56 am
after she blamed him for the rollout of the vaccine at florida hospitals. >> there is a lot of demand, excuse me, you just said what has gone wrong so i'm answering the question. >> are you going to give a speech or ask a question. >> we have seen websites crash and senior citizens waiting overnight for the vaccine. >> where was that. >> duval, broward and orange. >> why was there a big line? we distributed vaccine to the hospitals and the hospitals said first come first serve. if you show up we'll do it. jesse: cnn doesn't treat andrew cuomo, the new york governor like this. and he's doing a terrible job rolling out the vaccine. "justice with judge jeanine" is
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♪ jedediah: good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday edition of "fox & friends weekend." busy, busy news cycle, guys. i was looking for the date, i realized it was january 10th already and the news cycle is absorbing all of us. great to see you guys, will cain, pete hegseth. we'll break it down together. will: good morning, jedediah, we're in fifth gear,


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