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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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law. we've got a tough few years ahead of us but we will figure it out. we are americans but we shall overcome. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ steve: breaking tonight, it's official, nancy pelosi called on mike pence in the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president from from office and threatens to bring an article of impeachment to the house floor if they don't. good evening, more on that in a moment but let's get straight to the point. wednesday was horrific enough but unbelievably since then the democrats and their silicon valley allies somehow have managed to make it worse. it started with the mob that totally appointment, unequivocally condemned and now it some of the most powerful people in the world laying siege to you. pelosi with her spiteful,
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vindictive, vengeful rage, jeff bezos, jack dorsey, tim cook and apple with her unprincipled a century purge. these people say they want to unite the country. on wednesday the country was united and utterly condemning the violence and chaos in the capital riots. now thanks to pelosi, bezos, dorsey, zuckerberg and cook everyone is back in their tribal camps, nice work guys. the establishment may think they can get rid of trump but they can't get rid of the 75 million americans who voted for him and they can't get rid of the multiracial working-class coalition he assembled and the movement he builds and the ideas he champions and right now after all that is happened those people, that movement who believe in these ideas still back trump. we have to understand why. trumps critics say he has no empathy and that is so often the case they are guilty of the exact same thing they accuse others of. some of us reject violence, hate
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intolerance, disrespect unconditionally. it's all wrong wherever it comes from and who ever it is aimed at. that is not the standard followed by the left by the establishment and the media print yes, they condemn violence when it's committed by people they despise but they not only excuse, hate intolerance and disrespect but they practice it on a daily basis. since the show began three half years ago we worked hard to try and avoid the conflict culture that is tearing america apart. we've advocated constructively, i hope, for positive populism, pro- worker, profamily, pro- community, pro- america and engaged in. >> respectively with democrats like tim ryan and john delaney and i want us to look ahead positively tonight but first we have to be clear about how we got to this point. clarity means seeing something not just from your point of view but from others and listen to this -- >> we know that doctor martin luther king jr. said orion is
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the language of the unheard. >> civil rights revolutionary martin luther king jr. once said in the final analysis or riot is the language of the unheard. what is it that america has failed to hear? mark: . steve: i agree with that and try to do that with the racial justice protest the summer. of course, we condemned the violence and destruction that cost at least 30 people their lives but we didn't run around saying that everyone who supported blm or who advocated for blm we give a platform and this idea in the approved term, enabled blm. we did not say those people had blood on their hands because 30 people died. we did not put all the protesters in the same basket but we distinguished between the rioters and those protesting peacefully for a righteous cause. i supported that because while condemning the violence and killing print many of you did not like what i said and i argued there is racial determination which we do need to address and that actually it's conservative ideas like strong families and school choice that are best placed to
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address it. i argued for police reform, not police retreat and in exactly the same way every reasonable person can surely distinguish between the riots on wednesday and those protesting peacefully. major changes to the voting system with the viruses pretext the long pushed by democrats with partisan ends rushed through battleground states in ways that clearly violate the constitution. those changes have undermined confidence in our elections. that is real and you won't make it go away by calling it trumps big lie and fox news propaganda. it is four out of five republicans, 40% of americans, 4 million democrats and we would love an audience that big. if the capital is a symbol of our democracy elections are our actual democracy. last summer i argued for police reform, no reasonable person could now deny that we need electoral reform but no one at cnn, msnbc or anywhere else on the left tries to see it from anyone else's point of view but
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it's all hyperbolic rage from morning till night, traders, sedition, trump supporters of blood on their hands and they complain about incendiary rhetoric can spend all day spouting it. they say that anyone who questions the election incited actual violence and does that mean all the statements incited actual violence? >> those at the hill today, get up and please, get up in the face of congress people. >> there needs to be unrest in the streets as long as there is unrest in our lives. >> i don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country and maybe there will be. steve: the unrest in the street was that democrats member of congress calling for, claimed that a least 30 lives so is it right, reasonable to say she has blood on her hands? of course not. why did they all say that now? because they become so self-righteous, so saint timoney is that they lost all self-awareness and listen to this exchange on the view last
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week. >> the rhetoric in the media needs to be more respectful of people of trump voters. >> we lost four years ago and now he has lost this year and you are not allowed to poop all over this. this is not the american way. steve: you are not allowed to convention poop over an election you lost she says? after 26 between the democrat and the media did nothing but poop with how they fill their days for four years and even before the inauguration they were to overturn the election and delegitimize president trump and demonize his supporters and yet incredibly smart and thoughtful person like david, obama's campaign manager said this not long ago. >> i never thought i would see a day where you saw pretty much an entire party in this country refused to accept election result. steve: what does he think his
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party did after 2016? they say but hillary conceded and it's true that she read out a 20 minute speech but she spent the next four years walking back her concession as she and her entire party refused to accept the trump was a legitimate president. >> she lost the election and he was put into office because the russians interfered. >> trump knows he's an eligible president. >> he's an illegitimate president. >> folks, look, i absolutely agree we want now to completely dismiss evidence of election irregularities and even say asking questions about the election amounts to treason but hang on one second, after 2016 their leaders and the leaders of the powerful arms of our government like the fbi invented something called russia collusion they were never able to prove it but they kept it going and for four years by saying we just asking questions and we just need to. >> get to the bottom. >> get to the bottom of it. >> getting to the bottom of this. >> getting to the bottom of it. >> we will get to the bottom of
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this. steve: get to the bottom of what? the entire thing was based on a made up dossier paper the exact same lawyer who led joe biden's 2020 election efforts. but trying to overturn election in that way isn't treason but just getting to the bottom of it. got that? we could go on but there's a deeper factor than the political hypocrisy. earlier i talked about how conflict culture and that's been fueled by both sides but the cruel culture of class contempt and the only see that on the left and in the media from establishment republicans. >> [inaudible] antipathy to people towards people not like them. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable's. >> their racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islam a phobic, you name it.
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>> that is partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience that the credulous boomer that backs donald trump. steve: then it's put out again this week. >> they are high-fiving each other for this deplorable display and they will go back to the olive garden into their holiday and that they are staying at in the garden marriott. steve: i have no problem agreeing with him about the violent and violent riots being deplorable but the class contempt with odious bigotry and what disgusting snobbery pretty he's the privileged air to a fashion fortune and i guess you'd rather be at the french laundry with gavin newsom but that casual insult captured so much of what is going on. over the years as a become advocates for positive populism and people how can he speak for the people in your wealthy and part of the elite but i never forget where i came from? my family hungarian refugees and immigrants working people and we did not come from money.
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i know what it's like to have no money. i've worked as a cleaner washing dishes and worked on construction sites. i would never speak about working people the way so many in our elite do today. working-class americans have felt that class contempt for years. donald trump was the first leader they had seen who didn't seem to share it in the elite laugh at the way he spoke in a way he looked and what he ate. >> if anything more trump than eating mcdonald's by candlelig candlelight. i feel like that is him. if you combine any fancy thing with any garbage think that's trump style. steve: i love mcdonalds and i worked mcdonald's. yes, the elites can laugh at trump but for millions americans he was the first leader who saw them and respected them. >> we one with highly educated and we want with poorly educated and i love the poorly educated. we are the smartest people in the most loyal people.
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steve: they laughed at that and they left a trump for saying he loved the poorly educated and these leads talk about compassion. it is not their fault they're poorly educated paired their poorly educated because for so long so many americans have had no choice but to go to failing public schools and guess where the schools are failing most? the very places run by democrats who sneer at that poorly educated. we will not get anywhere the way we are going. wednesday's atrocity pelosi and big tech response the cycle of rage will not help anyone. most of my life my friends and the people i work with and spend time with completely disagree with my politics and maybe that helped me see things from the other side and i never for thought they saw things for my point of view but you never let it get between us on a human level. in the last couple of years something seems to have completely changed. i saw it with brexit and we see here a trump that people being called out and condemned and
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told they are traitors and have blood on their hands when all they are doing is trying to stand up for the poorly educated and for the people who don't have a voice and who don't have power and who don't have the opportunity open for the educated elite. we have to stop this. we have to listen to people who think differently and we have to respect people live differently and we have to stop all the virtual signaling and performance outrage and save our passions for real change that helps people and instead of banning the word mother and father, let's work on policies that make sure every child is raised in a stable, loving home. instead of insulting the working class let's make sure they get the skills to actually have work that is rewarding and well-paid and now, more than ever we need to take the best of trump and the respect for those who are left behind in the strength to challenge elitism and the ideas that help lift up the working class and it is our duty to take that and make it the positive future of the republican party and this great country.
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all rights, many of you have left twitter so you will find this if you follow me on parler at steve hilton x. all right, dreaming out to discuss all of this and more fox news good shooter and president of independent women's voice, tammy bruce and the author of the ma ga doctrine, charlie kirk. tammy, your thoughts tonight. >> well, it has been so much information so may things happening at once like a tornado but i think something is very, very clear, the establishment remains terrified of donald trump and they are desperate to lay at his feet something that he had nothing to do with and there is this rush to what having come from the left what i know is an effort to cement the narrative which they feel they must do before more information comes out and before there is a realization about the real nature of what occurred which, there now are reports about who are those people were committing
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the violence and there have been arrests and it's been a bunch of white supremacist groups and i turn these groups and others who have attached themselves to the trump movement as effectively parasitic opportunists. it is not a representation of what trump has stood for and everyone has been referring to president trump's speech in that he incited this but they never refer to specifics. it's because they can't. in his speech he actually admonished people to be peaceful and to be patriotic and having run marches in washington both certainly on the left and then at some on the right every march is marching somewhere and it's usually either the white house or the capital building and maybe sometimes the supreme court but that is what one does. this effort to lay it at president trump's feet is an effort really to destroy him as an influencer and they are terrified of what he represents
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in this movement but strangely, they actually think that as you have alluded to that all of us who have embraced him and this movement and the elevation of the forgotten man and woman will simply go back to what everything was before. i can tell you one thing, the trump are not playing pinochle tonight. neither is anyone else in this country and it is heartbreaking because of what happened at capitol hill which was of gruesome scene but to then try to label half the country as terrorists or sympathetic to that is even more obscene and then of course, the other thing they think they're planning on like the impeachment in this effort to tie it all together is because they feel they have a short window and i believe they will fail, i think the morgan people are tired of the lies and this goes into that framework of the perpetual lying about donald trump and his family for five
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years and this is just simply another example of it. steve: i know. i know. i share -- charlie, tammy said the president had nothing to do with that and people are saying the exact opposite that he completely incited it and laying all the blame with him. your thoughts on that but also slightly looking ahead to what happens with this movement? >> well, let me say what an awful week. megan is pretty here we are sunday talking after what happened and wednesday which was just reprehensible and disgusting and i will not stand by anyone that participates in political violence on the right or left and then the president of the united states has been restricted access for basically every single digital platform whatsoever in response to this. i think, steve, we look at how do you blame the president of the united states by taking away his digital sites by what happens on wednesday? as tammy said there were groups
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that say they are trump supporters but if those beliefs were presented in front of the president he would want nothing to do with them. in fact, he has denounced those groups repeatedly pay here's where i think we can what tammy made a brilliant point about moving forward which is that the strength of the presidents movement is about giving a voice to working people all across the country. i can tell you working people who voted for the president were repulsed by what they saw. in fact, they were sad and prayed they were sadden as i was when i saw it because they said we were about to have a very spirited and factual discussion in the united states senate and house around voter integrity and we were about to have hopefully a constitutional discussion around some of the complaints and concerns that nearly half the country shared and then they felt as if that all of that was obliterated by people that do not share their values and that quite honestly people that are so far out of the mainstream of what a trump supporter is and so it's just been an awful week.
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i will say it as bluntly as that and now it is up for those that believe in decency and dialogue to chart a path forward. steve: we will have plenty of time to do that this evening as we talk about all of this. you are both right. everyone was disgusted with give a united in condemning it but the response that son has started to drive us apart again and that is what is so sad about the whole thing. all right, we leave it there for the moment but lots more to get to. before we go, don't forget to follow me
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steve: welcome back. joining us now with his thoughts about going on, mike gallagher. thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate your perspective on all of this. there's so much going on we've just had this news now officially that nancy pelosi will push for the 25th amendment and impeachment articles would be brought if that does not happen but everything that is happened this week, over to you. >> thank you for having me. i never thought i would be sitting in my office in the capital derogating the doors and having a discussion with my
9:23 pm
staff about whether we could use our flagpoles as defensive weapons, if indeed, you know the violence came right to our doorstep. it was a horrifying week and it is one that i think will be long remembered and not for good reasons. as for what the speaker intends to do my gut tells me that is not the right approach right now and i think a lot of people, myself included, are weighing two things and pointing in different directions if i could be brutally honest. one is a real anger over what happened and a desire to hold people accountable, even the president himself for whatever role he played. i think the need to hold the country together and attained by a a thread right now and avoid further bloodshed and violence leading up to january 20 and just trying to land this plane on a peaceful transition of power and i would be lying to you if i figured out the right
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way to balance those two things but a rushed impeachment right now is not the best approach, particularly when we are still recovering and still trying to ascertain all the facts and i feel like the last time was the first time i slept in a full. steve: i know. i really feel for you right there. you know, even being able to process it when you go through that experience so quickly. couple of points i just -- first of all, the tech response don't you think or as i said that earlier that also contributes to making things worse, just as you are saying because it's now gone from okay taking down the presidents account to what feels like, too many conservatives, an assault on them as a group from these tech oligarchs in silicon valley. >> you know, i do think it will be counterproductive over the long term because in some ways don't you think the fundamental
9:25 pm
problem we had in the two months after the election was it was impossible to have a conversation about what did and did not happen in the election because there was no common source of information that we all trusted. in an environment where nobody trusts the legacy media people were willing to trust grainy bogus videos tweeted by lynn wood because they were struggling for something that confirm their ideological so i think that further fractures us into separate realities and it's a bad idea. i think this will be counterproductive but i just want to be clear steve, in no way do i think that the inevitable overreaction of the left should excuse us from taking a hard look at what happened on january 6 and condemning the violence and everyone associated with it because while i emphasize empathize with those conservatives who feel like they're being silenced, quite friendly, no empathy for the human beings that bludgeoned police officers to death. i no empathy for those who
9:26 pm
violently stormed the capital and created chaos. i just simply cannot abide by that and that is insurrectionist behavior. steve: totally with you on that. let's just take one part of what you just talk about witches how to have a reasonable conversation, policy-based conversation on those very real concerns around the election. you know, it's at this thing and train. what is your thought on that? be back as i proposed in wisconsin i think the only way going forward because it is, as you pointed out in your opening monologue, significant number of republicans who believe they were significant problems with the election i think the only option going forward is for every state, my own included, to do a version of what florida did after the 2000 election and the fact is there are processes in wisconsin that don't make sense and things we can learn from other states how to keep up-to-date voter rolls i think there was a massive expansion of absentee ballantine and a lot of it was well-intentioned states trying to figure out how to conduct an election in the midst
9:27 pm
of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic but i do think we have to go state-by-state and clean up the process, if for no other reason than to give people confidence in the integrity of our election otherwise we go further down the road of everyone distrusting the institutions and potentially further down the road political violence and that is not the direction we need to go. we have to be sensitive to people's concerns while also not lying to people and being willing to tell them hard trut truths. steve: totally agree. i just really, that's what we've been trying to hear ever since the election which is to distinguish between the legitimate, reasonable issues that require reform and focus on them in a constructive policy-based way. so much more to talk about but we are out of time. thank you for joining us tonight and hopefully we can check back in with you in a few weeks as we see where this is all going but thanks again. >> thank you, steve. steve: alright, coming up, (grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far.
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steve: welcome back. but the 50/50 split in the senate and the democrat majority now selectively pushing hard for a second impeachment this week if the 25th amendment is not in vote and with only days left
9:32 pm
of president trump's term is this really what the country needs right now? charlie, is it? >> absolutely not. it will only further rip our country apart. the promise of former vice president joe biden is to try to heal the country and this would only tear the country apart. almost on a political revenge campaign. this is the last thing the country needs right now but the democrats as tammy mentioned in the previous segment their goal right now is to try to almost erase the entire history of the trump administration and the president it to test for they want to eliminate everything and try to make sure that another positive populist movement can never rise again so that this is a strategic plan by nancy pelosi and boy, if you want to continue these awful divides and try to anger half the country, i guess this is a playbook to do that. steve: and, by the way, it is not just the democrats they want to do that to erase all traces
9:33 pm
of donald trump and his movement. the astonishment republicans i see very clearly trying to do that as well. right, tammy? >> well yes. what is interesting is because people are wondering he will be gone in nine days so you have to wonder what are they so afraid of? what he can do in the next nine days about classified material, about pardons and all sorts of things that they seem to be, i think it is more about the exposure and was transferred president this country has ever had and they know but there is something else that is worrying them even more and it's a fact that he will, as i have been saying, be the most influential american when it comes to the political influence being a key maker and managing it in that framework and he will not go off and retire and play card games. with an impeachment with 90s to go it wouldn't even make it through the senate because the senate cannot even begin to address it until inauguration day so there is one thing that
9:34 pm
they believe but there is not even firm that would be constitutional. they think the punishment they could exact would be to allow him to ever run for office again for the rest of his life. now, what kind of plan is that? we have an election that was contentious, that many are alleging of course there was fraud in shenanigans and perhaps corrupted by the very same swamp which now wants to then remove him from being able to run for election. that is gasoline on the fire. it makes no sense. it is questionable, even constitutionally, but that steve is what this about. it's about trying to anywhere seen this with the censorship. freezing the support base, trying to create laws about domestic terrorism that would be effectively criminalizing your opposition which we see in banana republic's and then
9:35 pm
either arresting or short of arresting your political opponent, the leader of that which would be trump. it's remarkable and what the left has done all around the world and there is no reason why the american democratic party today would be any different but this is where republicans and moderate democrats have to stand up and say enough is enough because this will and it is not that it won't work and i don't think it would but the nature of fueling this and also as we are locked down and problems with vaccine rollout, businesses still be destroyed and it is -- it's a disconnection from the american people but remember steve, we are the forgotten man and woman and clearly they've already forgotten us already. steve: that's right. by the way, we will leave it there for a moment but as an exercise of what you're saying about the pure political calculation here, latest that we hear is the vote in the house which they control right now for
9:36 pm
impeachment next week but they don't so the articles of impeachment over to the senate until after joe biden's first hundred days and then it could get to his cabinet and then they come back and have the trial so the whole thing is so transparently political. coming up, big tech continues to grow as they censor the opposition as we've just been discussing. we tell you what needs to be new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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steve: welcome back. here we are real life imitating george orwell novel but in our case the party is big tech. twitter, facebook, snapchat and countless others have banded together to silence the president and they go further recapping any other site that might provide a home to the president and his supporters. like parler, google delisted them from their store and apple followed and most efficiently
9:41 pm
amazon is cutting off parlors servers. effectively shutting it down from midnight tonight, follow me there at steep hilton expert only a few more hours on the president use social media in the first place because the establishment media refers to cover him and his campaign fairly but now they justify their censorship right saying they're trying to squash anything that could promote violence but look at this. look at this tweet from may. meet at the beverly center and they said they are going to start the riot at 6:00 p.m. twitter not only allowed that but they promoted it in there what is happening section. what is happening? a riot, 6:00 p.m. and go for it says jack dorsey because it's not censored by twitter but it is promoted by twitter. here's another one, let's get to that cop's house and burn it down. jeff baize owes so concerned about inciting violence that he continues to profit from selling
9:42 pm
books that promote looting. mark zuckerberg happy to profit from giving a platform to syrian dictator who gassed his own people. jack dorsey again happy for iran's ayatollah to incite mass murder explicitly, repeatedly. these alien heirs cannot care less about the platforms inciting violence. zuckerberg and putin and asad because he wants to operate in their country and he will not get shot down in america for banning trump but quite the opposite. people say that private companies so they can do what they want but yes they are private monopolies. amazon, apple, google, they own the infrastructure or the internet. if conservatives were not allowed to drive on freeways. section 230 reform is not the answer to this big giant companies like facebook have the resources to complete it. zuckerberg wants to 30 reform
9:43 pm
and would be yet another way to crush competition. republicans have to get real and the only answer is to break up these companies and not just force facebook to get rid of whatsapp and instagram but facebook broken up into tiny pieces. zuckerberg is a megalomaniac, aggressive breakup is the only thing he fears. that is why we have to do it. all right, we will take a break now. tammy and charlie
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steve: we are back with tammy and charlie. tammy, let's get you on this tech topic in the censorship because there's so much to say about a bit off you go. >> look, there were two major tech stories this week. of course, the president being banned literally from every platform including spot five which confuses me because i don't know if the ceo is where the president trump would listen to music late at night or something but just to make a point they decided to ban president trump from there but the really scary story, steve, and i thank you mentioned this on a segment we did earlier this week is the fact that parler was attacked, not just by one company, not to companies but
9:48 pm
three multi trillion companies, think about that. a small competitor that was trying to offer an alternative to twitter was all of a sudden not allowed to be on the apple store, google store and not allowed to be hosted on amazon web services. that is collusion but that is anticompetitive practices and pro- monopolistic practices and if we believe in freedom of speech and dialogue one of the things we talked about is let's create a competitor which again i'm not totally crazy about because any of your own self-created echo chambers but it's better than nothing and now you can't even do that. this is a creepy thing, steve. he of three chilean dollar companies that are protecting twitter and twitter will protect them so you have almost a cartel that has been created for one ideological viewpoint and one mission. steve: yeah, this is a really, really serious thing going on and we will be all over it. i just want to make two points, tammy which is first -- i really dug into it and i'm here in silicon valley and know these people and do know what i'm
9:49 pm
talking about here. the reasons they are giving is one, parler and the rest promotes violence but as we just showed they've been doing that for years and still leave it up when it's violence that doesn't come from a group of people hate politically but secondly i think the more important point actually is the real policy item that they are saying parler doesn't have sufficient checking of what goes on there and they don't have processes in place to make sure that the content is moderated and that is simply not true. i listened to a podcast actually the ceo did with a hostile interview from "the new york times" that he made a very clear case about how they are not a rating contents but they just do it in a different way. they actually do it in the way that some of these places like facebook started off doing it and they just have a different way of doing it and now they are being banned. it is really frightening, tammy.
9:50 pm
>> it is because their business model was we are not twitter. we are not going to monetize you and you've got standards and people can make complaints and things will be removed if they are nutty but we don't know the actual details of what wasn't removed and the specific framework but also they were punished for not being twitter and that was their entire business model. it comes down to an actual oligarchy where you got these massive entities and by the way, your monologue in the last segment was into highlighting the hypocrisy and how they are doing it as well points to the absurdity of what they are saying they are doing and why they are doing it. even jennifer paul mary who was a hilary / democrat party operative and was head of i think hillary press operations during her 2016 campaign actually tweeted i think it was on the seventh recognizing she
9:51 pm
said effectively you know, it's not lost on us that social media is finally taking response ability for the republicans and trump when they found out that we will be controlling every committee in the house and the senate. they are admitting that this is effectively a political move almost arguably a bribe and even though she complained no democrat is saying wait one minute, what is going on here with these multi trillion dollar pandering to us or even lane things at our feet perhaps expecting to be left alone or to be able to do whatever they want but more dangerously is this or has been discussed collusion and that is of course, what the doj has to deal with because this is outrageous. steve: it's all of those things. this is going to be one of the biggest issues we cover in the
9:52 pm
next year and beyond and we got to facedown these companies and beat them. coming up, we note the trump movement is bigger than the president but what is the future dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx. ♪ four filets. ♪ you know this dinner's for their... kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly 43 hundred purchase allowance on 20-20 buick encore gx models.
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these days you need more than an education. so that's what we give you. introducing career services for life. learn more at welcome back. i said at the beginning i want to look ahead and be positive. i do want to see if we can do that. we have tammy and charlie beck with the spirit the way i concluded, tammy, was to say let's try to take the best of trump, the respect for the people he left behind fighting with strength and of course the idea is to deliver those results. do you agree with that and how do we advance that cause, if you do yes, and it's not even just ideas. it was an accomplishment set in one term that changed the world and accomplish things
9:57 pm
that everyone was telling us that our politician said couldn't be done for a hundred years but we had the best economy that the world has seen, not just america. finally the wage gap was collapsing. the best employment rate in this nation's history. middle east peace, come on. the dynamic that everyone said couldn't be done. the most transparent and even the media that said he was always available and transparent. were looking at the accomplishments of being able to move past, i would argue, an establishment that has not cared about the american people or has really lost touch with regular people. as we move forward, the fact of the matter is that this sentiment, these accomplishments have not been lost on the american people. there's a reason why he gained 12 million voters and the most
9:58 pm
of any incumbent president in modern times in a reelection because we understood that's what he was able to accomplish, and imperfect man as we all are, and the framework of the genuine care. i would doubt the trumps are going to go off and be disappeared. i don't know if the democrats think this is a videogame and they're going to delete him, but they won't. what we want is the american people. wanting change in washington is not violent or wrong and we will continue, based on the elevation of the american people and the benefits around the world that have made everyone safe or up to this point, and we know it's possible which means were going to want it back and we will fight for. >> in the future, exactly. charlie, how do you see it. philosophically he has changed the party forever and for the better. they wanted and to the war and
9:59 pm
they want sane and strict immigration. also they want local based solution. president donald trump has brought all of this and more. he has renegotiated trade deals and challenged globalist and internationalist, institutions come he's been a fighter for free speech and is also added new spirit and energy against the republican party. real debate. he's brought tens of millions of new people into the party. if i would've told you four years ago that florida would not be a battleground statement a blowout state, if i would've told you a decade ago that ohio would be a or iowa would be a blowout state i'd say what kind of candidate could do that. the answer is president donald trump. it's the maga doctrine and its changed them for better. they could wish he could go away or white watch watch him from history but the point is his ideas are not going away. he's here to stay. >> and his movement. we didn't even mention china.
10:00 pm
so much to say, thank you for being with us. we will see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are in a revolutionary cycle. how do you end up having thousands of people invading the capital? [inaudible]


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