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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 12, 2021 12:00am-12:59am PST

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importance, the jews were considered problematic the house gop leader kevin mccarthy relayed the president's liberty and even life itself are sentiment during a call with the but dreary things and let us reflect that having banished house gop conference. the same conference will be from our land the religious forced to deal with the intolerance under which mankind so long bled and suffered we have yet gained little if we countenance a political intolerance as a spotter, as we jillian: breaking tonight, president's account is permanently suspended. the san francisco police could and capable of as bitter department is financial fallout long after the and bloodied persecution. president has left the white that approach worked. house. this on a day that saw first lady milania trump express her views on the unrestricted the the country survived. capital last week writing a hugely ironic that donald trump has been permanently moved from several social media platforms, commentary published by the jefferson is now on mount rushmore but none ofat 19 take . our producer saw one trump and china media group says what is two anti-trump protesters at that event. even more embarrassing is the us where freedom of speech is a battle between statement make no mistake about >> just another casualty like my it, i absolutely condemned the family is another casualty violence that has occurred on our nation's capital, violence is never acceptable. still, there are concerns that always flaunted, the president lost the right to speak freely and social platforms because of politics that i had to lose a family member, had to there could be more violent in the days to come. be blocked on facebook because the fbi is warning of armed we disagreed over something very protests being planned for washington dc and all 50 us fundamental. >> the fbi warning about state capitals in the run up to the biden inauguration was also tonight in a bit of a surprise patriots future hall of fame possible armed protests they say in all 50 state capitals around coach bill belichick is inauguration day and even amid declining the presidential medal intense pressure from corporate of freedom citing last week's capital violence. a republican in the houses he will join other lawmakers tomorrow introducing a resolution censuring donald trump over the assault on the capital.
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mega-donors republicans call the time retelling the times he impeachment of the president rushed political stunt the only would work to find a way for further divide the nation. democrats argue the country will be unified if republicans join them in removing the president before inauguration day. >> i'm hoping this republicans will find the unity we need with congress to bar the president from seeking federal office in the future, something we will have to keep an eye on. shannon: we will in the days ahead. appreciate your reporting. us to decry this behavior, to remove this president. i believe that in and of itself will be a unifying statement. >> this person selects could one of the president's options for communication with supporters is off-line, parlor has been booted from several services and in response the gain a lot of goodwill among republicans and democrats but among americans generally if he told everybody slowdown, this president is not an imminent social media platform is going threat to this country. to court. jillian turner explains what it >> welcome to fox news at night. means tonight. >> parlor is fighting back ceilings amazon for banning the media side, the latest development, after apple, amazon and google did that this weekend and so far the decision is killing the social media apps was parlor's ceo explains wherever the big five go the rest of the tech industry usually follows. >> every vendor says they won't
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work with us because if apple doesn't prevent google doesn't approve they won't. kevin cork has the latest on pressure on republicans to distance themselves from donald trump and trumpishim. >> suspending parlor from its >> in a span of just a few days apps store, to take down violent the president and his business empire have been rejected by relatively few but powerful players on wall street and silicon valley and washington and what some are calling the canceled cultures enough but it is also a wave that could ultimately wash over the president's closest backers and even in his supporters. what a difference a few months can make. over the summer as violent content posted by users they say protests raged across the orchestrated the siege on country the biggest names in technology chronicles every capitol hill. >> parlor was a fun new social moment but declines to blame media apps. >> it was most well-known for gaining popularity among donald trump's supporters in recent months but the tech giants it is lawless allowing users to promote and organize violence orban the politicians in and hate speech totally washington for supporting the unrest but since a mob stormed unchecked. republican lawmakers calling the capital last week big businesses certainly made it foul claiming big tech is censoring conservatives the wo abundantly clear who it blamed for the violence with dozens of companies deciding to withhold or limit contributions to & schuster because his support of the president. >> simon & schuster and a lot of dictators are alive and well on people on the left now decided facebook and twitter. >> social media platforms making a big mistake because they are not being consistent. >> reporter: the secretary of the first amendment is s time o state said banning the president is un-american. >> censorship, political correctness all points in one to rally around the things that unite us as americans and i think the first amendment and direction, authoritarianism free speech have got to be at closest moral righteousness, not the top of the list. >> for his part donald trump who we are as americans. will travel to the border wall tuesday to highlight somesource
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it is time we simply put wokeishim. >> another agrees. >> the first member doesn't apply to private sector organizations, these are companies that have their own ability to enforce their standards and policies. >> amazon tells fox news there is no merit to parlor's claims and facebook announcing a new policy had a inauguration day, removing all content from their platform that use the phrase stop the steel, this after they already moved the pro trump stop the steel movement in november. shannon: thanks. u.s. army investigating one of its own. and officer who attended last week's on the steel rally in washington but denied breaking the law. increasing calls for severe penalties for those capital including sending them to gitmo. jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon tonight.
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>> senior army official tells me they are taking very seriously an investigation into fort bragg soldier who led 100 people from north carolina to participate in the protests at the capital last wednesday. captain emily rainy is assigned before psychological operations group at fort bragg, the 30-year-old is an expert whose job requires her to use information and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making and actions of american adversaries. in a statement from first special forces command, quote, our command is aware of captain emily rainy's presence at the capital on january 6th that is currently investigating to determine the factors to her exact involvement. it is unclear if she violated any laws or regulations. the investigation will determine whether further action by the commander is warranted. at this time there is no indication any other members of the command were present at the capital.
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>> all you freedom fighters, this is for you. >> rainy has a strong social media presence. police charged her for violating local covid-19 safety rule last may, pulling the police tape off the playground and videotaping herself doing so on social media. she's a proud anti-masker who received a career and a letter from her command and submitted her resignation to the army, she was due to be separated from the army in april, quote, the command is aware of captain rainy's actions wayzata park in southern pines, north carolina and took appropriate administrative action at that time. rainy was on leave when she boarded a bus to washington and since she informed her command of her intention to go to the protesting washington to, quote, stand against election fraud. rainy told the ap no one in her group broke the law or entered the capital, quote, i was a private citizen doing everything right and within my rights.
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>> the president-elect will bring an economic message that his administration is set to prioritize minority and women owned businesses when it comes to access to covid-19 resources. jackie heinrich taking a look at that and biden's big vaccine plan in wilmington. >> president-elect joe biden received his second vaccine shot today but behind-the-scenes he's bearing down on his coronavirus response team amid concern he may have over projected his vaccination goals. political reports joe biden himself dropped the hammer on his covid-19 coordinator and the beauty of it worries the goal of 100 million shots in the first 100 days may be too lofty. biden's surgeon general designee said we are uncovering new information each day and we are a nursing more work to be done, describing a disjointed federal response. transition official confirmed to fox they are on track to reach
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their target and consider it doable resource also detailed hangups including time lost with the biden team had no access to the federal data system tracking the location of vaccine doses that a lot of who has been vaccinated. they also blocked coordination for weeks. biden is projecting confidence. >> 4000 people a day dying is beyond the pale. it is wrong. and we can do a lot to change it. it will be hard. it's not going to be easy but we will get it done. >> reporter: biden's promise that vaccines would be distributed equitably but there is pushback on his plans for economic relief with some questioning if iority will be b latino, asian and native american owned businesses, women owned businesses. a couple of employees can't pick up the phone and call the bank, who doesn't have a lawyer, an accountant to help them through this complicated process.
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>> and with the senate impeachment trial for donald trump likely unfolding in the opening days of biden's presidency the president-elect is asking lawmakers if they can spend half days on impeachment at half days on cabinet confirmation. biden has repeatedly avoided questions whether he thinks congress should even pursue impeachment but a few republicans have formed that it could further divide the country and that clashes with his inaugural theme which was announced today, america united. >> we will debate that a little bit, thanks. oregon facing legal challenges for setting up a controversial covid-19 relief fund solely for black-owned businesses and residentss. jonathan hunt has the story live
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from our west coast newsroom. >> oregon state officials thought the idea was simple and necessary, set aside $62 million a covid-19 relief fund for black residents, business owners and community organizations on the basis that the black community was suffering disproportionately. the vast majority of that $62 million has already been given out in grants but it has frozen the remaining 8.8 million in the middle of a legal battle that has brought oregon to the front and center of our nationwide and decades long debate over affirmative action. the legal cases were brought by one mexican american two white business owners who argue creating a fund for the black community only discriminates against them, and argument oregon's on legislative cancel committee warned in july of 2020 could be made if the state pressed ahead with the fund carveout. in a letter to lawmakers the committee wrote that in creating a program like this the state must, quote, develop evidence of inequities caused by racial discrimination and goes on to say, quote, we are not aware of any evidentiary findings by the
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legislature or the emergency board in support of the oregon business develop board grant program at issue here without any such findings the program would almost certainly be unconstitutional under the fourteenth amendment, the equal protection clause. oregon's governor and attorney general both democrats are fighting the lawsuit and said in a joint statement last month, quote, as estate we have a duty to aid those you need. we must not allow pernicious and ideologically motivated lawsuits to impede our distribution of oregonians devastating pandemic. lawyers argue on behalf of the nonprofit that administers the fund the program is constitutional because apparently targets traceable to discrimination that covid-19 is causing black oregonians.
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the $62 million program presents 4.5% of oregon's total $1.4 billion in covid-19 relief money. shannon: after tenants of lockdowns the country of strictest pandemic regulations new york governor andrew cuomo appeared to signal a dramatic change tweeting we cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. the cost is too high. we will have nothing left to open. we must reopen the economy but we have to do it safely. alex hogan looking at the pace of vaccinations in new york and across the country. an about-face by the governor. >> reporter: if these global rates to vaccinate communities as quickly as possible, the phase 1 b in new york today has its fair share of hurdles. >> freedom again.
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>> reporter: our nationwide rollout of the vaccine transforming beloved spaces on lockdown into vaccination hubs. the fairgrounds in oregon and texas turning into many states, miami's hard rock stadium, the stadium in phoenix, san diego padres central park, all vaccine drive-throughs or centers. coast-to-coast medical expert say the effort is falling behind. nationally 65% of vaccines remain unused was according to the cdc 59% of vaccines in new york remain unused as the state begins other groups, phase 1 b includes folks 75 and up, teachers, police officers and transit workers. governor cuomo moving the state forward to the next phase after calls from new york city mayor bill diblasio. >> most important thing we need right now is for the federal government, state government and manufacturers to help us to get the doses we need.
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we are accelerating. we are going to run out of doses in the next few weeks if we don't get more. >> reporter: clinics reporting throwing away doses because of guidelines to focus on healthcare professionals. another obstacle delaying the timeline in new york is the process itself with dozens of questions about health insurance and to schedule an appointment. while people wait their turn to get the vaccine with two on the market johnson & johnson announced it will release new data about its wonders vaccine by the end of this month. thank you. social media site parlor off-line tonight what the big tech crackdown means to the future of your free speech. fox news senior political analyst brett hume ways in on that and more next.
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>> shannon: as the house moves forward with jillian: the house moves forward with the second impeachment of the president, the president-elect is planning on america united theme for next wednesday. to put it into perspective with brett hume, great to have you. okay, always great to see you and part of the moving forward past the election and inauguration will be a list to the lincoln project, project lincoln constructing a database of trump offic administration and track where they are now, no personal info, only professional but they will be held accountable and not allowed to pretend they were not involved. there is talk of keeping them for universities or serving on boards, making sure other people don't hire them. what is your reaction?
12:19 am
>> know mistake what this is. this is an enemies list of the kind the nixon administration kept and had a terrible reputation as an idea ever since and i'm surprised to see these people on it. the lincoln project, one of its leaders is kellyanne conway's husband, presumably based on what stuart stevens was saying that tweet she would be eligible for the same hounding and harassment they are planning for other administration officials. whether they will think better of this idea going forward i don't know. it is out of phase with mister biden's promise to be a healer and bring people together, hounding people after they tried to serve their government as they saw fit and have moved on would seem to me a strikingly bad idea but we will see. jillian: big tech is keeping a list of its own and that also is
12:20 am
about excluding certain people and it seems certain ideas, you and i have lost tens of thousands of followers, whether they are fleeing these platforms like twitter or not i don't know but we do know the president has been banned from every platform there is. parlor which was an alternative is scrambling to find a way back in the ceo speaking to tucker carlson said this on to be a warning for every company, we are now fly-by-night, they are scrambling to try to get back online. >> it would be one thing, you might make a case for with these big tech companies are doing if they did it consistently. if they are saying people in your platform are talking about doing violence and so on and we can't have that but you might make an argument for that but they have leaders of foreign countries, the ayatollah in iran and other foreign leaders
12:21 am
threatening all kinds of mayhem around the world and that does not lead to their being disqualified. the inconsistency points to a different mode of that i think is clear that this is political, this is not about safety. it is about shutting down voices they and their staffs don't agree with. it is well that they are called out for doing that. they have the power now but these big tech companies are playing with fire. when is being investigated, google. i'm not sure democrats in congress who might like to see some of these people shutdown are going to be altogether happy about this. these tech companies better be careful because competitive advantages in technology are perishable. you start shutting people down, your customers, clients, contributors, they move somewhere else so there's a lot
12:22 am
of hazard in doing this. shannon: i worry people will go into their corners, their own echo chambers and their won't be a place where they are having conversations with your spirit or more heated and will wind up going to different groups and not engaging, you can have difficult conversations, we have been able to have them. let's talk about president-elect biden talking about getting this country back on its feet, posted by his transition team, our priority will be black, latino, asian and native american small businesses, women-owned businesses and having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild. it was a tweet from the transition team that said it was time to tackle systemic racism in this way. >> that is plainly on the face of it racial and sexual discrimination, he plainly says the priority will be done by people based on their race and
12:23 am
sex. i saw that and i can't believe he blurted that out like that. this is something we've been struggling over for a long time. you really see it, this is arguably racist and sexist. >> it is out there. they made their priorities known and i would imagine as we see some legal action, people should back against any kind of covid-19 relief being based on those characteristics and we will see what courts have to say as well. thank you for your time. democrats ready to level impeachment with days to go presidency. would tear the country apart, we debate next.
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♪ hello, colonial penn? >> shannon: the fbi is ramping shannon: the fbi ramping up search for the person or persons
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responsible for placing pipe bombs in washington last wednesday. the bureau has released additional photos of shoes and a backpack of interest. is 60,$000 reward for actionable information. several capital police officers including one scene taking itselfy _intruders around the building with aaga hat, and suspended it and their 10 to 15 instances involving capital police under investigation as the house speaker leaves the democrats charged to the second impeachment of the president some are concerned how much the process will detract from joe biden's inaugural message of unity. we talk about that with princeton university professor robert jordan quinnipiac university agent law professor, good to have you back with us tonight gentlemen. so let's talk about this. democrats is with every new day we learn the violent insurrection was even worse than
12:29 am
we thought. impeaching potus to be the bare minimum of what needs to occur, donald trump should be prosecuted for a range of felonies including inciting insurrection and felony murder. there are questions about this impeachment, doesn't appear the timeline would work for it to happen before he leaves office but now you have a lot of talk that the senate trial that happened after he leaves office and a member of congress calling for criminal and felony charges. what you make of it? >> i'm not surprised. i think it will be quite a few people looking for prosecution of the president to happen even after he leaves office. but go back for a second, even if the house and peaches this week there's probably not enough time for the senate all the trial even though the senate under there rules could hold some kind of trial if they wanted to. people should realize the word trial try in the constitution
12:30 am
has found to be not the same word we all know as trial in the context of a civil or criminal trial. it is unlikely to happen before joe biden is morning. he could be impeached this week, a trial could ensue after he leaves off and if convicted could be barred from holding office again and still be liable for any civil or criminal action that may come against him after he leaves office. shannon: professor george, there are a lot of folks saying even if it is legally possible for these charges and impeachment to be pursued after he leaves office asking the question of whether it is better for the country not to go down that path or if there should be an added level of accountability that should be pursued. a number of lawmakers have written a letter to the president-elect asking about this saying it is unnecessary
12:31 am
and inflammatory to pursue impeachment saying would undermine your priority of unifying america and the effort a distraction to the nation at a time when millions of our fellow citizens are hurting because of the pandemic and the economic fallout. this word unity, we hear that is what the inauguration is going to be about. what do you make of this moment where we are? >> it puts president-elect biden in a difficult position. he doesn't wants to detract from his message of unity, no question impeachment at the senate trial would detract but let's be very clear the president behaved recklessly, he crossed the line certainly in my opinion when he told the crowd what he had been sang, the vice president, mike pence have the constitutional authority to decide whether or not to accept the slate of electors certifying the states that he was contesting. the vice president recognized he had no such power and when the
12:32 am
vice president refused unconstitutionally to claim such power, stuck with the constitutional role he was given the president denounced him as a betrayer, a traitor to the president's on cause and that contributed to inflaming the crowd so we do have the problem of the president's reckless behavior and accountability that is necessary for that. on the other hand it's going to be difficult to make this stick as a matter of incitement. if you go down the road of criminal prosecution that's going to get very sticky and those prosecutions may not be successful. it is worth worrying that we are in a moment of passion and in the flame of passion people make bad mistakes, do things and undermine values that took a long time to put in place and
12:33 am
would deal long time replacing if we took them down so people have to not allow the flame of passion to do things, how many times bad things have been done by good people in what they believe were good causes. joe mccarthy and the witchhunts despite the fact that communism was an evil, murderous, ideology and look at bad things unlike mccarthy in the flame of passion supported by many many people in a good cause. >> does this go beyond inauguration day, you think the senate will decide this is worthy of attention, even after the hundred days of the biden presidency? >> it is interesting from a political science standpoint, you can look at it as them d
12:34 am
the republican party a favor because this is going to be hanging around for the next week for years, a lot of republicans wonder, this is machiavelli and that is in the best interests of the party, the country, just to be political for trial to ensue after he's out of office because he gets barred from holding federal office going forward. a lot of people are talking about donald from running as an independent in four years. could they go forward after he's out of office? yes they could. what is the point? they bar him from federal office. i'm curious what discussions are within the white house with his lawyers. donald trump is a deal maker, no one wants to be perceived as gerald ford, as giving him a break but have got to believe donald trump is discussing how he can cut a deal and there's a lot of possibilities being thrown, they are all far-fetched but i would love to be a fly on
12:35 am
the wall in the white house right now see the conversation going on between him and his lawyers. jillian: we know there are a number of other potential mitigation efforts and issues, the attorney general talking about going after the trump family, the trump organization in some way, certainly investigating so we will watch and see, thank you for your expertise, good to hear from you. the media attacks the first lady and the fbi warns of possible protests in all 50 states, the lightning round next
12:36 am
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>> shannon: former confidan jillian: for confident of t milania trump lashing out at the first lady saying she's composing last wednesday at storming of the capital and the destruction of america. stephanie winston radioed the headline there is blood on her hands.
12:40 am
kevin wallace and jason chaffetz in the lightning round, welcome back to you, gentlemen. okay. this was written by someone i hope i am never friends with because she recorded their conversations, feed them for the media, talked about her honor, wrote a book about her, so she has been capitalizing on this, here's more of what she had to say, essentially she and the president deserve each other, they are shallow, don't care about the country. your thoughts? >> that was shameful was our first lady has been flawless through four years, great example to young people and everybody across the country, the be best campaign was meaningful and she was a wonderful first lady. jillian: people are pointing to her statements regarding what happened wednesday at the capital, she's a number of things with said this clearly make no mistake i absolutely
12:41 am
condemned the violence in the nations capital, violence is never acceptable. that is not where a lot of her critics are focusing. >> we have discussed the first lady in the past. i've come to her defense in a number of areas but i think it was problematic that it took 5 days for the first lady to come out with that statement, she was clearing denouncing that violence but was co-opted with grievances with her former best friend and aide as part of the inaugural activities four years ago referenced in a statement so it was a distraction and could have been more clear and more focused on condemning the violence of that riot we saw last weekend. shannon: let's talk about the fact that people who wreak havoc in the capital, broke the law, everybody is clear we condemn that and that is bad news but we are hearing stories of people
12:42 am
who were marching to the washington monument, never breached the n were no part of that being fired and canceled and everything else and feeling just because you are a trump support you are going to be in serious trouble regardless whether you participated in criminal activity. cancel culture on steroids. >> there were 70 million people who voted for donald trump and some people broke the law, attacked law enforcement, broke into the capital, those people should be prosecuted and punished and i want them arrested and i want them to serve long terms just as i did over the summer when there were people marching and rioting and protesting but went too far attacking law enforcement officers, these republicans can look everybody in the eye and say consistent but democrats were absent from the discussion over the summer. kamala harris was trying to bail people out of jail and get them back into the game as fast as they can.
12:43 am
shannon: she had positive things to say. it was about social justice and if we are going to be fair we tried to make sure we delineated and kept people separate as you would do on wednesday, good people who did nothing wrong, free-speech, same happened over the summer, there were bad actors, people died, places got burned down, it was bad. the republican senate should censure or expel kamala harris for providing encouragement and material support to the file and insurrectionist to burned government buildings and businesses from coast-to-coast throughout 2020. not sure if that is tongue in cheek that makes the point jason is trying to make a lot of people feel there is a double standard. >> it is important to clarify the vice president-elect has always condemned the violence, condemned the violence on wednesday and condemned the violence against police in terms
12:44 am
of protests we saw over the summer and make that distinction we are in agreement with that. >> he didn't do that. >> he absolutely did. we can go back and find those statements, she is a former prosecutor, former state attorney general, she condemned violence across the board that we saw over the summer but we have to make the distinction between peaceful protest as she did and as others have in the violence that we saw. jillian: there were efforts by a lot of celebrities and other people who wound up behind bars. >> she was bailing people out that were arrested and beyond that mike lee introduced a resolution to condemn the violence, democrats in the senate voted that down, wouldn't allow it. it was a generic violence is bad resolution and they voted it down. kamala harris has not called out the people who broke the law, attacked police officers and
12:45 am
propelled that violence in portland, she never did it. jillian: we got to leave it there. we agree violence is not okay regardless of the ideology behind it. thank you very much. president-elect joe biden vowing to defeat the nra. the reignited gun debate you need to know next.
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12:49 am
>> lawmakers taking a look at gun-control in the wake of the capital arrived with new developments justin today starting in michigan. >> reporter: the deadly seed on the capital reigniting the debate over gun-control. >> we have for over a year been looking at the problems that might arise out of the carrying of firearms in the capital building. >> reporter: the michigan state capitol commission has moved to ban open carry in the state legislature after michigan protesters put them inside last april. after voting for the ban, the commissioner says there is pressure to go further. >> we have to recognize this is an important first step. >> reporter: the fbi warning of
12:50 am
armed protests nationwide leading up to inauguration day. voters by 57-34 margin support the right to bear arms according to august of 2019 fox news poll. >> america needs to stand for their second amendment rights. without second amendment rights there are no other rights, you have no way to preserve your first amendment rights or any other rights that fall in line after that. >> reporter: the crackdown after the capital riot is breathing new life into the national gun control debate. >> what about a ban on some forms of semi automatic weapons? >> there has to be responsibility and gun ownership. i went to limit people have a gun. >> reporter: with democrats in control of both houses of congress west virginia democrat joe manchin's vote with large in the senate, after going to the shooting range himself he said west virginia's shouldn't be scared democrats are about to seize their guns but also didn't rule out new restrictions.
12:51 am
>> there are things that should not be in people's hands. >> reporter: people are buying guns at record rates, firearms sales reached an all-time high in 2020, shares of gun manufacturers surge it in the days after the riot on capitol hill. we will keep track on that as the president-elect has vowed to take down the nra. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, be back tomorrow.
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is tuesday january 12th and the chilling warning of inauguration day violence in all 50 states. the fbi and local law enforcement cracking down to keep the peace. >> developing overnight security concerns surrounding democrats rushed impeachment vote, the resolution taking place even without members of their own party.
12:56 am
>> this is so ill advise for joe biden to be coming in trying to heal the country, to be the president of all the people to be so divided and fighting again. >> live in washington where impeachment could hit the floor tomorr
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