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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 12, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the great one mark levin will respond to all of the constitutional madness that is washington, d.c. we will always be independent. we go our own path. always will try to get to the bottom of everything to tell you the truth. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham, bama won. roll tide. >> laura: that was the best political night of crazyha news combined with the best political -- athletic night for college football, okay? i almost botched that. you know what i'm saying. >> sean: nick saban, this guy just wins. speak to you i think the republican party should take some lessons. he doesn't acceptba mediocrity, has a great relationship with his players, and he -- even if they win, if they didn't do it right, he wants them to do it again.
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people hate him because he's beautiful. >> sean: i don't get the beautiful part -- >> laura: yeah! it's beautiful because he winds up or they don't like him because he wins a lot. but he doesn't care about that. i'm sure no one cares about my football views. i'm going to stop right there. >> sean: you really can't care if people like you are not. it's amazing how other people are so upset that they get criticized. >> laura: sean, if you and i were more caring about what people thought about us, we would've melted away many years ago. i think we've cross that boundary a long time ago. i don't know when the switch went off, but it's been a long time. i just don't care. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is ingram angle from washington tonight. whatshgt happens if violence one left is ignored and justified?
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in part you get what happened last wednesday. my angle will explain. andy ngo is here to tell us how this backlash was inevitable. the establishment fights back. the only chance to expel them from the party, establishment figures like liz cheney has said they will support the impeachment effort against president trump further, fox news has confirmed that while he's not said he supports conviction in the senate, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is not going to stand in the way of this impeachment effort, is said to be "done with trump. let's take a step back. what explains republican support for this drastic move? kissinger said, liz cheney said that the president "lit the flame of thif
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attack. well, the media and the democrats have employed similar language as he remembered over the past few days. >> the outgoing u.s. president inciting his supporters into a mob by lying to them by telling them he won the election. > donald trump incited a mob that attacked the capital. >>ha it was an incitement to violence, no two ways to it. >> the president of the united states incited a mob to go sack the capital and lynch the vice president. >> my what are the authorities saying about the timeline of the events? the associated press is saying that the fbi said it notified other law enforcement agencies including the u.s. capitol police the day before the mob went into the capital to riot about an online message about a "war" in storming the u.s. capitol. this would indicate that these
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extremists, not trump, instigated the capital siege. and why do you take a six days for this information to come out? set aside the impeachment motives of these representatives. what about the timing? jonathan turley is noting that t the concern is this impeachment will not only create precedent for an expedited pathway of snap impeachments but allow future congresses to impeach presidents for actions of their supporters. so where does this leave us? and what does it do to the constitutional balance? joining me now is new york congressman lee delving. part of trump's impeachment defense last year and with me as former congressman bob barr. he served as an impeachment manager during the clinton impeachment trial. congressman, let's start with you. what is the biggest concern here? obviously liz cheney and adam kinzinger are both more traditional establishment
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republicans, but they maintain that it's not their ideologicale difference that they have with the president, this is purely on principle that they feel they must do this a week out of his office anyway. >> i will be voting no on the impeachment and when you read the impeachment article as we are just listening to the clips you are playing, the article specifically referencing the president's january 6th speech and as you pointed out a day earlier on january 5th, the fbi issued a warningng that on the next day this attack was going to happen, while the president is delivering his marks in january 6th, pipe bombs being discovered, the capital perimeter being breached, of course none of these people are going to reference that when a e president was talking about heading towards then capital coe he also called on them to be peaceful forl, those who want to listen towards the 18 minute mark of his speech.
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i am concerned, here we are back in washington, d.c., the capitol police had a really rough week with suicides, the loss of life, dozens of people injured, they have to prepare for next week's inauguration and here we are back in d.c. for what is obviously not going to heal our country, it'll divide our country, and the president on thursday clearly stated his focus was on a peaceful transition of power and every moment sins, that's what histr administration has been working onon since that video last thursday night. >> laura: congressman barr, is this the establishment finally just kicking their conservative populists -- trying to kick them out of theli party? is it beyond just the speech, they want to go back to the old, you know, the war party, the pro-open borders, pro-china
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trade party, is that it? is this really a matter of your principal? >> there is no principle principle involved anywhere on either side of the aisle right now in terms of people who want to impeach president trump. the conflict you just pointed out has been with us for many years. you may remember through history, you may be too young, but the establishment did not like ronald reagan. they fought against his nomination in 1976 and even 1980. the establishment has never liked president trump. they don't like him now. liz cheney who is very much through family history has caused her own cell very establishment oriented. this is an opportunity now for establishment republicans to pound their chests and talk about principles and highfalutin nonsense, but it's simply a matter of this is their chance to finally get rid of a thorn in their side, somebody who was not
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in establishment opponent. >> they hated trump in the beginning. they detested him, all right? aside from whether he didn't soon enough, i was on twitter saying come out now and tell these people to get out of the c -- that's different from being impeached. you should be impeached? why wasn't maxine waters impeach? why are all these people who are fine with all of the hot rhetoric over the last four years of trump, why weren't impeachment proceedings brought against them. congressman zeldin, a lot of celebrating going on about liz cheney's announcement. watch. >> congressman liz cheney now says she will actually vote to impeach president trump. what does this development mean? >> it means she won't be alone peer there are going to be other republicans in support of her
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decision. i wouldn't be surpriseded to sea confederal number of republicans join in supporting impeachmenter resolution. >> laura: congressman zeldin, does this mean a stampede of republicans for impeachment? because liz cheney and adam kissinger are for it? >> i really don't think so. last week when we had the vote wednesday night, we had about two-thirds or so of the house republican conference of voting to sustain objections with regards to arizona and pennsylvania because of concerns. you have almost the entire republican party still supportive of the president of the united states. donald trump isn't going anywhere. so certainf my colleagues, and s they showed it with their voice last wednesday, i wouldn't expect them to be changing their tune in tomorrow being that massive stampede. i was asked going into the
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november 3rd 2020 election about what house democrats, what would it mean if they keep control of the house of representatives and what i said was there's only ono thing that they know they would want to accomplish in 2021, only one thing i can guarantee for you is they want to make donald trump the first president to be impeached twice. no republican should be playing along with this, especially right now where the fact is it's going to divide our country further in these capitol police officers are here protecting ust right now instead of taking care of themselves and their families. >> laura: a lot of the supporters of donald trump who were not supporting the capital who just liked his policies, do you know what they feel? they feel like they are being impeached. that's what they feel, congressman barr. nancy pelosi announced the impeachment managers, david sissel lynn, joaquin castro, and eric swalwell among a few
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others. congressman barr, the included swalwell, who of course was compromised by a chinese spy and he's going to be leading the impeachment effort. can't even make this up. >> you can. it's an opportunity, a lifeline throw to him so he can woefully reintroduce himself to the american people rather than the scoundrel that he is, he's nowal going to be a hero to the left, to lead or participate in the effort against president trump. this is such nonsense, laura, that it's almost beyond belief to impeach a president for this at this time and then to have people, including over in the senate make these ridiculous claims that, well, even if he's impeached and he's already out of office, we can still convict them. it's absolute nonsense.
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>> laura: they obviously don't understand the constitution. i think we saw alan dershowitz flip that idea away on hannity's show just a few moments ago. congressman thank you so much. great to see both ofmi you. the "angle" warned the administration to not raise people's hopes, to know avail predo not forget the astonishing g.o.p. figures who pursue impeachment a week before t the president leaves office. again, as i said, the same people who always hated his core positions on issues like immigration, trade, and the middle east wars. now they are returning to the bush doctrine with a preemptive strike to prevent trump running for president again in 2024. again, liz cheney, adam kissinger and others will vote
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to impeach trump with speech with no real inquiry. i have no view on the 2024 contenders, who they should be at this point, that it be ridiculous. but the impulse to charge forward with impeachment and conviction as bob said is preposterous, poisonous. if you think trump was the only u.s. president to be maligned by the press, really maligned, you have a short memory for june 10th 2008, congressman dennis kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against george w. bush. >> acting through his agents and subordinates together with the vice president, illegally spent public dollars on a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false cause for war against iran. >> laura: those ultimately flopped but long after obama won back in 2008, there were democrats and former bush administration counterterror officials who still urged that
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bush and cheney should be tried for war crimes for their enhanced interrogation program. >> we have established procedures now with the international criminal court and the hague were people who take actions as serving presidents or prime ministers of countries have been indicted, and have been tried. it's clear that things the bush administration did in my mind, at least, it's clear that some of the things they did were war crimes. >> laura: most of us were defending the bush administration during that time. and president obama b was smart enough to see that appeasing and encouraging those forces pushing for the ware crimes tribunal, pushing for any type of furtherp punishment for former president bush at the time, that it be terrible for the country. of course, joe biden, he's not obama. he's not as smart and he's very weak so he can't resist the most
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radical elements of his own party that prevent them from careening forward with impeachment. the g.o.p. establishment is so out of ideas it just cannot resist one last run at trump. joining a is conservative author and filmmaker dinesh d'souza along with senior editor at "the federalist" mollie hemingway. it isn't exactly original, isn't it, what's going on here? >> right. the cheneys love regime change without thinking through an exit strategy and this seems to be no exception. i don't understand why republicans would follow what nancy pelosi and the media wants them to do. this is really a time for people to be calm. it is understandable to everybody is very emotional what happened, very horrible last wednesday, when you talk to these members, you are getting a feeling that a lot of them are thinking clearlyrs or soberly.
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they have these wild theories ob malice on their political opponents and that's understandable but all the reason to go cautiously. republicans would be well served by not following what nancy pelosi wants them to do, not doing what the media want them to do, but thinking what b the country needs at this n moment. already a lot of people think there are two systems in this country were elites have all the benefits and normal people don't and this is the type of situation that further makes people think this is the case. this summer you had millions of people losing their dragged thre streets, businesses being burned, homes being burned come up people being killed, and you had democrats not really saying anything for months after months after months until people saw the people were not in support of these riots. only when it escalates to the capital to people in congress finally start taking the situation seriously. they need to care up to people in the country and less about the fact that they very much have political opponents they
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would like to dispose of. >> laura: dinesh, speaking of the establishment listening to the media, "new york times"'s tom friedman is now actively routing for the death of the g.o.p. >> keep stressing the party until it blows up. it really became a political colossal that rented itself to the night to whoever could energize its base. but for the country to thrive? that party as is currently constituted must die. >> laura: dinesh, from the man who propped up china for the last i don't know how many years, we are going to take our cues from him? remember when china was supposed to be more liberated and freer afteror joining the wto and the great globalist predictions? where do we get some comeuppance for those predictions? >> the way i read those comments behind them is the recognition of a very important truth.
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and the truth is that traditional republican party by itself cannot win a majority. the make america great again movement, the trump movement by itself cannot win a majority. but together they have the potential ofof winning a majori. if the republican party can be thein party of rule america, working class america and of the suburbs, it then has the heart of the country. so the job of the left is to drive a wedge between the maga movement and the traditional publican party. foolishly mitch mcconnell are making this easy, they are making it easy and in the sense theyli are making -- they are establishing a way for the republican party not to have a way forward. trump is the one who opened the door to a lot of latinos, and a lot of blacks, working-class people who never would've voted republican. but joined the republican partyp because of trump. conversely, people say that
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we'll have a new party, patriot party, 75 million people voted for trump -- no. 75 million people voted for trump because he ran as a republican. had trump run as an independent, he wouldn't have gotten 75 million votes. i think driving this wedge between the traditional g.o.p. and the maga movements, this is the key to their success. >> i have dealt xp when i had t a message i tweeted out to a republican donor. if mitch mcconnell goes through with this, it'sor over. the republican party ceases to exist and, dinesh, you hit it head, mollie, we need all aspects of the republican party working together good business types with the grassroots, with the blue-collar new entrantses into the party, young people, latinos. you can't be cutting people out of the party and in effect
11:20 pm
impeaching them. that's the way -- maybe i'm reading it wrong, but that's how i'm reading this. a lot of people even if they do not love trump necessarily, they feel maligned. >> they of course feel maligned and people always understood the attacks on president trump are frequently attacks on them and you have a situation where president trump is literally days from being out of office. the establishment of the publican party has seemed to want to get rid of trump, all they have to do to keep the magic going in terms of this broad multiracial working-class party is simply pick up the issues he helped them see the light on whether its foreign policy and having a more sensible foreign policy and not having wars that don't make sense or economic policy that benefits a broad swath ofha people. if they pickck up those bites, they get to keep everything going into the long term. nancy pelosi was very smart to try to get republicans to
11:21 pm
sabotage here and unfortunately it seems that some republicans are not smart enough to figure out that they are falling right into her trap. >> laura: right into it. mollie, dinesh, thank you both. instead of solely focusing on prosecuting the criminals who overran the capitol, some lost their lives, hideous. plus liberals are rushing to condemn political violence today. but we all know what you did last summer. andy ngo has some thoughts on that coming up.
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>> laura: and now reprogramming america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. in their continued effort to use the capital incursion for political gain, democrats fuel and bolded, smeared tens of millions of trump supporters. they feel no need to debate issues and policies, not when they can treat their political opponents the way the chinese tree its dissidents. >> there are millions of americans, almost all white, almost all republicans who
11:27 pm
somehow need to be deprogrammed. it's as if they are members of a cult, the trump-ist cult. >> there have to be consequences and when you get the consequences i think people have to take a second look at their actions and they have to be much more afraid. >> a lot of people are going to have to be deprogrammed. >> laura: what will this deprogramming look like a question mark what form will it take? they are not just referring to holding the january 6th writers criminally accountable which we want to happen as well, this reeducation will run the gamut and require public shaming, loss of jobs, loss of college scholarships, perhaps a loss of the rights to travel or even use a bank, and even before the election in an undercover video that fox news is not in the pendley verified yet, a lead pbs
11:28 pm
lawyer mused that trump supporters could actually have their children taken by the government. >> >> [inaudible] >> amen. >> okay.trump's hitler but these are for setting up camps? and apparently they are now in favor of separate trading families but i thought they were against that? by the way, that pbs official resigned today. but i bet a lot of liberals agree with him. only they don't need camps. have the schools, universities, and they are busy right now force-feeding a new
11:29 pm
generation lies or half-truths aboutor america. also about current events and our founding. remember the 16-19 project whose tendons are already being slipped into school plans nationwide is nothing but academic rot masking as moral and historical certitude. this is part of the reasons the a backseat and failed to condemn the violence we saw last summer. they weren't about to get in the way of the racial justice warriors. they knew we were rioting all the way into a school curriculum near you. while the violence committed by their political comments was inconvenient, leaders in blue havens like minneapolis, l.a.,ap new york, they made the decision to downplay, ignore, or even justify the violence. >> i don't care that much about the statute. we'll see what they do they do. >> yes, it's disturbing to be a property being destroyed, disturbing to see people take property from stores.
11:30 pm
but these are things. >> show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful? >> laura: notice in the midst of nationwide blm and antiphon violins in 2020, we heard no talks of mann hunts, big pushes for facial recognition technology, or adding supporting politicians to no-fly lists. become aware where the cries for swift justicee then? a lot of these people attacked state and federal institutions and where are the cries for just today as thugs continue to target t core houses in places like portland and philadelphia? condemning violence shouldn't be related to one's ideology, the ideology of the perpetrators. neither should the calls for justice ever. that's the angle. the most prominent chronicler of leftist violence of antifa, andy
11:31 pm
ngo, author of the forthcoming book "unmasked." the iconic portland bookstore announced it was caving to antifa protesters who surrounded their store. it is actually true they wouldn't put your anti-antifa book and its shelf and in a statement they suggested that your book was a poor rent! do you mean bookstores are ever going to take anti-if our literature and books off their shelves if we pressure them, is it going both ways, andy? >> for the second day today, this store has been forced to shut down early because of these protesters who have worn the black block downtown store.
11:32 pm
i have no somebody for the small business who have already been struggling extremely because of the decisions of local officials regarding the coronavirus and what businesses should be subject to. in addition to dealing s with that, dealing with people who already have a pretty good track record of not just promising us and threats of violence but actually carrying it out -- >> laura: andy, hold on. we checked out powell's website to see what other books they stock on their shelves that are napparently less abhorrent than yours, there are two use copies of the german language edition of ""mein kampf" " isn't that the same spot where protest erupted over your book? they do have books that are wildly controversial, a lot of people do you think are a poor rent on their shelves, and it's just as one group that seems to
11:33 pm
get special treatment last summer? and now? it continues. >> yes indeed. i'm really glad in your opening speech moments ago you talked about the hypocrisy about the mainstream left when it comes to conducting political violence.ic i recall from the new york poorest several days ago essentially asking, where were you last year when my home city portland was under siege for more than 120 days of nightly recurring violence, on top of that the violence that happened on capitol hill which should be condemned, though similar acts occurred for weeks after weeks on end last july when people tried to storm a federal courthouse, federal property, try to blow up the fence that was erected to protect it. they brought in electric tools.
11:34 pm
all of that by those now who are condemning the riots in capitol hill, those people were actually condemning the law enforcement officials last year, callingni them gestapo and trump's secret police when they were trying to secure federal property. >> laura: andy, they didn't like there were all those big fences being erected around theg courthouse in portland and other barriers put up, but now they are putting up giant barricades. i don't know if they are going to be there forever or temporarily for the inauguration around the u.s. capitol complex. apparently in some cases you can rip down barricades and you don't hear from most of these politicians but now we have a different standard and you been chronicling it better than anybody over the last year. i wish people were consistent in their outrage. it would be more critical and believable or delma credible and believable but it seems to be people take a
11:35 pm
horrific scenario where it looks like you and and an other groups gotpeople ws frenzy and it's bad. it's really bad, it is still happening in portland tonight? the protests? >> that remains to be seen. this has got no attention. we've had four riots in portland. >> laura: since new year's eve? >> yes. the targeting of the county courthouses, police stations, businesses, all of it. >> laura: it's now a lost city. portland becomes a lost city. it's like a ghost city, lost city. it doesn't count. people put up with that, that's what they are going to yet. an update to what we are seeing live on the house floor in moments plus texas lieutenant governor
11:36 pm
in a missive he wrote about last week's event that's going viral. stay there.
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>> laura: looking live at the house floor where lawmakers voting on a resolution calling for a for vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office. vice. vice president pence already said there is no way he's taking this up referring to it as not consistent with the constitution and said he will not engage in the games the house is playing.g we'll bring you the latest updates as we get them. over the weekend, lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick called a letter to supporters called enough, where he says there is no such thing as justifiable political violence, also took the president to task for his commentary the other day and said while it wasn't a call to violence, he should stillwa work to lower the temperature. trump today said this. >> millions of our citizens watched on wednesday as a mob
11:42 pm
storm the capitol and trash the halls of government. as i said throughout the administration we believe in respecting america's history and traditions, not tearing them, down. we believe in theot rule of law, not in violence or rioting. >> laura: joining us now is dan patrick, lieutenant governor of texas. did his speech in texas today do the job in your opinion to take the temperature down? >> i think so. in the missive i wrote that i sent to you, laura, i said a lot about a lot of things and enough that for the people that said it was antifa, they wore face t coverings. these were trump people and we have toeo condemn these violence as we condemn those in the streets, something that democrats didn't do last year, enough with the democrats of their amnesia of only looking at
11:43 pm
these riots ares and not their own riots or rioters.dependent on the entirep movement on the acts of these riotsers, what they did was terrible. trump supporters do not attack police. the president supports police. when we look at where we are as a nation, if we all don't take ownership, the democrats taking ownership of what they stood by when they said nothing and encouraged, us to take ownership of the bad actors in that group at the capitol. i campaigned for president trump. he is a dear friend and when you are a friend, you stand with your friends especially in their time of need. what i said about the president was in his speech, he didn't ask them to riot. people trying to blame him for the riot, but he didn't lower the tone at the moment of the
11:44 pm
temperature but i heard something recently that i love. leaders are supposed to calm more crises than they create. and tonight, what are the democrats doing? they are not trying to calm the nation at a time we should come together. they are creating another crisis by trying to spike the football against this president. this is a time -- mix mcconnell, fox reported earlier that he said this will get rid of trump and his movement? i'm not sure they are going to get rid of trump but the movement is there, laura. >> laura: dan, what mcconnell believes, i guess, the only way for the republican party to go forward is to grapple with what the president did. andth he believes that this is doing it. i guess. i'm intuiting -- i'm inferring what he's thinking because he's not given an interview. he sang that's all we have to do pay that's what liz cheney is saying, adam kinzinger, they
11:45 pm
have to cleanse themselves of his taint and show people they won't put up with it. that's what they believe. >> laura, the trump people i've beene around thousands in this country, they are great people, these are hardworking americans. they love this country, they love law enforcement. they up or what happened last week. that's not who these 79 million people are. if the republican party wants to try to take this movement out of the party, they are going to findpa themselves standing alon. this movement is ready, take back the country into coyears and in four years again. we've got to call on our better angels and that's what i wrote. enough of the o democrats, this relentless attack on trump for four years.on laura, i said toward the end as you know, i won't agree with one thing that joe biden says or
11:46 pm
does, i don't think. i am a strong conservative. he's a wild eyed liberal now, he didn't used to be, but i will pray for him, laura, because of the christians, that's the right thing to do, number two, he's our president. those who oppose the president the last four years, they should have been praying him. these are the presidents of our country, laura. but we as republicans, we as conservatives, we stand by our friends, tell them the truth when wes, do wrong, but we are t going to stand down, step back, not going to let the mushy middle of the establishment republicans tried to just push us aside -- >> laura: i'm going to remind everybody until 2016, republicans had not won the residential election since 2004. they trashed romney, they trashed mccain. the idea that romney and mccain were treated like -- they were treated fairly by the
11:47 pm
democrats? they were maligned, they called romney -- biden says he's going to put people back and chains? they called bush a war criminal, called cheney a war criminal, wanted to bring him to the hague! this is a game the democrats play. republicans shouldn't join in on it. dan, i think your words were really well taken, well written and we appreciate your being honest and we stand by the constitution. not one person but the u.s. constitution tonight and always we wish you the best as well. as the left attempts to sell political divisions, they are licking their chops. mikeke pillsbury will tell usmy about some of these stunning comments from the chinese presidentso just earlier today. that is next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: while political battles are dominating the landscape, bloomberg reporting today that resident is using ping issued an unusually noting time in the situation were on china's side. michael, is this at all surprising that with the
11:53 pm
incoming biden administration, china is feeling pretty cool right now? >> i was surprised they were open about it. they want joe biden to reverse quite a few steps the president trump took, but i thought they'd be more tactful and secretive rather than openly say that this is a new era, china is pulling ahead. obviously there are very thrilled about the possibility there will be no holding china accountable for the coronavirus. that's not what the new biden team has been talking about. a number of other reasons that china is quite optimistic. i but they could be wrong. also had a number of articles appears saying don't get too confident. there are some hawks around biden and we have to make sure those hawkses do not get his
11:54 pm
ear, one of the amusing articles i saw recently. >> laura: the impeachment battle ongoing, the capital incursion last week, that gives the opportunity to say, we told you so, democracy has had its day, never going to work long term and all of these elites here in the united states? they've already bet on china, a lot of them. really quick. >> that's a worldwide campaign theme the chinese has been pushing them exactly what you just said, laura. this shows the americans are unstable, irresponsible, wean chinese would never permit thiss kind of thing. of course they would machine gun anybody who tried to storm theed chinese capitol. >> laura: thanks for coming on, we really appreciate it to congress refusing to lower the temperature. weyag will tell you about it wn we comes back. ... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> laura: if you thought it was just democrats sowing division, listen to the overheated rhetoric at cnn. >> democrats are afraid.
12:00 am
i don't all these people aren't going to bring in terrorists to assassinate one of us. >> they are afraid for their own safety, sitting in a congressional chamber wondering whether the person sitting next to them is going to draw a firearm on them. >> laura: i don't -- i am -- i don't even know what to say about that. if you really care about healing the country, i would advise may be turning that off. that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. big news, shannon. i'm going to be watching. daymac it is a busy week. we will pick up where you left off and breaking tonight the senate talks mitch mcconnell, furious about what we saw last week, the violence against police officers heroically trying to defend the house and senate


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