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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 13, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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make sure you download the fox news art, open your cameras and the qr code on your screen. jillian: set your dvr for 4 a.m. every morning. thanks for joining us, "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> mr. president must be removed from office immediately. >> the chamber plans to impeach president trump for a second time. >> nancy pelosi to continue on this path, i think it's causing tremendous anger. >> we need to care more about the people in the country and less about the fact that they very much have political opponents. >> you two have suspended the president's account. >> company temporarily blocking president trump's official channel from uploading anything new. >> this is, again, tech giants taking president trump off any way to communicate with the american people. >> now revealed former
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california senator barbara boxer registered as a foreign agent for a chinese surveillance company. >> the chinese communist party has completely infiltrated the u.s. political system, especially the democratic party. >> like those who came before me, i kept my promises, and today we celebrate an extraordinary milestone, the completion of the promise, 450 miles of border wall. brian: all right, here we go, fox news alert you've been waiting for. the house plans to vote -- this isn't a repeat from last year -- to impeach the president for a second time. steve: probably by tonight. this after vice president mike pence has rejected the house's call to invoke the 25th amendment, and that sends the impeachment wheels into motion, ainsley. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in washington as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now say they will support impeachment. >> reporter: good morning. buckle up, it's going to be a busy day, and after the effort
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to get the 25th amendment failed, speaker pelosi will now plow forward to impeach the president for the second time in 13 months. watch. >> the president's actions demonstrate his absolute inability to charge the most basic and fundamental powers and duties of his office. therefore, the president must be removed from office immediately. >> reporter: and she thanked her nine impeachment managers, the list includes trump critics like ted lou and jamie raskin and eric swalwell who is under pressure to step down because of his ties to a chinese spy. swalwell has denied any wrongdoing. meanwhile, a defiant president trump visiting the texas border yesterday says this will only damage the countriful. >> the impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country, and it's causing tremendous anger and division and pain. far greater than most people
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will ever understand. which is very dangerous for the usa especially at this very tender time. >> reporter: this as gop support for the president is cracking. at least five republicans, you see here, say they will vote to impeach, most notable among this list, liz cheney. the house conference chair who says the president betrayed the his oath to the constitution. but other republicans like newly-elected nancy mace feels this is being rushed. >> for the same reasons that i voted to earthfy the electoral -- certify the electoral college last week will be the same that i have today. i think it's very important that we don't tear everything up. >> reporter: and in the senate, fox news told mitch mcconnell believes president trump committed impeachable offenses but he has not decided whether he will vote to impeachment he has also anticipated a senate trial isn't likely to occur until president trump has left office.
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brian: thanks so much, griff. what does it mean? as you mentioned, there were at least five republicans, unlike the first time they tried impeachment, they got none last time -- steve: five so far. there could be up to two dozen. brian: so on the senate side, romney, sasse and murkowski you're basically locked in. i think the biggest story is mitch mcconnell. the new"the new york times" bro, and it's not been denied. he's 50-50 on voting for impeachment, if he gets the opportunity to do it. they come back into session the 19th. the question is, does it help the country at all to impeach a guy that's at mar-a-lago e? we know the horrific acts of last week were precipitated or preceded by the speech, we get it. but that was a typical trump speech. it could be 5 degrees in the middle of wisconsin or 80 degrees in the middle of miami, that's what he does, he fires people up, he gets them going. this time he said go down and go
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to the capitol and be with herald, but he said peacefully. we can debate that. what i just said? debate that. not rocket it through. do we have a president who's going to put troops in a country and upset the other a party in quickly, let's impeach him or her? are we going to have a situation where maybe a president that's going to decide that every illegal is going to be a citizen and if the republican majority in the house is going to be upset about that, are we going to quickly do a rocket impeachment? this is a terrible precedent. mollie hemingway weighed in last night. >> this summer you had millions of people losing their jobs, having their cities rampaged, cops being dragged through the streets, businesses being burned, people being killed, and, you know, you had democrats not really saying anything for month after month after month until people saw that the polls showed people weren't supportive of these riots. and only when its calculates to the capitol to people in congress finally start taking
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this situation seriously. they need to care more about the people and the country and less about the fact that they very much have political opponents they would like to dispose of. brian: and i just wonder how many republicans are saying, well, i want to run in 2024, this is my chance to make sure trump won't, even though no one ever will say that was a good move to say march to the capitol and to act so slowly when this whole thing was unfolding. steve: listen, in addition to the fact that mitch mcconnell is sounds like it's better -- it's around 50-50, which way he's going to go, i think we dined of know though. his wife resigned herself from the cabinet. he feels that the reason he will no longer be senate majority leader is because donald trump lost the senate race down in georgia. he completely blames the president of the united states. and he says, essentially -- according to people close to mitch mitch mcconnell, he sees this as a fight for his legacy. defending the senate against the
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verbal assaults from the president and the literal attack of his followers last week x. it was the president who did egg them on last week, there is no doubt about that. then you've got the house, you've got kevin mccarthy, apparently he called steny hoyer and said, hey, rather than impeachment, how about censure? i can give you a lot of republicans who would sign on to censure, is and he said, apparently, steny hoyer did, nancy pelosi's not going to go along with that. he has also been asking various members of the house on the republican side should i call the president and tell him to quit, because the problem right now is politically, as brit hume observed, donald trump essentially has got a lot of problems with his future. watch. >> trump is obviously at this point radiowith active not just -- radioactive not just among liberals and democrats,
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but now to a great extent among everyday republicans. >> right. >> he retains his hardest of hard core base. they will be with him forever, i'm sure. but the rest of the republican party, they're looking at this and saying what we don't want is this guy hanging around in two or four years, in two years during the congressional elections and, worst of all, running for president again after that. because, you know, he'll pull off a segment of the republican vote, make it unavailable to ordinary republicans, regular republicans and be a curse on them. steve: and that is why today's vote be so interesting to see how it shakes out. the white house is expecting, according to "the washington post," at least a dozen house members on the republican side and another big, major. newspaper, ainsley, says it could be two dozen republicans say, yep, we need to go ahead and impeach our president. ainsley: and could be some additional senators as well as the week continues to unfold.
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karl rove was asked why do you think mitch mcconnell would support this, and he said there's several reasons. maybe he believes this is inevitabling, he's going to be impeached, or it could be that he's just had enough after the president was charging the stolen election after the capitol riot. but he goes on to say even if he's not impeached, this does make it easier, a path easier for the party to move beyond donald trump. to your point, brian, it's going to be interesting to see over the next four years who is going to step up if they want new blood, so to speak, in the republican party -- brian: but if mitch mcconnell is such a great politician, does he understand that there's no sign the president's lost his base with. so if you actually want to build on the prime minister's base and bring the party -- the president's base and bring the party in a subtle or dramatic new direction, why do it without them with only days left? it makes no sense. kevin mccarthy's idea of censure is the perfect, it's the
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perfect thing to bring up now because with republicans say i can't back that up. i almost died. mike pence was almost hanged. you could say, man, we were physically in danger because of security, and at the same time send a message and then let the president go next tuesday or wednesday and then move on. why fracture unnecessarily? steve: because, brian, you're talking about people who with work in the congress, and we're talking about the congress was under attack last week. it was looted. there was a riot. brian: so spotterland every day -- so is portland every day -- steve: brian. brian brian those people have lives too. all the statehouses and the police offices that were ransacked and nobody cares? steve: i don't think what they were doing in portland was trying to overthrow the democracy -- brian: well, if they could, they would. steve: right, i get it. and there is some equivalency
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when you look at the fact that they were both attacked. ainsley: right. steve: but this was, essentially are -- and some people have used, people on the political left say the president incited this -- the president is the one who said come to washington, let's have this big thing, it's going to be wild. and it was wild. mitch mcconnell and also kevin mccarthy are trying to figure out how to punish him because they say he has gone too far. brian brian right. ainsley: well, and mike pence was talking about, hey, i'm not going to use the 25th amendment, but he wrote a letter to nancy pelosi saying you implemented this commission, this 25th amendment commission back at the end of 2020, a few months ago, and i'm using your exact words. you used this, you said this is only for medical reasons could you remove a president. and he said -- steve: because it's nebraska been done. ainsley: and he also read some scripture that was beautiful. for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose
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under heaven, a time to heal and a time to build up. i think the country does need healing, the republican party's going to have to find a way to make the trump loyalists happy and also those who might not vote for him now, how they're going to come together as a party. now to another fox news alert. the world's largest video platform is suspending the president. brian: expected. youtube says, quote, after a review and a lot of concerns, we removed new content uploaded to donald j. trump's channel for violating our policy. it is now has its first strike and is temporarily prevented from uploading new content for a minimum of seven days. owned by google. steve: youtube now joined a number of giant, monster monopoly tech giants that are imposing bans on the president's accounts in the wake of the capitol hill riot that happened just one week ago. and, you know, over the last couple of days we've been
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talking about the uneven standards. when you look at what they did to parler, they pulled the plug. they all colluded, they got together, the monopolies, the mega, monster monopolies from silicon valley, and they pulled the plug on parler. today the pages of the new york post, david marcus of the federalist takes a look at how up even it really is. uneven. and how, wait a minute, things were said on parler, but have you looked at what is said on twitter? a hashtag on twitter right now is kill trump. ainsley: smiley are face. steve: yeah. someone take this clown out now, that tweet still up. and he summarizes it this way with: what is really happening, and it's a great observation, what is really happening here is that twitter ceo jack dorsey is taking advantage of the tragic and chaotic events at the capitol to secure his company's dominance. it is deeply un-american, and it deserves to be called out. twitter has the right to police
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speech on its platform, but they must apply the rules equally to everyone if it claims to be a neutral platform and not a publisher. but, unfortunately, right now, ainsley and brian, it is not a neutral platform. ainsley: well, what happened on youtube is these civil rights groups, they threatened a national boycott if youtube did not remove the channel. so they say they're going to do that for at least the next week, it could go on longer than that, could go on indefinitely, but they just want the next week to be violence-free, and they're scared that the president would incite violence, and so that's why they did this. glenn greenwald, he's a journalist, and he blasted it. listen to this. >> facebook has committees now the way government has committees studying what is true, what is false, what kind of speech is dangerous, what kind of speech isn't dangerous, and that's why the amazing thing that in the wake of twitter and facebook's ban of trump, you have numerous democracies around
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the world who have no love lost for the president, quite the contrary. the president of mexico, french ministers who came out and said this is extremely dangerous that silicon valley is anointing itself the world's media that controls and is more powerful than other democracies because they know that's coming for their democracy as well. ainsley: the president posted a video on youtube, and it was talking about how impeachment would be very dangerous for the united states of america, and youtube took it down. brian: joe biden, i think up until about a year ago, saw this as a huge problem. he changed gears a little bit and, of course, when it's hurting conservatives and corporate america decided to stay away from conservatives, protesting the electoral college conclusion last wednesday, now you have twitter and all the major social media pages punishing conservatives. just a note too out of nowhere facebook has decided to take down iran's facebook page. facebook also start thed labeling russia's sputnik, press
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tv, china's news agency. so they are trying to, i get, get everything in line. and uganda, it was outlined ridiculously, the ridiculousness was outlined last night on tucker, watching that election closely. big tech firms are watching that election closely. and i'll just close with this. when you say it was so disturbing that the president of the united states wassing contesting the 2020 election and how dare he do that, this tweet has remerged. nancy pelosi, may 16, 2017, our election was hijacked. there is no question. congress has a duty to hashtag protect our democracy and hashtag follow the facts. that seems so dangerous today, doesn't it? because if donald trump did that, his account would be taken down, it certainly would be frozen. it's amazing how quick we have changed when it comes to sole media -- social media depending on who says it. steve: exactly. because every time there is a
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crackdown, it always seems to crack down on one side. anyway, it is a very, very busy wednesday. we've got lots of other headlines, and for that we go to jillian. jillian: good morning. let's begin with a fox news alert. at least 23 people are reportedly dead and 28 injured. a senior u.s. intel official tells the associated press the u.s. provided the intel and the warehouses near the syria/iraq border for being used to store and stage weapons. the 18 strikes reportedly caused heavy damage. keep you update on that story. more than 170 people are charged in connection to the capitol riots. federal officials warned it was, quote, only the beginning as the number is expected to run into the hundreds. senate minority leader chuck schumer wants suspects placed on the no-fly list calling them insurrectionists and threats to the home lamb. no word on the fbi will follow through with the request.
3:18 am
health and human services secretary alex a azar directs states to start vaccinating people 65 and older for the coronavirus. the directive come cans as the government is set to release a large supply of doses it has been withholding to insure that vaccinated americans got their second dose. and green bay peakers' star aaron rodgers is getting a turn at being a guest host on jeopardy. >> one of my idols growing up was alex trebek. they're doing some guest hosting spots, and it's going to be released here pretty soon, but i had the opportunity to do one of those. [cheers and applause] jillian: okay. so the quarterback later apologized for actually letting the cat out of the bag. jeffrey has yet to make an official -- jeopardy has yet to make a permanent announcement. those are your headlines, i'll send it back to you. steve: and not even in the form of a question.
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[laughter] jillian: right. ainsley: he made the announcement. all right, that's cute. thanks so much, jillian. still ahead, he is accused of having ties to an alleged chinese spy, so why is speaker pelosi rewarding him as a trump impeachment manager? charlie hurt is going to sound off on that coming up next. ♪ muck. ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go now? i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it. it really hurt. then i started cosentyx. okay, thanks... that was four years ago. how are you? see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms,
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steve: our top story on this wednesday there from capitol hill, the house of representatives is going to push to impeach the president of the united states. the vote probably tonight. so far at least five house republicans have announced that they will voter for impeachment. the white house does expect that number to at least double, and
3:24 am
sources tell fox news that mitch mcconnell furious with the president, but it's unclear if he would actually vote to impeachment right now, according to axios, 50-50 whether mitch would do that. charlie hurt here to react. what happened about a week ago today is just as bad as anything i've seen in washington, and i'm an old guy. there are people on both sides of the aisle who feel the president needs to be held accountable, but they're trying to figure out if you're a republican, how far do i go out there? because i still want to be a politician, and i want -- i don't want donald trump to come after me someday. >> sure. no, this is all pure, raw, brutal politics. and democrats are doing this because they can, and they have all the levers of power right now, and they can get away with it. and it's a big win for them and in a weird way, you know, once president trump is out of the
3:25 am
white house, democrats are going to have one less thing to bang the drum about, so they want to bang that thing as much as they can in the last six days. because for them, you know, they feel like being able to complain about trump, trump has been good for their politics. on the republican side, it's a little bit more difficult. they're in a situation right now where, and it's a tricky line that they're walking. on the one hand, a lot of them want to, as you point out, condemn trump for his style. but the problem is president trump brought millions of new voters to the table, he also brought some issues that they had ignored for years. and if republicans try to dump all the blame on trump and not stop and think about what they have done to bring us to the current situation politically, then republicans are never going to get out of the wilderness if they don't figure that stuff out. steve: well, you know, for so
3:26 am
many, for the tens of millions of people who voted for donald trump, they are confused because of what they have seen in the last week. because had that rally not happened, had he not summoned those tens of thousands of people to washington, d.c. and had there not been the looting and rioting at the capitol, we wouldn't be talking about how donald trump's going to be ill peached tonight -- impeached tonight. we would just be talking about how he continues to insist the election was stolen and the system is rigged. it is what it is but here we are. >> but, you know, i think it's possible to overstate the degree to which president trump is to blame for all of this. if you, you know, i -- people say he incited the riot, i always ask them the same thing, show me the line in his speech where he incited that riot. they can pick words here and there, they can talk about the way he talked about things, but, you know, the fact that he was challenging the election and we were having a political debate, a very boisterous, typically
3:27 am
trump political debate about the unfairness of the election, that's not the same as a riot. that's not the same as inciting a riot. that's called public discourse, a public debate, and trump has always been very boisterous about all of this. and that's good. and when people, you know, we saw this as soon as congress came back in session, democrats accusing republicans of treason because they were challenging the election results. no, that's not treason. that's called debate. that's what this is all about. and the reason we have debate is so that we don't have riots and fistfights. steve: right. >> so i think people are getting a little carried away with this business of blaming trump for inciting this thing. i just don't see it. steve: okay. before you go, one of the impeachment managers is going to be eric swalwell who got caught up a couple of weeks ago -- [laughter] in that chinese spy thing, and now nancy pelosi has said, you know what? forget about that. i put you on the house intel
3:28 am
committee, now you're with an impeachment manager. congratulations. >> eric swalwell, who will fall for anything. you know? because the first impeachment was such a shining moment for him. steve: yeah, worked out great. >> you know, all of the debunked conspiracy theories that led up to the first impeachment, nobody bought them more than eric swalwell. and, you know, to me, it all reveals the fundamental unseriousness that nancy pelosi and democrats in congress are about actually governing and actually addressing all the important issues that drove all of those millions of supporters that you mentioned a minute ago over to trump in the 23eurs place. steve: it's going to happen tonight. the vote this evening. you'll see it right here on fox as you just saw charlie hurt. charlie, thank you very much for joining us from the commonwealth of virginia. >> thanks, steve. steve: meanwhile, l.a. schools now requiring students to get a
3:29 am
vaccine shot before returning to the classroom. the only problem? dr. nicole saphier says this does not follow the science. and she's coming up next.
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then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ♪ ♪ ainsley: the los angeles superintendent announcing that schools will require all students to get a coronavirus vaccine in order to return to the classroom once they are made available to all the children,
3:33 am
but does that plan follow the science? even the american academy of pediatrics has said children are not to blame for the spread of the virus, so let's bring in dr. nicole sapphire. good morning, doctor. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: do you recommend this? >> well, i think this comment was premature. albert often stein said you learn from the past, but you never stop questioning. bottom line, comments like this saying children are going to require vaccination for a virus we still don't know a lot about just invokes more panic. and the truth is the data tells us we are not seeing it spreading throughout the school communities as long as community spread is down, children are safe to do in-person learning. we know that the infection fatality rate for children is far lower than that of adults. and the superintendent also compared covid-19 to measles and the flu saying it'll be no different than some of these
3:34 am
other vaccines where we require them for children to be in school. but the truth is, ainsley, the infection fatality rate for children is far lower than that of measles and that of flu. and also pfizer and moderna haven't actually tested their vaccine in children yet. pfizer is currently looking at children aged 12-16, but pfizer and moderna both say they're not going of the data on young children probably towards the end of 2022, so statements like this are far too premature and only going to invoke fear and panic, and we don't need that right now. we need to continue doing everything we can to get our children in school as safely as possible. in-person learning is best for our children. ainsley: i assume if the fda says it's safe for adults, it should be safe for children too, but as a participant, would you allow your -- parent? would you allow your boys to get it? >> there are a lot of medications that are not, and when we look at clinical trials for children, they start with
3:35 am
the older children with low doses, and they kind of work like this. they increase the dose as they slowly decrease the age to be very careful by making sure it is safe for children, so we'll see. time will tell, and we immediate to make sure they take it very slow -- ainsley: so we don't even have the data yet to say it is safe for children -- >> we're nowhere near having the data yet. ainsley: when will we have vaccines for kids? when will they be available? >> pfizer and moderna said end of 2022, they'll have data on it. but i do not see an fda approval for children anytime in the future, maybe towards the end of 2021, but i'd say closer towards 2022. ainsley: and i think parents will push back until we know more about it. this is great news, the u.s. cancer rate has dropped more than ever. the numbers are in 2017-2018, the death rate dropped 2.4%, and then if you look at 1991-2018,
3:36 am
it dropped 31%. this is great especially for you in your field, because you help cancer patients that recover. or get treated. >> that's right. great news on the cancer front. we continue to see a decline in cancer mortality largely due to lung cancer screening and decreased amount of cigarette smoking and tobacco use. still over 30 million americans are smoking cigarettes and that increases their risk of lung cancer specifically by 15-30%, so i implore everybody to continue living your healthiest life. the biggest thing i find concerning is the fact that people are not getting their cancer screenings, and we are seeing later-stage cancer being diagnosed. we have to keep up that momentum, we have to focus on early detection, early treatment and living our best and healthiest life. ainsley: absolutely. dr. saphier, always good to see you. thank you for being on with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: overnight google-owned youtube suspends president trump's official account, and as
3:37 am
more tech giants muzzle conservative voices, the novel "1984" now a top seller. of jason chaffetz sounds off next. of and to continue living that dream throughout their lives. at newday usa, we have va refinance loans to do just that. from refinancing to lower your monthly mortgage payments to refinancing and getting cash for your family. whatever you need, we're here. you're strong. you power through chronic migraine-15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine check with your doctor if botox® is right for you and, if samples are available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection
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powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold. >> this impeachment is causing tremendous anger, and you're doing it, and it's really a terrible thing that they're doing. for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to continue on this path, i think it's causing tremendous danger to our country, and it's causing tremendous anger. i want no violence. brian: and and we have less than a week to go before the president leaves expect new president's in. they're on a rocket impeachment which i didn't think with was possible. jason chaffetz is with us. i'm going to put you back in the house for a second. if it was the up to you to vote today, would you be with people like liz cheney who's going to vote to impeach or people like andy biggs who wants to get rid of liz cheney?
3:42 am
>> i would not vote to impeach the president. there is nothing in that resolution which i have have read that they can point to where donald trump invoked violence. no doubt that it was a shameful day. i didn't like it. i was a little bit frustrated with the president, but it's not an impeachable offense. if they had a line in the speech from donald trump where he invoked violence and to break the law, they would have put it in there, but they didn't. and i think it's a dangerous precedent. i think it's not warranted. and it's not going to fix the problem. it's not going to solve things. it's going to further divide the country, and i just think it is wrong. steve: well, you know what's interesting is the republican leadership is not telling their, the caucuses how to vote. i mean, on a big day like today normally in all the other impeachments, you know, you've got people who, okay, look, we've all got to stand together. this time they're going we're not going to tell you how to vote.
3:43 am
mitch mcconnell, apparently, is 50-50, and it sounds like kevin mccarthy knows that something has to be done and would, has already floated the idea, hey, i've got a bunch of republicans who would sign up for censure. >> yeah, i think censure is where most people want to be. but remember, this is not how nancy pelosi operates. she's not there to actually solve the problem. she wants to divide the republican party. the nancy pelosi i know is all about nancy pelosi and the democratic party, and she wants to continue to further this fight. she's not doing things in this last week before the new president is sworn in that will actually unite the country. so when they say, oh, we want to unite the country, where's the evidence of that? ainsley: you know what's interesting is youtube has now suspended trump's official channel. but if you look -- and if you look at amazon and the top books right now, think it's number three steve said, we just checked, the book "1984,"s it is
3:44 am
written by george orwell, same author as "animal farm," one of the most celebrated classics of the 20th century, a man trapped under the gaze of an authoritarian state feels more relevant nowen than ever before. and it's about a man who tries to find some form of escape because he's desperate because of this all-encompassing, authoritarian government. what do you say? >> you know, it's ironic to me that when donald trump took office, these were the types of things that democrats said that donald trump is going to do. donald trump didn't do any of those things that he was accused, and she was foreshadowed to do, and yet now you see this transition of power coming, and you see these big tech companies taking on this teacher role, you know, trying to slap these students and say go sit in the or corner, we don't want to ever hear from you. that is not the american way. even foreign countries are recognizing that this is not the american way. i think it is fundamentally wrong, it is suppression of our first amendment rights, and
3:45 am
people will argue, well, they're private companies, they can do what they want. but that is just not why congress gave them this section 230, you know, ability to go out and put out these platforms to further our discussions even though there's a lot of vitriol. brian: hey, jason, did the government play a role in the construction of these sites, the clouds and the internet? >> yes. brian: so they were there fist, they got the subsidies, and now they're trying to say they're private entities. technically they are, but they were propped up and the foundation was laid, the cement was drawn out, and now that they want to turn around and say no one else is allowed in. >> yeah. the internet was actually created by, i believe, the pentagon. it was the united states military that developed this, and it moved forward. and, again, congress gave them special powers and exempted them from any sort of liability so that they could go out there -- i remember personally when jack
3:46 am
dorsey came to capitol hill and met with me and pled that he needed more freedom to get twitter out there. he was doing these types of things. we had tim cook, the head of apple have private dinners with myself and devin nuñes pleading for us to make sure that they could get out there and do more and more. so every one of them is culpable of lobbying and going after republicans and saying, hey, we need more of this. and then all of a sudden you turn around and now they're using it as a tool to bludgeon republicans. it's so wrong. steve: all right. >> it is so one way. steve: meanwhile, coming up on -- i'm going to circle my calendar, april 6th, you've got a brand new book out. it's called "they never let a crisis go to waste: the truth about disaster liberalism. " now, is rahm emmanuel going to be a co-author on this? because he famously said never let a crisis go to waste. >> when i was elected in 2008, i
3:47 am
met with rahm emmanuel as a freshman member, and then he made this comment. and you know what? through my eight and a half years in congress, it really illuminated the idea that democrats will use a crisis to give government unlimited power. and so guess what? government has figured out that they needed unlimited number of crises because that's how they get all the power x. rarely do the democrats push for anything other than we need more power. so this book, i'm excited about it, comes out, and i appreciate you showing it. steve: jason, one quick question. in "the new york post" today an op-ed person says that's what's going on right now with the big social media platforms. they're not letting a crisis go to waste, they're taking what happened last week and using it to punish donald trump. >> they do it, they did it with covid. the whole, there's a whole book chock full of examples of how democrats have used and liberals have gone out and used a crisis as an excuse.
3:48 am
more government, more spending, more control, less liberty, less freedom for americans. that's exactly what's playing out in realtime. it happened in 2020, and it's happened, going to happen in the future. when you see this, when you see the book, it illuminates it. and once you see it, then you understand where the democratic playbook is. ainsley: it comes out on april 6th, but you can preorder, i assume, on amazon. brian: we'll see you in april. [laughter] ainsley: hopefully before. let's go to janice dean. janice: hi, it's cold but not as cold as next week. that's a tease because some of that cold air that has been trapped in canada is going to start to knock on our door. this is our storm system that's moving in from the west, going to be quite a bit of snow for the upper midwest, the northern plains, even the interior northeast. so this is a pretty impressive storm system that's going to set up on thursday and friday. if you live across the upper
3:49 am
midwest, northern plains, you need to watch your forecast because we could get some measurable snow, and there's where that cold air's going to settle in starting next week over the next two weeks. the polar vortex is going to take over, and we'll start talking about some pattern changes in the weather department. steve, eapsly, brian, back to you. brian: all right. something to look forward to, pattern changes in the weather department. [laughter] coming up straight ahead, we've got congresswoman elise stefanik, congressman greg steube, steve forbes is going to be here to try to justify his magazine's new position when it comes to republicans. ♪ ♪ tomi lahren and rob smith. ♪
3:50 am
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♪ ♪ brian: president trump visiting texas to tout his administration's work on the border wall and warning the next administration to leave the wall alone and build it after acting cbp commissioner mark morgan is there. mark, 450 miles done, just like you promised, 52. how much money do you have left to build how many more miles? >> well, brian, so that's a great question. not only on december 31st did i
3:54 am
wake up being briefed that we had completed our goal, but this president's administration has actually given us enough money to build an additional 350 miles of wall system on our southwest border. it's a historic, game-changing achievement. brian: if you stop building that wall, you could save money, right? >> stop building the wall? no, it's not going to save money. that's a myth that's out there, brian. that's an absolute false narrative. if we stop building the wall, not only do you take away a very essential tool in our strategy to secure our border, safeguard this country, but it's going to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. we're actually going to have to pay contractors extra money to pull out rebar and fill in trenches they've already dug. it's going to cost about 5,000 jobs. another quick example, materials, we've got about 270,000 tons of ballasts already produced. we're going to have to pay the contractors more to either store it or destroy it.
3:55 am
it's ridiculous. brian: mark, you went and did some research. chuck schumer said what in 2009? >> yeah, this is from a law enforcement perspective, this is what drives me crazy, is the hypocrisy. 2009, a speech he gave at georgetown university, he said back then what we've been saying is what our multilayer strategy of infrastructure, technology and personnel works everywhere it's imemployeed. -- employed. he actually said those exact words in 2009, that we needed to pursue infrastructure, technology and personnel to safeguard our borders. look it up. brian: every time republicans talk about immigration reform, they say secure the border first. this would allow joe biden to do comprehensive immigration reform if they let them finish the wall. >> absolutely. and another thing that they talk about with immigration is that chuck schumer said this as well, we've got to focus first on
3:56 am
illegal immigration. we've got to address that. that's what we've been saying all along. it's about legal immigration. we should be with united on this, and that's why i'm comfortable saying this is nothing but pure politics, they're putting politics and political power over public safety. it's dangerous, and the american people should stand up. brian: on your resumé put a check mark. you did exactly what you said you would do, and there's enough for another 350. i hope joe biden realizes it's in our best interests as a country not a matter. mark, thanks so much. >> you bet, brian. brian: coming up, congresswoman elise stefanik canceled from her ownal ma matter, harvard. she explains live next, or tries to explain.
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ brian: the house plans to vote to impeach the president for a second time. >> the impeachment hoax causing tremendous anger and division and pain. >> the democrats are doing this because they can, and they have all the levers of power right now, and they can get away with it. >> the world's largest video platform blocking president trump. this is extremely dangerous as silicon valley is anointing itself the world's media that controls and is more powerful than other democrats. >> the los angeles superintendent announcing that schools will require all students to get a coronavirus vaccine in order to return to the classroom. >> they're not going to have data on young children probably until the ending of 2022. so statements like this sow fear
4:01 am
and panic, and we don't need that right now. >> congresswoman elise stefanik was removed from harvard's senior advisory panel. >> this is an example of harvard bowing to the woke far-left mob. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. a live look down at capitol hill where the house plans to vote to inpeach president trump for a second time. brian brian this after vice president pence rejects the house's call to invoke the 25th amendment. he has a letter that goes along with it. steve: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. on this historic day. >> reporter: historic and busy. good morning to you. after trying to force vice president pence to invoke the 25th to no avail, speaker pelosi will now vote today to impeach president trump as you point out. he will be the president to be impeached twice in history. here's or speaker pelosi. >> the president's actions demonstrate his absolute inability to charge the most basic and fundamental powers and
4:02 am
duties of his office. therefore, the president must be removed from office immediately. >> reporter: but a defiant president trump, while visiting the texas border yesterday, says this only hurts the countriment. >> the impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger andty have vision and painful far greater than most people will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the usa especially at this very tender the time. >> reporter: here's what we're watching, at least five house republicans say they will vote to impeach, you see them here. most notable, liz cheney, the house conference chair, who issued this statement saying, quote: there has never been a greater betrayal of the president of the united states of his office and his oath to the constitution. that's drawing backlash from some of her colleagues. >> i've called for her resignation. i don't think she should be the chair of the republican
4:03 am
conference anymore. the reality she's not representing the conference. >> reporter: meanwhile, pelosi naming nine impeachment managers including trump critics like jamie raskin and eric swalwell who is under pressure to resign because of his ties to a chinese spy. swalwell has denied wrongdoing. it's unclear if pelosi would send this to the trial -- to the senate for trial where, fox is told mitch mcconnell is saying a senate trial not likely to occur until after president trump has left a office. ainsley: thank you so much, griff. axios is saying there's a better than 50-50 shot that mitch mcconnell will vote to impeachment many are asking why he would do this, and his associates are telling people, sources say, that it would allow him to get rid of trump, the party would be able to get rid
4:04 am
of trump. and there were comments that he was pleased by this impeachment, and his associates are now saying take out the word pleased, he's not pleased by anything. karl rove said he could be doing this because he knows impeachment is inevitable, or he could be doing this just so the party can move on, and he's just had enough. he says it's easier, even he's not impeached, it makes it easier for the party to move beyond trump. steve: mitch mcconnell is privately blaming donald trump for the fact that he's going to be minority leader because thanks to, you know, what donald trump did in the runup to the georgia senate runoff cost him control of the senate. brian? brian: yeah. so mitch mcconnell does this, it'd be something that i think is not typical of the way he acts. he usually is so street smart and politically savvy that he always thinks around the corner, he always thinks what's next. so he looks at the president, he doesn't know him well, his wife
4:05 am
works for him for three and a half years. together they put hundreds of justices, judges on the bench. then they have confirmed three supreme court justices. they do tax reform, middle east peace, abraham accords. nothing gets done without mitch mcconnell working hand in hand with the president. after a while they actually had a very respectful relationship. obviously, it's not gone well for anyone. think the president -- i think the president has a series of terrible moves really since november 5th when it became clear he lost the election. but to me, if membership mccome cared about -- hiv mcconnell cared about the country and not his party, you're telling him go jump in a lake is not the best thing for the country and the party. it further enflames not violence, but it creates anger and dissociation with people and their government. i'm not talking about the people that marched on washington. i'm talking about the family in
4:06 am
montana that likes trump, another one in texas that likes trump that agrees that he has not acted maturely since november 5th. but the last thing they want is to see someone impeached four days out on a pure symbolic move. charlie hurt said this yesterday -- today. >> on the republican side, it's a little bit more difficult. they're in a situation right now where, and it's a tricky line that they're walking because on the one hand a lot of them want to, as you point out, condemn trump for his style. but the problem is president trump brought millions of new voters to the table, he also brought some issues that they had ignored for years. and if republicans try to dump all the blame on trump and not stop and think about what they have done to bring us to the current situation politically, then republicans are never going to get out of the wilderness if they don't figure that stuff
4:07 am
out. brian: and please keep in mind, they're not stopping with president trump. mitch mcconnell should know that ted cruz is being haley scrutinized, and people are asking him to resign. josh hawley, an up and coming star on the left because he went to bat on that electoral challenge, they're asking him to resign. just about everyone that's been strict with the 100-plus members of the house that actually sided with the electoral challenge, they're being pressured by corporations. they're not going to get support. he has a chance to bring it together and turn the page. it's going to happen on the 20th. i don't know why he prefers to lengthen this process. steve: well, brian, you know for those people who voted for trump, no doubt about it, they are confused and heart broken that, you know, this has all happened. but what is going to happen today with this impeachment vote has 100% to do with what happened just a week ago where the president called people to washington and then he sent them
4:08 am
up to capitol hill to give those people a piece of their mind, and they did. they also took a piece of the building as well, and that's the problem. there was looting, there was rioting. there's just a lot of people who feel that the president should be punished including kevin mccarthy who is behind a movement to censure the president rather than impeachment what's curious about when you look at the gop leadership, the number three person in the representative house is liz cheney, and it was a week ago today during the certification vote are she was trying to convince republicans to reject the challenge. you know, don't buy into the president saying it was stolen from him, and it was rigged and things like that. but as she was on the house floor, the president down the street at the rally was saying about her -- this is the president on liz cheney -- we've got to get rid of weak congress people, the ones that aren't any
4:09 am
good, the liz cheneys of the world. and then he urged the crowd to march to capitol hill. you know who was watching that on tv? liz cheney's dad. dick cheney was watching. and as soon as she was off the floor, he called her and said the president of the united states has just attacked you. and she, about the same time she heard bang on the big door in the white house chamber, and then she heard a gunshot, and then she was taken off the floor to a secure location. she called in to fox news, and she said on our air there's no question that the president formed the mob, president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob, he lit the flame. of course, yesterday the president said people thought that what i said was totally appropriate. liz cheney did not think so. so you've got the number three person in the house of representatives on the republican side today historically, ainsley, about to vote to impeach the leader of
4:10 am
her party from what happened a week ago today. ainsley: yeah. so much changed after that riot on the capitol, and people decided not to vote to object. remember are, there were a lot of people that were going to elect. there were still 150, i think, that did, and now they're being iced out by these companies. the josh hawleys, the ted cruzs, and respect going to get campaign donations from these companies now. the same thing's happening to president when it comes to social immediate yahoo!. youtube has man -- youtube. they've banned the president's channel. they're joining all the social media platforms, they've blocked the president because they said they're concerned about ongoing potential for violence. this is exactly what they said in this tweet: after review in in and in light of concerns, we removed new content uploaded to donald trump's channel for violating our policy. it now has etc. first strike and is -- its first strike and is temporarily
4:11 am
blocked for a minimum of seven days. we will also be indefinitely enabling comments on president trump's channel as we have done to other channels where there are safety concerns found in the comments section. they're talking about a video that the president posted yesterday that he said impeaching, impeaching him would be very dangerous for the united states of america, and youtube removed it. brian: right. just outlined today david marks at the federalist whose column was in "the new york post" that on twitter right now if you want to take that down, take that down. you're right. but why do you leave up hashtag kill trump, hashtag arrest trump? why do you leave up for a period of time hashtag assassinate trump? is that going to bring us together? why do you have a tweet that says i hope all trump fans die of covid? that's fantastic, isn't it? among the people that are alarmed by what social media's doing comprehensively, you know, google and apple, arch arrives?
4:12 am
if -- rivals? not when it comes to this. they all agree the president and others need to be taken down. among people upset by that is angela merkel. she says this is disturbing. in brazil, what kind of world is it when brutal dictator venezuela who can have his social media page up but the president can't? and an e.i. official also -- e.u. official also said this is disturbing, and obrador of mexico also condemned this add did the australian prime minister, the acting prime minister. there are people around the world saying i minority agree with donald trump -- i may not if agree with donald trump, but they're concerned about media companies asserting their powers on world leaders. steve: you know, and when you think about what they're doing, keep in mind they are private businesses, and they are not protected by the first
4:13 am
amendment. and for the most part, they can do whatever they want to, and this is what they want to. after donald trump won the election in 2016, they said we can't ever let that happen again. we told you that for four years. fast forward and see how those big social media companies, these monster monopolies that have been enabled by the federal statute of section 230 where they receive liability protection, that's how they've been able to flourish. you know, and it hasn't just protected twitter and facebook, it also protected parler which now we understand is going to be coming back. it sounds like somehow they have been able to figure out a way to reinstitute the infrastructure that put them into people's hands. ainsley: so there is this professor that was on another network, a harvard professor, she worked for obama for dhs, she was one of his officials, and she's talking about forget unity. she said the left is in a
4:14 am
counterterrorism effort against censoring and erasing trump. will be to this. listen to this. >> trump is the spiritual but i will also say the operational leader of this domestic terrorism effort. we need to start at the top. impeachment, yes. 25th amendment, yes. deplatforming, yes. all of the above. no money, no access to campaign funds, a complete isolation. because as the leader of a terrorist organization, it's view ared as a loser, as a not-winner,s it is harder for him to recruit. enough with the less unity and stuff. this is a tactical effort right now to make sure that we protect american citizens and, of course, the next president of the united states. ainsley: let's push the mute button on president trump, and that will be successful, she says. brian: it's going to be a wild close to this week. and i thought ken mccarthy had the best remedy for it. no unwith liked -- no one liked what happened, a censure would
4:15 am
be on the record. but we have the transfer of power without the -- ainsley: centrist to reprimand, right. brian: yeah. it goes on the record. in the back of your mind, do you know the one thing people care about? businesses aren't open, they can't go back to school, they can't get a vaccine, but yet we have them, and deaths are up 49%. in the big picture, the pandemic has not even been addressed by the speaker of the house that said all i need a president to work with, and then i'll give you the money to live on. meanwhile, jillian's got all the other muse for us. she's been working on that. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. at least 23 people are reportedly dead and 28 injustified after israeli air attacks. the u.s. provided the intel for the warehouses near the syria/iraq border. the 18 strikes reportedly caused haugh damage to the depot.
4:16 am
more than 170 people are charged in connection to the capitol riots. federal officials warned it was, quote, only the beginning as the number is expected to run into the hundreds. senate minority leader chuck schumer wants riot suspects placed on the no-fly list calling them insurrectionists and threats to the homeland. no word if the fbi will follow through with the request. the cdc will soon require covid-19 tests for anyone flying into the united states. all international travelers must show proof of a negative test within three days before boarding their flight. the measure will go into effect january 26th. if a passenger cannot show proof of a negative test, the airline must deny them from boarding the plane. an illinois man pulled off the ultimate surprise. watch this. >> i woke up in the middle of the night just with a feeling from god that i was going back to school, i was going to go get my degree, and i was going to do it as a surprise to my family.
4:17 am
jillian: mike loven revealing his diploma at his daughter's graduation party. that is awesome. [laughter] steve: so was he able to do that during the covid lockdown where everybody's at home, they've got a lot of time on their hands? jillian: he was very busy on this spread sheet. steve: that's great. congratulations. brian: and that is a beautiful campus. i was able to speak there about a year ago, grand canyon. 17 minutes after the hour. ainsley: conservatives slamming big tech as yet another major platform censors president trump. congressman greg steube has a plan to fight back, and he's going to join us live next. ♪ have a nice day ♪♪
4:18 am
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♪ ♪ steve: as big tech, those monster monopolies in california and silicon valley, move to mute president trump -- the latest is youtube -- and some of his supporters, our next best is reintroducing a bill to curb online censorship by making section 230 immunity conditional upon platforms allowing all free speech. florida republican congressman greg steube behind the legislation joins us now from, as you can see, capitol hill. congressman, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. thanks verying if me. steve: what would this legislation do? >> on the outset, it applies what's called a market dominance test because we still need to protect social media companies like parler who are very small unlike facebook and twitter and otherwise. so it applies that market dominance test, and if you are dominant in the marketplace, then you have to abide by the
4:23 am
first amendment rights of americans. and if you cede members' and others' first amendment rights to free speech, it creates a private right cause of action for, say, "the new york post" when they shut down that article about hunter biden or individuals who are censored to have a private right of cause of action against that company in court. they should not have liability protection if they are acting like newspapers or fox news or others and editorializing contend. steve: you know what? that seems like a no-brainer, congressman. what sort of support do you have from the other side? the democrat, obviously they're in the majority, you need their help to get this through. we've heard a bunch of democrats are steamed at the social media platforms. >> very early on in this past year, i sit on the judiciary committee and the subcommittee for antitrust, chairman cicilline had huge hearings, big research papers and memos on breaking up big tech.
4:24 am
so their approach was, and you heard elizabeth warren talking about it on the campaign trail, their approach was break up these big companies like facebook and twitter and google and apple and not look at it from a section 230 perspective. so there was an article yesterday or the day before that i saw cicilline commenting there's still some things he wants done on this, so i'm hopeful this is actually something where democrats and republicans can agree. we disagree with the nature in which we can go after them, maybe this can be some compromise to get the american people some justice here. steve: this week we've been talking about parler are, the social media site popular with a number of conservatives, how they got shut down when amazon pulled the plug on them. the interesting thing about that, congressman, is amazon had cleared them, like, tuesday -- rather, thursday of last week, and then a day or two later they go, you know what? we were wrong, and we're going to pull the plug on you. and at the same time within the same 24-hour period, amazon and
4:25 am
apple and google, they all pulled the plug on parler, and it looked like it was collusion. it looked like these monopolies all got together and said, or you know what? we're going to punish that site which had a bunch of bad stuff on it this advance of the riots, but so does twitter. the ayatollah still has his twitter feed. >> yeah. i can guarantee you these big tech companies communicate with each other, and they do things like that, and it's specifically targeted at conservatives right now. and they can get away with it. you heard jack dorsey in a congressional hearing say, oh, it was a mistake to censor the hunter biden story. it wasn't a mistake, it was a calculated decision that they made knowing full well that they have liability approximate, there's nothing that anybody -- protection, there's nothing that anybody can do about it. steve: indeed. congressman greg steube, thank you very much. >> you bet. steve 7:25 here in the east. still ahead, our nation's capital bracing for inauguration
4:26 am
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4:30 am
brian: inauguration day just one week away, president trump just approved an emergency declaration in d.c. and sent this message to his supporters: do. >> we believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting. now is the time for our nation to heal, and it's time for peace and for calm. respect for law enforcement is the foundation of the maga agenda. brian: and thousands of armed protesters reportedly planning to target the capitol again, and as the fbi warns of violent unrest in all 50 statements, we think we have time to bring this a security expert. former nypd expert in security, phil -- bill stanton. bill, first of all, when you look at what went wrong, besides being outnumbered, what else did you see in that riot that you think could have prevented them from penetrating the security wire? >> well, in my opinion, they didn't have remotely the amount of. >> show of force.
4:31 am
if you have omni presence, people in uniform, if you had undercovers amongst the crowd, there's a better chance than not that they would have been able to tell when there was that trigger point. and then with that show of force, they would have been able to repel the crowds. brian: a couple of things. we found out that there were pipe bombs x they don't know why now if they were -- what went wrong, why they didn't detonate, because they were legitimate bombs at the dnc and rnc. you had people there with guns and ammo, an alabama man, you have all those things that were out there, but yet there was intelligence to pick up the proud boys founder as he landed and turn him around. how could there be a disconnect in our nation's capital among intelligence forcesesome. >> well, you know what? with all these different agencies where you have many different city, state, federal agencies, and that is one of the biggest problems amongst law
4:32 am
enforcement. it's creating that synergy and getting accurate, timely are intelligence to the proper agencies. and when we look in the rearview mirror and we do the 20/20, more often than not there are steps along the way where we could have prevented this from happening. there's a head shake and doing review, hopefully it will reveal the holes in the system so it never happens again. brian: so for the inauguration there's a plethora of threats. there's going to be k-9 units, strategic response teams, armoredded vehicles, national guard, undercover officers, sniper and counter-sniper teams. you know that big, transparent show of force? we kind of wanted to avoid that in the past? not now. >> no, absolutely not. you know, between covid and a protest that turned into a riot, that could be interpreted as terrorism, the nation needs to see that we are defending the
4:33 am
people's house and our political representatives. and the more we show that, hopefully the less anyone that has evil or violent intent will not take action. brian: how much do you think the lax security had to do with the fact that the trump crowds haven't really been violent? they haven't really had a problem unless they were challenged. >> well, you know, certain segments we've never seen any violation. but whatever your political bent, whatever the perspective, when a peaceful protest turns violet, it's not a protest. it's called a riot. but that still shouldn't have prevented proper law enforcement staging. you know, my understanding is the national guard had been offered and was refused. you didn't have to put them out in front. you could have staged them, you know, in areas where they weren't seen but just had them in reserve. that is where it was lax, in my opinion. brian: capitol police chief, who has since resigned, says he
4:34 am
asked for help prior, never got it. bill stanton, thank you. >> have a good day, sir. brian: congresswoman elise stefanik accusing her own alma mater, harvard, of caving to the woke with left after they cut ties with her. the congresswoman from new york joins i live next. ♪ for the sake of the show. ♪ now that you know -- the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can take you to deep, depressive lows. or, give you unusually high energy, even when depressed.
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4:39 am
committee for his relationship with a suspected chinese spy. swalwell cutting ties with christine fang after the fbi warned him about her in 2015. in 2013 a compromised individual with alleged ties to china was found working in senator dianne feinstein's office while she was chair to have senate intel committee. meantime, former california senator barbara boxer registering as a foreign agent for a chinese surveillance company, tweeting: due to intense response to my registration the, i have determined that my work has become a distraction from my effort to make the company better. therefore, i have deregistered. following news of boxer's plan, president-elect biden's inauguration committee announcing it would be returning her $500 donation. guys,, back to you. steve: to talk about this and the historic day up on capitol
4:40 am
hill, we've got on that box over there, screen right, new york congresswoman with elise steph nick. she serve -- elise stefanik. congresswoman, today is another, a second impeachment day. sounds like the vote will happen later tonight. it also sounds as if at least a dozen of your fellow republicans will join the democrats and vote to impeach the president. you, however, will not be on the list. >> that is correct, steve. i think it's going to be a challenge for those republicans as they stand in front of their voters. we are seven days between the transition to president-elect biden. this is what democrats have been focused on, frankly, since the president was elected in 2016. they are still focusing on impeaching him even after the 2020 election. so this is purely political and at a moment when we really should be focused on uniting the country, which is what i'm focused on, democrats are choosing to further divide and
4:41 am
further erode and really create this partisanship as we head towards the inaugural. it's wrong, it's snap impeachment, it is not even going through committees. it's purely political. of course the violence is wrong. i condemned the violence. as did the president. but we should insure that a we have a safe transition on january 20th. ainsley: so out of all of the impeachment managers that nancy pelosi could have selected, she picked nine, and one of them, eric swalwell. why do you think she did that this. >> eric swalwell's a puppet for nancy pelosi. i still think that we deserve answers, we as his colleagues in congress need to know why he was on the house intelligence committee. was he compromised? he needs to answer those questions for his fellow intelligence committee members. he is from california, he votes as nancy pelosi tells him to, and i think that's why he was chosen. he is purely a partisan, anti-trump warrior in the house.
4:42 am
he's more focused on that than representing his constituents, and i think it's an embarrassment. i think the american people can see through it. brian: so harvard announced tuesday that elise stefanik will be removed from her senior advisory committee position, says that this is due to her public assertions about voter fraud in november's presidential election that have no basis this evidence. and has made statements in the past, so that is the attack on you. what is your response to being removed from your alma mater? >> well, first of all, that's not the reason why i was removed from the committee. the reason why i was removed from the committee is harvard is bowing to the woke left mob. of there was a petition signed by hundreds of alumni. this is nothing new to me, there are petitions like this all of the time. they are purging supporters of president trump. the institute of politics has a long history of being bipartisan. it's an important organization that's meant to inspire young people to pursue public service in both parties. i am the only voter on the board
4:43 am
of the institute of politics, so thousand they have eliminated the one trump voter, and now they have 100% joe biden voters. and when it comes to the objection, i stand by my decision to object to the electors from four states, and i focused on the constitutional issues, not on the voter fraud issues. i really focused on how state legislatures make election law, not governors who unilaterally change laws in states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, given. this is partisan, but what's really sad is this is the trend on college campuses across america, there is no tolerance for conservative viewpoints. make no mistake, this is just going to be one example. harvard is already refusing to accept speakers of who have worked in the trump administration, and the people it hurts the most are the students. steve: well, you know, you declined to resign. you stood your ground, but then they removed you anyway.
4:44 am
you graduated from harvard with a degree in politics, so i want you to talk politically for a moment about the future of the republican party, because you've got on the senate side it sounds like mitch mcconnell is better than 50-50 that he might vote for impeaching the president. kevin mccarthy is pushing for censuring the president as well. what happened to those 75 million americans -- and they weren't all republicans, necessarily -- who voted for donald trump? they're confused. going forward, what is the future the republican party, because we know there are going to be some people who will always, to their grave, love donald trump. but taunt, the party march -- at the same time, the party marches on. >> i think the future of the republican party is bright. if you look at the 2020 november elections, yes, we were disappointed on the presidential, but let's look at the facts. the president grew support among african-americans and hispanics and earned more votes than any other republican presidential candidate in our nation's history.
4:45 am
in addition, we won back a number of seats in the house. nancy pelosi has a very perilous majority, and we have increased numbers, for example, of republican women. i'm a big believer that the people are what make up the republican party, not the elected officials. and i think that's a trend we're going to see. i think you're going to see nontradition allocates run, and i also -- traditional candidates run and republicans who are very much energized. and decisions by harvard are an example of what energizes republicans. they know that it's not right for college campuses to dismiss any conservative viewpoint, be unwilling to even have that debate. so i believe the future is bright. i will be a part of that future and just appreciate the opportunity to represent my district. i'mainsley: congresswoman, we appreciate you being here. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: all right. janice has the forecast for us. hey, janice. janice: hello, good morning.
4:46 am
we are, well, we're enjoying some mild temperatures across the northern plains and the upper midwest. in some cases 20-30 degrees above average, but that's going to change over the next couple of days. temperatures right now, you know, that really cold air that we sometimes see this time of year has been trapped up in canada, but it's going to sink southward over the next couple of days. we have a storm system moving across the northwest, northern california. we still have flash flood watches in effect and heavy snow on the horizon, and this system is actually going to combine with one out of canada and bring us a pretty significant snowstorm tomorrow through friday for the upper midwest and the great lakes region, and then we're going to watch that cold air next week that could, as brian mentioned, change the pattern in the weather department. steve, ainsley and brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks, janice, appreciate it. fourteen minutes before the top of the hour, coming up, tomi
4:47 am
lahren points out if big tech can do what it wants, why can't small businesses shuttered by hockdowns do what they want -- lockdowns do what they want and reopen their doors? more on that next. mug. ♪ so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. she said it was like someone else was controlling her mouth. her doctor said she has tardive dyskinesia, which may be related to important medications she takes for her depression.
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4:51 am
jillian: we are back with a fox fox news alert. president-elect joe biden nominating a top aide to a white house post, elizabeth sherwood randall will be in charge of issues from egg extremism to natural disasters. ann knew berger will serve as the first deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies, she has been with the nsa since 2009. samantha power, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., will lead the agency for international development. and to the world health organization, confirming to fox news wuhan, china, will be their first stop in its coronavirus or investigation. reports say a team of international experts will arrive in the chinese city tomorrow. the virus was first detected in wuhan in late 2019. their investigation will focus on how the virus started infecting people. ainsley? ainsley: all right. thank you so much. some on the left coming to the defense of big tech censorship
4:52 am
citing the fact that they're private businesses, and they can do as they please. >> it's a private company, and a private company can do whatever it wants. >> twitter is a private company -- >> it's a private company. >> these companies are privately owned. they are, they have things that they will allow and things they will not allow much like the baker who said i don't want to bake for gay people. same thing. ainsley: so why are they so committed to defending the autonomy of private business to censor speech but not for strug untiling small businesses to build them back up? is this a double standard? tomi lahren, host of fox nation, and she joins us now. >> isn't it perplexing how the left is suddenly so much about private companies having independence and autonomy? it's amazing the way that works, isn't it, ainsley? ainsley: so why do you feel like it's hypocritical? >> well, absolutely, it's hypocritical. for years they've been telling us that, you know, private companies, they should be held
4:53 am
to a different standard, and now all of a sudden they're all about independence and autonomy. but, mind you, these are is some of the same folks, if not all of the same folks, that don't believe that business owners and employees are essential number number -- enough to open their business because of coronavirus. the silicon valley heats, they live this their ivy towers, and somehow they should be with shielded from it. be consistent. if you believe that private companies should have independence, freedom and autonomy, then maybe we should allow all those small and medium-sized businesses to reopen and make a living. let's just be consistent here. ainsley: i know you have a show on fox nation called no interruption. what's the latest episode about? >> well, the latest episode, this is sex trafficking and human trafficking awareness month, so i sat down with one of the first child abduction survivors, and she tells her story about surviving an abduction and what should be done to change the laws and regulations to make sure what
4:54 am
happened to her doesn't happen to any nor marijuana. ainsley: -- any more children. ainsley: here's a clip. watch this. >> i was in a chat room after being online, and somebody messaged me who i thought was a boy around my own age. what i didn't know was that he had begun to groom me, and next thing i knew i was in a car. this man was squeezing my hand so tightly that i thought he had broken it. when it comes to passing laws, that is where we can really make a difference. ainsley: wow, what a story. she was only 13, right? and the guy was 38? >> 38 years old and, sadly, she had to discover from a news reporter when he was released 19 years later, he was actually released to a living environment that was only a couple blocks from her parents' home even though he had no ties to the area, and he ended up and going back violating his parole, he'll be out soon. she's exactly are right, i would hope that that's what these new
4:55 am
democrats, maybe something they wanted to put on the agenda outside of impeaching the president. there's some larger priorities that i hope they get to work on. indiana aibs tomi, thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much for having me. ainsley: watch no interruption with tomi lahren on fox nation right now. a new "forbes" magazine op-ed making waves for threatening companies if you hire former trump officials. "forbes" media chairman steve forbes is going to respond next hour. once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events
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4:59 am
>> the president must be removed from office immediately. ainsley: the house plans to impeach donald trump for a second time. >> it was a shameful day but not in impeachable offense. it will further divide the country and i think it is wrong. neil: the largest video platform blocking donald trump. they do things like that and -- >> knowing full well they have liability protection is nothing anybody can do. ainsley: it is a, quote, badge of honor after her alma mater removes her from their advisory committee. >> they are encouraging supporters of donald trump. steve: touting work on the border wall, warning the next administration to leave the wall alone. not only will you take away what secures the borders but it
5:00 am
will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. steve: a live look at capitol hill where the house plans to guess what? vote to impeach the president for a second time. this after vice president mike pence rejected the house call to invoke the 20 fifth amendment. ainsley: he's not going to be for that. griff jenkins in washington as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they will support the move. >> reporter: good morning. forget the 25 tube amendment. nancy pelosi is going full speed ahead starting in one hour from now, voting to impeach donald trump making him the only president in history to be impeached twice. >> the president's actions demonstrate his absolute inability to exercise the most fundamental powers and duties of his office.
5:01 am
therefore the president must be removed from office immediately. >> reporter: donald trump shooting back while visiting the texas border saying this will only hurt the country. >> the impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witchhunt in history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain far greater than most people will ever understand which is very dangerous for the usa especially at this very tender time. >> reporter: what we are watching, the president's support slipping, five house republicans will vote to impeach, that number could go into the double digits with 10 or 20. most notable, house conference chair liz cheney who said in a statement there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the united states of his office and his oath to the constitution. for some of the gop newcomers like nancy mase, a very different take.
5:02 am
>> the same reason are certified the electoral college, my guiding principle being the constitution, will be the same guiding principle today, it is important we don't just take a zipoh later to the constitution and tear everything up. >> reporter: pelosi says 9 impeachment manages including eric swallwell under pressure to step aside because of ties to a chinese spy, he has denied wrongdoing. as far as timing it is unclear when pelosi would send it to the senate for trial where majority leader mcconnell believes the president has committed impeachable offenses but he hasn't decided yet if he would vote to impeach and he has indicated a trial would likely not take place before donald trump has left office but for right now it is going to be a busy, long day starting at 9 am but you have a lot of debate and it will drag into
5:03 am
the afternoon, maybe evening. steve: there will be republicans who vote to impeach the president with a handful of days left and they will be on the senate side if they get to a vote over there because they will not do it before january 19th, the president at mara lago or wherever he decides to live, maybe scotland but mitt romney has never been on board with the president. ben sass, lisa murkowski is so angry she might switch parties so don't expect that but if mitch mcconnell does it, you never know who will fall in line because you need 17 to impeach the president. you can impeach him when he is on the beach with the golf course. it makes no sense. it further divides the country, not brings the country together. a lot of people are disappointed in the reelection
5:04 am
results that had nothing to do with storming the capital, never went to washington, never believed the election was a fraud but disappointed the president lost, to the tune of 75 million. use this as an opportunity to define your party and unite your party rather than divide them. listening to jason chaffetz there are people firmly with the president and some that are off the bandwagon. listen to jason. >> there's nothing in the resolution which i have read that they can point to where donald trump invoked violence. no doubt it was a shameful day. i didn't like it and i am frustrated with the president but it is not in impeachable offense. if they had a line in the speech from donald trump where he invokes violence and to break the law they would have put it in but they didn't and it is a dangerous precedent, it is not warranted and it is not going to fix the problem. it will further divide the country and it is wrong. >> if you want to get anybody confirmed or move forward with
5:05 am
your agenda, that is the theme, america united. this would be his first big test. america united, censure, kevin mccarthy brought up, nobody approves of saying go march to the capital, nobody thinks i don't believe the president said breach the security, go inside, dressed as a viking and create havoc, dramatic situations, nobody approves that, very few people think the president wanted that to happen. brian: nobody could forecast what happened but if you look online and study things that were set in advance of the rally there were a lot of clues hiding in plain sight. it is interesting about mitch mcconnell, better than 50/50 that he will vote to impeach the president during a senate trial which is unbelievable. he believes the president committed impeachable offenses and impeachment will make it easier to purge him from the party. he also blames donald trump for losing the senate as well. what is interesting to your
5:06 am
point, the senate will not take it up until after he is out of office. if you read the new york times article from last night what he said is chuck schumer asked mitch mcconnell could we reconvene the senate before the nineteenth on an emergency basis and what mitch mcconnell said was -- talk to parliamentarian. he did not say no. we will talk to the parliament aryan. this could happen. in the meantime when you look at the number of republicans in the house who are going to vote to impeach the president the white house expects a dozen or two and a lot of the house members trying to decide how big of a political price they are willing to pay to support donald trump because right now
5:07 am
resume says the president going forward is a lot of problems. >> trump is at this point radioactive not just among liberals and democrats where he has always been loads that now to a great extent among everyday republicans. he retained his hardest of hard-core base. they will be with him forever but the rest of the republican party looking at this, we don't want is this guy hanging around in a few years in the congressional elections and worst of all running for president again after that because he will pull off a segment of the republican vote making them available to regular republicans and be a curse on them. steve: mitch mcconnell has confided that he sees this as a fight for his legacy, defending
5:08 am
the senate against verbal attacks and the one thing that is different about this impeachment than anything we've seen in the last couple decades, is not telling its members how to vote, you want to vote to impeach, vote the way you want to vote, not saying vote against it but do what you want? ainsley: the verdict is out whether he will run in 2024 but if they are doing this so he can't run again. how problematic -- ainsley: what to do their constituents once? they were present the folks that voted for them, got to go with my heart and said critical things about liz cheney and her dad said the president said
5:09 am
negative things -- steve: get rid of the week congress people, the liz cheneys of the world. ainsley: and she wants him impeached. steve: it is rare for donald trump to attack republicans, lindsey graham, mitt romney, john mccain, ted cruz, marco rubio. there is nothing unusual about it. he has always done it. people had no problem with it in the past. because a lot of friction. liz cheney is probably not happy but he has attacked her in the past. it is not something new to attack a republican. it is time to transition. a new president, not waiting two years, this is a huge distraction and guess what is not being done, anything for the american people. joe biden said the theme of my
5:10 am
inauguration will be unity but as we've been doing for two years, let's put the shoe on the other foot, if the democratic president did what happened last week, we could go today, would the republicans in the house and senate vote to impeach him if they could? the answer is yes. >> democrats will always go against donald trump, and you had no problem with donald trump until this week so what happened? ainsley: a lot of conservatives say, the ones who are still pro-trump, don't forget the good things he does, immigration, peace in the middle east. steve: the riots and the looting, so many things happened, the phone call, this and that, both sides to this issue and the bottom line is 5 or 6 days there is another president. there is so much to do in the middle of a pandemic.
5:11 am
how does it help to impeach someone who will be at his resort? it makes no sense, who is leaving anyway. and you go you are fired, i left. how does that help? brian: members of congress ultimately want accountability. ainsley: karl rove said even if he is not impeached, this could give the people who don't like his style an opportunity to separate party from him. jedediah: brian: in separate his supporters who don't march, work 100 hours a week, who say i was proud to have voted for him, disappointed how he acted but mitch mcconnell is telling them to go jump in a lake. ainsley: they need to have a fight candidate for 2024 that allows both sides to be happy, you need that staunch trump supporter but also the one that voted for trump but might feel the way you are talking about,
5:12 am
they are in a pickle. the republican party is fractured. to another fox news alert, the world's largest video platform is suspending the president. steve: youtube said in light of concerned about ongoing potential for violence we remove new content related to donald trump's channel for violating our policy. his first strike, prevented from uploading new content for a minimum of 37 days. if it is a second strike it is a 2-week suspension and 3 strikes, it will be permanent and youtube joins a number of tech giants, imposing band on the president's accounts in the wake of the capitol hill riot and as we have been talking this morning, david marcus from the federalist on the pages of the new york post goes through how there are no consistent standards. twitter has terrible things online at this moment where
5:13 am
parlor was shut down by twitter, by amazon, apple and google because of their content from a week ago but it is one of those things the big tech giants are not going to let any sort of crisis go to waste so they are using what happened last week to punish the president. congressman greg steube of the great state of florida was with us two hours ago talking an hour ago about a bill he has introduced to purge social media censorship which always seems to be of conservatives. >> we need to protect social media companies like parlor who are very small unlike big behemoth like facebook, twitter and otherwise. if you are dominant in the marketplace been you have to abide by the first amendment rights of americans and if you
5:14 am
seed others first amendment rights to free speech it creates a private right of action against the company in court. should not have liability protection. they are acting like newspapers and acting like fox news or others and editorializing content they shouldn't have liability protection. brian: what is interesting about the legislation is he's a republican but a number of democrats feel the same way. these monster monopolies have gotten so big, section 230 was installed so they could grow, they are the biggest companies in the world, they do not need the protection, they take the mantle of publishers. >> what twitter won't sensor,
5:15 am
they go through the double standard of what is allowed or doesn't allowed, sitting down conservative posts but allowing one guy writing, this is trending too, the trending to kill trump and they are allowing that. with the big:-)with hearts around the:-)that is hate, don't care if you are democrat or republican if you didn't vote for him that is hateful. if you read the comments who are these people, it is unbelievable what is allowed and what isn't. it is so inconsistent. >> speaker pelosi, our election was hijacked, congress has a duty protected our democracy and follow the facts. she should have had her account frozen by these new standards and the other thing is what were they thinking allowing instagram to be bought by facebook, to let google by youtube. and okay, you're so good i would like to buy you and let
5:16 am
it happen. even the competitors combine somebody to force them out. it is called collusion, not sure i am on board with that. parlor the number one in the apps store, let's destroy parlor and when they try to sue they can't marshal the legal defense because we are behemoths. let's hope they get online again. neil: the new number one apps is signal which let you text other people and nobody can ever see it because what's apps is giving up their technology. it tells you a lot about it. brian: jillian joins us with more. jillian: 170 people are charged in connection with capital rights. federal officials warn it was only the beginning as the number is expected to run in
5:17 am
the hundreds. chuck schumer wants suspect placed on the no-fly list calling them insurrectionist's and threats to the homeland, no word if the fbi will follow through with democrats. alex azar direct stays to vaccinate people 65 and older for the coronavirus, those under 65 of two medical conditions are eligible. this comes as the government is set to release a large supply of doses it had been withholding to ensure vaccinated americans get their second dose. homicides in seattle as the city police chief confirms the deadliest year in 26 years, detectives investigated 50 murders last year. the top cop revealing 61% increase in deadly crimes over 2019 when there were 31 murders. now to this lottery players have a shot at the mega millions jackpot, the drawing ending without a winner but 9
5:18 am
players came close, jackpot soaring to $750 million, that next drawing is friday. tonight's big powerball prize, $550 million. i always want to win but never play. they sell them in the little convenience store. with the house set to vote on another impeachment of donald trump freshman congresswoman warns the move is political theater. she will tell us why she feels that way next. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements— neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration.
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ainsley: at least five house republicans say they will vote
5:23 am
to impeach donald trump, but freshman congresswoman beth van dyck of the democrats rush to remove the president, quote, political theater and she joins us now. a tough week especially if you are a republican. why are they not supporting him? >> we have a lot of discussions and thoughtful debate and each individual is voting their conscience and in the best interests they believe for the country. i think right now impeachment is a waste of time. i think about all the hours, millions of dollars we wasted the last four years impeaching the president and next week we are entering a new phase, new administration, north texas we have small businesses going out of business, restaurants closing that have been open for decades, the aviation industry is floundering, families not
5:24 am
able to put food on their table and pay for insurance and we are talking about impeachment of a president who is going to be gone in 7 days. this is doing nothing to empower families and everything to divide the country and this congress. ainsley: political theater, explain that. >> it is not doing anything proactive, it is not doing anything that helps working families at a time when we needed. we are continuing to go back for these 30-second soundbites that make headline news but nothing to help policy, not doing anything to help people. we are in a horrific time in our country's history. i was at the capital last week on my third day, i was watching those events unfold on fox like millions of people across the country. leaders of this country need to band together and defend our democracy and defend our
5:25 am
country and we need to speak as one and instead we are for a having a victory lap, taking a final pound of flesh. it is doing nothing to help people and everything to so more division in our country and quite honestly the american people deserve better. ainsley: what about when it comes to the republican party? whether or not you support what ms. cheney is doing or the president and say it is political theater you are still conservative, the party is still conservative and those folks who vote read and love conservative values want that for their future and the children and grandchildren so what is the future of the republican party? >> we are going to agree to disagree on some things. i don't know that we will agree on everything and that is okay. having that discussion why we feel the way we do is what democracy is all about. to have this kind of debate, for the folks on the left were
5:26 am
criticizing the right's response where were you the past summer when leaders, rioters were allowing people to die on the street and not allow police officers have access to them or buildings were being shut down, businesses were being broken into. in august in our capital when officials were being assaulted, capital police being spit on and pushed, where were your statements? i never saw them. all of us are trying to really is what this means for the future. instead of having more acts the me nothing, waste time, waste money, need to band together and do the hard work. >> people were asking where was twitter when nancy pelosi, the russia investigation saying donald trump hijacked the election? where was twitter then? >> great question. i had than opponent during my
5:27 am
campaign said who cares about rioters, alluding, let them burn it down to the ground. where was twitter? there was not even a comment from her opponents on the democrat side. i never heard from leadership. burn it down to the grounds. steve: violence is violence, thank you for being with us. forms magazine under fire after a new op-ed warns businesses against hiring anyone who used to work for trump and the administration. steve forbes will respond to the back lash next. r that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory. magazine under scrutiny for publishing this op-ed. essentially threatening any company, for -- the magazine's editor writing minute be known to the business world, hire any of trump's telephone bliss and forbes will assume everything
5:32 am
your company talks about is a live. we will scrutinize, double check, investigate with the same skepticism we would approach a trump tweet. wants to ensure the world's biggest media brand approaches you as a potential funnel of disinformation. the guy's name is on the door, the chairman and ceo of forbes joins us now from his living room. >> how are you? steve: wise forbes investigating any company that hires people who worked for the administration? >> unlike twitter, media giant and big tech companies we believe in diversity of opinion. that is an opinion from our chief content officer. he has his opinion. i have my opinion. here's my opinion. this is reminiscent of what we had in the 1950s during the mccarthy era with the
5:33 am
blacklists, there are other dark periods in american history. people can express opinions, they value those diverse opinions. i think that shows strength, not weakness. >> he is using the resources of the world's biggest media brand to follow those people wherever they go. if you hire one of these people we will investigate you. >> this is an opinion piece, one of many diverse opinions we have at forbes.
5:34 am
it is wanting to go after people who don't to the truth but do wrong things and in those go back to the kind of your we had in 1950s, with blacklists and the like. one thing we do going forward is try to tap down temperatures. this country has enormous challenges and enormous opportunities but we get these moments where passions go to wait. levels, we had it after world war i, thousands were arrested and deported without proper procedure. we saw what happened to japanese in california after the attack by imperial japan on pearl harbor, a shameful period of our history, 1950s, we have to avoid that today. people wants to give their opinions what people did, fine but in terms of working in the future, in terms of pursuing your careers you go right ahead. we have diversity of opinion and that is an example of it and i wish you could see that in universities, mass media and big tech.
5:35 am
this is an example of it. brian: sounds like a not-so-subtle threat against private businesses, you hire one of these trump people and we will investigate you. shouldn't the marketplace, shouldn't private companies decide who they hire? if they hire somebody, sean spicer, shouldn't they decide who they put on their team? >> of course they can decide who they put on their team. brian: and forbes will look at that? >> in terms of a person expressing an opinion, that is an opinion. he has his opinion. i have my opinion. that is diversity. in terms of a hollywood blacklist and the like that is not going to be practiced today and shouldn't of been practiced in the 1950s and we need this diverse city where people put it out there. he wants to go after people, he may want to do that, i don't. others have opinions and that is the diversity we need more of, not less.
5:36 am
we put it out there. other organizations try to cover it up. we don't. it is all out there. diverse opinions, got to defend the free amendment. brian: sounds like you are on different pages but what you are talking about is we are at a transition point in our company -- our country and joe biden talks about so many members of congress, talking about bringing the country to gather and uniting and you have this guy saying we should unite. what happened last week was terrible. at the same time don't ever let these people work. >> in terms of cancel culture
5:37 am
he said in his op-ed that he's against cancel culture. i'm against cancel culture. brian: isn't that what this is? >> you have this kind of debate moving forward, you will see people speak up. in the early 1970s we had a moment like this with richard nixon, gerald ford became president against intense opposition a day or, he gave a pardon to nixon to try to get the country to move forward. we need people to tap things down so if somebody wants to say something fine and we have an open debate about it. i made my position clear, not going to have a return to the 1950s what happened after world war i or pearl harbor, not going to happen. in the heat of the moment people are angry and this is an example of it. they are outraged by what happened last week which was unconscionable but now we have to make sure we get together and move forward and allow diverse opinion everywhere, not
5:38 am
just at forbes. brian: thanks for coming on and explaining what will happen to these public servants going forward. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, straight ahead copies of the novel orwell wrote years ago, 1984, flying off the shelves his critics say we are living in a dystopian nightmare today. rob smith on the future of free speech in america. ♪♪ their american dream. the freedom and pride that comes with owning their own home. at newday usa we help more veteran families every day make the most of their va home loan benefits. to buy a home with no down payment. it's just another way we're committed to veterans.
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brian: overnight google owned youtube for the plug on donald trump's official account growing the growing list of online platforms to pull the plug on the president.
5:43 am
ainsley: ironically enough, as more tech giants muscled conservative voices dystopian novel 1984 about society completely controlled by the government is soaring on amazon's bestseller list. >> rob smith joins us to react. it is one after another. the president says they are going to regret this. either? >> they will because the pendulum is going to shift too far and even some people in the left will start saying what is going on? i do a whole segment on this that you can find on apple podcast but when you think about what has happened in the course of the last week the president banned from twitter, banned from facebook, banned from instagram, banned from snapchat, but you didn't know he had a snapchat, sending a
5:44 am
chilling message, everything the book 1984 is talking about. i'm not surprised more people are rediscovering it because it is what we are living in right now and i believe the pendulum will swing further because you have the aclu, you can't find a group crazier than the aclu, some of them have gone on record that silencing the president of the united states is going too far. brian: could this be part of the master plan? after donald trump won, he used facebook so effectively, jared kushner worked with lennox and all that stuff, we can never let that happen again. moving up to 2020, did everything they could about getting out what hunter biden
5:45 am
had done and unseemly things about joe biden, if that was to roadblock information about donald trump before the election do you think the second half of the equation, could have been a theory before what happened last wednesday the other part would be to isolate him, so the you never hear from him again. >> more than that, not just the president of the united states, donald trump is always going to have a platform to get his views out. it is to silence those who have supported him, look at the video after the company meeting in 2016, developers in tears about the fact that donald trump had won. this is not necessarily about silencing donald trump though they are silencing him, this is about silencing 75 million
5:46 am
people who voted for him, making sure our social media following gets ronald. 35,000 followers over the past week after this happened. when you look at what is going on you only see this only affecting conservatives and republican leaning politicians, you see joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi, on the other side you see ted cruz, kevin mccarthy, a lot of very big politicians and conservative leaders seeing their followings throttled. the president is the appetizer but his 75 million supporters are the main course. ainsley: to silence conservatives and their voices are heard does that mean the left media will control everything from here on out? do you worry about it? how far will they take this?
5:47 am
do you worry how it could affect you? >> i worry how it could affect me right now. i am very moderate in my speech, the thing about it is when the left controls the conversations so much they are deciding what is too far right or whatever, there is nowhere else to go and a lot of people like myself, a lot of us are worried about the effect it has on free-speech and the right to speak freely and the fact that so many people like me gained followings, thirsty and hungry for a different perspective, things are boring if we only hear one perspective. brian: if they from the
5:48 am
competition, we appreciate it, 13 before the top of the hour. janice dean giving us the weather. >> everything looks good for now, we are waiting for the weather to affect the midwest over the next couple days, these temperatures look cold on the map but across the upper midwest and the great lakes above average but that is going to change, we will get wintery whether in the forecast, we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect but some of the energy will combine with the system from canada and bring us pretty good snowstorm for parts of the midwest towards the great lakes where we see potential for several inches of measurable snow across the area into the northeast into the weekend. we watch for that and what is
5:49 am
coming ahead next week, very cold air could set us up for more wintery whether especially across the northeast. we will keep you posted. brian: doctor mark siegel will talk about how a number of states getting the green light to give covid-19 vaccine to people who are 65. when will you be able to get earshot? we will tell you more about that but first we check in with sandra smith. >> donald trump on the verge of becoming the first president to be impeached twice, the house of voting on articles of impeachment today, what we may see in the coming hours. a new piece, he believes the president has committed impeachable conduct, republicans should not play nancy pelosi's game. live from america's newsroom at the top of the hour. >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass.
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brian: alex ossoff -- alex azar directing a supply of doses to make sure vaccinated americans get their second dose. here's doctor siegel, our contributor, medical expert. what changes with this new rule?
5:54 am
>> we target those over 65. vaccines won't be held in federal freezers and states like texas, california florida which have one quarter of the elderly will get more doses. all that is good but remember as you were talking before we came on 25 million doses were sent out already and only 9 to 10 million have been given meaning a lot of slowdown is occurring at the state level because of too much adherence to rigid guidelines. even the head of cdc said what is always rigid adherence, it has to be flexible. you can't throw out vaccines. if your states as you are over 65 you qualify, patients are saying the governors saying that in new york but where do i go? plans are not yet in place to get everybody over the age of 65 vaccinated. we need to do that as soon as possible because that is where all the illness and death is coming over the age of 65. brian: stadiums and arenas might be places for people to
5:55 am
go. wise that better? why now? >> huge vaccination centers are what we need, the feds can be involved in this with the military. this has to be a full-court press, 24/7, weekends and we are not using our arenas for sports, we are using them for vaccines. brian: the push to get kids vaccinated, you have not studied it for kids. we have no idea how kids will react to this. >> we have to follow the science was all these crazy ideas are coming out, take one shot instead of two, has it been studied? give it to kids, kids under the age of 12 haven't even been
5:56 am
studied with this vaccine. we've got to wait until the end of clinical trials, they tend to have milder cases in schools of done well staying open as it is. you can't vaccinate people you haven't studied. brian: people ask how do i know if i'm eligible? where do they go? talking to an international audience, what do you tell them? >> your state may say sign up here but then you have to go to your physician, your hospital and say who are you giving it to? we are starting with people over 75 with cancer, then widen the net, talk to your clinic and hospital. brian: you are the best, more "fox and friends" in a moment. i had shingles. horrible. a young thing like me? actually anyone 50 or over is at increased risk for shingles. the pain, the burning! my husband had to do everything for weeks. and the thing is, there's nothing you can do about it!
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>> another historic day on capitol hill. tomorrow morning will be the post-game show. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump on the verge of becoming the first president to be impeached twice. the house is gearing up to vote on a single article of impeachment charging the president with inciting insurrection at the capitol a week ago today. i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher. as we await that vote republicans are split over today's proceedings. sources telling fox news that mitch mcconnell is furious with the president and believes impeachment could help purge the party of his influence. meantime five republicans including the third ranking gop member in the house liz cheney


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